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Kimberly, My Plaything

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She came for the second time that night as her husband continued to pound away at her by now dripping pussy from behind. She loved the way he manhandled her in bed, and loved to feel dominated by him. And his much larger than average size always left her feeling well fucked and satisfied.

Jamie and Steve had been married for a little over a year. And although their marriage was a happy one, they both felt a constant threat from others who wanted them to split up.

There was always any number of men scheming to get into Jamie’s pants, and always a bevy of women wanting to get Steve into their beds. One of the most obvious of those women was actually Jamie’s close friend Kimberly.

As Jamie was quite a bit younger than Steve, so were all her friends. They would often drop by uninvited just so they could get to stare at Steve, spend a little time chatting, and of course, flirting with him. This didn’t bother Jamie. She knew her husband appreciated beautiful women like her hot friends. He paid them little attention however, and always said he only had eyes for her…but did he, she often wondered?

“NO Steve!” she screamed, as she was jolted out of her orgasm-induced stupor by the feel of his cock at the crack of her ass. He was always trying to get her to try anal sex and she was always denying him.

“Fuck my pussy some more if you want, but leave my ass alone” she told him. “I’m sorry baby, I just want to fuck your ass so badly” he caressed her perfectly round tight ass cheeks. “No Steve, I told you, you’re too big!” She crawled up in bed and under the covers leaving Steve hanging, then added. “It’s too bad you’re not married to Kimberly, she loves it up the ass” she hissed.

She trailed off into sleep leaving Steve with his still hard cock in his hand and visions of fucking her friend Kimberly’s ass in his head. He had never really fantasized about any of Jamie’s friends until that moment. He stroked himself faster, and came pretty quickly. He then cleaned up and soon drifted off to sleep as well.

The following day Jamie told Steve she was going shopping and Kimberly might pass by to drop off an outfit she had borrowed. “No problem I’ll be here”. He had forgotten all about Jamie’s comment on her friend but those thoughts quickly came flooding back when Kimberly came to the door. “Hi Steve, is Jamie home?” He stared at her for a second without speaking. She looked so innocent yet so slutty. Her face was angelic but her scant clothing told a different story. She wore a tight tank top that stopped well short of her waist, and very low-slung jeans way down on her hips accentuated her firm round ass. The strings of her thong were readily visible above the waistband of her jeans.

“Ummm, sorry Kimberly, Jamie went out shopping but you can give me her outfit and I’ll make sure she gets it”. “NO, that’s ok, I’ll wait if you don’t mind” she said as she barged in past him. The little bitch was pushy too, Steve thought to himself, but he didn’t protest and let her make herself at home. She walked over to the living room, and although she was a petite girl, her ass was too big for her frame but she carried it well. It almost reminded Steve of J-Lo’s ass, the way her jeans were so tight and rode up her crack. She turned back to look at him and caught him staring. “You’re such a naughty boy Steve, its good thing I don’t tell” She chuckled. “But you owe me one”.

The little bitch was playing with him. “You know Kimberly, with a body as sexy as yours and the way you dress, you must really like men staring at your ass, and fantasizing about it”. She spun around to face him. “Whatever do you mean Steve?” Her voice was innocent sounding but she was betrayed by the way she batted her eyelashes flirtatiously.

“Men must want to fuck you up the ass all the time”. He said salaciously, totally over-emphasizing the F sound. She subconsciously licked her lips and responded to his indecent comment. “If you’re asking me if I like to get fucked up the ass, yes I do. I fuckin` love it!!” She stopped for a second and decided to continue “Why Steve? Have you ever fantasized about it?”

Steve decided that he would see how far she wanted to play this little game with Kimberly. “Yea, I ask Jamie for it all the time, but she won’t let me.” She walked over to where he was standing and looked him in the eyes, and he looked back at the shimmering blue pools she had for eyes. She paused only a second before continuing to up the ante in their game of sexual poker. “No, Steve… I asked if you have ever fantasized about fucking me up the ass?” This was a challenge neither one would back down from now.

He grabbed her by waist and jammed his by now hard throbbing cock against her sweet round ass. “Would I like to stick my big fat cock into that little tight asshole of yours, Kimberly? YES, I would!” He grunted as he thrust against her ass again for emphasis. “I hope you’re not all talk then.”

She reached around to feel the bulge in his pants and almost gasped at the size. “Oh my God, this is probably why she won’t let you”. His cock was rock hard and he thought he would cum just at the thought of fucking Kimberly up the ass. “You know Jamie and I share all kinds of dirty little secrets…how about we make one of our own, Steve?”

Now that Kimberly had committed to it, Steve decided he would make her work for it. “Are you asking me to cheat on my wife Kimberly?” He taunted her. But Kimberly had not come this close to having his magnificent cock to be deterred. She smiled lightly “No Steve, I’m simply asking you to take me into the bedroom and fuck my ass until I feel you shoot your cum inside it”. Steve moaned at the thought. “Well I hope you like it rough then. Now get your ass into the bedroom… NOW!” He ordered her.

He was going to have some fun today. He totally pushed any thoughts of his wife finding out right out of his head. They had had threesomes and shared women before, but this was a totally different ball game. If Jamie found out, he would risk losing her forever, but his cock wouldn’t let him back out now.

“I love a man who is in control”. Kimberly squealed as she hurried into the bedroom, where she immediately took off her jeans. She was wearing a skimpy little black thong, which was tucked deep in her ass crack. He couldn’t resist slapping her shapely ass, and she squealed again.

She threw her arms around his neck, and giggled. “I want to kiss you first.” But Steve was in no mood for romance. “Too bad Kimberly, because that’s not why you’re here.” She was taken aback by his direct answer, and her spoiled princess persona kicked into high gear. “Well Steve, no kiss, no ass”. She pouted and folded her arms across her pert tits.

Steve was enraged by her attitude… This fucking bitch was NOT going to manipulate him. He was going to teach her a good lesson, one she wouldn’t soon forget.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to his. He slipped his tongue deep inside her mouth almost choking her with it. But in her aroused state, being taken this way made her even more excited and she kissed him back without hesitation. She was making out with her friend’s husband and soon he’d be fucking her, it didn’t get better than this. She could feel herself moan and her panties moisten at the thought.

“Now it’s time to give you a fucking like you’ve never had” Steve hissed in her ear. “Go get on the bed.” Without even removing her panties, she went over to the bed and got on all fours. “Fuck me now Steve! I want you so bad!” she moaned while she watched him undress over her shoulder. He removed his pants and boxers slowly, almost teasing her as he did. As his cock sprang into view, her eyes widened at the size of it. It sprung out like a soldier, and she moaned when she heard it slap against his tight abs.

He went over to where she was positioned on her hands and knees, and stared at the lovely ass. It was his turn to moan in anticipation as he massaged her cheeks, first one, and then the other. Without warning he slapped her exposed cheek sharply. “Owww, what are you doing? Stop that!” She demanded. Steve laughed and brought his hand down hard again on her other cheek. SMACK “You don’t run the show here Kimberly, I do.”

She was indignant at his treatment and yelled at him. “Stop that right now or I’m leaving”. He laughed at her comment “Leaving? No problem, I’ll be happy to tell Jamie you stopped by, oh and by the way, of how you tried to seduce me. I’m her husband, and she will believe anything I tell her… as opposed to you who she knows never tells the truth”. She got up and faced him with tears in her eyes. ” You can’t do that. Jamie’s the only close friend I have. You wouldn’t, would you?” “Watch me, baby!” He challenged. “Now we need to get going, or YOU need to be going, permanently.”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes and repositioned herself on all fours on the bed. As he slipped his hands under her thong and pulled it down, she helped him remove it. “Now that’s a good girl Kimberly”. Then without waiting for instructions, she spread her legs apart and he could see her glistening pussy. “Mmmmm. The bitch is turned on by all this.” He thought.

He grabbed his big fat cockhead and rubbed it between her lips, and then against her ass. “You like that don’t you?” She moaned softly, and bit her lip, but didn’t reply. “Tell me you want it, I know you want it” he taunted. “I don’t” she answered him. He slipped one hand under her, sliding his index finger between her pussylips. “Your wet lips don’t lie”.

“Yes I want it, now fuck me…please fuck me… now” she moaned. “Not yet” He teased, as he continued to rub his cock up and down her wet slit.

SMACK a blow to her right cheek SMACK a blow to her left one. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK “That’s for wanting to fuck your best friend’s husband.” He smiled to himself as her ass turned a crimson red. And just before she protested, he pressed his cock firmly against her asshole. She moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain as she felt her sphincter begin to give way to the head of his cock. As it slipped inside her stretched out hole, she gasped. He rammed in its entire length and she almost screamed. “Relax honey, it’ll feel good in just a second”. He slipped his cock halfway out and slammed it back in again. Kimberly didn’t protest but instead she moaned.

“Fuck yesssss”.

Steve held on to Kimberly’s hips and rammed his cock deep inside her asshole, stretching it further with each thrust. “You like getting fucked up the ass don’t you, you little whore?” Between pleasure and pain she managed to utter only a simple “yes”. “Good” He ass fucked her faster and harder until she was completely enjoying it. “Godddd that feels so good”. She moaned as she submitted completely to him. She was nothing more than a play thing, a fuck toy for him, and he knew she would do anything he asked at that moment.

He started slowing down his pace, fucking her at a slower rhythm, he wanted her to ask for it, beg for it. How he loved when a woman begged for it. “Steve…don’t stop…please…fuck me faster…cum inside my ass”. “Oh I’m going to fill that hole good you little whore, don’t worry”…he continued to move his cock going slightly deeper with each thrust.

“You are so fuckin’ hot I can’t believe Jamie doesn’t let you fuck her this way”. Kimberly moaned. Her mentioning his wife angered him, he slammed his huge cock violently deep inside her ass and she screamed. “You’re such a fucking tease you know that?” He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. “I’m going to cum inside your ass and you’re going to fucking love it”. He laughed almost mockingly. He rammed it in with full force and she moaned again “Fuck, you slut, I’m going to cum inside your tight little whore ass”.

Her hips moved back and forth to meet his cock. “God Yessss Steve fuck it, I’m going to cum too!”. Just then he couldn’t hold it anymore, he exploded in her ass, filling it with his hot cum “Ahhhhh yes, take it you little whore”. Kimberly felt his hot cum spraying inside her ass and this pushed her over the brink as well. She came as hard as she had ever cum in her life, thrashing around on the bed and screaming. “OH God…. yesss, Steven, yesssssssssssssss!” She cried “I’m Cumming”. As their orgasms subsided, he collapsed next to her.

“That was fuckin incredible,” she said as she turned around to look at him. He was already dressing in silence, but she couldn’t resist, she needed more of that magnificent cock. She scampered across the bed and knelt before him and started sucking him again. “Mmmm Steve, I love your cock, you need to give me more.”

He said nothing, but simply smiled wickedly, got up and got dressed. She followed his lead. Steve got them each a beer, and they turned on the TV. A short time later as they sat on the couch, Jamie walked in. They were surprised to see her home so soon.

“Hi honey. Oh hi Kimberly, you’re here already. Let me just put my jacket away, I’ll be right back.” Jamie walked into the bedroom, hung her coat in her closet, and threw her bags on the bed. As she turned to return to the living room, she noticed what appeared to be fresh cum on the sheets. “Hmmm, So this is what my best friend and my husband have been up to when I’m not here” She thought to herself…

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