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Two For Me

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OK so it wasn’t what I had planned in the beginning but hey, it worked out great, and in fact life couldn’t be better. Although it didn’t start out looking like it was going to, in fact when Kristine called I was a bit concerned, it was three in the morning and she was crying. Karen, my wife, was sitting rubbing the sleep out of her eyes staring at me as I tried to calm down the hysterical woman on the other end of the phone.

Kristine’s second husband is a jerk, a drunk and abusive when he drinks, and this wasn’t the first call I’d had in the middle of the night. We met Kris back in college, she was a best friend with Karen, and the three of us were very close, in fact she and her kids were considered as part of our family, and tonight wasn’t any different. As I hung up the phone and started getting dressed Karen asked what happened, as I explained the circumstances and that the “Jerk” had thrown her out and she and the kids were at a restaurant, basically on the street. “Are you going after them tonight?” she asked?

They lived three hours away, “of course, I got to be back here by two to go to work” I replied.

“I’ll get things ready while your gone” since this wasn’t the first call we had discussed bringing Kris and the kids into our home, and luckily we had a couple extra rooms. Our family of four was about to become seven. Karen’s beautiful blond hair fell around her shoulders and on to the tops of her full breasts. Even after seventeen years of marriage and two kids she is beautiful, her nighty caught on her full hips she flashed her beautiful blond bush at me and I stopped the upward migration of my pants. “What are you looking at” she gave me a sly smile, “just go get her, your reward comes later” she giggled.

I rolled into the city about 7 that morning and found the restaurant where Kris and the kids had spent the night. She and the kids were a bit disheveled from the long night and having to leave home so swiftly, still in their PJ’s. Kris had on an old tee shirt, sweats and no bra, she gave me a hug and cried on my shoulder for a minute, then we gathered the kids and went by the house to get some clothing. Since I’m in law enforcement I knew the proper procedure and had a deputy standing by while we gathered their clothes and loaded what we could in my car, her husband was gone to work. The trip home was quiet all three of them fell asleep, the kids in the back seat, Kris next to me, she had changed into a loose fitting button down flannel shirt her breasts still unrestrained bounced each time we hit a bump on the mountain road. It became distracting as two buttons came undone and her left nipple kept trying to come out to say hi. “Eyes on the road” I told my self, she moved in her sleep and another button opened and most of her breast came out, her dark nipple pointed towards me, luckily we had reached the bottom of the mountain and I could watch her and the road semi safely. I checked the mirror and the kids were both fast asleep, I stretched and moved my growing hard-on to a more comfortable position in my pants.

“Can I help you with that?” I heard her low sexy voice and look to see Kris with her shirt fully open, both breasts exposed and her nipples hard. “Mickey, I want to thank you for helping us”. As she slid next to me, I stammered “Honey, you are a part of my family, closer to us than my sisters are. So you don’t…”

“I know, but I want too…” she grabbed my crotch, “sister huh? How about a little incest?” she giggled and undid my zipper. She reached in and brought forth my swelling member, I glanced quickly at the kids still sleeping. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft, her tits rubbing on my arm, I thanked god for cruise control, teasingly she ran her finger nail up the underside, circled the head then down the backside. I was having a hard time concentrating on my driving but keeping it between the lines. She was driving me crazy with the way she teased until she finally lowered her lips to the top of my shaft, a quick lick across the head then she blew a warm stream of air down the sensitive underside, a new tease that drove me wild. Her lips reached the tip and she worked her way down the 8 inches to the base, working her tongue around the shaft. As she worked her mouth up and down my swollen member, I rubbed her breasts, tweaking her nipples between my fingers. As we topped the ridge five miles out of town I exploded into her mouth, she swallowed it all and sucked it dry. At the edge of town she put my penis back in my pants and buttoned up her shirt, checked herself in the mirror and smiled.

“Mommy are we there yet?” came from the back seat the kids were starting to wake up. We pulled up to the house and Karen came out to greet us she and Kris embraced and she hugged the kids “let’s go find your rooms.” She lead the kids in the house while Kris and I unloaded the car, Kris whispered “I hope I can thank you again some time.” I looked for Karen and said “I’m not sure how Karen would feel about it, and this is our house” Karen could get a bit jealous, and I love her very much and I did not want to hurt her.

I changed for work and left half an hour later, tired from the trip but feeling good about getting her and the kids out of there. After working late I was looking forward to getting some shuteye. When I got home I found the kids all in bed and asleep, I could hear the women talking and giggling down stairs. They had settled the kids in to their respective rooms. Kris’s son Jack was in the spare room, Ashley was bunking with my youngest, and Kris would be on the down stairs couch till we could get a bed for the other spare room. I checked the kids and headed down the stairs where I could hear the girls. “It’s a raid!” still in uniform I joked as I went down the stairs and was pleasantly surprised to find them both in the hot tub in their birthday suits.

“Gee officer why don’t you join us?” Karen smiled, both of them had been drinking wine and that always makes her horny as hell. As I mentioned Karen is blonde about 5’8″ with an full figure her 44″ bust is well balanced by her large hips and still in great shape, Kris at 5’5″ has a smaller build but still large breasted with a 38″ bust and hips that match. With two nude goddesses in a pool asking me to join them, I peeled out of my uniform, faster than you could say, “you have the right to remain silent”, and joined them in the tub. I slid in opposite of the girls and let the water wash over my shoulders. As tired as I was from the drive I closed my eyes and just let the tension run out. I felt a foot rubbing on my right thigh, then a foot on my left thigh both of them working down towards center. My eyes opened to see both women working their feet along my inner thighs, both women had big smiles and bedroom eyes, they slid over to my side of the tub on either side of me. Both were getting tipsy and their fingers were wandering across my hairy chest and down my washboard stomach, four hands slowly caressed my body, four hardening nipples worked up and down my arms.

Their ample bodies pressed against me, their hands found my manhood, one had her hand on the shaft, and the other lady’s hand was working my balls. Both had their tongues in my ears, and then they started down my neck, nibbled on my nipples. What a sensation my body was going crazy, two ladies working their fingers and their tongues in unison, as they neared the water line they would float my body up and continue on. As they reached my groin area, Karen slipped between my legs setting them on her shoulders. Kris came in from the side slipping my penis into her mouth, working it deep down her throat, Karen sucked my left testicle into her mouth and rolled it on her tongue then moved to the right one. It was heaven on earth; I was fondling Kris’s breasts and slid my hand to her hot waiting pussy only to find Karen’s hand already there. I was surprised, and looked to my wife who was still sucking on my balls, as Kris rose to the top of my cock, Karen’s eyes met mine and she winked.

Karen lowered my body back into the water; she reached for Kris moving her across my body facing my feet and Karen. She slid Kris down onto my waiting shaft, then Karen took Kris’s breast in her mouth first one nipple then the other. Her hand rubbed down the face of Kris’s pussy and on to my balls, her fingers slipped around my shaft and into Kris’s pussy along the underside of my penis. Kris squealed with delight and kissed Karen hard on the mouth as she came, the spasms her pussy went through clamped down hard on my cock. As Kris finished, Karen moved Kris up onto my chest and slid my member into her own hot box as she continued to play with Kris’s tits. Her pussy was swollen and tight as I entered her, a couple of strokes and we were both cumming our bodies clamped together, with Kris between us.

We got out of the hot tub and dried each other off, Karen and Kris went up stairs to check the kids and I headed for bed, it had been a long day. Karen came in shut the light out and snuggled up to me “I hope you didn’t mind…. Kris wanted to reward you too! Your such a great guy.” “Wow” I replied ” it was more than I deserved but are you sure your ok with it?”

“Not only am I ok with it, but Kris and I have been talking…” she slid her nude body next to mine, ” we decided to share you…” I felt someone get in the bed behind me. Kris snuggled up from behind sandwiching me between their bodies and whispered in my ear “is that ok with you?” They giggled, and I knew I couldn’t turn them down.

That was three years ago, yes we set up a bed in the other room for looks, but Kris never sleeps in there. Me? I’ve lost 20 lbs. and am in the best shape of my life, one of the many benefits of having two “wives”. Ok so we aren’t married but it feels like it, three in a king size bed is cozy but comfortable and the sex is incredible. If not one then the other is horny every night and more often than not it hits both of them I get a night fantasies are made of.

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