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Don’t Play With Magic

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Breanne was setting everything up. She knew she had to be perfect for it to work properly. Her mentor was such a stick in the mud, magic should be fun! She caught sight of herself in one of the mirrors and admired her figure. Though she was short at only 5’2″, her long blond hair fell in thick waves down to her knees, and her ample breasts sat proud and perky. She spent a lot of time in nature, so had a nice bronze tan.

She had been 12 when her talent for the magical arts was discovered, and spent the last 8 years in training. Now she wanted to try something on her own and decided while get mentor was in town getting supplies, this was the perfect time. She was sure everything was right, so began her incantation.

Smoke swirled, candles flickered and she got the charged thrill she always did as a spell began. Waving her arms in just the right way, she attempted to summon a spirit. But something was wrong, she felt something very strong coming through instead. As she panicked and tried to reverse it, a blast sent her backwards onto her butt.


Ratatosk was bored. Being king of the incubi and succubi, a race of sex demons in the second circle of hell, was all well and good, but the sinners he was sent to torture were all…spoiled. He didn’t expect virgins of course, but the circle where the lustful were sent were already horny, sordid creatures; men and women who craved pleasure and debauchery. Ratatosk always argued that he should be the last demon to be given these souls, that he should be given those who practiced other sins.

The reason was simple really…these people wanted sex…a great deal of them even got off on being raped, tortured with cock and tentacle, forced to fuck all day long without sleep or pause. Sure, he always broke them in the end, but that wasn’t how he thought it should be. No, he wanted the prideful, ones who were so full of themselves and their abilities, rich, powerful, beautiful, conceited …those who would know terror at the sight of his manhood rearing up to greet them, people he could really make suffer, who he knew wouldn’t enjoy their humiliation at his hands. He passed over another man, assigning one of his succubi to drain and pleasure him endlessly until he broke. And to think he used to revel in taking the new sinners for the first time himself.

He felt funny anyway, like something was pulling at him from the inside. It took him a moment to recognise the sensation as one he hadn’t felt in over a thousand years, back when he had been a young, century old incubus with a cock a mere ten inches and barely 80 years of practice in his craft. He was being summoned. Who had the raw power to summon him, a king, to the human world? Was somebody trying to trap him? He remembered being summoned a few times for pleasure, or to use a prisoner of some powerful warlock as a sacrifice, to use the energy to fulfil wishes, but those were powerful warlocks and witches who had bound him, and he had been too young to resist. Now he had risen, it had been centuries since the last fool tried to contain him.

He had to know. He had to find out who was foolish enough to think they could bind Ratatosk to their will, and he let the summoning spell take him, flowing with the energy and appearing with a flash of light and a pulse of pure kinetic energy. And he laughed. There was no circle of binding, no safeguards to hold him in place, not even a simple charm of protection, useless as they were against him anyway. Instead there was just a single young girl.

Had she done this? Was she powerful enough? He could sense a raw talent emanating from her, but there was no understanding, this was a mistake. Stepping forward, naked, he levered down at her. He was 8 foot tall, all muscle and pure power. His flesh was an azure blue, almost glowing, and the wings on his back unfurled to cover her in shadow, each over twice his size. His cock was twelve inches in length, thick as a baseball bat…and completely flaccid. His tail hung down to the floor, coiled there, as thick as his cock and tipped with a bulbous head. His hair was pitch black, hanging past his shoulders, and his pure white teeth would look human, if it wasn’t for the tips of the two fangs that hung an inch lower, dangerously sharp. He decided he should put her at ease a little…or maybe not.

“Congratulations mortal…you have summoned the king of the circle of lust, Lord Ratatosk! So tell me child…just what did you have in mind as you dragged me from my home? Would you like me to grant you a wish? Rape and slay your enemies, or satisfy your more…carnal urges…?”


The flash of light that accompanied the blast of energy she felt, left Breanne blinking the blindness from her eyes. She felt his presence before she heard or saw him, and knew that power meant trouble. As her eyes cleared, she looked up and saw him. Fear took hold of her as she took stock of how big he was; the wings and brilliant blue skin making it obvious that he was far from human.

She scooted backwards on the floor, her eyes never leaving him, until she hit the wall and pushed herself up. He was nearly 3 feet taller than him, and even standing she had to crane her neck to look at his face. Rape? Slay? Carnal Lusts? She wasn’t a virgin, since that was dangerous when playing with magic, but king of the circle of lust? That was considerably more than she was prepared to handle.

Since she had no enemies, she didn’t want to take him up on that. And one glance at the giant thing hanging between his legs told her that she certainly didn’t need him satisfying anything for her. But she knew better than to say it was a mistake, a demon like this would surely take advantage of her ignorance.

A wish, he said something about a wish. “Y-yes, Lord Ratatosk, I have summoned you here to grant me a wish.” She intoned with as much authority she could muster. “There is much danger my line of work and I seek some protection. Grant me protection from demons so they are unable to harm or kill me.”

Her flowing purple robes hid her shaking knees, and for that she was very grateful. How I the world did she conjure up such a foul beast instead of the harmless spirit she was trying for? She needed him to leave so she could figure out her mistake and ensure she never makes it again.


Ratatosk laughed loudly, stepping towards the clearly frightened girl slowly, each step deliberate and menacing. Such a cute attempt to hide her fear, he couldn’t help but tease her for a while about it. No telling when he would get such an opportunity again after all: As the king of his people he was bound to his circle of hell and granted a mere day in the outside world once every century…unless someone was stupid enough and powerful enough to summon him.

“I see…you are indeed a powerful witch to summon me here, the first in over five hundred years in fact…and all you wish for is protection from demons?” Such a silly request…he had the power to grant a lot of wishes but even he had limits, and no demon could grant protection from the rest of their kind. Sure, he could stop any succubi or incubi going near her but even the weakest demon of wrath or envy was free from his control.

“Well then girl…” He was inches from her now, she should be able to feel the heat from his body, and his tail snaked up her legs, encircling them, binding them together as it made its way higher. Wrapped around her waist and legs now, he used it to lift her so that her eyes were at the same level as his, and the powerful appendage supported her rear so she could almost sit on it. No need to make her physically uncomfortable yet. He flashed her a sinister grin.

“…so how do you intend to pay for this wish, should I choose to grant it? You can’t pay with my freedom since you neglected to bind me…so start with your name, then make me an offer.”


Breanne was surprised that he seemed to be considering granting her wish, it wasn’t something she expected him to take seriously. In fact, she thought he would laugh at her, threaten her if she ever dared summon him again, and that he would be gone as fast as he appeared… At least, that’s what she had hoped.

But now she was stuck with a demon who could squish her with a finger asking her how she planned to pay for the wish I’d he decided to grant it. What could she say? She had nothing to offer, owned nothing but her clothes. She was still an apprentice so she had no money. She almost laughed out loud at that, what would he need money for?

He was clearly more powerful, and more important than she was. There was nothing she could offer that she could think of. “I… I don’t have much, wh-what would you want in payment?” Maybe when he realized what a nobody she was, and that she had nothing, he would go.


Ratatosk cocked his head to the side and chuckled. “So you ask for this wish with nothing to offer me in return? Just who do you think you are girl?” He lifted his hand quickly, bringing it to a stop next to her face and holding up a single finger. At the very tip, a strange darkness, so black that it even seemed to absorb the light around it formed, taking shape in the form of a black Iron ring.

“I cannot grant you protection from demons like you asked anyway, but I do have this little trinket…it’s a very special ring.” He took her left hand in his own and slipped the ring down her middle finger. Once in place, it tightened a little, allowing blood flow while remaining too tight to be removed. “It should have the effects you desired. Any damage done to you will heal quickly, if dealt by a demon.”

He licked his lips and slipped a finger into the collar of her robes, dragging it down, tearing at the fragile cloth. His eyes followed the path as her naked body was revealed to him. It had been a while since he had taken a human that wasn’t perverted enough to be sent to his circle, he was going to take advantage of it.

“You will still feel everything of course, but you cannot be permanently harmed or killed by my kind. Isn’t that what you wanted?” His eyes flicked back up to meet hers. “As for payment…I have granted your wish, now I will take what you owe me from your body. You’ve put me in quite the lustful mood…”


Breanne watched as he slipped the ring on her finger. She knew without trying that she would not be able to take it back off. Oh what had she done?! She would heal fast from a demon attack, but at what cost?

How would she ever hide the ring, the symbol of her stupidity, from her mentor? Surely he would recognize what it was the moment he saw it. Her eyes locked on it, maybe she could wear gloves…

He ripped through her robe before she even thought to protest. But his words snapped her out of her shock. “What?! No! No, you can’t do that!” She pushed with all her might to get away from him, and ducked down to run. Luckily she was much shorter and able to duck under his arm.

Knowing that running wouldn’t work, since he could easily catch her, she put her hands up in a defensive gesture and tried to reason with him. “Now wait, surely there is something else I can do for you? I’m just a tiny insignificant mortal. Just…just name it, and I’ll find a way to get it.”

If it was that big hanging soft, then his dick at full hardness would be enough to rip her in two. There had to be a way to persuade him not to do this, there just had to…


Ratatosk didn’t try to stop her as she pushed at him, and even let his tail slip from around her, watching with interest as she ducked beneath his arm. There was no need for him to chase her, she couldn’t escape now. Turning to face her as she pleaded with him, he grinned and looked down at her. “But if you’re tiny and insignificant, then how can you possibly get me something I would accept?”

He was enjoying playing with her but now he was genuinely horny…he loved it when they ran, they had no such opportunity in hell. The look in her eyes as she registered the size of his manhood, thought about what he could do to her…his tail shot out and coiled around her waist again, and upwards, encircling her arms, holding her tightly. “No girl, you undervalue yourself anyway. What more could a demon like me want than a young, attractive female begging him not to fuck her?”

He used his tail to pull her down to her knees, then over to him. With her arms held tight above her head he had complete access to her mouth, and while he was aroused, he wasn’t hard. As the king of lust he had better control of himself than that and would rather let her feel it grow. “Now there are two things you can do for me right now…you can take me in your mouth, as deep as you can, make me hard…but first, you will tell me your damn name. Ignore that order again and you will regret it.”


Damn, he had a point, what could she get him that he couldn’t get for himself? He had her wrapped in his tail again, it was scary what he could do with that and how strong it was. He had her on her knees, had her hands held tight, and she couldn’t pull free no matter how hard she struggled.

“Breanne! My name is Breanne!” Her eyes were locked on the monster he wanted to put in her mouth, and she lost any sense of control she may have had over herself. “Please don’t do this! Please! I can’t… It’s not possible! You’re too big!!” She was practically shouting as she thrashed her body around trying to get loose.


Ratatosk was amused with her struggling, the way she tried to thrash and free herself. There was no escape from the tail he was so proud of. Every demon who rose to become a king was granted a single gift, his was his tail. It could stretch itself to enormous lengths, sacrificing girth as it did so in order to bind more effectively from longer ranges, and was incredibly tough…it would take an elephant to break free once trapped.

“Breanne…you are underestimating yourself again. Your orifices will stretch to accommodate me, I guarantee it, and if it causes damage in any way, well…” He gripped the sides of her head and his cock at the same time and stuffed the head into her mouth. He was still soft, pliable, and he had more control of himself than any human…which she would learn as his manhood began to press into the back of her throat, muscles along it guiding its path until all 12, soft inches were completely inside her.

“Well if I do damage you with my cock, Breanne…then that beautiful ring I gifted you will heal you when I’m done.” Releasing her head, he groaned, holding her in place with his tail, his cock deep in her throat as he looked down, enjoying the look in her eyes.


Breanne was helpless as he forced his way into her mouth. He filled her mouth more full than it had ever been. Her jaw was stretched wide, and he just kept going. She looked up at him, begging and pleading with her eyes, certain that her fear was written there clearly.

She tried to scream but barely a muffled noise came out, there was just too much of him filling her mouth now. Choking on it, her eyes started to water, and she swallowed out of reflex, her throat trying to dislodge the intruder.

That damn ring, she knew the moment he put it on her that it would be trouble. What had he said? She would heal, but she would feel it. the fear of what he might do knowing that she would recover from anything and everything he did, left her shaking and trying in vain again to pull free.


Ratatosk groaned as he felt his cock growing. This was one of his favourite parts, feeling his cock grow in a girls throat, already too thick to take without choking…the fear, the panic, the desperation…it was written in the poor girls eyes. And it would get thicker, twice as thick as the end of a baseball bat, inhumanly monstrous. Which is where that ring came in handy.

He had them crafted every time he gave one away, something he only had to do in the human world. With that her throat would take him without her jaw breaking, something important to his pleasure. It would hurt, not to mention be extremely uncomfortable, but she wouldn’t break physically and that was what mattered. The ring was going on her finger without her making the wish, that had merely been a fun way to give it to her.

He was fully erect now, two feet of hard, thick cock buried impossibly down this young girl’s throat, cutting off her oxygen completely. She would remain on the verge of passing out without air but the ring would never let that happen…grinning, he leered down into her eyes. “Poor Breanne, you look so scared my dear, don’t you know what an honour this is? You would usually have to sin your entire life to earn this ‘pleasure’, and then I have to be in a good mood. Consider it a reward for having the raw power to summon me alone.”

Feeling it was time, he started to pull out of her, sighing in pleasure as her teeth dragged along his cock, unable to hurt his demonic flesh but feeling oh so good…and then thrusting back into her viciously with a gasp. That heat, that tightness, it mingled with the fear he felt from her, exhilarating him as he began to fuck her throat.


He was right, Breanne wasn’t just scared, she was terrified. His cock was cutting off her air, she was trying so hard to breathe but couldn’t. Then he started moving, grateful that she would be able to breathe, she prepared to take a deep gulp of air… But he didn’t pull out! Only part way before thrusting back in. She felt like she would pass out at any moment, her lungs burning and eyes watering, but blissful unconsciousness never took her.

He fucked her throat relentlessly and she started to cry at the abuse it was taking. She didn’t understand how he could fit in her mouth, she felt her jaw stretched, her face bulging, and figured it must have something to do with the ring. Her struggles were weak from lack of oxygen, but she still tried.

A reward, she would have laughed if her throat want stuffed full of his monsterous cock. She was sure he was the one getting a reward here, she was being punished for her stupidity.


Ratatosk felt the pleasure shooting through his body. He was made for this…to take girls like this, reluctant, scared, and fuck them till they couldn’t move…he was literally born for it, and the pleasure never stopped. Her throat tried to eject him, tight, constricting, but the force of his thrusts shoved such efforts aside.

He gasped, hitting that final plateau of ecstasy before his orgasm, and his tail tightened around her while his thick cock pulsed once, twice…then he erupted inside her, blasting his thick demon cum down her throat. Pulling out, deliberately making his cock deflate so it would be easier, he lifted her up with his tail meet his eyes.

“Well Breanne, how does your first load of demonic semen taste?” He had ejaculated down her throat, but his cock had dragged back across her tongue on the way out, he knew she would have the taste on her lips. “Feel any different yet?” He laughed again, softly, quietly…an incubi’s cum, just like the juices of a succubus, was an incredibly potent aphrodisiac, of a sort. It didn’t raise arousal like most, but sensitivity…every hint of pain was increased by five times, and the pleasure was tenfold. He could inject it with a bite of his fangs too, but that way bored him. Soon she would feel the affect…her mind would remain clear, but her body…every touch would be as pleasurable as it was painful, and he knew from experience that most girls didn’t know whether to cry or moan as they were fucked.


Breanne felt his tail tighten around her. She would have screamed if she could. He shot a load of cum down her throat hard enough that she felt it. As his cock softened and slipped out, she gulped greedily for air, his taste on her tongue. It wasn’t as bad add she would have thought, it was actually kind of a pleasant taste.

She coughed and sputtered when she tried to speak, her throat having just been stretched to points that should not have been physically possible. But the ring seemed to be doing it’s job, as she felt it tighten back to normal, felt her jaw relax back into place and she was able to speak again.

“That…” she paused, not sure what to say. His comment about feeling different made her pause and think. Oh no, she couldn’t believe that she hadn’t thought about what kind of demon he was and what his cum would do to her! There was no way out now, it was too late, not that she could have stopped him from cumming down her throat anyway.

Her vague hope that he had gotten what he wanted was dashed, she knew an incubus wouldn’t stop with one hole, one orgasm… He would use up all her sexual energy and more. “Let me go!” She started to struggle again, knowing the hopelessness of if. “Please, y-you can have the ring back, just please stop!”


Ratatosk laughed again as he saw realisation dawn on her and her struggles begin anew. She was trying to bargain with him now, and he would indulge her for a few moments while he fed on the sexual energy he had forcefully taken from her. He relaxed his tail and coiled it behind him, sitting on it and pulling her into his lap. She could try to resist but he would force her there if he had to.

“You don’t like my gift Breanne? Very well, I accept your terms.” He paused, holding out his hand to her. When he had dragged her into his lap she had come to sit astride his flaccid cock, and he was in no rush to make her move. A couple of minutes passed with his hand out to her as he granted her a small window of time to recover and to let his seed take effect. “Well? Hand me back my ring and I will take this no further, but hurry now. I won’t wait for long.” As soon as he finished talking he willed his manhood to thicken and grow again, and flashed her a cocky grin.


Breanne couldn’t believe he was letting her off so easy, it went against everything she had been taught. Trying to ignore that he had pulled her onto his now flaccid, but still very large member, she smiled in relief. She tugged at the ring as he spoke, and her smile faded.

Hurry? It wouldn’t come off! She slipped her finger in her mouth to try and provide some lubrication to pull it off. “I…I’m trying, it won’t come off.” She yanked hard and yelped as the tugging hurt more than it should have. “Please, I can’t get it off!” And then she felt his cock growing under her butt and her eyes flew to his. She held her hand out to him, offering the ring to him the only way she could. “Just take it.”


Ratatosk smiled evilly while she struggled with the ring. Of course it wouldn’t come off, it would never come off unless he wanted it to. There was more to the ring than what he had told her also, but that…that he hadn’t decided if she needed to know yet. When she held out her hand he shook his head.

“No my dear, that isn’t how the deal works. Doesn’t matter now anyway, I’m sure you can feel what I want.” His cock was fully erect now, and she was sitting astride it…the image was very appealing to him, and he lifted her effortlessly. His thick pole rose with her, never losing contact with her rear until he had lifted her higher than it could reach and it sprang free, aiming towards that tight slit. He wanted her, wanted to feel her sink onto him…he wanted to look into her eyes as she screamed and thrashed.

“Now that is out of the way, ride me.” His demand was straightforward, and he released her from his grip, letting her fall, impaling her on his massive tool. He wondered how it would feel for her, pain amplified and pleasure even more so as he groaned, her tightness massaging his cock all the way down as she bottomed out.


Breanne screamed as her weight forced her to sink onto his massive tool. It stretched her and pushed into her body further than possible, the pain was shattering…and the pleasure was too. No, no, it wasn’t possible! How could she actually get any pleasure from this?

When she bottomed out, his huge member filling her so full, she could see it pressing against her skin from the inside. Tears streamed down her face. Ride him? Was he nuts? She couldn’t even move, she was impaled and there was so much sensation with the slightest movement that even breathing was causing her to quake is pain and pleasure.

She tried to speak, but it was all too much for her, all that came out was a strangled noise, sounding like half a sob and half a moan. She just hoped it would be over soon. ~~~~~~~~~~

Ratatosk growled, a noise of pleasure not frustration, and his tongue darted out to flick across her lips. So sweet and young…and impaled so fully on his manhood, just where she belonged. If he had his way he would find girls like her every day, ones he could torment for hours, take what he needed from and leave craving him. And she would crave him…even as she screamed in pain, such a delicious noise, he knew that the pleasure would catch up to her too. It was simply inevitable.

She wasn’t moving, and tight and hot as the depths of her pussy was he needed more. He could move her himself, but there was no fun in that, not right now. With a sinister grin he stood, letting his tail uncoil, no longer a seat but soon to be another instrument of pleasure and suffering. There was a chair in the room, he sat on that instead, tearing the arms off to make room for her legs.

He compressed his tail. As it could lose girth for length by stretching, it could gain girth by compressing itself much shorter, and he snaked it around his waist and behind her. The end was as thick as his cock now, even looked similar, the same mushroom head, the slit with which to deposit his seed, the pleasure he would receive…for all intents and purposes he had an extra dick and the head pressed dangerously against her asshole.

“I believe I gave you an order Breanne… Ride me, or I’ll lift you myself with my tail, like so…” As soon as he had finished speaking he pressed the tail firmly against her…it wouldn’t take too much pressure to start it’s entry, and if she disobeyed he wouldn’t hesitate to fuck her delectably tight, enticing rear. “It’s your choice my dear, either you satisfy me or its going in.”


Breanne watched helplessly as he ripped the arms off the chair and sat in it, she could feel him moving inside her the whole time. She couldn’t move, there was just no way! Then she felt him pressing his tail against her butt. She had never put anything in there before, and didn’t want to start.

Unable to grasp the reality that she was about to ride a huge demon cock, she put her hands on his chest for balance and leverage and forced her weak legs to lift her. The pain she felt first, it was unbearable. But it was followed by unimaginable pleasure and her eyes went wide and flew up to meet his. She was already panting but knew from the experience with the throat fucking he gave her earlier that he didn’t care, and that the ring would keep her from even passing out.

With the threat of him taking her rear still present, she did the last thing she wanted to, and what she needed to do the most; she started to ride him. He was buried so deep inside her, that even pushing up away from him as far as she could, he was still inside her further than any mortal could ever have been. There was no stopping the scream the was torn from her lips, and even she wasn’t sure if it was from the enormous amount of pain, or the breathtaking pleasure.


Ratatosk was not making an idle threat…if she didn’t satisfy him then she was going to get buttfucked, and the girl, clever girl…she clearly realised her position. She did as he asked, started to rise while still impaled on his pole, and that scream…

It had been so long since he had enjoyed himself so much, and there was no way she would be able to fully satisfy him like this…which is why he had used the word. She would make him cum, he could feel the pressure building, another dose of his cum for her, amplified effects…but he would want more.

“Yes girl…faster. Ride me faster,” he growled, his eyes on hers as she opened them wide. He knew that look, disbelief at the pleasure taking over her. “You know what happens if you disobey, so you will speed up. Make me cum, try to earn your freedom. Fail and I’ll make you my fucking for the next decade” He was growing close, a little more of the insanely tight movement would push him over that blissful edge.


Breanne was in stunned disbelief. It should not have been possible to feel so much pleasure and so much pain at once. And she damn well shouldn’t have been enjoying this…but she was. She knew somewhere in the back of her mind it was from him cumming inside her, but it was difficult to think about that right now, or anything for that matter.

She struggled to concentrate, and found that it was easier to just let go and let her body take over. As much as she didn’t want to be doing this, her body was building towards a big orgasm. The pain was immense, but the pleasure won it over. She was riding him as fast as she possibly could to try and earn her freedom, but also because she just couldn’t stop.

There were tears streaming down her cheeks, sounds coming from her that even she couldn’t make sense of, and she rode on, taking that massive cock deep inside her little body. Once again her eyes locked with his, this time the disbelief was mixed with a passion she could no longer control. And as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t make herself look away as a blinding orgasm racked her body and tore another scream from her lips.


Ratatosk could feel it all. The tightness, the heat, the feeling of having his cock wrung by her incredibly tight orifice…the energy released as she started to give in to pleasure, this was it. This was life, the food he needed, craved every minute…and in a much larger dose than he would get from one of the lost souls he would usually take when it was time for him to feed. Not just larger…purer.

She rode him closer to her own orgasm, something she could never hide from him. Beautiful tears streamed down her face and his tongue dragged up her cheek, her suffering almost as appetising as her pleasure, and when she reached her crescendo, her eyes locked on his, he let go of his control.

The sexual energy released from their combined orgasm as she milked his cock dry with her sweet pussy was intense, lights flickered in the streets outside as Ratatosk came in a roar of bliss, and sank his fangs deepening her neck. More and more of his venom, the aphrodisiac that formed such a large part of his seed flowed into her through his manhood and his painful bite.

He slowly came down from his powerful orgasm, teeth still lodged in her as he allowed his cock to shrink once more. She had done well, most men, even some demons would be completely satisfied with such a performance, but Ratatosk…he could already feel the craving again. Poor Breanne had another hole to play with, but first he would play some more.

“Sweet Breanne, you worked so hard to satisfy me. Did I detect a hint of pleasure in your performance too? Maybe coming back to my circle of hell with me wouldn’t be so bad, don’t you think?”


Breanne was an explosion of energy, all thought, all everything obliterated as the orgasm took control. Then he sank his teeth into her and she felt the puncture from his fangs. The venom already in her causing the pain from the bite to be so intense that she howled in pain. At the same time she could feel the blast of his cum spray her insides.

As his cock started to shrink inside her, she felt her body begin to shift back to normal. The stretched out parts didn’t shrink to normal as fast as he left her, and she felt empty and hollow inside. The orgasm was amazing, there was no denying that, and though she knew it was because of his cum that she was forced to enjoy that. Not to mention the damned ring which kept him from doing and true damage, and apparently kept her conscious.

Tears still streamed down her cheeks, from the pain, the pleasure, and the humiliation of having the best orgasm imaginable at the hands of a demon. She wondered what would happen now that he had pumped her full of more of his venom, and hoped that the effects weren’t cumulative.

She was flush with embarrassment that she couldn’t hide the orgasm, but knew there was no way to hide sexual pleasure from this particular demon. What did he say??!! Her head shot up. “Coming back to your circle of Hell? Of course that would be bad.” She struggled to stand. “Just be done with me and go! Please.” She knew she sounded pitiful, begging him to leave like that, but it was all just too much to take. And her poor little body… well, thanks to the ring, it was all back to normal, but still…


Ratatosk chuckled, her protests only making him want to fully enjoy her pain. “Oh really now Breanne, you act like you didn’t want to summon me here at all. Surely a witch as powerful as you knew the price of bringing forth a king of hell from his domain.” She clearly wanted him gone, and he would indulge her soon enough. A few more hours of fucking would sate him for the day, if he did that one thing…

He lifted her from his lap, his cock sliding out of her as he deposited her on the floor before him. “Is that how you treat an invited guest Breanne? You must have known that without offering me a sacrifice to fuck then you would have to satisfy me, so we both know you wanted this. Now be a good girl and clean my cock for me.”

Slowly, his wings unfurled…then they changed. Strips broke off, merged together, all the mass they possessed forming new limbs. Tentacles…five in total. He made sure she could see. “You haven’t seen my party trick have you dear?” There were four long, thin tentacles, two on each shoulder, and one more, longer, thicker…it split into several strands at the base, three on each shoulder that merged together to form the last. The head was identical to his cock, just like his tail, dripping pre-cum…it had been a long time since he showed anybody how his wings transformed.

“Ignore the tentacles Breanne,” he laughed as the four thinner appendages darted out to coil around her wrists and ankles. “Open your mouth and clean my cock, and I will leave you here when I am sated. Unless you want to come home with me that is…”


Breanne was weak in the knees when he set her down, her body returning to normal, but hypersensitive. Should she admit that she didn’t want to summon him? Although she was staying to think he already knew that, but she wasn’t sure of the consequences of she admitted it, so she kept her mouth shut.

She didn’t really think when he told her to clean his cock, though she scoffed at the ‘good girl’ part, and started looking around for what she could clean it with. Her actions were interrupted by his wings opening up and splitting apart into tentacles! He told her to ignore them, and she tried, reaching for her torn robe to use as a cloth. But he grabbed her wrists and ankles and clarified his command.

She stared a moment at the massive beast before her once again, and a whimper escaped her lips. What choice did she have really? She opened her mouth just a bit, and stuck her tongue out, running it over the tip and licking off some of his cum and some of her own juices left behind by her rather messy orgasm.

She wasn’t foolish enough to believe that he would make idle threats. So when he said he would take get to hell with him, she believed every word, and did what she had to to escape that terrible fate.


Ratatosk groaned slightly as her tongue ran over his cock, the sensitivity being at an all time high after his last orgasm. Poor Breanne was fighting for a lost cause though. Maybe she thought he would be in some way more gentle if she obeyed him but that was simply not true. No matter what she chose to do he would proceed with his plans regardless.

He let her lick at him clumsily for a few minutes, flexing the tentacles he was holding her with, pulling her limbs tight one minute then forcing them behind her back the next. It had been long enough that he wanted to practice their use. When her tongue had made him aroused enough again he decided that he wanted to hear her scream once more…wanted to hear her beg and plead.

The tentacles lifted her, turned her around so that she wasn’t facing him and coiled powerfully around her limbs, pressing her forward as they did so till her hands were pressed against the wall and her legs and ass were pulled back towards him. Her shapely rear was pointed at him, her legs held as though she were standing, though her feet never reached the floor as he held her at the perfect height and stepped up behind her.

“I think it’s time you really satisfied me Breanne…I’m sure it will take no more than an hour or two, you’ve already made me cum twice after all.” His manhood, erect and throbbing, pressed up against the one hole he hadn’t fucked yet. He left it there for a full two minutes before he spoke so she could appreciate her situation. “Lucky you have that ring now isn’t it my dear? I don’t need to even go slow…”

With that he thrust forward, spearing half his cock into her virgin ass while his thickest tentacle hovered above her head. The growl of satisfaction that escaped his lips was one of pure bliss, and he started to pull out in order to thrust one more time.


Breanne was frightened, he kept using his tentacles to move her arms and legs around, and she was powerless against it. She knew that whatever he wanted to do, she couldn’t stop. Suddenly she was in the air, and gave a squeal more of surprise than anything.

He had her in a very exposed and vulnerable position, and she wriggled even though she knew it was pointless. “An hour or two!” She exclaimed. All sense of time had long since vanished, but another hour or two of him??? The she felt him press against her butt, and really panicked. “Wait! Stop! Not there!” He wasn’t moving, and she struggled for all she was worth to keep him from her tight rear entrance.

The pain that speared through her as he thrust his monsterous cock into her ripped an ear splitting scream from her so loud it was surprising that the windows didn’t shatter. “Please stop!! Take it out, take it out!! You’re too big!!” Her rational mind knew her pleas were pointless, but she was beyond rational thought as the stretching, burning, full sensation overwhelmed her. All focus was on her ass and the pain should have rendered her unconscious, but she wasn’t so lucky.

He started to pull out, and the movement was unbearable. She ignored the little burst of pleasure that it brought and prepared mentally, since there was nothing she could do physically, for the painful ass fucking he was about to deliver. An hour or two? She didn’t think she could take a minute or two.


Ratatosk grinned, her scream reaching new heights, her fear and pain making him want to fuck her so very hard. So that was what he did…he rammed his thick pole back into her with all his strength, penetrating her completely. He didn’t give her time to get used to it either, no…he immediately started to piston into her relentlessly.

“Nonsense girl, it’s not too big at all, the perfect fit,” he growled, his hands holding her waist steady as he made her scream and beg. “Yes…fuck, I knew your ass would feel this good Breanne, and don’t worry, I know just how to stop you begging.” His tail was compressing again, hovering just below her pussy, waiting for the perfect moment…then he plunged it into her, going deep, skillfully alternating thrusts with his real cock.

The pleasure intensified…he felt it just as much in his tail as his cock, but he was in control. He meant two hours, minimum, he would exhaust the poor girl with his power.


It was all too much, he was pounding into her ass so hard and fast that Breanne couldn’t even think in sentences anymore. “Please!”, “Stop!”, and “No more!” were shouted between screams of agony. What was probably barely a few minutes felt like hours and hours.

Then he did the worst thing she could imagine; he started fucking her pussy too. She was being stretched so far open, double stuffed with more cock than possible, and now she was forced to enjoy it. As he rammed her pussy, the pain mixed with the stronger pleasure, and her screams were joined by moans as she cried through the building pleasure.

She knew she couldn’t take much more of this… but that damn ring would make sure she did, force her to stay conscious. And his venom now coursing through her, left her mind clear. At least if it had dulled her mind she could blame that for the fact that she was very near orgasming again, this time being double penetrated by this huge demon.


His twin cocks were alight with pleasure, the energy produced from his vigorous raping fueling him, a never ending cycle. The more sexual energy he produced, the stringer he felt and the harder he could fuck her. He could hear her screams became moans, and pleasure mingle with her pain. He loved every second.

“Such a little slut, this is why you summoned the king of the incubi isn’t it? You wanted this, all the depraved things I do to you…” He was holding her waist tightly still, so he didn’t need her ankles. The tentacles holding them unwrapped, flicking up to her nipples, coiling tightly round them and squeezing painfully tight, tugging. “Now let’s put that mouth of yours to better use shall we?”

Without giving her time to think he plunged the last tentacle, the thick, phallic appendage into her mouth and down her throat. He had to let it stretch and become thinner to get inside her mouth, but as it snaked down her throat it thickened to match his other two cocks and he growled in complete bliss. Three cocks, three times the pleasure…and he started to fuck her tight throat with the last, ignoring her gagging and choking, seeking only more pleasure.


Breanne was overwhelmed by sensation, the pain and pleasure coursing through her little body. Strangled sobs mixed with moans and screams. She didn’t know which was worse, the agonizing pain or excruciating pleasure. Suddenly her legs were free and she felt her tender nipples get squeezed and pulled, crying out she wasn’t sure if she wanted it to stop or go on.

She was so mixed up, her body singing as an orgasm peaked. She cried out as the jolt of her crescendo made her body shake uncontrollably, but her scream was silenced part way through as he once again filled her throat with his cock. She choked in it, gagging, and tried to close her mouth to him, even biting down hard enough to make a human scream. But he paid no heed and fucked her throat mercilessly.

She was filled from all sides now, she felt like there was more demon dick inside her right now than there was of her. But the pleasure was more than she could fight now, the stimulus just too compelling, and she fell into a pattern of orgasms that would build fast, explode, then subside enough for the pain to make her cry and try to scream around his cock in her mouth: then it would start all over, and she was helpless to stop any of it.


Ratatosk rode endless waves of pure pleasure, holding back his orgasms and converting them into more energy with which to own Breanne’s body with. His cock and tail alternated, and his tentacle fucked the poor young girls throat independently of both of them, sometimes fast, short stabs, sometimes long, deep thrusts. On occasion it would tunnel deeper down her throat and stay there, the ring keeping her conscious while air was refused to her.

And the smaller tentacles that had released her legs roamed her body. Her nipples were the favoured targets, twisting and pulling while she was mercilessly raped. Sometimes they would assault her clit, once they even lashed her buttocks and lower thighs. Ratatosk was a demon who fed on sex, and as king of his race he had many toys with which to play built into his powerful, intimidating form. He used them all this last time he fucked Breanne, feeling her orgasm over and over on the end of his three giant cocks for well over three hours.

Finally, he roared in perfect pleasure as he allowed himself to cum, all three of his appendages filling her with his seed, tensing and burying themselves in her as deeply as they could as his mind went blank, overwhelmed by the mass of stimuli. It took him ten minutes for the pleasure to stop washing over him, and he allowed her to fall to the floor, completely used.


Breanne suffered the nightmare of his fucking, it felt like it was going on forever. She cried, moaned and fought until get body was so spent she couldn’t move anymore.

Her holes were used in ways she never thought possible, her body tormented. But the most painful part of it all, was knowing her body was enjoying it so much, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, and orgasms ripped through her regularly. She had lost count of how many times he had dragged an orgasm from her. When he finally released, she could feel the force of his cum blasting into all of her holes.

When he finally released get and she collapsed onto the floor, she curled herself up and sobbed. She couldn’t have moved if her life depended on it, so complete was his use of her, she had nothing left. Unable to look at him, she’s closed her eyes and wished him away. Hoping he was finally satisfied and this ordeal was over.


Ratatosk looked down at her, curled up and sobbing, broken. Her body was already healing from his assault, and worse…she would crave him now. He had felt the orgasms despite her pain, the way she stiffened and tightened on the end of his cocks, over and over again. He smiled down at her and laughed.

“I hope you enjoyed your time with me Breanne…you know now how it feels to be used by Lord Ratatosk and I fear you may have taken a little too much of my essence.” As he spoke his wings reformed and his tail evened out, swinging down low behind him.

“I’m going to leave you with my ring, consider it my gift to you. When you learn that no man can make you feel like a demon can, you may use it to summon me back, and I’ll make you scream some more. Or maybe you know somebody you wish to make a gift of? Summon me in their presence and I, or one of my demons, will come and let you watch them suffer.” Still laughing, he stepped backwards, darkness sweeping up from the ground below him, enveloping him completely until all that was left in the room was Breanne.

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