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Backdoor Man

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I didn’t think that I quite understood what I had just heard. My face must have been quite red and Brittany admittedly blushed as well, realizing that she had just said. My lovely, nerdy young tenant and neighbor (her husband and she leased a home from me) had just propositioned me in a way I couldn’t quite forget.

“So, let me get past the shock phase and make sure that I heard you correctly. You’re offering me your ass…in lieu of rent, for just how long? How many months, Brit? You’re indenturing yourself to save money or is there something else to this picture that I’m overlooking here?” I poured myself a beer to take it all in and offered her one as well, which she gladly accepted.

“That’s the thing…I was thinking of a year for now, with the option of renewal. We would live rent-free in monetary terms, but I would be available to you for your…sexual needs for at least a year, with the understanding that it’s my ass only. You can spank, lick, fondle, finger, or fuck it as you wish, but it’s just my ass. Not my pussy. Not my mouth. I just want that to be clear. My pussy still belongs to Rich,” Brit declared.

“I see. Well, that’s a truly intriguing proposal, I must confess. Speaking of Rich, however, what does your husband think of this little idea of yours? Does he even know? You’re both friends of mine. How will this affect our friendship and your marriage?” I naturally wondered, though my cock was very stiff at the idea of getting to do whatever I wanted to Brit’s ass for an entire year.

“He’s…more than a little excited by it, I must confess. That’s kind of the other thing. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Rich and I have been experimenting with ass play for a while now. The only thing is that he has found that he enjoys receiving more than giving. He likes to be the passive partner when it comes to anal. This allows me to have what I want, but I’d really like for him to have what he wants, too. He wants you to own his ass as well…for the same length of time. A full calendar year. Starting tonight and ending a year from now, at the earliest. I just figured that if you were sufficiently interested in my ass…well, you might go for it, even if his didn’t appeal to you as much,” Brit stammered a bit, as we both downed our beers.

“Would these terms be consecutive or concurrent?” I inquired, since it wasn’t entirely clear, of course.

“Same time, if I recall what concurrent means correctly. Yeah…concurrent. You’d own both of our asses. You’d be our…master in a way, at least when it came to anal sex. Trust me, he would get something out of this as much as you would. He’d love it. He’s very bi, it seems, judging from what he’s told me,” Brit confessed with some excitement, as I got each of us another beer.

“So, you two would otherwise be faithful and monogamous, at least in the sense of normal…vaginal sex. No other cock in your pussy but his, no other pussy surrounding his cock but yours. No ass for his dick to use at all. Am I correct here? I wouldn’t have oral sex with either of you or vaginal sex with you, nor would he penetrate me anally. I would, however, use both of your asses as I please, when I please, etc. I’d be the top, you two would be the bottoms, in more ways than one. I’d be your Backdoor Man, if you will,” I made sure that I understand correctly.

“Exactly, at least for now. Until we’d discussed such details. Bear in mind that these rights are unlimited, if you agree. No exceptions. No restrictions. Nor would you be expected to be faithful to us. You’re in charge of our asses. We have no claim or rights to your dick. You’re not married to or dating us. This is sexual dominance and submission, albeit strictly with our butts. Yes, we know that it’s not legally binding, but we’ve agreed to it and are willing to sign a contract with you…both of us are. This is not just about rent. That’s just a way to make it…well, financially easier on us while we live at your beck and call and such. And to provide both of us with a sense of being whores…as well as being a way for you to show some mercy to your bottom bitches,” Brittany clarified, her hand now wanting down her pants to pleasure herself.

“Call your husband. If he confirms this in my hearing, I will consent to it. There will be a written contract, however. Just for the record, though, I never expected to be so attracted to both man and wife at the same time…guess I must be bisexual as well. Just realize what you’re both getting into. There is no turning back from this. Even if you opt to terminate the contract after a year, both of you will have taken my cock up your asses so much by then that you’ll never quite be the same people again. Your marriage will have, at least for a year, suspended the rules of strict fidelity expected by society. And I’m not entirely convinced that you’ll ever be satisfied with returning to monogamy after that,” I warned Brit, who nodded and smiled.

“God, I hope not! I personally want this to last, and I think that it will, but in the end, it will depend on how all three of us turn out. Both Rich and I feel a lot of raw lust where you are concerned. Both of us are eager to have you take us there. I’ve pegged him a few times and he’s fucked my ass, so neither of us are virgins, but both of us just plain like to take it in the butt rather than put it there,” Brit explained to me, as I stroked my very stiff cock through my pants.

“Well, God knows that Sherry and I are done, and one of the issues was that she wanted to dominate me. I don’t just mean in the usual sense of the term, either. You know, the cliché, cultural joke where the man is pussywhipped and does whatever the wife says for whatever reason. She wanted to actually be in charge of the relationship, have me as her sub, and that wasn’t going to fly. It wasn’t a cuckold thing according to her. She just wanted to dominate me permanently and I told her that I wanted to dominate her instead…both of us wanted this to be full-time, too. I wanted to fuck her ass and she wanted to peg me instead. She told me that this was the only anal sex that she would ever give me.

“Anyway, I’m single now, but she’s dropped hints that she would likely want a little ex sex now and then. I mention this because if either of you are present, I might let her fuck you in the ass in front of me. Could you handle me sharing your ass with another person like my ex?” I warned Brit, who blushed a bit, but nodded.

“Actually, that’s kind of a turn-on. I must admit that either letting her fuck my ass with a strap-on or watching her peg Rich would excite me a lot…and we had discussed something like this. If another man or woman did that to us, it wouldn’t count as cheating as long as you ordered it,” Brit winked at me before planting a kiss and adding, “Sorry, got to go back home and tell Rich your answer. I would just do it over the phone, but I know that he will be so turned-on by it that he’ll want to fuck me into tomorrow…and, well, we’re trying for a baby, strange as that might seem. Don’t worry, we’ve agreed that as our lover, we could kiss you on the mouth. It’s only fair. And we already knew that you’d be missing kisses, since you and Sherry aren’t an item.”

So ended the strangest conversation that I had since Sherry and I broke it off. Speaking of which, she chose that moment to call me, just as Brit left the house, having just gotten out of class with an apparent need to let off some steam. Sherry was horny and, well…she had warned me.

“Hey, Sherry, what’s new?” I asked her casually, unaware of what she had in mind.

“Oh, love…what happened to our pet names? Shouldn’t I at least get to be ‘Sherry baby’ like in that Maggie Gyllenhaal film? I know that we’re not a couple…but can’t we still call each ‘honey’ and ‘babe’ like old flames do?” Sherry surprised me by pouting.

“Sure, babe, what did you have in mind?” I asked my ex.

“Ex sex, of course. You and me, for old times’ sake. I’m coming over and daring you to stop me. I want to ride you into next week. You might not like being topped, but you have to admit that you enjoyed cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, didn’t you?” Sherry pointed out.

“Sure, but right now, I want to fuck you on the kitchen table. I’ll explain why later,” I declared.

“Yummy…sure, why not? I’m game for that. Hope that your table is sturdy enough. We never tested it before we broke up,” she observed, unaware of just how hard I was right then.

Not ten minutes later, while I searched for condoms, knowing how she felt about such things, Sherry knocked at the door and I heard my cell phone go off with a text.

It read, “It’s me, dear, the big bad she-wolf and I’m coming to eat you for lunch, so little pig, let me in.”

I laughed at that and opened the door to grab her for a steamy kiss before telling her, “Wait right there. I need to go to the store and pick up more condoms, so I have to get dressed. Want to come with me?”

“Darling, forget that. Allow me to confess something…the rubbers were a measure of control for me. While I thought that I could dominate you, I set these rules for sex, these terms and conditions, and the condoms were part of that. I hoped that you giving in on that was a good sign for my future dominance. Man, was I wrong! Anyway, we’re exes now and I’ve an itch to scratch. I haven’t fucked a guy since we broke up, just pegged a couple of guys, and how many girls could you have had since then?” Sherry wondered.

“So…you want it bareback, do you? I think that I can oblige you there,” I said, grabbing her miniskirt and lifting it to find her commando.

“No panties…and a bald pussy. Boy, were you horny!” I chuckled.

Right then, Brit sent me a pic of herself and Rich right after their first round, including her freshly fucked pussy and Sherry’s eyes grew wide while she saw that. She grabbed her phone and took a photo of her shaved crotch, before handing me her panties. They were soaked, of course.

“Let me confess something else, Don. With guys other than my regular lover…I don’t have to be in charge all the time. I just wanted to have my domestic situation in hand. Boyfriend tamed and ready to obey me in all things. Marriage eventually, to Mr. Right, who has to be submissive and let me spread my wings. The right guy would wear rubbers with me while the other men went bareback, you see. The rules were all for the sub hubby. No, not a cuckold thing per se. I’d have shared you with other women. No chastity belt or cock cage. No rules against masturbation. But a hot wife thing in a way, with me choosing your partners, male and female. Yeah, I wanted to not only peg you, but have you suck and fuck other men as well as women. The other partners could sometimes dominate me instead of me topping them,” Sherry asserted as she bent over the table and offered me her pussy from behind.

“So…what about pregnancy?” I asked Sherry as I put her panties in my pocket.

“Um…other men would do the job, not the husband. He would raise the brats and be the Daddy, but other men would donate all of the sperm to do the job and he would meekly accept his role there. Now that I know that you’re not a sub…well, you and I can’t marry, because you’re not Mr. Right, but we can certainly fuck, of course, and with you having more say than you would have,” she panted and moaned as I began slamming her drenched pussy with my hard cock.

“So, that’s why you broke it off from your end, because I’m not Mr. Right, but you still care for me,” I caught on.

“Exactly…damn, that cock of yours, I’ve missed it so much,” Sherry groaned as I took her repeatedly.

“Well, now that we know this, did you want to make this a regular thing, you and me having ex sex?” I wondered, since she chose me for her first booty call since our break-up.

“God, yes! I can never give up this cock, baby…and it’s so much better without that damn rubber on! I can feel the veins in your dick now, your skin inside me…fuck, it feels so good!” Sherry confessed, even as Brit sent me more pics of things like Rich’s cock and her creamy cunt.

“No relationship, just fucking whenever we both want it? I can definitely go for that. Less pressure to try to make things work out. Hey, I just got a really bizarre proposal from my tenants. Maybe you can help with the contract if they’re as serious as they sound. They want me to…own their asses,” I told her, not expecting her response.

Sherry almost instantly lost all self-control and came in a messy way that she never anticipated. Seeing and feeling her reaction, I came as well, shooting my first load ever deep inside her pussy. My cum prompted yet another orgasm, I could tell, especially as I just kept…cumming. My cock and balls twitched and jerked with each spurt, and then Sherry stood up on wobbly legs to give me a deep tongue kiss that made me shiver. Her eyes registered a message that I didn’t quite understand at first, but then she put her head on my shoulders and began rubbing my ass for a bit…before kneeling to suck my cock straight from her own twat. Her face gave me a look of complete awe as she bobbed up and down on my dick, keeping me hard. She even sucked my balls and turned me around to start rimming me, much to my astonishment. When she was done, Sherry rose to grab a notepad and pencils from her purse.

“Honey, this is the sexiest thing that I’ve ever heard from you! The idea of you topping a couple…a married couple, right? The idea that you could do whatever you wanted to them…especially to their arses. God, you really are a Dom, aren’t you? I totally read you wrong, baby. I’ve never been so turned-on by you as I am now. So…I’m more than willing to help you enslave this couple, I promise you that. I’m so excited now…was that the woman who sent you those dirty pics? Awesome,” she slipped back into her British accent as she sometimes did whenever she was extremely aroused, even though she hadn’t been back to Manchester since she was in secondary school.

“Yes, same girl. Brittany, and yes, she’s married to this Rich guy. They’re offering me ownership of their asses in exchange for living rent-free for at least a year. What excites you so much about this all?” I probed.

“It’s a reminder of just how dominant and aggressive you are. I need that kind of bloke in my life, too, as you can see. I’m not all about topping, as I said,” Sherry confessed, “I want badly to be part of this…and I also hope that you’ll let me borrow their bums now and then. You know…to spank and fuck.”

“God, Sherry, you are still full of surprises! Sure, why not! Especially if you use your legal knowledge to help this sort of thing along, even if it isn’t legally binding,” I reacted by staying hard.

“Well, that’s the thing. It doesn’t obligate them legally, yes, but if phrased right, it protects you from any allegations of rape and forcible sodomy,” Sherry said as she sat and squished, my cum still running down her thighs toward the kitchen floor.

“And you’re eager to do this, provided that I let you use them now and then,” I asked for clarity’s sake.

“Exactly, love. I want to borrow their arses now and then. It shall be a great outlet for my dominant side while I wait for Mr. Right. By the way, I’m thinking of going off the Pill soon, so you can knock me up. I was going to wait to meet Mr. Right, so I could make him fuck my mouth while you, and yes, I’ve decided that it must be you, put your seed in me. Now, however, I want to get safely knocked up by you so that I can guarantee that you stay in my life. Between that and my borrowing of your arse slaves, I should be safely involved with you at the level that suits both of us. Not soulmates or lovers, but…bedfellows,” Sherry bit her lower lip, a gesture that surprisingly made her look very submissive at the moment.

“So, you foresee this…bedfellows thing as being permanent,” I noted.

“Yes, by Jove! Very permanent. I want you to father all of my spawn…every last one of them. That could take years, you know. A lot of shagging for us, plenty of turns for you to be in my cunny,” Sherry winked, “think of all those years of breeding me, your saucy Indian tart, and no more of my being so cold or bossy with you. Think of getting to even plunder my naked arse…yes, you could bugger me, too. I’m tempted to sign a contract similar to theirs, in fact.”

“I thought that you gave anal only, not took it,” I observed.

“Oh, darling, that was when I wanted to enslave you! My slave hubby shall never get my arse, not to fuck at any rate. That’s an act reserved for other men. Too dominant for him and if he’s the right sort, he’d much rather worship my arse than do anything that might hurt it. I shall peg him, however. Anal in my marriage shall only be him taking it from my strap-on, not him plundering my bum,” Sherry laughed, licking her succulent lips and let her lovely, swarthy face tell me volumes more than what she said.

“You’re not seriously considering signing a contract like that, are you?” I asked Sherry, wondering how much she meant what she had said.

“Oh, yes, by George, I am! Why do you ask?” Sherry asked me.

“Because you would no longer have control of the sort of situation that you just described. If I told you to bend over and let your slave hubby, as you put it, fuck you in the bum, you’d be expected to comply…and bareback to boot, and I might do just that,” I warned her of what it could entail.

“Fair enough, and in that case, I would comply and the usual rules of such a wife-led marriage would be suspended, darling. I have to confess that this whole thing…well it scares me, but it also has me wetter and more turned-on by you than I ever was while we dated,” Sherry said as she gave me a serious lip lock.

“Well, you should think long and hard about this, just as I encouraged Brittany and Rich to do. This is not some game. If I own your ass, I will use it for my pleasure. I will use it hard, too. Perhaps you’re not as Domme as you thought. If so, perhaps you should consider getting back with me and being my slave while topping someone else. Just a thought,” I mused.

“Darling, if I came back to you, it wouldn’t be as your wife…or even your girlfriend in a normal sense. It would mean coming back to you as your…pet, as it were. Your personal fuck toy…plaything. To me, well, it’s hard to explain, but I think of marriage in its present form as something increasingly matriarchal or fem dom, I guess. It’s just the way that marriage is headed and a lot of men are avoiding it for that reason. The man is tamed, domesticated, you see. Look at this Rich guy, from how you described him. His wife gets to take a hard cock up the bum and his idea of equal time and fairness is to take one, too. Maybe it was his idea, but if he has no ideas of fucking a girl in the arse, well, I’d peg him as a bottom and a bit of a sub, wouldn’t you?” Sherry laughed.

“So…if you came back to me, it would be as my submissive partner, if you will,” I sought clarity.

“Well, now that I know what you’re capable of, love, I couldn’t be content with anything less than having you top me and use me for your pleasure first…ahead of my own. It’s so much easier if I’m not your good lady wife, but your slut. Your slave, really. Let’s not kid ourselves. This is outside of my normal comfort zone, but that’s fine with me. I still want to dominate a man, or maybe two or more men, but they would need to understand that you have rights that they don’t have. That being said, I wouldn’t mind visiting you and catering to your every last whim. Just don’t expect me to live with you. I need to control my own flat or house, have that private domain, you see. Don’t expect me to cook or clean, either, on my visits. I’d bring over my little subbie boy toys and have them do that for you instead,” Sherry explained as she poured herself some of my favorite Scotch and drank it neat…another remind of just how British she was.

“So…this would just be sexual servitude. And you’re okay with that. Interesting. Tempting. Very tempting. Maybe on a trial basis or something. You spend a weekend or two with me that way, at my beck and call, see how you like it that way,” I suggested.

“Well, a friend of mine, Melissa, is a guy’s private slut for a month and she loves it already, but sure. A weekend at a time is a good start, at least until you decide that you love having my sweet Indian fanny at your disposal, to shag whenever it pleases you, love. Could be a nice way to let off steam from a hard week of studies. I still need a money slave or two, though…you know, to pay for my lifestyle. Or maybe I should go into stripping to pay for law school. Or get a Sugar Daddy, for that matter. Face it, I work hard at my education, but in the end, my tastes and desires are too…extravagant for even a lawyer’s pay to cover my expenses, and I don’t have my law degree yet. Anyway, I should still find a replacement slave or two for what I thought that you would be. Thankfully, you didn’t. I’m glad now that I’ve found a man with a spine and a set of bollocks,” Sherry said, getting up to kiss me.

“Where off to now?” I asked her.

“Nowhere yet. Remember, I’m to draw up the contract for you and your butt sluts. That’s going to be rather lovely, I think. Then I plan to find one of those fine lads that I pegged the other day and feed him a creampie, love. Yours, to be precise. I’m going to love this, I think. Well, if I do this, I need to get used to visiting you and having you have your way with my arse. Please understand that I’m not going to be your wife, girlfriend, etc…ever. I’m going to be your slave. Not submissive partner, either. Slave. Pet. Plaything. Fuck toy. Your saucy slut, ready to do whatever you ask of her…or if it’s domestic, have her own slaves do so. Might be fun to get off from having you top me and then let off my dominant urges with someone else. A very patient someone, I think, because his girlfriend or whatever shall be a slut addicted to dominating him and serving another man,” Sherry laughed as she gave me a lot of tongue.

“Well, they’re coming over now, I think,” I smiled, as I heard the doorbell ring and started to answer it, but Sherry reached it first.

“Oh, you must be the lovely couple. Don’t mind me. I’m just the ex-girlfriend and all that jazz,” Sherry smiled at them, letting them in.

I felt my cock harden a good deal as I saw how both of my tenants were dressed. Brit wore Daisy Dukes and a bikini top, while Rich only had on his sweatpants and flip flops, his hairless chest entirely bare. I could see how the two reacted to seeing Sherry in her semi-dressed state and my cock exposed to both of them. It was clear that I just had fucked her, too. The house smelled of sex and beer, as I gestured for both of them to come over to me and sit down.

“Did you bring the lube, because you’re gonna need it if you sign this contract that Sherry will help create for us. She’s a law student, by the way. Originally from Manchester, as it happens. Attended the finest public schools, too. That’s the girl who sent you the pic of her bald pussy, of course. She’s a bit of a switch, it seems. Now, both of you drink a bit to steel yourselves for what’s going to happen to you. Sherry’s contemplating some kind of arrangement for herself and she might opt to participate at some point in this, but it will be as I determine. Now, are you ready to begin? Wait, perhaps we should get something proper to eat this fine Saturday night?” I decided.

“Well, I know of a place that does a great curry if you’re open to Indian food. If one of you has a stomach issue, though, I understand,” Sherry noted.

“As much Indian as I’ve eaten, the food should be no trouble. You’re rather spicy yourself,” I teased my ex, who burst into laughter while Brit blushed a tad and Rich got visibly hard.

“Yes, you are rather nice at eating this sweet fanny of mine, aren’t you? I keep it shaved just for you, in fact. Maybe that’s the part of me that I should sign over to you, not my arse. Who knows? Anyway, we’re here for these two, aren’t we, not for me?” Sherry winked at us.

“So, Indian…what place?” I was curious now.

“Devi’s. A friend of mine runs it. She married a Puerto Rican guy, Gustavo, who works for United Airlines and was able to land her a concession at the airport. Nice couple, really. I’ve slept with both of them now and then, separately and in threesomes. She’s from New Delhi, actually. Anyway, they have a new treat…it’s a chicken curry pizza. The girl still doesn’t eat beef, but she has opened up to chicken, fish, and other meats. It shows with Gustavo’s and her idea of the chicken curry pizza. Trust me, it’s delicious, love,” Sherry smiled as Brit and Rich turned to me.

“Well, you guys on board with that?” I asked them, curious, in case it was an issue.

“You’re the Master, Sir,” Brit winked, while Rich nodded.

“Very well, then. Chicken curry pizza it is. A first for me to be sure,” I laughed as Sherry dialed the numbers for Devi’s.

“Alright, now, while the food awaits, let’s consider what is at stake here. You want to live rent-free for a year in that house, in exchange for which I own your asses. I’ve decided that isn’t good enough. I want you both to move in with me, so I can have much easier and more regular access to your asses. I’ll let Sherry move into the other place for now, and why I won’t quite leave her rent-free, since she’s in school, I’ll be…flexible about how she pays it, when, etc. How does that sound, folks?” I suggested an alteration in the original plans.

“Well, that would definitely help us, for sure, and I wouldn’t mind it if you had daily access to my ass. What about you, Rich?” Brit asked her husband.

“God, yes! The idea of seeing you get it regularly from him as well as me, as well as the chance of your cock going in my ass…damn,” Rich grinned, his bulge undeniable through his sweatpants.

“Well, since it’s anal only, prepare for both of you getting a lot of anal. You do realize that, right? Sure, there will be other partners for me, including Sherry here, especially when I want mouth or pussy, but since you’re only offering me your butts, count on them getting a lot of traffic, so to speak. Your assholes may never fully return to normal. The vagina is far more resilient, as demonstrated after so many births. The anus tends to become very loose after a consistent regimen of sodomy,” I warned them both, “not that I mind, of course. Even looser, it’s still sexy. It’s just never going to be the same for either of you. And it won’t just be my cock going up there. Plus, I’ll make you wear butt-plugs when not using them, so even if this ended a year from now, you will be very changed people, anally speaking.”

“We kind of hope that it won’t end after the year, but if it does, we hope for good tenant references,” Brit declared.

“Sweet Brit, even if it ends a year from now, you can stay with me, both of you, for as long as you wish, just with new terms for rent or whatever we decide at the time,” I explained to her, which made both Rich and she smile.

“That is touching, but what about the contract?” Sherry reminded us with a slight giggle that was uncharacteristic for her.

“Indeed. So, anyway, to recap, you both to live with me as my anal slaves for a year. No vaginal intercourse or oral with either of you unless you indicate that you’re open to it. Perhaps temporary tattoos on your asses to mark that they are mine for the year. Permanent ones to replace them if you decide for a longer contract after the year is up. Don’t worry, when at work, I won’t trouble you, but as soon as you get home, unless we’re going out in public shortly, those asses are to be exposed for my pleasure. Now, housework…,” I began to discuss that when Brit raised her hand.

“I’ll do the housework for all of us, Master, I promise. I have a part-time job, but nothing that would stop me from being a good…well, housewife, for lack of a better word, for both of you. As for oral…well, Rich and I have talked it over, and apparently, he was just worried about you taking my pussy. He wouldn’t mind the idea of me sucking your cock…and he wouldn’t be opposed to sucking it himself. He just didn’t want you to start fucking my pussy or monopolize my mouth, you see. So, as long as you are fine with sharing my mouth with him…and are open to him sucking your dick, too, he’s fine with that…with me sucking your cock, too,” Brit assured me.

“So, blowjobs are back on the table. Nice. But with the idea that we share your…favors there. Rich and I, that is. Good to know. And Rich wants to suck my cock, too. Very nice to know. So, four holes available to me regularly. Even better than the two that I thought that I was getting. Still, that’s the icing. The cake itself is owning your sweet asses. The idea of plundering your booty, so to speak. Guess we’d best invest in lube, and lots of it, especially at first. What about safewords, in case it gets too rough?” I asked them.

“Jackass?” Rich grinned as he suggested that.

“Works for you, at least. And you, sweet Brit?” I turned my attention to the sexy, nerdy strawberry blonde who now openly licked her lips at the idea of sucking and bending over for me.

“Whiz,” Brit winked at me.

“Definitely fits you, my hot little geek,” I watched her blush as she showed her lust through the lenses of her glasses.

“So, we’ve agreed on safewords, living together, and what holes are available…and to whom. Assuming that Brittany’s pussy is still off-limits, of course,” Sherry recapped.

“Yes, that’s still the case, I think. Some things are still between us…for now, at least. We might review that in time,” Rich asserted for the first time.

“Very much what he said. I respect his wishes and understand that he is sacrificing a chance to penetrate other women…or men, for that matter, in order to preserve his exclusive rights to my pussy. We’ve agreed that the mainstream, conventional, vanilla sex remains each other’s as the only part not released from our wedding vows…yet. We need to ease into something like this and our fantasy was mainly about the anal part, anyway…well, anal and D/s. Rich is content for now to focus on sharing me and…well, maybe he should say it himself,” Brit blushed a bit more.

“Yeah, sharing her and…sharing you. Sharing the experience of serving you, which I think will help us bond even more, as fellow submissives. I’ve long wanted to explore my sexuality a bit…and that is more of an interest to me right now…trying out the cock than experiencing another pussy. I’ve had a few of those already…and they’re great. Don’t get me wrong about that. But at least for now, I want to concentrate on being a bottom to the same Top as my wife serves, being a slave to the same Master…and the whole bisexuality thing, you know,” Rich stammered a little toward the end.

“What about if I want to have Sherry peg you now and then, or let her use your mouth for her pleasure, you know, licking her pussy or ass?” I probed a bit.

“Well, that’s different. That’s part of serving you. It doesn’t involve me sticking my dick in another woman’s pussy, you see. It’s not a betrayal of our little pact, right?” Rich coughed a little, but Brit nodded in assent.

“Exactly. I don’t mind him trying other women, if he likes, but he is trying to be fair to me by making a sacrifice here, as a gesture of gratitude and love, if you will, because he still wants my pussy to himself. Which I get, you know. I really do. So if he’s cool with me sucking a dick or eating a pussy, I’m okay with him doing the same, and I’m certainly okay with him being pegged or taking a live cock up the ass. If he wants to rim Sherry, that’s perfectly fine with me as well. I’m only setting those limits about cock and pussy until Rich gives me the green light for complete sharing,” Brit declared.

“So, soft swinging in a sense, but with a bondage twist,” I now poured shots for everyone, figuring that we could all use some Scotch right then…and Chivas was pretty neat in more ways than one.

“Exactly,” Rich laughed, downing his shot, just as the pizza was delivered by Sanjay, Devi’s cousin and occasional lover, originally from New Delhi.

I was about to answer the door again, but once more Sherry beat me to the punch. She paid for the pizza and hugged Sanjay, who was visibly hard as he saw her state of undress…I quickly gathered that he was more into her than she had been into him, but maybe that would change. He came across rather submissive and very shy, just her sort of long-term relationship material. I got the impression that he had held a torch for her for a long time, which didn’t surprise me. As twisted and sometimes annoying as Sherry could be, she had a definite sex appeal and some endearing qualities that had started to show again after a rough attempt at a romance between us. She was a lot more likeable as an ex than as a girlfriend, but I gathered that Sanjay might not mind her rules as much. He viewed her as if she was Kali or Lakshmi incarnate or something like that.

After she paid and Sanjay left, I grinned and told Sherry, “You know, that boy really wants you…bad. He’s got the hots for you, no question of that.”

“I know. And in the past, when I was hung up on a certain young stud, I didn’t think of Sanjay as more than a sort of honorary cousin, but now. Now, love, I do believe that I shall claim the poor bastard before he finds another Goddess to worship,” she licked her lips and winked at me, indicating that she was fully aware of her effect on the delivery guy.

“When did you decide this?” Rich asked, truly curious.

“Just now. It was an impulse, but now I want to take the poor sod home and make him my bum boy, my milquetoast hubby bitch. He’s totally going to be whipped, don’t you agree?” Sherry laughed wickedly, making Brit blush and giggle a bit.

“So you’ve found my replacement. Yeah, he’s an excellent choice for that role. Meek, shy, and likely to be very docile. Defies all of the arrogant, negative stereotypes about Indian men, I would say,” I remarked.

“Sure, because he’s an outcaste…an untouchable. Just being considered by me is socially better than he deserves…in his eyes. If this were another age, he’d worship me from distance and never dare to approach me, of course. Now, at least, he can service me as he should. That’s progress, I think,” Sherry smiled as she returned to work.

“Yes…let’s get back to our plans, right?” I took the hint, being eager to own Brit and Rich…especially Brit, of course.

“So, are we in agreement, then? Mouths are to be shared, asses belong to Donald, at least for a year, no rent to be charged, and others can be included at the discretion of Donald, as man of the house. Donald is the boss, the man of the house. Household chores to be the duty of Brit, of course. Very much Susie Homemaker here, but that doesn’t bother me. Feminism should be about respecting women’s choices, even old-fashioned ones, I would think. Sleeping arrangements?” Sherry asked as she ate her slice of the pizza, which I must admit was delicious in its own spicy way.

“Three to a bed, I think. Yeah, all three of us together. Thankfully, my bed is nice and large. I can fit my butt sluts in it with me. I will enjoy spooning with them and pressing my cock against the outside of their asses, too. Teasing them with my cock to keep them eager to take it. There will be regular enemas, too, and scheduled colonics at times to keep you guys in proper shape for sodomy. You will both wear butt-plugs, naturally, and wash thoroughly for hygiene. Oh, and those butts of yours had better been exposed to me the moment that it’s clear that you’re home for the day. Do we understand each other?” I laid down the law.

“Absolutely…Master,” Rich tried my new title on for size.

“Yes, it sounds delicious, Sir,” Brit gave me the loveliest smile.

“Good, now we can write this down in a formal contract…including the tattoo idea, right?” Sherry got to work on a legible, intelligible, almost legal document, done quite professionally, of course.

“Exactly. No requirement of fidelity on my part, of course,” I said as I kissed first Brit…and then Rich on the mouth, our tongues now tangling together.

“Naturally, Master. We’re your slaves, not vice versa,” Brit assured me.

“And no condoms. We want it bareback in our asses. We’re going to be taking it daily, I think…so we definitely want to feel your cum inside our butts,” Rich noted, making me grin.

“So, how about a second agreement, then? One that commits you to be flexible about rent and let me move in to their old house, while I commit myself to lend you my body and any slaves of mine for at least one weekend per month? Lend, not sell, of course. Very short-term, but intense and fun for my part. And my whole body, not just my arse or mouth. My cunny shall be yours for that weekend as well. Just not consistently nor as available or convenient as these two. And…in addition, I hoped that we could agree to be each other’s…last resort, sexually. For those moments when you need cunny, not just bum or mouth, or when I’m just plain craving your dick and your dominance. It shall be fun, right?” Sherry propositioned me now, much to my amusement and, frankly, enjoyment…this new side of hers seemed to be brought out by Brit and Rich, and I loved it…just as I loved discovering their nature.

“It’s agreed, then. Write it up, if you wish. I’ll sign both agreements if everyone else here will do so…and witness them as well,” I decided, at which point Sherry rushed to do exactly that.

Once ready, I penned both covenants and watched three other people essentially all agree in some fashion to service my sexual needs for a good long while. It was soon witnessed and the first thing that Brit did was kneel without being asked to worship my cock…her soft lips enveloping my dick down to the base in a seeming hurry to get the most of me that she could at any given time. I was more than a little excited already, but then Rich made things even hotter by sucking my balls and taint, much to my astonishment. Before I knew it, Sherry had grabbed the cooking oil from where I always kept it and added her fingers to my ass. Soon, her lips were on my buns and her tongue licked around my sphincter while her digits penetrated me there.

“God, love, you have the finest arse I’ve ever seen on a man! Might I please serve your bum while you fuck these two sluts of yours? I fucking adore your arse, darling!” Sherry declared as she alternated between rimming and finger-fucking my ass.

“Damn it, Sherry, yes…you know how to pleasure a man for sure…just don’t stop!” I commanded her, not wanting her attention to stop any more than I did the other two, who were now happily engaged in sucking my cock and balls.

“Fuck, Donald…please fuck my ass now! Please! I need it in my ass!” Brit now begged me, bending over the table and sliding down her Daisy Dukes, followed by her thong, which hadn’t been totally covered up at all times by her shorts.

I made sure to lube up my cock and Brit’s ass as well, bareback as indicated before, while she did her best to relax her asshole and I ease my dick into her butt a couple of thick inches at a time. My cock was average in length, but the girth was another matter…it was far from thin. By the time that I was done with Brit’s ass, if I ever was, she would never return to her old tightness again, never could. She would be permanently stretched out, and so would Rich. They could never go back to normal, in that and all other senses. They would have been my personal playthings for at least a year, after all, and given me full rights to sodomize them to my heart’s content. There was no way that they could go back to a vanilla, monogamous marriage after taking my cock up the ass for so long.

I wasn’t sure if Brit and Rich were truly aware of the implications of this, but maybe they were and didn’t mind…that was more likely than not at this stage. They weren’t naïve, after all, and they weren’t anal virgins, by their own account. They just happened to both be very submissive at heart, which meant that perhaps on some level they craved me as a dominant who could bring them both to heel, give them discipline and guidance. I wondered if perhaps there was something of that to Sherry as well, but in her own way. She was much more of a switch, someone who wanted to submit to a stronger man on the periphery of her life, but needed a weaker one to serve her in her private world.

In the meantime, my cock was now fully buried in Brit’s booty, and God, it was truly awesome! I had never experienced any anal encounter that satisfying, as she pushed back at me with her hips and whimpered, begging me with every sound and movement for more, while her pussy juices began to trickle down her thighs. True, there was not much hair to pull, but it was still my favorite time ever buggering any woman in my life up to that point. I held onto her buns as she met my every thrust frantically and egged me on. She seemed truly hooked already, and I knew that for my part I was as well. Rich told me afterward that he had never seen his Brit so complete, so ecstatic since they had met.

Apparently, what she had craved and needed was to surrender her body so absolutely and intimately to a man and have that man take her…claim her as his property and possession, or so it seemed to me. Her heat and tightness didn’t hurt things, either, but given her attitude, even at her loosest, she would be a lot of fun in the sack…that ass was to die for, if one were to ask me.

Pretty soon, it was pretty soon that Brittany was melting, but her hubby helped things for sure, as he slid underneath, urging me to pull off her just long enough for a DP. He was so hard that he definitely had to fuck her, and she clearly ached for another cock inside her. We were now on the floor, instead of bent over the table, with Sherry back at work licking and fingering my butt while I plowed Brittany’s ass and Rich took her pussy hard. It was one of the finest sexual experiences that I had ever known and by now I had to fight off cumming, between Brit’s glorious booty and Sherry’s efforts directed at my own butt.

“Please cum in my ass, Master…please, I want to feel your cum there!” Brit begged me now, while Rich let loose his own seed inside her.

I couldn’t hold it off any longer and my cock shot out the contents of my balls into her bottom, my dick still a little hard as I withdrew from her tush and left my slimy load behind in her gaping asshole. I wasn’t prepared for what Sherry did next, as she quit rimming and fingering me in favor of sucking my cock straight from Brittany’s ass. I hoped that this was sanitary enough, but the look of delight on Sherry’s face made it clear that she was happy enough with what she did. Meanwhile, Brit planted her pussy on Rich’s face and got into a 69 with him from above, while he lay on the floor, neither of them seeming to mind the taste of cum in their mouths.

Sherry began playing with my ass again with one hand, her other hand cupping and stroking my balls. The biggest shock was the look of complete awe on her face as she sucked my cock and even a sense of satisfaction as I used her mouth as if it were her pussy and she had a chance to please me. My cock was now stiff again and Rich apparently decided that it was his turn to bend over for my use. He waved his ass at me and groaned in delight as I lubed him up with the oil and began to insert my cock into his butt. It was a little wait for him to adjust, but soon I started to pump in and out of his asshole, while he moved his hips to welcome my strokes. The sight of his dick hardening as I hit his prostate repeatedly was truly delicious. He didn’t appear to have any seconds about surrendering the booty, at least not yet. I noticed that Brittany was now engaged in offering him her pussy to eat as she lay on the table and spread her legs for him.

I held out a bit longer, of course, since Rich’s ass wasn’t quite in the same category of pure sensuality as his wife’s, but Sherry now worked against me by toying with my prostate again, while Brit did her part by going back into a 69 with her husband. He was soon so excited that he increased his pace of moving his hips just as mine pushed me deeper inside him. It wasn’t much longer before I went as far inside him as I could, truly owning his ass, much to our mutual delight, and that knowledge was what did the trick, forcing me to cum as I contemplated just how in control I really was now.

Sherry rose at that moment and kissed each of the two on the mouth, followed by the lip lock she planted on me, giving each of us more than a little tongue. I found myself French kissing Brit immediately afterward, loving her ardor as she kissed me back…and then the real surprise was the willingness of Rich to kiss me on the lips, to fully embrace his bisexuality as I did in such an intimate and passionate manner.

When we came up for air, Sherry took out her camera and began taking pictures of each of us after the act of this fantastic orgy. She even took a series of selfies showing the evidence that I had fucked her earlier that night before the final act, which really surprised all of us. She brought out a strap-on dildo and thigh harness, which she set on the table next to the chicken curry pizza to leave it up to me who got to use it.

“Choices, choices. Whatever to do. Sherry, are you up to a pegging tonight?” I smiled at her, as she winked back at me.

“Bloody hell, I never thought that you’d ask! May I please use your bum boy, Donald dear?” Sherry licked her chops as I nodded my agreement.

Rich looked just a little nervous, but he seemed to remember that Brit and I had both used his ass already, so what was another dick, even plastic, back there? He bent over the table and offered Sherry his bottom for her pleasure, while she eased it into him for a moment. After giving both of them a chance to catch their breaths, Sherry started actively sodomizing him and he began pushing back with equal lust at her, clearly loving what she did to him.

For my part, there was but one thing left to do, and that was to take Brit again, and boy was she ready for it! I started lubing her up again with the oil, though my cum remained inside her as another source of lube as well. She felt slick, slippery, and very warm inside her asshole as I plundered her bowels and she pushed constantly back at me to draw me deeper within her body. She later confessed that she had never felt such intimacy, such complete surrender and vulnerability as when I was buried so far up her bottom, that Rich was nice back there, but he didn’t claim and control her deepest, darkest parts as I did, nor did he own her the way that she needed to be owned. She thought of him as more of an equal and she loved him, but she needed to submit to a man, and this was the most deliciously submissive thing that she could enjoy doing, to give up the booty to someone like me. The fact that her husband was taking it up the butt at the same time reinforced that they could be spouses and lovers, but he could never possess her, never be the true keeper of her heart, mind, and soul. She loved him and she would never give him up, but something had always been missing, and now she was complete, now that she found it in me.

Time lost all meaning for a bit, as Sherry and I each sodomized our “victims”, both of them as eager for this experience as we were, truth be told. It was likely to be the last hurrah for the night, especially given that I was already hungry from the calories that I’d used up from the hot, sweaty sex…and the beer and Scotch, for that matter were already impairing us all a bit. Still, we kept at it a bit longer, my balls slapping against Brit’s thighs as I rammed her asshole and she whimpered from my eager, but steady violation of her butt.

At last, however, Brit and Rich came..and then did Sherry due to the “feel-do” vibrations of the strap-on, my cock being last to the party as I emptied my balls for the final time that night. None of us seemed to worry much about cleaning as we polished off the pizza and drank a couple more shots each to unwind. None of us were fit to drive, either, so I decided to make sure that we all spend the night together. After all, tomorrow was another day and there was so much that could be done together, wasn’t there?

“Hey, folks, don’t go anywhere. You two are moving, anyway, and you’re supposed to be my weekend bed toy, remember? Besides, we’re all in no condition to drive. Let’s just crush wherever we wish and enjoy the touch of each other’s sweat and skin…and other things,” I chuckled, drawing some mirth from each of my partners that night.

It wasn’t much longer before we limped into the bedroom, all four of us, and collapsed naked, tired, and sweaty onto the mattress in a tangled heap of naked flesh, slick with our bodily fluids and basking in the sensual contact of so much smooth skin. We drifted off to a contented slumber, each of us soothed by the company of the others.

Whatever else happened, we had a night together that we would never forget.

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