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Music pounding through the cavernous room. Bright lights on the cat walk, as the men dance down around the pole. Rhythmic gyrations and choreographed steps, as they strip off their clothes… bit by bit. It is better than the movie… No drama and far more action. On platforms against the wall more men sway to the beat. They are dressed in the briefest of spangled underwear, or leather g-strings.

I make my way to one of them, dollars in my hand. He tucks the money in his shorts and then places my hands high on his chest…. Ahhh, so I can touch?!! That is all the consent I need. My hands roam down his muscled body, fingers teasing across his nipples. I would love to twist and pinch them…. But this is not that kind of place… Not my playground. His nipples bead as I thumb them again… then my hands roam down his stomach and around to his low back. He turns and kneels on all fours, so I can stroke his back and ass. I resist the urge to raise my hand and lay into those taut muscular cheeks. So damn spankable! I marvel at how well he read me. None of the dancers are kneeling like this, for the other women here.

Time to take a tour of the velvet purple wonderland in back. I pick a tattooed cowboy and wave my twenty at him. Hand in hand he leads me through the crowd. Settled in against the plush cushions, I let my hands roam his body. I run my finger nails down his back as he sways above me. Then his back is to me, ass in my lap. Reaching around, I run my hands down the length of his chest and stomach, onto muscled thighs. His taut body feels so good… I press my lips against his back and come away tasting the salt on his skin …. They have been dancing for hours. He bumps his hip up against my crotch, gentle thump, thump, thump, to the beat.

Nearing the end of the night… I am waiting by the crowded cat walk for a dancer to crawl my way… he is taking too long, so I walk away. And there you are, on a circular platform, in the middle of the room. Red, white and blue lycra short shorts that cup your ass. Blond hair and a black cowboy hat. Another cowboy, I laugh to myself…. Well, we are in Wyoming! You’re not as tatted up as my first cowboy. I remember you did a fun strip tease earlier in the evening… to some country song, and then you disappeared. You are now trying to shoo off two young women who are hanging around like groupies. They are pretty girls, and I wonder why you are looking so annoyed. But your face lights up when you see me approach. Why did I wait all evening to meet you? You tuck my bills into your waist band like an afterthought, as you eagerly move in to dance for me. Face close to my ear, you ask my name, and then offer yours. Your body is pressed lightly against mine as you lean over, and I can smell your masculine cologne. Delicious! My hands are on you from the start. Grabbing, squeezing, gliding. You are smoother than the other men… with tighter muscle. When your pelvis bumps forward against my thigh I can feel that your cock is hard.

Closing time, and you flag me over for a drink. Can I wait a minute, while you change? Word has it that you run this joint. I watch you head down a hall toward an office. The other dancers move back stage to the changing rooms. Waiters, workers, and girlfriends are drifting into the bar area to get their after-hours drinks. I follow you down the hall. Pausing to unlock the door, you hear me behind you. Not looking back, you stop in your tracks, door ajar. I can hear you breathing.

Abuzz with desire, I close in on you. Arms wrapping around your body, I press my hips and pelvis against your lycra clad ass. Hands roaming your chest and belly, I let me fingers nails scrape roughly across your nipples.

“I’m out of ones” I say, my face and chest against your muscled back.

“That’s OK” you murmur urgently, still not moving. My hand moves down to rub your hard cock, and stroke your balls through the thin material. A shiver runs through your body. The cloth is wet where a drop of pre-cum has soaked thru. You are compliant in my arms, so I press you forward with my body, pushing us through the open door.

Once inside, I shut it, then continue to stroke your cock from behind. You are panting and thrusting slightly against my hand. I step away. You stay where I left you, head back, breathing hard. I spot a straight back chair by the desk. “Sit” I command, pointing. You hasten to comply, looking up at me with questioning eyes. Your cock is tenting the tight shorts. I take off your hat.

Straddling your legs, I sit over your lap, staring down into your face. My hands roam your chest, fingers finding your nipples. Tweaking and twisting them roughly, I watch your response. Sucking in ragged breaths, your hands grip the edge of the seat. I reach up and grab a handful of hair, yanking your head back, so I can kiss you. I rape your mouth with my tongue. I feel you kissing me back, hesitant at first, then more passionately. You taste like cinnamon. The smell of your cologne is intoxicating. I fuck with your nipples some more, watching you groan and writhe under me.

“Standup” I say, climbing off of your lap. “Strip.” You are moving almost at once, standing to slide off the shorts. Your muscular ass flexes as you bend to get the shorts off over knee pads and boots. “Shoes too?” you ask in a whisper. “Everything” I reply. You make quick work of removing the remaining items.

Naked now, you stand up straight, for my inspection. Chest out and arms at your side… Legs slightly apart… Your cock is jutting out in front of you, saluting me, tip glistening.

“Who trained you so well?” I ask.

“No one ever trained me…” you murmur, blushing. “You’re a natural” I say, as I walk around your body, running a hand down your muscled back. It comes to rest on your ass.

“Thank you…. I think” you say with a slight chuckle, voice a little surer… The first hint of the confident man from the dance floor.

“How far do you want to go?” I ask, hand still on your ass.

“As far as you want to take me.” You turn your head, to look at me.

“You don’t know what you’re asking for” I reply, my turn to chuckle now.

“No I don’t” you admit, but your cock is jerking, and your breathing is becoming heavy again.

Moving the chair away from the desk, I sit down.

“Lie down over my lap” I invite, patting my thigh.

“Why?” you ask, cock jumping. You are biting your lower lip, hesitating.

“Why do you think?” I pat my thigh again. Slowly, you lower your body across my lap. You’re trembling a little. Your rigid cock rubs against my jeans. With hands and feet braced on the floor, your muscled body rests lightly on my lap.

“Ummmm…” you shift around, wanting to ask me something, but afraid to ruin the moment.

“I will only spank you where the shorts will cover… and only hard enough to leave a little redness for tonight.” I am guessing at what you are asking. You sigh in relief, and nod.

“Thank you” you whisper. Coarse tremors are running through your body. I rub soft circles around your ivory ass cheeks, enjoying the feel.

“Ever been spanked before?” I ask. You shake your head ‘no’.

SMACK… I bring my hand down with a quick slap. It is startling in the quiet, and you flinch. SMACK…Again. You are ready this time. I set up a rhythm, alternating cheeks, rubbing circles on the pink areas in between slaps. Slowly the rhythm picks up, more slapping and less rubbing. Your ass is taking on a pink glow. As the spanks continue, you are beginning to twist and wiggle on my lap. I love the little hissing noise you make, and how your abds tighten against my thigh. As you lift up an arm or a leg in your squirming, more of your weight has come to rest on my thighs. Your cock is now grinding against me as you move. When the hissing turns to whimpers, and your ass is more red than pink, I stop. Gently I rub the spanked skin. You’re panting now and rocking that cock against my thigh. Since I don’t want cum on my jeans, I pull up on your shoulder, pushing you off my lap. Going back on your heels, you kneel at my side, and rest your head in my lap. You are still panting.

“What’s next?” you ask. I am running a hand through your hair, and stroking your back. Your breathing calms.

“Dessert” I say with a grin. You lift your head off of my lap and lick your lips. I nod. Leaving you kneeling there, I stand and slip out of my sandles and jeans. The lacey little g-string comes off next. Turning, I quickly clear off a spot on your desk, then sit up on the edge. You close the space between us on your hands and knees, crawling to kneel between my legs. I drape them over your shoulders, and rest my feet against your back.

You move forward without hesitation, rubbing your face against my pussy. A smile is on your lips as your tongue darts out to part mine. You lap greedily at my sweet juices. I lean back, while your tongue works its way up to my clit. This is definitely something you have done before, as you work me over with firm strokes up and down, then steady pressure circling down. This is something the baby-boys of the world don’t know about… all those 20 something year old lover boys. This is where the grown up men earn their keep! Ummmm…. I feel that buzzing start, and I like when you put the pressure down on my clit… but you are moving back down, so I grab your head, pushing you back to where you were.

“Like that?” you ask and do it again. I growl in response, clutching your hair. You chuckle.

“Better…. get… serious… boy” I threaten, but am panting so hard the words come out in short bursts. Then everything tightens up like a spring and I can’t talk anymore… I can barely breath… You grind down hard on my clit with your tongue. I think about your red ass cheeks over my lap… and how you let me push you into this room… and how you squirmed as I twisted your nipples…. And then I am cumming in a roaring driving thunderous orgasm, my hand gripping your hair, legs pressed into your back. Shuddering with the explosion I look down at you. You are grinning up at me with tongue out, and face wet. I hold you there for a few long minutes, letting the waves wash through me. Then, I am pulling on your hair, gently, but urgently…. Beckoning you up off of your knees… up to kiss me. I taste my juices on your lips, and kiss you fiercely.

We pull apart and you sit down heavily in the chair.

“I don’t suppose I get to cum?” You ask. I shake my head ‘no’ with a smile.

“Not tonight, babe” I am pulling on panties and jeans.

“Can I see you again?” You are starting to look anxious.

“You want too?” I ask, smile playing across my lips.

“Yes… please!” It is an urgent plea. I walk over and straddle you again. This time your naked cock is pressed against my jeans. Your hands find their way to my hips. I run hands through your hair, then down over your chest. You hold your breath when I come near your nipples. Ummm, so much fun!

“What are you doing tomorrow?” I ask.

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