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Mrs. Watson

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“Gee Mrs. Watson your beautiful.”

Gloria Watson swung around to find young Tommy Jackson smiling at her. “Why thank you Tommy, what brought that on.”

Tommy grinned, “I’ve been walking behind you here in the supermarket for the last five minutes. I couldn`t help saying what I was thinking. You have a beautiful body. Your legs are long and curvy. I like the way your bottom jiggles when you walk.”

“My god you’re a cheeky young thing, telling an old married woman things like that,” she whispered.

“You’re not old and being married doesn’t change the way you look, your sexy.”

“How old are you Tommy?” she asked trying to change the subject.

“I’m eighteen; I’m in Shelia’s class at school. She has the most beautiful mum in town.”

Gloria Watson looked around to see if anyone was watching or listening to their conversation. She spied Sally Mooney heading towards them “here comes Mrs. Mooney,” she whispered.

“All right, but your still the sexiest mum in town and I’m going to tell you so every time we meet,” he said as he waved to Mrs. Mooney and left.

Gloria spoke to Sally Mooney for a while then continued shopping. She was surprised when from behind the refrigerated section Tommy whispered, “You really are very beautiful.” She looked around and saw that no one was near. Turning to Tommy she whispered, “thank you, but this has got to stop. We will get into trouble.”

He smiled at her. “I would like to get you into trouble if you know what I mean. But honestly, I’ll never cause trouble for you; I just want you to know how I feel when I see you. It is hard to describe what you do to me. You are magnificent,” He blushed, “you make me horny.”

“Stop it, you shouldn`t be talking like this,” she whispered.

“Why? I think you are the horniest woman in town, I think it every time I see you. Why shouldn’t I tell you?”

That evening Gloria Watson sat sipping a glass of red wine looking over at her husband Roy who was snoring in front of the TV. He never tells me I am sexy or that I make him horny, she thought as she recalled young Tommy Jackson’s words in the supermarket.

She smiled to herself. It was nice to have someone admire her and tell her she was beautiful. It had been too long since anyone had paid her such lavish compliments.

He is a cheeky young bugger she thought. He shouldn’t be talking about my legs and bottom or calling me horny. I am old enough to be his mother.

As the evening wore on, she drank the rest of the bottle of wine. Her husband sleeping in his chair did not see her rub her hands over her pussy as she thought of the possibility of young Tommy trying to make love to her. Her heart skipped a beat would it be possible at her age to have a horny young lover.

She slipped her dress higher and pulled her panties aside. She slid two fingers into her now moist pussy. She felt hot. Her face was flushed. Her finger rolled her clit making her legs straighten. Her fingers were moving faster.

She was breathing heavy, watching to see that her husband did not waken. I haven’t done this since I was a kid, she thought, that young bugger got to me today.

Her body moved to the beat of her fingers. She slid off her chair onto the floor. Her fingers kept working as she dreamed of young Toms hard body pressed to hers,

A shudder hit her, “bloody hell I`m going to come,” she groaned. Her body jumped as she came, She was moaning aloud now her husband forgotten as she whispered, “oh Tommy, oh Tommy.” As she felt her moisture leak down on to her leg.

Tommy was unaware of the effect his words and actions had had on Mrs. Watson. He was at the local old people’s nursing home. His mother worked at the home and Tommy called to pick her up after work whenever he could.

In recent weeks, he had started talking to and old Asian man who always sat alone on the nursing home porch. Gradually they became good friends. Tommy brought him cigarettes and toilet items from the local supermarket as well as helping him walk in the garden while they waited for his mum to finish work

One afternoon the old man questioned Tom about his love life. He expressed surprise when Tom reluctantly admitted he was a virgin. “You a virgin,” he said, “you’re young and handsome. You’re strong, you must want a woman.”

“Oh, I want a woman all right,” Tom said, “but they don’t seem to want me.”

“They will want you if you treat them right,” the old man had said with a laugh.

“What do you mean treat them right?”

“You must treat them with respect; make them feel they are special. Be confident, be a man but be gracious and loving. Every woman wants to know you think she is beautiful. She will sleep with you if you show her admiration and respect. Do not let her think you are only after sex. Make her believe you find her special”.

Every afternoon he spoke of women and sex. “Don’t forget the older women. As they grow older, they see younger women that are more beautiful and feel lost. Their husbands gradually loose interest in them. They neglect them and forget to tell them how much they love them.”

You try,” he whispered, when the head nurse went past. “Tell her. Her hair is nice.”

Tommy smiled. “Hullo Mrs. Johnston is that a new hair do? You’re looking very nice today.” Mrs. Johnston, who rarely stopped and talked, stopped and pushed her hand up under her hair on her neck.

“No, I haven’t done anything different,” she said as she looked at him closely.

“Well you look great, there is something different about you.”

She smiled warmly at them both. “Oh it must be my new perfume,”

When she left the old man said, “That was fine but you can be more positive, put some feeling into it, make them believe you. Make them reluctant to leave your company. When they stop and talk start to introduce sex.”

“I can’t do that with strangers. I can’t even do that with my dates “

“Yes you can, tell them they have a nice tan, or that you like their pearly white skin. Tell them you like women with long athletic legs Compliment them on looking so good. Everyone has some good points, great eyes, beautiful hair, big breasts. Compliment them on their good parts”

Each afternoon Tommy practiced his compliments until he was sure that Ms Johnston and a few other staff deliberately went out of their way to stroll past where he and the old man sat.

One of the younger nurses a redhead named Belinda made it obvious. More and more of her oversized breasts peaked out of her uniform after Tommy at the old mans urging had commented on them. “Lick your lips when you look at them,” the old man said.

Tommy did and her response to his obvious desire for her breasts was apparent when she started to dress so he could clearly see the shape and size of her breasts. From then on, she wore blouses that always seemed to have more buttons undone.

The next afternoon she walked into the garden.

Tommy welcomed her. “You’re looking very beautiful today,” he said as his eyes roved over her breasts. She smiled and leant so he could see more, “Thank you Tommy you’re a real young gentleman.”

He licked his lips, “you make me very excited.”

“Do I now?”

“Yes you have a beautiful body. I love your shape it makes me hot.” She looked around to see if anyone was watching. “You deserve a kiss for being so nice,” she said as she took his arm and lent into kiss him.

Tommy kissed her back letting his hand fall on to her breasts,”oh,” she whispered, “that’s nice.” He took her words as a lead and ran his hand under her breast rolling his finger over her nipple.

The homes PA system broke the quiet calling her to emergency. She kissed him again. “See you tomorrow,” she groaned as she ran to the path.

“Now you know how women react to flattery,” the old man` said as she disappeared from view. He had been standing behind a tree watching. “Women rarely move first, they nearly always wait for the man. It will be a rare woman who will invite you out or tell you she wants you. Take your time, make them feel good and they will respond.

Gloria Watson had always had an effect on Tommy. He thought she was beautiful. He was buying some things for the old man when he spotted her in the supermarket. She was the first woman outside of the nursing home that he had tried to chat up.

When he returned to the home he told the old man, what he had done and how she had reacted. “Ring her tonight,” the old man said. “Tell her you could not forget how beautiful she looked. Say you could not get her out of your mind. Don’t hang on the phone to long, keep it short.”

Gloria Watson lay on the floor recovering from her first orgasm in years when the phone rang. She crawled over to the phone to answer it before it woke her husband.

A voice said, “You’re beautiful.”

“Who is this?” she whispered looking over at Roy who was snoring with his mouth open

“Its Tommy Jackson, I couldn’t forget how beautiful you looked today. I was sitting at home thinking of you and just had to ring and tell you”

“Tommy,” she whispered looking at Roy.

“You’re very beautiful,” he whispered.

“Oh my.” she groaned as she felt her juices flow. “Oh Tommy this is nice but you shouldn’t its wrong” she moaned her heart beating faster.

“I can’t get you out of my mind you are georgous. So sexy. I am sitting here horny just thinking of you. You’re sexy legs and the way your breasts and bum move when you walk just makes me want to grab you and hug you. I’m so hard it hurts.”

Gloria said nothing. She just groaned as she lay back on the floor inches from her husband and listened to this boy from her daughter’s class talk sex to her.

A combination of the wine and his words made her want his cock. She ran her fingers through the hairs of her pussy probing and pushing until her two fingers slid in. Her other hand played with her nipples.

The phone no longer held by her busy hands slipped from her shoulder and bounced onto the floor. She retrieved it quickly.

“What was that?” he asked

“Nothing,” she replied, as she smelt her come on her fingers.

I want to see more of you, I want to touch you and kiss you all over,” he whispered.

Roy rolled over and grunted, “My husband,” she gasped. “He’ll hear us.”

“When will I see you?” Tommy asked.

She looked at Roy still asleep, “you can’t, I can’t, it’s too dangerous.”

“When are you going shopping tomorrow?”

“After school, three thirty,” she said as she hung up.

Tommy slipped down to the nursing home before going to the Mall. “Be careful,” the old man said, “She’ll be looking forward to seeing you. Don’t embarrass her. She will be worried about your age and her marriage.”

“She will let you love her, if you respect her position. Show her by your actions that you will protect her reputation. She has a lot to loose. How you handle today will make or break your relationship.”

As Tommy left he spoke firmly, “Don’t force the pace, just compliment her, make her feel special, and keep your hands off in public.”

Gloria was nervous. The supermarket was full of friends and neighbors. Everyone seemed to want to stop and talk. She was surrounded when Tommy arrived. She saw him look at them and move away. She was glad he did not come near or try to speak when others were around. He has good sense, she thought to herself.

No matter where she turned there always seemed to be someone she knew beside her. It was as though god had decided to protect her from herself. She took her time hoping that eventually she would be on her own. Finally, she gave up and headed for her car.

There was a note on her windscreen. She looked around. No one was watching. Her heart skipped a beat. She knew it would be from Tommy.

“Please drive up to the roof top car park. I want to talk to you.” No signature just the letter t.

Her legs trembled as she sat and thought what she should do. I will drive up; if anyone is there, I will just keep driving she thought.

Tommy had chosen the roof top car park because the supermarket workers mostly used it. They did not finish their shift until much later. So there was very little activity at this time. He sat in his old car waiting. She won’t come. She’s not interested in a kid like me, he decided as the minutes sped by. Then her car emerged from the darkness and crept slowly across the car park.

He jumped out and waved, signaling her to park over in the shaded area away from the ramp and the stairs.

He opened her door and jumped in the front seat. He looked at her realizing she was scared. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered. “You are more beautiful every time I see you. Don’t be scared no one will see us here. I won’t let any thing happen to hurt you. You are too precious.”

“I couldn’t approach you when you were with others. I became so frustrated that I wanted to just walk up and kiss you. You are so fantastic it took me all my will power to stay away.”

As he talked, his hands stroked her arms. He slid across in his seat until stopped by the center console. “I want to kiss you,” he whispered. Gloria’s heart was thumping in her ears. She knew she should not be parked up here with Tommy. Yet she did not pull away when he drew her to him.

Her eyes met his, as his lips sought hers in a tentative kiss. They struggled but the seats kept them apart. They separated when their kiss did not satisfy either of them. “Let’s get in the back seat.”

“Oh no,” she whispered, we can’t.”

“I want to kiss you and I can’t reach you,” he cried. “Come over to my car it has a bench seat.”

“No, please, no,” she cried.

He looked into her eyes and saw she was really worried. He felt the chill in her voice and remembered what the old man had said. “Give her respect. Make her feel secure and she’ll love you.”

He kissed her on the nose, “your right this is silly.” It is too public and you are scared. I want to love you. I want you to be happy. I won’t try to make you do things you don’t want to do.” He kissed her hand sucking on her fingers. “I’d like to be sucking something else,” he whispered, “but I must let you go.”

He hopped out of the car and came around to her window. He leant in and kissed her his tongue entering her mouth. “Your beautiful, go home now. I will ring you tonight. When she hesitated he growled, “Hurry before I change my mind and attack you.” She laughed, “You would never do that.”

He waved as he watched her drive away. “I fucking blew it,” he groaned as he walked to his car.

Gloria couldn’t believe how Tommy turned her on. It was like being a teenager again. I am married; I shouldn’t be letting boys turn me on in car parks. She smiled and yelled aloud. “I’m horny and I love it.”

Her panties were wet. Her face was flushed. She could smell her come. Her nipples still tingled.

Dam it, she thought. I was so hot. I was ready to let him drag me in the back seat. I was scared, but horny as hell. I wanted that boy to fuck me.

“Next time,” she smiled as she drove into her garage.

She was happy. She kept saying to herself, “he was worried for me. He really was worried for me. Tommy is only a boy but he really loves me.”

Roy was drunk. He did not eat dinner and retired early to his den to watch footy replays. Gloria sat by the phone. She made sure the den extension was switched off and waited.

She had started to relax and opened a bottle of red wine when the phone startled her.

“It’s me,” Tommy said when she answered. “I rang to apologize for this afternoon. I didn’t get a chance to tell you how beautiful you were and how hot you make me.”

“I could work that out without being told,” she laughed.

“Are you home alone?” he asked.

“No Roy’s in his den and Shelia’s in her room.”

“Can I come over?”

“No don’t even try it. That’s far too dangerous.”

“What are you wearing?”

“I’m in my nightdress and my dressing gown.”

What color is it?”

“The night dress is red. It’s a teddy.”

“What’s a teddy?”

“It’s a shortie.”

“Does it cover your pussy?’

She laughed “What a question. You are getting naughtier every moment.”

“I’d like to be naughty with you, come outside and I’ll drive by and have a look at you luscious legs in that teddy.”

Gloria was enjoying the exchange when Shelia flounced into the room and sat down. “Who are you talking to?” she asked. On the other end, Tommy smiled when Gloria said, “Just one of the girls.”

“Well I’m off over to Sandra’s. I’ll stay the night if it’s late.”

She kissed her mum and left. Gloria returned to the phone but there was no answer. She hung up and it rang again, “what happened?” she asked.

“I was across the road in my car and had to disappear while Shelia left. She may have recognized my old bomb.

“My god, where are you now?”

“I’m over the road, down two or three house near the corner. Come on out and show me the teddy?”

“No, behave, I shouldn’t have told you.”

“Come out on the doorstep so I can look at you?”

“Let me see if Roy’s asleep.”

Gloria looked in the den. Roy was snoring in front of the TV a bottle of scotch half finished on his desk.

“Bloody drunk again,” she groaned as she shut the door. She picked up the phone, “He’s asleep. I’ll come out and wave then you must go home.”

She opened the front door and stepped outside looking down the street for his car.

“I came over to get a closer look,” Tommy whispered from behind a nearby shrub.

She swung around and spied him standing only feet away. “Get out of the light, the neighbors will see you,” she whispered. He took her hand, “come down here with me.”

“Not here,” she whispered, “not on my front lawn it’s too dangerous.”

He pulled her to him, “now for a proper kiss,” he whispered. He took her head in both hands and kissed her thoroughly.

In recent years, Roy had never kissed her like they used to when they were courting. Tommy’s kiss was a courting kiss. It was a teenager lets get our clothes off and fuck kiss.

His hands ran over her body. With no bra and only a short silk teddy to impede his progress, he quickly found her moist pussy and inserted a driving finger. “Steady sweetheart,” she moaned “not so rough.”

Tommy remembered the old man’s advice to go steady. He kissed all over her face as he removed her dressing gown, spread it on the lawn and laid her down.

He stood looking down at her magnificent breasts and hairy pussy. He stood where she could watch and slowly stripped off his clothes. She gasped when his thick young prick stood out in the moonlight.

He knelt on the grass beside her and whispered, “I’m a virgin. I want to make love to you. I want to fuck you. Help me Mrs. Watson. Show me what to do. Teach me how to make you happy.”

She pulled him down to lay beside her. “Let’s kiss. Everything flows from a kiss,” she whispered.

Within minutes, his hands found her breasts. “Lightly lover,” she moaned. “Just touch my nipples lightly. Now run your hands under them, hold them up, and kiss them, nibble my nipples, don’t bite hard but suck them like you would a grape.”

“Oh fuck,” Tommy cried. “I want to put it in you. I can’t wait.”

“Yes you can. If you want to make me happy and want to do this again.” she moaned.

Tommy was in heaven he loved the feel of a woman’s body and its response to his tongue and his kisses.

Slowly she taught him how to love her body. Following her directions, he brought her to climax after climax with his tongue and fingers. Then he asked her to turn over on her hands and knees on her front lawn.

“We have made love. Now I want to fuck you like and animal. Like a stallion rides a mare. Like a dog does a bitch. I want to pound you until you cry out, no more.”

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled. “Stop talking and do it,” she cried.

He knelt behind her and fed his rigid cock into her sloppy pussy. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back he pushed in hard making her grunt.

Her arms buckled and she started to fall forward. He pulled her back by her hair. “Fuck your body up at me,” he demanded.

They fucked wildly until he let her hair go and grabbed both breasts. She squealed as he pinched and pulled her nipples still pounding his cock in and out to the hilt and then back to the edge time and time again..

Just when they were gaining a momentum, he let go of her breasts, slipped his fingers down to pinch her clit making her growl aloud and buck her body against his fingers. He smiled. “you like that don’t you?”

She groaned “yesss.” Her voice and breath jolted by his ramming cock. He kept up the pressure rolling his finger round and round on her clit until she moaned, “I’m coming.”

“Hang on,” he said quickening his pace. “Let me join you.” They groaned together her body shuddering, his legs straightening, as he flooded his young load in to a mother’s pussy.

Gradually they slowed. Sweat mixed together on their bodies as they slumped together still joined like dogs on heat.

They slowly regained their breath and lay kissing and stroking each other. Gloria looked up at him. “That was awesome. I have never been fucked like that before. I can`t believe you are an eighteen year old virgin. You were like a roman god you filled me and fucked me. I’ll never be satisfied with another man again.”

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, “you won’t need another man,” as he slipped his already hard cock back into her pussy.

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