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One of Jerry’s Kids

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The following story is based on real people but the degree of reality it actually contains is known only by those people themselves. I chose to write their story using the rumors and my imagination, which may or may not be more interesting than real life was.

The year was 1985 in a sleepy suburb in upstate New York…


1. Low tea with the back stabbers

“She’s one of Jerry’s Kids” Patty crowed as she wolfed down another pastry. “Wait until you meet her! What a piece of work she is!”

Donna looked confused, which was an honest impression of the way she felt. Patty, whom Donna had already dubbed with her own secret nickname of Catty, was going to be her sister-in-law in less than six months, so Donna was trying very hard to like her. Unfortunately, thus far her efforts were not working, and it was getting hard to keep a smile pasted on her face whenever she heard that shrill voice rip into someone.

The victim this time was her fiance’s sister Lois, who Donna hadn’t even met yet. Patty was letting her have it in no uncertain terms, but she may have reached a new depth with this crack.

“Ummmm… Jerry’s kids?” Donna asked. “You mean that she’s handicapped?”

“Oh no!” Patty clucked while reaching for more cookies. “Not Jerry Lewis! Jerry Garcia… you know, the Grateful Dead? She’s a dead-head.”

“In more ways than one” clucked Lydia, her accomplice from the peanut gallery.

Lydia was going to be a sister-in-law as well, and while she wasn’t quite as mean spirited as Patty, she was no prize either. The two of them had snapped up the two older brothers of Donna’s fiance Peter, and had apparently felt that having done so they had been endowed with something special. Lydia and Patty together were nothing more than Heckle and Jeckle as far as Donna was concerned, and she couldn’t wait for this to end.

“Yeah, Lois is what you’d call a real hippie” Patty continued. “Frankly I was stunned that you chose her to be in your wedding party in the first place. She’s kind of… well, you’ll find out soon enough.”

Donna had asked Peter’s sister to be in the wedding party, along with these two crows, because outside of her best friend who was going to be the maid-of-honor, Donna didn’t have that many close friends around these parts. Besides, she thought it would be a nice gesture to include Peter’s younger sister, even though these two didn’t seem to agree. Come to think of it, Peter wasn’t all that excited about it either.

No matter what Peter’s sister Lois was like, she couldn’t be worse than these two, Donna thought. Patty and Lydia went on and on about this poor kid, and the more they ripped her, the more Donna liked this girl she had never met. Donna couldn’t wait to get this little luncheon over with and get on with the fittings so they would leave.

Donna had made her own wedding dress, and had volunteered to make the bridesmaid’s dresses as well. Fashion design was Donna’s vocation, as well as her avocation, and she had thought it would be a great idea to design and make all the dresses. Since she had made that decision, these two crows had managed to change the design of the bridesmaids dresses for her, out of their concern that “you sure as hell wouldn’t want to see Lois in that”. When they had expressed some reservations about almost everything else she had planned, Donna had simply begun tuning them out.

Donna finally got through with their initial fittings, and had accepted all the advice in the spirit in which it was given with a great deal of biting of the tongue. Patty wanted her to do something about minimizing her butt, and Donna resisted the urge to suggest that a few less canolis would be a first step in that direction. Lydia wanted her to make her neck seem less long, and although Donna wanted to tell her that she had a real good idea for that too, she refrained.

She was going to have to get along with Peter’s family, at least in a civil manner, and there was no point in starting something already. Besides, there would be many years of loathing to come, she feared.

2. Lois arrives.

The next week Donna had managed to finally catch up with Peter’s sister Lois, and had gotten Lois to agree to come over for an initial fitting. Lois was a student at a local college, studying something about enviromental sciences, and although she didn’t seem too enthused about it, Lois agreed to come by the next day.

Donna had prepared a little light lunch in anticipation of Lois’ visit, so that she didn’t appear to show favoritism toward anybody, and was actually looking forward to meeting her.

About two minutes after Lois had arrived, Donna was busy kicking herself over asking Lois to be in her wedding party at all. Everything the two vultures had said was proving to be true. Lois was aloof and defensive, and seemed to have a real chip on her shoulder that she was daring the world to knock off. Donna was actually thinking of ways to intice Lois into backing out, so negative was her attitude.

After a few minutes of conversation that was dripping in cold war tension, Donna made an off-hand cynical comment about something or other, assuming that it would sail over her head or get a sigh in response. Instead, Lois laughed. A laugh that was as loud as it was genuine, After that, the coolness melted away, and they got along much better.

By the time they had finished their salads, Donna was elated that Lois was going to be her sister. Lois was sharp and witty, with a sarcastic and cutting sense of humor that Donna found an delightful relief from the other witches, and that explained why Lydia and Patty didn’t like her. Lois was a real down to earth girl who had no use for pretentiousness and did not suffer fools gracefully.

Donna figured that there were other reasons why she and Lois were destined to get along better. At twenty, Lois was only four years younger than Donna, while Lydia and Patty were in their early thirties. Donna supposed that may have been part of their resentment toward the young upstart.

In addition, Lydia and Patty seemed very materialistic. They were always talking about their houses and cars and other possessions, and while Donna certainly had nothing against having nice things, it wasn’t an overriding concern of hers. If it were, Donna would have never fallen for Peter, who was by far the least motivated of the Greene family, and far less successful to date than his two older brothers.

Lois, in contrast, couldn’t care less about superficialities. During the course of their conversation, Lois seemed to favor a far more simple way of life, and she certainly seemed to walk the walk as well. The rusty old Toyota that she had driven to Donna’s place was almost as old as she was.

Lois’s way of dress was certainly spartan, to say the least. Lois had certainly not dressed up for this occasion, not there was a need to. Lois was wearing drab olive pants, funky old ripped up sneakers that revealed the bright pink socks she had on, and a red and white flannel shirt that had to be twice her size.

As their lunch ended and Donna brought Lois into her sewing room, she was looking forward to the opportunity to dress Lois up a bit. Somewhere, under that androgynous exterior, there was very likely a pretty young woman, and Donna relished the chance to let that potential beauty shine through in her creation.

3. Girl talk

Donna brought Lois over to her work table to show her the design of the dress she would be making for her, and Lois seemed relatively pleased with what she would be wearing. If she had her way, Lois would probably prefer wearing what she had on, Donna guessed.

“I’m kinda curious why you asked me to be in your wedding” Lois suddenly asked. “Seeing how you had never met me before and all.”

“Well, we’re going to be sisters for life after the wedding” Donna replied. “The numbers worked out well for your brother if I invited you and Lydia and Patty.”

“Didn’t you hear the stories about me?” Lois asked casually as she held up the part of Lydia’s dress that she had already begun. “I see that the other two have been here.”

Lois referred to Lydia’s name pinned on the neck of the material and shook her head.

“I’ll bet you got an earful from those two” Lois snickered. “Especially if they were together. I’ll bet you were dreading even meeting me after that.”

“Lois, I don’t make judgements on people before I meet them” Donna said only half-truthfully, she had to admit to herself. “I especially wouldn’t take the word of people like Lydia and Catty when it comes to that.”

Donna watched Lois’s startled expression, and when that was followed by a roar of laughter, Donna realized that she had made a little slip up there.

“Catty?” Lois spat out as tears ran down her cheek. “Catty?”

Donna felt the color rise in her face as she sheepishly looked around for someplace to hide.

“Oops!” was about Donna could think of to say.

“Fuck oops!” Lois said as she cackled with delight. “It’s priceless and perfect! Catty! Donna, I love you!”

Lois gave Donna a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, which made Donna breathe a little bit easier. Donna didn’t think that Lois was going to rat her out or anything, but it made her feel better to get Lois’s seal of approval. That mattered to Donna a lot more that being liked by the other two, she mused.

4. The initial fitting

“Okay, what do I have to do?” Lois asked as she idly twirled her finger in her hair.

“Well, you’ll have to take that shirt off for starters” Lois said, as she hunted for one of her elusive tape measures.

Donna tracked one down that was lying on one of her mannequins and watched as Lois went over to the corner and took off her flannel shirt. While Lois had her back to her, Donna immediately noticed roses on the top part of what appeared to be a large and colorful tattoo that started just below Lois’s neck. Her long and curly dark brown hair would probably cover up much of what the dress would expose, Donna figured.

Donna noticed that Lois was wearing a wife-beater, one of those cotton white tank-tops t-shirts that guys usually wore, instead of a bra it appeared. When Lois turned around, Donna wasn’t sure what to expect, and hadn’t given it all that much thought since she had been doing this for many years, but she certainly wasn’t prepared for this.

Lois casually turned around and tossed her flannel shirt on a chair before walking over to her, and in response Donna promptly dropped her tape measure. As Donna fumbled to pick it up, she did a double take as she tried to look up at Lois without actually seeming to look.

That skimpy little tank top was bursting with a pair of the biggest breasts Donna had ever seen. Whether they were all that huge, or whether it was a case of Lois’s frame being so slight, Donna couldn’t tell. Probably a combination of the two, Donna guessed as she finally managed to grab hold of the tape.

Donna went over to the desk to get a pad and a pencil, while she tried not to look at Lois. For her part, Lois seemed to not notice Donna’s awkwardness, and stood there smiling and looking bored. Just another girl standing there with two footballs crammed into a tiny t-shirt, Donna thought to herself. Why she was hiding all of that underneath that lumberjack outfit was beyond Donna’s comprehension.

Donna came over to Lois and tried to maintain a professional approach to all of this, taking some measurements of her neck and shoulder width, trying to guess what outrageous amount of work it was going to take to get Lois and her incredible body into a dress. There was nothing off-the-rack about this girl’s frame.

“Will I have to wear a bra with the dress?” Lois inquired.

“Ummm… that’s going to be up to you I guess” Donna said. “I think I will need to know in advance though, because it’ll change the fit.

Not that Lois needed one, from the looks of things, Donna thought with admiration. Despite their massive size Lois’s breasts didn’t seem to have much sag to them. Even less droop than her own far more modest assets, Donna mused.

“I’ll have to get one if I need to because I don’t own one, that’s why I asked” Lois said indifferently.

Donna began to wrap the tape around Lois’s chest and she accomodated Donna by lifting her slender arms. Donna was startled by the sight of the thick tufts of hair that fairly sprang out of the deep hollows of Lois’s armpits, so startled that she lost the grip on the end of the tape once again.

For the life of her, Donna had no idea why she was acting so nervous like this, and she feared that Lois must think there was something wrong with her. Lois seemed unconcerned, and if she was she didn’t show any signs of it, and merely stood there nonchalantly with her arms raised waiting for Donna to continue.

Donna felt sweat trickling down from her forehead as she wrapped the tape around Lois’s chest. What the hell was wrong with her? The back of Donna’s hand lightly grazed the underarm hair as she brought the tape around to her side, causing Lois to giggle a little and raising the soft baby powder scent to Donna’s nose.

Nice, Donna thought as she deeply inhaled the sweet feminine aroma, and then suddenly noticed that her hands were shaking. Good grief, what next! Donna had measured several girls over the years who didn’t shave, including a local weather lady, which had surprised the heck out of Donna. For years afterward, whenever Donna would see the woman on television she always remembered that, and wondered what the audience would think if they knew.

After Donna had taken the chest measurement, and then wrapped the tape around the fullest part of Lois’s bust, she realized that she had forgotten what the first measurement was, and had to go back and do it over again. The numbers were so wacky that it was hard to keep everything straight in her head. Lois’s nipples were now sticking out through the thin cotton, probably from the tape going over them repeatedly, and the sight of those thick stubs trying to bore through the thin cotton garment was another distraction Donna didn’t need.

Donna stepped back and wrote the numbers on her pad, trying to regroup her thoughts and keep from fainting. She had to be coming down with something, that was the only explanation for the way she felt. Doing the numbers in her head, Donna tried to figure out what size bra Lois would need, and then realized that one reason she didn’t wear one was because you didn’t pull what she needed off the rack in any store Donna knew off. All breasts and no back made for a combination of numbers and letters that was way off any chart she had ever seen.

“Excuse me a second, would you Lois?” Donna said and went out to the kitchen.

Donna grabbed a paper towel and wiped her sweaty face, ending up with a towel that was saturated. She splashed some cold water on her face and dried herself off before she headed back to the sewing room.

“Sorry” Donna said as she went back to work.

As she took some more measurements, she got a better look at the visible part of tattoo on her back.

“What’s the tattoo of?” Donna asked.

“Skull and Roses. It’s part of a Dead album cover, you want to see it?” Lois asked, and was about to pull her t-shirt off.

“No… no that’s okay. Next time, Lois” Donna said, not wanting to embarrass herself any more than she already had.

Maybe next time Lois could show her the ink, Donna thought. What an idiot she was! The more she thought about it, the dumber she realized she must have sounded. Next time, what’s the big deal? Take the thing off… I see it… end of story.

“Well Lois, I guess that’s enough for now” Donna said, as she handed Lois her shirt. “You’re going to be a tough fit, so this might take a few more trips. You’ve got a very difficult body.”

“I figured that” Lois said, as she put her shirt back on.

“No, I mean you have an incredible figure” Donna stammered. “It’s just not a traditional kind of… you know what I mean?”

“No problem for me as long as we can keep doing it on the same day and time” Lois said cheerfully. “Tuesdays I don’t have any classes.”

“Great!” Donna said. I’ll see you again next Tuesday then.”

Donna walked Lois to the door and opened it up for her. Lois started to walk outside and then suddenly stopped and turned around. Lois put her arm around Donna and kissed her on the cheek, before skipping out the door.

“Thanks Donna, for including me and all” Lois said as she left.

Donna waved and closed the door behind her, leaning back against it. She looked down at her denim blouse, which was damp with perspiration stains, and shook her head.

“Spring colds are the worst” Donna said aloud to no one, as she peeled off the blouse and headed for the shower.

As the cool spray danced over Donna’s body, she immediately felt better, and she hoped that she wasn’t coming down with a cold now that the weather was finally getting nice. Donna lifted her foot onto the edge of the tub, and as the shower soothed her back and shoulders, her fingers slid down between her legs without her even thinking. While she brought herself to orgasm, there was a Greene family member on her mind as she came, and for the first time in her life that Greene wasn’t Peter.

Afterward, Donna felt ashamed of herself. That was certainly not the emotion that had consumed her while she had been bringing herself to a particularly satisfying orgasm moments before, and Donna certainly did not feel shame when she realized that she already couldn’t wait until next Tuesday.

5. Meeting Patty at the mall

Donna stopped at the mall over the weekend to pick up some fabric, and had the misfortune to run into Patty, who had her two little animals in tow.

“Donna, how are you?” Patty said, as her youngest ran into the food court and almost caused a guy to lose his tray when he crashed into him.

“Fine Patty, how are you?”

“Oh you know, so how are the dresses coming?” Patty asked, sort of looking to see where her kids had bolted off to.

“Fine so far” Donna replied, waving her bag around. “Had to get some more trim.”

“Getting excited I’ll bet, aren’t you? Patty chirped. “Oh, did you finally meet Lois?”

“Oh yeah, she came over last week after you guys did” Donna said. “She’s really nice.”

Patty looked at Donna like she had a horn growing out of her forehead and then laughed.

“Oh, you’re quite the politician aren’t you?” Patty cackled. “Don’t worry, you can be honest with me dear. Did she make a pass at you yet?”

Donna was being honest about Lois. There was no way to win with Patty, and this wasn’t the place to have an argument. Make a pass at her? What was that crack about? Besides, Patty’s kids were probably going to get arrested at any moment the way they were ripping the place apart.

“Oh well, gotta run” Patty said and started searching for her brats.

Donna bid her adieu and fled the area as fast as she could. Now that she had met Lois, she had no patience for listening to her being bad-mouthed, especially coming from Patty. Donna could see the writing on the wall with that woman, and it was only a matter of time before she would cross the line. Another remark like that “making a pass” jab might be all it took.

6. Lois returns

Eleven in the morning on Tuesday found Donna in front of the mirror, putting on her make-up and giving herself a final freshening. As she finished, Donna did a double take at her reflection, and promptly wiped off the cosmetics. What she had been thinking? She had been acting like she was going out on the town or something.

The doorbell woke her out of her trance, or whatever it was that she was in, and Donna skipped to the door to let Lois in. Lois was smiling and holding a bunch of carnations in her hand.

“Here, these are for you” Lois said, and handed them to Donna.

“What’s the occassion?” Donna asked after thanking her.

“No occassion” Donna answered. “You were just so nice to me last week, I wanted to do something to thank you. I’m not used to it. Relatives treating me like I’m human and all. You don’t mind me calling you a relative do you? Sorta jumping the gun I guess.”

Donna hustled the flowers into a vase before Lois got a chance to see her eyes start to tear up. She filled the vase half way with water, set the flowers in and put it on the table.

“They’re beautiful Lois, thank you so much” Donna said. “As for jumping the gun, not at all. I never had a sister, and I’m glad I’ll finally have one at last.”

They had lunch and had wine with it this time, which made them both a little goofy. Donna never drank while she was working, and she didn’t really know why she did this time, since this was going to be tough enough as it was.

This time, when they went into the sewing room, Lois already had her flannel shirt, blue this time, off without being prompted. She was wearing the same type of t-shirt as last time, which Donna was happy to see, for some reason.

“Uh, I’m going to need the jeans off this week” Donna announced. “Gotta get some different measurements this time.”

Lois went over and sat on the chair to pull her bell bottom jeans off. She was wearing some muli-colored socks this week that Donna thought were really neat. After Lois got the jeans off and came over next to her, Donna saw that she was in for another surprise.

The first thing Donna saw was the curls of hair that were peeking out from the elastic sides of Lois’s panties. That wasn’t all that unusual, Donna knew, as she had to keep an eye on that happening to her as well. The little trail of hair that headed up from under the tops of her panties and traveled up close to her navel was no shock either. Donna had a little of that going on herself, to her dismay.

Lois’s legs, now that was another thing all together. Lois’s legs were probably shapely as could be, but that would be tough to tell, since they were hairy. Not as profusely hairy as her underarms were, but hairy nonetheless. No one would know anything about the rest of Lois, but the bottom of her legs would be visible, and people would be able to see.

“At least you won’t have as far to bend when you drop the tape this week” Lois quipped, and Donna couldn’t help but burst out laughing, as she knelt beside Lois.

“I was butterfingered last week, that’s for sure” Donna said.

“At least you were considerate enough not to say anything, or bust my chops” Lois said quietly.

“What’s to say? Donna asked as she put the tape on Lois’s waist and extended it down to her mid-calf, then went down a couple of inches lower for good measure.

Such pretty legs, and such a beautiful young woman, Donna thought to herself. It seemed like Lois did things to intentionally drive people away, or challenge them. Not that it bothered Donna any, to the contrary she thought it was cute in a way. Just your everyday common variety of youthful rebellion, she guessed. Lois’s way of saying fuck you to the world.

“I guess you’ll be wanting me to shave my legs for the big event” Lois said, looking down at Donna.

“Not on my account” Donna said, unintentionally letting the back of her hand graze the fur on Lois’s calf as she rose to her feet.

“Really?” Lois said increduously, with a stunned expression on her face that looked much like when Donna had let the “Catty” remark slip.

“I’m not your mother, I’m your sister, almost” Donna said as she wrote down the length.

“Well, I’d hate to ruin your big day or anything” Lois said.

“If you’re comfortable with you, then I’m comfortable with you too” Donna said. “It must be tough to get the attention of guys though, you know, dressing like you do… and everything else.”

Donna felt like crawling into a hole after saying that, and immediately apologized.

“Lois, I’m so sorry for saying that!” Donna gushed. “It was none of my business and that was awful to say.”

“No it wasn’t, Donna” Lois said. “It was an honest remark that you made because you were curious, that’s all it was. I’ll let you know if you get rude or out of line, don’t worry about that.”

“I’m sure you will!” Donna exclaimed and laughed with relief along with Lois.

“Well, if I was trying to attract guys, you’d be right” Lois said bluntly. “I’m not.”

“Oh” Donna said softly, and went over to her pad again.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with guys before” Lois said. “It’s just that I’m not attracted to the guys that are looking for Barbie dolls, so why should I waste both of our time to try to attract them?”

“Uh… that makes sense” Donna said.

“Never had a complaint from women either” Lois added, and the silence that filled the room was deafening.

Donna pretended to be looking for something, and finally announced that she had to get a drink. She poured a glass of wine that almost overflowed, she was shaking so, and took a long belt.

“Any of that wine left?” came a voice from behind her.

“Oh sure” Donna said and went over to get Lois’s glass.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, Donna” Lois said, as Donna tried to pour the wine without looking at Lois, who had come out of the sewing room still wearing just the t-shirt and panties.

In the full light of the kitchen Lois was even harder to not look at than before and Donna fought to keep her gaze at eye level, although it wasn’t easy.

“I figured that you had already heard the stories about me, so I was just trying to be honest” Lois said, looking at Donna from behind the rim of her wine glass as she tipped and sipped. “I would love to hear what you heard, and who you heard it from” Lois added as Donna searched for something to say.

“Oh, nothing bad, not really” Donna blurted out, and did a little tidying up as she spoke. “Maybe we can talk about it when we have more time.”

“Sure, I’d love to” Lois said.

“Well, let’s get back to work” Donna said and they went back to the sewing room.

7. More honesty

Donna draped a couple pieces of material over Lois and did some markings as Lois stood by patiently. They had brought the bottle of wine back in with them, and the work was going slower between sips. Donna knew that she was going to have to do much of this work over again, and was tempted to call it a day. Instead, she kept on working around Lois’s barely clad torso, and could not explain to herself why.

“Excuse my being nosy, but are you bi-sexual, Donna?”

The question came out of the blue, while Donna was measuring Lois’s hips, and caused Donna to drop the tape once more.

“Uh no, Lois, why do you ask?”

“No reason, I guess” Lois said. “I just got the feeling that you were… I dunno… attracted to me or something. The way you kept brushing against me, and measuring me so often. I just got the idea you might have been coming on to me, and were too shy to really make a move.”

Donna felt her face turn crimson at that, and wrote some gibberish on her pad to give herself something to do.

“I’m not mad or anything, if that’s what you were thinking” Lois added.

“No, I’m not gay or anything like that” Donna said. “I was nervous just meeting you and all. I had to do a lot of measurements because you’re so very… well developed, that it’s very difficult to fit someone like you. Plus, you are a little out of the cookie-cutter mold too, and I’m not really used to that. I’m sorry if I did anything that you thought was inappropriate.”

“No way” Lois said as she shrugged her shoulders. “The way you kept brushing your hand so slowly in sensitive places made me think you were sending me a message or something. It almost seemed like you were… never mind.”

“It was just an accident” Donna explained. “You have to admit that it’s not every day you see women like you.”

“Women like me?” Lois asked.

“You know… women that stay natural” Donna said. “I’ll bet that I’ve only designed for three women with underarm hair in my life.”

“You mean you don’t have any?” Lois said in a surprised voice.”

“God no!” Donna answered.

“That’s weird” Lois said. “I thought most of us got some when we were growing up.”

“No… oh… no, I mean… well of course I do, but I shave” Donna babbled almost incoherently.

“Oh” Lois said softly. “Why?”

“Eh… well, you’re supposed to… ummm… it’s a tradition. Besides, imagine what your brother would say to me if he saw me with hair under my arms!” Donna said.

“I guess you’re right about tradition” Lois said. “I saw that prehistoric movie with Raquel Welch and a bunch of other cave girls and they all looked like they got waxed from head to toe on a daily basis.

That made Donna laugh, which eased her discomfort a little.

“Well okay, it’s not tradition, I guess” Donna admitted. “It’s something that’s become expected. It’s more like a sales pitch that most of us women bought into.”

“Do you mean that if you designed a dress or something, you wouldn’t let a model wear it unless she was hairless?” Lois asked.

“No way” Donna said. “It would take attention away from the design. I wouldn’t want people talking like we are now about the model. I’d want them talking about the dress.”

“Makes sense I guess” Lois admitted. “Give it a try some time though. I’ll bet you that it would turn on your beau.”

“Peter?” Donna laughed. “I can’t imagine what he would say.”

“You might be surprised about old Petey boy” Lois said in reference to Donna’s future husband. “He’s got a little independent streak in him, or at least he used to.”

“Oh, you think so?” Donna asked.

“A little, although there’s not much left” Lois admitted. “Now the other Greene men, now they’d string you up if you ever had the audacity to be anything short of a Stepford wife.”

“That I don’t doubt for a moment” Donna agreed.

“Well, give it a try sometime” Lois said as she reached her arms skyward and wiggled her hips comically, to apparently give Donna another glimpse of those furry hollows of hers. “A lot of people think it’s sexy.”

Donna averted her gaze as best she could and then announced that she was too tipsy to get anything accomplished.

“On that note, I think we can end this session” Donna said with a chuckle.

Lois laughed and retrieved her flannel shirt from the chair.

“Oh wait!” Lois suddenly said and lifted her t-shirt off while still turned away from Donna.

“Here’s my Skull and Roses” Lois said proudly, holding her hair up off her neck and showing Donna the tattoo up close.

“Wow! That’s amazing!” Donna exclaimed as she looked at the colorful and intricate artwork.

The design of the roses growing out of the top of the skeleton’s head was something she had seen before somewhere on a poster. Not exactly something she would have done to herself, of that Donna was absolutely sure, but beautifully done nonetheless. Donna was a bit let down when Lois put on her shirt back on right away without turning around to face her for even a second, and why was something she wasn’t quite certain of herself.

8. No Peter

Donna looked up at the ceiling as the warm seed continued to ooze out from her. Peter had already assumed his position curled up next to her, and would likely be asleep soon. The sex was good, as it usually was, but for some reason it wasn’t quite the same. It should have been, since Peter was getting sent by his company on a four-day conference out on the west coast, so it was sort of a going away shot.

The next day Donna drove Peter out to the airport and drove back home with nothing much to do but sew. The dresses were getting close to being finished, except for Lois’s, which was becoming as much of a challenge as she had feared.

Lois. As she worked on her dress, Donna got a sudden inspiration and gave her a call. To her surprise, Lois was home and Donna was thrilled when she agreed to come over for dinner later. She seemd even happy about it besides. Donna put away the sewing for the day and hustled out to the grocery store.

Donna got everything ready except for cooking the pasta, and then freaked out when she saw the clock. Ten minutes before Lois would be there, so Donna ran into the shower. Almost made it too, as the doorbell was ringing as she turned the water off. Donna threw her robe on and hurried to the door to let Lois in.

“Sorry” Donna said as she threw open the door. “Hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

“Just got here” Lois said cheerfully.

Donna did a double take as Lois came in and set a bag on the table. Lois looked sharp! She was wearing a beautiful peach blouse and matching slacks, and had done a little something to her hair in addition to the tiniest bit of make-up. Quite a change from the usual Lois.

“Lois, you look so beautiful” Donna gushed as she headed for the bedroom. “Look at me. I look like a bum here. Let me get something on.”

Lois followed Donna into the bedroom and stood near the doorway talking to her as she threw on a blouse and shorts in the dark corner of the room, trying to hide as best she could without trying to seem like it.

They had a nice dinner, and since Lois had brought a bottle of white wine, they chilled that for later and drank the chainti with the pasta. Donna noticed that Lois could really handle her wine, as she had at least half of the bottle herself.

“Gee Lois, you can really put the wine away” Donna said in admiration.

“Don’t forget, there’s another bottle too” Lois said happily. “That’s for dessert! I better not have any though. Gotta drive.”

“Oh damn, I should have told you to bring stuff over with you and you could have spent the night” Donna said, mentally kicking herself for not thinking of it. “We could have had a pajama party!”

Lois smiled and went out the door. When she returned in a minute, she had a little overnight bag in tow.

“Never can tell when you might get an offer you can’t refuse” Lois said. “I can only handle this feminine look for so long anyway.”

Lois skipped into Donna’s bedroom and came out in a red tank top and tan shorts. They sat on Donna’s couch and talked for the longest time, sipping the wine and acting silly. Donna happened to look down and saw something on Donna’s ankle.

“You have another tattoo?” Donna asked, and Lois swung her leg up and over onto Donna’s lap, causing her to grunt.

“American Beauty” Donna said of the rose on the outside of her left ankle.

“That’s a Grateful Dead album too” Donna said proudly, mentioning the only album she was remotely familiar with.

“Far out!” Lois shrieked and applauded with surprise. “I’m impressed!”

Donna took a little bow before looking more closely at the tattooed ankle still on her lap.

“Nothing else to say?” Lois asked.

Donna was puzzled for a minute, and then when Lois leaned over and ran her hand up her leg, she finally figured it out.

“Ahhh! Silky smooth” Donna remarked and ran her hand up Lois’s very shapely calf.

“I didn’t want to freak you out any more than I already have” Lois said, and Donna promptly made a face.

“I hope you didn’t shave your legs on my account,” Donna said, “because I wasn’t freaked out. It’s just that it takes me a little while to adjust to things. To be honest about it, the more I looked, the better I liked it.”

“Now you tell me!” Lois said laughing. “No, actually I’m one of the herd during the warmer months myself. I may seem like a smart ass who doesn’t pay attention to what people say, but that’s a front much of the time.”

“People can be assholes” Donna said, as she absent mindedly began rubbing Lois’s foot.

They talked for a bit longer, and then Donna suddenly realized what she had been doing, and looked down at Lois’s foot in her hands.

“Oh my god, how long have I been doing this?” Donna said in horror. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“Let’s see. I have a nice buzz on from the wine. I’m having a great conversation, and my foot is being rubbed realy slow and sensuously” Lois said. “Exactly what did you expect me to say, except for what about the other one?”

“Throw it on up here” Donna said with a laugh as she pushed back on the couch to make room for the right foot. “What the hell? I can blame it on the wine” she suggested, and began rubbing Lois’s other foot.

“Aaaaah… that’s so nice” Lois said with a dreamy look on her face. “Let’s play a game.”

“A game? What kind of game?”

“Let’s play True Confessions” Lois suggested. “We take turns asking the other person a question. The answer has to be the truth, and the other person has to promise not to get mad or to ever hold it against the other person.”

“Oh” Donna said. “Is this a good game to play when we’re into the second bottle of wine?”

“Better that way” Lois said. “We’ll have looser tongues and plus we won’t remember what we said in the morning anyway.”

“I dunno” Donna said.

“If you play, I’ll rub your feet next” Lois offered.


9. True Confessions

“Me first” Lois announced. “Okay Donna, what did you think of me when you first met me?”

“Shit” Donna said. “How do you get to be first?”

“I invented the game. Fess up Donna!”

“Okay” Donna agreed. “Honestly, about five minutes after you got here, I wanted to scream and throw you out the door. I thought you were everything that they said you were.”

“Wow, I guess you figured out how to play the game fast” Lois said. “Ouch!”

“Wait a second here” Donna added. “Within a half hour, I had changed my mind and I thought you were okay. By the end of the day, I thought you were really nice, and now a few weeks later I’m crazy about you.”

“Are you drunk?” Lois said.

“Not yet.”

“Good, but the question was only about what you first thought” Lois said.

“I know, but I couldn’t stop with that one sentence and have you get mad at me” Donna said. “Alright, my turn. Same question. What was your first thought about me?”

“My first thought was to try and figure out how you had gotten together with Peter at all” Lois said. “You were the opposite of every girl I’ve ever seen him with before, and that threw me off. I was coming here with a predetermined opinion of you, and you weren’t that way at all. I wasn’t very nice to you at all at first, and I’m sorry about that.”

“How was I different from the other girls?” Donna asked.

“Put your feet up now” Lois instructed her, and as Donna complied, Lois began rubbing her ankles as she answered.

“I take it then that you never saw any of them” Lois asked and got a negative nod from Donna in response. “What a bunch of bimbos! It was like the cast of a Russ Meyer movie, and dumb as a stump too, every one of them. I couldn’t tell one from another. When I saw you, I figured that maybe my brother is growing up at last.”

“Maybe he got tired of girls with breasts” Donna said ruefully.

“True confession” Lois announced. “I tried to watch you while you getting dressed before, and I know that you have at least one breast, and it looked great to me.”

“Then you must have been drinking on the way over” Donna said and let out a burp. “Okay, whose turn is it?”

“Mine” Lois said. “Tell me what people told you about me before we met.”

“Shit again!” Donna complained. “I’m getting screwed at this.”

“I’ll rub the other foot…”

“Alright” Donna said, weakening as Lois began rubbing. “Peter didn’t have much to say, but then again he hasn’t said much about anyone in your family.”

“That’s Peter” Lois chimed in. “Walk softly and carry a big stick. By the way, according to my casual observations over the years, out of the three Greene brothers I think you got the one with the biggest dick.”

“Oh no, I don’t even want to get into that” Donna said and they laughed uproariously.

“As you were saying?” Lois said as they calmed down, trying to get back to the initial question.

“Oh yeah, Patty and Lydia pretty much said that you were a goofy hippie and you shouldn’t be in my wedding. I ran into Patty in the mall the other day and she asked if you had made a pass at me yet.”

“Bitch!” Lois said.

“I think I shouldn’t talk so much” Donna said.

“You talk just enough” Lois said. “Some people talk too fucking much.”

Donna looked over at Lois, whose eyes were smoldering, and was struck at how beautiful she looked at that moment.

“Karen Allen” Donna said.


“Ever since I met you, I knew you looked like someone but I couldn’t place who it was” Donna said. “You know Karen Allen, the actress… Starman? I think she’s so cute, and you look a lot like her from the neck up.”

“Really?” Lois said, her face relaxing.

“Honestly” Donna said. “From the neck up, Karen Allen. From the neck down, Elvira, Sophia Loren, Adrienne Barbeau.”

“I knew there had to be something coming to ruin the moment” Lois said while chuckling softly.

“Hey, that was supposed to be a compliment too. Okay, seriously now, my turn” Donna said. “What is the deal between you and Patty and Lydia? This game was your idea, remember?”

“Yeah” Lois admitted. “You might as well hear it from me, because at least you’ll get my side of it. You’re liable to get the bullshit version sooner or later. It was a couple of years ago, and I was quite a bit different than I am now. I was pretty outgoing, and back then I dressed a lot more provocatively, you might say. Patty asked me to babysit one night because she had something to do and my brother Steve was on the road.

Anyway, I put the two brats to bed and Patty gets home half in the bag. She’s making a little bit of a fool of herself, but that’s fine by me. Who am I to judge? I go into the spare bedroom for the night. I usually sleep like a rock, so I’m having this weird dream, and all of a sudden I wake up.

Patty’s in bed with me, naked. She has my pajama top pulled up, and she’s slobbering all over my breasts. She has one hand between my legs and she’s trying to put my hand on her pussy while I try to get her off me.”

“Oh my god!” was all Donna could manage.

“I’m clawing and crying while trying to get her off me, and then she gets pissed at me” Lois said.

“What the fuck’s wrong with you?” Patty screams at me. “Everybody in the family knows you’re a lezzie! Don’t play hard to get with me, you little slut. You wouldn’t wave it around in front of everybody if you didn’t want it!”

“I got away from her and lock myself in their den until she finally stops pounding on the door and goes back to her bedroom and passes out or something” Lois said. “I sneak out the door and walk home, must be six or seven miles. I try to decide whether to tell anybody about it for days. It’s making me sick with worry, and I finally decide that she was drunk, and I’ll let it slide.”

Donna reached for her glass as her mouth was dry, stunned at what she was hearing.

“Patty’s a smart one though” Lois admits. “The best defense is a good offense was what she figured out. She tells Lydia that I went into HER bedroom and started feeling HER up. The whispers started around the family around then, and while nobody said anything to me directly, I imagine that everybody got to hear it eventually.”

“Why didn’t you say something then?” Donna asked, her voice breaking. “Tell everybody the truth!”

“Go from house to house and tell them that if Patty told them I came on to her, that it was a lie and it actually happened the other way around?” Lois asked. “If anybody ever came right out and asked me about it, I’d tell them what really happened, but you can’t kill a story like that by bringing more attention to it and maybe make it even more well known.”

“I guess you’re right” Donna said softly.

“It’s not like I had the greatest reputation in this family to begin with” Lois continued. “Lois the hippie. She smokes dope and she’s queer. Who would most people believe? It hurts, and maybe that’s part of the reason I am how I am toward people.”

“I don’t know how you can stand being anywhere near her” Donna said.

“I can’t, but I put on a happy face when I have to, like I will at your wedding” Lois said. “I wouldn’t do anything to ruin this for you.”

“I know you wouldn’t” Donna said. “Ummm.. Lois, are you really a lesbian?”

“Are we still playing the game?” Lois said, while finally smiling again. “I guess it was your turn. The answer is, I don’t know. I love women, but sometimes I have the need to, well you know. I have a couple of guy friends that I can call on in times of need. I just turned twenty years old, Donna. I don’t have to choose teams yet. I just want to have fun.”

“What’s it like?” Donna asked. “Making love to a woman?”

“You went out of turn but I’ll ignore it” Lois said while reaching for her glass. “What’s it like? Well, let me ask you a question first. How many guys have you had sex with?”

“Fou… five” Donna replied, forgetting to add Peter at first.

“Okay, were they all great experiences?”

“God no!” Donna said too loudly, which got them giggling a little. “The first time was awful, and the guy before I met Peter was no prize either.”

“That’s the way it is for me too” Lois said. “Sometimes you’re with somebody, and you ask yourself what the hell you’re doing with them. It’s not automatically spectacular for me with a woman, but when it’s great it’s special, for me at least.”

Donna pulled her foot off of Lois and reached over for more wine, and the uncommon quiet was a little unsettling. Equally unsettling was the way Lois had positioned herself on the couch next to her. The skimpy little tank top was covering little enough to begin with, and Donna was finding it impossible not to look.

“That’s the first moment of silence I can remember” Donna said quietly.

“Well, since you broke the spell, I guess it’s my turn” Lois said. “You’ve been working with clothing for how long? All that time of dealing with women and seeing them in all of their glory. You mean to tell me you’ve never been tempted? Never been attracted to another woman?”

“I mean, there’s been women that I’ve thought were beautiful” Donna said slowly. “Is that what you mean?”

“You damn well know what I mean, Donna” Lois said.

“Have I ever been turned on by another woman?” Donna answered. “Enough to want to… make love to them? Yes.”

“That’s more like it” Lois said, chuckling and sliding over next to Donna. “Tell me what you did. Tell me what you felt, and give me all the juicy details. I promise I won’t tell a soul.”

“I feel really strange talking about this”

“It’ll be just between us two, I swear” Lois promised.

“What did I do?” Donna replied, her mouth dry from the wine, the talking and everything else about the moment.

“I didn’t know what to do, because this was all new to me” Donna continued, feeling the warmth from Lois against her thigh. “I invited her over for dinner, and I made sure that she had no choice but to sit next to me on the couch,” motioning to the chair next to them, which had fabric piled on it.

“Then what happened?” Lois asked, watching Donna struggle for the words.

“Then I just sat there like an idiot massaging her feet and hoping that she would figure out what I was trying to do, or what I wanted her to do” Donna managed to say. “Because I didn’t know how to say it.”

Lois took Donna’s hand in hers, bringing it up to her lips and kissing the back of it lightly.

“You knew how to say it just fine” Lois said as she leaned toward Donna.

When their lips met, Donna felt a moment of awkwardness that disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Donna’s head was spinning as their tongues dueled madly, and she felt a surge run through her body as they kissed with a sweet intensity. When the kiss finally ended, Lois looked into Donna’s eyes, which were glazed with emotion.

“You have another room you’d rather we were in right now?” was all Lois asked, and they got up and walked into Donna’s bedroom.

10. In the bedroom.

Donna felt lightheaded as they entered her bedroom, and it wasn’t from the wine either. Lois turned on the little lamp on the night table, which cast a dim light over the room.

They embraced next to the bed, Lois running her hands up and down Donna’s back, sending a shiver up and down her spine. Donna began doing the same to Lois, really feeling her lithe form for the first time. Donna started to pull Lois’s tank top up, but Lois stopped her.

“I’m always the one that’s undressed” she said softly. “I want to see you.”

Donna looked down as Lois unbuttoned her blouse ever so slowly, making Donna squirm with anticipation as the buttons came undone. Lois pulled the blouse off Donna’s shoulders and in one motion tossed the garment to the side and reached back and unhooked her bra.

Donna was startled when she felt the clasps come undone so quickly, but had no time to react because Lois was pulling her harness away from her right away. Donna felt her nipples become erect as the air hit them, and Lois had her breasts cupped gently in her palms before Donna knew what hit her.

“Nice… so very nice” Lois said before lowering her neck and kissing the engorged tips. “They’re so beautiful.”

Lois smiled and put her hand on Donna’s chest while she looked in her eyes and whispered, “I can feel your heart beating.”

“I’m surprised you can’t hear it too” Donna said. “I’m scared.”

“Want me to stop?” Lois asked, and smiled when Donna bit her lip while she shook her head no.

Donna’s knees buckled as Lois took her nipple into her mouth, sucking and toying with the aureola before kissing her way across to taste the other one. Any self consciousness Donna felt about her comparatively modest endowment melted away as Lois used her mouth and hands with a fervor that was almost animalistic, squeezing and caressing her apple-sized breasts like they had never been treated before.

Donna reached down behind Lois and grabbed at the bottom of her tank top, and this time Lois helped her by lifting her arms to allow it to come off. Lois’s breasts came into view, perhaps not quite so outrageously large as those wife beaters she wore somehow made them appear, but still massive nonetheless.

Their breasts crushed together while they embraced, and this strange new feeling was breathtaking. Donna got eased back onto her bed and Lois slid her shorts off of her, her panties following right after. Lois smiled at Donna from down between her thighs while raking her fingers through the thick bush surrounding Donna’s opening, before she burrowed her face into the dampness.

Donna gasped and grabbed the bedding as Lois worked her tongue inside of her pussy, finding her clitoris and teasing it with tiny circular strokes. Lois looked up from between Donna’s thighs and saw a very excited woman; face flushed and neck muscles taut, fingers clutching the sheets so tightly her hands were pale, and reacting with all the signs that an orgasm was imminent.

Although Lois tried to make this last for Donna, there was no stopping this orgasm, and when it came it hit her like a freight train. Lois nipped and licked at the same slow and tantalizing pace while Donna virtually exploded off the mattress, her hips bucking wildly as she grabbed Lois’s hair, grinding her face into her pussy. The sounds coming out of Donna were so crazy Lois couldn’t tell whether she was laughing, crying or insane, but it was music to her ears.

After Donna’s body began to relax, Lois really went to work. Now Lois was going to another level, tonguing and nibbling inside Donna with an intensity that bordered on savageness. Her tongue slid down from her tender clit all the way down to the sensitive area between her pussy and her anus. After a little teasing there, Lois let her tongue slide lower still, until it was gliding around the puckered orifice, even poking in a bit a couple of times.

At first Donna’s body seemed unable to react to this newest onslaught, but after a couple of minutes of this new and very exquisite attack, Donna was screaming loudly. Lois held on to Donna’s hips with all her might, as Donna bucked and spasmed crazily for what seemed like forever.

When Donna’s hips finally eased their way down to the bed, Lois slid her tongue up the length of Donna’s upper body; into her pert navel, through the damp valley between her breasts, before raising herself up to look at her future sister.

Lois could hardly recognize her, so dishelveled was Donna. Her face was beet red, sweat was dripping down her face in streams, and her eyes looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She looked beautiful to Lois, if in need of a rest, or so she figured. Lois started to say something to that effect, but Donna lurched up and threw Lois down on the bed.

Donna straddled Lois at her waist, and the look she gave Lois was practically feral. Donna reached down and grabbed Lois’s breasts, the huge globes still quite impressive looking even with Lois on her back. Donna kneaded Lois’s breasts with a complete lack of decorum and a considerable amount of lust, and received no complaint from Lois, only a contorting of her upper body that suggested that she could not get too rough to suit her.

Donna inched her way down toward Lois’s feet and began clawing at her shorts, yanking the panties down as well in one fell swoop. She looked down at the abundantly thick auburn triangle between Lois’s legs and buried her face in the lush growth, searching for the opening. Donna realized that she wouldn’t be very good at this, but hoped her enthusiasm would outweigh her lack of experience.

The musky smell of Lois in heat made Donna shiver with excitement as her face ground into her thicket, her tongue desperately seeking her special spot. Donna was as relentless as Lois had been despite her uncertainty, and she was thrilled when she felt Lois begin to move her hips up toward her, almost maneuvering her body into Donna’s mouth.

Soon Donna could hear Lois whimper, and felt Lois put her hand on the back of her head. Donna looked up to see Lois almost sitting up now, her face twisted madly with her mouth open and pleading… almost begging for release.

Finally, it came. The bed shook with the force of Lois’s body slamming back down on the bed. Lois howled as her orgasm washed over her, her hands pulling and stretching at her own nipples as she came. Donna kept licking intensely until she felt Lois’s body finally go limp, and it wasn’t until then that she slid back up the bed to her.

“So good… you were so very good” Lois said as she brushed Donna’s hair from her face, and then stopped to pull an unattached curly strand from her moist cheek.

“I was so worried” Donna admitted. “I wanted it to be so good for you.”

“It was way more than fine” Lois said, and watched as Donna eased herself down on the bed beside her.

Lois ran her hand through the dense growth that surrounded Donna’s womanhood, marveling at how dense and full the jet black bush was, possibly even more so than her own.

“Mmmmmm… I can’t get over what an incredible forest you’ve got down here” Lois said with a giggle. “I thought I was hairy, but wow!”

“You are hairy and I think you are so sexy I can’t get over it” Donna said, reaching over and toying with the lush growth peeking out from under Lois’s arm. “I guess it’s in the genes, you know, my being Italian and all.”

“I love it” Lois said with a grin. “You’re so nice and soft and very kissable. Soft all over… even the parts that aren’t as furry as they could be.”

Lois took Donna’s wrist and, lifting it up behind her head she held it down against the headboard. Lois began kissing Donna’s breast, sliding her tongue around the pimply aureola, and then sliding around and slowly working upward. Lois let her tongue glide ever so slowly through Donna’s underarm, her mouth caressing the damp and lightly scented smoothness. Donna let out a gasp as Lois continued on through until stopping at her bicep.

“Ticklish?” Lois asked, and even before Donna could say no, Lois let her tongue glide back tantalizingly slowly back down the same trail it had just traveled, relishing the feel of Donna squirming under her.

“Oh my God!” Donna squealed and struggled to get her wrist free, but her struggle was not meant to free herself, but merely a way to express the way she was feeling.

Lois lifted herself up and straddled Donna’s waist, letting Donna’s arm free at last. Donna took advantage right away and cupped Lois’s magnificent breasts, which hung tantalizingly before her.

“I figured out another difference already” Donna said happily, as she gently kneaded them with her palms. “No rolling over and going to sleep.”

“Not tonight at least” Lois assured her. “We haven’t even started yet.”


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