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Dinner Date with Friends

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Heather and Jack had invited us over to their place for dinner. The Wilsons were a bit younger than Laurie and I, but we were close enough in age that it wasn’t a big deal. We’d never asked, but I’d guess both Heather and Jack were in their mid 30’s. The four of us had met through mutual friends and soon became friends ourselves, taking in some movies and attending quite a few parties together.

They were a good-looking couple, and on more than one occasion I spied a lustful glint in Laurie’s eyes as she gazed at Jack. Of course, Laurie likely caught my clandestine glances at Heather’s gorgeous ass.

The invitation caught us by surprise because we hadn’t heard from the Wilsons in months and we were beginning to think we had done something that had offended our new friends. Of course, we accepted and made plans to spend the next Saturday evening at their home. That was Tuesday evening, and later that night in our bed, Laurie and I made love with more passion than we’d experienced in months.

When Saturday rolled around, we started the day with a delicious romp in the early morning light. As I kissed Laurie’s lips, I slid my hand across her breasts and down her belly, pausing for a second when my fingers reached the top edge of that wonderful tuft of hair. That’s when I realized Laurie had gone to bed without her panties! I was already wound up pretty good, but my cock went from hard to rock hard against Laurie’s spread out left leg as I slid my index finger into the slit at the top of her pussy. I snuggled by mouth against Laurie’s neck and nibbled her ear lobes, while my finger began to circle her clit. I listened as her breathing became heavier and I slid my finger into her, spreading her wetness to her clit as it grew more prominent the more I rubbed on and around it.

I’m not sure what prompted me to say it, but I whispered to Laurie, “Close your eyes and pretend I’m Jack.” Without waiting for a response, I moved my mouth to her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect as I planted my lips over her left boob and began licking and sucking. I now had both my hands working her pussy, my right fingers were inside Laurie as my left hand massaged that little spot that could make her squirm.

It made my cock even harder, if that was even possible, when Laurie’s hips began to thrust toward my hand and she started making sexy sounds. Laurie doesn’t normally talk to during lovemaking, but that morning she clearly breathed out, “fuck me,” several times and I’m pretty sure I heard her say Jack’s name as her body vibrated under my hands. It was so fucking hot!

Laurie then cuddled up against me, stroked my cock and kissed me, causing my breathing to speed up as my pleasure increased.

“That was fun,” she huskily exhaled as I ran my hand down to the small of her back and caressed that ‘oh so sexy’ spot just above her ass. Laurie slid down my torso, grabbed my cock, and caught me by surprise when she said, “It’s your turn. Now close your eyes and pretend I’m Heather.” I felt her tongue on the tip of my cock, then on the shaft before her mouth enveloped me and drove me crazy. Laurie was stroking, sucking, licking and rubbing me into a blissful state, but as per her instructions, I had my eyes closed and in my mind it was our friend Heather’s mouth providing the pleasure.

I wasn’t going to be long before I came. I could feel that fire-like feeling roaring in my balls when the action suddenly stopped. With my eyes still closed, I felt her hands on my chest and her weight over my hips, quickly followed by the silky and slippery heat of Laurie’s pussy swallowing my raging hard-on. It was incredible. I thrust up, and she slid down. Over and over we moved together as my hands moved over her entire body. First, squeezing her ass, then sliding up over hips. I always love the sensation of feeling the soft skin where Laurie’s hips narrow to her waist.

I put both my hands on her breasts, pinched her nipples while fondling their sexy shape. I was supposed to be pretending it was Heather, but there’s no way Heather’s boobs were this large! Laurie was moving fairly fast on my cock and that fire was coming back. My eyes were still closed when I heard Laurie making one of her sexy sounds. It was too much for me and I came! That’s an understatement. It was one of those times when the sensation of cumming nearly ached.

As we lay in bed, Laurie and I agreed it was hot, but we also agreed it was just a fantasy for fun. Still, that didn’t prevent Laurie from picking out one of her sexier panties when we got ready to head over to Jack and Heather’s place for dinner.

We arrived at the Wilson’s house around six in the evening. Laurie insisted we bring along a couple bottles of her ‘high-test’ homemade wine as a gift to our hosts. The dinner was fantastic, grilled steak and the works, and the wine brought on a few bouts of laughter early on. Laurie and I exchanged glances a couple times after Heather responded to every request made by Jack with an obedient ‘yes dear.’ Both of us had picked up on it. Jack seemed to be ordering her around, and out of character, Heather was at his beck and call.

After dinner, and a bit of clean up in the kitchen, the four of us went to the living room and continued our conversation. Laurie and I sat on the couch, while Jack and Heather faced us from the love seat. We must have had just the right amount of wine. The laughs were coming easy as the gabfest continued when Laurie interrupted, “I have to know what is going on. Both of us have noticed Jack has been ordering you around, and every time you responded with an insanely simple ‘Yes Dear!’ The worst thing is you’re not even being sarcastic!” Jack looked at Heather with a grin, and she looked back at her husband smiling before explaining.

Over the past few months our friends had been trying something to spice up their relationship. Once a month, they would hold a ‘slave weekend.’ One played the master and the other was the slave, who would have to do whatever the master requested. Heather explained they would switch roles each time and that weekend it was her turn to play slave to Jack. Heather also added that it had a very busy week at work and when she invited us to dinner it had completely slipped her mind that our dinner date fell on their ‘role play’ weekend. Rather than cancel, the two of them had decided to incorporate their little game into the evening.

I was a little freaked, but also intrigued, so I asked Jack, “she actually does whatever you ask, no matter how outrageous?”

“Oh yeah,” he replied, “it’s all in the spirit of fun and I wouldn’t throw something at Heather if it wasn’t something I thought she’d be willing to try. Besides, paybacks are a bitch and she could always burn me good the next time she’s the master.”

That’s when Laurie chimed in, “what kind of things do you ask each other to do?” never considering that was a question she might not want answered!

“Okay,” drawled Jack with a grin on his face, “let’s try this out. Heather, why don’t you slip into some more comfortable? If you know what I mean?”

With no hesitation at all, Heather sprang from the loveseat, winked at Jack, uttered the required, “yes, dear” and made her way upstairs.

We sipped our wine and talked about sports, focusing on the Minnesota Twins surprisingly strong season, as we waited for Heather’s return. Jack’s instructions were to wear something comfortable, and it may have been comfy for Heather, but it caused quite a bit of discomfort for me as I felt a rush of blood into my groin. “Holy shit!” I thought as Heather slinked down the stairs into the room wearing some very revealing lingerie.

Heather had put on a sting bikini style bra and panty set made of a translucent material. You couldn’t see through it, but at first glance, you could swear you could! She glided slowly into the living area with a smoky look in her eyes. She took her time, making sure Laurie and I had plenty of time to take her all in. The air in the house was electric as Heather sat next to Jack on the love seat and I squirmed a bit to ease the pressure in my crotch.

I turned my eyes toward Laurie next to me on the couch and noted her lips were parted and her breathing was shallow and quick. My gaze went back to Heather, who made no attempt to cover-up and didn’t even bother to cross her sexy legs. Jack just sat back with a small smile on his lips, seemingly enjoying the situation he had created.

No one said a word until Jack issued another order to his slave. “It looks like everyone could use a refill. Why don’t you open another bottle of wine?”

Heather sprang off the love seat, turned to Jack and barely whispered ‘yes dear’ before turning and walking around the corner into the kitchen, purposely exaggerating the delicious swing of her mainly exposed hips.

With a pat on my leg, Laurie got up, “I’ll be right back,” she offered as she made a beeline to the kitchen. That left me sitting across from Jack hoping he didn’t notice the semi-hard on I had developed looking at his nearly naked wife.

“We should probably get going” I stammered, “you two obviously have plans for the night and we…”

Before I could complete the sentenced Jack objected, “What the fuck! You see Heather in a skimpy outfit and you bail?” We invited our friends over for the evening and it’s not even 8 o’clock! Stick around and we’ll both see what Heather has planned.” He also admitted that when he directed his wife to slip into something more comfortable he was thinking that it would be a sexy top that exposed some cleavage, or some short shorts, not her freakin hottest piece of lingerie!

Laurie had planned a similar conversation with Heather. She went to Heather and explained that we needed to call it an early evening so it would clear the deck for the horny lovebirds.

Heather’s response was a bit different that Jack’s. “You don’t understand,” whispered Heather as she walked toward Laurie, “I told Jack it slipped my mind, but I was planning to have you guys over for dinner on our ‘play weekend’ all along! I wanted to see how you and Andy would react…especially you.” That’s when she reached over and caressed Laurie’s face and then slid forward until their hips touched. Laurie had her back against a corner of the kitchen counter and didn’t have anywhere to go even if she wanted to.

Heather was now pressed against Laurie, with her bare leg positioned between Laurie’s legs. She continued moving closer and pushed her breasts against Laurie’s body before giving her a gentle kiss. She waited for Laurie to react, seeking some sort of signal, but Laurie was too stunned to respond. Heather forged ahead, giving Laurie another kiss. This time Laurie’s lips parted slightly and Heather’s hand slid along Laurie’s hip and waist. That’s when she then got her signal. Laurie parted her lips, meeting Heather’s kiss, which rapidly escalating from a mere peck to heated passion.

It only lasted seconds, but while their husbands sat in the next room wondering what would come next, Heather had pushed her hand up, cupped Laurie’s breast and teased her already hard nipple. Laurie let her hand drift south over Heather’s bare flesh. She felt her narrow waist widen at the hips and allowed her hand to come to rest on Heather’s nearly naked bottom.

Heather broke it off first. As she disengaged her body from Laurie and reflected it was the response she had always fantasized about! She collected herself, grabbed the wine, and disappeared around the corner into the living room.

Laurie just stood still, her face slightly red from the sudden and unexpected contact. It took a moment, but she also managed to collect herself and walk around the corner to face the others.

Andy and Jack looked over when Heather sauntered back to the living room holding the opened bottle of wine. She exuded pure sex. Her face was glowing and her nipples poked through the sheer fabric of her bra. Heather sat next to Jack and began filling the wine glasses as Laurie rounded the corner. Laurie may have thought she had collected herself, but when she came into view her hair was mussed and her very prominent nipples announced her recent arousal.

“What the hell went on in there?” demanded Jack with a huge grin on his face and his hand on his wife’s thigh.

Heather didn’t leave out any details. She described her fingers teasing Laurie’s nipples as she felt Laurie’s hand on her ass while she passionately kissed a woman for the first time.

Laurie knew full well the idea of her with another woman drove me wild. My cock surged with blood while I sat on the couch and listened to a nearly naked female describe making out with my wife. There was no way to hide my condition and I caught Heather’s gaze on my crotch as she recounted how it felt to have her hips move against Laurie as she and my wife were kissing just 15 feet from where I was sat.

The action must of had a similar effect on Jack, who squirmed in his seat trying to readjust himself to the change in the condition of his cock as he ordered Heather to go over to the couch and show us what the two ladies had been doing in the kitchen.

Heather kissed her husband, grabbed his bulge and said, “yes, dear.”

My mind raced as Heather sat on the other side of Laurie and pulled their faces together. “Holy fucking shit,” I thought as I watched my wife and this almost nude sexpot exchange hot kisses. I could see their tongues touching and hear their breathing quicken as their hands wandered.

Heather began to ‘mmmm’ as she kissed Laurie’s neck and caressed her boobs over her blouse. Heather’s almost came out of her bra when Laurie’s hand squeezed a breast before it moved across her naked stomach.

It was at the point I wasn’t sure how far it was going to go when Jack announced, “that’s enough! I think you should give Andy a lap dance now that you’ve worked him up so much.”

As usual, Heather responded to Jack’s over the top command with a simple ‘yes, dear’ as she moved away from Laurie and stood in front of me. She looked me in the eye, wagged her finger and teased, “Remember the rules. No hands! I’m going to make it just like the real thing.”

I could only nod my head as Heather positioned herself just above my waist, with her knees against the cushions on one side and Laurie’s hip on the other. I knew it was coming, but the sensation still caught me by surprise when Heather lowered her bikini-bottomed ass onto my inflated crotch and rubbed herself against me. I had to consciously order my hands to remain against my side as this nymph gyrated against the fabric that covered my cock. I looked to Laurie, who did not object, and then quickly returned my attention to Heather when she reached behind her back and untied the strings that held her sexy bra in place. It dropped out of the way as Heather rubbed her own breasts and pinched her nipples while keeping up the friction down below. I was beginning to feel that wonderful boiling sensation in my balls when Jack ordered Heather to break off the lap dance.

“It’s time to do Laurie, ” Jack commanded. You couldn’t really say he used a commanding voice considering how ragged his breathing had become. The now bare breasted Heather moved back over to Laurie, straddled her thigh and pushed her knee into Laurie’s crotch.

“The no hands rule doesn’t apply to you,” she teased as she began grinding against Laurie’s thigh. She leaned in and began kissing Laurie, who was now pushing back against Heather’s knee. Sexy sounds were coming from both women when Heather straightened up and placed her boobs right in front of Laurie’s face. It was as if Jack and I weren’t in the room. Laurie eagerly took Heather’s right nipple in her mouth, while her finger’s twisted and pulled on the left. Heather moaned loudly, as she gyrated her pussy against Laurie’s leg.

I would have expected that it would appear to be in slow motion, but when Heather pulled off Laurie’s blouse and bra, it seemed that time had sped up. One second an almost naked girl was making out with my fully clothed wife and the next she’s topless and the other guy’s wife was sucking on her boobs and pushing her finger’s into my wife’s mouth.

That’s when I notice Jack wasn’t shifting uncomfortably like I was. He had his pants unzipped and was rubbing his cock watching Heather and Laurie’s hot action on the couch next to me.

As my attention shifted back to the girls, Heather nuzzled up against Laurie’s neck and whispered, “I’ve ALWAYS wondered what it would be like to.” I couldn’t make out the rest of what she said. Laurie made a slight nod with her head and Heather responded with another passionate kiss. She climbed off Laurie’s knee and positioned herself between her legs as she began kissing her way down her neck and covered Laurie’s breasts with kisses, licks and sucks. When she reached Laurie’s belly, Heather sat up and undid the button on her pants.

There was no doubt what was about to happen. My cock actually ached as I watched two sexy women make love. Jack had his cock all the way out of his pants and was stroking it enthusiastically as he watched his wife pull my wife’s pants and panties onto the floor and lower her mouth to Laurie’s pussy. Heather had one hand caressing Laurie’s right breast, while Laurie herself pulled on her left nipple. Heather’s tongue was at my wife’s pussy, licking and poking at her most sensitive spots, making Laurie moan out loud. She then pulled her hand back from Laurie’s breast and put it to work down below. She used her mouth to suck and lick at Laurie’s clit, while at the same time she was ran her fingers in and out of her pussy. Laurie arched her back, used both of her hands to squeeze and rub her boobs as her body began to shudder from an orgasm.

Laurie was left totally naked and purring, while my friend’s wife was wearing only the skimpiest panties and was resting her head against Laurie’s thighs. Her husband had his shorts at his ankles and his rock hard cock in his hands, while I had my pants unzipped and my hard-on in plain view. Jack then issued his next order to his slave.

“Give Andy a blowjob.” was all he said.

Heather crawled over to my side of the couch and removed my pants and underwear. She rose to her knees, got rid of my shirt and delivered a very sensuous kiss to my lips. “I just wanted to see your reaction when you tasted Laurie on my lips,” Heather whispered in my ear as I felt her hand slide over my cock and she began to kiss her way down my chest. God, she was hot! Her tongue flicked over the head of my cock while she stroked the shaft, then the entire head of my cock was in her mouth and her tongue continued to vibrate against it.

I glanced over at Laurie, who was lying on the other end of the couch with one leg hanging off the edge. She had her right hand on her breast and her left hand was softly petting the top edge of her pussy. Heather’s head was now bobbing up and down, raising the pressure in my balls. Jack was still sitting on the love seat, taking in the sight of his wife sucking on another man’s cock while his hand was working his own.

That’s when Laurie, without an invitation or request, left the couch and crawled across the floor to Jack. She separated his legs, positioned herself in between them, and proceeded to take his cock in her mouth.

Laurie was licking the head of Jack’s cock, then the shaft, while Heather’s soft mouth continued to push me closer to the edge. My wife turned slightly, caught my eye and the view of Heather’s naked back with her hair spilling out onto my legs, as she slowly lowered her mouth onto Jack. It was too much, and my cock spurted in an orgasm strong enough that I yelled out loud! Heather continued sucking until I stopped completely and finally lost the hard-on that first started when she came down the steps in her ‘something comfortable’.

All of the preceding action, including the work of his own hand, quickly pushed Jack to the brink, and he soon came thanks to Laurie’s enthusiastic moves with her tongue and mouth. When the moans subsided, the four of sat silently, a bit in shock at what had taken place, but the quiet didn’t last but a minute.

Heather pushed herself up onto the couch at my side. She was very aroused, caressing her own curves and squirming on the cushion. She was the only one of us wearing any clothing, and it was the skimpiest of bikini bottoms. Heather looked to Laurie, who still sat on her knees with her breasts against Jack’s leg and begged, “Please, Laurie…do me!”

Without any hesitation, Laurie crawled across the carpet, knelt in front of Heather, hooked her fingers on the sides of her panties, and slowly pulled them down her legs. Heather was shaven, but not completely, with a thin line of hair leading down to her pussy. Laurie spread her legs apart and slowly kissed her way up her thighs, making a trip up both legs before putting her tongue to Heather.

I appeared Laurie was bent on making sure Heather also came to a shuddering orgasm. Despite the qualms she had previously expressed to me about ‘going down’ on another woman, it was apparent Laurie knew were to lick, and nibble. Heather was breathing heavy, rolling her nipples with her fingers and voicing her pleasure while Laurie worked her clit and pussy with both her mouth and hand.

Watching my wife pleasure this sexy lady caused my cock to quickly regain its hardness. It didn’t take long for Heather to notice and put her hand around the shaft. She also asked Jack, “this making you hard too?” He didn’t answer, but stood up behind Laurie sporting a huge hard-on.

Heather moaned when she saw Jack’s cock and she started begging Laurie to let her husband fuck her from behind, “I can’t believe we’ve already done all these things we’ve fantasized about, but having you lick me, while Jack is fucking you would complete it…could you please…?”

Laurie didn’t stop her performance, but looked up at me as Heather stroked my cock. When I didn’t offer any objection, she didn’t give an answer, but instead lifted her ass a little higher and opened her legs.

That was enough of an invitation for Jack. He knelt behind Laurie, pressed the tip of his cock against her behind, slid it lower to the opening of her pussy. Rather than ease in, he rammed himself inside, which caused both to let out gasps as Laurie’s wetness welcomed his cock. She was still licking Heather, but also moaning, as she pushed herself back to meet Jack’s thrusts.

Heather went nuts! She started yelling, “Fuck her Jack, fuck her hard!” then, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” while she thrust her pelvis up to Laurie’s mouth and shuddered and shook with a powerful orgasm.

Laurie stopped her action on Heather, who laid back panting while her husband continued fucking my wife from behind at the edge of the couch.

“I suppose your ready for some of that?” she asked me as she slid out from under Laurie, who was now completely focused on the attention she was receiving from Heather’s husband.

I watched as Laurie slid her right hand underneath and began rubbing her own clit as Jack continued his thrusts. Heather climbed over, positioned her hips above my cock still holding the shaft with one hand, before slowly lowering herself and allowing my cock to slide inside her. She immediately shoved her tits into my face, prompting me to lick at her nipples as she gyrated on my lap.

It was surreal! My hands grabbed onto Heather’s ass, while just feet away Jack had pulled Laurie up so he could run his hands all over ample boobs and fuck her like crazy at the same time.

The room was filled with moaning, heavy breathing and other sexy sounds for several minutes before Jack announced he was cumming and stopped his thrusting. He collapsed on top of Laurie, who was lying with her chest against the couch cushions.

My view of what occurred just feet away, and the sight of the sexy Heather sliding her body up and down on my dick soon had the fire back at the base of my cock and led to an exploding orgasm inside Heather a few minutes later. After a couple more gyrations she slowed and laid against me for a couple seconds, gave me a kiss, and then leaned down to kiss Laurie’s cheek before rising off my body.

Laurie moved up next to me, while Jack and Heather snuggled on the love seat as we relaxed and sipped the rest of our wine. No one said much, and there was no talk of a repeat as Laurie and I dressed and prepared to head home. The Wilsons had put on bathrobes and were holding hands when they escorted us to the door and said goodnight.

We didn’t talk much on the ride home, but often reached out and held hands. The trip across town only took a few minutes and we were in our bed by 11 o’clock, with just enough energy for one more lovemaking session before sliding off to sleep.

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