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Behind Closed Doors

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Up until lunch time, Tori had not been having a good day. Both of her morning appointments were canceled, one by the buyer and one by a seller, and prospects for rescheduling either did not look good. It was days like this that made her want to scream, but there was nothing she could really do about it. As soon as she disconnected her cell phone from the last cancellation, Tori decided she needed a pick-me-up.

She should have headed back to her office and gone over more client files, but her present mood called for something different. It wasn’t too far of a drive to get where she wanted to go, and Tori knew the way well.

Just as she expected, the trendy coffee shop’s line was fairly long in the hours before lunch. Nevertheless, Tori needed to treat herself to something loaded with sticky sweet caramel and this was the place. The aroma of freshly brewed gourmet coffee wafted into the street as Tori pulled open the door and made her way inside. She waited patiently in line, more or less oblivious to the goings on around her until it came time to order. Counter service was relatively quick, and just as Tori pulled out her purse to pay, a man’s hand gently touched hers. “This one’s on me.”

The puzzled look on Tori’s face melted away when she turned to see who the stranger was. “Hunter!” she exclaimed upon recognizing him. That was accompanied by a warm hug and a feminine peck on the cheek. The man embraced her back tightly, grasping her upper arms in his hands as he took her in his sight. It had been some time since he’d seen her last, but Tori didn’t seem to change. Just as Hunter remembered her, the brown haired beauty had a few blonde highlights showing, a beautiful face, and a gorgeous figure. It was evident that while she may allow herself the occasional double latte indulgence, Tori still managed to stay in shape. That wasn’t to say she was a waif, however Hunter had some very fond memories of all her luxurious curves. He knew that for the most part, Tori’s physical measurements were modest, but her petite body exaggerated the shapeliness of her figure. All in all, it was a wonderful combination. Slowly, Hunter relaxed his grip on her arms, allowing his hands to caress her gently as they parted. There was no way Tori could miss the signals he was sending with his touch, but she deftly parried him. After all, they were both married.

Together, they collected their drinks and found an unoccupied table. It wasn’t really a private spot, but no more would be needed in a meeting between friends. That’s how they had parted ways, although their relationship hadn’t always been platonic. The two of them had a history which led Tori to be a little on the defensive. Still, seeing Hunter again brought back quite a few memories, and brought a much needed lift to her spirits. They chatted casually, catching up on where they’d been, what they’d been doing over the past couple of years. Tori’s biggest revelation was that she and her husband were toying with the idea of starting a family. Upon hearing that, Hunter was happy to report that his wife Karen was about a month away from her due date. Hearing Karen’s name brought Tori to a halt for a moment, but Hunter nonchalantly continued their conversation. He noted Tori’s momentary discomfort, and added the fact that Karen was off visiting her parents at the shore for a week. Instead of having the calming effect he anticipated, that information seemed to agitate Tori even more. They segued into her real estate career, and that’s when Tori’s instincts kicked in. With Hunter anticipating an addition to his family, she inquired as to whether or not they’d be house hunting soon. He answered in the affirmative, and before Tori could react, he set up an appointment for her to show him a few places the following afternoon. With his bold approach and confident attitude, there was nothing she could do to stop him, so she reluctantly agreed.

The unexpected encounter with Hunter haunted Tori’s thoughts for the rest of the day. Whenever someone tried to talk to her, it seemed like she was a million miles away. Her thoughts were dwelling on Hunter, and this went on into the night. Tori wasn’t so distracted that she couldn’t function, rather anything and everything she did reminded her of him. Her husband noticed that Tori wasn’t quite herself that night, but he wrote her detachment to work related stress. In a way that was true, but he attributed it more to the missed appointments than to her encounter with Hunter. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Tori and Hunter had enjoyed a brief but wild affair some years back, before they were both married. While her husband knew about it, he didn’t realized just how deeply it was embedded in his lovely wife’s psyche. Even now, years after the fact, Tori still wondered what might have become of her relationship with Hunter if things had gone differently. It was ironic though, that while Hunter’s marriage to Karen led to her breaking off all her ties with him, it had also made their time together possible.

When Hunter announced his engagement, he and Tori had been friends, nothing more. Their relationship was strictly platonic, in fact the casual flirting that marked so many of Tori’s friendships didn’t even make an appearance as far as Hunter was concerned. It was something they both enjoyed, a no-strings attached, good and honest friendship that they’d each hoped would last a lifetime. Instead, that idyllic world came crashing down the night Hunter sauntered into their usual watering hole, gushing with his good news. Tori had been happy for him, to be sure, even though she didn’t really know his betrothed very well. Unfortunately, his announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time for Tori. She had just broken off a long term relationship that she had hoped would end in her own engagement. Hunter was unaware of this, but as the night progressed he shared in his friend’s sorrow and accompanied her home. His intentions were good, all he had meant to do was see Tori home safely, but when he turned to give her a gentle peck goodnight, his lips were met with a hot, wet, passionate tonguing from Tori instead.

Many were the nights since then that Tori too herself back to that fateful evening. Often she’d try to recreate what happened, never once telling a lover exactly what she was doing. Even her husband had never been told the significance of Tori laying submissively on the bed, back arched slightly and arms raised above her head. It was in that position that she’d first made love to Hunter, and had fantasized about him many times since. Her sexual surrender to his memory wasn’t something she dwelt on constantly, yet time and time again she found herself doing the same thing. It wasn’t quite the same, however, no matter who she was in bed with at the time. None of them could compare to her experiences with Hunter. The reason behind him lingering in her fantasies escaped her however. Hunter was very well built, but he certainly wasn’t the most well endowed man to ever fuck her. Perhaps it was his technique, for Tori knew that he was the most skilled lover she’d even taken. Maybe the reason lay in the forbidden nature of their love, he had already slipped that accursed ring on Karen’s finger before Tori had ever touched him. It was something she could never quite place, but the truth remained. Despite their lack of deep emotional feelings for each other, or perhaps because of it, Tori and Hunter had shared a torrid affair all during his engagement to Karen, one that lasted right up until just before their wedding. The wedding itself destroyed some of the illusion for Tori. She had been downright uncomfortable in Karen’s presence, perhaps rightly so, and had been glad that Hunter had drawn away from her. Now that he was back, Tori was thoroughly confused.

Whatever the reason for the sheer passion that dominated her relationship with Hunter, seeing him again and finding out that Karen was away initially sent chills down Tori’s spine. He had made no secret of the desire that burned within him, yet he’d been respectful of her wanting to remain somewhat distant. She wondered if she’d be so bold as to fulfill those desires one last time, but realized that any such meeting with Hunter would be difficult and dangerous, no matter how badly they both wanted it. Resigned to her fate, Tori nonetheless found herself positioning her body for her husband that evening like she had once done for Hunter.

In a way she felt guilty about doing this with her man in their bed, but the feelings it brought back to her justified her rationale. As she lay on her bed, her arms came up once again. Curiously, her husband absolutely loved it when Tori did that. If only he knew. His cock was poised at the entrance to her cunt, his mouth sucked greedily on her bare breasts, but Tori didn’t feel a thing. Oh, her body reacted as it should all right, she was moaning and gasping ever since his tongue found her nipples, but it wasn’t for him. They had just gotten started and already Tori’s mind was wandering back to that fateful night, the first she’d ever spent with Hunter. By the time her husband’s cock slipped inside Tori’s slippery wet pussy, her mind had already transported her back to that memorable evening. Every thrust, every prod of her husband’s cock sent her mind racing, after a while it was all Tori could do just to avoid calling out Hunter’s name by mistake. Sure she’d done that once in a while, and so had her husband. With today’s chance meeting fresh in their minds, Tori didn’t want her husband to think she’d been unfaithful. Instead, she lay back submissively, keeping her legs spread as he fucked her. She cooed and moaned loudly, clearly enjoying the physical action of her husband’s cock slamming into her pussy, even though to Tori it was Hunter, enjoying her hot cunt one more time. Tori’s slick pussy juices flowed as she fantasized, making her cunt very wet indeed for her man’s hard cock. Her moans grew louder and louder as his thrusts intensified, building up to a feverish pace. She heard his gasps growing in tempo by the second, signaling her to pull her legs up and back. Tori brought her hands down as well, caressing her jiggling breasts, squeezing and rolling her nipples tightly. As she did so, her husband raised himself upright, grabbing her shapely thighs for support as he pounded his cock in deep. They both screamed out loud together, feeling his climax sending a torrent of hot cum deep into Tori’s waiting pussy. Absentmindedly, Tori brought her fingers down to her pussy, massaging her clit as her husband rolled off onto the bed next to her. He aided her by keeping her hips propped up, so as to not allow any of his cum to drip from her as Tori fingered her clit until she came again, fiercely hot and intense. Despite the wonderful fucking she had just gotten, Tori drifted off to sleep next to her husband while dreaming about the one Hunter had given her oh so long ago.

In the morning when she woke, Tori felt a little guilty about fantasizing about someone else while fucking her husband. The feeling soon passed, for she knew he did it on occasion as well, besides, it didn’t seem to diminish his experience. She told herself that it made her cunt wetter and hotter to fuck when she did that, and he had to enjoy that more than having her faking orgasms. Besides, it wasn’t like she let her mind wander like that often. With that little guilt trip out of the way, Tori made her way to the bathroom to get showered and ready for work. Once that was done, she selected what she hoped would be an appropriate outfit. The top was sleeveless, but covered with a matching jacket, so Tori didn’t think there would be any problem there. Her business suit’s tight fitting skirt was a bit longer than she usually wore, it came to just above her knee. Normally Tori would eschew panties with a skirt so long, but before she went downstairs, she remembered the appointment that Hunter had set. Deciding that if he found out she wasn’t wearing panties might send the wrong message, Tori quickly pulled a pair on. She just as quickly removed them, the panty line was too obvious. Tori was running out of time, but quickly settled on a compromise solution. She rummaged through her lingerie drawer, finding the skimpiest thong she could. It was a little small on her, but she had no choice. Without a moment’s hesitation, she slipped the white satin thong on under her skirt and took a look in the mirror. There was no visible evidence of her undergarment, which was a good thing, but as soon as she took a step, the thong creeped up on her. With no more time to work something out, Tori resigned herself to the fact that she’d have the satiny smooth material wedged between her pussy lips and rubbing her clit all day long.

That arrangement had its advantages, to be sure, and by the time Tori was done with her morning appointments, she was soaked. Although she hadn’t intended it, having her tight thong crammed into her pussy, rubbing her every time she moved her legs was almost like getting finger fucked all day long. Thinking about seeing Hunter again, even in a business setting only made Tori’s pussy even wetter, and she skipped lunch to drive over to a secluded park she knew. It was conveniently located near where she was supposed to pick Hunter up, then take him for a showing. Lots of the agents knew of this park. Some of them used it for quiet away from the office meetings with clients, and Tori knew one or two of them used it for other clandestine meetings as well. Tori smiled to herself at that thought, even though she wasn’t one of them. A quick drive around the wooded park’s meandering roadways revealed that aside from a few stay at home moms taking their kids out to play, there was no one else around. Because they were all clustered at a few select parking areas, Tori chose a quiet one with lots of trees and plenty of shade. Besides, it couldn’t really be seen all that well from the road if she parked around a small bend, giving her a perfect spot.

The day was warm and sunny, leading Tori to open her windows and slide her car’s sunroof back after she parked. After a nervous glance around, Tori was satisfied that no one else was near, and she slid her seat back as far as it would go. Her pussy tingled in anticipation as she eased a hand beneath her hiked-up skirt to finally give herself a little relief after a morning of teasing. Tori’s fingers found her skimpy little thong to be soaking wet, and she sighed as she felt her fingers pressing down through the thin material. For a moment she toyed with the idea of taking them off all together, but then she remembered her impending meeting with Hunter. She left her panties on, but the thought of Hunter made her juices flow even more, and Tori rubbed her thighs together, pressing her fingers in even more and rubbing her clit against her thong. Her fingers stayed on top of it, for a little while, and she writhed in place in her seat, grinding her clit against her hand. Her moans would have been loud enough to be heard, if anyone was nearby, but her only witness was the trees outside.

That was unfortunate, for what a show Tori was putting on! Her fingers rubbed up and down over her cunt furiously, and she was using her thumb to ensure her hard little clit got plenty of attention. As she gyrated wildly in her seat, Tori’s other hand snaked its way down to her honey pot as well, before long she was using it to pull her soaked thong aside. Now her cunt was fully exposed, and her sweet nectar coated her fingers. Tori took full advantage of having her fingers lubed up like that, and while one hand kept her thong pulled free, she finally let her other hand dip its fingers inside her waiting cunt. They slid in effortlessly, accompanied by a satisfied moan from Tori’s lips. Two fingers eased inside her hot little box, and they were soon joined by a third. Tori finger fucked herself quickly, feeling the tension inside building as her fingers explored her own body. She heightened her self pleasure by using her free hand to tug her soaked thong over her clit, massaging it even as her fingers dipped in deep. Tori kept them pumping in and out of her wet cunt, faster and faster while she frigged her clit, moaning and gasping the whole time. It never took her that long when she masturbated herself, and this time was no exception. Before she knew it, a piercing scream echoed through the abandoned section of the park as she came, squeezing her pussy tight against her own fingers as her sweet juices flowed. They coated her swollen cunt and probing fingers, and as Tori subsided from her natural high, she gradually slowed the motion of her hands and hips. This brief lunch time quickie was far and away better than any sandwich or fast food meal could have ever hoped to be, and as Tori regained her composure, she made a mental note to do this again sometime. Meanwhile, it was nearing the time to go pick up Hunter, and as soon as Tori had readjusted her panties and skirt, she was on her way.

By the time Tori picked up Hunter, she was back to her usual businesslike self, despite having fingered herself to an body shaking orgasm less than an hour before. Coincidentally, the house he had selected for her to show was in the general neighborhood of the park, and Tori didn’t have all that far to drive. Her instincts told her that even while she delivered her usual pitch to Hunter, he wasn’t really all that interested in the house she was showing. Even Tori couldn’t help but notice his eyes wandering over to and all over her, not that she minded. Still, there were certain appearances she had to keep up, and Tori made a valiant effort to maintain a professional demeanor at all times. It wasn’t easy with Hunter in such close proximity, but she somehow managed to finish her walk around and to his credit Hunter did eventually make an effort to appear interested in the place. Still, it wasn’t much of one, and he might have stepped over the line when he came up behind Tori and wrapped his arms around her from behind while she left her calling information. In any event, there was no mistaking the message he was sending, Tori had felt it quite well through his pants and her skirt. She resisted the temptation to grind against him, knowing full well that if she started that, they’d end up doing it right on the kitchen table. That brought a smile to Tori, for it wouldn’t be the first time they’d done it like that. There were other considerations, however, and Tori reluctantly broke their impromptu embrace as she finished the initial tour of the house. As they stepped outside and Tori returned the key to the lock box, Hunter made his way back to her car. Without Tori noticing, Hunter ran a hand over the driver’s seat, which was still a bit damp from what happened before, and an evil grin formed on his rugged face. He thought he had detected the once familiar aroma of Tori’s sex, and now he had his proof. A plan had already been formed, one that he set into place as soon as she joined him again.

Tori was still delivering he spiel to Hunter as she drove off, and he tried to keep up the appearance of paying rapt attention to her. He was, but not to what she was saying. Instead he had his eyes focused on Tori’s exposed thighs, and the more she drove, the higher up her skirt climbed on her body. If only Hunter could get a different viewing angle, he could have seen clear through to her tiny little thong. As it were, Hunter was able to enjoy a nice view of Tori’s trim thighs, and her breasts seemed to be trying to burst out the seams of her top. She was oblivious to his attention, for she was trying to concentrate only on their prospective business dealings. That was probably why Tori didn’t question anything when Hunter asked if they could stop off somewhere and go over some of the standard documents and procedures he and his wife would need to go through during the home buying process. Without giving it a second thought, Tori turned her car towards the park were she had gotten off by herself earlier, and found her way to the same parking place without giving it a conscious thought. Although it was getting later in the afternoon, it was still a pleasant enough day for Tori and Hunter to sit in her car discussing his options. That wasn’t all they talked about, tidbits and details about their lives snuck in to the conversation, and without realizing it, those pieces soon dominated. Tori wasn’t thinking at all about closing a deal with Hunter, rather she was allowing herself to be taken in by his charms. It was as if she subconsciously desired to, she shifted her body around in her seat repeatedly, often giving Hunter a fresh look at her. It was what he had intended all along, and Tori was playing right into his hands.

Their conversation had turned to a reminiscence of their past affair, and as such was punctuated by giggles and a general sense of comfort between the two. It had been unfortunate, really, that they had only been good friends and hadn’t dared to progress beyond that until Hunter was engaged. Perhaps it was that ultimate long term impossibility that had emboldened them, whatever the case their proximity to each other was certainly stirring up old passions now. Hunter noticed Tori constantly shifting her legs around, little did he know she was gratifying herself by doing so. Tori’s thong was wedged in between her tight cunt lips again, and her movements were rubbing it against her clit. Like she had earlier that day, Tori was getting hotter and hotter, only this time she didn’t even have her hands to help out. By now Hunter had noticed the growing excitement in her voice, she tried to hide it as best she could, but in the end there was no way to conceal the fact that Tori was about to climax, and that was just from their hot talk and her tight undies. Hunter watched incredulously, this was the result he had hoped for, but he never realized Tori’s underlying feelings burned so hotly that she would cum just by talking to him. With Hunter watching intently, Tori gasped as she brought her thighs rubbing together one last time, forcing her tight thong against her clit. Her orgasm was accentuated by more of a gasp than a scream, as Tori gave in to all the overwhelming sensations of her afternoon with Hunter, everything from her finger session before she picked him up until the hot conversation that they just finished. She sat for a moment, panting to catch her breath, eyes fixed on Hunter with a lean and hungry look he knew all too well. In a moment, Tori darted forward, tearing at his belt and zipper, freeing his magnificent cock from his trousers and wrapping her lips around it.

Hunter eased himself back in his seat, reaching beneath him to slide back as far as he could go. Tori took immediate advantage of the extra room as she snaked her way into a kneeling position on the floor in front of him. Her hot sucking motions had gotten Hunter hard pretty quickly, and she kept her mouth wrapped all the way around him. She loved taking his once soft cock into her mouth and feeling it harden and expand while inside her. Tori’s head bobbed up and down repeatedly as she sucked Hunter to his full hardness, and without being bidden to, Tori pulled her hair back behind her shoulders so that he could watch her sucking him. His eyes met hers as she rose up on him once again, and she willingly accepted his hand guiding her back down onto him. He’d always loved her blow jobs, and Tori knew that no matter how good his wife did it for him, the feeling of her mouth on his cock was something Hunter would never forget. Tori let him go for a little, allowing him to push and pull her head up and down on his cock until she paused at the very tip. Her tongue tickled and teased the opening of his cock as Tori sucked out the first savory drops of Hunter’s pre-cum. She murmured her gratification at getting her first taste of Hunter in a long time, then let a slow torrent of her saliva trickle down the shaft of his cock.

Hunter felt the warm liquid oozing down his shaft, and he pressed down a little on Tori’s head to get her going again. Having her sucking his cock again felt wonderful, and Hunter wanted her ton continue. She obliged, slowly sucking his cock back into her mouth again, only this time Tori added a hand wrapped around the base of Hunter’s cock. As soon as her lips touched her fingers, Tori eased back off of him, stroking his shaft while she pulled up. Her rhythm started slowly, letting the heat between the two of them smolder as she pumped his big hard cock into her mouth. She too wanted this to last, but after masturbating herself twice, Tori was in no shape to really control her actions. Faster and faster she went, squeezing her fingers tighter around Hunter’s cock. Her hand moved on him with full, deliberate strokes, and she kept it moving in time with her mouth. Hunter’s cock never slipped out from between her luscious red lips, even as her strokes grew ever faster. Tori was sucking his cock for all she was worth, giving the man a blow job like only she could. Her tongue was caressing his saliva coated shaft while she sucked him harder and harder, filling her mouth and throat with his cock. More of his pre-cum flowed onto her tongue, and Tori swallowed it all down without missing a beat. That wasn’t all she wanted though, and she kept sucking and stroking Hunter’s cock deep into her mouth. He was moaning as she did, and Tori knew that he was getting close to cumming. His hands grabbed her hair tighter as she sucked faster, he was almost pulling her hair but Tori didn’t mind. She started stroking him harder now, faster and faster, letting his cock slide out of her mouth so she could pump him harder and harder. Hunter’s eyes squeezed shut as he felt all this, grunting and groaning until it was no more use to try and hold back. He grunted and gasped, loud enough to be heard had anyone been near them in the park, and his hot sticky cum shot out all over Tori’s pretty face. She hadn’t quite gotten her mouth back down over his cock, and Hunter’s cum showered her cheeks and lips as she raced to suck it in.

Tori managed to get the rest of Hunter’s cum shot to splatter all over her tongue, then she went down on him hard, letting him blast the rest into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all down, it was a valiant effort, but there was just too much for her to take. Sweet droplets of his frothy cum oozed from between her lips, dribbling down her chin and back onto him. Tori sucked long and hard, feeling Hunter’s quaking cock unleashing its load inside her mouth until she knew she had emptied his aching balls. She let him slide out of her mouth again, and rubbed his sticky shaft all over her face, wiping up some of his spilled cum so she could suck that down as well. All the while she let her hand slowly massage his shaft, bringing Hunter down gently as she finished lapping up all the cum she could manage. They remained like that for a while, Hunter catching his breath and Tori using her fingers to draw the last few drops of his cum off her chin so she could savor the taste on her tongue once again. Even after all that was completed, Tori let a cum coated digit linger in her mouth awhile before gathering herself together.

Eventually, Tori drove Hunter back to his office, so he could retrieve his car and head on home. Not much was spoken between them, but their minds were racing. How desperately Tori wanted to go with him, but she knew that she had nearly crossed the line with him already. In fact, she’d probably gone past it, but she rationalized that no man had taken her pussy since she’d promised it to her husband. Besides, it wasn’t as if Hunter was a total stranger, they’d fucked repeatedly and passionately before their respective marriages. With her mind cleared of any obstacle, Tori bade Hunter a good evening, and made her way home by herself.

Hunter watched her car disappear into the growing rush hour traffic, and he made his own way home as well. He was quite well satisfied from the blow job Tori had given him, he had known right away after his chance encounter with her that she’d go at least that far. She’d been quite a hot little fuck back in the day, and Hunter wondered what it would take to get her in the sack again. Whatever it was, he knew he’d have to do it quick, his wife Karen was due back from visiting her parents at the end of the week. That left him only a couple more days to see if Tori was up to her old tricks. He figured she may well be, it hadn’t taken too much encouragement to get his cock in her mouth again. Besides, back when they shared that torrid affair, he had already been engaged to Karen, so it wasn’t as if Tori was above filling in for her. That thought drew a hearty smile and a laugh as Hunter wended his way through traffic, and pleasant memories of his passionate encounters with Tori filled his mind.

Tori was quite nervous that evening, but she did manage to control herself when she was around her husband. He figured that she had another bad day at work, and mercifully left her to her own devices. She dreamed of Hunter that night, running her hands down to her pussy all the while. It felt so good, so natural to envision Hunter as she played with her pussy. Normally Tori wasn’t one to touch herself like that, let alone three times in one day, but she just couldn’t help it. As her husband slept, Tori fingered herself to another orgasm, biting down on her lip so her cries wouldn’t be heard. Hunter had such a hold on her after all this time, sucking his cock had just been the beginning. Tori desperately wanted more, but she was already taken, as was he, and she pondered how she could justify doing anything further with him as the night grew old.

He didn’t call her the next day, which didn’t really bother Tori too much, although she did leave him a message to get back to her about the house late in the afternoon. As much as she would have liked to, Tori couldn’t spend all her time on a prospective client who probably wasn’t really a buyer. She arranged a few more showings to occupy her time the rest of the week, but she did keep a few open slots for Hunter. At the very least she intended to see him one last time before Karen’s return would complicate things. Tori still didn’t know what she was going to do, only that the taste of Hunter she’d gotten the day before had only served to whet her appetite for more. By the time she left the office for home, Hunter still hadn’t called back, and the business sense Tori had was slowly starting to forget him. She didn’t even worry about him on a professional level the next morning, when her calls had gone unreturned. A part of her wanted to be with him again, but she realized that she’d spent enough work time on him, and had to move on. If there was going to be more personal business between them, she’d have to save it for later.

With Tori fully returned to her ‘business mode’, it came as a pretty big shock when Hunter sauntered into her office right after lunch. She did a good job of concealing her surprise, and while she knew things might not lead the way she wanted them to, she did agree to take him out to see the house again. Together they climbed back into her car and drove off, without a word spoken about their little rendezvous in the park. As they drove, Tori became conscious of the fact that she was wearing another mini, and because she hadn’t been expecting Hunter, she wasn’t wearing any panties this time. She tried to keep her skirt from riding up and giving him the wrong message, but her little gyrations and adjustments seemed to attract his attention to her bare thighs. Once they arrived, Tori led the way to the front door, knowing Hunter’s eyes were fixated on her ass. Still, she did manage to make it to the house without Hunter really seeing anything, and they made their way inside. There wasn’t all that much for Hunter to see again, and he didn’t really seem interested in Tori’s presentation. The more time they spent together though, the less she cared about that. With the first floor behind them, Tori led Hunter back up towards the bedrooms, knowing that the opportunity lay ahead of them, but circumstances strictly forbade it.

Their tour of the house’s second floor was almost surreal, as neither Tori nor Hunter really absorbed her presentation. Hunter was following Tori as closely as he could physically, get, even pressing against her as she fought the temptation. His hands running through her hair or caressing her shoulders melted away what little resolve she had left. Tori led Hunter into the master bedroom, sashaying her way in front of him for a few steps before turning and catching him in her arms as he approached. Her lips met his in a fiery embrace, then they parted so that their tongues could intertwine. Hunter’s hands tugged Tori’s blouse out of her skirt, then came to rest on her breasts. That drew a soft sigh from Tori, which grew in intensity as Hunter undid her buttons and the front hook of her bra. His hands found her soft breasts waiting for him, and he gently squeezed them before rolling her nipples between his fingers. Their mouths parted as Tori tossed her head back, thrusting her breasts out in front of her invitingly. Hunter didn’t need any more encouragement, in a flash he had his face buried in her cleavage. His mouth and tongue tore at Tori’s breasts, sucking in her hard nipples while he squeezed her even tighter. Normally Hunter wouldn’t dare be this rough, but he knew from experience that Tori loved having her man ravage her breasts like that. He sucked first one then the other side, never letting up as she moaned her reaction out loud to him. Hunter pinched her hard nipples, giving them light tugs while he sucked on her, raking his teeth gently over her most sensitive spots. He could feel his cock steadily hardening as Tori writhed in place before him. She slowly sank down onto the bed, with Hunter in constant contact with her. Tori was drawing him closer herself as well, for her hands were struggling to undo his zipper again. It wasn’t quite that easy when his mouth was distracting her, but somehow she managed to free his cock once again. Her skirt was getting hiked up higher and higher, exposing her bare cunt to him as he positioned himself on top of her, straining to close the last few inches separating them so his cock could slide into her waiting snatch. Tori knew he was pushing his way closer and closer, and she closed her eyes in blissful anticipation. Hunter’s cock had reached her now, and the tip was just barely gracing the outer folds of her wet little pussy when Tori’s eyes shot wide open.

“No, stop please. I…I can’t,” she whimpered with tears running down her face. Hunter disengaged himself from her long enough to look her in the eye, and Tori continued. “I want to, God knows I want to, but I…I” she stammered.

Hunter shushed her with a gentle tap of his finger on her lips. “Anything you want, baby,” he soothed. With a well practiced move, Hunter shifted his weight on top of Tori ever so slightly, running the length of his dick against the outer folds of her pussy. Her juices were slick on the bottom of his cock, and from Tori’s gasp he knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his advances much longer. Again he pulled himself back, thrusting forward so that his cock rubbed her all the way up to her clit. Tori’s eyes squeezed tighter as she felt him rubbing against her. Involuntarily she gulped, then set firm her mind as to her decision.

She pushed Hunter off of her gently, then scrambled back down on the bed a little. He stood over her as she splayed her legs apart with her back to him, and hugged a pillow in tight against her chest. Her ass wiggled seductively at him as Tori dried her tears on the sheets. A look back at Hunter was all the invitation he needed. Her eyes pierced deep into his soul, telling him that she wanted him to come fuck her as hard as he could. With one hand resting on either ass cheek, Hunter pushed his hard cock up against Tori and forced his way in. She squealed in pain and delight as Hunter’s manhood stabbed into her. It was just as she remembered as she felt every inch of Hunter’s cock penetrating her. He pushed her forward a little, leaning his weight on her to drive his cock even deeper until his balls were slapping against Tori’s ass. Hunter then withdrew slowly, almost pulling his cock out of her, but he eased his way back in as Tori gritted her teeth together, fighting off the pain of Hunter’s cock fucking her ass.

It was a position she rarely used, but one many of Tori’s lovers had come to know well. The fact that Hunter remembered what she was asking for when she slid out from beneath him before was mute testimony to the delectability of her hot little butt. Tori’s shapely buns gave Hunter something to grab onto as he methodically pumped himself in and out of her. He certainly missed fucking Tori’s hot pussy, but he wasn’t one to pass up on the tight feeling of her anus around his dick. So many girls just weren’t into the anal scene, his wife included, that Hunter knew to savor the feeling of such a tight entrance. Besides, no matter how well Tori had kept herself in shape, Hunter knew that there was no way even her pussy could match the grip her ass had on his cock. She had always been too much of a free wheeling slut in her day for any chance of that. Even a virgin’s tight little cunt wouldn’t be a match for a fine piece of ass, and as Hunter rammed his cock into Tori faster and faster, he greatly appreciated that. The initial shock and pain of his cock reaming her out was subsiding, and as Hunter thrust himself into her, Tori started moaning once again. His hard strokes were pushing her body down into the mattress, and as her body slid across the bed Tori’s clit was getting a workout. It had been some time since she’d let any man fuck her like this, and the soft sheets felt almost as good as a tongue licking her cunt while Hunter butt fucked her.

Tori whimpered with pleasure as she felt his hard cock sliding deeper and deeper into her tight little butt. Hunter was standing behind her at a perfect angle to pump his cock all the way inside, and his strokes were growing stronger. Each thrust of Hunter’s cock got Tori to whimper and moan louder and louder. She begged him to fuck her, pleading for him to cum inside her ass. They both knew she really wanted his cock in her pussy, and Tori’s fingers soon started fingering her hot little snatch. She gyrated her hips to better rub her clit against her fingers, Hunter responded by giving her a few playful slaps on the bottom as her rammed his cock home. He fucked her furiously, reaming out Tori’s ass. Moans and whimpers became cries and shouts as Hunter fucked her hard, widening her tight bunghole with each inch of his swollen cock. He doubted any cock had ever stretched her out so far, and he was right. The pain of his cock violating her paled in comparison to the absolute pleasure Tori felt from having Hunter’s dick shoved up her ass. Coupled with her fingers fucking her own pussy, it was too much for Tori to hold back any longer. She screamed out as she came, loud and long, arching her head back as she felt her body letting go. Her cries of pleasure were interrupted when she felt a sharp tug on her hair, Hunter had grabbed onto her luxurious tresses as he finished slamming himself into her. The sharp squeal of pain from Tori as he pulled her hair, mixed with the rapturous sounds of her orgasm helped Hunter cum as well. He pulled her hair back for leverage as he slammed his cock deep inside Tori’s ass one last time, grunting and gasping as he felt himself letting go deep within her. His balls tightened against his body, and he pressed himself against Tori hard as he came, shooting his load in deep. Great globs of his sticky cum filled her anal cavity, only to drip out of her slowly after Hunter pulled his cock from her tight grip. Once Hunter had pulled out of Tori, the couple collapsed breathlessly on the bed.

They lay there together for a few precious moments, each of them knowing that they had to get cleaned up and out of there soon. With Karen’s imminent return, neither Tori nor Hunter knew when or if they’d ever get the chance to do this again, although they both fervently hoped that they’d be able to. They parted ways with a promise to do so, a promise neither really expected would be fulfilled. Still, there was hope, and that had kept a bond between them after all these years apart. For now though, they’d keep their illicit rendezvous to themselves, forever wondering how a simple twist of fate could have changed the course of their lives.

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