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Diggin’ It

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Skyler pulled the truck over to the side of the gravel road and stepped out. He didn’t have much of a cell signal to begin with, and he knew it was worse inside the truck. The call went through, and his father answered in a weary voice, “Hello?”

“Sorry to call, but I accidentally deleted that map you emailed me with the landmarks. I’m somewhere near the place, but I just can’t find it.”

“I’ll send it again.” There was a brief pause and he heard his father say, “Thanks. Your mother is sending it for me.”

“Don’t know how well I’m going to be able to cover this by myself. This is a huge property.”

“Just do what you can. We have three days, and maybe some of us will get over this bug to come help.”

Doubt it, Skyler thought. The stomach bug had been going around, and most people were out for a week once it caught up with them. “I’ll do my best.”

“You’ve been out with me enough to know what you’re looking for. Narrow it down. I know there are going to be some valuable pieces there. Just got to dig that hole and pull them out.” He groaned and said, “I’ve got to get off here.”

“Okay, Dad. Email just came through. I’ll get a coil to the soil.”

“Keep me posted.”

Skyler disconnected the call and checked the email. As soon as he saw the map, he felt like an idiot for forgetting an obvious landmark he’d passed only a mile or two back. The only consolation was that he hadn’t missed the mark by too much, and should make it to the property with plenty of daylight.

This was his chance to prove himself to his father, and if he found anything, it would be a pretty good payday. The one advantage of working alone was that there was nobody to split the proceeds with other than the property owner — and the company cut, of course.

It was a good thing, because he was going to miss the Nude Day party at the lake. It had started out fairly tame three years ago when everyone was treating it as a joke. Last year, things had turned quite interesting when several girls had shed their tops shortly after arriving. Most of the crowd had ended up nude or seminude before it was over, and he’d hooked up with a hot blonde. From all indications, this year was going to be even bigger — and probably wilder.

Jumping back in the truck, he put the missed party out of his mind and managed a three-point turn on the narrow road. After only a few minutes, he reached the spot where a huge walnut tree stood at a fork in the road, and went the opposite way this time. Memory refreshed by the map, following the rest of the landmarks was simple enough. Having lost less than a half an hour, he pulled into the driveway.

The gray-haired woman who owned the property stepped out the front door of the house as he put the truck in park. She knew he was coming, and the large “Detecting History” banner on the side of the truck couldn’t be missed. Skyler hopped out and made his way to where she stood at the top step of the porch.

“I see you found me,” the woman remarked as he approached.

“It was a bit hit and miss for a few minutes, but yes. I’m Skyler. Dad told you that most of the crew is down sick, right?”

She nodded. “Yes. Your mother called me yesterday.”

“They may be able to make out later, but for now, it’s just me. I’m ready to get to work, though.”

“Go right ahead, dear. I have some renters in a house over to the west. I’ll give them a call and let them know you’re here. I’ve already spoken with them, and they don’t mind you looking there, so long as you don’t dig up their flower gardens without asking. They’re a bit odd, but good folks.”

Skyler laughed. “I appreciate it. We’ve had renters walk up on us with loaded shotguns before because the landlord forgot to tell them we were coming.”

“Hoping that word will get around that you’ve been here. I’ve had to call the police to chase off people out here without permission.”

He shook his head. It was hardly the first time a property owner had mentioned scumbag, illegal diggers. “You’re in an area where there might be Confederate artifacts. They’re such big money that people are willing to risk it. If they know professionals have scoured the property, they usually don’t bother coming back.”

“That’s good to hear. I was wondering, do you ever find things that have history, but just aren’t worth a lot of money?”

“Yeah, that happens a lot.”

“If you find anything like that, I’d like to see it. May be that I’ll want to put it on a shelf or donate it to the local history museum.”

“We can certainly do that. Unless it’s pure junk, we always bring everything we find for you to see.”

“Good then. I won’t keep you any longer. Since you’re by yourself, you can have more time to look if you need it.”

Skyler grinned, knowing his father would be pleased to hear that. “If I have any luck, that might just come in handy. I’ll go get my gear and get started.”

“Just knock on the door if you need anything.”

Already feeling digger fever, Skyler headed for the truck to suit up.


The whine of the metal detector in his ears caused Skyler to pause. It wasn’t a huge hit, but he stopped to dig it anyway. The find was hardly treasure when he pulled from the earth, but it was yet another sign that the area had seen some combat during the Civil War. He slipped the carbine bullet into his pouch, put down a flag from the holster on his back, and continued on.

Eventually, he hoped to sweep the whole area, looking for more war artifacts, but for now, he was on the hunt for the real prize. Somewhere on the property, there had once stood a well-appointed home. It wasn’t supposed to have been as large or opulent as a plantation house, but the owners were still wealthy. As best as his father’s research could determine, it had been located on the west side of the property.

Not one to waste the steps, Skyler kept his detector in motion as he scanned the landscape, looking for clues that might point toward the location of the house.

Topping a rise, he did see a house, and assumed it was that of the renters the property owner had mentioned. A quick check of his GPS let him know that the entirety of the yard around the house should be within the larger property he had permission to dig.

When he looked back toward the house, he got a hit that registered on something other than the metal detector.

“Damn,” he whispered as the two women walked out of the back door wearing short-shorts and bikini tops.

Even from a distance he could tell that they were both what his mother called blessed up top. One had flowing locks of golden blonde, while the other sported a shorter cut in light brown.

After drinking in the initial look, he returned to the task at hand. As good as the scenery was, the last thing he wanted to do was look like a creeper and get tossed off the property with next to nothing to show for it.

It was at least a little compensation for missing all the boobies he would have otherwise seen the next day at the lake.

The lay of the land had him excited. He was atop a rise that overlooked a lot of the countryside, and that was exactly the sort of view a wealthy person would choose to build their home. He was a little worried because his instincts were telling him that the best possible position was within the manicured section of the women’s yard. Even though he had permission, someone who took such good care of their lawn wasn’t likely to be happy with him digging it up.

Edging that direction, he kept his eyes open for signs of a foundation, and his detector in motion. Once again, a whine sounded in his headphones, and he pulled the shovel free of the loop on his belt.

This was a much stronger hit, and a little deeper. Cutting the turf so he could replace the sod had him chomping at the bit, but he kept his cool and meticulously excavated down to the depth indicated by his detector. The scrape of metal on metal let him know he was there. A little clearing with his fingers revealed a spherical, metal shape, and his nerves jumped on edge.

It appeared to be a cannonball, and he knew that some were both explosive and viable, despite all the years buried in the earth. Digging carefully, he looked for any sign of a fuse or detonator while steadily freeing his find from the grip of the soil.

“Did you find something?”

Skyler sat back and gasped, his heart pounding. He’d focused so much attention on the cannonball that he hadn’t even noticed the two women approaching.

The blonde giggled and said, “I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay. Just startled me,” he said as he did his best not to stare. Now that they were closer, he could tell that the women were older, but still in great shape. Their exposed tummies were reasonably flat, and both had legs that went on for miles — well-displayed by their shorts. Their breasts looked even larger up close — bikini tops straining to hold them contained.

Total Milfs.

“So, what is that?” the brunette asked, pointing at the hole.

“It’s a cannonball. I won’t know for sure until I get it out of there, but I think it’s a Confederate twelve-pounder.”

“It won’t explode, will it?” the blonde asked while taking a step back.

Skyler laughed. “That’s part of why I freaked out when you snuck up on me — but no. I’m pretty sure this is a solid cannonball.”

The brunette asked, “Is it worth a lot?”

“Could be worth as much as four or five hundred to the right collector.”

Both women started at that revelation and the blonde asked, “Seriously?”

“Yeah. Civil war artifacts — especially Confederate ones — go for big money.”

“That’s insane,” the brunette said while shaking her head. Then she smiled. “Guess we should introduce ourselves. Ms. Randall told us you would be out here. I’m Brenda, and this is Melissa.”


“Oh, I love that name,” Melissa remarked.

“Could we look at it?” Brenda asked.

Skyler nodded. “Sure. Let me finish getting it out of here.” He turned back to the hole, glad for the reason to focus his attention anywhere but on the two sexy women. Despite his best effort to contain it, he was about half hard.

With most of the cannonball already exposed, it took him less than a minute to lift it from the hole.

Melissa reached out and touched the cannonball when he held it out. “Wow. That’s been right here under our noses all those years.”

“Hard to believe,” Brenda agreed.

“In pretty good shape, too. Doesn’t look like it’s been fired, and from the crudity of the casting seam, I’m pretty sure it’s Confederate.”

Brenda grinned. “You sure know a lot about this for a guy your age.”

“I’ve been going out with my Dad since I was old enough to walk. It’s all he ever talks about, so it’s hard not to pick stuff up.”

Melissa snapped her fingers. “You know, we found some weird metal stuff when we were digging part of our garden.”

“It looked a little like the top of a really fancy fence,” Brenda added.

“Like fencing?” Skyler asked, growing excited. “Do you still have it? Know where you found it?”

The brunette shrugged. “Sure. We used it as decoration in the flower patch where we found it. Do you want to see it?”

“Absolutely. The main thing I’m looking for is the spot where a house once stood on the property. If you found fencing, that’s a good sign that the house was close.”

Melissa made a beckoning gesture. “Come on. We’ll show you.”

Skyler sat down the cannonball, as it was too big for his pouch, and quickly planted a flag near the hole before following the pair toward their house. Though he certainly took notice of their swaying, sexy butts, excitement over the potential find kept his arousal in check.

“It’s right here,” Brenda said when they reached the flowers.

“Oh yeah. Wrought iron, and the right time period. This is exactly what I’m looking for.”

“I found it right in the middle,” Brenda supplied. “Is it worth anything?”

Skyler shook his head. “Not really. A bigger, intact piece could be, but that one’s too broken. A fence here means that the house was probably nearby, though. Do you mind if I go get my truck and park it in your drive? That will make it a lot easier to get to my equipment.”

Both women shrugged and Melissa answered, “That’s fine.”

“I’ll be back in a little bit, then,” Skyler said before hurrying back toward the east.

Once over the edge of the hill, he kicked into a jog. With the possibility of finding the house in reach, he couldn’t wait. Even the brief delay to inform the land owner that he was moving his truck with her renter’s permission felt like hours. Upon parking the truck, he still had to retrieve the heavy cannonball. Then — finally — he headed to work.

The pair had pulled up lawn chairs and a large umbrella near their flower garden, and were sipping what he assumed were mixed drinks.

“So what now?” Melissa asked.

“I’m just going to sweep the area and see if I can find more pieces of fence. If I can find a corner or establish a perimeter, I might be able to guess where the house was, and then move in with the GPR.”

Brenda’s eyebrows quirked upward. “GPR?”

“Ground penetrating radar,” Skyler explained. “That should let me narrow down the dig site by showing me anomalies in the soil.”

Melissa gave a shake of her blonde locks. “Whatever that means.”

Skyler joined in their laughter as he mentally planned his grid.

Luck was with him, and in only ten minutes, he found another chunk of the ornate, wrought-iron fence. Like the other, it was worth little more than scrap, but it told him he was on the right track. Several small hits popped up while he scanned, but he marked them with flags rather than digging immediately.

Time rolled by unnoticed as he hunted, excited by the pattern established by the flags and the spots where he had excavated. Making his fourth pass between the flower garden and the edge of the grid, he got a strong signal in his headphones and knelt to dig.

Skyler’s heart raced when he saw what looked to be the top of a gate. A minute or so later, he couldn’t resist a yes of triumph.

“What is it?” the brunette asked while leaning in his direction.

Excitement evident in his voice, he answered, “Hinges. Found a gate. Time to get the GPR.”

“Oh,” Melissa said while rolling her eyes. “The way you reacted, we thought you’d found pirates’ treasure or something.”

Skyler chuckled. “It could be a signpost pointing to treasure,” he said as he walked back toward them.

“Well, good luck,” Brenda said. She was wearing a rather large grin.

On the way past, it would have been almost impossible to notice that the two women were checking him out. Keep it under control, man, he thought. Looking didn’t mean it was going anywhere else, and it was a dangerous situation even if they had such inclinations.

He couldn’t resist a look back when he reached the truck, though. Older women had always been his weakness, ever since his first time had been with a woman ten years older.

May have to find an excuse to drop back by here after the dig, he thought. His thoughts wandered, imagining the pair showing up at the lake for the Nude Day party — getting in the spirit and out of their clothes.

The lure of history awaiting him beneath the soil was enough to put him back on course after a few seconds of musing. He set up the GPR and rolled it toward where he’d found the gate.

Working straight west from the gate, he ran a grid creeping north. At each turn, he let his eyes fall briefly on the two sexy women. They were chatting, drinking, and quite often looking his way. It made it a little hard to concentrate on what he was doing, but it was fun nonetheless.

He’d just made a turn near where he believed the fence line was when the screen showed what looked like disturbances and voids about two feet down. It was too small to be a privy, and intriguing enough that he stopped, rather than planting a flag and continuing on, as had been his intention.

The last time he’d seen a similar anomaly, his father had dug up ceramic jars filled with coins from the teens and 20s — including a pair of gold double-eagles in remarkable condition.

Searching for the house could wait. The find was too intriguing for him to pass by and return to later. Pushing the GPR ahead, he walked toward the pair of women, who stopped talking and met his gaze.

“Think I found something, but I’m going to have to dig a pretty significant hole to get to it. I know Ms. Randall said you were okay with that, but I thought I should say something. I’ll save the sod and do my best to replace it to where you can barely tell anything happened.”

Melissa sat up straighter and looked past him. “Is it near where the… Whatever you called it is?”

“Right behind it,” Skyler answered, doing his best to ignore how her change in posture lifted her already eye-catching breasts.

Brenda waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “You can’t even see that part of the yard for the flowers. We only mow back that far to help keep the weeds at bay. Go for it.”

“Go right ahead,” Melissa agreed.

Skyler gave a nod and said, “Thanks,” before heading back to the truck for a real shovel. The small folding one on his belt simply wasn’t suited to the bulk of the task.

It was hot, sweaty work under the July sun. After what felt like an eternity, he pulled out a tape measure and determined that the hole was deep enough. A little experimentation proved that it was wide enough for him to work. A quick sweep of the metal detector gave him a powerful hit, and he couldn’t help a grin. Switching the shovel for a trowel, he began carefully clearing away the soil from whatever lay beneath.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Skyler muttered when he uncovered the first spoon. Brushing away the dirt, he was almost certain it was sterling silver. A few more scrapes of the earth turned up another, and then a fork. From the way they were laying, he guessed that they’d once been wrapped in cloth, which had long ago succumbed to the ravages of time.

Piece after piece emerged from the earth, each one increasing his excitement. There were chunks of mother-of-pearl and flakes of gold, which once had probably adorned objects that had corroded or decayed over the years. It had all the hallmarks of a cache buried by homeowners to prevent looting by soldiers during the war. In this case, the ruse had worked, but the owner had never returned to retrieve the valuables.

Skyler heard a gasp as he excavated a silver broach and looked up to see Melissa standing above him. She called out, “Brenda, come look,” and then asked, “Is that silver?”

He answered, “At least silver plated. I’m pretty sure it’s pure sterling, though.”

“Is there more?”

He laughed, unable to contain his excitement as he brushed the dirt off the brooch. “It just keeps coming.”

“Oh my god,” Brenda exclaimed when she saw the items laying at the edge of the hole.

“Can we look at them?” Melissa asked.

“Just be careful. They can’t really get much more tarnished than they are right now, anyway.”

Skyler had already pulled a full set of silver flatware for five and several other items out of the cache when his trowel revealed something curious. A little more exploration confirmed that there was an ornate silver box about a foot long buried beneath the other objects. His mind aflame with the possibility of double-eagles and antique jewelry, he began to dig down around the edges of the box.

“Oh, wow,” Brenda remarked. “That’s beautiful. What is it?”

“Not sure just yet,” Skyler answered as he continued to work. “Looks like it’s silver, and really well made. Could be a jewelry box.”

Melissa knelt down next to the hole and said, “Hurry up and get it out. I want to see.”

“Believe me, so do I.” It was at that point that he discovered that the box was about four inches in depth — about the same as its width. “Found the bottom. Almost there. Hmm. It looks like someone sealed the seam with wax. That’s promising.”

“Hurry, hurry. I can’t wait,” Brenda said as she joined her friend in kneeling next to the hole.

“There we are,” Skyler said as he lifted the box. “This is a little out of my league, but I bet the box itself is worth at least a few hundred dollars. My dad is going to flip when he sees this.”

“Can you open it?” Brenda asked.

Skyler turned the box around, confirming that the seam was sealed on all four sides with wax. “Not going to hurt the value to remove the wax. If that’s all that’s holding it closed, I can give it a shot.”

Snapping open his pocket knife, he removed the wax right at the seam, leaving what had spilled onto the lid and body of the box. There was no sign of a lock, or even a latch, so he gave an experimental tug on the lid. After only slight resistance, the box opened. Brenda and Melissa broke out into wild laughter as Skyler’s cheeks turned bright red.

Inside the box, resting in a faded, red velvet cushion was an ivory dildo.

Melissa had tears in her eyes from laughing when she said, “Weren’t expecting that, were you?”

Skyler let out a nervous chuckle and said, “Can’t say that I was. Could be worth something, though.”

“It certainly must have been worth something to the woman who buried it with her silver,” Brenda remarked, punctuating it with a lifting of her eyebrows.

Throwing caution to the wind, Skyler said, “Well, the men were all off to war, so I can see why she would have considered it one of her most valuable possessions.”

The brunette said, “I think I’d have found somewhere else to hide it so I could keep it close.”

“Oh, and where would that be?” Melissa teased her friend.

“Pervert,” Brenda responded.

Digger curiosity overwhelming any aversion to the ivory phallus, Skyler examined it more closely. “Think this could have some value. The handle end is all done in scrimshaw, and I think there may be a scene on the part I can’t see.”

“Turn it over and find out,” the blonde suggested.

He shook his head. “Not a good idea to touch ivory with bare hands.” He chuckled and said, “A little crazy, considering what it is, but the oil on your hands is bad for it. Dad would kill me if I didn’t use gloves. I should probably get this out of the light and seal it up while I finish digging here.”

“Lord knows what else you’re going to find after that,” Brenda said, then shook her head and chuckled.

“Won’t know until I move some more dirt.”

“Can we take some pictures?” Melissa asked.

He shrugged. “Sure.”

The brunette pointed back toward the house. “Go get the camera. The phones don’t take good enough pictures.”

Melissa nodded and stood.

Skyler closed the box for the time being and picked up his metal detector. A few passes over the hole didn’t register anything, but he poked around a bit anyway, in case there were any nonmetallic items still hiding below. By the time he determined that the spot was clean, the blonde had returned.

He dusted off his hands and said, “Let me spread this out and I’ll take some pictures to send back to my dad, too.”

Once he’d finished and they’d both taken several pictures, Brenda said, “We’ve got to post these pictures — now.”

“Mmm hmm,” Melissa agreed, and laughed.

Skyler finished sending the pictures to his father. “I’m going to get this all put away in the truck and get back to work. A lot of times, there’s more than one cache. No putting all your eggs in one basket. Could be more out here.”

Once again, Brenda wished him luck as the two women returned to the house.

Before he could get the GPR rolling again, his phone rang, showing a call from home. When he answered, he heard his mother laughing.

“I hope you’re happy,” she playfully scolded. “Your father just made himself sick again whooping and hollering when he saw those pictures.”

“Found a Confederate 12-pounder too.”

“Keep it up. Should help your father relax to know you’re out there having such good luck. I’m going to go check on him. Love you.”

“I’ll call later when I pack and rack for the day. Love you too, Mom. Bye.”

Skyler ended the call and got back to the tedious work of mapping out the area. Having already hit paydirt, he had high hopes for even more.


A little tired, but still wound up from an exciting day, Skyler stepped into the hotel room and shivered from the blast of cold air hitting him. He’d resisted the urge to dig any more until he’d mapped out the location of the house and the perimeter of the fence around it. The first of three more possible caches turned out to be the remains of a cat buried in a tin box. By the time he finished returning the feline to its resting place, night was creeping up on him, and he’d decided to call it a day.

Flopping down on the bed after a shower, he grabbed his jeans and reached into a pocket for his phone in order to call home.

It wasn’t there.

“Son of a…” he muttered, and then growled. He hadn’t taken more than a few steps inside the room, so checking there took only a minute or two. Searching the truck took a little longer, and also proved fruitless.

That left only one possibility — back where he was digging.

Skyler rested is head on the steering wheel and groaned. Resigned to the 45 minute drive, he sighed and started the truck to return to the women’s house and track down his phone. It would be after midnight by the time he made it there, but leaving the expensive smart phone out in the elements all night just wasn’t an option.

The house was dark when he turned into the long gravel drive. Weighing his options, he decided to shut off the truck and sneak up in hopes of not disturbing the two women. The advantage of his meticulous work was that he knew the phone had to be within a certain, relatively small area. He grabbed a flashlight, but didn’t immediately turn it on, because the moon provided more than enough light to guide his steps.

Passing by the house, he could see the small pennants fluttering in the breeze, marking his destination. He wished he had another phone, as that would have made it infinitely easier to locate his cell. One phone call would have caused it to light up and ring — making it stick out like a sore thumb in the quiet night.

Upon reaching the back yard, a sound reached his ears — barely audible — but enough to attract his attention. He glanced that way and came to a dead halt with his eyes widening.

Ten feet away, Melissa and Brenda were lying stark naked on a blanket beneath the stars. They were engaged in a passionate kiss, and Skyler could see the brunette’s hands between Melissa’s legs.

A louder whimper than the one which had initially brought him to a halt sounded, and was immediately followed by a pair of gasps when the women realized he was there.

Shaken from his shocked paralysis when they noticed him, Skyler said, “Sorry. I was coming to look for my phone. I must have dropped it.”

The two women looked at each other and giggled. Then Melissa reached over and picked up something. “It’s right here. You got a text message, and I saw it light up out there when I heard the ring tone.”

Melissa’s breasts were bigger, with larger areolas — but not by much. Both sets of large globes were pendulous, but not overly so. Brenda had a triangular patch of hair pointing down at her bare nether lips, while Melissa had trimmed blonde curls surrounding her sex. They were every inch what he’d imagined — and more.

“I guess we may as well say happy Nude Day,” Brenda said as she rolled over — facing him — with her head propped up on a bent arm. She and her friend both laughed, making no effort to cover up. The blonde sat up and held out his phone.

“Guess it is after midnight. Happy Nude Day,” he said as he approached to take his cell.

“Oh?” Melissa said as she handed him the phone. “You know about it?”

“I was actually supposed to go to a party today. Been doing it for the last several years.”

Brenda sat up as well, scooting forward to slip an arm behind her friend’s back and resting it on the blonde’s thigh. “But you’re stuck working.”

“Not right now, though,” Melissa said, and tugged the brunette’s hand into the V of her legs.

Making no effort whatsoever to hide it, Brenda stared at his crotch, and then looked up to ask, “Care to join us?”

Before he could answer, Melissa grabbed his pant leg and tugged. Giving in to the inevitable, he stepped forward, and both women rose up to their knees to reach between his legs.

Brenda moaned as her fingers explored the bulge in his jeans. Melissa took the direct approach, unfastening his belt with dexterous fingers. Skyler pulled off his shirt while the brunette untied his shoes — her other hand not leaving his erection until her friend pulled down his zipper.

“Mmm hmm,” Melissa moaned as she pulled down his boxers to let his cock pop free. Before he knew it, both women leaned forward to lap the full length of his shaft from opposite sides.

A groan rumbling in his chest, Skyler rested his hands on their shoulders to watch them lap and tease his cock. They shared a tongue wrangling-kiss at the tip, and then Brenda took him in her mouth.

Skyler gasped when her lips slipped down to the root of his cock. No woman had ever taken him so deep before — and she’d done it on the very first suck.

“Like that, huh?” Melissa asked while cradling his balls in her palm.

“Holy fuck,” he breathed while the brunette’s lips inched back to the tip.

“My turn,” the blonde said when his glans popped free of Brenda’s mouth.

Melissa took him just as deep, and twisted her head back and forth while slurping her way back up, adding to the sensation.

Brenda took over again, sucking him for several quick strokes before swallowing him once more. The blonde then mimed her friend in perfect detail, gasping when she let him slip free of her lips.

“Mmm hmm. I’m too horny to keep this up,” Brenda said.

Melissa said, “We’ve been soaking wet ever since we first saw you.”

Grabbing his hand on her shoulder, Brenda directed, “Lay down.”

The women scooted over, making room on the blanket, and he didn’t need to be asked twice. They dispensed with his shoes, pants, and underwear in short order. Kneeling over him on either side, running their hands over his body and each other’s, they leaned together and kissed. Skyler’s hard-on throbbed in anticipation, and he joined in caressing their bodies.

“So…” Melissa asked when their lips parted.

“Rock, paper, scissors?”

They both giggled, and then tamped their fists on their palms three times. Melissa’s scissors won out over Brenda’s paper.

“Poo. Oh well,” the brunette said while her friend swung a leg over Skyler’s hips.

Melissa straddled him, lifting and squeezing her breasts for his eager eyes. Once she was in position, Brenda stood his erection straight up — the curls between the blonde’s legs tickling the tip.

“Mmm. He’s hard as a steel bar,” the brunette said while rubbing the tip over Melissa’s nether lips.

The blonde affected a pout. “Don’t tease me.”

“Me either,” Skyler agreed as he throbbed in the grip of Brenda’s fingers.

Brenda took those words to heart, aiming his erection at the center of her friend’s wet heat. As soon as the tip settled against the entrance of her canal, Melissa sank down on him.

Skyler growled as she enfolded him in her hot, wet pussy.

“There you go,” Brenda cooed, patting her friend’s sex.

“So good,” Melissa said in a rush as she started rocking her hips forward and back, grinding on his buried manhood.

“That’s it. Ride that cock,” Brenda encouraged.

Skyler groaned and said, “You’re both so fucking hot.”

The blonde increased the speed of her hips a little. “And you are so fucking hard. God, I love it.”

“Want a little help?” Brenda asked, and then sucked her fingers.

Her friend moaned an excited, “Mmm hmm,” in answer.

A wide grin spread across Skyler’s face as the brunette moved in to rub Melissa’s clit and take a stiff nipple in her mouth.

Like most men, he’d fantasized about being with two women, but reality far outstripped anything he’d imagined. Brenda suckled her friend enthusiastically, moaning around the turgid point.

“Harder. Faster,” Melissa demanded, and then gasped when the brunette complied.

The blonde bucked faster and faster atop him, and he could tell that her face was growing flushed even in the color-washing light of the moon. She felt incredible, but the mild discomfort caused by her pulling his cock at an unnatural angle on every backstroke kept him in check.

Brenda’s flashing fingers matched her friend’s pace. Melissa’s whimpers and gasps grew louder with each passing minute. Skyler felt a drop of wetness meandering through the creases in his balls.

A wet slurp accompanied Brenda releasing Melissa’s nipple. “Mmm. You’re getting close.”

Melissa gasped, “Uh huh.”

Skyler contracted his muscles, making his cock swell inside her. “Yeah. Come all over me.”

That drew a squeal from the blonde, and she went wild.

“She’s about to come,” Brenda said, her fingers a blur between her friend’s legs.

“So h-hard,” Melissa confirmed.

Enthralled by the sight of her jiggling breasts, Skyler said, “Yeah. Do it.”

Skyler felt her walls clench tight around him at the same time as her hips froze in place. She threw her head back, letting out a wail of release.

Brenda didn’t let up with her fingers, drawing out a series of loud yelps from her friend. “Coming all over that hard, young cock.”

Melissa lurched and cried out as orgasm continued to tear through her. She snapped a hand to the brunette’s wrist, pulling it away from her clit, and began to gasp for air. For a while longer, she twitched and trembled, ending with a long, quiet moan as her climax finally waned.

Brenda reclined and leaned over him with her breasts resting on his chest. “Like that?” she asked before pressing her lips to his.

“Loved it,” he answered when they broke from the kiss.

The blonde squealed when a throb of his manhood set off an aftershock, and rocked back on her hands. He slipped from her depths, but didn’t remain in the cool night air for long.

Brenda swallowed his cock, moaning around him. Once she’d slow-sucked back to the tip, she licked her lips and said, “Her pussy tastes so good.”

“Going to have to get a taste for myself.”

Brenda sat up and gestured to her still-panting friend. “Maybe later. Right now, I need that cock.”

Voice still a little weak and shaky, Melissa said, “Doggie.”

The brunette made a barking sound and waved her friend toward her. Skyler sat up and pulled his knees under him while Melissa lay down next to him — her head near his knees. Brenda then straddled the blonde’s face.

“What are you waiting for?” Brenda asked, then gave her ass a shake while Melissa tongued her from below.

It was a good question, and one he answered with action rather than words. Both he and Brenda groaned as his cock sank into her velvety sheath. His balls bumped against Melissa’s chin for a moment as he hit bottom.

“Oh yes. So good,” Brenda said as he withdrew, her walls caressing him.

Skyler buried his cock again and gave her buttocks a squeeze. “Yeah. Love that ass.”

“Mmm. Make it jiggle. Fuck me.”

He set a steady pace, balls tapping against Melissa’s chin and thighs smacking against the brunette’s bottom on every stroke. He lost the rhythm for just a moment when the blonde paused in her efforts on Brenda’s pussy to tongue his dangling orbs instead, but only for a fraction of a second. The next time her tongue washed over him, he kept pace.

“Faster. Both of you,” Brenda said as her breathing picked up.

Skyler complied with a dozen jackrabbit-quick thrusts, each one drawing out a yelp from the brunette. Straddling Melissa’s body, he couldn’t really vary his stance much, so he opted for changes in speed instead. His next stroke was slow, followed by three quick pumps, and then a hard push with his cock buried inside her.

Her voice somewhere between pleading and demanding, Brenda said, “Faster. Harder.”

Ever eager to please, he dug his fingers into her hips and slammed into her. She cried out as the loud clap sounded from their bodies colliding. The high-pitched gasp she drew in as he pulled back emerged as a yelp when he drove into her balls deep yet again.

“Yes. Just like that. Do it. Fuck me,” she cried out as he gave her the full measure of his youthful ardor.

He could feel Melissa’s tongue slipping over his fast-pumping shaft as she increased her efforts. Brenda’s exclamations grew louder and closer together. Her walls clenched down as ripples of pleasure shot through her. The first tingles of an approaching orgasm crept down his shaft, forcing him to focus his will. She felt too good, and the last thing he wanted was to come before she did.

“Oh. Oh. Oh yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. I…” Whatever she meant to say evaporated into a scream of release.

Skyler growled as he drove his cock home and left it there. He was close — too close — and it was all he could do to maintain with her clamped down on him like a vise and quivering. The brunette whimpered and yelped from the climax rolling through her, her bottom lurching back toward him, as if trying to pull more of him inside her.

After a long count of rapid heartbeats, Skyler jerked his cock free before he reached the point of no-return. It was a near thing, but he avoided erupting all over Melissa’s breasts. It wasn’t long after when the brunette lurched away from her friend and let her head drop down onto folded arms.

Melissa licked her lips, looking up at him and smiling. Her face glistened in the moonlight with Brenda’s juices. When she lifted her head and snaked her tongue out toward his stiff member, he quickly pulled away.

The blonde laughed. “Almost gave her a cream filling, huh?”

“Yeah,” Skyler confirmed between pants.

She patted his thigh and said, “Let me up.”

He swung his leg over her, allowing her to sit up. “You know,” she said, “We haven’t been able to stop thinking about that dildo ever since you dug it up. What if you put a condom on it?”

“I don’t know,” Skyler said.

“Pretty please,” she batted her eyelashes. “We just want to be able to say that we got off on a super expensive, hundred-fifty year old dildo. I’ll let you give me a hot load of cum in my pussy.”

That piqued his interest. “Really?”

“Mmm hmm. That’s where it belongs. Deep, deep inside me.”

He didn’t really think the latex would hurt the ivory, and that offer was hard to pass up. His father would never know anyway. “Okay. It’s out in the truck.” He reached for his boxers.

Melissa snatched them away. “Nuh uh. Once you take your clothes off for Nude Day, you have to leave them off.”

“Where did that rule come from?” he asked.

“Our house, our rules,” Brenda said as she rolled over onto her back. She shivered as an aftershock of orgasm took hold of her.

“But my truck is down at the bottom of the drive, by the road.”

The blonde grabbed his pants and shirt as well. “You’d better make it quick, then.”

Fuck it, he thought, and stood up.

Jogging stark naked with a pussy-slick erection through a moonlit night was easily the strangest thing he’d ever experienced in his life. In the end, he decided the opportunity to blow his load inside a hot Milf without a rubber was worth it.

He opened the silver box upon reaching the truck and risked his father’s ire by pulling the dildo out barehanded. After a glance down the road both ways, he grabbed one of the large-sized, unlubricated condoms they sometimes used to protect finds from moisture. He discovered that while it wasn’t snug around the dildo, it was long enough for him to tie it at the end.

Satisfied, he locked up the back of the truck and hurried back up the hill.

Brenda and Melissa were sitting side by side, kissing and teasing each other’s folds when he jogged up to them. They both giggled as he ran up to them with his erection bobbing.

“Can I do it?” Brenda asked as he sat down on the blanket.

“You can get that taste of my pussy you wanted while she’s at it,” Melissa suggested.

Skyler handed over the dildo and moved into position beside the blonde as she reclined. Brenda was the quicker, and buried the dildo before his tongue could reach Melissa’s clit.

“Mmm. This is the kind of history I like,” Melissa moaned as her friend fucked her.

The pair had apparently done this before, because Brenda left him plenty of room to tongue Melissa’s hairy pussy. He only tasted the latex every so often, and even then it was flavored with the blonde’s creamy juices. Excited by the prospect of filling her full of cum, he tongued her with every ounce of speed and skill he could muster.

Melissa writhed and moaned beneath him as he watched the dildo plunge in and out. He kept up the pressure, and the fingers that settled on the back of his head soon tightened into his hair.

“You’re getting close,” Brenda guessed as she pumped her friend with the ivory phallus.

“Uh. Uh. Uh huh!”

“Do it.”

Skyler latched onto her clit with his lips, sucking hard and rolling it with his tongue at the same time. Melissa let out a long ohh and then suddenly lurched. She wailed to the stars above, fingers fisting in his hair as she climaxed.

The blonde was still jerking and making breathless sounds of pleasure when Brenda pulled the dildo free. “I can’t wait any longer,” the brunette declared, and lay back to part her legs.

Skyler moved in on the opposite side from the hand she was using to masturbate and put his tongue to work. With one woman still in the throes of orgasm next to him, he pushed another toward that same state of ecstasy.

As her friend had before her, one of Brenda’s hands settled on the back of his head, holding him against her. Her hand pumped fast for a brief time, but then slowed as the awkward angle made it difficult. Noticing it, Skyler was about to move and take over when Melissa slipped in next to them.

The still-shaky blonde took the dildo, and Skyler returned to Brenda’s sweet pussy. As he lapped and probed her bud, he had to admit that it was exciting to watch a piece of history coming back into its own, over a century later. He’d dug it up, and now it was buried in a much nicer place.

Brenda erupted with a screech only a couple of minutes later. Melissa didn’t slow the pace of her pumping hand, so Skyler kept licking. He pulled up the brunette’s hood, exposing the sensitive nub to his tongue, which drew out a quavering wail.

It only took a few seconds of that for Brenda to forcefully push them both away and clamp her thighs together. She curled up into a ball, rocked by pulses of orgasmic energy and aftershocks while Skyler watched Melissa suck the dildo clean.

After putting the antique toy down on one corner of the blanket and covering it with the edge, Melissa scooted over next to Skyler and took his cock in hand. She caressed her trembling friend’s body while her other hand stroked his erection.

“Are you ready to fuck me and fill me full of cum?”

“Oh, fuck yes,” he said as he throbbed in her grasp.

The blonde dropped onto her back and snapped her legs apart. “Then give it to me.”

Brenda moaned and found the energy to roll over and watch as Skyler knee-walked up to her friend. Melissa reached down to guide his cock into her wet heat, and once again said, “Give it to me,” as soon as the swollen head touched her folds.

His cock sank easily into her saturated sex and settled for only a moment before he withdrew to thrust again.

“My clit. Please.” Melissa said to her friend as her abundant breasts quivered from his powerful thrusts.

The brunette sat up and scooted close, going one better by not only rubbing the blonde’s clit, but also sucking a turgid nipple between her lips.

Caught up in the excitement, Skyler pounded his cock home hard and fast. Loud claps sounded every time their flesh collided, sending shockwaves through the blonde’s free breast. Brenda’s fingers were a blur between her friend’s legs, and she moaned around the nipple between her lips. Melissa caressed the brunette’s body as sounds of pleasure bubbled from her lips.

Grunting with effort, Skyler kept up the relentless pace. His teeth clenched tight as a wicked itch built in the head of his cock. He focused his will, doing everything in his power to hold off an eruption while continuing to rock the blonde’s body.

Brenda released her friend’s nipple to say, “Come for us.”

“Yeah,” Skyler growled in agreement.

Melissa whimpered, “S-so c-close.”

“Do it. Come all over that cock and make it come inside you.”

That made the blonde suck in a sharp gasp that then emerged as, “Oh yes!”

“Make him fill you full so I can lick it all up.”

“Fuck. Not much longer,” Skyler warned as his balls tightened.

“He’s going to fill you up. Come with him.”

“Oh! Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh god!” Melissa cried out as her features tightened. Her muscles also contracted, and her fingers turned into claws on Brenda’s back.

“Are you going to come?” Brenda asked in a rush, and then pinched the blonde’s nipples hard.

Melissa screamed her answer, her voice broken by his cock ravishing her body. “Y-y-yes!”

That was the moment when Skyler lost the battle. He drove his cock into her clinging embrace and let out a roar as his cream erupted.

Brenda said, “Oh yeah. He’s coming. Can you feel it?”

He certainly felt it when her walls contracted around him in orgasm. Melissa screamed as sweet oblivion wracked her body, her back arching up from the blanket, and her toes curling.

Skyler growled as he pulsed in her tight embrace, flooding her with spurt after spurt of hot cum. He grew light-headed from the intensity of his climax, in disbelief of how hard his cream was spraying into her.

“That’s it. Give it to her. Fill her up,” the brunette encouraged him.

“Fuck. Still coming,” Skyler spat out as a contraction of her canal set him off again.

His knees grew weak, and it was all he could do to remain upright despite clinging to her legs for support. When the cum finally ceased pumping up his shaft into her, he was too sensitive to endure the tight squeeze any longer. A loud cry burst from his lips as he jerked free and sat down hard.

Brenda barely gave his cock time to clear Melissa’s nether lips before diving in. Fighting to keep his eyes open, he watched the brunette stab her tongue into her friend’s gaped canal, lapping up the cum already seeking escape. Still well within the grip of her orgasm, Melissa thrashed and screamed the whole while.

Skyler gave in to his heavy eyelids when Brenda sat up, allowing Melissa to roll over onto her side, still gasping for air.

“Mmm. You taste so good together. That was a lot of cum. I hope you saved some for me. I’m not missing my chance to get a hot load inside me and have her lick it all up.”

Skyler popped his eyes open at that revelation and saw Brenda hovering over him, squeezing her breasts and wearing a crooked grin.

“Oh boy.”


Skyler awakened to the sound of his phone ringing on the table next to the bed. Still bleary-eyed and confused, he had to wriggle out from under arms and legs of the two naked Milfs on either side of him to reach his phone.

“Hello,” he answered.

“Everything okay, Skyler? You didn’t call last night,” his mother said.

He shook the remaining sleep fog out of his head and responded, “Sorry about that. I was dead tired by the time I finished last night.”

What he’d finished to make him so exhausted, he left unsaid. Melissa and Brenda stretched, yawning as they awakened from the sound of his voice.

“Okay. Here’s your father. Don’t keep him too long.”

As soon as his father took the phone, the older man asked, “Any other promising spots?”

“A lot. I found the place where the house stood. Found a couple of spots that may be more caches. Think there may have been a skirmish or two fought here. The owner says we can have more time if we need it, too.”

“That’s great. I can tell from the pictures you sent me already that we’ll make money off this dig. If you find more, it could be a good payday for us.”

His bedmates kicked the covers off, and Brenda whispered into his ear. “It’s still Nude Day. Rules are rules.”

Keeping it together, Skyler responded to his father, “I’ll do my best.”

“I need to get off here. Keep at it. Knew this would be a real hot spot.”

“I’ll let you go, but I’ll keep you posted. Yep, I’m in a honey hole, all right.”

Hands slipped between his legs from either side, and it was all he could do to keep from laughing when Melissa held up two fingers.

A chuckling groan rumbled in his chest as he stood corrected.

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