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About a year and a half so ago my wife Debra decided that I needed to get into better shape.

Why wives do things like that beats me, hell it can’t be to keep me able to work longer.

I don’t work at all.

I guess it’s just because she does love me, it can’t be for my money.

I don’t have any of that, either.

I did have money and stuff once, but things I had planned on having in my old age just never panned out.

How did I end up here, in a smallish but comfortable home on the Oregon coast, married to a lady Doctor that is best described as just plain fun?

That’s a long tale and I did relate some of that in my earlier stories, if it matters.

I am perfectly content with keeping my fishing tackle in shape and pruning my Rose bushes. The rest of the time I think of ways to spend my $901.20 I get from Social Security, Debs calls that my allowance.

My wife Debra makes a bunch of money since she is one of those Registered Nurse Practitioners.

Basically a Doctor without the piece of paper saying she is one. Her main job is to overrule the Doctor they do have on staff to keep him from killing off the patients.

Most Doctors have their noses in their charts, the nurses seem to actually look at the patient to see what is going on.

My opinion anyway.

Geriatrics is her field, which means us old folks not quite dead yet.

All Debs does is stick her finger up old guy’s butts and check out their dicks all day every day.

I accuse her of that anyway.

“Hell, I could do your job, no need to go to school at all!” I teased her once way back, wiggling my index finger at her at the time.

“You want to stick your finger up old guy’s butts?” She grinned at me.

“No, but how about I handle all the women clients and you handle…?” I gave her my best evil grin.

“Why, we can start our own clinic, I could go clean out the garage and….?”

That got me laughed at. We laugh and tease a lot, different type woman I got here. Never any jealousy of any kind, she knows I keep my pecker in my pants.

Of course even if I did whip it out, nothing would happen because if I can get it up, Debs is pretty close by kind of quick like.

Way back when we first hooked up I wondered about Debs. The right word for her is that she is on the naughty side, if so she might be interested in cheating with some other guy she found attractive.

Something like that would piss me off. Sure, I spread some wild Oats back when I was young but the female I lived with then was a Cat named Boots and she didn’t give a shit.

But nope, while she does love it if some other male notices her, I am sure my Debs is a one man woman. Even when she is doing some whacky thing like running around a casino on our honeymoon with no panties under her skirt, it had nothing to do with anyone else.

Yep, that was to tease me!

It worked, too.

So even if some guy did get a peek at her rather ample bare bottom going up an escalator, she didn’t care, not really. Debs is not bashful in the slightest.

But she knew damned good and well by then that while I will always keep it in my pants, I do like to look myself.

Get this. Having a masseuse like that July gal we know over doesn’t even faze Debs. Not even when she pokes around in my behind rubbing my prostate and also takes care of the result?

No big deal there. Hell, old coots come in to her office to get checked out, Debs sends them down the hall to a little room to get a urine, plus a sperm sample so she can check for blood, bacteria, stuff like that.

That all by itself is sort of different. That was the first time I ever had any Doctor even ask me for a sample like that, although I filled my share of those little piss cups over the years.

Most Doctors I ever saw show no interest at all in even talking about sex, to Debra it’s a part of life.

I guess quite a few of the customers, mostly old farts like me have figured out that if they have any troubles with that, then Debs will send in Janet, or the one named Mabel (honest to God), another new nurse on staff to get it.

I found out about Mabel from Debra of course, she and I chat over dinner and during the evening, she tells me things. Then I spotted Mabel at the clinic when I went in to get my prescriptions ordered, another thing that Debra insists on.

No refills without a consult, plus the little printout listing everything and exactly how and when to take it.

Pain in the ass, that, but I guess they had one old coot that got some suppositories, then came in and complained to Debs that those things tasted like crap.

Mabel doesn’t look at all like she should be named that, she is maybe 40, glasses perched on her nose, a set of big’uns.

Mabel has never touched me, I teased Debs about needing to have things checked out by the new gal but all that got me was a fake swipe at my nose.

We both giggle about it sometimes. Debs shrugs it off, telling me that old farts like me would stay home and die if she didn’t do SOMETHING to get them to come in for a checkup.

She is probably right about that, and it sure does work.

“Sexual health in older people is even more important than with younger folks!” That is my wife’s party line.

I asked her just once if she ever did that herself, take one of those samples I mean. She told me she didn’t. I am pretty sure that is true, because she won’t even see me as a client in her office.


Nope, I get sent to Jennifer, one of her office partners.

Jennifer seems to delight in checking me out to see what Debs has managed to snag.

I have seen Jennifer’s nipple twice now when she bends over for some reason.

Like to look at my dick.

I think she is near sighted.

That is another thing I don’t ever remember happening in any Doctor’s office.

Of course all that was just an accident.


“What do I need to do that for?” I asked her when she suggested we join a gym that evening.

Debs was serving me my dinner, one of those salads with vinegar and oil she likes to whip up, tiny pink Shrimp sprinkled over the top.

Basically hay with vinegar on top. Maybe ten of those Shrimps, I think she counts them.

Of course she doesn’t know about the hot dogs I had for lunch, I keep those hidden under other stuff in the deep freezer, like the frozen yogurt she buys.

I like to cook the hot dogs in my microwave until they get so hot the pop open.

Those yogurt cups have replaceable lids, neat because I can refill them with the Vanilla ice cream I like and stick them in the bottom of the freezer, Debs never notices that.

“Exercise is good for you, men lose a large percentage of their muscle mass every year, you know.” She told me.

I suppose she should know, since she is a Doctor. I mean, Registered Nurse Practitioner, same thing to me.

“I am down to 206 pounds, all that is left is bones. You feed me like I am a dang Cow!” I retorted, taking a bite of the hay crop she had served me.

“I just want to keep you healthy, I want you around for as long as possible. And about 180 pounds is what you should be at!”

Well. I kind of wanted that myself, but 180? Like I was when I was a senior in high school?

Yea, sure.

“I would need new pants if I lose that much weight.”

“So we can get you some new pants.” Debs countered.

“Besides, I exercise. In fact, I run every morning!” I told her. Hell, I was running out of arguments.

“Yea, to the mailbox. It’s 40 feet.” She rolled her eyes at me.

Well. That’s true.

I did groan when she told me she wanted to go down there to the gym that very same evening.

I tried my best to tell her she was getting way too skinny for my tastes but that didn’t work.

“Your behind is getting so scrawny I might be getting all bruised!” I said, taking a swat at her butt, she just slid sideways and I missed.

She sure has lost some though, down to maybe 140 from her 155-160 when I met her. I think I know why, too.

Exercise. It is amazing how much regular messing around in bed improves things. With Debs, I learned all sorts of things, one of them being that if I get my fingers up inside of her and rub just right up towards her belly button, sometimes all hell breaks loose and she can..well…soak things?

I was thinking about that, then it hit me the salad I was eating really wasn’t all that bad.

“It will be good for us.” She insisted, sitting down to her own plate full of feed crop.

“What?” I asked.

“I said, working out will be good for us!” Debs got that mildly irritated tone of voice she gets when my thoughts wander off.

Crap. Big Brother was going to be on. Maybe this time they will get that damned Brenden guy for keeps, lying asshole. I don’t know why he can’t just be honest and play the game?

Then take out the redhead named Rachel, the manipulative little bitch.

I went in and set the recorder, when Debs gets an idea in her head it’s easier to just go along with it because the alternative is to listen to her.


The very first person I saw when we walked in the door was Rachel. No, not the one on Big Brother, the one that lives next door to us.

Now, I told you about Rachel in another story, she is our neighbor. It seemed she had a bit of a..uhh..”sexual” problem with her hubby and somehow I got talked into helping her with that.

You don’t believe me about that, do you?

I know. Some old fart like me with my face between the legs of a twenty something young woman, both of us married to make it even worse?

With a wife not only knowing all about it but approving? I guess even her husband Nathan knew about it too but I never really mentioned anything and he never asked.

Yea, sure, like anyone on the planet would ever believe that.

I don’t myself but it happened.

Kind of fun, too.

Yea, I know. What is going to happen if your wife finds out that you went and licked a sweet young neighbor gal’s snatch to teach her that yes, her body can too orgasm?

Probably you will die, or wish you had.

I stuck my finger right up in there, and did that little rub thing. Rachel acted like she kind of enjoyed that.

Debs is different, no doubt about that at all.

Hell, she set the deal up, for crying out loud.

Then the mayor’s wife came by, but that wasn’t my fault, it was an accident. I really did think it was Debs that instigated that, too.

Turns out she didn’t.

My bad.

But Debra forgave me, what the hell? She has old guy’s dicks in her hands all day every day at the clinic she works at, so what could she say?

Well, as it turns out she didn’t exactly see that the same way, but like I said, she forgave me.

I haven’t seen a slice of Bacon for months, though. My sack of Cheetos I had curing under the front seat of my truck vanished, too.

I like them best after about three days, that is when they get all chewy. They taste the same but I can stick one in my mouth and they don’t crumble up and end up stuck under my dentures.

Where the hell was I?

Oh, yea, the story.


Anyway, we walked into the gym and there stood Rachel. I hadn’t seen her for several days, she and her chubby hubby Nathan seem to have been getting along pretty well.

I mentioned Nathan in another story, he went fishing with me once. I still get to giggling just thinking about that.

Guess he was after rock fish because that was where his bait was most of the time.

Behind him.

On the rocks.

I looked around, sure enough, there was Nathan.

He had two bar bells, they maybe weighed six pounds combined and he was lifting them up and down, puffing.

“Danny!” Rachel squealed, running over and hugging me like I was a long lost puppy that just made it’s way home.

She had on a leotard, the thing fit her like it grew from her, and she had been sweating so the imprint of her upper body was now on my shirt.

Debs gave me a sidelong glance but didn’t say anything.

Then Debs peeled off the track suit she was wearing. She had on a body hugging leotard, I had never seen her in that before.

That was the moment it really registered on me just how much weight Debs had lost in the last year or so. I knew she had been losing some, since I get to see her naked nearly every night.

Debs is about 5’4″, perhaps 160 pounds or so when we got married, now here she was in a thin leotard similar to the one Rachel had on and it looked like about half of her was gone.

There is something about a skin tight leotard that looks just plain good hugging every nook and cranny of a female body. They sort of hide any of the minor defects that are always there, while showing off all of the good points, like the fact that Debra’s beaver is hairless now.

My stuff is hairless too, I wrote about that also a few months back. Quite an experience, I do know it sure does feel different.

“Wow, Debra looks great!” Rachel exclaimed, after I managed to get her untangled from me.

Man, was she right about that! That outfit hugged every curve of her body, and her big titties stood out proudly. Nice little crease at the crotch, since she was hiking up a leg to get on one of those stationary bikes.

Debs was doing that deliberately, no doubt at all since she gave me a sidelong glance. It was working, too.

I love Deb’s titties, she has big fat nipples that poke out, I could hang one of my shirts on those if I fiddle with them just a little bit.

Two great big bumps right in the front, no bra under that at all, kind of obvious. I noticed even Nathan took a good look, funny since his own wife Rachel was standing there all sweaty and her nipples were poking out, too.

I was glad I still had my jeans on because looking at Debs was giving me a woodie.

Hell, maybe this working out stuff wasn’t going to be so bad after all?

Debs hopped up on one of those bike things that never made any sense to me. Why not put wheels on the things and ride them, at least a person could get something done, go somewhere?

But watching her behind work was kind of fun, her outfit left her legs bare and she was peddling away and…

“Are you going to just stand there, or do something?” Debs asked me over her shoulder. Then she glanced at Rachel, who blushed slightly since she was still standing there almost touching me.

“I better go help Nathan.” Rachel mumbled. Nathan was getting red in the face, those three pound bar bells were getting to him, I could see that.

I sighed and went over to a big weight bar sitting on the floor, looked at it. I reached down to pick it up just as some snot nosed kid wearing a name tag came up to me.

“Hey, Pops. Better start off with something lighter.” He told me.

“Why?” I asked, reaching down to pick the thing up.

It didn’t budge.

“Damn, that is heavy.” I said.

“Yea, that has 150 pounds on it.” The scrawny kid reached down and picked it up with one hand and set it back up on the rack.

“How about I give you a few lessons?” He asked.

“Yea, OK.” I growled.

The kid went over and grabbed another weight bar, came back and handed it to me. I took it, doing my best to not change expression as the thing headed for the floor. I managed to not drop it though.

The kid I now knew was Rick since he had that silly paper name tag stuck to him took the bar and showed me how to do what he called curls.

“Keep your back straight, drop it slowly to your waist, then up to your chest.” He said.

“Do that until the muscles burn, then we will move you to a different exercise.”

“Maybe ten reps will be about right.” He added, looking me up and down.

Like sure, ten times is really going to build up my upper body, right?


I managed six repeats, then I just could not get it up my chest again.

“Good! That is 60 pounds, we will just slowly work you up to it.” He grinned.

“60 pounds? Hell, it felt like 200!” I blurted out.

“That’s pretty good for a first time, pops. Older men take more time to get the arms and legs in shape.” He grinned at me.

I was thinking this kid had better quit calling me “pops.”

Next it was a treadmill which he said was set on slow but I think it was around 100 miles per hour, then he had me lifting those silly little barbells like Nathan had been using, except the set he handed me was maybe 10 pounds.

That was really easy, at least for the first half dozen or so but then they got heavy.

But Debs was looking my way so I forced myself to keep going.

“Better stop before you blow a gasket, pops.” Rick grinned at me.

So help me, I would have smacked the brat if my arms didn’t hurt so bad.

Finally, mercifully, that was over. Debs came over to where I was sitting, plopped down. She was puffing herself, having just done a few miles on the treadmill.

“See what I mean? Both of us are way out of shape.” She said.

“Yea, I guess so. Let’s go home.”

“Shower first and change, we can stop and get a bite to eat.” Debs hopped up and headed for the shower room. That is when I noticed that with her tan colored outfit soaked in sweat, both of her nipples were now showing plain as day.

“Man, do I love your outfit!” I grinned at her. She hesitated, then looked down. She got a big smile on her face.

“Oops!” She laughed, then off she went. I swear, she was twitching her fanny at me as she walked away. I also noticed a couple of the apes that were over there lifting things I couldn’t get off the ground with my floor jack were checking her out.

Debra is a pretty woman, but when we first hooked up she was around 155, maybe 160 pounds. Her face was a little bit round, she had a bit of a tummy and nice round butt cheeks.

Nice little extra chin which got her to giggling when I nuzzled it.

OK. so she was chubby. I liked her and she was just fine to me, in fact, more than fine, she was wonderful.

Now she was…thinner? Combine that with being more than a decade younger than me, it struck me that she looked good enough to turn some heads.

Makes an old coot like me feel sort of proud, to be honest.

I hopped up and followed her to the showers, of course those are kept separate but I would have liked to be in there with her.

In fact I thinking about it but then some woman that looked to be 300 pounds went in, giving me a dirty look over her shoulder.

Nobody was in the shower which was a good thing since I was feeling a little bit fussed up. I can imagine what someone might think if they walked in and saw some gray haired old coot taking a shower with half a hard on going on.

I rinsed off a bit quickly, dried myself and got dressed.

I was sitting there waiting when the wife walked out. She had on a flowery dress, it came to just below her knees, the top went straight across into puffy shoulders that left them bare.

Stretchy stuff around the waist just under her boobs, it flared out over her hips all soft looking.

It should have made her butt appear big but it didn’t.

A new dress, I hadn’t seen it before, it gave her a kind of peasant look. Her hair is getting longer and it was damp so she had it tugged back into a pony tail.

No bra again, Debs seldom wears one except at the office, so she had about a third of her pretty boobs on display.


“You look hot!” I told her, getting a sly look in return. On the way out, one of the goons looked over and let out a wolf whistle. That caused several others to glance our way.

I stuck out my elbow for her to take and we left, feeling a little flash of pride having my gal on my arm.

We shared a plate of vegetarian Lasagna down at the Italian joint.

Whatever that was. I have no idea how they can make Lasagna with no meat in it.

But I had to admit it did taste pretty good.

It wasn’t until we were all the way home that it hit me. I went into the bathroom to do my nightly duty and it was like once I got sat down, everything locked up.

OK. I poked around in the medicine cabinet, found some Aspirin and popped two of them.

It had been some half dozen odd years since I did any real work that used my body like that. Sure, trimming the shrubs, doing things around the house should count.

Of course I spend about half of the nice weather days down by the ocean trying to catch a fish, it’s only maybe a dozen blocks but I drive my truck.

Maybe I should start walking that, I thought to myself. Lord did my old body feel all gimped up.

It’s a good thing Debs fills me up with fiber though, because if I had to bear down any at all to take a dump, it wasn’t going to happen.

How in the hell did maybe 90 minutes of hard exercise fuck me up so bad?

One look at me told Debs all she needed to know.

Probably my whining made it even more clear.

She hopped up and headed for the medicine cabinet, came back with some tube of goop and had me stretch out face down.

Whatever that stuff was got hot as hell real quick!

“Don’t you dare get any of that on my dick!” I told her. Debs just giggled.

It did make me feel better though. Especially when she rubbed some of it on my ass. How a man’s ass can hurt from lifting weights with his arms is beyond me.

The next morning it was worse. I went into the bathroom and made it but barely. In the medicine cabinet I found that bottle of Aspirin and took two more to get me through the day.

I am not supposed to take Aspirin since I had the bleeding episode a year or two ago but I figured a couple wouldn’t hurt me.

Debs noticed I was still sore, she notices everything.

“Maybe I should have you see Jenny today?” She asked.

“What for?” Hell, I really didn’t want to go see Debra’s office partner, right at the moment I mostly wanted to go right back to bed.

“Maybe have her write you a prescription for pain pills?” Debs asked.

“Why don’t you just write me one?”

“You know I can’t do that.”

Fucking ethics.

“I will be fine.” I grumbled, managing to get my behind into one of the chairs at our kitchen table. She shook her head, then served me some breakfast.

Puffy rolls, low fat gravy, even two strips of Bacon.

It looked like I was forgiven for that thing with the Mayor’s wife I guess, or maybe it was the compliments I gave Debra the night before?

Debs left for work shortly after, I made my way to the living room and got settled into my recliner.

I was smack dab into a really neat dream, probably caused by the way my wife had looked in that thin outfit since the dream involved titties and sweating and things like that.

The phone woke me up.

“Jenny says come on in at 11:15, ok?” Debs told me.

“Oh, all right.” I groaned.


The hot shower actually helped, by the time I got down to the clinic I was feeling all right.

Well, as long as I didn’t move very much anyway.

Two more Aspirin really helped, too.

Debs came out while I was in the waiting room, gave me a grin and blew me a kiss but that was it. That clinic is always mayhem, everyone in our community goes there, it seems like.

I knew that they had put another few people on staff, but it had been months since I was there.

Jenny’s new nurse came out to get me, telling me her name was Millie. It was clear that Millie ate well, she was about 5′ tall and around 250 pounds.

“205, good! You have dropped almost 30 pounds since your last visit.” She told me.

Probably why I have to keep tugging at my pants.

Then she took my blood pressure, told me it was 185 over 95.

“Wow, good thing you came in.” She said, and left.

“That’s odd, last time I took it at home it was 140 over 85.” I told her. Then I thought about that, the home tester we had was in a drawer. When did I last use it?

Beats me.

I don’t know why they make such a big deal out of blood pressure, hell, I had to climb all the way up a whole flight of stairs not 15 minutes earlier, what did they expect?

A few minutes later Jenny walked in, she is an older lady, maybe somewhere in her late forties or early fifties, if the two inches of gray roots meant anything.

Millie was right behind her.

Funny that I think of a fifty something woman as an old lady, but I do.

“Debra says you did some working out and are all sore?” She asked.

“Yea, I guess I over did it.” I mumbled.

“More than that going on, I don’t like this high blood pressure at all. Last visit you were having trouble passing urine, how is that going?”

“Fine.” Well, sort of fine, give me five minutes and I can get most of it out. I guess I didn’t sound real convincing.

“Hmmmm.” Jenny looked at me pointedly.

“I better check, I need you to gown up. I will be right back.”

I almost popped off with telling her she just wanted to look at my dick again but I kept my mouth shut.

Millie handed me a gown and left, I could see the place was getting really cheap because it was one of those paper ones.

She had Millie put one of those automatic blood pressure cuffs on me, you know the kind? Every few minutes they almost cut your arm off, then relax and make a peeping sound.

I looked at the monitor, it was rock solid at 185 over 95. Then Jennifer came back in, looked at it and said “Hmmmm.”

There was something about me turning around and placing my hands on the table, I felt Jenny start to check my Prostate but then she stopped. The position was uncomfortable, it was making my right arm feel all tingly. I couldn’t feel my right leg, either, so I looked down.

Funny, it felt all right when I looked down but the moment I looked away I couldn’t feel it again.

I must have really overdone it with that workout, pinched a nerve, maybe?

Someone was saying something, I was not real sure what. Everything got real quiet, then something sounded like it went “pop!” in my head and they got real loud.

Debra was suddenly there, I was wondering why? She was talking to me but what she was saying made no sense at all.

Someone caught me, whoever it was felt really big.

Millie, maybe? What in the hell, I thought?

Then everything went black.


I woke up in a bed, the room was dim but not dark. Some kind of monitor was sounding a tone every few seconds.

Wires were coming from everywhere, stuck all over me.

“Hi. Awake, I see?” A female voice said. I looked at her and had to blink several times before I could see her clearly.

“Yea, I guess. What’s going on? Who are you?” My mouth felt like it was full of Cotton.

“I’m Constance, you had a little episode, you are in the hospital.” The female voice said. I turned my head to look again, the woman was in her 40’s maybe, tall and slender.

“Episode? What kind of episode?” I asked her.

“You suffered a stroke, if you are going to do that then the Doctor’s office is sure a good place to have it happen.” She grinned at me.

My neck felt funny, I reached up and touched the left side. I was covered in bandages.

“So what is all this?” I tried to sit up.

“Lie still, honey.” The woman put her hand on my chest, then patted me a bit.

“A stroke? All that was wrong with me was some sore muscles from over working them.” I complained.

“Bit more than that, honey. You were in surgery for over four hours.”

“What time is it?” I asked her. That last thing I remembered was it being about 11:30 in the morning.

“It’s about 4 AM, you need to relax and get some sleep.”

“4 AM? I have been out for 16 hours?” I asked her.

“Today is Saturday, honey. I am going to have the Doctor come in and look you over, OK?” She smiled.


I remembered going in to see Jenny at the clinic on Thursday.


I woke up again later to see Debs standing there looking at the monitors. She turned to me and smiled.

“Morning, honey. How do you feel?”

“Fine. I could eat a horse, though.”

“It’s sure a good thing you came in, Jenny caught your stroke right as it happened. We are not real sure you would have made it if it happened at home.”

I could see the concern on her face, so I tried to put her at ease.

“I feel great actually.” I told her.

“That’s good. Move your fingers on your right arm for me, will you?” She asked.

I lifted my arm and wiggled my fingers.

“Toes?” She said. I wiggled them, too.

Debs smiled at that, I saw that her eyes went damp. She leaned down and gave me a kiss.


Several male Doctors came and went over the next few days, there was a battery of tests. One of them asked me a whole bunch of questions, when he asked about what medicines I was taking I told him, then added that I had taken some Aspirin for being sore.

He shook his head at that, scribbled in his notebook.

“I think that actually was a good thing, but now I want you to stay off the Aspirin, your records show some bleeding problems in the past. We will put you on Plavix and some time release Nitro, plus some Thiazide, ok?” He told me.

Whatever that was.

“I don’t like taking pills much.” I muttered.

“Well. You just suffered what could have been a fatal occlusion, so maybe you need to pay attention. Then the blood clot, we had to keep you induced for awhile until the thinners took effect. What is interesting here is there does not seem to be any ill effects.”

No ill effects? The odd thing was I felt just fine, except my jaw was numb.

I reached up and rubbed my left ear, I could feel my ear with my fingers but I couldn’t feel my fingers with my ear?

“That will go away after some time.” The Doctor told me, then he left.

Nose stuck in his charts of course, I have no idea how they keep from running over people.


Modern medicine is really something, one pill I take keeps my blood pressure at 135 over 75, another one keeps my heartbeat at 68.

It took just three months before Debs suggested we go back to the gym.

“That almost did me in the last time. Maybe it isn’t a good idea?” I told her.

“Nice try, honey. It’s just the opposite. Working out will be good for you, and we can just take it easy until you build up to it.”

I grumbled but of course that did not help one bit.

So here I was, back in the gym. Rick came up to me and stuck out his hand.

“Nice to have you back, pops.” He said.

Pops, huh? I set right down on his hand, just mean of me I guess. He didn’t even blink.

Then we did a series of light workouts, those weren’t really too bad. Once I had a mild sweat up, he told me to take a break and went over to work with a little blond thing that was lifting about two tons up to her waist.

I noticed Rick was very attentive to the gal, can’t say as I blamed him since the little blond had what can only be described as one hell of a body on her.

“Who is the blond?” I asked Debs when she came over to sit by me.

“That’s Sid, she is a full time body builder and trainer, she has won a couple of contests in her weight class.”

“Wow, no kidding?” I looked over there, Sid was now on her back pushing with her legs at some bar that had cables and lifted a weight off the ground.

Her knees were about six or eight inches apart and each time she flexed her butt cheeks to push…?

The crotch of that outfit she had on wasn’t designed to be looked at from the angle I had, the gap on one side let what was a very intimate part of her body almost….?

“What?” I realized Debs had said something.

“I said, she sure is cute, isn’t she?” Debs had a big smirk on her face.

“Yea, I guess so, but she isn’t as cute as you are!” I put my arm around her.

“Liar.” Debs said, but she was grinning.

Debs was still in a good mood when we got home, and for the first time in a couple of months I got laid very nicely.

That was cool, I didn’t have to do anything at all, she had me down on my back and handled it all herself.

Can’t be having me overly exerting myself, now can we?

The wife even tried for a second helping but that didn’t work, it was still fun though. Especially when she came out of the bathroom with nothing on but a pair of sheer panties with a little fringe around the top of them, and shook her boobs at me.

“You really do look every bit as good as that Sid woman, just not all overly muscled like she is.”

“Yea, sure I do.” Debra laughed and snuggled up with me. One thing for sure, a man can sleep very nicely with a woman’s titties pressed up against him.

I fell asleep sucking on one of them, with Debra’s hand on the back of my head.

Yep. Kind of nice.


It was maybe two months after that, Jennifer was checking me out at her office. Her helper nurse named Millie had weighed me.

“Wow, 194! You are turning into a hunk!” She grinned.

“Yea, I guess the gym really does help, and I don’t get all sore any more.” I told her.

“Maybe I should join, I could stand to lose a few pounds.” Millie said, leading me back.

I didn’t say a word, although it popped into my head that she was right since her fanny did clear the doorway but barely.

“Well, you are getting there, everything looks good.” Jennifer told me. Millie was standing there watching as Jennifer poked and probed me.

“OK. Turn around and let’s see how your Prostate is doing.”

Man. Here we go again, I thought but I did as she asked. In no time Jennifer had her finger up my behind again, I glanced back and saw Millie standing there looking at me hanging down in space with a big grin on her face.

Finally Jennifer pulled her finger out, and I mercifully turned around. I was beginning to get a hard on due to her prolonged invasion, especially with her fat nurse standing there grinning at me.

That is embarrassing to have happen in a Doctor’s office.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, turning red in the face.

“Oh, don’t be. It’s no big deal, we see male reactions all the time, it’s a sign of good health. We are always glad to see that.” Jennifer told me.

Then she smiled, and blushed?

Millie was still standing there with a silly grin on her face.

I guess she was glad to see it, too. Neither one of them said a word about there being no hair down there, Debra and I had gone in the week before to the spa and got a touch up. Those don’t hurt so bad like they did that first time.


“Great!” Debs was saying that evening as she read on the office website Jennifer’s report on me.

“Blood pressure back to normal, all your counts look good, still a shade high on your Triglycerides but not too bad.” She was talking to herself.

“Probably those hot dogs you have been eating, you know those things aren’t good for you.”


“Even your Prostate gland is almost back to normal, but then I knew that.” She gave me a smirk.

That Debra does check at home, ethics be damned.

“Come on, let’s check yours!” I reached out to grab her but she was a bit too quick.

That started quite a chase, at one point I grabbed the jar of Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet and took off after her. I got her cornered in the bedroom, after some more not too serious struggles I had her pants and panties down.

“NONONONONO….OOOF!” She was hollering as I got my index finger slicked up and stuck about an inch or so up her behind.

“Damn you!” She said, but she was laughing.

We never really did that before. I sometimes used the flat of my finger to rub her puckered hole a little bit but….?

I got an idea.

“Don’t you DARE!” Debs squealed as I worked my pants down and slid up behind her. But I had a good grip on her hips and noticed she wasn’t really struggling that much. I did manage to get about three inches of myself in there, trying to be on the gentle side but then she began to squirm way more than normal.

“STOPSTOP..STOP!” She yelled, so I did.

“Not my thing.” Debs rolled over on her back.

I had to admit it wasn’t my thing either, but what the hell. I hopped up and went into the bathroom and washed my dick, being careful to make sure of it.

Then I went back into the bedroom and we did things the right way.


I was floored the next week when we got to the gym, there was Millie in a leotard too. It looked a bit like someone had stuffed a bowling ball into a plastic sack though.

The overly muscled woman named Sid was helping Millie, I did some mental calculations. If Millie came down and worked out just once a week, in 50 years she would be skinny.

I went over and grabbed the 80 pound bar, did 10 curls. The last two took everything I had but wow was that an improvement. I rubbed my arms, my biceps felt nice and firm.

I set the bar down, planning on going over and trotting a bit on the treadmill when Millie came up to me.

“Hi, Danny!” She smiled up at me.

“Hello, Millie. Nice to see you down here.”

“Yea, I want to lose some weight, I let myself get way too plump.” She smiled.

I noticed the way she was standing she appeared to be trying to make her boobs look bigger, for a heavy woman they really weren’t that big, but man did she have a set of nipples. The thing was pale yellow, hell, she looked like a Papaya with arms and legs.

She was soaked with sweat and there was no missing that, the thin leotard didn’t hide anything at all.

I was starting to like those leotards.

Women must know they are showing off their stuff when they have them on, I mean, how could they not know? So far every woman I had seen in this place had one of those outfits on, except for the 300 pound grandma that wore a bathing suit from 1920, and the body builder gal named Sid that wore some string and three little pieces of material the size of a tire patch.

“Well, I better get back to it.” Millie gave me a sidelong look, sort of held her shoulders back for a couple of seconds.

I kept a perfectly straight face, hell, her nipples were as big around as my coffee cup and showed right through the yellow outfit.

I watched as she wandered over and hopped on one of those silly bikes, it didn’t even break.

I saw that Debra was busy working some machine with ropes and weights with her legs, and that Rick kid was close by helping her.

He appeared to be extremely attentive, I almost went over there but Debs was keeping an eye on me so I decided to go find something to lift.

Looking around later, I saw Sid over on a mat by the wall, there was a large mirror and she was doing poses, flexing her arms and legs.

That is something to see, women with huge muscles like that doing poses in tiny little outfits.

I wandered over and said hello.

“Hi, Danny. I am just practicing, we have a show coming up in two weeks.” She put her hands together and pressed, her biceps bulged out, hell, they were half again larger than mine.

“How do my glutes look?” Sid turned and stuck out her right leg, then clenched her left butt cheek.

The thing looked like it moved upwards six inches. Then she bent over some at the waist which magnified the effect.

All there was coming down between her cheeks was a string, the crotch of her outfit was just a little wedge.

There couldn’t be any hair down there, there was no place left to hide it.

“Glutes? You mean your…uhhh?” I managed.

“Yea, my ass?” She giggled at that.

“The show is not a serious one, local judges and mostly for fun, we can make some good tips, too. Is this too much?” She clenched her butt again, bent over.

Hell, now I was looking at both her butt cheeks sticking out the sides of a piece of string!


“Well, it looks..muscular and…uhhh…well defined.” I managed.

“Or maybe more like..this? Which pose is best?” Sid turned her body and the other butt cheek came up, but not so severely.

“That’s better, maybe. It’s..sexier that way?” I told her without thinking.

“OK, Thank you. This show is to raise some cash, the lodge down south puts it on. We usually make a pile of money in tips.” Sid batted her eyes at me. Then she looked down at my crotch, I guess I was beginning to show a bit even though I had on a normal pair of shorts.

Sid looked me in the eyes and a slow smile crossed her lips.

“You are coming to the show, aren’t you?” She asked.

“I..sure, it might be fun. Well. I better…uhh..go do some work.” I managed, turning away.

Sid let out a soft giggle.

“The local shows are always REALLY good!” She called after me.


“Do you want to go?” Debs asked me that evening when I told her about Sid and the body builder show.

“Maybe, I never saw one of those shows except on TV.” I answered.

That is how we ended up driving nearly 90 miles down the coast highway.

Raining like a Cow pissing on a flat rock of course. We live in Oregon, it is either raining or getting ready to.

Then it took us another half hour to figure out which building the place was, I was half crabby by the time we got parked.

At the door, some big guy asked me for my card.

“What card?” I asked him.

“Your membership card.” He told me.

“I’m not a member.” I said. Hell, nobody told me about that part.

“Well, you can’t come in unless you are a member…or with the show.” He looked at Debs standing there.

I was about to give him a ration of shit about it, hell, we just drove nearly 90 miles down a two lane highway that was so crooked the tail lights in front of me were probably my own.

“We ARE with the show!” Debs popped up with, giving the guy a big smile.

The guy looked Debs up and down, then he smirked.

“Well, this is sure as hell going to be different!” He grinned, and let us in.

Inside, we went up some steps to what looked like a meeting hall. There was an emblem hanging from the wall, the Fraternal Order of the Yak I think. There was the head of a dead cow with horns or something like that hanging there.

We could see several rows of metal folding chairs, and at least two dozen old guys sitting there. I spotted a keg of beer over by the wall, a line of a half dozen men waiting with little cups in their hands. More were coming in, too.

I went over to get brew for Debs and I.

“Six bucks.” The guy standing there told me, so I forked over a ten and got my change and the two little six ounce paper cups.

“What in the hell is this place?” I whispered to Debs when I got back.

“Beats me. Some kind of man’s club, didn’t you ask Sid what it all was?” She said.

“All she told me was it was always a good show.” I muttered, taking a sip of the bitter beer.

We found some seats over to the side, I noticed that Debs was the only woman in the room and she was getting her fair share of looks.

That didn’t make much sense, she was dressed in a pull over sweater and slacks.

Just as I was wondering about that, a white haired fellow came out on a stage, someone flicked on a spotlight.

“OK, guys. We have a great show this evening, we have four contestants. Put your hands together!” Everybody started hooting and hollering.

Sid came out from a curtain, followed by three other women I had never seen before. All of them were pretty well built, no doubt about that.

Easy to tell since all of them had on those tiny little sunning suits.

Music came on, the announcer went behind the curtain and the women began to do a combination of dancing and then flexing their muscles.

Just as they all filed off stage to a round of applause, the man who had been outside came over to us.

“Hey, aren’t you are supposed to be back stage?” He leaned down to Debra.

We both looked at him.

“Women aren’t supposed to be in here unless they are part of the show.” He told us.

“What?” Debs asked.

“Look, it’s a private club and these guys each paid the twenty five bucks, they expect a show. If you aren’t part of it, I need you to leave.” He was still leaning down over us so we could hear, the music had started up and one of the women was up there doing poses by herself.

“I am sure these guys don’t want to look at some old woman like me.” Debs told him, starting to show a blush.

“Hell, you look hot to me, honey! Why not go for it, top prize is three hundred bucks.” He grinned at her.

“Hang on, I will get you a number.” He said when she didn’t answer.

“What is all this, I didn’t expect…All I have on is my panties?” Debra said.

“Maybe one of the others can loan you a top or something?” This was all beginning to register on me and I was laughing now.

Debra had more boob left over on one side of her than any of those overly muscled women up there had on both sides, like sure they had a top that would fit her.

“Here ya go, honey.” The guy was back with a little round sign. It had some string to tie it on with, and the number 5 on it.

I glanced up at the stage just in time to see that now it was Sid up there.

Then she slipped her top off, her back to the audience.

“Uhhh…Debs!” I said. Debra was now standing up, looking at the little numbered thing the guy had given her.

Sid reached down and tugged the string at the side of her tiny little bottoms.

Then she bent over. That view I had seen before but something was in the way.

There wasn’t a damn thing in the way this time!

“Uhhh…DEBS!” I said again.

“What, honey?” Debra turned and looked at the stage just as Sid turned to face the audience.

“Oh, shit!” She said.

Half of the old farts in the room were leaning forward to try and get a look at Debra to see what she was going to do. The other half were leaning forward to look at Sid up there, naked as a jaybird!

Just then Sid dropped down into a full split, damn! I looked over at Debra.

Then I started laughing. The look on my wife’s face was priceless!

“I think we need to get out of here.” Debs hissed, dropping the little numbered tag on the chair.


“So why didn’t you go on up there, babe? You would have looked great!” I told her as we headed out for the 90 mile drive back home.

“Yea, sure. Me and my old lady boobs bare in front of a bunch of perverts? Spreading my legs in the middle of some young hard body things like that?”

“You would have looked just fine!” I patted her knee. We didn’t say much more on the drive home.

But Debs did keep reaching over and rubbing my stuff through my pants.

She appeared to be thinking, and she kept licking her lips, too.


We made it home without running over anybody.


I was sitting with my head propped up when Debra came out of the bathroom at our place.

All she had on was one of those tiny little thong things!

“Damn!” I muttered as she did a series of poses, her arms flexed and all.

She even dropped down to do the splits, well.

Almost all the way.

The truth is that she looked nothing like those body builder types had but she also looked sexy as hell.

“You would have brought the house down!” I told her grabbing her and dragging her giggling onto the bed.

“Somebody got all fussed up!” I told her since I found her all sloppy wet and ready to go.

“Yea, it might be fun to think about, but no way was I going to jump around naked in front of all those men.”

Debs was right about that, I wouldn’t have liked that either.

I think.

I would have liked to see the rest of the show, though.

A few days later I asked her.

“What do you think of me…uhhh..maybe joining a guy’s club?”

“And just why would you want to do that?” She asked, one eyebrow going up.

“Oh, you know. Companionship, things like that?”

“Uh huh. I will just bet!”

Oh well. Worth a shot, I thought.

Over dinner, Debs surprised me.

“You know, you can if you really want to.” She told me.

“I can what?” I asked.

“Join that silly man’s cow club.” She snorted.

“Really? They are bulls, by the way, not cows.”

“Whatever. Go right ahead, and maybe I just might surprise you!” One eyebrow went up again, she gave me a sly grin.

Surprise me?


Would Debs actually do something like that?

I am not real sure, maybe if she was braced for it and not caught by surprise like the last time?

Maybe? Probably not, like she told me, sure as hell one or more of those old farts from the club would end up in her office.

Debs is probably right about that. It’s funny, that little incident got her kind of fussed up, that was obvious as hell.

The reason I say that is sometimes Debra puts on one hell of a show for me at home! She has always teased me but now?

Wow. I swear she is getting younger. She makes me feel a bit that way myself.

It isn’t so bad being old.

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