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In The Dark of Night

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It’s just been one of those days. Work was a pain, the car gave me a few problems, and my hot water ran out before I was finished with my shower. I finally decided to give up and just go to sleep. So I’m lying in bed, my eyes just ready to close so I can dream about his hands on my body again, when I think I hear a noise. I sit up and stare out into the darkness. The shadows play across the wall from the moonlight coming through the sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony I begged my man to build.

I can’t see anything threatening or moving though so I figure it’s just the wind and lay back down in the bed. Suddenly a hand clamps over my mouth and a heavy body comes to rest on top of me, stopping my movements before I can even flinch. Where the heck did this person come from? There was no one in my room, I know it…

I feel breath close to my ear and he whispers, “Don’t do something stupid like scream, ok?”

I nod my head, what else can I really do? I don’t want to piss off a psycho. I look up and can sort of make out his silhouette. From what I can tell he has that rugged drifter look, complete with a leather jacket settled across broad shoulders, jeans that fit snug on lean hips, and dusty motorcycle boots. I know that there’s a stranger in my bedroom, probably getting ready to do things that I’ve sworn no other man will do to me, but all I seem to be able to think about it that he’s going to get my sheets filthy. How horrible is it that that’s the only thing running around in my head?

He looks at me then, and as if he can read my thoughts he says, “Don’t worry, I was just getting ready to match the amount of clothing you have on.”

I look up at him in confusion and then remember that I had decided to just towel off and slip under the covers; this is going to be impossible to get out of. I thought about begging him to leave, tell him my husband would be home soon. But everyone around town knows I don’t have a husband. I do have a fiancée but he’s fighting the war overseas. And if this guy snuck into the house so easily he must know that already. So I lay there as he leans back and shrugs off the jacket, a plain white t-shirt seeming to glow on the night. I can see a tattoo near his elbow, leading up his arm and disappearing under his sleeve, this is a bad boy to the core. His shirt comes off next and I can really see the ink on both arms, tribal with an eagle on one side and some sort of eagle and symbol on the other arm. Then he chucks his boots off and I feel myself hold my breath as his hands go to the button on his jeans. He watches me watch him the whole time and slowly un-snaps them, pulls down the zipper, and let’s them drop to the floor.

He stands there in just a pair of black boxer briefs. I can see his hardness outlined in the fabric. I think about what he sees in me that makes him this hard, and I subconsciously lick my lips. He smirks as he pulls them down, revealing his erect cock. I realize I’ve been caught staring and turn my head, blushing and feeling shame that I’m getting a little turned on by this guy. The bed dips as he crawls up towards me and I try to pull away. He crawls on top of me and tilts my face towards his. I close my eyes so he doesn’t see the desire there, desire that I shouldn’t be feeling.

“Open your eyes and look at me.” I ignore him and then I feel his hand on the back of my neck, gently but firmly grabbing my pressure point and my eyes fly open.

“That’s better.”

He leans down close to my face and I smell a mixture of berries and tobacco. I wrinkle my nose real quick and he laughs.

“C’mon, it’s not that bad is it?” I haven’t smelled Skoal in awhile, and it’s not that the smell bothers me, I just wasn’t expecting it. But I’m not going to tell him that.

Now that he’s so close I can see his features better. His eyes are beautiful, big and hazel, with these golden flecks that seem to glow as he stares back at me. I move my eyes down. His lips aren’t too lush, and they’re kind of chapped, he must work outside a lot…and there’s just enough of a beard….wow, that’s hot. Stop that sort of thinking, he’s a mad man, my mind says. But the rest of me is starting to react to his hard body pushing against my softness. He can see my warring emotions in my eyes and he chuckles again and with one hand he holds my wrists above my head. This pushes my breasts up against him and I hear him suck in a breath. It’s my turn to smirk as I realize that I seem to have a nice effect on him as well. Maybe I can use that to my advantage and get out of this situation before it goes any farther.

“Are you going to fight this?” he whispers. He stares down at me and I know that I’ll never be able to deny him any part of me.

“I swear I won’t try to stop you.”

“I think you’re going to like this a lot.”

That’s what I’m afraid of, I think to myself, but I say nothing.

He lets go of my wrists and leans down to kiss me.

It’s been so long since I’ve felt lips on mine. I can’t stop myself and I moan against his mouth, pressing myself up to his body. Then I remember my situation and try to pull away. He laughs lightly and runs his tongue along my bottom lip. “Mmmm, well, at least I’m going to enjoy this.”

He lifts off of me and stares down at me, his eyes visually caressing my body appreciatively. I hate myself, but I feel a little tingly inside and squirm around trying to make the feeling go away. He must think I miss his company because he comes back down onto the bed.

As he leans down to kiss me again I turn my head, dodging his lips. Undeterred, he slides his lips and tongue along the column of my throat and down towards my breast, pausing to leave a tiny sucker bite on the sensitive flesh by my collarbone. My breath hitches in my chest and I forget to breathe. Then he continues on his path. His lips latch onto my left breast and he sucks the nipple into his mouth. As I feel his teeth graze against my hardened flesh he bites down, gently but firmly.

I cry out, wishing I could say I didn’t like this torture, wishing he’d just fuck me and leave. He releases me with a pop and then after laving it with his tongue he blows his breath across it, causing my nipple to tighten almost painfully. He slips over and does the same thing to my other breast, and I have to concentrate immensely to keep the moan from coming out of my mouth.

His lips leave my body and his hands begin to run down my thighs. Finally, we can get this over with and I can start to figure out how to deal with this. My eyes pop open though as I feel warm breath against my pussy. I look down and his eyes are transfixed on the part of my body that seems to love his touch. I know he can see the juices that are practically dripping down my legs and instinctively I try to close them. I’m reminded once again of his strength as he holds onto my thighs, keeping my legs spread wide.

“Please,” I plead, not sure myself whether it was for him to stop or to continue. He chooses the latter though, and I feel the first lap of his tongue against my pussy. He slides it up and down a couple of times, then, once he’s seen that I’m not going to stop him, he moves his fingers to my cunt and gently spreads my lips apart, leaving me open, vulnerable and at his mercy. I suck in a huge breath as his tongue slides up and down my wet slit. He stops to push it inside me. As much as I want to deny it, what he’s doing feels good, almost too good…

“Oh god. Oh please, please…”

“Please what?”

I don’t want to tell him, but he stops his assault and gazes up at me. “Tell me.”

“Please… I want more!”

“Yes Ma’am,” he says and his mouth descends once more to my heated flesh. Within minutes I’m thrashing around on the bed, my hair splayed onto the pillows, my hands fisting the sheets, and his hands gripping my ass as he devours me. I can feel myself getting ready to come and he must sense it to because he stops. “I can’t wait any longer; time for the real fun stuff.”

I come to my senses and knowing that he’s going to fuck me no matter what, I ask him to at least use some protection. “No, I’ve waited too long for this. I don’t want anything coming between us.” His hands travel down my lush frame and although I know that it’s seriously wrong, and I’m going to regret it in the morning, I stop trying to fight everything. I moan as his finger slides over my clit and he chuckles again before slipping that finger inside me. I gasp and he swallows the noise by crushing my lips in a brutal but erotic kiss. I lay there dazed, wondering, ‘What am I thinking? He’s holding me hostage in my bed and there’s no one around to help me. I should be frightened, not turned on…’

Then he grabs me and flips me onto my stomach.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

I do and he runs a hand across my ass. Then he smacks it a couple of times, the stinging sensation sending jolts down to my pussy.

I feel the bed dip a little as he gets behind me and I find myself waiting to feel his hardness inside me….but he just stays still behind me. I try to push back against him and he just pulls back too. I moan and actually beg for him to fuck me. He asks me to say it again.

“Please… please just fuck me.”


I don’t want to feel so needy, but he’s gotten me all worked up, and I just need that little bit more to push me over the edge. So I turn my head, and look him straight in the eye. “Because I want to feel your cock deep insi–”

He thrusts all the way in before I can finish what I wanted to say to him.

I scream, not in pain, although he is rather large. His big hands latch onto my hips and he pulls me back against him, pounding into me as hard as possible. I didn’t realize how long it had been since there had been a cock inside me. And I can feel it growing, filling my wet pussy. Mmmm, how I’ve missed this. I don’t even care anymore that he’s seduced me into this; I just want him to fuck me.

There’s not gentleness in his tempo, just pure animal lust. It feels so good, and then he pushes my body down onto the bed. Now my clit is grinding into the blanket every time he drives into me. My breath is coming faster and faster, and one of his hands comes up and grabs a chunk of my hair, pulling at back towards him.

“This is what you’ve been wanting isn’t it?”

I can’t form a coherent answer so I just moan and thrust my hips back against him. He chuckles again; I’m really starting to enjoy that sound, and he redoubles his efforts. The one hand lets go of my hair and slides under my body, finding my clit. His fingers rub all around it expertly. Anything I may have wanted to say goes out the window as another shriek tears from my throat.

“Are you ready to come for me one more time?” I start to shake a little and nod my head. I tried to answer him, but the words are just jumbled.

He thrusts in hard a couple more times and then, as the first splash of his cum shoots deep within me, he pinches my clit hard between his thumb and finger, sending me over the edge again as I scream into the pillow.


I woke up in bed, feeling the sunlight just starting to come in through the balcony doors. I hear breathing and feel a solid body laying next to me. I roll over and face him, running my hand over the tribal tattoo on his arm, the ink surrounding his Marine Corps tattoo like a frame. He opens his eyes and smiles at me. I smile back and then punch him in the arm.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were comin’ home? I’ve been worried sick for the past week and a half! No one would tell me anything, and I thought something bad had happened to you… if you weren’t my fiancee I think I’d kill you.”

I said the last part without a lot of threat in my voice. He just chuckles again and grabs me close. He buries his head in my neck, his mouth near my ear.

“I’ve missed you so much baby. I couldn’t tell you though. It was a secret mission, you know the rules. I wanted to talk to you though. But let’s not talk about anymore work talk. I’m home for good, so let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

I laugh as he rolls on top of me. His dog tags that I’d been wearing since he left were back around his neck and the cold steel pressed against my chest as he leaned down on me. I close my eyes as he starts a trail of kisses down my body.

It’s so nice to have my jarhead back home and in my arms again.

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