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Mistletoe Treat

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Let me tell you about a party we had a few years back. Every year at our house my wife Dawn and I hosted a Christmas party for my employees. This one particular party was going to be the last one though because I had sold my company to a guy that had a pocket full of cash.

I was retiring, I wasn’t that old, maybe a bit of grey showing, but the money was enough that Dawn and I could take life easy as long as we watched our money and didn’t get carried away and spend it extravagantly.

The guy that bought me out was taking over in the New Year, and I had already moved all my stuff out of the office and had been showing him the ropes of how the company worked. My employees jobs were secure because of the way the business worked and they all were needed to keep things running smoothly.

With the money Dawn and I had decided to splurge a bit and get one big treat each. Dawn couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted but I had bought her the one thing she had been wanting for many years. I had to go to an auction to find a good cherry red, fifty seven thunderbird convertible. I spent a bit more than I wanted but I knew I would accumulate a lifetimes worth of brownie points for it. Myself I wanted a small place in the backwoods where I could just sit and watch the birds and wildlife. I had been looking for a while now and thought I found the perfect place.

For the party we had done up the house in the usual holiday decorations, and of course there were the mandatory five or six clumps of mistletoe hanging around. We ended up with ten single guys and five couples as guests. That meant there were a total of 16 guys once you included me and including Dawn there was six women.

My employees were a tight knit group and socialized quite often, so everyone felt comfortable around each other. In past parties there had been a lot of fun and flirting, but right from the start of this one I could feel something else too. It almost felt like there was a force in the air just waiting to burst forth. I was busy being the designated bartender so I could talk to everyone as they came up for more refreshments. Since it was the holiday season, and I was paying for the cabs, all the drinks were made pretty strong. Dawn played the part of the hostess making sure everyone had plenty of snacks plus she spent a lot of time chatting with everyone.

We had a catered meal which was on the main floor. We had so many guests the dining room wouldn’t hold everyone so the caterers had brought some more tables which extended from the dining room into the front room. The meal, like always was very filling. There was turkey, dressing, veggies, potatoes, a lot more wine than necessary, plus all the other things that made for a great feast. Once that was out of the way, everyone adjourned to the basement rec. room again for the rest of the evening.

Once everyone was in the rec. room, most of the guys gravitated to the bar and were passing on their bull shit. The single guys were bragging about their latest conquests and the married guys, not to be outdone were bragging about what their wives were like in bed. The women were all on the other side of the room having their hen party. I could tell they were talking about us because they would put their heads together then they would look over at us and start giggling.

As the evening went on I realized I didn’t have the right physical attributes to stay popular with the guys. I was male and didn’t have tits or a pussy, so the guys slowly abandoned me and were standing around the room in groups of two’s and three’s. It finally dawned on me why they were spaced about the room. They all were congregating around those clumps of mistletoe. Whenever some female got even close to some mistletoe, there were always a couple of guys grabbing her arm and dragging them under the mistletoe wanting their kisses. It was almost a contest to see which of the guys could get the most kisses from the girls.

At first the kisses were fairly innocent, but the guys were getting bolder with the kisses and it didn’t seem to matter if the girl was married or not. The women didn’t seem to be complaining though, and if truth be known some were even going from one clump of mistletoe to the other.

Everyone had had more than their share of drinks and the girls were all laughingly carrying on and giggling when they got their kisses. They looked and acted like high school kids that had gotten away with doing something naughty. I watched as my wife Dawn was getting more than her share of kisses. She was acting totally out of character by seemingly liking the attention by willingly giving as good as she got.

As time went on I noticed that the kisses were lingering pretty long and there now seemed to be some tongue action taking place. To my amazement none of the girls were complaining or trying to resist the advances the guys made. With there being no resistance from the girls all the guy’s hands were soon wandering more and more, and there was more than one girl who had her tits squeezed, or ass grabbed.

Things took a real turn when Dawn got caught by a group of three married guys. They surrounded her so she couldn’t get away and they were kissing her aggressively. I also saw that as well as kissing her they were molesting her pretty good. I noticed her blouse fall to the floor followed by her bra. Some of the other guys noticed the action with Dawn so they must have decided if it could happen to her why not the rest of the girls. Soon there were more clothes on the floor and a few topless girls to boot.

I sort of had a concern about where this was going. Mind you I always had a fantasy of watching Dawn with other guys so I was sort of hoping things would go further. Since the girls were outnumbered two to one and they all seemed to be enjoying the attention I decided to sit back and watch. No one was forcing anyone to do something they didn’t want. Heck, the girls in some instance were being the aggressive ones so I figured if they were having fun this night could prove to be a guy’s wet dream.

I had watched a fair bit of porn in my life and the amateur ones with the husband watching as his wife took on a cock or two, or even a bunch of cocks, were the ones that turned me on the most. Dawn knew those films turned me on, so when she made it over to me, topless of course, I smiled as I asked her if she was enjoying the party. She said she was having a blast. I then asked why she was acting so promiscuous and told her that I thought things were getting out of hand and she could find herself doing things she would regret. She gave me a pouty look and teased me by saying, “Aren’t you the one that gets off on porn where the wife gets fucked by other guys. You never know maybe its better in the flesh than on a video. I’m having fun and as a Christmas present to you I’d like to see if you truly like watching your wife get fucked. We’ll never see these people again so let’s just go with the flow and see what happens.”

That comment set me back a bit and I had to admit I had never seen this side of my wife before. She had always been passionate in the bedroom with me, but in public she acted demure, and her acting like this was a bit of a shock. I didn’t know how far things would go that night, but my cock jumped as I thought to myself that I was willing to see just what Dawn was going to allow.

I watched Dawn head back across the room and as she joined a few guys they made room for her in their group. I also noticed that the pile of clothes on the floor was getting to be pretty large. I took another look around the room and there sure were a lot of near naked bodies molesting each other.

That’s when my dirty mind thought of something. I envisioned having a lot of jerk off material from this night for later, so that’s when I ran to the mechanical room and activated the security cameras. That security system was top of the line but hardly ever got used. I was sure glad I had it. I had to bring home some sensitive material from time to time and the security system was a way of protecting that stuff. It had more bells and whistles and as a bonus it had two or three micro cameras in every room in the house and enough memory to record every one of them for twenty four hours. I activated the system for the whole house to record as long as the thing could. On the way back to the party I was thinking that security system might be the best idea I ever had.

I had a hard on thinking I might get lucky and record not only my wife, but all the wives fucking in front of a camera. I soon was again caught up watching the action around me.

My eye caught some action by the doorway on the other side of the room. Kurt and Prentice had Dawn backed against a door jamb with their hands giving her c cup tits a work out. That caused my cock to spring to full hardness. I blinked and the two of them were both sucking on a nipple and she was bending back giving them better access.

That’s when I concentrated on Dawn. She wasn’t trying to get away from the guys and was holding onto them tightly as if to encourage them more. My mind was whirling as I thought, that’s my wife. I never knew she could be like this, and here I am watching her and my hard on won’t quit.

Kurt and Prentice continued to suck on her tits as their hands started roaming on her body. Kurt then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Dawn was now only wearing a G string, heels, and her suspender belt that was holding up her thigh high stockings.

I almost couldn’t believe that I was watching my wife having her tits mauled, by two guys, who also had their hands roaming her ass and inner thighs. I was rubbing my cock through my pants watching the spectacle unfolding in front of me. I just had to undo my pants and pull them off which let my cock free. Now I could stroke it easier.

Every girl in the place was busy with two guy’s hands and mouths all over their bodies. The girls may have all been married, but I noticed only one was busy with her own husband. The rest were with anyone but their husbands. Kurt and Prentice continued having their way with Dawn and when they finally let Dawn go she looked and saw that the two of them had erect cocks standing at full attention pointed straight at her.

Charley, who was naked and holding his erect cock tightly in his hand came over to them and said he wanted to join in. Without hesitation Charley pulled Dawn to him and shoved his tongue down her throat. He probed her mouth searching for her tonsils. Kurt and Prentice went off to join in with some of the other girls as Daryl, who had also ditched his clothes, arrived and kneeled down behind my wife. He reached around her and pulled down her G string leaving her naked except for her suspenders, stockings and heels. Dawn was squirming weakly as he then stroked her pussy. Charley then sucked her nipples as Daryl was sliding his finger up and down between her moist pussy lips. She even spread her legs to give him better access.

All I could do was to find the best view and enjoy the sight while I jerked my member that was already beginning to ache. Daryl on his knees turned Dawn and started to feverishly lick and suck her cunt burying his tongue in as far as it would go as he flicked his tongue over her clit.

Dawn started moaning loudly completely lost in the emotions. Daryl was vigorously licking her clit and Charley was devouring her tits. Dawn grabbed the back of Daryl’s head and tried to push it even further into her pussy as she loudly exclaimed, “Right there, right there, oh fuck yeah that’s it.”

With those words you could tell whatever inhibitions she had left were gone. Everything seemed to be in a frenzy as the evening was turning into an all out orgy. I couldn’t believe it. Here it was only about ten in the evening and not only was my wife engaging in carnal acts right in front of me, but the rest of my employees had their own orgy going on too. I just leaned over the bar and watched all the women being sexually assaulted by at least two guys, and all I wanted to do was stroke my throbbing cock as I watched.

Daryl and Charley laid Dawn down right in the middle of the floor. They then continued their assault on her body. Some others came over to watch and you could see Dawn’s eyes looking from one cock to another. Her body started to buck as she came because of Daryl’s tongue, and her eyes rolled back as she quivered and came.

Daryl pulled his tongue from her and Charley on his hands and knees moved up towards her head and rubbed his big cock against her lips. Daryl moved up until the shaft of his cock was resting against the swollen lips of my wife’s pussy. He looked at me and then slowly started moving his pelvis back and forth rubbing the full length of his man stick against her juicy cunt. Using his fingers he opened her folds as he made his cock nice and wet. Daryl was pushing the right buttons because my wife opened her mouth and Charley who had been waiting quickly shoved the enormous knob on the end of his cock past her lips and into her mouth.

Dawn caught by surprise gagged as Charley didn’t hesitate to pump her mouth with his cock. Daryl was looking at me as if confirming it was OK. I smiled giving him permission and he lifted his ass and arched his back to get the head of his cock pushing forward just enough to open the lips of Dawn’s pussy. He then slowly pushed until just the head disappeared into her. He held it there for a moment, never breaking eye contact with me, and pushed until he hit bottom. He then vigorously began fucking her. Dawn now was sucking Charley as Daryl slammed his member into her as deep and hard as he could.

Dawn was raising her ass off the floor as Daryl would slam himself into her violently making a loud clapping sound on each stroke. Daryl didn’t last too long and he tensed up and shoved himself as deep in her hole as he could and let out a groan as he dumped his load into her.

I took stock of myself just then. Here I was watching a couple of guys using my wife and all I was doing was stroking my meat. I wondered about my response. I knew my body was dictating my response because it was overcome by the stimulating show in front of me. After thinking about it for ten seconds I resigned myself to the fact that this was better than watching any porn show ever made. If my wife being used like this turned me on I wasn’t going to complain and just enjoy the show.

I looked around again and every girl was being worked over by two guys. Some were being spit roasted, some on their knees sucking cock and another acrobatic one was even being hung upside down with her legs over a guy’s shoulder’s as he licked her ass, and another guy was fucking her inverted mouth. By now Charley pulled away from Dawn’s mouth and climbed between her legs and he did not take it slow or easy on his penetration. He powerfully hammered his cock in as deep as he could go in one motion, which met with Dawn’s loud approval.

By now all a guy could hear in the room was constant moans and groans, and passionate phrases like fuck me harder etc. The sound of slapping skin as bodies were frantically trying to get release was constant.

Getting back to my wife, Charley was pounding Dawn’s semen filled pussy for all he was worth. Dawn was off on her own journey and on fire as that big cock slammed into her like there was no tomorrow. Kurt had been fucking a short blond, but he walked over and knelt down in front of Dawn and started to rub the head of his cock against her lips. You could tell Kurt was already worked up because as his cock rubbed her face and lips you could see the glossy sheen he was leaving on her face.

Kurt had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been 8 inches long and as thick as Dawn’s wrist. My wife reached up with her hand and wrapped it around that horse cock. She started working her hand up and down. While not losing any rhythm with Charley, Dawn opened her mouth as wide as she could so Kurt could insert his cock in her mouth. God it barely got past her lips. He was stretching her mouth to the limits.

Charley pulled out of Dawn’s pussy and was replaced by Prentice’s penis. He had come back to enjoy Dawn’s body again. He soon was pounding her at a pretty fast pace and was building to his inevitable release. He was grunting as he slammed his cock into her and you could tell he was about to splash the inside of her with his seed. He was grunting, as he then started to yell out, informing everyone, “Ooh shit, here it cums. Fuck, I’m going to shoot a big one, oh god it feels so good, you ready for my hot spunk bitch?” His ass quivered as he came deeply in her.

This seemed to put Kurt over the top as he started bucking and cried out “oh yes, I’m going to cum in your throat, get ready to swallow it bitch”. Kurt jerked rapidly and started dumping his own load in my wife’s mouth as he yelled “oh yes I’m fucking cumming, swallow it you cunt, swallow it all bitch, and don’t waste a drop.”

My wife had never been talked to like this before, and I expected her to be upset but she acted like she was getting off on it. If anything it seemed to stoke the fire more in her. The guys noticed her reaction to the slutty talk and whenever they were talking to her from that point on she was treated like a street whore. Kurt groaned and shoved all he could get in her mouth as he unloading several huge deposits. Dawn was gagging, but Kurt was holding her head as that huge cock thrust into her mouth. Streams of cum escaped her mouth and ran down her cheek as she continued gagging on his huge load. She caught her breath and after a bit of shuffling around Dawn now bent over the Prentice and Kurt as they lay on their backs. She soon was sucking them for all she was worth, trying to get them hard again.

I had been mostly watching Dawn’s antics but had scanned the room a few times looking at everyone else’s antics. It seemed all the girls had cum at least two times and they must have had enough because they were getting dressed and were coming over and thanking me for the party. I called for the cabs and they left for home. I noticed that all the wives left with someone that wasn’t their husband and a couple of tem took two guys with them.

Dawn was still busy being spit roasted. After the people that were going to leave left Charley, Prentice, Kurt, Ricky, Richard, Dawn and I were the only ones left in the room. There was a brief rest period as everyone caught their breath. Mind you all the guys were still caressing Dawn as if to let her know there was more to come. My cock was telling me it hoped there was going to be more and I was looking forward to watching what everyone knew was going to happen.

Ricky started things again when he stuck his cock in Dawn’s face. My wife opened her mouth immediately and took the whole piece of meat in her mouth and started working it in like a woman possessed. This mainly conservative wife I used to know had transformed into the whore in front of me and seemed like the fires in her body couldn’t be extinguished.

She took Ricky’s whole rod down her throat. He couldn’t believe she was taking all of him with her mouth and had caught on to the fact that she liked the dirty talk so he said, “Oh god you’re such a fucking whore. You slut, suck my cock. Make me cum bitch.” You could see her working her tongue around his cock she took it down her throat. Ricky grabbed the back of Dawn’s head and was only concerned about cumming. He cried out “Take it all you fucking whore,” as his cock was making her gag. “Oh fuck that’s it, I’m cumming down your fucking throat you cunt. Oh fuck, oh fuck here it cums, holy Christ here it cums, swallow it bitch.”

His body jerked violently as dumped his cum. He groaned and his ass was clinched tight as he pulled out of her mouth and emptied most of himself directly into my wife’s face. Dawn’s face was now covered from her forehead to her chin with cum.

Prentice was hard again and lay on his back and pulled Dawn on top of him and sunk his cock into her. Charley walked up and kneeled behind Dawn. He straddled their legs and pushed Dawn forward onto Prentice’s chest. He rubbed his cock over the juice running down from her cunt, and using his cock slid it along her backside to lube her anal opening. Charley then spread her ass cheeks wide and took his cock and slowly pushed his cock head against her last unused opening. Prentice knew what was going to happen so he grabbed Dawn’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart displaying that tight little hole. With her ass cheeks spread Charley pressed harder until the head of his cock slowly started to enter my wife’s ass. It was all in slow motion as Charley pushed harder as his cock stretched my wife’s sphincter until he was firmly planted.

Dawn slowly started rocking back against the two cocks of Charley and Prentice. She surprised me even more when she started talking like the slut she had become and said, “Right now I need to be used.” She then commanded them, “Do me hard now!” The three of them worked up a nice rhythm when she turned her face towards Richards waiting cock, and took it in her mouth. She was now air tight fucking and loving it. It didn’t take long until the sensations got to her and she went ballistic as she came and came as her body thrashed wildly about.

She was fucking them like a total slut and I loved it. They went at it for a few minutes and then Richard’s cock slipped out of Dawn’s mouth. Without the cock in her mouth to gag her, she moaned loudly as those other two cocks kept up fucking her two holes. She screamed, “Two cocks fucking me. Both of you, fuck me as hard as you can. Use my body, make me a whore, fuck me.” She then gasped out, “I’m cummmming, oh god fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

It was a surreal type moment for me because just a little while ago Dawn got fucked by another man instead of me for the first time. Now Charley was burying the bone in my wife’s backside and Prentice s hard cock was deep in her pussy and Pat was stepping up to fill her mouth again. The two other guys were rubbing and playing with whatever they could gets their hands on.

Two minutes later my wife’s body was wildly trashing about so Pat had to pull out of her mouth. She was getting fucked at full speed now and both guys would slam their cocks in her orifices as deep as they could go. The guys seemed to forget about my wife and were only trying to cum as soon as they could by just jamming their cocks in her for all they were worth. Her body was bouncing back and forth between those cocks as they assaulted her as fast and as hard as they could.

Dawn again cried out, “Oh god, I feel so full of cock. Pound me, fuck me harder. Oh god I can’t stop cumming,” She screamed as her body shook to her core. The thrashing of her body caused Charley and Prentice both to cum at the same time and both cried out, “Here I cum, Ugh, Ugh, Oh guh.” I could see them tense up as they pumped jizz inside her. Dawn screamed out as the two guys came, “I can feel them filling me full of hot cum. Oh my god fill me up.” All three laid there in a pile for a few minutes until Charley and Prentice finally pulled out of my wife.

She was covered in sweat and had cream pies oozing out of her openings. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was running. I got some damp towels and they began to clean some of the cum that seemed to be all over her body. That led to Richard and Ricky massaging her mounds and making her nipples even harder than they were. This was having an effect on my wife too because she started moaning and squirming on the floor

Dawn looked up to see Prentice. He had laid down between her legs and was slipping inside her and then he proceeded to start fucking her. She raised her legs to her chest so that he could sink in further and said, “A new cock, just what I need, Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

She then turned her head and proclaimed, “I want all of you to use me, I am yours to use, anyway you want. I’ll fuck you until you can’t get it up any more. I am so fucking horny right now.”

Two guys kneeled down, one on each side of her head and she took turns sucking their cocks. Things were becoming a blur as guys kept shifting positions using her as their fuck toy. Over the next hour my wife rarely had an orifice left unused.

My balls were aching the whole time as I watched my wife being used. I just had to join in. so when I got a chance I crawled between her legs. Her cunt lips were invitingly splayed open. Cum was flowing out as I began to stick my cock inside her. Her cunt felt a lot looser, but in whole the feeling was great. Her juices mixed with all the cum she had in her made for the warmest slipperiest feeling I have ever felt. I immediately was pounding her hard and her cunt was making slurping noises while I did. The excitement of feeling of my cock between her legs in a pond of juices made me spill my load in just minutes.

I had just pulled out and Richard was ready to go again. He had just got in position when Charley wanted underneath her. Charley lay down on the floor. Dawn was getting tired so the rest of the guys helped my wife up and moved her over him. With her back to him and cum dripping down her legs they lowered her ass onto his waiting cock. That cock of his stretched out her ass hole so much I was sure she was going to split open.

She laid back on his chest as Richard climbed back on and stuck his cock back into her cunt to finish what he started. Richard was so horny he started fucking her at a frantic jackhammers pace. My wife was sandwiched between two guys again. One with a cock up her ass and the other was hammering her pussy. I had never heard her make some of the noises coming out of her mouth and she was also declaring to anyone who would listen to fuck her hard.

Richard only lasted a few minutes and rolled off of Dawn. Her pussy was cum filled but that didn’t stop another guy from climbing between her legs. Dawn appeared to be having constant orgasms. Her spasms caused Charley to tense and dowse the insides of her ass. This drove the guy fucking Dawn over the top as he started to slam her as hard as he could. He didn’t last too long as he came in her too. They laid there for a few minutes catching their breath then uncoupled.

Kurt, the guy with the huge cock, had only used Dawn’s mouth to this point. He picked up my wife and laid her on a coffee table. He crawled between her legs and rested her caves on his shoulders and said, “Get ready you fucking bitch, here it comes.” Her pussy was at just the right height for him. He took his horse cock, which had to be 8″ long and three inches thick and got lined up to fuck her. Her pussy was well lubricated and offered little resistance as he slowly started shoving his cock up that tight hole.

My wife was loudly groaning when he hit bottom, then he started driving that cock of his in and out of her. Kurt had a lot more staying power this time as he pumped her for nearly 10 minutes. Dawn was now in a daze and barely moving except for when she came which was fairly often. Kurt finally pulled out and shot a huge load of juice on her face.

We all could see she couldn’t take anymore, so several guys were standing over her worn out body beating their meat. My balls were aching from watching all of the action so I joined the others and blasted a load all over my wife’s face and hair. When the rest of the guys shot their cum, her body was covered in the slippery stuff.

It was almost three in the morning and Dawn was passed out and looked like her entire body was covered in cum.

All the guys were now spent and were boasting about the actions of the cum covered whore passed out in front of them. By that time everyone was exhausted, so no one bothered to get dressed and go home, they just laid out wherever they could and were instantly asleep.

I was no exception, but as I lay down on the couch I thought about my wife’s actions with all those hard cocks. I don’t think I have never seen so many cocks at a constant state of arousal as I did that night. The guys were acting like they hadn’t had pussy for years. Even some of the porn films I have seen couldn’t compare to what I had witnessed. Dawn, who was normally reserved about things involving sex had surprised me by how easy she took everyone there that night. It was if someone I didn’t know had been hiding in her body all these years and suddenly escaped to run rampart. A bigger surprise to me was how turned on I got watching her acting like a slut. My cock still hurt from being so hard for so long.

Around 10am I woke up to the sound of moans and groans. I thought it was just a dream and my mind was still thinking of last night, but when I opened my eyes and looked over two guys were fucking my wife again. Dawn had not even cleaned up. She was laying on one guy with his cock in her cunt and another guy behind her with his cock in her ass. They must have been fucking her for a bit because they were both yelling out that they were ready to cum. Again I watched as another couple of guys emptied themselves inside my wife. As they finished she looked at them and told them, “Thank you that was a great way to wake up.”

She stood up and Kurt walked up behind her and ground his huge cock against her ass. He turned her so she was facing him and he pinched and pulled her nipples. He told her, “It’s my turn again, spread those legs I want into that whore cunt of yours. He pointed his stiff cock at her cunt and pushed it in. He was fucking her with that baseball bat of his while they were standing up.

Dawn wrapped her legs around him and was bouncing up and down on his cock as she hung on by wrapping her arms around his neck. She looked around at the other guys and said, “I thought you all got enough of me last night. I’m up for some more this morning so if you want me, it’s alright, because right now I cannot get enough of your cocks. Let me get on my knees Kurt, I want you to fuck me properly as I need to feel this cock as deep in me as possible.”

Dawn got down on all fours and Kurt proceeded to pound her from behind while reaching around to molest her tits. They fucked like this for a good 10 minutes then he clinched his ass cheeks and emptied yet another load in her. Dawn looked around at the other guys and said “I guess you all want to repeat what we did last night? Let’s go into the guest bedroom and be comfortable this time. I’m going to be your cum bucket and you can fuck me till you drop. ”

Just then the doorbell rang and I ran upstairs and grabbed a robe and went to answer it. When I opened the door it was my secretary Ruth. “I just had to come over and thank you for the party. Zeke and Marcel are still sleeping and I think they will be out until this afternoon. I just thought I would come over and help clean up the mess.”

I just opened the door more and let her in. I told her. “The mess is downstairs, but I think everyone is making more of a mess.”

Ruth got big eyes as she looked at me as she comprehended what I just said. “Oh… I suppose it is just Dawn and her friends down there.”

I nodded my head and she got a smile on her face, “Well if there is a mess I better dig in and help.” She then headed to the basement and left a trail of clothes as she went.

When the guys saw Ruth I heard, “Reinforcements guys, she looks like she needs an airtight fucking. Let’s get at it.”

When I arrived in the basement Charley, Prentice and Ricky were starting to work on Ruth. I went looking for Dawn and she was in the guest bedroom. Richard was enjoying her pussy while she was sucking on Kurt’s cock trying to get him hard again. I figured it was as good a time as any to get myself off so I got Dawn and Richard to roll over giving me access to her ass.

Everyone was having a blast, and all I heard for the next while was, moans, groans and other sounds that let a guy know that Dawn and Ruth were getting a serious fucking. The rest of the morning was spent with guys rotating between the two girls and making sure they got totally fucked. As guys wore out, one by one, they started to leave, and by one o:clock they had all gone leaving me with two completely fucked out women and a big mess.

The mess waited as Ruth and I took Dawn upstairs and joined her in the shower to clean her up. Once she was cleaned up I had to carry her to the bed where once under the covers she promptly fell asleep. That left me with Ruth. She was in the shower still, so I went back to join her. I always liked fucking a soapy, slick, slippery body, and a gooey pussy. I got to enjoy that feeling again.

Ruth eventually left. So I joined Dawn in bed and rapidly slipped into dream land. I slept the whole afternoon and night away and the only reason I woke up was I had to piss like a racehorse.

I was in the kitchen when an incredibly disheveled Dawn appeared looking for food. The first thing out of her mouth was, “Coffee, I got to have coffee, black and strong.” I had anticipated that and poured her a cup.

When she finally got back to the land of the living we talked about what had happened. She admitted she got carried away and apologized for being a whore, and was worried about what I thought of her. I reassured her that I had enjoyed her acting like a slut and fucking all those guys. After all that was just the type of fantasy I had had for a long time. She admitted she didn’t know what come over her and she couldn’t fathom how many times she had different guy’s cocks in every hole. She told me she was sore from all the cocks she fucked.

She finally admitted she liked what happened to her. Dawn then said, “At the start of things I had a real good glow from the drinks. As the guys kissed me, and those kisses became more prolonged I felt exhilarated that the guys wanted me. It was exciting carrying on like that in front of everyone. Once the sex started I was just lost in the animal cravings of it all. It was a sexual desire that just had to be explored and turned out to be the most thrilling thing she had ever done.”

There was no sex for a while as Dawn recuperated which was Ok. I was editing the videos from the security system. Dawn watched me and couldn’t believe some of the things she and the other women did. The fun part was watching the others in action and what they did. We decided not to do that kind of action that close to home anymore. Now a couple of times a year we head out for a sexual holiday to enjoy ourselves. It’s a good thing on our return trips customs hasn’t checked our camera to close, or they would see some of the wild things we filmed to bring back with us.

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