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Prom Dates

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I stood in front of my bedroom door and I struck a pose. I had already received several compliments about the dress I had chosen to wear for our special night. I was glad of that, as it had cost me a week’s pay. When I showed it to my date, the smile made it worth every penny. My high heels had invoked a similar reaction, making the hundreds of dollars I spent on those worthwhile. I invested a lot to look good for my date, but the end result would be so worth it.

I was going to have a night like I had fantasized about for years. Caitlin was going to enjoy a night with my neighbor, 18-year old Tahlia and her gorgeous twin brother, Chet.

Yes, you are reading that correctly – I did indeed have two dates that night. It was part of a bargain we struck to insure my silence at discovering their illicit activities and my getting in on all of the kinky fun.

Pretty blonde Tahlia had been babysitting for me since she was 13. I was a young, single mother of twins myself, Penny and Patty, who are 3 years younger than Tahlia. As the kids were close in age, they didn’t mind having their neighbor and friend look out for them while I worked nights as a maid in a ritzy mansion. I helped keep the house spotless and looked after the owners and got the early morning meals prepared.

I earned good money and I made sure to provide Tahlia with bonuses for staying available. She also made sure that if she wasn’t available, her brother Chet was. He was as handsome as she was beautiful and it did not escape my roving eyes that he was going to be a stellar specimen of manhood in a few short years. I have had an eye for gorgeous people since the age of 16. Yes, I said people. As I am sure you have gathered, I am bi-sexual. I have been with sexy young women, sensual older women, hot young studs and men with the cocks to fuck me senseless. My girls know their mommy likes sex and we have an open and honest relationship. I don’t usually bring my lovers home and if I’m going to be doing a “sleepover”, I always have Tahlia or Chet stay with my babies. I may be a slutty bitch, but I’m a parent first and foremost.

Because I have a lot of sex and also work nights – and yes, sometimes the two dovetail – Tahlia spends a lot of nights at my home. She even has a bureau in the guest bedroom. Recently, while cleaning, I discovered a nice little nest of lingerie in the middle drawer. As Tahlia is now 18 and beautiful, with a nice wiggle to her walk and a dazzling smile, her being sexually active did not surprise me. We had talked about sex a few times and I knew her views were almost as liberal as my own. Basically – if it feels good, do it!

Tahlia has even borrowed a few of my outfits, as we are the same height, although she’s got a few more curves than I do. I will confess, that in recent months, my feelings toward Tahlia had migrated from friends and mentor to – well, honesty time here – I had given a lot of thought to trying to seduce her. As it turned out, I didn’t have to, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Every time Tahlia would sit for me, my brain would go to what it would be like to get her in bed. I thought of a lot of plans to seduce her, although I assured myself that eventually, it would happen. We seemed to be making our way to a new kind of friendship. I believed that I might even be able to simply just ask her to sleep with me. The images of her hot little body with that wonderful ass, my tongue licking and rimming her, drove me wild. So much so, that I called one of my go-to lovers to hook up. He has a great cock, stamina aplenty and if I wanted a girl as well, he had several on speed dial. It looked like everything was headed my way and I could get rid of the hornies. I called Tahlia to look out for the girls and got out my sluttiest lingerie and heels to wow my date. She showed up at 7 and I was on my way out the door.

I got to my date’s home early and surprised him – in bed with his wife! I didn’t make a scene, although she sure did. I apologized for being there and she seemed to take me at my word when I explained I did not know he was married. She worked and traveled a lot and it turned out that when the pussy was away, the rat did play. I do have sex with married people but only if their spouse is okay with it or in a threesome. I don’t like cheaters. I left the dirtbag to his fate – wondering if she would go Lorena Bobbitt on him – and decided to make my way home. I thought a little pizza and some TV with Tahlia and my girls might be a nice change of pace. Still hot to trot, I also thought perhaps I’d finally try to get Tahlia into bed tonight. I figured that the universe owed me one. As a matter of fact, I thought if I finally got Tahlia into bed, I might have to do some good deed to make up for it.

Things did not work out the way that I planned them – but they worked out great!

I ordered a pizza from my favorite place and got home a bit before 9. My girls weren’t home, I learned later that Tahlia had given them permission to go out. They had gone to a friend’s and were due back at 10. When I entered my living room, I saw Tahlia and Chet. Tahlia was on the floor, on her knees, her perfect little bubble butt wiggling as she sucked her brother’s cock!

Even though many say that incest is wrong, I can’t say I share that concern. I’ve slept with people who were related before, including several sisters. I’ve slept with a few of my own cousins. Looking at the huge wang in Tahlia’s mouth, if I had lived in the same house with that monster, I’d have chucked the rule book as far as incest went. My poor pussy was now aching and I wanted to feel Chet fucking me. I also still wanted to seduce his sexy sister. I knew now I had to amend my goal. I was going to seduce both of them – together. I wanted to be the hot piece of meat in a brother-sister sandwich. I continued watching them as handsome Chet undressed his (barely) baby sister and fucked the hell out of her on my couch. The pizza went cold because I let them conclude their hot sex show for an audience they didn’t know they had. Before they could get dressed again and feign innocence upon my return, I entered and caught them still connected.

They tried to explain their actions, but I was having it. Knowing she was busted, Tahlia came clean. They had been fucking for a few months now, since their birthday. To my surprise, their mom knew all about it and was fine with it. I decided that maybe their MILF mom would eventually have to be added to my web. We talked and made out a little, but no real sex. We gave Chet a dual blowjob that only made Tahlia hotter. We talked about prom and they revealed to me that neither of them had dates. “I don’t have a boyfriend because honesty, what guy is hotter than Chet?” Tahlia reasoned. “If it wouldn’t cause a scandal and get a lot of questions asked we don’t want asked, we’d go together. I have a killer dress and heels and Chet bought a tux when he was dating …” Tahlia made a face “… Jill!”

I knew Jill and I commended Chet on his good taste. Tahlia made the face again and Chet spoke up. “Hey, you should be grateful. If Jill hadn’t been my first fuck and taught me a few tricks, I never would have had the courage to …” He saw my face and laughed “… try and fuck you!”

By way of a response, Tahlia took her brother’s cock in her mouth again and licked it a few times. Now that the cat was out of the bag, she wasn’t afraid to be the provocative little slut I had dreamed she was. “Okay, okay, maybe I’ll invite her to join us for a threesome someday,” she grinned as she came up for air. “I guess she is a cute little bitch.”

“Would either of you be opposed to causing a small scandal?” I questioned as my gorgeous babysitter rested her head on my naked boobies.

“Gawd no, I’d love it!” Tahlia giggled. “I’d love to look back at prom in a few years and know that I stirred up the pot.” I could see that Chet wasn’t quite as sure as his sister and I thought I had to act fast.

“I’ll be your date – both of you!” I explained. “I’ll get myself all dolled up and we’ll go together. If anyone asks Tahlia who her date is – we can say that it’s me. Ditto for Chet – and I’m sure he’ll impress his friends by bringing a hot, sexy MILF like me.” Chet obviously didn’t know the term, so his sister whispered in his ear while I laughed. His grin told me that he seemed to be into the idea.

I asked Tahlia if she would be bothered by people thinking she was on a date with a woman. “Hell, no!” She giggled. “I’ve dated a few girls and screw Chet’s friends, MY friends will be thrilled to see me with a hot MILF! I’ll speak to mom about all of this, but fuck yeah, this will leave them talking for years and years!” She leaned over and kissed me and it took all of my willpower not to drag these twin teens into my bedroom and fuck the shit out of them. I settled for eating Tahlia’s pussy for a while and doing another double-BJ with Chet. This time, Tahlia and I shotgunned his load. I promised them both any kind of kink they wanted on Prom night and I intended to keep my word. When the siblings went home, after eating warmed-up pizza, slutty me went into her bedroom and jilled for hours thinking of all the crazy fun we would soon be having. When their mom saw me the next day, she waved and winked. Oh yeah, after prom, their fucking slutty mommy was high on my list of “women I intend to fuck”.

I rented a stretch limo to take us to the Prom, I really wanted to make an entrance. Chet looked amazing in his tux, but when Tahlia sashayed down the stairs in her tight, short, silver lame dress and heels, I almost came in my tiny panties. Their mom told us all to have fun, I honestly don’t remember if their dad said a word. I got the impression that while he paid the bills, their mom ran the house. I honestly didn’t care because I was so turned on by my twin “dates” that our night ahead was all I could think of.

We did make quite a splash at Prom and it started from the instant we walked into the luxurious ballroom the school had rented for the event. There was a lot of buzz buzz buzz as we entered, one twin on either of my arms. Some kids were bold enough to approach us and be cool about it. So were some of Tahlia’s favorite teachers. The music was a nice mix and they had hired a very good DJ. I knew the twins liked to dance, so I pulled out all of the stops. I wanted them to enjoy the night in every way that they could, not just the end of the night.

I had confessed to Tahlia in a moment of weakness or naughty indiscretion that I had helped pay for my education by working as a stripper – and I was a good one. I can get into the beat, so I moved with the twins on either side of me. We drew quite a crowd and the only time we weren’t dancing was to get drinks or something to eat. Our dancing was part of the foreplay. Chet had moves of his own and let me say this about gorgeous little Tahlia – she could have been a big earner in my old club. It gave me a another naughty idea for some future fun.

The twins weren’t possessive, they danced with some friends and let me have my own fun flying solo on occasion. I had a few phone numbers in my purse when the night ended. We went out for a bite to eat, all three of us were ravenous. Finally, I had the limo bring us back to my place. I offered my “dates” some champagne and we flirted, which brings us back to the here and now.

The twins came up on either side of me and took an arm as they led me to the bedroom. I had already lit candles and changed to my most expensive sheets. I got on the bed and stretched out invitingly. “I want the both of you to strip and show me how hot you are,” I breathed. “Tonight, we’re all going to fuck and nothing is off the table. Do you understand me Tahlia, Chet? Nothing, my perverted little loves. Tahlia, you have a whore and a stud who will do anything. Chet, you have two horny sluts to fuck. I intend to live out most of the perverted fantasies I’ve had about you. Let’s get started, what do you say?”

A lot of kids their age would have freaked or acted silly, my new lovers were more mature than their peers. Their smiles told the story as they undressed each other, slowly and deliberately. I haven’t seen a porn movie hotter than the show these two incestuous young lovers were putting on for me.

Tahlia smiled over at me as she took her brother’s cock in her mouth. I would have joined her because his cock is a marvel, but not this time. This was their show, a little visual foreplay. She made a noisy display while giving him head, slurping and sucking and being a little messy. I wondered if they might not have planned this out, because Chet was able to stand squarely in the middle of the room without his knees buckling. His twin is an amazing little cock slut and her blowjobs are a thing of beauty to watch. A normal man would have buckled at the knees, but my young friends had their act down pat.

I adjusted myself so that they could see what awaited them when they were done. My new dress hugged all of my curves and my hair framed my face in a seductive manner. When Tahlia was done with that wonderful cock of her brother’s I wanted it. I wasn’t just going to make the kids’ fantasies come true tonight, most of mine were going to happen as well. We were pulling out all of the stops and we might even invent a few new ones along the way.

“We’re going to fuck her tonight,” Tahlia encouraged her brother between sucks and slurps. “Both of us are going to fuck that brunette bitch, your cock is going into her tight cunt. What do you think of that?”

“I think it’s hot,” Chet answered between grunts. “I can’t wait to feel her pussy snap tight around my dick. I want to see you two in a sixty-nine. It’s all so wrong and yet, it’s so fucking hot!”

Oh lord, yes, it sure was. My body was almost aching for release and I was surprised when Tahlia stopped sucking her brother. Instead, she turned to me in only her stockings and high heels. She crawled into bed with me and took my face in her hands. “You’re going to finish him off and we can share his cum,” she said to me before sliding her agile little tongue into my mouth. We started making out for a few minutes while Chet let his gorgeous sibling take the lead. Then she started moving down my body, peeling my dress away from me. The lingerie I wore underneath was a nice match, which both of the twins seemed to appreciate. With hands that were more skilled than one would expect, Tahlia peeled it away from my body while her brother joined us in the bed. I went right after the thing I wanted – his fucking gorgeous cock!

I will confess that I may have made a few errors when I began to suck off Chet. Not my fault, his blonde slut of a sister was going to town on me. “Oh God Caitlin, you taste incredible,” the lissome blonde groaned as she devoured my pussy. I’ve had women eat me out several times over the course of my long and varied sex life, but never with the ardor that Tahlia possessed. I briefly considered chaining my lovers to the bed and keeping them here with me. Of course, then their mom might come looking for them – although that might work in my favor as well.

Chet’s beautiful prick finally gushed in my mouth and I shared his delicious cum with his sister / lover. I love kissing women and sharing cum with one if a real treat. We made a real show of it for Chet, who was still semi-erect. Once we’d swallowed the cum, the two of us tumbled together in bed. The two hot sluts began mashing our tits together and grinding our pussies as we girl fucked for our appreciative audience. This was the culmination of my long-held fantasy, naughty Caitlin had managed to seduce two hot teens. With every inch of my body aroused, I wasn’t going to let them get away. If I had to bribe them to stay near when university started, I’d do it! We hadn’t even hit the fucking stage yet and I was aroused beyond measure. If there is anything hotter than twin teens sharing your bed and making you cum, I have yet to find it!

“God Cait, you two look … fuck, I don’t know how to describe it, but you two are … wow!” Chet grinned from his vantage point. His cock was already twitching and looked like it was about to return to life. Ah, the virtues of being young and horny!

“Deeds, not words, handsome,” I managed to tell him. Tahlia looked up from my wet pussy and nodded in agreement.

“Caitlin, just wait until Chet fucks you,” Tahlia cooed as she kissed my lips. I tasted my own pussy, not the first time, but it was as if it was. “You’ll feel as if you’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Too late, pretty girl,” I kissed her back. “I’m already in bed with an angel.” Chet took his cues from his sister and she moved up to place her wonderful, shaved box on my face. I grabbed the cheeks of her round bubble butt and began to eat her with all of the saved passion of the past several weeks. As if he belonged there, Chet got between my thighs and his cock slid in deep. Yeahhh, Tahlia was right, fucking this teen stud was indeed heavenly. I moved my body in sync with Chet’s as I devoured the sweetness of his twin sister.

I wasn’t sure how long Chet and Tahlia had pursued their incestuous affair and I knew little about Chet’s past. Whoever had trained him and coached him, I owed them a debt of gratitude. Chet was a relentless fucker and it took most of my own considerable skills to focus on the dual task of fucking my new young stud and gorging myself on his sister’s cream. Fortunately, I am no novice and I was able to keep up a nice rhythm. I know that I was doing fine with Tahlia because I could hear her squeals and yelps and taste the fluids that were coating my tongue. Chet kept moving in and out of me and he was hitting the right spots as well as playing with his sister. I finally tumbled to one side and grinned at the siblings.

“I want to see it again,” I gasped as I licked the sweetness of Tahlia from my lips. “I want to see you fuck your sister, fuck the little whore so I can see it up close and personal!”

“Want me to eat your pussy while he’s fucking me?” Tahlia caught on.

“You’re a smart cookie, pretty girl,” I chuckled. “Of course baby, no one sits idle in my bedroom!”

“Okay Chet, bow-wow, baby!” Tahlia grinned and wiggled her ass at her brother.

We all moved around the bed and got into position. My precious little pussy slut got in between my legs and began to eat me again. I know how soaked I was and I went through the roof as soon as Chet slid his hard cock into his sister’s pussy. Later that night, I would use my strap-on and we’d give Tahlia her first DP. For now, the instant brother started fucking sister, the sex went up several notches. His cock inspired her to new levels of depravity, she was almost buried in my pussy. I had several orgasms over the course of an hour and I’m surprised the two of them didn’t wear me out. They just didn’t seem to tire and we fucked well into the next day. When I sent them home, they almost stumbled into their house. Their mom opened the door and saw the condition of her kids. She gave me a tiny wink and wiggled her ass as she closed the door.

“You’re next, sexy”, I thought to myself and thought of just how I’d go about making that happen.

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cy wrote

this story reminds me so much of the years my sister and i fucked, but we started long before 18 and had a few other kinks in the mix