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Danielle and Jessica

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I’d been having this dream. I’m not even sure what it was about, but it had something to do with warm and wet.

Then, I woke up with my cock in her sweet, soft mouth.

I looked down, and saw this shiny mass of bed-tousled auburn hair and deep blue-green eyes, staring straight into mine. Full, soft lips were wrapped around my dick. I haven’t yet figured out how someone can give you a blowjob, and smile at the same, but Danielle can do it. She lifted her head, and there was an audible “pop” when I came out of her mouth.

“Good morning, Jack.”

“Good morning, sweet thing. That’s a helluva way to start a Sunday morning.”

“Yeah, but now that I got it good and hard, you’re gonna have to fuck me with it.”

She gave me a big grin, and batted her eyes at me.

“You’re flirting with me.”

“Uh huh.”

“If I’m going to fuck you, you have to kiss me first.”

My mama always told me that you have to always kiss a woman, before you make love to her–unless she’s a hooker. I think Mom got that line from an old Mae West movie.

Danni slithered up my body, took my face in her hands, and kissed me. Gently at first. Then with passion. Followed by pure lust. Her full, firm breasts were pressed against me. She raised herself up on her elbows, and dragged her tits back and forth across the mat of hair on my chest. For some reason, that really turns her on, and her nipples got really hard.

She was lying on top of my cock, sliding her pussy up and down my shaft. I could feel her juice soaking me. She sat up and maneuvered herself right over my hard-on.

“I don’t need any foreplay, Jack, I’m already really wet.”

She slowly sank down on me. She was so hot, so slippery, so tight. I love this position, because I can see her beautiful tits bounce when we fuck, and I can get both hands on them. She sat perfectly still on me, my cock balls deep inside her. All of a sudden, she started squeezing me, rhythmically, with her vagina. Squeezing, releasing, squeezing again.

“Jesus, Danni, that’s amazing. Where did you learn how to do it?”



“Yeah, this girl at school is really into tantric sex, and she taught me how to do these yoga exercises to tighten your cunt. Just sit still. If you want, you can rub my clit while I do it.”

She kept on squeezing. It was amazing; my dick was caught in a liquid velvet vice. I pressed my thumb between her nether lips and found her clitoris. With one finger, I slid her hood back, and her hard, swollen clit head stood out. I lubed it up with her fluid, and traced lazy circles around it, while she continued to squeeze.

“Do you like this, Jack?”

“Oh yeah!”

She kept squeezing, and I could feel my cream start to rise. She was close, too. I could tell from her breathing, the way her eyes rolled back, and she was biting her lip. We had practiced enough so we could almost always cum together.









“I love you, Danielle.”

“I know.”

“How do you know?”

“My mom told me. She told you I love you, too.”

I probably should backtrack here. I’m forty-two and Danni is eighteen, and I am totally in love with her. She is the daughter of my former lover, Nicole. Nic sent Danielle out to live with me for a summer, with the hope that I would teach her all about the art of making love. She wanted her first occasion to be with an older, experienced lover.

Nicole never expected us to fall in love with each other, but we did. She’s been with me for six months now, and every day is better than the one before. She is smart, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous.

I am a talent agent, with an office in Los Angeles. I called in a couple of favors, and got Danni enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She’s majoring in drama and theater arts and, according to her instructors, is a natural-born actress. I’ve arranged a screen test for her; the camera loves her.



“We have a week off from classes. Is it okay if I bring my friend, Jessica, here for the week? We’re rehearsing a play together, and this would be a great chance to practice.”


I can’t deny her anything. She’s already commandeered my Porsche Boxster, which is my pride and joy. I never let ANYBODY touch it before she came along. She drives it like Danica Patrick, and just about as fast. She got pulled over for doing over a hundred on the freeway, and managed to charm the cop out of a ticket, the little minx.

The next afternoon, I heard the roar of my tuned exhaust screaming up the road. I live in the hills above Malibu, and there is a six-mile winding road to get to my house. Danni downshifted, all the way down to first, hit the brakes, and skidded to a stop. I was out trimming the hedge, and they didn’t see me when I pulled in.

Her friend climbed out of the passenger seat. I was far enough away that I couldn’t see her face clearly. What I did see was long, and lean, with blonde hair clipped into a ponytail that hung down to the bottom of her back. I guessed she was about 5’11’. She had a slender waist, flaring hips, and a gorgeous ass; kind of a bubble-butt. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they weren’t small either, and fit her frame perfectly.

I watched her walk; she kind of sashayed, her hips swung side-to-side in a very provocative manner. I thought there was something vaguely familiar about her, but I wasn’t sure just what it was. I went back to my hedge, attacking it with my pruning loppers. It was hot outside, and my shirtless body was soaked with perspiration.

When I finished my task, I headed for the house, longing for an ice-cold beer. Danni was a step ahead of me, and had three Coronas with lime waiting on the coffee table. She met me as I stepped into the living room, and gave me a big kiss.

“God, I love a sweaty man. If I didn’t have company, I’d rip my clothes off and slide all over your body.” She licked my chest. “Mmmmm.”

Her friend rose from the couch, walked over, and extended her hand.

“Hi, Jack, I’m Jessica.”

I felt like I’d been pole-axed. Even without makeup, I’d know that face anywhere. She was Jessica Collins, a supermodel, whose face had graced a hundred magazine covers, and come into our living room in television commercials for shampoos and cosmetics. I represent a lot of beautiful women, and have met many more in my line of work. I’m far from being star-struck, but her presence certainly lit up my living room.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jessica, I’ve really admired your work.” She blushed.

“It isn’t work, it’s just standing there, letting somebody paint your face or hang some clothes on you. What I’m doing at Strasberg is really work, and I’m loving it.”

“She is really, really good; you should see her,” Danni said.

“I hope to do that. I want to see both of you.”

“Danielle has told me all about you; I mean ALL about you.”

Now it was my turn to blush. We moved into the living room, and attacked those beers. Danni snuggled up against me, sweat and all. We exchanged a bit of chit-chat. For someone who was so well known and, I assumed, so sophisticated, Jessica was really very shy. After a few beers, she opened up a bit.

“So what are you doing with your career now, Jess?” I asked her.

“I’m officially on hiatus right now. I fired my agent and my manager and I’ve broken off all contact with my mother. They tell me I have some acting talent, and I want to focus on all of me, not just on a face or a body. I might do some modeling again, but I’m never going to do that runway crap again. I’m going to call my own shots from now on. Nobody is going to push me or cajole me again–ever.”

It was well known that Jessica had an obsessive mother who kept pushing and controlling her. She started her career when she was three years old, modeling children’s clothes and appearing in magazine and TV ads. She was one of the Coppertone kids, and did shampoo ads for Baby Breck. She had just turned nineteen, and had been in the spotlight for sixteen years already.

“Maybe you could be her new agent, Jack,” Danni suggested.

“I could do that, but I’d like us to get to know each other first.”

“Oh, I’m sure you can get to know each other REALLY well this week.” She had this devilish look on her face.

I went to take a shower and wash the sweat off myself. I have this really great shower, with multiple heads and jets that blasts hot water at you from every direction. I was hoping Danielle would join me. We usually shower together, and all kinds of soapy, slippery, sexy things happen, but this day, it was a solo number for me.

I pulled on a pair of my favorite Levi’s, the ones with the frayed knees, and a Grateful Dead tee shirt, and went out on the deck to grill us some steaks. It was a clear, warm night, and I have a distant ocean view. Danni made a Caesar salad and uncorked a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that I picked up on a trip to the Napa Valley.

Dinner was excellent, and the wine was consumed before we finished, so I opened another bottle. The girls were getting a little giddy, and the conversation a bit looser.

“Did you know that Jessica turned down three million dollars to pose for ‘Playboy’? Three mil!”

“My mother turned it down; I didn’t even know about it.”

“I would have bought a copy,” I said. Jessica would look great naked. Really great. Danni punched me.

“Can you imagine six million horny teenagers and dirty old men jerking off to your picture? Jesus, there’d be enough jizz to fill a bathtub. I wonder what it would be like to bathe in a tub full of cum?”


“Well, it certainly would be slippery,” Danni cracked up at the image. I truly love the way her mind works.

“Would you have posed for them, if you’d known about it?” I asked.

“I don’t know. The idea is kind of, um, titillating. Nobody has even seen me naked, except for my mother.”

“I’ve been backstage at some of those runway shows. It’s titty city back there.”

“My mother always had a private dressing room for me; it was in my contract.”

“Did you know Jessica is still a virgin, Jack?”

“DANIELLE! Jesus Christ! Why don’t you put it on a billboard?” She turned crimson.

The girls went off to the guest room, where Jessica was staying, to work on their lines for the play. I poured myself three fingers of Chivas, dropped in some ice, and sat back to watch the Dodgers’ game. I could hear them down the hall, giggling like teenagers. Shit, they ARE teenagers.

When it was time to turn in, I walked into the bedroom. Danni was on her hands and knees, with her gorgeous ass up in the air, right at the edge of the bed. She was diddling herself with her fingers. I love to look at a pussy from behind; those fat, puffy labia and her goodies sticking out between them. She reached behind her and spread herself open, revealing her deep, pink vagina.

“Take me, you stud.”

I knelt down on the floor, and started licking her; flicking her clit with my tongue, then between her lips. I pushed my tongue deep in her hole, then licked upward, in the cleft of her ass, spending a lot of time rimming her rosebud. She was quivering.

“OOO….I’m cumming, Jack….cummming….OHH….AHH….mmpphh. Put your cock in me now, Jack, now.” She was really loud.

I stood up and shoved my steel rod into her dripping cunt. I fucked her hard and fast. I love to do it doggy-style, feeling her soft buns pressing into my groin. The sounds of our bodies slap-slapping bounced off the walls.


She was shouting at the top of her lungs. I knew Jessica could hear us in the room next door. Danni was doing it on purpose. When she came, she was even louder. We collapsed and held each other, cuddling, kissing.

“Jaaaack?” Uh oh, that’s her “I want something” voice.


“Jessica wants to lose her virginity, and she’d like you to be her first. She thinks you’re really a hunk.”

“What are you doing, pimping me out?”

“Dawg, you be da man, yo!”

Holy shit! Fuck Jessica Collins? Half the men in the world would like to fuck Jessica Collins. And my woman, my lover, my love, WANTS me to do it? Am I dead? Have I gone to heaven?

“How do you feel about giving your man to another woman?”

“I’m not giving you to her, I’m sharing my lover with my best friend. Besides, I’m gonna watch. And maybe help.”

“Will you make it with her, so I can watch you two?”

“Maybe,” she grinned, batting those eyes again. She’s getting really kinky, and I’m loving it.

I took them to Spago for dinner the next night. The three of us wouldn’t fit in my Porsche, so we took my back-up car, a totally restored ’67 GTO convertible, with a 400 cubic inch engine, two Rochester four barrel carburetors, and cherry bomb mufflers. It didn’t corner worth a crap on my windy road, but it went like a bat out of hell on the straightaway.

I thought Jessica must have been there many times, but she hadn’t. I kept on being surprised by her lack of sophistication. In any case, Spago is a place where, even if she is recognized, people will leave her alone. Danielle wore my favorite dress, the little red number that hugs her body and shows lots of cleavage and lots of leg. Jess wore a simple peasant dress that hit her long legs about mid-thigh. God, did she have legs! When she bent down to scoot into the booth, I got a good look at her breasts, encased in a white, lacy bra with little red bows on the straps and between the cups.

I don’t even remember what we had to eat, because I got side tracked. After we had a glass of wine, Danni started squirming in her seat, with that far-away look in her eyes.

One of her hands was under the table. Then both hands went under the table. She really started to wiggle, then reached down and came up with her tiny thong in her hands. She gave me her shit-eating grin, and handed them to me.

“Hold on to these for me, Jack. I got them nice and wet for you.”

I couldn’t help myself; I had to pass them under my nose, before putting them in my pocket. Jessica’s eyes were huge. She obviously couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Give him yours, Jess,” Danni grinned at her.

“I, um, ah, er….”

“Give him your panties.”

“I, um, ah….oh, what the fuck.”

She wriggled around a little bit then, blushing crimson, passed me her panties. It wasn’t a thong, but a French cut bikini, silk, with some lace around the top. They weren’t wet, but I sniffed them anyway. Jesus, I had Jessica Collins panties in my pocket! I had a fleeting thought about mounting them on the wall, like some guys do with a trophy moose head or a rainbow trout.

“So how does it feel, Jack, knowing you’ve got two hot babes sitting here with bare pussies?”

My cock was rising.Looking totally nonchalant, and carrying on a conversation with Jess, Danni, under the table, unzipped my pants and started stroking my throbbing hard-on. She briefly removed her hand, and feigning a cough, covered her mouth and filled her hand with saliva. Which she used to thoroughly lubricate my glans. When I reached the point of no return, she blithely took the napkin off her lap, put it on mine, and let me fill it with cum.

“May I have another napkin, please?” she asked the waiter, demurely. “This one seems to have gotten soiled.”

When we got home that evening, Danielle couldn’t stop chuckling, all the way into the bedroom.

“I’d love to have had a picture of your face in the restaurant. It was priceless.” She was holding her sides and tears were streaming down her face. I stomped up to her.

“Now you’ll pay the price, you brazen hussy.”

I was trying to sound like Blackbeard, the pirate, but I probably came across more like Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow. I jerked the spaghetti straps off her shoulders and pulled the top of her dress down. The sight of her breasts takes my breath away, no matter how many times I’ve seen them. I pulled her skirt up, and the whole garment was wrapped around her waist. I pushed her back on the bed and fell on her.

“Oo, oo, rape rape,” she said in this tiny little voice, still shaking with laughter. “Did I ever tell you about my rape fantasies, Jack? Rip my panties off, you masher.”

“I can’t, they’re in my pocket.”

“Well, tear through my maidenhead, then.”

“Been there. Done that.”

“That’s true. Well, just ravish me then.”

“Okay, bitch!” I tried to snarl, but it sounded more like a screen door hinge that needed oil.

We rolled around, howling with laughter, fucking each other’s brains out. Again, we made so much noise, Jessica couldn’t help but hear us. When we calmed down, we had a serious conversation.

“So how do we go about relieving Jessica of her virginity?” I asked.

“You seduce her, just like you did with me.”

“Wait a minute. It was you that seduced me.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I did. You were really easy, Jack. You slut.”

“Well, this whole thing was your doing. Pretend we’re making a movie, and you be the director.”

“Jeez, I never thought my first film would be a porno flick.”

“How about we call it ‘erotic cinema’?”

“I think we need to get her comfortable with her body.”

“I could get really comfortable with her body.” Danni punched me. Again.

“She said she’s never been naked in front of anybody before, so let’s take her to ‘our’ beach?”

“Shall we tell her ahead of time, or let it be a surprise?”

“I love surprises.”

Jessica was indeed surprised. When we climbed down the stairs and hit the sand, she became aware of where we were. Very aware.

“Oh my God, those people are naked! Is this a nude beach?”

“It’s clothing optional,” Danni said. “You don’t have to take your clothes off, if you don’t want to. But if you’re gonna get laid, you’re gonna have to get naked sometime.”

Jess looked at me and blushed. In about ten seconds, Danielle had shed everything, and was a naked as the day she was born. She is so beautiful, it takes all my willpower to keep my dick hanging down, instead of it pointing straight up at the sky. If Jessica looks like I think she will in the buff, with two of them there, I’m going to have to count backwards from a million, or recite Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” silently in my head.

Jessica checked her out very carefully, particularly her smooth, shaved mound and the little tattoo on the top corner of her pussy lip. Turns out, she’d never seen anyone naked before, male or female.

I pulled off my tee shirt, unzipped my Levi’s, and just started to lower them.

“Wait, Jack, wait please,” Jessica implored.

“Will my nudity upset you?”

“Um, I don’t think so. But I’ve never seen a man’s penis before. I don’t want to be rude and stare, but I really want to look at it.”

“TA DA!” Danni exclaimed. She had snuck up behind me and jerked my pants down to my ankles. Jess examined me from several different angles.

“Here, let me get it hard for you.” She reached for my cock.

“NO, not now!” I pulled her hand away and turned my back. There would be time for that later. Jesus, I was doing everything in my power to keep it down.

Jessica pulled off her oversized tee shirt, and stood there in a rather modest bikini. At least it was modest by Danielle’s standards; hers was made out of a few strings of dental floss, with three little half-dollar sized pieces of cloth attached. It was modest, but it showed plenty of tit, and her gorgeous round ass cheeks.

She had her back to me, and Danni went behind her, untying her top and the ties on her bikini bottom. When her suit fell away, she held her arm across her breasts, and one hand over her pubes, trying to cover herself up.

She finally shed the last shred of modesty of modesty, and let her arms fall to her sides. God, what a vision of loveliness! Her breasts were perfect for the shape of her body; firm, round, with a bit of an uplift. And she had puffy nipples! I’m a sucker for puffy nipples. She had blonde pubic hair, trimmed a little bit so it wouldn’t stick out her bikini bottom, but a substantial bush, nevertheless.

I stood there gazing at the two perfect teenage bodies, and I felt a twinge in my groin. {Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary….quothe the raven “never more”}. I solved my problem by diving in the ocean. Nothing like cold water to shrink your dick. My balls felt like they were nestling right next to my tonsils.

I turned toward the shore and saw the girls running to join me. I totally love watching titties bounce when they run, and here were four absolutely perfect ones, swinging and swaying, up and down and side-to-side.

Every erotic story you read has the obligatory rubbing-on-the-sun-block scene, so here it comes. Danielle and I have developed it to amorous perfection, but this day we just quickly slathered some on each other’s back, and went to work on our guest.

Jessica’s skin was flawless; not a blemish or a mole anywhere. Danni and I sat on each side of her. I squirted a bunch of block on the small of her back, and we started to rub it in, mirroring each other’s ministrations. We dug in with our fingers, tracing the contours of every muscle.

“Ohh, that feels so good. Nobody’s ever touched me like that before.”

“You’ve never had a massage? Or a back rub?” She shook her head.

I put some creme on the backs of her thighs, and we each went to work on a leg. Long, shapely, well-toned legs. Danni and I grinned at each other, and gently spread her legs apart, so we could see her pussy lips. Then we went to work on her ass, each of taking one of those lovely round globes. We stroked, kneaded, massaged. Glutes are such sensuous muscles. We took turns running our fingers up and down her cleft, teasing her pretty pink rosebud on each stroke. She was mewling with pleasure, and rolling side-to-side.

We had her turn over and lie on her back. Gravity didn’t have much effect on her pert, firm breasts; they stood up proudly on her chest. We rubbed the lotion into her tummy, in slow, sensuous circles, down to the hairline on her mound. Up her ribcage, to her chest and shoulder, purposely avoiding her tits.

Down to the front of her legs. When we got to the tops of her thighs, the backs of our hands brushed her majora, teasing, but not going there.

We moved up to her chest again, and squirted a healthy dose of the sunscreen just above her boobs. We each took a breast in our hands; feeling, touching, stroking. By the time we got to her nipples, she was writhing. I love to watch puffy nipples when they become aroused; the areolas swell up right with the nubs.

We ran our slippery fingers all around the nips, flicked over them, then started pinching, pulling, and rolling them between our fingers. Her hips started to buck, her breath came in ragged gasps. We got her right up to the point where she was about to cum, and then quit, saving an orgasm for later.

When she caught her breath, Jessica walked down the beach, collecting shells. Danni was lying on her stomach. Her hand was between her legs, and it looked busy.

“God, Jack, that was so hot. I never felt anyone else’s boob before. I can’t wait to get at her pussy.”

“You like that, huh?”

“Oh yeah! Fuck me, baby, fast and hard.”

“Right here?”

“Yeah. Just lie on me and slip it in. We’ll have a quickie.”

It was a very opportune time, because Edgar Allen Poe wasn’t working for me anymore. I lay on top of her, feeling those soft cheeks pressing into my groin. She was soaking wet, and my cock went in her cunt fast and deep. I attacked her like an alley cat, and when I came, I bit her neck a little bit, leaving red teeth marks. We finished just in time, when Jessica rejoined us.

“This is so wonderful; I feel so free.” She was like a beautiful bird that had just been let out of her cage. A gilded cage


“Hey, Jack, take our picture,” Danni asked, handing me her iPhone. She went over and posed with Jess.

“I’m going to send this to my mother, and let her freak out.” Jessica said.

“If you’re gonna freak your mother out, pose with Jack…. Now put your arm around his waist, and, Jack, you put your arm over her shoulder and cup one of her boobs.”

She took a half a dozen shots, and they came out great.

The next morning, the girls took off in my Porsche. They were giggling when they went out, so I figured they were on some kind of a secret mission. They came back about five hours later, still laughing with each other.

“Look what Jess did.” Danni said, pulling her shirt out of the back of her shorts. She’d gotten a tattoo on her lower back, an intricate pattern of colorful flowers on a garland that reached from hip to hip.

“I also want to shave my, um, uh…..”


“Yes, I want to shave my pussy like Danielle’s.” Once out of the cage, this child was flying wild. I was totally into watching the barbering process.

Danielle spread a towel on the couch, and gathered up her scissors and shaving gear. Jessica, apparently now shed of all her inhibitions, dropped her shorts, plopped down, pulled up her knees, and spread her legs apart. I could see hints of her goodies through the hair.

As she snipped with the shears, Danni handed the tufts to me and I put them in a little bowl on the coffee table. Idly, I wondered how much I could get for Jessica Collins’ cunt hair on e-Bay? If I sold it by the single strand, I could probably rake in a bundle. Bad Jack.

As the hair disappeared, her slit came out. She’s tall, so it’s a really long one, and there was just a hint of her minora peeking out. Danni finished the shave and rubbed some lotion on her. She was breathing rapidly and wiggling around.

“That really kind of, um, tingles down there.”

“You can go ahead and relieve yourself if you want.”

“Relieve myself?”

“Yeah, you know, masturbate? Make yourself cum?”

“Um, I don’t know how to do that. Can you show me?”

“Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, sweetie, if you had one, you’d know it. Here, watch me, and then you can do it yourself.”

Danielle took off her shorts, hopped up on the couch, and spread her pussy wide open. Oh my, was I in for a show! That old gum jingle sounded in my head: “Double your pleasure, double your fun….” I couldn’t remember what kind of gum it was.

“You want to start by lightly rubbing the hood of your clit.”


“Clitoris. Right here, see…. Take your fingers and feel mine….feel that little bump?….now find yours….got it?….okay, now rub your fingers over it like this….right, just like that….”

“Ohh, that feels really good.”

“Uh huh. Trust me, it’s gonna feel better.”


“Now watch me. Dip your fingers into your vagina, take some of the juice, and spread it over your clit. See it stick out when I slide my hood back? Now run your wet fingers around it.”

I was mesmerized. This sea of pink womanhood flashing right in front of me–in stereo-vision. My favorite perfume, Eau de Cunte, was filling the room. There was no way I could talk myself into a limp dick; I was sporting major wood.

“OH, something’s happening something’s happening….something’s happening to meeeeee….”

“You’re gonna cum, baby.”

“OHHHH……OHHHH…..AHHHH….OH GOD…..NNGGGHHHHH….ahhh….oooo….mmmm.”

“I really like orgasms,” she gasped, once she was able to catch her breath.

She flopped back on the couch; her eyes were glazed. It sure is fun to watch someone’s first experience. Danni leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. So, here’s these two gorgeous teenagers, naked from the waist down, engorged and wet, and my pole is about to burst through my shorts. I was wondering if I should just pull it out and whack off; they just did it in front of me. Danni saved my bacon.

“Look at poor Jack, he’s sitting there with a giant hard-on. Why don’t we take it out and make him cum, too?”

By this time, I was lying on my back, on the soft carpet. Danni kneeled down beside me, and motioned for Jessica to get on the other side. She unzipped my cutoffs.

“Raise your ass up, so I can get these off you.”

“Oh my, that’s a whole lot bigger than when I saw it before.”

“Touch it,” Danni said to her.

Timidly, she put a couple fingers on it.

“Wrap your hand around it.”

“Oh, it’s so hot, and so hard.”

Danielle put her hand around hers, and showed her how to stroke me. She was fascinated by how the skin on my shaft moved up and down. They each took one on my balls in their hands, and gave them a gentle finger massage.

A mass of pre-cum oozed out of my slit, and they smeared over my cock head. Then they locked their fingers together, and both girls pumped me up and down, letting my slippery crown slide through their hands. My hips started to rise and fall, matching their strokes.

“Watch, he’s gonna cum pretty soon.”

“How can you tell?”

“See his scrotum tighten up, and pull his balls up?”

I started to growl, deep in my throat. I could feel my balls empty, and the jizz rise up my shaft.


Their locked hands trapped most of my emission. Jessica played with my cum in the palm of her hand, running her fingers through it, feeling its sticky wetness.

“That is soo cool,” she said.

The next afternoon, I came home and found the girls sunbathing on the deck, stark naked. Jessica had become completely comfortable walking around with no clothes on, and Danielle did it a matter of habit. My libido had shifted into overdrive.

“Can we talk business for awhile, Jack?” Jess asked.

“Sure. Why don’t we all come in the house.”

It was difficult for me to switch to my business persona with these two naked teenage hardbodies staring me in the face, but I did my best to muddle through.

“Would you be my agent?”

“I’d be delighted to be your agent. Are you sure it’s a good idea to have an agent that you’re, ah, intimately involved with?”

“The, ah, intimacy won’t be forever. Once you’ve taught me all about sex, I’ll move on. I’ll always love you for doing this for me, but I know you’re Danielle’s man.”

“Tell me about your past experiences with your agent, and your mother. What caused the rift with her?”

“She was always demanding, always pushing me, and she was totally controlling. She completely smothered me, professionally, and personally. I had no social life at all. I’m really embarrassed to be this age and so totally ignorant about sex.”

“You won’t be ignorant much longer,” I grinned at her, “but go on.”

“My mother not only controlled me, she also controlled my income. Everything I earned went into a trust fund. When I turned eighteen, I tried to invade the trust and put the money into an account that I had access to. She had her lawyer file all kinds of motions to prevent me from getting ahold of my money.”

“Once I did get access to the trust, I discovered that my mother and my agent had siphoned off most of it. Then I found out they’d been having an affair for years, and now they’re living together in the Caymans. I have enough left to finish school and live fairly comfortably for now, but I’m going to have to go back to earning a living.”

“So what direction do you see your career moving in?”

“I’m discovering that I have a talent for acting, and I’d like to get into the movies. I’d like to do that “Playboy” spread, if you think that wouldn’t hurt my career aspirations.”

“Quite the contrary, it would probably help your career. Kim Basinger, Charlize Theron, and Drew Barrymore all did ‘Playboy’, and everyone knows what it did for Marilyn Monroe.”

“Do you think I should get breast implants; I’m only a B cup?”

“NO!” Dannie and I exclaimed together.

“Your breasts are beautiful, and just perfect for your body. Plastic tits look pneumatic, freaky. Stay natural, please.”

Danielle moved behind her, took one of her breasts in each hand and started kneading them. Her nipples got hard. My cock started to get hard.

“Let me make a few phone calls, and see what we can do.”

I spent a couple hours on the phone. When I finished, I poured myself three fingers of Chivas and called the girls back in. They weren’t naked this time; they had donned tee shirts with no bras, but their jiggling boobs and nipples poking out were still distracting.

“Okay, here’s my suggestion. We start with a few of the beach shots we did, only I’ll make them a little blurry, so they look like they were shot by a paparazzi with a telephoto lens. We’ll sell these to the “National Enquirer,” and they can run something like “Jessica Collins Nude Romp.” That’ll start whetting appetites.”

“I can get you a cover on ‘Sports Illustrated’s’ swim suit edition. Then, we’ll do a cover and a feature in ‘Maxim.’ They only do partial nudity, but it will stir up more interest. I got you a cover and a nine-page spread in ‘Playboy’. I got them bumped to four million, and a clause in your contract that you don’t have anything to do with Hugh Hefner.”

“What’s the matter with Hugh Heffner?”

“He likes to fuck his models, the degenerate old creep. All told, that will bring you about eight million dollars. By the way, my commission is fifteen percent.”

“Great! Where do I sign?”

“My lawyers will have a contract for you by the end of the week.”

“So, now that your show biz talk is over, what kind of playtime are we going to have tonight, Mr. sex guru?” Danielle asked.

“How about some oral stuff?” I said, my eyes narrowing and a Cheshire Cat grin spreading on my face.

“Ooo goody! I get to lick her pussy, too.”

“Are you two going to put on a little show for me?”

“Maaaybe.” She was batting her eyes at me again.

I barbequed some lamb chops, and we went through a couple bottles of Merlot. Wine always makes Danielle horny. She’s always horny anyway, bless her sweet little heart, but vino makes her insatiable.

I spread out a big faux fur rug on the living room floor, for the evening’s activities. Both girls entered the room dressed to the nines. Danni wore a slinky black cocktail dress, with a slit in the side all the way up to her hip. Jessica’s was royal blue, low cut, hitting her about mid-thigh. They held each other close and began kissing, with lots of open mouth, tonguing, and lip nibbling. There’s something about women kissing that drives me bananas.

Jess broke the lip-lock for a moment and looked at me.

“I didn’t even know how to kiss, until Danielle taught me.” From what I could see, my sweetie was a great instructor.

They stood and swayed against each other, hands dipping down and grabbing hands full of gorgeous ass. In almost perfect synchronicity, they unzipped their dresses, slid the straps over each other’s shoulders, and let them slide to the floor.

I’m a sucker for sexy underwear, and they had it on. Both of them wore lace demi-bras; Danielle’s was white, and Jessica wore a black one. Uplift and cleavage! They each wore matching lace panties. They took turns kissing each other down their throat, across the chest, and along the upper portion of their breasts that were swelling out of their tiny bras.

Simultaneously, they unhooked each other, exposing four exquisite titties to my most appreciative eyes. They fondled, stroked, and caressed each other; pulling, pinching, and rolling their nipples. Alternately, they sucked the hard nubbins, until they were both gasping for breath.

Danni dropped to her knees and pulled Jessica’s panties slowly, tantalizingly, down her long legs, then buried her face in her friend’s pussy. I could see her tongue snick out and disappear in the slit between her lips. Then she stood up, and let Jess do the same to her.

“Hey, no fair, Jack’s still got his clothes on.”

As a team, they stripped me naked, and embraced me in a three-way hug. One of each of their boobs was pressed into my body, and my rigid tool was trapped between their bellies. They took turns kissing me; their breaths smelled like ripe cunt, and their tongues tasted like it.

They dropped to their knees and Danielle took my hard-on in her hand, and turned to Jess.

“Lick it like this,” she instructed, running her tongue from the base of my cock to the tip.

They began licking me in tandem, both tongues mimicking the other, touching together. Danni lifted my balls up and showed her that little crease on my sac that runs between the testicles, and they took turns licking it. They both took a ball in their mouth and gently sucked on it. Double your pleasure….Oh. My. God.

One of them would run her tongue all over the top of my crown, dipping it into the little slit on top, while the other flicked over my frenulum, on the underside. They somehow managed to kiss each other with the head of my cock between their lips.

Danni took my cock deep into her mouth, bobbed her head up and down several times, and pulled off it with an audible “pop.” That set Jessica to giggling, so she tried it, then they alternated. Suck, suck, “pop”….giggle….suck, suck, “pop”….giggle.

I was getting so hot, I wasn’t going to hold it off much longer. The view alone was driving me near the edge; these two beautiful young girls working over my joint, four tits dangling before my eyes.

“He’s going to cum, Jess, you take him in your mouth.”

She sucked me like a Hoover, while Danni pumped my shaft. My balls exploded, and my jism came rushing out of my cock. Jessica’s eyes got huge as I dumped my load into her mouth. She swished my cum around, then swallowed it, and gave me a huge smile.

“I guess I’m officially a cocksucker, now,” she giggled.

It was Jessica’s turn to experience her first cunt lapping. Everything we did with her was a first, and it was an extra thrill to be the one giving it to her. She lay back on the fur rug. I took her face in my hands–that beautiful face that graced so many magazine covers–and kissed her deeply. My tongue swirled around in her mouth, she sucked on it, and then she returned the favor.

Danielle kissed her, then together, we kissed our way down her throat, across her chest, until we reached her breasts. They were so young and so firm, they stood up proudly on her chest. She took one nipple in her mouth and I took the other. With her puffy nipples, the whole areolas swell up, along with her nubbins. She was gasping, and her tits rose up with every breath. We suckled, and she started to moan.

One of us on either side of her, our mouths moved in tandem, until we reached her smooth mound. Danni pulled her knees up and spread her legs apart. We each ran our tongues over her outer lips, and we watched them swell and turn red. Her slit was still closed, but we could see some milky-white fluid slowly leaking out.

Danielle bent down and ran her tongue up and down her long slit, and her clit started to swell and peek out from between her lips. She took her fingers and opened her up. Her clit was quivering in anticipation. She took her minora between her fingers, massaged them, then spread them wide apart, so we could see inside her virgin vagina.

“Look, Jack, you can see her cherry.”

Just inside the entrance to her cunt was a round, pink membrane with a finger-sized hole in the middle. I put my tongue in her love hole, and ran it around the edges. It must have been sensitive, because her moans increased and she started to writhe around. I stuck the tip of my tongue through the hole in the middle; it stretched, but it wouldn’t break. It would take something stronger than my tongue to break her hymen.

“My turn, Jack, I’ve never eaten a pussy before.”

Danni knelt down between her legs, and I watched her tongue and her lips go to work; licking, nipping, sucking. Her delicious ass was sticking up in the air; her pussy lips were swollen and soaking wet. My cock was hard and throbbing, and I just couldn’t resist, so I slipped it between her lips and buried it to the hilt. While she ate, I fucked. By some stroke of fate, we all reached our peak at the same time.

“AHHHH….” I shouted.

“AHHHH….” Danielle shouted.

“AHHHH…..”Jessica screamed.

Perfect harmony; just like Peter, Paula, and Mary.

I was out working in the yard again when I head the Porsche screaming up the road. When they screeched to a halt, I looked over, and holy shit! they were both topless. I walked over to the car and looked in, discovering that they were not only topless, they were stark naked. Danni strolled over and threw her arms around my neck.

“Hi there, sweaty man.” This time she slid her tits all over my chest.

“Jesus, how far did you drive like that?”

“Oh, forty miles up the highway, or so.”

“What if you’d been stopped by a cop?”

“You think we couldn’t have talked him out of a ticket? Shit, he could sell his dashcam tape with Jessica Collins naked on it for a bundle on eBay.” Amazing how great minds think alike. She was batting her eyes at me again.

“So, no cops?”

“Nope, no cops. But the trucker that pulled up next to us got a real thrill.” I got her shit-eating grin flashed at me. Again.

“You remember how I told you this car gives me an orgasm?”

“I remember.”

“Well, there’s kind of a big wet spot on the driver’s seat.

“Um, there’s one on the passenger seat, too,” Jessica blushed, dragging her toe in the dirt.

I sniffed the seats. The smell of teenage pussy, along with the Corinthian leather, was intoxicating. I wasn’t going to try to clean it off.

We went back into the house, and I headed for the shower.

“Wait, wait! I want to slide all over that sweaty body first. Gimme a quickie, then we’ll shower together.” That was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

After dinner, the girls were rehearsing their lines for the play again. I poured myself three fingers of Chivas, and sat back to watch the Dodgers’ game. If they won that night, they’d sweep the series and take sole possession of first place in their division. After three innings and three more fingers, Danielle came in a plopped herself down beside me.

“Tonight’s the night, Jack.”

“The night for what, babe?”

“For Jessica’s deflowering.”

“She’s alright with that?”

“She’s ready. I asked her if she wanted to pop her cherry with a vibrator, but she said no; she wants to experience the whole virgin thing.”

“Are you going to help?”

“I’m going to set the scene, and just sit back and watch. The you can carve another notch in your bedpost.”

“I don’t have a bedpost.” I had a cast-iron bed frame.

“True that, yo.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yeah. I discovered I have this big voyeur thing. You can bet I’ll be playing with my pussy while you’re doing her. I’ll try to be quiet, so I don’t distract you. Come into the bedroom in one hour.”

When I came in the bedroom, Danielle had stripped the cover off the bed, except for the bottom sheet, which is black satin. She’d covered the bed with pink rose petals, and had a dozen long-stemmed roses on each of the nightstands. There were candles burning everywhere, casting a warm glow over the whole room. Nora Jones was crooning softly on the stereo.

When she ushered Jessica into the room, she was wearing a white lace see-through negligee, a garter on her thigh, and a gossamer veil on her head. This outfit was from one of Danielle’s role-playing scenarios. This game was “Wedding Night” where she’d play a virgin bride. She likes me to take the garter off with my teeth. We also do the pirate-rape thing, Daddy’s bad little girl, with the short uniform skirt, the hooker, and she was working up something to do in a cop uniform. I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

Jessica was stunningly beautiful. Her waist-length golden hair was brushed out and shining in the candlelight. I drew her to me, lifted the veil, and pressed my lips to hers. Softly, gently at first. We hadn’t kissed before, and there’s something magic about learning about each other this way. Her lips were full, soft, and supple.

I snicked out my tongue and licked her lips, before inserting it between them and finding hers. Gently, gently at first, and as her passion grew her kisses intensified. She sucked on my tongue and they tangled together. Running my hands up under her nightie, I stroked her back, up and down, using just my fingertips. I got both hands on her ass, kneading and massaging her rounded cheeks.

I was very aware of Danielle, sitting naked in an upholstered chair. Her legs were spread wide, and she had two fingers in her pussy. She looked at me and winked.

My lips made their way down her throat, and across her chest. I pulled the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and they caught halfway down her arms, exposing her perfect breasts. I cradled them in my hands; they are so firm, so young. When I skimmed my thumbs over her nipples, I watched them swell and harden. I took them into my mouth, one at a time, sucking, tonguing.

She was breathing hard and pleasure moans came from deep in her throat. I pulled the nightie all the way off, and slipped my hand into her lacy panties. My finger teased her clit. With one arm behind her knees and another behind her back, I picked her up, carried over to the bed, and gingerly laid her down.

Slipping her panties off, I stood back and admired her stunningly beautiful body. Her long blonde hair was spread out underneath her, in high contrast to the black satin sheets. She looked at me with trusting eyes.

“Are you okay with this, Jessica?”

“Yes. I’m a little bit scared, but I really want to do this with you.”

“It will hurt a little bit at first, but I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

We lay side-by-side, and we kissed some more. I stroked her body with light hands, from her chest to her thighs, lingering over her breasts, teasing her mound. When I got down to the inside of her thighs, I spread her legs apart.

Cupping her sex, I squeezed her puffy lips together, trapping her clit between them, and used her majora to stroke it. She was leaking juice that ran down the crack in her ass. My mouth replaced my hands, and it roamed all over her. I licked and sucked her nipples again, then worked my way down to her virgin pussy.

I spread her lips apart, and looked at her beautiful cunt. Her minora were swollen and standing up, like the petals on the rose that were spread over the bed. She was so wet, so aroused. Her odor assailed my nostrils, and I breathed deep. Her clit was hard, the tip just peeking out from under its hood.

I assaulted her sweet pussy with my mouth, kissing, licking, sucking. My tongue ran around her clit in lazy circles, then flicked it, hard and fast. I wanted her to cum, and cum hard, experiencing pleasure before the pain in breaking her cherry. She was moaning and squirming around, and when I sucked her clit into my mouth, she went over the edge, and her orgasm overwhelmed her.

“Oh God, Jack….Oh…OOOOH….NNNGGGHHH.. AH…ahhh.. hummmm.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, yes, I’m ready….I want to feel you in me.”

I ran the head of my cock up and down her clit, spewing pre-cum that added to her wetness and made her pelvis start to undulate. Slowly, I eased my slippery crown between her pink lips, and pushed until I felt the resistance just inside the entrance to her vagina.

I withdrew, and pushed in again, stopping when I felt her hymen. Rearing back one more time, I thrust really hard, feeling the membrane tear as I broke her cherry.


She winced with the pain, and I held still until it passed. I pushed in slowly, an inch at a time, feeling her vagina stretch to take my girth. It had been a long time, and I’d forgotten how tight a virgin cunt can be. She was so wet, so hot, so slippery. I finally bottomed out, then lay still, deep inside her.

“Are you okay?” Her eyes were closed. When I spoke, she opened them up and looked at me.

“Yes, I’m okay; it only hurt for a minute. I love the feeling of your cock inside me.”

I rose up slowly, then pushed back and entered her again. Her tight canal gripped me like a velvet vice. I moved in and out, in and out, slowly at first, then picking up the tempo. Her hips rose up, and she began to thrust up to meet me. She was mewling; these soft sounds emitting at every stroke.

I plunged in deep and rolled over, still inside her. She was on top, and I pushed her shoulders up, so she was sitting on top of me. As she leaned forward, her tits dangled seductively in front of me, and I filled my hands with them, rubbing her nipples with my thumb.

As she rose and fell on top of me, I buried my hands in her soft buttocks, helping to lift her up. I teased her clit with my thumb, then pressed it against my shaft so that I rubbed against it as we fucked each other. I could sense from her body language, and the sounds she was making, that her climax was building. I was about to bust my nut, but I held it back, waiting for her.

“oooo, I’m gonna cum….gonna cum…..cum….cum….NNGGHHH….OH GOD….”

She came, and when her vagina spasmed on me, I shot my load way deep into her. When she raised off me, my cum was mixed with hers, colored pink with her virgin blood.

We lay side-by-side on the bed, and Danielle came over and snuggled in between us. She kissed me, long and deep, and kissed Jessica the same way.

“God, that was soo HOT, she smiled.”

Jessica went back to school. She had a mad crush on one of the actors in her class. I continue to be her agent, and her movie career is off and running. Sometimes she comes by, and Danni and I have a three-way with her.

The next weekend was Danielle’s nineteenth birthday. I handed her a small velvet box, and her eyes widened. She opened it up and there was a gold-plated Porsche key inside.

“Oh wow, my own key to your Porsche! Thanks, Jack.”

“Let’s go out in the garage and make sure it fits; it’s got a computer chip in it.”

She threw open the garage door and let out a shriek. Inside sat a bright red, brand new Porsche Boxster with a big silver ribbon on it, and a giant gift card attached. With the commission I had made from Jessica, I could have bought ten Porsches.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

“Oh my God! You’re gonna have to marry me now, you know.”



“That was a proposal, wasn’t it?”

“Well, yaaa.”

“So my answer is yes.”

“You mean with a ring and everything?”

“Look in your glove box.” Inside the glove compartment was another velvet box.

“Holy shit! It’s beautiful!”

It was a five-carat square cut sapphire, that belonged to my grandmother.

“I love you, Danielle.”

“Oh, you do. You really, really do. God, I love you, Jack.”

Then she got this mischievous look in her eyes. She flipped up her short denim skirt and lay back across the hood of her new red Porsche. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Fuck me, Jack.”

“Right here?”



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