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Kate was feeling a bit awkward. She didn’t view herself as an anti-social person, but parties really weren’t here thing. She was fine with people one on one, but had difficulty integrating into groups. The fact that she didn’t really know anyone other than Nathaniel made it especially difficult for her. She felt bad about clinging to his side, but was too nervous to leave it and be surrounded by complete strangers. Even with a few drinks in her, she just couldn’t seem to let her guard down and meet new people.

When Nathaniel suggested that they go somewhere private she jumped at the opportunity. It wasn’t that she had some burning desire to be alone with him or anything; she just liked the idea of not feeling like she was desperately clinging to his side in a crowd of strangers. If they were alone, she wouldn’t feel like she was preventing him from socializing with his friends. She also wouldn’t have to worry that the strangers were watching her and silently judging her for not speaking to them.

She assumed he wanted to do something sexual with her, but that was okay. They had been dating for a couple of weeks, and she was more than ready to take their relationship to the next level. She was becoming increasingly self-conscious about the fact that they hadn’t fucked yet, as well. As they headed up the stairs and down the hallway to the bedroom, she felt relieved that he was finally going to take the next step in their relationship.

Despite the house being fairly old, the bedroom was a surprisingly large size. Tastefully decorated, a large king sized bed sat up against the wall facing a walk in closet. Kate knew that Nathaniel was friends with whoever owned the home, but she had no idea who that person was. The idea of having sex in a stranger’s bedroom seemed mildly thrilling to her.

Entering the bedroom, Nathaniel wasted little time in getting down to business. As soon as the door was closed he pinned Kate up against the wall and began making out with her. His method was sloppy, but she admired the aggression. It felt confident to her, which was a turn-on.

Moving towards the bed, he practically threw her onto it before joining her. Pinning her down, she felt his hands running all over her chest, exploring her body. As he slipped a hand under her shirt she began to worry that he was moving too fast, but she let it go. Normally she’d be hesitant to let a man move so quickly, but the alcohol had lowered her inhibitions.

Sensing no resistance from her, Nathaniel unbuttoned her top and stripped it away. As he unhooked and removed her bra, Kate tried to protest. Though she didn’t view herself as ugly, she had her share of body acceptance issues. Being stripped naked in a stranger’s bedroom with the lights still on was mildly terrifying to her, and the fact that Nathaniel was still fully dressed did nothing to put her mind at ease.

Ignoring her protests, Nathaniel reached into his back pocket and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Grabbing Kate by her wrists, he forced her hands through the bars of the headboard and cuffed them together. The alcohol had numbed Kate’s reaction time; by the time she realized what he was doing her wrists were already bound.

She thought about asking him to remove the cuffs, but chose not to. She was a little nervous, but she didn’t necessarily want him to stop. It had been a long time since Kate had had sex, and she was eager to end the dry spell even if it meant indulging Nathaniel’s bondage fetish. Besides, with her physical movement restricted, she felt a little better about letting him do the things to her naked body that she hoped he would do — she could always tell herself that she wasn’t a slut, she just couldn’t have stopped him if she had wanted to.

With her hands bound above her head Nathaniel attacked her breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he aggressively licked her nipples. As Kate’s nipples grew erect she began moaning in pleasure. Between the alcohol and the physical stimulation, she was quickly forgetting about any reservations she might have had about being tied up naked in a stranger’s bedroom.

Sliding his hands down her torso, Nathaniel quickly unbuttoned Kate’s pants. As she felt them sliding down her legs, she again began to feel self-conscious again. The idea of being stripped down to her panties while Nathaniel was still fully dressed terrified Kate, even if it did arouse her in a way she didn’t fully understand.

“Slow down,” she requested. “Get the lights first, and lose some of your own clothes. I don’t want to be the only one naked.”

“You still have your panties,” he shrugged. “Though, I suppose that’s about to change.”

“I’m serious,” she insisted. “At least get the lights. I don’t think that door is locked, and someone could walk in and see me at any time.”

Nathaniel sighed, but walked over towards the door. Kate panicked a little when she saw that rather than turning off the lights or attempting to lock the door in some way he instead swung the door open wide. Though the hallway was empty, she could hear the voices of the other party-goers. She struggled against the handcuffs in a futile attempt to free herself so that she could cover her nudity, but succeeded only in hurting her own wrists.

“That’s not funny, Nathaniel,” she growled. “Close the door and take these fucking handcuffs off me. Now.”

“Try to relax,” Nathaniel chuckled. “There’s no one out there, and I don’t think anyone is going to walk by in the immediate future. As long as you keep quiet I’m sure no one will see anything.”

“I’ll scream,” she threatened.

“That wouldn’t exactly be keeping quiet,” he reminded her. “These are my friends, you’ll remember. If you scream, they’ll probably come — but they may not help you. I can save you the effort, though. If you want an audience, just say something. I’d be more than happy to go grab a few people to watch.”

Kate realized that he might be telling the truth. She didn’t know anyone at the party, but he seemed to know everyone. They had all been drinking, and she was concerned that there was a very real chance that they might be more interested in watching than helping her. She couldn’t be sure, but she didn’t want to risk it — though the idea of being watched was a recurring fantasy of hers, she was terrified by the idea of making it into a reality. Besides, in a way the risk made it all hotter for her.

Grinning widely, Nathaniel walked back towards the bed. Standing over Kate’s helpless body, he grabbed her panties by the waistline and began to pull them down. Kate kicked and attempted to contort her body to thwart him, but found it ultimately futile — the panties were coming down whether she wanted them to or not.

“Nathaniel, I’m really serious,” she protested. “Someone could walk by at any second, and I don’t want your friends to see me naked. You don’t want your friends checking out your girlfriend’s naked body, do you?”

“Why would that bother me?” he asked. “I like your body, Kate — you might be ashamed of it, but I’m happy to show it off. Believe me; I really don’t mind the idea of my friends seeing what I’m going to be fucking.”

“Keep this shit up and you won’t be fucking anyone,” Kate warned, trying to sound as stern as possible. “I’m done asking, I’m now ordering you. Close the door, now.”

Nathaniel shot her a grin and turned around. Rather than going for the door, though, he headed to the closet. After disappearing into it for a second, he came out with a pair of neckties in his hand. Approaching the bed, he tied one tightly around Kate’s ankle and pulled it towards the corner of the bed. Kate did her best to struggle as he tied it down, but he was far too strong for her. Repeating the action on her other ankle, Kate quickly found herself naked and tied up spread eagle.

“I’m not sure if you’ve noticed,” Nathaniel explained, “but you’re not exactly in the best position to be giving orders. I have you completely at my mercy, and if you want me to be gentle you should probably cooperate. Each time you forget your place and do something inappropriate, such as ordering me to close the door, I’ll do something to punish you — like tie your ankles down so that your cunt is visible and available. Is that understood?”

Kate again considered screaming but thought better of it. She had been nervous enough when she wasn’t fully naked with her legs spread, the idea of strangers seeing her in such a vulnerable position would be far too much. With no way to escape she realized that he was telling the truth — she really was completely at his mercy. She didn’t want to cooperate, but she had no other choice.

“Okay,” she replied, growing more nervous by the second. “I’m sorry that I gave you an order. Please close the door, Nathaniel? I’m asking you nicely.”

“I’d be happy to,” he explained. “But not until I get off. Once I do, I’ll consider shutting it.”

“Keep dreaming,” she snapped. “After the bullshit that you’ve pulled, if you get off tonight it’s not going to be with me.”

Laughing, Nathaniel ignored her claim and thrust his hand into her crotch. Kate reflexively attempted to force her thighs together, but because of the neckties binding her ankles to the bedposts she was unable to do so. She considered screaming, but stopped herself. She worried that if she did scream, the room would quickly fill with strangers who might watch her violation.

Uncomfortably, she began to realize that the idea of a room full of strangers was still a major turn on. She didn’t want it to actually happen, but just thinking about it seemed to grab her cunt’s attention. As Nathaniel began to expertly rub her clit, she could feel herself growing embarrassingly wet.

“It looks like your twat disagrees with you,” Nathaniel laughed as he slid a finger into the helpless girl. “If it could talk, I think it would be begging me to fuck it right now.”

Kate whimpered in shame as Nathaniel began to pump his finger in and out of her. She was painfully aware of the wet, sloshing noises emanating from her crotch, and was certain that Nathaniel heard them as well. Mortified at how her own body had betrayed her, she again considered screaming but decided not to. It wasn’t just the fear of alerting others to her situation that prevented her, though. A part of her just didn’t want him to stop.

Unfortunately for Kate, Nathaniel stopped anyway. Just as she was beginning to enjoy the finger fucking he got up without saying a word and headed for the door. Kate hoped that he was going to close it, but it given his behavior so far it seemed unlikely.

“Wait, where are you going?” she exclaimed in confusion.

“In case you’ve forgotten, you claimed that there was no way that I’d be getting off with you tonight,” he reminded her. “If that’s the case, then I’m wasting my time here. I’m going back to the party, seeing as you claim there’s nothing for me to do here.”

“Take off my handcuffs first!” she demanded, terrified by the idea of being left naked and vulnerable while tied to a stranger’s bed.

Nathaniel let out a heavy sigh and headed back towards the closet. Again disappearing briefly into it, he came out carrying a leather belt. Heading back towards the bed, he picked up Kate’s panties and balled them up. Climbing into bed, he held them to Kate’s face.

“I warned you about giving orders,” he sighed. “I’m going to do you a favor and gag you as your punishment. This will make it for more difficult for you to get yourself into more trouble, so you really ought to be grateful. Open your mouth, slut.”

Kate didn’t like the idea of being gagged one bit — especially with Nathaniel threatening to leave her tied to the bed. Defiantly, she clenched her jaw shut. She expected that Nathaniel might be able to force it open, but she wasn’t about to just give in.

Surprisingly, Nathaniel didn’t even attempt to force it open. Instead, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a permanent marker. Popping off the top, he began to write on Kate’s chest, immediately above her breasts. Forcing her head up, she could make out what he was writing: “PLEASE FUCK ME” in large block letters.

“Would you like to open your mouth now?” Nathaniel asked again calmly. “It’s okay if you don’t — I’d be more than happy to continue writing on you until you do.”

Kate didn’t want to obey, but she didn’t see what choice she had. She had no desire to see what else Nathaniel might write — the vulgarity that he had already scrawled upon her skin was bad enough. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and hoped he might be merciful.

Nathaniel waited until her mouth was opened wide and stuffed the panties into it. Taking the belt, he wrapped it around her head twice before tying it tightly, holding the panties inside. Unable to speak, Kate looked up at Nathaniel and begged her with her eyes to show some mercy.

“Oh, calm down,” Nathaniel chuckled. “I’m not going to abandon you — I’m just going to go grab a drink and socialize a little. I’ll be back in ten minutes or so; hopefully by that time you’ll have learned your lesson.”

Terrified of the idea of being left alone and unable to speak for ten minutes, Kate tried to beg him through her gag. She found she was unable to make anything more than make a series of muffled, panicked noises, but she hoped that he would understand and take mercy on her. Looking down at her, Nathaniel began to slowly shake his head.

“I just can’t bear to see you so sad,” he sighed.

Reaching to the side, Nathaniel grabbed Kate’s shirt. She hoped that he might consider dressing her before he left, though the look on his face implied that wouldn’t be very likely. As she begged for mercy with her eyes he wrapped the shirt over her face and tied the sleeves together, binding it in place. Unable to speak or see, Kate could only whimper into her panties as she heard his footsteps leaving the room. Unfortunately, she did not hear the door close behind him.

Kate was terrified. Being naked and tied up in a public place was bad enough, but the thing that Nathaniel had written on her chest made it so much worse. She tried not to, but she couldn’t help but think what would happen if a stranger were to accidentally wander into the room. She’d be unable to protest in any way with the gag in her mouth, and the label that Nathaniel had written on her made it very clear how he expected her to be used. Try as she might, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about being raped by strangers and never seeing their faces.

To make matters worse, a part of her kind of liked the idea. She didn’t actually want it to happen, but the idea of being raped by a man without ever knowing his identity was a major turn-on. Against her conscious desires, Kate felt her cunt growing wetter as thoughts of strangers using her as little more than a cum dumpster danced in her head.

Her imagination taking over, she vividly pictured it. A man whose name and face she’d never know would enter the room, not looking for anything in particular. Seeing her bound and helpless, he’d notice the text written on her chest. If there was any doubt in his mind what he should do, the sight of her visible arousal would convince him to use her.

He’d unceremoniously mount her as Kate did he best to scream. With the panties in her mouth, he’d have no idea if she were moaning in lust or screaming in terror — or perhaps he just wouldn’t care. He’d fuck her hard for a few minutes, dump some sperm in her, and walk away without ever revealing his identity. He might even tell his friends so that they could take a turn, too.

Finding that the thoughts were only making her hotter, Kate tried to think about other things. Focusing, she forced herself to pay attention to what she could hear. She could make out muffled voices and music coming from downstairs, but little else over the sound of her own breathing.

After a few minutes Kate thought she heard a floorboard creaking down the hallway. Her heart raced as she tried her best to determine if it was real or just her imagination. She told herself that it was an old house, and it might just be the house settling. She didn’t hear a follow-up creak, so it probably wasn’t someone in the hallway. Still, she couldn’t manage to convince herself that there wasn’t someone there. With no way of seeing what was going on, she couldn’t help but suspect that there might be someone already in the room with her, silently eyeing her vulnerable and helpless body.

After what felt like an eternity, she heard footsteps approaching down the hallway. She panicked — there was no chance that these were just the house settling, there was very clearly someone coming. She tried to convince herself that it was Nathaniel returning, but she just couldn’t be sure.

As the footsteps entered the room she tried to hold her body perfectly still. It seemed silly — with the lights were still on there would be no way of missing her. Still, it was the closest that she could come to actually hiding.

After a brief pause, the footsteps began to approach the bed. She knew that she had been seen, and knew that the person was coming towards her. She again tried to convince herself that it was just Nathaniel returning, but wasn’t sure how she felt about that. A part of her desperately wanted it to be someone else, someone who would see the note on her chest and do as it instructed.

Reaching the bed, the footsteps stopped. Kate held her breath in anticipation, not knowing what would happen next. She realized that she had no control over the situation — she might be fucked, she might be freed, she might even be ignored. She also realized that she wasn’t sure what she wanted to happen.

After a moment she felt a hand on her face, gripping the shirt that blindfolded her. As it was pulled off, she looked up to see Nathaniel’s face smiling back down at her. Quickly scanning the room, she found that they were otherwise alone. She was simultaneously relieved and disappointed.

“Did you miss me?” Nathaniel mocked. “I hope that wasn’t too painful for you, but you do need to learn not to mouth off to me. Giving me orders and telling me what I can and cannot do is really not a good idea. Have you learned your lesson, slut?”

Kate wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. Not only did it seem like the right thing to do in that situation, but the part of her that was enjoying the abuse wanted to provoke more. Unfortunately, with the gag in her mouth she was unable to respond verbally. Faced with the choice of either nodding or shaking her head, she nodded.

“That’s a good girl,” Nathaniel praised condescendingly, stroking her hair.

Lying down next to her, Nathaniel continued to stroke her hair with his left hand but slid his right hand down between her legs. Kate whimpered quietly in humiliation as he slid two fingers into her pussy, but was powerless to stop him. As he began finger-fucking her once again, she realized that she wouldn’t really want to stop him even if she could.

“Jesus Christ,” Nathaniel laughed, “did someone come by and fuck you while I was gone? I can’t imagine how you could possibly get this wet without some help.”

Kate groaned into her panties in humiliation. She wanted to point out that no one fucked her at all while he was gone, but realized the alternative was to admit that she was actually just that turned on by the situation. With no desirable option, she was grateful for the fact that she was gagged.

“I’m sorry, bitch,” Nathaniel continued. “I shouldn’t ask you questions when you’re unable to answer them. Let’s fix that real quick.”

Undoing the belt, Nathaniel removed the panties from Kate’s mouth. The freedom to breathe through her mouth was nice, but she dreaded the fact that Nathaniel might force her to answer questions about her very noticeable arousal. She thought about asking him to put it back in, but wasn’t sure how to do so.

“So, you can answer now,” Nathaniel laughed. “Tell me, slut — just how many loads of cum am I feeling inside that sloppy hole of yours?”

“None!” she protested, not liking the implication that she was some kind of repository for semen.

“Is that so?” he probed, increasing the speed with which he finger fucked her. “Tell me then, bitch — why is your cunt so disgustingly sloppy?”

“It just is?” she offered timidly, not wanting to discuss the obvious answer.

Nathaniel stopped finger fucking her for a moment and reached up to grab her nipple. Clamping it down between his thumb and forefinger, he twisted hard. As waves of pain shot through Kate’s body she bit down on her lip to prevent herself for screaming.

“It’s not a good idea to lie to me,” Nathaniel explained. “When you say ‘it just is’, you make it sound there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the present state of your cunt. If that were true, I’d think you’d leave puddles every time you sit down. Since I’ve seen you sit without leaving puddles, I have to conclude that there’s a reason why you’re so whorishly wet at the moment. Tell me what that reason is.”

“I’m just turned on,” Kate sobbed, mortified at having to admit it.

Letting out a sigh, Nathaniel again pulled the market out of his pocket. As Kate whimpered in confusion and humiliation he began writing on her stomach. Looking down Kate saw him write the phrase “DUMP YOUR CUM HERE”, along with an arrow pointing downwards towards her crotch. She felt humiliated and disgusted by such a crass thing being written on her, but it did nothing to turn her off.

“I’m not an idiot, Kate,” Nathaniel reminded her. “I’m aware that you’re turned on — frankly, you’d have to be blind not to notice. I wasn’t asking for a biology lesson as to why a cunt gets wet, I was asking you why your cunt is wet right now. Unless you need another time out, I strongly suggest that you give me an answer.”

“I don’t know,” she protested. “I don’t want any of this to turn me on, and I wish that you’d let me go already. My body just doesn’t seem to agree.”

“I want more,” Nathaniel demanded. “What part of this is it that your body seems to enjoy so much? Is it the fact that someone could walk by at any moment? Is it the fact that if someone were to find you, there’d be a good chance that they’d fuck your slutty little brains out? Do you just like being tied up like a little whore?”

“It’s all of it,” she tearfully admitted. “I don’t want it to be like that, but everything you’ve said makes me hot.”

“Good girl,” Nathaniel laughed. “Since you were so honest, I think you deserve a reward.”

Sliding his hand down her chest, Nathaniel again slipped it between her legs. Slipping two fingers back into her, he began to pump them in and out rapidly, fucking her hard. Normally Kate wouldn’t want it so rough, but at that moment she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. In the hopes of feigning some degree of chastity, she bit down on her lip to prevent herself from moaning.

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Nathaniel mused. “Don’t get me wrong or anything, I like you Kate — but I knew you were a slut from the moment I saw you.”

“I’m not a slut!” Kate moaned, immediately wishing she had made the claim with less lust in her voice.

“Is that a joke?” Nathaniel laughed. “You’re tied to a stranger’s bed in a public place, completely naked, and bound open. A respectable woman wouldn’t be all too happy with that situation, yet your twat is literally dripping. What kind of a woman do you think that makes you?”

Kate racked her brain for a response that would make her look less slutty, but was unable to come up with one. She wanted to point out that she really did want him to untie her and let her go, but the extremely noticeable wetness between her legs undermined any chance of success that argument might have. With Nathaniel finger-fucking her hard, she was finding it increasingly difficult to deny that she was absolutely acting exactly like the slut he claimed she was.

“A slut, I guess,” she offered. “I’m not normally like this, though, I swear!”

“All that means is that you normally repress your true nature,” Nathaniel shrugged. “It’s hardly uncommon, but it changes nothing. The fact of the matter is that like all sluts, you’re most honest when your cunt is in control. You might beg and plead for me to free you, but your cunt knows better — it knows that this is exactly what you want. I want you to tell me what you are, Kate — no question marks, no guessing. Tell me that you’re a slut.”

Kate didn’t want to cooperate, but she had no choice. Nathaniel’s logic seemed sound — she couldn’t explain her wetness any other way. Additionally, though she consciously didn’t want to say the horrible thing he demanded, her libido liked the idea. She didn’t understand why, but being forced to slander herself was a major turn-on.

“I’m a slut,” she admitted. “Are you happy now?”

“Not yet, but I am getting there,” Nathaniel laughed. “Truth be told, I’m really just getting warmed up. You didn’t think the whole point of this was just to finger fuck you and have you admit that you’re a slut, did you? No, Kate, I have far more interesting things planned for you.”

Kate was both terrified and intrigued. She suspected those plans involved her sexual exploitation, but wasn’t sure if she liked that or not. The sadistic streak that she was seeing in Nathaniel scared the hell out of her, but at the same time she found herself wanting more. Her sex drive and her modesty were battling it out for control of her body, and as Nathaniel continued to masterfully fuck her with his fingers she felt her modesty losing.

“Like what?” she moaned, more out of curiosity than fear.

“I don’t think I want to spoil the surprise just yet,” he replied. “Though, I will tell you this — cooperate fully and be honest at all times, and you’ll probably enjoy this. Get all disobedient with me, and I promise I can make it hurt.”

As Nathaniel’s warning echoed in her mind, Kate began to realize that if he continued fucking her with his fingers she’d almost certainly reach orgasm soon. The idea frightened her — Kate’s orgasms were rarely quiet affairs, and she knew that Nathaniel would notice. Any chance of her being able to reclaim her sense of modesty later would be destroyed if she was unable to hold herself off.

She tried to think of other things in a futile attempt to distract herself, but Nathaniel’s forceful motions consistently brought her back into reality. Biting down on her lip she realized that she had no chance of preventing the inevitable. Unless Nathaniel stopped soon she’d cum, and he’d have all the evidence that he needed to claim that she was every bit the slut he claimed she was. Focusing her willpower, she forced herself to ignore the increasingly large part of her psyche that was loving every second of the abuse and wanted her to give in.

“You have to stop,” she begged between moans. “Please, stop fingering me.”

She hated herself for making the request. She didn’t want to prove that he was right about her being a slut, but the idea of him stopping with her so close to the edge seemed almost tortuous to her. With her desires taking over, she silently prayed that Nathaniel would ignore the request.

“That sounded dangerously close like giving me an order,” Nathaniel grinned, continuing to fuck her hard. “I’ll play along, though. Tell me, slut, why exactly do I have to stop?”

Kate wasn’t sure how to answer. She couldn’t let him know just how close she was to orgasm — that would defeat the purpose of asking him to stop in the first place. She couldn’t think of any other reason that he should stop, either. Most importantly, though, she didn’t really want him to stop at all.

“I’m sorry,” she moaned. “I didn’t mean to give you an order. Please just forget that I said anything.”

“You’re not getting off the hook that easily,” Nathaniel warned. “You asked me to stop; I want to know why. Answer the question, slut, or I will have no choice but to punish you.”

Kate was caught and she knew it. He wasn’t going to let her just take the question back, and there was something about his tone of voice that made her suspect that he already knew what the answer was anyway. Swallowing her pride, she prepared to tell him — she figured he’d know soon enough.

“I’m going to cum,” she admitted.

“Well of course you’re going to cum, you stupid bitch,” Nathaniel laughed. “That’s what sluts like you do, hell, it’s exactly what you’re for. I’ll let you in on a secret, too — this won’t be the last time tonight that you’re going to cum like the cock-crazy little slut whore that you are.”

With his verbal abuse pushing her down the path towards orgasm, Kate felt her resolve slipping away. She rationalized it by telling herself that he already knew anyway, and perhaps she’d be stronger once she had gotten it out of her system. She didn’t really believe that, but it didn’t matter.

Realizing how futile it was to try to prevent the inevitable, Kate let go as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Arching her back as high as she her bindings would permit, she began to moan loudly. Nathaniel grinned widely as he watched her cum, enjoying her humiliation.

As Kate’s orgasmic bliss gradually faded away, she found herself mentally returning to Earth. She was still horny, but she was also worried. She realized that her orgasm had been extremely loud, and was afraid that the people downstairs had heard her. She could still hear them, it seemed only logical that they might have heard her. Terrified, she realized that it was possible that right then someone might be heading up the stairs to see what the noise was.

“Okay, we really need to stop now,” she blurted out. “At least shut the door, someone might have heard me!”

“I’d be shocked if they didn’t,” Nathaniel laughed. “You cum like a true whore, Kate — though I suppose that it’s to be expected. Frankly, I doubt that anyone didn’t hear you.”

“Then close the door already!” she demanded. “I don’t want your friends to see me like this!”

“Oh, Kate,” Nathaniel sighed, removing his hand from her crotch. “I suppose this is just as much my fault as yours for cutting you too much slack in the past. You don’t give me orders, little girl — and that was most certainly an order. I think that you need another time out.”

Remembering how powerless she was, Kate froze in terror. She wanted to apologize for the transgression, but couldn’t seem to get over her pride to do so. The sadistic look in Nathaniel’s eyes suggested that an apology would change nothing, anyway.

Picking up her panties Nathaniel rubbed them all over Kate’s groin, mopping up her juices. Holding them immediately in front of her face, she could see how soaked they were and was deeply ashamed. She realized that she had been enjoying herself, but had no idea just how wet she really was.

“Open,” he ordered.

“Wait, I’m sorry,” Kate blurted out, still frightened by the idea of being left alone again and disgusted by the idea of being gagged with her own dripping panties. “Please don’t be mad, Nathaniel? I take it back.”

Nathaniel let out a heavy sigh and again reached for the marker. Sitting up, he began writing on her inner thigh. Kate had difficulty seeing what he was writing from her angle, but with a little pain she was able to cock her head enough to make it out. The words “SPERM BANK, FREE DEPOSITS” decorated her thigh with another arrow pointing towards her crotch.

“Don’t make me tell you again,” Nathaniel warned as he again brought the panties in front of Kate’s terrified face.

Reluctantly, Kate opened her mouth. Rather than immediately stuffing the panties in, though, Nathaniel first wiped them over her face, leaving her skin coated with a thin film of her own juices. Smelling the musky scent of her sex she was both repulsed and excited. After sliming every inch of her face, Nathaniel balled the panties up and stuffed them in her mouth.

As Kate tasted her own juices, Nathaniel again wrapped the belt around her face to hold them in. With the gag securely in place, he once more tied the shirt over her face to blindfold her. Unable to speak or see, Kate again felt Nathaniel climb off of the bed and heard him approach the door.

Unable to move and trapped in her own mind, Kate began to expect the worst. She knew that Nathaniel was correct — the people downstairs had almost certainly heard her cum. If there was any doubt in their minds, Nathaniel was likely down there right then telling them exactly what had happened. She tried to comfort herself by constructing scenarios that wouldn’t end with a room full of strangers gawking at her nudity, but couldn’t seem to come up with anything that felt plausible.

Strangely, she found that the taste of her own sex combined with her utter helplessness was getting her excited again. Kate had never experienced multiple orgasms in the past, and often had difficulty achieving the first orgasm — the idea that she still wanted more made no sense to her. Still, lying motionless she was acutely aware of the sensation of her pussy growing wetter and wetter.

No matter how hard she attempted to think about other things, her mind consistently gravitated back towards her current predicament. She knew that Nathaniel wasn’t done with her just yet, and wondered what else he might have planned. Regardless of what he was planning to do to her, she realized that she’d almost certainly have an audience.

It seemed likely that he’d probably fuck her next. It only made sense to her — he had already gotten her off, he’d probably want her to get himself off as well. Unwillingly, she began to visualize what it might be like.

She hoped that he’d keep the blindfold on so that no one could see her face. It wasn’t so much out of a desire for anonymity — she realized that everyone had already seen what she looked like — but more out of a fear that they’d see how much she was enjoying getting fucked while they watched. She wanted to believe that her face would convey nothing but disgust and hatred, but it just didn’t seem likely. She couldn’t even hold back her orgasm when it was just Nathaniel’s fingers; it seemed improbable that she’d be able to restrain herself when dealing with the real thing.

She realized it was pretty unlikely that Nathaniel would let her keep the blindfold on anyway. He seemed to enjoy humiliating her; forcing her to show everyone how much she was enjoying her degradation seemed exactly like the type of thing that he’d do. She wondered what Nathaniel’s friends would think of her as they watched her getting fucked.

Eventually, Kate heard what sounded like footsteps approaching the bedroom. They were softer than last time, as if the person walking towards her was trying to be quiet so as to sneak up on her. Panicking, she told herself that it was probably just Nathaniel trying to screw with her mind in some way, but she couldn’t seem to make herself believe it.

Eventually, the footsteps reached the room. She wanted desperately to ask who it was, but with the gag in was powerless to do so. She hoped that the person would say something so that she could at least know if it was or wasn’t Nathaniel, though she had no idea how she could make that happen.

As she felt the person climb into bed with her, her heart raced. She realized that she was completely and totally at the person’s mercy, and she had no clue who that person was. She wondered what they would do to her, and wondered how she would react.

She didn’t have to wonder for long, though. Mere seconds after she felt the person crawl into bed with her, she felt his hands exploring her body. Groping, prodding, and rubbing every inch of her skin she began to fear that it wasn’t Nathaniel, but a stranger. She wanted desperately to know who was touching her, but was afraid to find out. If it was a stranger, she wasn’t sure she wanted to know.

As the hands found their way between her legs, she found her lust returning in force. Whoever it was knew what he was doing — he masterfully rubbed her clit while gently fucking her with his fingers. The fingers felt like Nathaniel’s, but the fact that she was being finger-fucked again implied that it wasn’t him. She didn’t think that Nathaniel would be eager to repeat himself so quickly.

Against her will, she found herself beginning to moan as her lust took over. She didn’t want to enjoy the stimulation, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself. The fact that it could very possibly be a stranger making her feel that way was terrifying, but it made it even hotter. Just the same she prayed that it would be Nathaniel — she didn’t know if she could handle enjoying herself on that level if it turned out to be someone else.

Fearing that she would be acting entirely too slutty if it did turn out to be a stranger, Kate tried as hard as she could to restrain herself. It was hopeless, though — her partner’s skilled fingers were inspiring too much bliss for her to ignore it. As she began to moan openly, she rationalized her action. Whoever was fingering her must have already noticed how wet she was, and had probably heard her repressed moans through the gag — pretending to be chaste at that point just didn’t seem to make any sense. Unable to stop the assault she gave herself license to enjoy it, moaning loudly and grinding her hips to meet his fingers.

“You really are a slut,” came Nathaniel’s familiar voice after several minutes. “You had no idea that it was me the whole time, but it didn’t seem to stop you from enjoying yourself. What’s that say about you?”

Kate was overwhelmed by conflicting emotions. She was ashamed of her behavior — Nathaniel was right, she was all too eager to enjoy fucking what could have very easily been a stranger’s hand. She was relieved that it was Nathaniel, feeling that at least she hadn’t really done anything with a stranger. A small part of her that she wanted to ignore, though, was disappointed that it hadn’t been a stranger all along.

As she felt the assault on her crotch stop, she heard the sound of a zipper going down. Seconds later, she felt the head of Nathaniel’s cock pressing into her vulnerable snatch. It felt thicker than she had expected, but slid in easily due to her intense wetness.

Kate wanted to hate it the fact that Nathaniel was fucking her. She was still terrified and angry about the entire ordeal that he had put her through, and it didn’t seem right that he still got to fuck her in the end. She just couldn’t make herself hate it, though. As Nathaniel’s cock slid deeper and deeper into her, she was overcome with a sense of lust. If he had untied her at that moment she wouldn’t have run, she’d have fucked back.

Spreading her legs as wide as the neckties that bound her would allow, she did what she could to physically encourage Nathaniel. She justified it by telling herself that the sooner he got off the sooner this would all be over, but she knew that was a lie. The fact was that she wanted very much to be fucked, and was eager to do what she could to help Nathaniel accomplish that.

“You horny little slut,” Nathaniel laughed, having noticed her cooperation. “I have to wonder, Kate — would you be reacting the same way if I had been a stranger?”

Kate didn’t want to think about the question, but her mind forced her to. She wanted to believe that she wouldn’t, but she knew that was a lie. As Nathaniel began to fuck her with slow, deep strokes, she realized that she almost certainly would have reacted the same way if it was a stranger. She didn’t like thinking about it, but a significant part of her was getting off on the idea of being used by anonymous men.

“Don’t you fucking ignore me,” Nathaniel warned, punctuating his words with rough thrusts. “I asked you a question, and while you may still be gagged you can at least nod or shake your head. Now tell me, slut — if it was a stranger fucking you, would you be getting off like this?”

Reluctantly, Kate began to nod her head. She hated admitting it, but Nathaniel almost certainly already knew the truth and it seemed like a bad idea to provoke him by lying. Besides, she was beginning to realize that she got off on being treated like a whore by Nathaniel, and being forced to admit that she would enjoy fucking a stranger was a major turn-on.

Nathaniel rewarded her honesty by fucking her harder. Though still ashamed of her behavior, lust was again taking over her body. Moaning loudly, she gave in to her carnal desires. She figured that she was powerless to stop him, so she might as well enjoy it.

Nathaniel’s hands slid of her torso, pausing on her breasts. While fucking her forcefully, he cupped them in his hands and tweaked her nipples, causing chills to shoot up Kate’s spine. She wondered how much of her enjoyment was due to just being fucked, and how much was due to the taboo nature of the situation.

After lingering on her breasts for a few seconds, Kate felt Nathaniel’s hands crawling up towards her face and grabbing the shirt that he had used to blindfold her. After untying the knot he pulled the shirt off, allowing Kate to see once more. It took her a moment for her eyes to adjust, but once they did she was horrified by what she saw.

Standing right next to the bed were two men. She recognized them from the party earlier, but she had no idea who they were or what their names were. Bucking her hips she tried to scream to let them know that she didn’t want them there, though her screams sounded like passionate moans even to her. She realized there was some truth to it — though she was terrified by the fact that she had an audience, she was still enjoying Nathaniel’s rough fucking far more than what would be appropriate.

The strangers didn’t seem discouraged in the slightest by Kate’s protests. Staring lecherously, they paid close attention to the helpless girl as Nathaniel continued to fuck her hard. To her horror, Kate found that the fact that she was being watched wasn’t turning her off in the slightest — if anything, it was making her enjoy it more. She tried to repress her moans of lust, but found the task impossible — before long she was moaning just as loudly as she had been before she knew that she was being watched.

“I told you this slut likes it,” Nathaniel laughed. “I just made the little whore cum a few minutes ago, and she’s already good to go again. Go grab the others — I haven’t had a chance to introduce my bitch here, and I’d like to correct that.”

Kate groaned in protest as the two men left to follow Nathaniel’s instructions, but it was hopeless. Even if she hadn’t been gagged, it was unlikely that she could say anything that would change Nathaniel’s mind. Besides, the damage was already done. No matter what happened next the two men had already seen her getting fucked and loving it; nothing was going to change that. They’d almost definitely tell other people; Nathaniel’s friends were sure to know what had happened even if they didn’t witness it with their own eyes.

On a deeper level, Kate was unable to deny the fact that she wanted to be seen. She was still disgusted with herself for the desire, but the fact was that when Nathaniel pulled off the blindfold and revealed that she was performing in front of a live audience she was deeply turned on by it. Just thinking about the rest of his friends watching her violation sent chills down her spine, even if she consciously was horrified at the thought.

With his friends out of the room, Nathaniel began fucking her a little slower. She wasn’t sure if he was just pacing himself so that he could stretch out her humiliation a little longer, or if he had just been showing off while they were there. Still, he managed to continue fucking her hard enough to maintain her interest.

After a few minutes, Nathaniel’s friends returned with company. As strangers filed through the door Kate studied their reactions. Some appeared almost perversely interested, some seemed almost disgusted. As the room filled up, she wanted desperately to explain to them that this wasn’t who she was and it wasn’t her idea but the gag prevented her from doing so.

Nathaniel began to fuck her hard, using fast, powerful strokes. Kate assumed he was just showing off for his friends; demonstrating how thoroughly he had conquered her. Unfortunately, she found the idea highly erotic and found herself unwillingly moaning as he roughly fucked into her. Catching herself she tried her hardest to hide her obvious enjoyment, but it was too late — everyone had already witnessed her lustful moans.

After fucking her for a few moments, Nathaniel unceremoniously pulled out. She tried in vain to clench her thighs around him and hold him in place, but the neckties binding her ankles made that impossible. It wasn’t just that she didn’t want him to stop — with him no longer on top of her, everyone could see her completely, including the disgusting things that he had written on her body.

Standing next to her, Nathaniel’s cock jutted forward vulgarly. Even from a few feet away she could see how wet it was; she could vividly make out her juices dripping down his shaft. Humiliated, she realized that everyone else could probably see the same thing.

Forcing herself to look away, she scanned the room with her eyes. Fortunately, it seemed like no one was looking at Nathaniel’s cock and noticing how wet it was. Unfortunately, that was because they all seemed to be looking at her. Feeling more naked than she ever had in her life, Kate remembered the things that Nathaniel had written on her body and realized that they were probably reading her.

“Thanks for giving me a minute of your time, everyone,” Nathaniel announced, sounding like the ringmaster of a circus. “I just wanted to take a moment to introduce my new bitch. Her name is Kate, though she’ll also respond to ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘fuck pig’, or whatever else you feel like calling her. Don’t worry about being polite — this cunt loves abuse.”

As Nathaniel’s friends laughed, tears began to stream down Kate’s face. Unfortunately, her cunt followed the example and began juicing up itself. As terrified as she was of what was happening, she was also extremely turned on.

“You probably saw her earlier downstairs,” he continued, “though I’m certain you didn’t get a chance to talk to her. You might be thinking that this is because she’s rude, or stuck-up, but that’s not the case — Kate here is just shy. It takes her a while to warm up to people, so I’m hoping this will help break the ice. I figured I could introduce her around the old-fashioned way, but this seemed like a little more fun. Besides, this way you get to know her more intimately.”

“Are you seriously going to let us fuck her?” one of them asked.

“Of course!” Nathaniel laughed. “Hey, mi puta es su puta, right? Now obviously I’ll be going first — she is my bitch, after all — but once I’m done with her anyone who wants a turn can take one. Anyway, that’s my announcement — feel free to stick around and watch this slut get fucked, or head back to the party. She’ll be here all night.”

Kate’s mind raced as she struggled to make sense of what Nathaniel had just said. His words left little ambiguity — he clearly intended to share her with his friends. Though terrified of the idea, Kate was also deeply aroused by it as well. She wanted to be utterly and completely disgusted, but she couldn’t stop herself from looking forward to the abuse.

Having made his speech, Nathaniel climbed back on top of Kate. A handful of people trickled out of the room, but most stuck around to watch. As Nathaniel slid his cock back into her, Kate was painfully aware of the fact that every single eyeball in the room was focused on her. Some of them were laughing, some were staring at her perversely, some even looked outright disgusted by her; but without exception she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room.

Nathaniel resumed fucking her, though not quite as hard as he had before he gave the speech. Completely aware that she was being watched by well over a dozen people, Kate struggled to not enjoy his actions. Unfortunately, knowing that she was being watched only intensified her lust. As Nathaniel began working into a rhythm she found her resolve quickly melting away.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Kate began to moan. She figured that it was far too late to reclaim any sense of chastity — everyone in the room had already seen her getting fucked and seen how wet she was. They probably already realized how much she enjoyed it, forcing herself to hide her lust seemed pointless and stupid.

As Nathaniel continued fucking her, Kate looked around the room again. Most of the people were still watching her intently, but a few of them were talking amongst themselves. She wasn’t sure why, but she found the fact that they weren’t giving her 100% of their attention almost offensive. Between her growing lust and her desire to not be ignored, she decided to put on a show for them.

Spreading her thighs as wide as she could, she began to grind her hips upwards into Nathaniel while moaning loudly into her panties. It seemed to work; the few people who had been talking amongst themselves turned their focus back towards her. By that point, however, she wasn’t too interested in them — she felt another orgasm building.

“God, look at the whore fucking back!” laughed a female stranger. “You weren’t kidding, Nathaniel — she really is a true slut.”

“I told you so, Laura,” Nathaniel laughed back. “She might deny it, but she fucking loves this.”

“So, about your offer to let anyone fuck her,” Laura continued, “does that apply to women, too?”

“Laura, you don’t think I’d discriminate based on gender, do you?” Nathaniel laughed. “Of course it applies to women — anyone who wants a turn can take one. Believe me; this bitch won’t mind having to suck a couple pussies tonight.”

Kate tried to protest through her gag, but it was futile. She was not gay, and most certainly did mind the idea of being forced to service Nathaniel’s female friends. At the same time, even though she had never fantasized about having sex with a woman in the past, she found the idea extremely exciting. She liked the idea of being forced to do things that she didn’t want to do, even if they involved going against her sexual orientation. She figured it was irrelevant whether she accepted it or not, anyway — Nathaniel wasn’t exactly asking for her consent.

“Can we fuck her ass, too?” came another question, this time from a male voice.

“I don’t see why not,” Nathaniel shrugged. “A slut like this is meant to be fucked in all three holes, if we only use her cunt then we’d almost be insulting her. Lube her up, though — I don’t want you damaging her asshole and destroying one third of her value.”

Between the crass way in which Nathaniel spoke about her and the extremely permissive attitude he had towards his friends using her for sex, she had never been more turned on in her life. She didn’t know why, but being dehumanized seemed to be a major turn-on for her. The way that they spoke about her as if she were nothing more than a piece of meat for their lascivious use was pushing her over the edge.

As Nathaniel built up speed Kate’s second orgasm of the night began. No longer interested in futilely hiding her enjoyment she came loudly, making no effort to hide her pleasure. Thrusting her crotch up at Nathaniel she pulled hard against her bonds while moaning loudly, leaving no one confused as to what had just happened.

As Kate’s orgasm faded away, the room broke out into applause. Kate was mortified by the attention, but she felt something else as well. As humiliating as it was to have a roomful of strangers laughing and clapping after her orgasm it was equally exciting to her. Even though her orgasm had barely ended, she found herself eager to experience another.

Nathaniel seemed to ignore the applause entirely, focusing only on fucking Kate. Sliding his hands down around her back, he firmly gripped her ass. Bracing her against his thrusts he began to fuck her hard. Utterly defeated, Kate allowed him to use her as he pleased.

After several minutes of brutal fucking, Nathaniel gripped Kate’s ass hard and thrust deeply into her. Grunting loudly, he looked Kate dead in the eyes as he began to orgasm. Feeling his warm cum explode inside her, Kate felt simultaneously satisfied and nervous about what would happen next.

“Don’t look so worried,” Nathaniel encouraged. “I’ll be good to go again in an hour or so, and I’m sure my friends will be more than happy to keep you entertained until then.”

Standing up, Nathaniel faced the crowd and took a bow. As they again applauded and laughed, he put his pants back up and basked in the attention. Kate felt humiliated, but also jealous. She didn’t like that they were paying attention to him instead of her.

“So, a few ground rules,” Nathaniel explained. “Keep it orderly — form a line if you need to. No one gets a second turn until everyone who wants one has gotten their first turn. Obviously, I reserve the right to cut in line myself. If you don’t get as many turns as you want tonight, don’t worry about it too much — I promise this won’t be Kate’s last party.”

Looking back at Kate he leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. She hated him for what he had done to her but she was glad that he had done it. She’d sooner die than admit it, but her heart soared when he promised that he’d be doing it again. Standing back up, Nathaniel reached into his pocket and pulled out the marker. Placing it on the nightstand next to her head he turned again to face his audience.

“I’m leaving this marker for your use as well,” he explained. “If you have any criticism, praise, or other feedback, please feel free to write it somewhere on her body.”

Having said his piece, Nathaniel headed towards the door and walked out. Looking around, Kate saw plenty of Nathaniel’s friends eager to take a turn. Realizing that she was just as eager as they were, she laid back and relaxed. It was going to be a long night, but at least it wasn’t going to be boring.

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