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Corporal Punishment

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Lisa was nervous. Her last test had come back with a multitude of red marks all over it and a big fat F in the corner. If she failed her algebra class, she would have to go on academic probation, and her GPA might even lower enough that she would lose her scholarship and have to drop out – she couldn’t afford the college’s exorbitant fees without help, and her parents didn’t have any money to pay toward her tuition. She shuffled from foot to foot, dancing nervously on the spot outside her professor’s office, waiting for him to invite her inside.

Lisa was a cute young college girl – she was a freshman, barely eighteen with a full figure and long brown hair. Behind her glasses, she had lovely blue eyes with long lashes. She had a slightly mousy, bookworm type look, young and innocent. She was a studious girl, but unfortunately her intelligence leaned more toward languages than Math, and she was having a hard time applying herself. Between her class load and the job that she’d taken to support herself, she was finding college a trying experience – no drugs, alcohol and wild sex for Lisa. She was lucky if she even got a night free to socialise.

Professor Dean opened the door, sweeping his eyes over the mousy girl standing nervously in front of it. He took in her full, ample breasts and her wide hips, noting the way she submissively looked downwards like she couldn’t quite bring herself to meet his eyes. He smiled fleetingly – he already knew why Lisa was here to see him, but he thought that he might be able to help the young girl, if she was willing to take a little direction.

“Lisa,” he said, his voice soft but commanding. “Why don’t you come in and sit down? I’m assuming you’re here about failing your recent test.”

Wincing at the word ‘failing’, Lisa slipped timidly into the professor’s office, taking a seat opposite his desk. For the first time, she couldn’t help but admire Professor Dean’s form – he was young, for a professor. He had a strong, powerful build, with broad shoulders. He had kind grey eyes that wrinkled around the sides as he smiled. There was a little salt in his black hair, but with his commanding voice and his English accent, he was the star of many of his pupil’s fantasies, her own included. A blush tainted her cheeks as she looked away, looking down at her clasped hands.

“I-yes,” she said, her voice quiet. “I just… I can’t fail this class, professor. Is there any way I could make it up with extra credit? I’ve been working so hard, I can’t believe I failed. I just didn’t have enough time to study, but I can’t fail it, sir. I can’t.” The poor girl was near tears, her eyes stinging as she sniffled wetly.

Professor Dean just watched her in silence for a long moment. He folded his big hands together on his desk. “Well, if you had applied yourself better, we wouldn’t be in this position,” he said, shaking his head. “But I do feel for you. I know your academic and financial situation, and I know for a fact that failing this class would end your entitlement to a scholarship. But you must understand that I can’t really favour one student over another, regardless of circumstances.” He shrugged his broad shoulders apologetically.

Lisa’s face crumpled, tears streaming from her eyes as she sobbed, hunching in on herself. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ll do better, I promise. What will I do? I won’t be able to afford it; I’ll have to drop out. My parents will be so disappointed. Isn’t there any way? I’ll do anything.”

Those sweet words – music to any man’s ears when they were faced with a sweet, innocent eighteen year old. The professor could feel his cock hardening just from watching her cry. Reaching under the desk, he gave himself a quick squeeze as he watched her, pretending that he was considering his options. After a small pause, he smiled.

“Well,” he said, “there is one option. I believe that you’re just in need of a little… direction. A little guidance. Someone to manage your time more effectively and make sure you study evenly for your classes. Someone to punish you, if need be.”

Lisa swallowed thickly and looked up, her face red from crying. She twisted her hands anxiously in her lap, meeting her professor’s eyes briefly before looking down at his desk. “P-punish me?” she asked, her voice shaking.

“Yes, punish you,” Professor Dean drawled. “Make you accountable for your actions. Or, I suppose, I can just fail you. I thought your education meant more to you than that, but-” He shrugged nonchalantly and leaned back in his chair.

“No! No, I want you to… guide me,” Lisa said, nodding her head. “I’m not very good at managing my time. Maybe if you made me up a schedule or something…”

“Oh, my dear, I intend to give you far more incentive than a schedule,” the professor said, smiling like a shark. “Lock the door, would you?”

Lisa shifted nervously, looking like she wanted to protest. After a long moment, she gave in and nodded her head. Getting up on shaky legs, she locked the office door before standing nervously by the desk, waiting for further instruction.

Professor Dean watched her – she was wearing a cute, knee-length skirt. He liked skirts. Easy access. “You may as well sit down,” he said, pulling open his desk drawer. He retrieved a root of ginger and a knife, setting about peeling and carving it right in front of her. “Do you know what this is?” he asked.

“Uh.” Lisa watched nervously, the spicy smell hitting her as he carved. “Ginger?” she asked, her eyes flashing up to his face, seeking approval.

“Well done,” the professor said, smiling briefly as he worked. “Ginger. There’s an old practice, back in England. When receiving a caning, the subject can clench their buttocks and reduce the pain. Schoolmasters introduced ginger as a way to make sure that those in need of punishment experienced the pain of it fully. Inserted into the anus, it produces a nasty burning sensation which only intensifies as the victim clenches.” As he spoke, he worked, whittling the ginger into a recognisable butt plug.

Lisa went cold. Her eyes flashed from his face to the ginger he was working on and back again, trying to gauge if he was joking. Her cheeks flushed, her lips parting slightly, her breathing and her heart rate increasing. She was suddenly aware of her breasts, her nipples tightening and grazing her bra. “You… you can’t do that,” she said, her eyes widening. “I-I could tell someone!”

“You could,” the professor responded, placing the newly carved ginger plug down on the desk. “Of course, if you did that, you’d fail my class.” He smirked. “Besides, who would even believe you? Your word against mine, and it’s much easier and more preferable to believe that a bitchy student has a problem with getting an F than a respected professor administering corporal punishment.” He wiped his hands on a hand towel and looked levelly at the girl sitting opposite him. “You can leave, if you want to fail my class and have your scholarship pulled. Or you can come over here and get over my knee. Your choice.” He pushed back from the desk slightly, exposing his muscular thighs. There was a slight bulge down one leg, his cock throbbing in his slacks.

Refusing to look at her professor, Lisa dithered for a moment. She ran a shaky hand through her hair and took in a deep breath. He had her, and she knew it. She knew that if she left his office, she could say goodbye to her college education. Maybe she needed what he was offering. Maybe if he disciplined her, guided her, she would do better. Flicking her eyes up, she looked nervously at the ginger, her ass clenching just at the thought. Then, hesitantly, she got to her feet. She walked over to him, her legs weak and rubbery. Her heart beat excitedly in her chest. She could hear the blood rushing through her ears. Her face felt like it was on fire, and she was disturbed to realise that she was wet. After one final pause, she laid herself gingerly over her professor’s lap, stiff as a board.

“There’s a good girl,” Professor Dean said, letting his hand rest on her warm ass, caressing her through her skirt. He shifted in his seat before moving her, pulling and pushing until she was resting over his thighs, her ass up in the air, her groin pressed tightly against one of his muscular thighs. “Give me your hands,” he ordered calmly, loosening his tie before pulling it free. “A girl like you, I’ll bet you’ve never been spanked properly. I’m not going to have you try to interfere.”

Lisa flushed – he was right, she had never been spanked. She heaved in a breath, feeling intimately aware of her body as she reached her hands behind her, letting him take them and tie them behind her back tightly. She could feel his warm thigh against her groin, the blood rushing to her head as he pressed down on her back slightly, angling her ass up in the air. Her breath came in quiet pants as she squirmed.

Once he’d secured her hands, the professor wasted no time in lifting her skirt. He smirked at the wet spot on her white panties, fingering over it lightly, feeling Lisa jump and twitch against him. “Maybe this won’t be such a punishment after all,” he said. “You’re so wet that you’ve soaked through your panties. Maybe this is what you needed all along, hm? Someone to take charge and make you accountable for your actions. You wouldn’t be the first girl. Nor will you be the last.” He peeled her panties down slowly over her pearly thighs, exposing her smooth, round ass. That ass would be a fiery red by the time he was done with it. He stroked her buttocks slowly before sliding his fingers down, slipping between her folds. She was so slick and hot against his fingers, so ready for him when he hadn’t even started playing with her yet.

“Please don’t,” she sobbed, jerking as his fingers brushed her wet cunt. “Don’t touch me there, please. I’ve never- I’m a virgin. Please.” Even as he begged for him not to, her clit throbbed against his thigh, her legs jerking slightly as he touched her. There was an ache deep inside her that begged to be filled, that begged for those fingers to slide deep inside her warm, wet pussy.

“But you’re so wet,” he said, sinking one finger inside her smoothly, heedless of her begging. “Your mouth says no, but your pussy wants cock. It doesn’t matter if you’re a virgin. Virgins can still be horny little sluts.” The professor twisted his finger slowly inside her, feeling the way she twitched and clenched around him. When he came up against resistance, he stopped – no point breaking her cherry on his fingers when he could eventually break it with his cock.

“I’m not,” Lisa whimpered, trembling as he fingered her virgin pussy. She’d barely explored herself down there – she had always felt unsure. She had never known what to do. She bit down on a moan at the feel of his rough, thick finger inside of her – if she felt that full with half his finger inside, she didn’t know how someone ever took a cock.

Professor Dean slipped his finger out of her tight, wet cunt and wiped it on the back of her leg. “Right,” he said. “Well, if you weren’t a slut, you wouldn’t get off on being put over your professor’s lap. You can’t fool me – not when I can see exactly how wet you are.” He brought his hand down on her round, perfect ass with a resounding slap.

Lisa jerked and clenched, letting out a little squeak. At first, the slap didn’t really register, but the feeling quickly caught up with her. It stung, making her squirm, fighting against the tie keeping her arms behind her back. Feeling that sting, she changed her mind. “I don’t want to,” she gasped. “You can’t make me. Just let me go, I’ll just fail and… I don’t know. I don’t want to do this. I’ll tell!”

The professor just chuckled. “You think that now I have you tied up over my lap, I’m going to let you go?” he asked. “No, I’m not going to let you go until I’ve exacted every ounce of penance from your perfect skin. I’m not going to stop until your ass blushes a nice, fiery red for me. And you can tell whoever you like, or you can accept what’s happened to you and pass your class. But for every one of my classes you fail, you better believe you’ll be back in here having your ass beaten raw. A little pain’s better than failing out and ruining the rest of your life, right? Besides, judging from how wet your cunt is, I think you might be enjoying this a little. Now shut up, slut.”

Grabbing her firmly by the hair, Professor Dean opened his desk. He pulled out ball gag. “For special cases like you,” he informed the crying girl. “Those that need a little extra attention and discipline. Don’t want you crying out too much, do we?” He pulled her head back until she opened her mouth to gasp with pain. The professor slipped the gag into place, snapping it closed behind her head and adjusting the straps until it was nice and tight – there was no way she would be spitting it out. The girl tried to say something, but it came out muffled behind the gag – all he could hear was her panting through her nose and her muffled protests.

Poor Lisa made quite a sight, forced over her professor’s knee, her pale ass up in the air. There was a red hand print on her ass – the first of many. Her pretty pink pussy was in perfect view, her hands tied behind her back, her breasts full and her chest heaving. She was gagged, tears running down her face, her hair plastering itself to her forehead as she sweated with anticipation, waiting for him to begin.

“Oops,” the professor said, reaching for the ginger butt plug. “Nearly forgot.” He parted her buttocks, admiring her pink, perfect asshole. It was obvious that this hole was just as unused as her pussy. He lubed the ginger plug up and pressed it carefully against her asshole. “Remember, the more you clench, the more it’ll hurt,” he said, pressing the plug mercilessly inside her. He’d left two knots – one to keep the ginger anchored inside her, and one on the outside to stop it from slipping too far into her. He pushed it up to the second knot, leaving the ginger several inches inside of her ass.

Lisa grunted at the feel of something pressing into her asshole. It was the first time that she’d ever had anything put up that hole, and it excited her just as much as it repulsed her. She’d read stories about ass play before, and she’d always been curious, but she’d never been daring enough to touch herself that way. The ginger went in so easily, stretching her slightly, about the size of a finger. She moaned into the gag, her body tensing, her pussy throbbing and clenching like it wanted something to fill it up, too. Then, the burning started. It started as a light tingle that grew into a sting. She couldn’t help clenching around the ginger plug, and that just made it worse, making it burn. She felt like her asshole was on fire. She squirmed on his lap, making urgent noises behind the gag, pleading with him to take it out.

“Settle down,” Professor Dean said, pressing on the small of her back, holding her down. He didn’t want her squirming out of position. “The more you struggle and clench, the worse it will feel. And I’m going to spank you until I’m sure you’re really, truly sorry for failing my class.” With that, he started to slap her. He’d always preferred a hand spanking to anything else. It was so much more intimate and erotic than a whipping or a cropping, though each had its own merits. Occasionally, he liked to use a paddle and spare his hand from the sting, but Lisa was a virgin in every sense of the word – he would need to ease her into it before she could take a good, hard, over the knee paddling.

He warmed her up slowly, taking his time, the room resounding with each crack as his palm came down on her exposed, helpless ass cheeks. Lisa whimpered, moaned and cried out behind the gag. Whilst Professor Dean enjoyed the sounds thoroughly, the gag made sure they were muffled enough not to leave his office.

Lisa panted behind the gag. It hurt. It hurt worse than anything she’d ever felt. She couldn’t help but clench every time he slapped her, and that just made the ginger root in her ass burn a hundred times worse. She sobbed helplessly, feeling her buttocks warm and sting as he spanked her. But the pain wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that each hard slap drove her groin down, rubbing her clit against his hard thigh. She moaned and struggled against the tie around her wrists, helplessly stimulated as he spanked her. Her clit throbbed in time to her pulse, her nipples brushing against her bra with every jolting spank, sending waves of sensation through her. Even being so helpless, gagged and bound, stimulated her. Every time she pulled against her bindings she panted with arousal.

After a couple of minutes warm up, the professor paused, rubbing his hand over her stinging, hot buttocks. “You take on colour well,” he complimented, giving the ginger plug a little twist, feeling her shudder against him, hearing her muffled scream. He slid his fingers down, chuckling at how wet she was. She was so slick that he didn’t even have to push his finger in – it was dripping. He spread her lips to get a view, admiring the dewy wetness. “And I see you like it even more than I anticipated. That’s good. I’ve been looking for a slut bitch to keep for some time, now. You’re starting to look like you fit the bill. I like it when my sluts get wet from the abuse I give them. You ready, sweetheart? Because that was just the warm up.”

The only response that Lisa gave was a muffled whimper. She shuddered as he spread her open and looked at her, flushing with shame at how wet she was. She couldn’t help it. Maybe it was her inexperience, or maybe it was the fact that this satisfied every deep, dark fantasy she had, but even the way he treated her turned her on. She gasped in a breath through her nose, quivering on his lap, her ass on fire. Tears stung at her eyes as she waited for him to start again, giving in and surrendering to her fate.

“That’s it,” Professor Dean said, rubbing her buttocks with one huge hand, feeling how hot her ass was after the spanking. “There’s a good slut.” He brought his hand down with a hard crack, feeling the sting against his palm, chuckling as Lisa’s back arched as she writhed in agony. He started up a hard, harsh spanking, driving her down with every blow. By the time with he was done with her, her ass would be so swollen and red that it would look purple.

Lisa squealed and struggled on his lap, sobbing quietly to herself as he held her down and spanked her brutally. Whimpering, she rocked back and forth, trying to wriggle off his lap. All she succeeded in doing was grinding herself down against his thigh, building her unwilling arousal until she was panting with pain and pleasure. Every time he hit her, she jerked and clenched around the ginger plug invading her ass, burning the delicate membranes inside her. Grunting, she rocked down against the professor’s thigh, a wave of pleasure washing through her. She could feel it building, her toes curling as she sobbed – she knew that once she came, it would be a hundred times worse, but she couldn’t stop it. Her muscles locked up, her body jerking and twitching, her clit throbbing. Giving a high-pitched wail, Lisa came, shuddering and twisting on her professor’s lap, ginger plugging her ass and her buttocks almost purple from the spanking. Her pussy gushed fluid, dripping it onto his thigh as her stomach clenched and her orgasm exploded through her.

Professor Dean just chuckled as he felt the young women come against him, twisting and whimpering on his lap. He spanked her all the way through it, his hand heavy, not stopping even as her whimpers and moans of pleasure turned into cries of agony. Finally, he let his hand rest on her bruised, swollen ass, stroking the reddened, beaten skin with his fingers. Reaching for the plug, he gave it a little twist, feeling her shudder and twitch against him.

“Now,” he said. “You can convince me how sorry you are by riding me, or I can spank you until you’re ready to apologise like the slut you are.” He gave her ass another sharp spank, the sound of skin against skin echoing through the room. “What do you say?”

Lisa just moaned behind the gag. Tears dripped down her face. This wasn’t at all how she had envisioned losing her virginity, but she knew that he would just spank her (or worse) until she agreed. She yelped as he spanked her again, then quickly nodded her head, breathing hard through her nose.

“Good girl,” Professor Dean said. Grabbing her by the hair, he pushed and pulled, stripping her skirt off her and positioning her until she was straddling his lap, naked from the waist down. She was facing him, and he looked at her, loving how helpless and pathetic she looked with her mouth gagged and those big eyes streaming with tears. “If you try to escape, or you don’t do as you’re told, I’m going to put you over my desk and whip you with my belt,” he said. “Fuck, I’ll whip your cunt if you so much as put a foot out of line.” Reaching between them, he shoved her shirt up over her chest, admiring her breasts. They were full and perky, milky and perfect. Reaching behind her, he undid the clasp on her bra, releasing them from their prison so that they bounced and jiggled in front of his face. The nipples were hard and swollen from her arousal.

Grabbing a pair of scissors off the desk, the professor cut through the bra, ignoring Lisa’s whimpers of protest. “From now on,” he said, “if I catch you wearing a bra to class, I’ll fail you.” He peeled her bra away. “You have lovely tits – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t show them off. I’m sure you’ll get much more attention from the boys. I also want you wearing short, above the knee skirts with no panties. Every day. Everyone needs to know what a slut you are.” He left her top, just rucking it up so he could see her breasts, perfectly round and a nice C cup, topped with pink nipples. Unfortunately, he couldn’t cut if all off her. After all, she would need to leave his office with some clothes.

Sliding his hands up her stomach, the professor took a breast in each hand, squeezing them and thumbing over the tight, sensitive nipples. He chuckled as she gasped, leaning in and sucking one of her tits into his mouth, rolling the pert nipple between his teeth, biting just hard enough to make her gasp and arch her back with pain. He worked her nipples for several long minutes, squeezing, pulling, biting and rolling them until they ached with sensitivity. He was going to have so much fun tying off these pretty breasts and whipping them, or clamping the nipples and stretching them until she screamed. Another day, perhaps.

Poor Lisa had never really had anyone play with her breasts like this before. She flushed with humiliation as he exposed her, fixing her gaze on the wall, trembling like a leaf. The closest she had ever come to this was when one of the football players had given her breasts a quick squeeze whilst they had been making out, but she had pushed him away, saying it was too soon. He had dumped her soon after for not putting out. She gasped and moaned throatily, arching her chest into his attentions, trembling and twitching as he worked her nipples until they were so sensitive that even the slightest brush of his fingers or his tongue made her squirm. It hurt, but it hurt in such a good way that she couldn’t help but arch her back and offer him her tits, wincing when he got too rough, flinching a little when he bit her. But she couldn’t deny that her pussy was dripping wet, that her nipples were hard and aching for his attention.

Taking in a breath, breathing in her scent, Professor Dean slid a hand between her legs. He pushed two fingers inside her, groaning at how wet she was. He could feel her pussy clamping and squeezing around his fingers, trying to draw him in. The hymen was still intact, and he was looking forward to breaking it. Through the thin wall separating her ass from her pussy, he could feel the ginger plug still buried inside her, and he chuckled. Unzipping and unbuttoning with one hand, he pulled his dripping cock out. Pre-cum leaked from the tip and he groaned, pulling his fingers out of her and replacing it with the head of his cock.

“I want you to slide your hot cunt down on my dick,” he groaned out, his cock throbbing just at the thought of sinking into that tight heat. “I don’t want you to stop until it’s all the way inside you. I don’t’ care if it hurts you. If you stop, I’m going to whip your cunt before I fuck it.”

Lisa whimpered, sobbing helplessly. She could feel the head of his cock at her opening – it seemed so much bigger than his fingers. She didn’t know how she could possibly get it inside her. Taking a deep breath in through his nose, she pleaded with him with her eyes, but she knew it was useless. She shifted, lowering herself slowly down on his huge, thick cock, feeling it open her up slowly. She winced, breathing frantically as she gingerly pushed down. It burned as she tried to get it in her, and for a second she thought she wouldn’t manage it, but the thought of him whipping her cunt renewed her determination. With a muffled scream, she forced herself down on his thick dick, feeling something break inside her, piercing pain radiating through her as she forced herself down until his dick was all the way in her tight, virgin cunt. Once he was in her, Lisa just cried – there. She was no longer a virgin. He had taken it from her.

Professor Dean just groaned as she took him into her hot, tight cunt. Fuck, he loved virgins. They were always so tight, and they got wet so easily. Even as she hurt herself for him, her pussy was so tight and wet. He felt her thrust down, the head of his cock breaking through her hymen. The professor rested his hands on her hips, helping her ease down the rest of the way until his balls were pressed up against her, his eight inch dick buried all the way inside her tight pussy. The professor moaned and fucked upward, trying to push deeper.

“There’s a good girl,” he breathed, slapping her raw ass. “Now ride me, as hard as you can. Make me come, show me how sorry you are.”

Lisa whimpered. With her hands tied behind her back, it was hard to balance herself. She could feel his cock throbbing in her painfully tender pussy. The ginger still burned inside her, but the ferocity of it had died down a little, allowing her to focus on how stuffed and full she felt. Her nipples were still hard and so sensitive. Taking in a deep breath, her legs quivering, she moved up off the professor, feeling his cock move inside her. She breathed frantically – it felt like his thick cock was taking her insides with it.

“Too slow,” Professor Dean grunted. Grabbing her hips, he forced her back down on his cock, lifting his hips so he could slam up into her. He groaned as his cock slid inside her warm, wet cunt in one thrust. “You feel so good, slut.” He moaned, starting to use his grip on her hips to fuck her in long, strong strokes. He slammed deep inside with every thrust, like he was trying to get as deep inside her as possible. Sliding a hand between her legs, he rubbed his fingers over her swollen clit – she was still horny from her spanking, and she shuddered as he touched her.

Gradually, it became easier. Her cunt loosened up a little, so wet and slick from her arousal. Her chest heaved, her body shuddering as the professor fingered her sweet little clit. His dick moved against a spot inside her that made her moan behind her gag. Lisa sobbed and whimpered as he took her, thrusting into her over and over again. Goosebumps raced along her skin, her breasts bouncing as she slid up and down on his thick cock. Eventually, she gave into the demands of her throbbing clit, grinding down against his fingers every time she slid that rock hard cock all the way inside her.

The professor felt her orgasm before she tensed – strong muscle contractions went through her pussy, grasping and milking his cock like her cunt wanted his seed. He moaned, working her clit faster, rubbing quick circles over it as Lisa shuddered and spasmed on top of him, her toes curling as her chest heaved, her breasts jiggling right in his face. He leaned forward, biting and sucking on a nipple as he fucked her through her orgasm, feeling her hot, tight cunt gush around his thick dick. He was so close to coming with her, but he held off – he didn’t want to come in in her cunt. After all, it was no fun if his new fuck slut got all bloated and stretched with pregnancy, and he didn’t allow his sluts to use birth control or get abortions, even if he let the whole football team come up her cunt.

“You really are a slut, aren’t you?” he asked, kissing Lisa’s ear as she finally stopped shuddering and twitching against him.

Lisa just whimpered in response, overcome by her second orgasm of the night. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her still and she sobbed – wouldn’t he ever come? Wouldn’t this ever end? She was so exhausted – her legs felt like jelly, her stomach hurting slightly with how hard the professor had made her come.

Reaching behind her, Professor Dean extracted the ginger plug from her ass. He pulled out of her cunt, fisting his dick at the base. The head of his cock was sloppy with their combined juices, slick and wet with pre-cum, her wetness and a little blood. He nudged the head of his dick against her tiny asshole, feeling her jerk with surprise.

Lisa’s eyes widened. She started to pant frantically through her nose, pleading behind her gag and shaking her head. She fought against the tie on her hands, her chest heaving and her ass clenching.

“What?” the professor asked, laughing. “You didn’t think I’d come in your cunt, did you? And wreck a perfectly good fuck toy with a baby? I don’t think so. Besides, virgin ass is deliciously tight, and I’m ready to come.” With that, he gripped her hip, forcing his dick into her virgin asshole. The ginger had tightened her up even more, inflaming her slightly, and it was hard work getting his slick dick inside her, especially with her fighting him. But Professor Dean was a persistent man – he pulled her down, forcing her down on his dick until the ring of her ass clamped down around the glans. The professor moaned, arching his hips as she screamed behind the gag. He shoved himself deep inside her, ignoring any resistance he came across until he was buried all the way inside her tight ass. He grunted as it clenched around him.

It felt like a baseball bat was being lodged up her tiny asshole. Lisa screamed and screamed, tears streaming down her face. With the gag in her mouth, her screams were muffled, and no one came to her aid as the professor shoved his eight inch dick all the way into her guts. She sobbed and shook – it burned and ached worse than the spanking, worse than anything she’d felt.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna enjoy stretching your tight little asshole out,” Professor Dean moaned. It only took a few pumps of his hips before he shot up inside her ass, shuddering and groaning as spurt after spurt of his come spilled into her unwilling body. It was so tight, milking him and squeezing him deliciously as he emptied his balls. Finally, he was finished, and he pulled out with a sigh. Untying her hands, he shoved her unceremoniously off his lap.

Lisa grunted as she hit the floor. She ripped the gag out of her mouth and sobbed . She was a mess, her eyes red, her ass almost purple from the spanking, bleeding out of both her pussy and her asshole from the brutal fucking that the professor had given her. What was worse was that some part of her had enjoyed it – she had come twice from her ordeal, and she was still wet, her clit still peeking out of her pink folds.

“Get dressed and get out,” Professor Dean said, tucking himself away. Now that he was done with her, he had little interest in her. “And Lisa? I expect to see you in my office every day for the rest of the semester. Also, I think you might need a little home tutoring, don’t you? I’ve got some lovely equipment that I can’t wait to introduce you to.”

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Great story. Great build up to the ass fuck. More about this teen vixens tribulations.