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Party At The Lake House

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Wow! What a weekend! I just got up from bed where I was considering whether or not to write to in order to relay this story to you. At this point, I’m not really sure if I’m going to do it or not, so if you’re reading this, I either did or you’ve figured out my password.

If you can’t tell, I’m in a great mood! What 40-year-old guy wouldn’t be after a weekend like I just had? I guess that I should give you an idea of what I’m talking about before I go into the details.

A few years ago I ran across a good deal on a lake house and bought it. It was in pretty rough condition, but my son and I have been going down there on a steady basis and fixing it up. It’s now a pretty sharp place with 4 bedrooms, a huge great room and a two bay dock. This summer we bought a 42-foot Baja with three 500 cubic inch engines. Over all, we’ve got a nice setup down there.

I’m kind of lucky in the fact that after my divorce 10 years ago I have been able to maintain a really good relationship with my son. He lived with his Mom up until a year and a half ago. My ex and her husband are a bit on the uptight side and I’m kind of a freewheeling bachelor. If you were to ask Darren, my son, he’d tell you that I’m a lot more fun than they are.

I have my own business and work a lot. Also being single and not attached, I have a pretty active social life. Because of these things, Darren and I have been more like roommates than a typical parent/child. He really is my best friend.

Darren graduated from High School last spring and started attending our State University last month. Last week he called me and asked if it would be all right to bring some of his new friends down to the lake-house. I told him that I didn’t mind, but that I had already invited Suzy down – She’s one of the ladies that I date from time to time. He said that was cool with him and that he was planning on bringing about 6 or 7 people with him, if that was cool? I told him that I wanted to make sure that Suzy was okay with the situation, that I would check with her and call him back.

I called Suzy, who is a really fun 42-year-old divorcee who stands about 5’4″ tall, has a slender build, long blonde hair and a great figure, and asked her if she would mind. She said no, that it would be fun to have the young people around. I called Darren back and told him that it looked like we were going to have a party!

Friday came; I snuck out of the office about 3 and swung by Suzy’s place to get her. I rung her doorbell and she yelled to me to come in. I came in and she called down from her bedroom that she was still getting ready. I walked down the hall way and into her room and she was sitting at her make-up table putting her make-up on wrapped in a towel with another one around her hair. It was obvious that it was going to be a while, so I sat on the edge of her bed and made small talk with her. I asked her how her day went, whether she was looking forward to the weekend, etc. etc.

She told me that her day had been good, but had seemed to take forever to get over, probably because she was so looking forward to the weekend. I told her that I was glad that she was excited. She turned away from the makeup table and smiled at me, “Yeah, I know how you like to make me excited!”

I told her not to joke about that sort of thing when she was sitting in front of me in just a towel! She told me that if I had a problem with the towel, that she could fix that! With that, she stood up and tugged at the corner of the towel and it dropped off of her!

She was standing in front of me buck-naked! Now, I wouldn’t be exaggerating at all to say that Suzy had the body of a 20 year old. This might sound weird, but she works at her ex-husband’s gym teaching aerobics and as a personal trainer. I love it when she flexes her stomach muscles and I can see her little six-pack! On more that one occasion Darren has joked with me that I had better watch out with her, that he’d do her in a heart beat and that he would hate to put his ole man to shame!

I stood up and stepped into her, pulling her close I kissed her deeply. She tried to object, saying that she needed to finish getting ready, but I ignored her and pulled her to her bed. Falling on the bed, I kissed my way down to her breasts and took each one in turn into my mouth and sucked, nibbled and licked. Her breasts are pretty large for her body type and I know most guys would assume that she had a boob job, but as far as I can tell, they’re real!

At this point she stopped resisting and I kept kissing my way down to her well-trimmed snatch. Again, I sucked, nibbled and licked. This time, on her beautiful little pussy! Now one of the things that I love about Suzy is that she can cum at the drop of a hat. It wasn’t more than a couple of minutes and she started bucking against my face and let out a loud moan. She then clinched my head between her legs and came all over my face!

I stepped back and started to remove my clothes as I looked down at her as she relaxed, coming down from her orgasmic high. As I was stepping out of my pants, she smiled at me and rolled off the bed laughing and saying we didn’t have time for this!

The little minx! I reached after her and she ran down the hallway towards the living room. I caught her there and tackled her onto her sofa. It only took me a second to hold her down, wiggle out of my briefs and slide my dick into her. She was still playing the hard to get game and tried to roll me off of her. I kept a hold of her and we rolled onto the carpet. Thinking to myself that we really did need to go, I banged my cock into her. I basically used her as a masturbatory tool. As quickly as she had cum when I was eating her, I came fucking her! With a grunt I shot a load deep into her pussy!

We both laughed and she pushed me off of her, hopped up and told me to leave her alone while she finished getting ready. I went back to her bedroom and gathered my pants, shirt, shoes and socks. I told her that I would be waiting in the living room, where I went and turned on the tube. Flipping through the channels I came across MTV which was showing some beach party show with a lot of young hard bodies and I wondered whether it would be just Darren and his buddy’s or if they were going to bring some chicks?

Hopping in the car, Suzy and I drove down to the lake, which is about three hours southwest of the city where I live. As we drove, we talked, laughed and joked and I occasionally would run my eyes over her. She really is a beautiful woman! Sitting there in this little sundress with her hair pulled back, the only thing that belays her age are some tiny little crows feet around her eyes. Sometimes I wonder if she might be the future ex Mrs. Smith? To be honest, it’s been her that has insisted on keeping our relationship casual and I’m happy to let her set the tone, if that makes sense?

When we got to the lake we stopped by the Walmart and picked up the provisions for the weekend. One cool thing about Darren is that he is a very mature kid and fully accepts the few rules that I set for him. One of those rules regards alcohol and drugs. The rule is that I will let him drink and smoke some pot, but that it has to stay at home. No driving, once we start partying, no one leaves. It’s up to Darren to enforce the rules with his friends. That said, I picked up some beer and Suzy asked if there were going to be any females with Darren? I told her that I didn’t know? She said, “Why don’t you call and find out because, if so, they might want something else to drink other than beer?”

“Good thinking!” I called Darren on his cell and he asked me where I was? That they had been there for an hour already! I thought back to our brief delay and smiled to myself. Not going into it, I told him we were at the Walmart and should I get any wine coolers or anything else? He called out to his friends and asked them if they wanted any wine coolers and I heard a couple of female voices in the background squeal in delight. “Yeah, get some. And get some munchies too!”

“I will, hey, get the boat ready too so that we can take a ride when we get down there.”

Hanging up I looked at Suzy. “Well, I don’t know how many, but he’s definitely got some girls down.”

Suzy looked at me and smiled, “You’re going to have to watch that boy!”

I smiled, thinking to myself, “If she only knew!”

We pulled up to the lake house and I tooted the horn. In response I heard the horn on the boat blow, telling me that Darren was down at the dock. Suzy and I grabbed some bags and went into the house. In the kitchen was a cute little brunette, dressed in only a bikini looking in the refrigerator. As we came in, she turned around and smiled at us. I introduced myself and Suzy and she told us that her name was Cindy and extended her hand to shake mine. I set my bags down and shook her hand. It was tiny! I looked at her and she couldn’t have been over 5′ tall. If she weighed 95 lbs I would be surprised. Her face was gorgeous too. If I hadn’t known that she was at least a freshman in college, I would have pegged her at 15 or 16. I started to have second thoughts about having bought the wine coolers.

After retracting her hand from the handshake, she looked at the bags that I had set down that contained the wine coolers. She smiled and told me that she thought that it was sooooo cool that I wasn’t uptight about Darren and his friend’s drinking! As she was reaching to grab one, I said, “Please tell me that you’re at least 18?”

She smiled at me and said, “Oh yeah, I’m actually 20!” That made me feel a little better.

As this was happening Darren and several other kids came in the patio door. Darren came in and gave me a hug. After I released him he gave Suzy a hug. In doing so he held it for a second or two too long and I could tell that he was enjoying feeling her tits up against his body. He looked at me, smiled, rolled his eyes and let her go. To Suzy, “I hope that you don’t mind me bringing my friends down?”

She responded that no, she didn’t mind at all, that she thought that it would be fun having them around. Darren proceeded to introduce each of his friends to us.

There was Jim, a 19 year old sophomore who was tall, slender with Sandy hair, Cindy, who we had already met, Kim, a tall full-figured girl with blonde hair, Tracy another blonde who was tall and skinny, Billy, a huge dark haired guy who stood at least 6’5″ and looked like he could win a Mr. Universe contest and Rachel, who with the exception that she had red hair looked as if she were a younger twin of Suzy.

After the introductions, I told Darren and his buddy’s to go get the rest of the stuff out of the car. I told the girls to pack up a cooler and Suzy and I went to our bedroom to change into our swimsuits. When we entered our bedroom Suzy smiled at me and said, “This is going to be fun! As long as that little Cindy doesn’t cause you to go into Cardiac arrest!”

I looked at her and started to object, but I couldn’t deny it! The best defense being a strong offence, I said, “Yeah, well maybe, but you might want to keep you eyes off of that Billy kid!”

She just laughed and said, “Well, he does have a great body, doesn’t he?”

I just shook my head and laughed! “You had better watch it, you’ll make Darren jealous!”

Now it was Suzy’s turn to shake her head and laugh!

We changed into our swimsuits, I pecked her on the lips and we went back out into the great room. The kids had gotten the car unloaded and the cooler packed and were lounging around the great room. Each of them had wasted no time in grabbing a beer or wine cooler. Entering the room, I noticed each of the guy’s eyes immediately go to Suzy and her day glo orange, butt floss bikini. If she hadn’t put that little wrap thing around her waist, I think that she would have elicited hoots and hollers!

“You guys ready to go?” I asked and everybody got up. Billy grabbed the cooler like it was five-pound bag of sugar or something. I stood by the door as each of them past by. “Man, to be young again!” I thought.

Cindy was the first out the door and while I didn’t want it to be obvious, I couldn’t help but catch a quick glance at her tight little ass! Billy and the cooler were next, followed by the rest of the group.

As they went by, I tried to figure out who was hooked up with whom? Jim and Kim seemed to be the only ones who were “coupled” up and even then, I wasn’t sure. As Rachel passed me in the doorway it might have been my imagination, but I could have sworn that she checked me out!

Everybody had passed me except Darren and Suzy. I looked back into the great room and couldn’t see them. I called out that we were leaving and the two of them appeared out of the hallway that led to the downstairs bedrooms. I can’t say that I thought anything at the time, but I did for the briefest second wonder what they had been doing?

They passed me and I followed them down to the boat. Darren had already removed the tarp and lowered the hydro hoist. We got in. Darren deferred to me to start the boat. I sat down and asked him if he would mind driving? He smiled at me and I could tell that he was happy that I had taken a back seat to him. It was a small thing, but I knew that he appreciated it.

We idled out of the cove and Darren opened up all three engines to about half throttle. He looked at me and asked me if he could open it up? There weren’t very many boats on the water yet, so I told him, “Okay, but back it back in a few, okay?”

Darren smiled and opened them up full-throttle! The engines roared to life and we shot forward. The lake was pretty smooth and the big boat handled what few waves there were with ease. I looked around at everyone and could tell that they were all enjoying themselves. My eyes came to rest on Cindy who was sitting on the bench seat in the rear with her hair-blowing straight back. I checked her out from her feet, up her smooth tanned legs, past her sexy little hips, over her perk little titties and finally to her beautiful, pixie like face. “God, is she hot or what!” I remember myself thinking.

I then moved my gaze and looked over at Suzy who was standing behind Darren’s seat as he drove. She just smiled at me and shook her head! I knew that I had been busted, but she didn’t seem to care. She was having a blast too.

Looking over at Darren I asked him where he was taking us. He shrugged his shoulders and asked me where we should go? I thought about party cove, but that would be better tomorrow. I asked him if he wanted to swim or just ride and he looked around at the group and asked them, “You guys want to go somewhere to swim or just take a ride?”

They all looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders too. They were all just winging it. I looked over at Rachel who was sitting next to Cindy and asked her direct, “Rachel, make an executive decision. Swim or ride?”

Everybody looked at her and I could tell that she was a little bit uncomfortable by being the center of attention. She hemmed and hawed for a second and blurted out, “Swim.”

I said, “Okay, Darren, take us down to six mile cove.

Six-mile cove is a fairly big cove that at one point a developer had tried to develop it and had gone belly up. Because of the title problems with the land, it had never been completed and there weren’t any homes back there. On a Friday afternoon late, I doubted that there would be any other boats back there. Darren drove us there and I was right. We had the entire cove to ourselves.

We anchored and put out the swim deck. Suzy came up to me, kissed me on the lips and said that she was going to go up front and catch what few rays were left. I watched her climb over the windshield, her little wrap thing doing little to hide her firm ass. When I moved my eyes back to the group I saw that I wasn’t the only one checking out the view. Jim was looking at her, Darren was looking at her, and Billy was looking at her, as was Kim! “Hmm, that was interesting!” I remember myself thinking as I saw Kim checking Suzy out!

We swam and drank. Pretty soon the sun started to go down and Darren suggested that we head back. Everybody had started to catch a buzz. I looked below deck and saw Jim and Kim in an embrace with Jim’s tongue pretty much down Kim’s throat. Suzy climbed back into the cockpit and saw me looking down below. She looked down there and saw Jim and Kim and laughed. She put her hand on my stomach and whispered in my ear, “You’re such a dirty ole man!”

I just smiled at her, pulled her towards me and kissed her deeply!

Suzy kissed me back and reached behind me and squeezed my ass. Breaking from the kiss she said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Now you stop that, we don’t want to give these kids any ideas!” Darren started the boat and we headed home. Darren did a great job of docking the boat and we put it back up on the hydro hoist after we had all climbed out. No one felt like cooking so we ordered some pizzas and pretty much just hung out that evening.

Being tired from work, the drive, the beer and the pizza, I let out a yawn. Suzy jumped on that and suggested that we go to bed and leave the kids to party. We went into the house and into our bedroom. I plopped down on the bed and watched her as she went into the bathroom. She closed the door and I could hear her in the shower. I looked out my room’s patio door and could she the kids below on the deck laughing and playing grabass with one another.

They all seemed be having a good time and that made me happy. I was just about to roll over and wait for Suzy when I noticed Darren walking Cindy up towards the house holding her hand. Darren normally takes the bedroom directly next to my room and this time was no exception. I heard them coming down the hallway laughing, then I heard the door close.

Suzy came out of our bathroom and started to say something and I shhsd her. I whispered, “Listen.”

She listened and at first she couldn’t hear anything and gave me a puzzled look? Then she heard a girl giggle and laugh through the wall of our bedroom. Suzy smiled and sat down on the bed next to me and cocked her ear to hear better. She whispered to me, “Who is it?”

I whispered back, “Darren and Cindy, I think.”

Suzy slid in under the covers with me and we listened together. A few minutes passed and we heard Cindy(??) start to moan. Then we heard her almost shout out and we think that she must have been cumming. We then heard Darren say, “sssshhh! Dad’s room is right next door”

A few minutes later we heard the headboard start to knock against the wall and the sounds of Darren apparently fucking Cindy. As we listened, I reached over and started playing with Suzy’s tits. I then started to suck on them and proceeded to kiss my way down her stomach to her pussy. I looked up at her face while I was licking her clit and I could tell that she wasn’t really paying that much attention to me as much as she was listening to Darren fucking Cindy. I started to stop and she looked down at me, smiled, told me not to stop, then went back to listening to Darren and Cindy.

The pace that Darren and Cindy were going at started to pick up. As it did, Suzy started to get more into me eating her pussy. The more she got into that, the more excited that I became! Soon Cindy started to wail and Suzy followed her. Suzy came all over my face and the sounds coming from Darren’s bedroom ceased so I assume Darren and Cindy had cum too. I was so excited that I climbed on top of Suzy and slammed my cock into her sopping pussy. Though she had just cum from my eating her and from listening to Darren and Cindy, Suzy was quickly building to another orgasm. She looked me straight in the eye and told me to fuck her! To fuck her hard! Which I did!

While there was nothing in the world that I wanted more that to cum right then, I could tell that Suzy was building to another orgasm herself. If I didn’t slow down I was going to blow before she was ready. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and she moaned in disapproval until I dropped down and started lapping at her clit again. This gave me the opportunity to recoup and quickly started to drive her back over the edge. She let out a wail and came for a second time. I didn’t let up; I climbed back up on top of her and started to pound my cock back into her tight little pussy.

My headboard is made of wrought iron rods and Suzy grabbed onto two of the rods as I fucked her with wild abandon! My balls were filling and I was going to cum soon, but I was at that point where it was almost hard to. I picked up the pace and fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster. Our headboard was now banging against the wall. Still I couldn’t get myself over that edge! Sweat was pouring from my skin. My heart was racing. Suzy’s legs were wrapped around my back and she was meeting me stroke for stroke! Then I exploded! My entire body seized and it seemed that every ounce of energy that I had flowed out of my cock and into her pussy! This might sound selfish, but I was so tied up in trying to cum that I hadn’t noticed that Suzy was cumming too! As I grunted and shot my load into her she wailed again and came for a third time!

We both collapsed and laid there breathing. As my heart rate lowered, I heard Cindy and Darren laughing next door! Suzy smiled at me, kissed me on the lips and said good night. I rolled over to go to sleep. From where I was at I could see out my patio window down to the dock. Rachel was sitting on Billy’s lap kissing him as his hand squeezed her breast, Jim and Kim were nowhere to be seen and I kind of felt sorry for Tracy because I could see her walking up the ramp towards the house all alone. I’d have to remember to pay her some special attention was the last thought that I remember before I fell asleep.

Saturday morning I woke up and was happy that I didn’t seem to have too bad a hangover. Suzy was still asleep and I looked over and took a second to admire the curve of her hips as she laid on her side sleeping. I got up and stumbled naked to the bathroom. Agggga, maybe I had a bit more of a hangover that I thought! I took a piss, washed my face and hands and went back out into the bedroom. Suzy was still sleeping, so I went out to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.

Walking through the great room I looked over at the sofa bed and Rachel was asleep with her head on Billy’s chest. One of her long firm legs was sticking out from the sheets. I took a second to take the sight of her leg in. I know that this is a terrible thing to be thinking about my son’s friend’s but looking at her leg and thinking back to her yesterday in her swimsuit, I didn’t know which one I would want to fuck more, her or Cindy? Kim really wasn’t my type, but Tracy would be fun too! Darren would kick my ass if he knew what I was thinking!

I continued to the kitchen and was making coffee when Cindy came in. She was wearing one of Darren’s tee shirts and looked like she was hurting pretty badly! I said to her, “You hung over?” She just groaned. I felt sorry for her.

The rest of the morning was slow. Everybody woke up, showered and drank coffee. Suzy and one of the girls eventually cut up some fruit and set it out and it got picked at. By late morning the guys had opened the cooler and were back to drinking beer. The girls weren’t quite so quick, but by early afternoon they were back into the wine coolers. I decided that I was beered out and drank diet Pepsis. Surprising me, Suzy seemed to be matching the guys, beer for beer!

We loaded the boat back up and took off for party cove. If you haven’t heard of it, Party cove is semi-famous, at least in the Midwest. It’s a big cove located in a state park. People drive their boats, everything from 16-foot runabouts to 55 foot Sea Rays, to the cove, tie the boats together and party! You have everyone from families to fraternities partying in the cove. Other than drinking and swimming one of the biggest recreational activities is to drive your boat through these lanes that are created by the different boats being tied together. As you pass the different boats tied together you see and are seen. Everybody thinks of the Midwest as being somewhat prudish, but this is anything but! Since it’s not a commercial enterprise it’s legal for women to go topless and a lot of them do!

By the time we got to the cove, it was already pretty crowded, especially for being after Labor Day. Darren drove the boat through the lanes and we checked things out. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t pretty proud of the fact that I had a boat full of hard bodies! I ask Suzy if she would get up in front and take a couple of the girls with her so that I could get a picture. I really just wanted to show them off! Darren smiled at me, knowing exactly what I was doing!

The girls got up front and I snapped the picture. As I did we passed by a rented houseboat full of fraternity guys who yelled, “Show us your tits! I didn’t think that any of the girls would, but then to my surprise Kim flashed em! The cove went wild! I had to give the girl credit. She had nice tits!

We got to the end of the lane and tied up to the last boat. We swam and Suzy and the kids drank. It was funny watching them get polluted. Some guys walked across the boats and tried to muscle in on our women, but Billy, Darren and Jim were having nothing of it and chased them off.

A radio station had a houseboat decorated and was doing a live broadcast, which was featuring a bikini contest. They were cruising the lanes when they came across us and stopped. Over the loudspeaker system they started trying to talk our girls into joining the contest. Cindy was having none of it, but Kim and Rachel were all far it. I went up to Tracy and told her that she should do it. She looked at me and I could tell that she was a bit intimidated. She said no, that her body wasn’t good enough and I told her that she was out of her mind, that she had a great body! She looked at me and said, “Do you really think so?”

I told her, “Oh Tracy! Baby, you are on fire!” She smiled at me and encouraged by my support agreed to do it.

Kim, Rachel and Tracy got on the radio station’s boat and the disk jockey, who was now on the air, said, “WHOA…don’t go let. We’ve got two more on this boat!”

Both Cindy and Suzy realized that he was talking about them and started waiving them off. Cindy did the smart thing if she really didn’t want to do it; she disappeared below deck, leaving Suzy all alone. The disk jockey, who was going out over the loud speaker’s too, asked me if he could come aboard. I told him, “Yes!”

He came aboard and went up to Suzy and got the crowd going by saying things like, “Come on people, do you think that she should do it? OH MY GOD, You are beautiful, What’s your name?”

Suzy said here name and the guy said to the crowd, “Okay people, who all things that Suzy should join the contest?” The crowd went wild! He said, “I CANT hear you!” the crowd went wilder!” Suzy had no choice! She went over to the other boat!

Before the radio station boat left the disk jockey invited the rest of us to join him and I told the guys to go ahead, I’d stay with the boat. They hopped on and the radio station boat moved on. I was sitting there chuckling when Cindy came out.

I said, “Oh Cindy! I forgot about you! You should have gone with them!”

She said, “I’m not up for that sort of thing. My tits are too small.”

I looked at her and told her that size wasn’t everything that I thought that she had nice ones! I laughed and she laughed with me. I then went on and said, “I don’t think that Darren has any problems with them either!” Again, I smiled at her. She seemed a bit embarrassed and I told her not to be! “What happens at the lake stays at the lake.”

She relaxed and got up to grab a wine cooler. As she reached into the cooler she looked at me and asked me if I wanted anything?

I know, I know, I’m a dirty ole man! I looked at her and before my brain engaged, it was out of my mouth, “I wouldn’t mind you!” or something to that effect. Her jaw dropped! I think that I shocked her. Hell, I shocked myself! I couldn’t believe that I had just said that to her! And I didn’t even have the excuse of being able to say I was drunk!

I apologized and she blew it off. Cindy came back to the back of the boat with her wine cooler and sat down. She asked me, “Is the lake always like this?”

I asked her what she meant?

She went on, “well, I had heard of the lake being pretty wild, but yesterday I couldn’t believe it. I mean, Darren and I are friends, I like him a lot, but it’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything and the next thing that I know I’m in his room and we’re having sex! Then we get done and the next thing I know we’re listening to you and Suzy have sex!”

I laughed! I told her, “Oh my God, that’s funny! Suzy and I were listening to you two and that’s what got us going!”

She laughed with me and then she asked me, “So are you and Suzy like boyfriend and girlfriend?”

I told her the story about Suzy and I. She listened and she was surprised that Suzy still worked at her ex-husband’s gym, but that explained how she kept such a great body. She told me that all the guys had the hots for her and that Kim did too! I told her that I thought that Kim might swing both ways and it was Cindy’s turn to laugh.

Cindy was getting a buzz on pretty good and she turned out to be quite chatty. She told me how Kim and her were from the same town and had been roommates her freshman year. I was curious about Kim’s bisexual nature and I asked Cindy when she had found out that Kim was bi. She told me, “Last year.” That she had accidentally walked into their dorm room and Kim was going down on one of their dorm mates. I asked Cindy how she felt about that and she admitted that it had turned her on!

I know that I probably shouldn’t have, but I pressed on, “so, did you and Kim ever do anything together?”

Cindy blushed and said, “yes, but I don’t do that anymore.”

I told her that I didn’t mean to embarrass her and she told me that I hadn’t. It got quiet for a second and I was starting to regret having asked her that when she spoke up again and asked me, “Bob, can I ask you a personal question?”

I smiled at her and said, “Well, I just asked you if you had ever had sex with another woman, so I guess you asking me a personal question wouldn’t be out of line! Ask away!”

She blushed again, but went on, “Last night when we were listening to you and Suzy, you ahhhh, you seem to have lasted forever! Do you always take that long to, ahhhh, you know…cum?”

I laughed out loud! “No, I wish! Sometimes I get to the point where it’s actually hard for me to cum and that is what happened last night.” Cindy said, “Oh, I see.” Then I asked her if I could ask her another question? Again, she said yes.

“You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, but have you had a lot of experience?”

She responded that she hadn’t. That she had been a virgin when she got to college, but had gone through a “wild” streak her freshman year and had slept with three or four guys at parties and such. Then she had gotten hooked up with one of her professors, but that they had just broken up.

“One of your professors?”

“Yeah, I guess that I was stupid. He was my advisor and my English lit professor and I guess that I got something of a crush on him.”

“What happened?”

“Well, my schedule got messed up and I had to go see him several times right at the beginning of second semester. I thought that he was sooo hot and I guess that I flirted with him. He asked me if I would want to meet him for a drink sometime and I told him that I couldn’t get into the bars, so he invited me over to his house and, well, you know…”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old was this guy?

“About your age.”

“My age? I can’t imagine you with a guy that old?

“Oh, I’ve always liked “older” guys. Though Steve was the only one that I’ve actually dated.”

“Huh?” I thought about her being into older guys and was trying to think of something to say to keep this line of conversation going when the CD player stopped. The boat has one of those multi CD changers and I guess that it had been on since we had left the dock. Cindy noticed the music stop and I couldn’t think of anything to say so I got up and went below to put some more CD’s on. When I was down there going through the collection I called out to Cindy, “Hey Cindy, Why don’t you come down here and pick some CD’s out?”

She stumbled as she got up and came below. Now I hadn’t “planned” on getting her below to take advantage of her but as she was standing there going through the CDs a wave hit the boat and caused me to “bump” into her. As I did, I put my hands on her waist to keep from knocking her over. When I had steadied us, our bodies were right next to one another. I guess that I should have let her go and stepped back, but I didn’t. Cindy didn’t make any effort to move away from me either. I looked down at her and she looked back up at me. I didn’t know if what was happening was really happening or if it was just my imagination, but I thought that she might be okay with me kissing her? I took my time and slowly lowered my lips to her. I halfway expected her to turn her cheek or something, but she didn’t. She set the CD’s down and put her arms around my neck and kissed me fully back.

At this point I wasted no time, my hands explored her entire tiny body. Her little ass cheeks felt so good in my hands. Her little titties felt so nice when I reached up and squeezed them. It might have been because I had half way been fantasying about fucking her since I had met her the night before, but I decided that I was going to fuck her now, if she would let me.

As we kissed, I stepped back towards the berth. She stepped with me. When we reached the berth, I reached down and swept her up onto it. As I stood there over her, I looked down at her and smiled. She just smiled back and didn’t say a word.

I untied my swim shorts and pulled them down. My hard on sprang straight out and I could see her eyes drawn to it. Still she didn’t say a word. I climbed onto the berth over her and lowered myself onto her and kissed her. As we kissed I dry humped her pussy through the material of her bikini bottoms. Reaching behind her, I untied her top and pulled it to the side. Her titties were really small. I don’t know all about how women’s cup sizes go, but she looked as if she would only have needed whatever is the smallest size. Her nipples were firm and large though and I thoroughly enjoyed sucking and licking on them. I started to kiss her stomach and to go down on her, but she stopped me. “Bob, we don’t have much time. Fuck me.”

I pulled her bottoms off; played with her pussy to make sure that she was wet, which she was and I entered her. With my arms fully extended I looked into her face as I fucked her with a steady rhythm. Now, I’m a fairly big guy. I weigh almost 220 lbs and Cindy was tiny! If she weighed more than 95 lbs., I would be extremely surprised. The fact that she was so tiny turned me on immensely! Her pussy was as tight as any I have ever had before. While she was extremely wet, it still took a second for her to relax enough to accommodate me. Until she did, I took it very slow. My first couples of strokes were very tentative, then I felt her relax and I made my strokes fuller and longer. When I had fully entered her and my dick was buried in her tight little pussy to the hilt, I paused. I looked down at her and asked her, “Are you cool with this?”

She said, “Oh yeah! I just don’t want to get caught.”

I hadn’t really kept track of how long those guys had been gone, maybe an hour or so? I didn’t know how long they would stay gone, but I didn’t think that they would be coming back real soon so I told her, “I don’t think that we have to worry about hurrying.” I told her to watch her head, the berth had a fairly low ceiling, and I rolled over to where she was on top of me. When the spin was over her body weight pushed her little pussy even further down on my dick and she moaned.

“Ummm, Cindy! I started to buck my hips and fuck her from beneath. At first she just kind of rode me, then I moved my hands up to her ass cheeks and kind of showed her the rhythm that I was looking for. Once she had figured out what I wanted she got into that rhythm and soon we were fucking like old pros! I reached up and squeezed her nipples and cupped each one of her breast in one of my hands. “Cindy, I love your tits! Come here and let me suck them!”

It was a bit awkward, but I got a nipple in my mouth and sucked. I also reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks. As I did, I moved my fingers to where I could just barely reach her pussy. I tried to, but couldn’t slide my finger into her pussy next to my dick. I did get it wet from her pussy juices and move it up to her ass. I didn’t want to freak her out, so I didn’t slide my finger into her ass, but she did seem to enjoy we rubbing on it from the outside. My neck was getting sore from the odd position, so I leaned back onto the berth and she leaned back to where she was sitting pretty much straight up on my cock. At that point, I laid back and said, “Cindy, fuck me!”

She seemed to get into the encouragement that I was giving her. So, I kept it up. “Come on Cindy, Fuck me! Oh God, you feel soooo good! Fuck me girl! Come on!”

I started bucking my hips and bouncing her up and down on my dick. I looked up at her face and she had closed her eyes and was biting on her bottom lip. I kept bucking her up and down on my dick and she reached down and put her hands on my chest to steady herself, still having her eyes closed. At this point my balls were filling again. The feeling of her tight little pussy pulling on my cock every time that she went up or down was almost too much! I knew that she was getting close, so I encouraged her, “Come on baby, cum on my dick! I reached up and pinched her nipples and this sent her over the edge! She threw her head back and screamed, “I’m Cummmminggg!” I kept bucking her as she did! I thought that I was going to cum too, but before I could she stopped bucking, her orgasm having come to an end.

I stopped bucking and she sat there, her breath coming in short, rapid breaths. I watched her and couldn’t help but smile to myself. Finally, she spoke, “Oh Bob! That was great!”

“You liked that, huh?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Well, here, watch your head.” I rolled her off of me and pulled my dick out of her pussy. “Roll onto your stomach.”

She did so, but I could tell that she was nervous about what I was up to. I think that she might have thought that I was going to try and fuck her in the ass or something, so I told her to relax. As she laid there I started massaging her firm little ass checks. I then pushed her legs apart so that I could gain access to her pussy. I took my index finger and lightly rubbed the outside of each of her pussy lips. “Does that feel good?” She just mewed. I kept talking to her and told her that when she was ready, that I wanted her to play with her clit. I wanted her to bring herself off again at her pace. As I spoke to her I continued to massage her pussy lips and then I slid one finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her. She reached below herself and started massaging her clit as I finger fucked her.

I could tell that she was again building to another orgasm from playing with her clit and my finger fucking her, so I waited until she was getting close and then I removed my finger and climbed behind her. I put the head of my cock to her pussy and looked down at the scene. My dick looked huge compared to her little ass and pussy! She stopped playing with her clit and I told her to keep going. I then slid my cock back into her tight pussy and started pounding away! As I did, she came for a second time! As she came, I pounded into her and shot my load deep into her!

We didn’t have much time to bask in the glow because we heard a boat pulling up and the laughter of people. We both jumped up and threw our suits back on. I pecked her on the lips and thanked her. She adjusted her top and went up on deck. I started the CD player and to anyone who might have noticed, it would seem that we had been changing the CDs.

As I came back up on deck the radio station’s boat was tying up to the boat several down from us. Our group was crossing over the boats between us. From the volume of the laughter I could tell that they were all having a great time. It was also pretty obvious that they had continued partying while they were gone. Billy was pretty much carrying Suzy, her wrap totally gone. Darren was the first back onto our boat followed by Tracy, then Billy and Suzy, then Jim, Kim and finally Rachel. The disk jockey guy was coming on board too.

I asked Darren if every one had a good time and he proceeded to tell me how I should have come. I quickly looked over at Cindy and smiled at her, I’m pretty sure that she was thinking of the same joke that I was. “So, how did we do in the contest?”

Tracy held up the trophy and the disk jockey guy said, “You have a winner!”

I clapped my hands and told Tracy congratulations. Darren told Cindy and me the details of how it had come down to Suzy and Tracy as the two finalists. Rachel piped up that she had been robbed! Darren went on and told us how the crowd had chanted for the two to remove their tops and how Suzy had refused, giving the victory to Tracy. I looked over at Tracy, a bit disappointed that I had not been there to see her tits. Then thinking back to what I had been doing and not minding all that much!

Billy took Suzy down below to let her lay down and I did not notice at the time that he had stayed down there with her. The rest of us partied with the disk jockey guy who stayed until his buddies yelled to him that it was time to go. Being the only sober one amongst us I decided that it was time to head home too and had Darren untie us from the other boats. As he was climbing back along the side of the boat I noticed him look in one of the porthole for a minute or two. He then came and stood next to me as I pulled the boat out of the pack.

As we were idling out of the cove, Darren leaned over and whispered in my ear, “hey Dad, you’re not the jealous type are you?”

I looked at him and asked him why? He said, “Take a glance below.”

I gave the wheel to him and stuck my head below and was amazed to see Billy with his head in-between Suzy’s legs going to town on her pussy! I took the wheel back from Darren and didn’t say a thing.

Darren looked at me and asked me if I was pissed? I told him no, that she was a full-grown woman and could take care of herself! Darren just laughed and told me that he was a little jealous. I told him that he shouldn’t be. If he got a chance that he should take a shot at her! I don’t think that Darren believed me. He was looking at me as if he were trying to figure out if I was bullshitting him or not. “Are you serious?” he asked.

“Yeah! I think that you’ve got a pretty good chance if you can get past Billy now!”

He said, “You sure? I don’t want you getting mad at me if I make it happen?”

Thinking back to how I had just fucked the girl that he had been with last night, I decided to throw in one condition, “As long as you don’t mind me taking a shot with Cindy?” Darren laughed, “I don’t know? You might have a shot with her, she likes you old guys!”

I smiled at Darren and told him to fuck off!

We motored back home and as we pulled into the dock, Billy and Suzy staggered back on deck. We all got off of the boat and Suzy said that she wanted to go lay down again. I yelled over to Darren, “Why don’t you help Suzy up to my room.”

Billy looked at me like he was a kid who had got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Darren looked at me as he put his arm around Suzy and she put her arm around him and I just winked at him to let him know that this was his chance. As they walked up the ramp, I stepped up next to Billy and asked him if he was having a good time? He looked down at me and I smiled to let him know that I was cool with everything. I told him, “Let Darren have a chance at her, okay?”

He just smiled back at me and said, “Cool!”

The rest of us filed up the ramp and collapsed in the great room and sucked up some AC. We turned on the boob tube and Billy flipped through the channels and settled on some music video. I got up and told everyone that I was going to take a shower and a nap too.

As I walked past my bedroom and towards the hallway bath, Tracy saw were I was going and called out if she could get in there first. I stopped and told her, “Of course.” She walked past me, as I was standing right outside my bedroom door. She looked up at me somewhat confused. I think that she was wondering why I wasn’t going to shower in my bath. Her confusion ended when she got up next to me and could hear the sounds of sex emancipating from my bedroom. She looked up at my face and I just smiled at her.

I waited for her to exit the bathroom and when she did I stepped into Darren’s room and asked her, “Tracy, can you step in here for a second?”

She looked at me and said, “sure.”

She was still in her bikini, a yellow one that was cut low and which showed a lot of cleavage. I said to her, “So Tracy, Congratulations on winning the contest!” I could tell that she was suspicious as to what I was up to, so I continued, “Did you have fun?”

“Oh yeah, it was a blast! I can’t believe that I flashed my tits though!”

I said, “I know! I wished that I had been there!”

She kind of blushed and I was going to ask if I could see them, but decided not to. It seemed like I was making her nervous, so I just said, “Well, I told you that you had a great body, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did, didn’t you? I’m glad that you talked me into it!”

“Cool, well, I’m going to take a shower, then crash out for a bit. I’m glad that you’re having a good time!”

She said, “Thanks, I am!” She then turned and walked back down the hall. Past my bedroom where she could still hear Darren and Suzy going at it. I was under the impression that it was all a bit much for her!

I hopped into the shower and turned the hot water up. It felt good to get the oil and lake water off of me. As I washed my dick, I thought back to it having been in Cindy’s pussy earlier. I wondered if I would have the chance to fuck her again before the weekend was through. In my mind I tried to think of who all had fucked who so far? Let’s see, I had fucked Suzy and Cindy. Darren had fucked Suzy and Cindy – like father, like son, I laughed to myself? Billy had fucked Suzy and Rachel. Jim, I assume had fucked Kim. Tracy, I think was the only one who hadn’t fucked anybody. Too bad, I would love to fuck her too, but I didn’t think that I would get the chance.

I threw Darren’s robe on and walked back down the hallway. My room was quite, as was the great room. Billy was crashed out asleep on one of the sofas, Jim and Kim were no where to be seen, Tracy was laying on the other sofa reading a magazine and Rachel and Cindy were gone too. I went to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of water and went back down to Darren’s room.

As I rounded the corner into his room, I noticed that Rachel was lying on her side on the bed, facing away from me. I stopped and was going to turn around and find a different room to crash in when Rachel rolled over and said, “Oh, I’m sorry! I thought that you were in your room!” She started to get up from the bed.

“Oh, don’t get up! I’ll go upstairs.” I started to turn around and leave, but then added, “Unless you don’t mind me laying down here with you?”

“Ahhh, no. That would be cool, I guess.”

I then laid down next to her, still in my robe. I had intended to crash out naked, my clothes being in my room and my swimsuit still being damp. “You want a drink of water?”

She smiled at me and said, “Sure.”

I handed the bottle of water to her and she took a drink and handed it back to me. I set it on the end table and laid down. I looked over at the door, which I had left open when I came into the room and kind of regretted not having closed it. “Oh well?” I rolled onto my side, told Rachel, “good night” and closed my eyes.

The sound of the door closing woke me up. I don’t know how long I had been asleep, but I woke up to see Rachel walking back into the room. Apparently she had gotten up to use the rest room. Not that I expected anything, but I was glad that she had closed the door on her way back.

She laid back down, facing me, she said, “Did you have a nice nap?”

Stretching, I said, “wonderful! And you?”

“Good! I had a good nap too! Bob, can I ask you a question?”


“I don’t mean to be nosy, but…ah, never mind.”

“No, go ahead.” I was pretty sure that she was going to ask me about Suzy and Darren.

“Well, okay…. Is Darren in your room with your girlfriend?”

I laughed. I guess that this was pretty fucked up. “Welllll, hmmm, yeah, I guess that he is.”

“And you don’t mind?”

“How to put this? No, I don’t mind. It’s not like Suzy and I are really boyfriend/girlfriend or anything and I know that Darren’s had the hots for her for quite some time.”

“So, you gave her to him?”

“Nooooo, she’s not mine to give! She’s over 21 and free. She can make her own decisions!”

“Oh, I’m only 19.”

“Whoops!” I smiled at her. I guess I should have said that she was over 19 and could make her own decisions!”

Rachel laughed at my joke and asked me, “So, do you see other women?”

“Oh yeah. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not all that hyped up on the idea of getting married again. If I was going to, Suzy would definitely be a contender, but she doesn’t want it even more than me. How about you? You got a boyfriend? Anything between you and Billy?”

“NO WAY! He’s so immature, it’s pathetic!”

I smiled back at her and said, “What about the other night?

Rachel blushed, “Well, I was drunk and….”

“Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to explain yourself to me!”

“You’re pretty cool! Darren is lucky to have you for a dad!”

“Why thank you! Darren is pretty lucky to have you for a friend! Actually, all of you guys seem pretty cool. I’m glad that you came down!

She said that she was glad that she had come down too and we made small talk for a bit. I really wasn’t going to make a move on her but I have to admit that as we talked I couldn’t help but notice again how similar she was in build to Suzy. As I was checking out her body, Rachel noticed me looking at her. She asked me, “Bob, is something wrong?”

“Ahhh, no. Nothing is wrong.”

“Then was are you looking at?”

I decided to make a joke out of it and said, “Hey, How many 40 year old guys could lie in a bed with a knockout 19 year old woman and not sneak a peek?”

“You really think that I’m a knockout?”

“Rachel, you are a doll. I probably shouldn’t say this, but do you know who you remind me of?

“No, who?”

“A young Suzy.”

Rachel’s eyes lit up! I could tell that she had taken this as a compliment so I went on, “Yeah, I’ve only known Suzy for a couple of years, but I imagine that when she was your age, that she would have looked a lot like you!”

“You think? She is soo pretty!”

“You are too!”

“You really think?”

“Oohhhh YEAH!” I smiled at her, seeing that she was eating the flattery up. “Can I tell you something and will you promise not to laugh or take it the wrong way?”

“Yeah, I promise.”

“Okay, well the other morning when I woke up you were still asleep on the sofa with Billy”


“Well, I walked through the room and you had your leg out from under the sheet, I don’t know if you were naked under the sheet, but just seeing your leg drove me crazy!” As I told her this I reached out with my fingertips and lightly ran them over her hip and down her leg.

“You’re kidding? Just seeing my leg turned you on?”

“OH yeah! Big time! Seeing you all day in that bikini hasn’t helped things either!” I motioned with my eyes towards the tent that had formed in the robe since I had started trying to seduce her.

Her eyes followed mine down to my crotch and when she realized what I was talking about she blushed.

“I’m sorry Rachel, did I embarrass you?”

“Ahhh, no. It’s just that….”

I interrupted, “Hey, don’t worry about it…I was just teasing with you. But, can I ask you one favor?”

“What’s that?” she said with a slight hitch in her voice, I could tell that I was having an effect on her.

“Can I kiss you, just once?”

Before she could think about it, I scooted over and kissed her lightly on the lips. I was now a lot closer to her on the bed. The sexual tension in the room was starting to build. I could tell that she wasn’t sure about it, but that she was also kind of interested in it. I raised my upper leg and ran my toe down her leg. As I did, the robe opened and my hard-on was visible if she looked down.

She looked down and saw my cock poking out of the robe. As she looked at it, I bent back in and kissed her again, this time firmer, my tongue parting her lips. I also pulled her closer to me, my bare cock now pressed against the flesh of her thigh. She kissed me back and ran her hand over my back.

She broke from the kiss and put her hand to my chest as if to stop me. “Bob, you won’t think that I’m a slut or something will you?”

With her asking me this question I knew that I was going to make love to this beautiful young thing lying next to me on the bed. “No Rachel, we’re cool,” I said as I bent in to kiss her again. Rachel and I made love twice that afternoon.

After the second time we heard people stirring in the hallway. “We better get up, okay? I said.

“Yeah.” She kissed me once more on the lips before she got up. As she was putting her bikini back on she said, “Bob, thank you! That was wonderful!”

“No Rachel, thank you! You were wonderful!” With that, we left the room. My door was open and the room was empty so I dashed in there and changed into some shorts and a polo type shirt.

When I entered the great room, Jim and Kim were still gone, but the rest of the group was all there. Darren was sitting on one end of the sofa with Suzy in between him and Billy. Billy was still in his trunks, but Darren had changed into a tee shirt and a pair of cut offs. Suzy had this little silk robe on that looked as sexy as hell! I remember thinking to myself that I couldn’t wait to get with her tonight to swap stories!

Cindy was in the kitchen getting something to drink and Rachel and Tracy were sitting on the other sofa. The TV was on, but nobody seemed to be paying much attention to it. As I walked into the room everybody’s eyes turned towards me. Noticing this I felt compelled to say something. “So, how’s everybody doing?”

What the else could I have said? I saw Suzy look at Darren, then at Billy. I saw Rachel look at Suzy and then me. I could tell that Tracy was still a bit uncomfortable as she looked at the TV. Cindy came into the room and broke the ice, “I think that everybody is doing pretty damn good, thank you!” and she laughed!

Cindy plopped down on the carpet and looked up at me. She had obviously showered and freshened up too. Still feeling a bit odd I decided to press on, “So, what does everybody want to do tonight?” No response from the group.

Again pressing on, “Well, we could hang around here? Or we could go up to the strip? Or you guys could go out and do something and Suzy and I could stay here?” I looked over to Suzy to see if I could tell how she felt about that one.

Suzy spoke up, “Bob, why don’t we just let everyone decide for him or herself what they want to do? If they want to hang out around here, then cool. If they want to go out, then we’ve got more than enough cars. I’m pretty much ready to stay home and veg.”

Darren spoke up and said that he wouldn’t mind going and checking out this new club up on the strip that was 18 + to get in. Rachel spoke up and said that the disk jockey guy said that he would be spinning records there tonight. Cindy laid down all the way on the floor and said that she would stay here, if that were all right with us?

Tracy said that the club sounded fun. She then asked, “Has anyone seen Jim and Kim?”

Billy said, “I think that they are down at the boat.”

I said, “Why don’t one of you guys see if they want to go with you?”

Darren went down to the boat and they did want to go. Billy cleaned up and the rest of them waited for him, then they piled into a couple of the cars and took off leaving Cindy, Suzy and I alone.

“So, what do you guys want to do tonight?” I asked them.

They looked at one another and I immediately realized that I had been set up! They apparently had a chance to talk and had done so! They both got up and each took an arm and led me back to my bedroom!

The three of us made love all night. I had never had a threesome before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was kind of funny watching Cindy take the lead with Suzy, who turned out to be a little hesitant when Cindy went down on her. Suzy eventually dropped her inhibitions and I got a big time kick out of watching her make love to Cindy. I kept up as well as an old guy could and I think that a good time was had by all. The rest of the group came in around 3:00, which was the time that I guess that the three of us crashed out.

When morning came the three of us were the first up. Tracy, who I think was the only person who didn’t get fucked all weekend, was asleep on the one sofa. Darren and Rachel were in his room. Apparently Jim and Kim had crashed on the boat. Billy was in a room by himself.

The three of us went out on the deck and drank coffee and juice. Eventually everybody woke up and we hopped on the boat and went out to breakfast. When we got home the kids packed up and caravanned back to school. Before they left everybody gave Suzy and I hugs. Everybody, including Tracy asked me if it would be all right to come back down again and I told them, “Of course!”

Darren was the last one to come up to me and he smiled at me and said, “Dad, you know that you’re ate up, don’t you?”

I just smiled at him, hugged him and told him to watch out, it runs in the family!

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