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Ladies’ Night

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It was Thursday night, ladies’ night at the local Sheraton’s hotel bar. This was always the happening place in town because the DJ was the best and everyone in the whole city would go there to hang out, drink, and dance. Well, I called several friends and tried to get them to go out with me, but no one wanted to go for various reasons.

I said heck, I’ll just go by myself. I thought since my none of my friends were going, I would dress a little sexier than normal because there would be no one to give me grief about it.

First I put on my pink mesh low-rise thong from, where else, Victoria’s Secret. Then I matched it up with my new pink Angels IPEX push-up demi bra from Victoria’s Secret. Next I found a tight pink cotton/Lycra midriff baring top to put on along with a tight pink cotton/Lycra mini-skirt that went to just below my butt cheeks. I chose a pair of pink fuck-me heels that were about 4″ tall to complete the outfit.

For makeup, I had purple eyeliner, hot pink lipstick, pink blush on my cheeks, light pink and hot pink eyeshadow, and deep purple mascara. I teased my hair plenty, brushed it up a lot, and sprayed plenty of hairspray on, knowing how much guys like long big hair. I thought I looked pretty darn hot, but I guess I’ll see how hot when I get to the bar.

I had my answer when several guys with big grins on their faces said hello to me just as I walked into the atrium of the Sheraton hotel. I went into the bar and the place was hopping. I found a small table on the side of the dance floor and sat down. Within a few minutes, a guy stepped up and said hello and asked if I’d like to dance. I said yes and he led me to the dance floor. It was a fast dance song and we were getting down. He was watching my body the whole time as I danced with him; in my mind I felt like dancing for him, so I moved my body really sexy, swaying and gyrating my hips, undulating my stomach back and forth, and squatting down intermittently. I could tell he was getting turned on because I could see his bulge and, of course, that turned me on to see that he was getting aroused! The song finished and we walked back to my table and he bought me a drink and chatted for a few minutes before he excused himself to go the men’s room.

The minute he left two big guys, one black, one white, came up and sat down. They asked if I recognized them and I said no.

They said, “Oh really, you have not seen us on TV; we play football for the Arena Football Team, the Dallas Desperados.”

I told them, “I am sorry but I do not watch Arena Football.”

One guy said, “Oh that’s alright; it doesn’t matter anyways. We just wanted to come over and tell you how hot you were looking and what a sweet booty you had!”

I said, “Thanks!”

Then a slow song came on, Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”, and the black guy, James, asked, “Would you care to dance, Candi?”

I replied, “Sure, let’s dance.”

We walked to the dance floor and, once there, he wrapped me up with these big strong arms. This guy was huge and I kinda disappeared into his arms. He was holding me close, rubbing my tits against his lower chest and abdomen. His crotch was at the level of my lower abdomen and I could feel his dick through his slacks getting hard against my stomach.

He was now reaching down with his hands to cares my ass through my mini-skirt. Since the skirt was so tight, he was essentially just squeezing my ass right there on the dance floor. There was a mirror on this wall of the dance floor and my back was to it. I am sure that everyone could see him feeling my ass. Next he started pulling my skirt up slowly and showing my ass and my thong to everyone.

He seemed to be really into the slow dance, but I have a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing back there! He then started to grind his crotch into my stomach. Oh my goodness, it was now rock hard and poking into my stomach.

Then the song was over and the DJ said, “The next song is ladies’ choice, and since it is Ladies’ Night, guys, you have to do whatever the ladies want, ok? ”

James leaned over and whispered in my ear, “What do you want, baby?”

I said, “I’d first like to dance with your friend, Kevin, if that is ok.”

James answered, “Sure.” and motioned Kevin over.

Kevin had been watching us and it seemed like he was salivating the whole time so I wanted to give him a slow dance, too!

The song that the DJ played was an old Mariah Carey classic, “Can’t Let Go.”

Kevin was a big guy, too. Guess these guys played on the line of their football team. He held me tight as we slowly swayed to the music. He also pressed his abdomen against my tits, and his crotch was also pressing into the same spot on my lower abdomen that James’ was.

I immediately sensed Kevin’s hard-on the minute he held me close. Guess he had been excited for a while already. He turned my back to another wall of the dance floor that also had a mirror.

Kevin then proceeded to feel my ass, too, but he was much bolder than his teammate. He pulled up my mini-skirt and massaged my tight ass cheeks with his big bare hands, kneading my flesh like dough. I must admit, it was feeling pretty darn good!

He also ran his fingers along my ass crack and touching my thong which was now nice and moist! The song ended and several tables along the dance floor clapped, whistled, and cheered out loud! Kevin and James bowed flamboyantly and I blushed at our exhibitionistic performance.

I was a litlle embarrassed, but, inside, I was fuckin’ turned on and horny and hot as hell. I thought that would be my adventure for the night, so I thanked the guys for an interesting dance session.

James leaned down and said, “How would you like to go hang out with us at our house?”

I was thrilled at the idea and agreed, “I will follow you in my car. Ok?”

We left the bar arm in arm, with all eyes on us, everyone in there having an idea as to what kind of an evening lay ahead for the three of us.

As we walked out to the parking lot, Kevin turned and gave me a deep French kiss while James reached from behind and massaged my tits through my tight top. Kevin then reached down and rubbed my crotch and felt my wet thong. Mmmmm, that felt so damn good!

James said “Let’s hurry and get back to the house, Kevin!”

Then we got into our cars, my BMW convertible Z4 roadster following their Cadillac Escalade back to this nice exclusive neighborhood in Dallas where all the rich people had large gorgeous homes. They lived in this gated community and drove up to the guard gate with me in tow.

They spoke to the guard and then went through and waited for me; the guard then waved me through, all the while staring at me, wondering what this small lone white girl was doing with these two huge football stars. I can only believe that he thought I was some high-priced call girl. Hell, the way I was dressed that night, he was not too far from the truth!

They pulled up to this gigantic mansion and told me to just park in the circular driveway right in front of the main door. They would go through the garage and let me in shortly. So, I pulled into the circular driveway, parked in front of the main door, turned off my engine, took a deep breath, sat back, relaxed, and took in the splendor of this beautiful mansion and this magical night!

The front door opened and James walked out and opened my car door for me. I stepped out and he led me into their house, holding my hand.

Kevin was right inside the door, handed me a glass of Dom Perignon champagne, and said, “Follow me. James and I have a surprise for you.”

My heart skipped a beat and there were nervous butterflies in my stomach. What could their surprise be?

We turned around the corner and there was a closed door there which led to another room.

James said, “Go ahead, go on in, it’s the door to our entertaiment media room.”

I was a little hesitant but, what the hell, I am already here and there is probably no turning back, so I reached out, grabbed the door handle, and turned the knob, opening the door.

Slowly the door opened and my first glipmse of this vast media room was a gigantic front movie screen showing a porn flick with none other than the famous Jenna Jameson. She was on her knees sucking some stud’s huge cock.

The lights were dim and, as my eyes slowly got adjusted, I realized that there were 6 other big guys in the media room, all of whom had turned their heads to look at me. My heart jumped up to my throat and my clit quivered. Oh my goodness! Kevin and James must have called some of their teammates on the drive over and told them to meet us here. That’s why they wanted me to park out front so I would not see all of the other guys’ cars.

Kevin and James walked in, closed the door, and immediately started feeling me up.

Kevin said, “Baby, I have been waiting all night for this. The moment James and I saw you in that bar, decked out to the 9’s, in those 4″ pink fuck-me-heels, all made up the way you were, acting the way you did, and dancing oh so sexily, we knew you were the one that could fulfill all of our fantasies tonight! So, on the way back, we called a few of our best buds so that we can share you; I hope you don’t mind, Candi?”

I was speechless initially, but managed to recover enough to say, “No, I don’t mind at all! Enjoying 8 hot huge studs would be wonderful, I think! Can’t say I have ever had that pleasure!”

Kevin replied, “Well, then, let us not disappoint you!”

With that, he slowly slid my mini-skirt down my legs. I lifted my feet so he could remove my mini-skirt completely. Next James raised my arms above my head while one of his teammates lifted my tight top over my head.

So now I am standing in a huge media room where porn is being shown on a gigantic screen wearing only my pink Victoria’s Secret IPEX push-up demi bra, pink mesh low-rise thong that is now completely soaked, and my 4″ pink fuck-me heels! What a scene!

Kevin turned up the lights a little bit, muted the sound of the porn flick, and turned on some pop music. I sauntered up to the front of the media room and started swaying to the music. It did not take much to turn the other guys on at all; guess James and Kevin had been building them up the entire time we were driving here.

I heard all their names, but there were no formal introductions, so in all the craziness, the only two that I really remember well are Kevin and James. I also remember Larry, Trey, Mike, Bobby, Will, and Jason.

We were all dancing up front when I finished my glass of Dom and handed it to Mike. Now that my hands were free, I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the ground. Next thing I knew, Larry’s lips were on my sensitive nipples, sucking away! MMMMMMMMMMM! That felt so fuckin’ GREAT!

Someone started to slide my thong down my legs; I am not sure who it was, but I lifted my feet so they could pull it off totally. Now I was just wearing my 4″ fuck-me heels and dancing around with 8 horny, huge, muscular guys! They were starting to take their clothes off and, one by one, they were all soon buck naked with huge raging boners, all for me!! What a thrill!!

James eased me down on all fours and kneeled down in front of me with his big black delicious dick right in front of my face. What is a red-blooded American girl to do in the sight of such temptation? That’s right! I slid it in my mouth and sucked hungrily! As I did this, Kevin got between my legs and slowly entered me while reaching around to rub my clit!

Trey and Mike were kneeling to either side of me, massaging my big tits and pinching my rock hard nipples. This was turning me on so much, I reached for their cocks and started jacking them off!! They used their strong arms to hold me up because I was on all fours being fucked by Kevin and sucking James’ cock but my hands were now being used to stroke their thick dicks!!

Then I felt the other four guys just running their hands all over my hot, slick body that was now slick with perspiration and pussy juices. The music was now cranked up and our bodies were moving and gyrating to it. What a fuckin’ wonderful feeling!! I was feeling so fuckin’ horny!

Kevin was screwing me fast and hard, moaning loudly and talking dirty; I knew he was going to be the first one to cum tonight. He suddenly pulled out and shot a huge load of cum on my ass, letting it drip down my crack. Mmmmmm!

The minute he moved out of the way Jason stepped right in and slid his rock hard member inside me and started just pounding away. While he was doing this, Jason started rubbing Kevin’s cum on my ass and into my asshole. Then he began to finger my anus once it was well lubricated. That also felt so hot and dirty!

James started to fuck my face faster while his own face was undergoing all sorts of contortions to show the pleasure he was experiencing with my deep throat job. I had the tip of his hard cock down my throat so deep I was literally gagging on it. He, of course, found that extremely orgasmic and let me know by spewing gobs of cum down my throat! There was SO much I could not swallow it all and it was dripping out of my mouth and running down my chin and neck onto my tits! He pulled his big dick out of my mouth and I sucked it all of the cum off of it for him.

Then he moved away, to be replaced by another big black guy, Larry, who had just a monster of a cock. I was afraid that I would not be able to deep throat this one because it was so big. While this was happening, I felt someone starting to rub my engorged, swollen clit. These sensations were overwhelming and fabulously wonderful!

Bobby had knelt down on my left and was fingering my clit while Will was kneeling to my right jacking himself off. All the guys were feeling really good and I was the main reason for all their pleasure!! Jason was ramming me like there was no tomorrow and making me and him feel really good!

With Bobby rubbing my clit and Trey and Mike sucking and pinching my big, sensitive nipples, I couldn’t take it much longer and screamed, ” OH FUCK, guys, I am going to cum so FUCKIN’ hard!!”

My whole body shook in orgasmic convulsions over and over again! What amazing multiple orgasms!! I had never experienced those before; it must have been all the excitement of this evening that brought it out of me!

As I came really hard, so did Jason with a big, “FUCK YEAH” yell as he pumped streams of hot thick gooey cum deep inside my sweet cunt.

During all this, I was still sucking Larry’s horsecock between gasps, moans, and screams! I could only get about 3/4 of his cock down my throat; it was impossible to get anymore down, it was too fuckin’ big! I looked up at him with my big, brown eyes and he was just grinning from ear to ear with pleasure!

I sexily stated, ” Babe, I cannot suck you any deeper, but I’d like to try riding that monster if you’d like; I believe that hole is now free.”

Upon hearing that, he did not waste any time pulling out of me so I can set my twat onto his shaft!

Everybody moved off me so I could stand up to change positions. Boy, was I a sight to behold; totally nude except for my pink 4″ fuck-me heels, glistening with moisture, and soaking with cum on my tits, ass, cunt lips, and legs!

Larry lay down on the floor in the front part of the media room and I squatted over hig huge boner sticking straight up in the sky, saluting me! Very slowly I eased my wet cunt down onto his cock inch by fabulous inch; it was massive and filled me up so good! I finally got most of it in me and started to move up and down on it! Wow, what a fuckin’ superb sensation!

I felt a hand slowly push my upper body down toward Larry’s broad chest and I felt arms easing my legs from a squatting position into doggie style on all fours. Trey was behind me gettting between my legs. I felt his middle finger slide into my well-lubed asshole; mmmm, that felt good. Then I felt two fingers slide in and start to move in and out! Then his fingers were replaced by a nice hard cock slowly easing itself into my ass! Ooohh yeahhh, I was getting some good double penetration!!

Bobby and Will stood at my sides as I jerked their stiff members off! In front of me was Mike with his enormous mushroom cockhead staring at me! Again, all the other guys held me up so I could suck Mike’s cock without worrying about falling.

Between Larry in my cunt, Trey in my ass, and Bobby and Will to my sides being jacked off, I had plenty of strong support! What a fuckin’ wonderful feeling! All my holes were filled and I was whacking two guys off at the same time to boot! It couldn’t get any better than this or could it?

Well, yes it could, as the other three guys got back in the fray! James and Kevin managed to stick their heads between Larry’s chest and mine, with each of them sucking one of my big hard nipples!

Jason was standing beside me massaging and caressing my back while playing with his cock which was now hard again!

What a fuckin’ tremendous sensation!! I had 8 guys all touching me somewhere with something at the same time!!

All these sensations were building up in me again, I could feel the tension rising, and my whole body started to slowly and lightly quiver. Larry was gripping my hips and pounding himself into me faster and faster while Trey was behind me pumping my ass furiously now!

I was jerking Bobby and Will faster and almost deep throating Mike’s entire length now! Larry screamed loudly and thrust his hips deep into me, driving his cockhead against my cervix one last time as he pumped me full of his hot luscious cum!

Immediately thereafter, Trey groaned lustfully as emptied his balls inside the walls of my ass, filling my ass with thick gooey cum!

I was very close to the point of cumming hard again so I said, “Bobby and Will, you guys better fuck me now and cum with me because I am gonna cum very hard very soon!”

Trey pulled his cock out of me and Larry literally lifted me right off his cock, which was just glistening with a mixture of his cum and my cunt juices, mmmm!!

Bobby sat down at the edge of one of the sofas, spread his legs out, and said, “Back up to my cock; I want you ride my cock with you facing forward so I can grab your tits and pinch those huge hard nipples of yours!”

That sounded like a good plan, so I did as he asked. I slowly backed my ass to Bobby and he hoisted me onto his crotch.

I grabbed his dick and began to ease it into my willing wet cunt, but he stopped me and said, “Put my hard dick in your ass, baby! Trey seemed to enjoy that so much, I want a piece of that anal action, too!”

I gladly acquiesced to his wanton wish and slowly slid his manhood into my anal love canal, slowly, inch by yummy inch! Soon his entire shaft was buried to the hilt in my ass; it felt so fuckin’ good.

He started lifting me up and down, sliding his thing in and out of me. Damn, that felt GREAT! He leaned back on the sofa and pulled me back with him, lifting my legs high in the sky above his own legs and then spreading me wide open.

He then motioned for Will to come over. Will got in between my legs and slowly slid his shaft into my warm, waiting cunt! Another deliciously wonderful double penetration! I could not believe all this was happening! My entire life I had never experienced a double penetration and here I am getting my second one of the night! Fuckin’ AMAZING!!

Mike then climbed onto the sofa to stand above me and then lowered his rock hard cock inside my mouth, which I had wide open for him. He started to fuck my face while Bobby fucked my ass and Will fucked my pussy. Again all my holes were filled!

James and Kevin got on either side of my chest and resumed sucking my rock hard nipples while squeezing the hell out of my big firm tits. I reached my free hands out to the other guys and Jason and Larry stepped right up and placed their cocks, which were rock hard again, right in my waiting hands so I could jerk them off. I was feeling pretty fuckin’ good about now!

Will started pounding me faster and faster, driving his entire shaft into my pussy with every thrust, putting all his weight into it. Damn, that’s hot! Bobby also moved his hips up and down harder, pounding my ass stronger and faster, as well as gripping my hips and moving me up and slamming me down forcefully.

I was feeling fuckin’ amazing! All this was happening amidst blaring music, I think I remember Britney Spears’ “Toxic” playing, and loud moans, groans, and screams of pleasure (the screams were mainly from me, as you can imagine).

Bobby said, “Baby, I am about to cum so deep and hard inside your ass!”

Will said, “Come on, man! Do it, I am about to cum in her cunt, too! Let’s cum at the same time!”

I took Mike’s cock out of my mouth for a moment and said, “FUCK ME HARD and I’ll cum with both of you!”

When everyone heard that, Will and Bobby pounded me even faster and harder and Kevin and James started biting my nipples hard!

Within moments, Bobby groaned loudly, arched his back, and emptied a load of cum inside my ass while Will screamed, “OH FUCK!” and shot his jism inside my cunt!

As for me I yelled out loud, “DAMN ALL YOU GUYS MAKE ME FEEL SO FUCKIN’ GOOD!!”, arched my back, and CAME so FUCKIN’ HARD, probably the hardest I have ever cum in my life.

Wave after wave of pleasure racked my body as multiple orgasms rocked my body! It felt so FUCKIN’ AMAZING!!

Will pulled out of me, Mike stepped off the sofa, and Bobby lifted me off his cock. As I slowly stood up, streams of hot cum rolled down my thighs from my ass and pussy! That was so FUCKING HOT!

I was just resting for a moment with my hands on my hips taking in the sight of these deliciously hot, sweaty guys, some with raging boners and others with limp, recently spent cocks, when I felt someone come up behind me and wrap his arms around me. I turned to see that it was Mike.

He whispered in my ear, “You didn’t think you were going to get away from me that easily, did you, hot stuff?”

I knew immediately what he meant as he was one of two guys so far who had not been inside my ass or my cunt. The other was the first Desperado that I met tonight, James. I thought to myself how appropriate it was that he would also be the last Desperado to enjoy me tonight!

I said aloud, “James, where are you? You and Mike are the only two who have not fucked my ass or cunt tonight and I want both of you filling those holes RIGHT NOW!!”

When the guys heard that statement, there was a lot of whoopin’ and hollerin’!! James and Mike came up to me and James gave me a deep French kiss.

When he pulled his lips away he said, “Don’t worry, darling; I definitely did not forget about fucking that sweet ass or pussy of yours. I was just patiently awaiting my turn. Look like it is now my turn!”

I asked, “So, who wants to do me where?” Everyone snickered a little at my matter-of-fact tone.

Mike queried, “Are you up for another double penetration? ”

I promptly replied, “Sure, of course, let’s do it!”

Mike said, “I want you to face me and ride me because I LOVE it when a hot babe like you rides me and I can play with such gorgeous large tits and beautiful big hard nipples!”

Mike sat down in a lazy-boy recliner and I climbed on top of him and slowly squatted down on his hard cock! Mmmmmm, that felt so good going in!! Then Mike leaned back a little in the recliner and I leaned forward a little with him, raising my willing ass and anus in the air for James to enter me from behind.

He did not miss a beat and his cock was rubbing me between my ass cheeks, getting well-lubricated from the pussy juice and jism mixture back there! Once he was well-lubed, James eased his big black cock into my ass inch by fuckin’ inch! Damn, that felt so fuckin’ GREAT!

Another milestone in my life; I just broke my own personal record set just less than one hour ago. I am now in the middle of my third double penetration of the night and, you know what, I am FUCKIN’ LOVIN’ IT!!

I was enjoying it so much I started riding Mike faster while he caressed my boobs and sucked my hard nipples! James was thrusting his cock to the hilt with every delicious stroke and his ramming speed was increasing, too! The three of us moved like one well-oiled fucking machine!

The other guys were standing around the recliner just jerking off. This is also another milestone for me: my first “circle jerk.” They were totally enjoying the lustful sexual exhibition right in front of them and I was enjoying every minute of exhibiting for them! The fucking machine started to move faster and faster!

Mike asked loudly, “Candi, do you want all 9 of us to cum at the same time?”

I answered sexily, “Can all you guys shoot your cum on me or in me at the same time? Do you think you can do it?”

To this, James replied, “Of course, sweet stuff! We are, after all, teammates!” Everyone chuckled at that a little bit.

The levity lasted only for a fleeting moment because the wanton lust took over all of us again immediately! Mike started thrusting his hips up to meet me when I would slam my cunt down on his entire shaft. When I moved back up, I was rammed deeply by James’ massive cock.

The others were moving closer to us, still jacking off their cocks with wide grins of pleasure on their faces! Mike began to groan and moan louder and James was grunting hard behind me. The tension was again quickly mounting and we three were close to a strong release!

I asked, “How are the rest of you hot studs doing?” Mixed answers were thrown out loud, but the consensus was everyone was getting close.

Mike said, “Guys, I am going to fuckin’ cum soon! Is everyone ready?”

James stated, “I am getting close, too, but I have an idea. Since Candi is now pretty much an honorary Desperado slut, I think we should let her control the action from here on out. She can ride Mike to her satisfaction and tell us when she is about to cum and we will cum when she tells us she is cumming! I mean, remember what the DJ at the Sheraton said, it is after all, Ladies’ Night!”

All the other guys shouted their approval of that plan.

I said, “Sounds like a great plan to me, but I would like someone to come here and suck on my big sensitive nipples. That absolutely drives me crazy when I am being fucked hard and they are being sucked on! ”

Bobby and Trey gladly and quickly agreed, stepping up to suck my nipples and massage my tits with their free hand. Again my cunt began to quiver and my body quietly shivered. I knew I was getting close. I had goose bumps on my arms and shoulders.

Kevin, Will, Larry, and Jason took turns deep French-kissing me! Damn, that was hot too, feeling so many different tongues intertwining with my tongue while I was being penetrated so hard, deep, and fast!

The other guys were also nibbling on my ears and neck, also very sensitive sites, and another major turn-on for me!

I could feel a MAJOR orgasm building up deep inside me and I warned the gang, “Guys, better get ready, I am getting very close!”

When they heard that, Mike and James fucked me harder and faster. Bobby and Trey sucked my nipples harder, even biting them a few times. Fuckin’ wonderful! I closed my eyes, arched my back, taking in the sounds and smells all around me, just reveling in the moment, and enjoying the hell out of it!

Suddenly, Mike hit my hot wet cunt with one last magic stroke that finally put me over the edge and I screamed, “Guys, I am cumming! Cum with me! DO IT! CUM NOW!”

With that, I felt cum spewing on me from all directions, hitting my face, landing on my tits, ass, hair, arms, and legs! I could feel James’ cock contracting and cumming inside my ass as well as Mike unloading jism inside the sweet sugar walls of my pussy!

I yelled out with pleasure at the top of my lungs, knowing full well that no one in this entire exclusive neighborhood could hear my moans and screams, no matter how loud!!

I just collapsed on Mike and James leaned onto my back, whispering softly, “Thanks, Candi! You have no idea how happy you have made all of us feel tonight! You have fulfilled this hot fantasy that we have shared together for a while!”

I replied, “Trust me, the pleasure was all mine! You fulfilled my hottest fantasy, too! I am so glad that my friends decided not to go out with me tonight and I am very glad that it was Ladies’ night!”

I was covered in cum from head to toe. I even had some on my 4″ fuck me heels!

The guys suggested I take a shower and rinse off, but I gratefully declined, “I just want to remember this night as much and as long as possible so I want to take your gooey cum, your scents, your voices, and your smiles with me when I go.”

They started to help me get dress, but I said, “You know, I am feeling just a little bold, so I think I am going to drive home in my birthday suit just as I am right now, drenched in your jism and feeling all sticky, wearing only my 4″ fuck-me heels!!”

The guys could only stand there with their mouths wide open, shocked by such a bold plan, speechless, and not believing what they just heard me say. After a few seconds, they all clapped and cheered.

Kevin said, “You are an amazing woman, Candi! So hot, so sexy, so lustful, so fuckin’ delicious! You made our dreams come true. Thanks!”

All the other guys chimed in with their gratitude also. They then all walked me to the front door and each of them gave me a deep French kiss and a squeeze of my tits and ass.

Bobby opened my door and rubbed his finger against my bare clit one last time as I got in. I waved goodbye, blew them all kisses, and drove away with the biggest grin on my face that you have ever seen.

I sped by the guard’s gate, slowing down just enough so he could see that I was naked in the car, or, at least, as far as he could see, I was topless with my big boobs jutting forward along with my hard nipples pointing out in the cool night air! He started to walk out of his booth but I just drove away.

I got on the freeway heading home and I found it hard to concentrate as all I could think about were the events of this hot night! Eighteen wheelers and SUVs were driving by and honking at me and staring at my tits and nipples because I was topless and, in my delirious state of pleasure, I forgot my convertible’s top was also down. I smiled and waved back at them, knowing I had probably just made their night!

They, of course, had no idea what kind of a night I had experienced! I had just made 8 guys’ nights and they had just made my night and probably my whole year! Reflecting on this night, I truly think it was definitely the best night of my adult life so far!!

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