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A Dream Come True

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Misty lie in bed, her hand between her long legs with two of her fingers deep in her steaming pussy. She moved them in and out as fast as she could go. Her other hand toyed with her firm breasts and nipples. She needed to cum so bad every inch of her body was on fire. She had only been with one man in her young life and he didn’t know the first thing about pleasing a girl.

“Please, cum!” she moaned as her hand began to tire. She’d been fingering herself for close to an hour with no sign on an orgasm.

“Oh please, cum, cum!” she moaned again bursting in tears and rolled on her side with her fingers still deep in her lonely pussy. “Why can’t I ever cum?” she asked herself looking at the alarm clock next to her bed. “Shit!” she yelled kicking off the satin sheet and headed to the shower.

Later that morning, Misty made her way to the campus job board hoping to find a better job than what she had. Being a waitress at the student center didn’t pay enough, she needed a better place to live and more clothes. And she was sick of the boys coming on to her. She wasn’t interested in them; she needed a man to please her.

Misty read through all of the same ads, it seemed she was doomed to be a waitress for the rest of her days in college. She was just about to leave when an ad at the very bottom of the board caught her eye.

Female wanted for daily house keeping. Cleaning, laundry, dishes, and dusting. $350 per week. 1750 Oak Dale Drive.

“Oh shit!” Misty gasped with excitement. “That’s right down the street from me.” She looked at the money again, and thought how much more it paid than the student center. “Damn, I could even move to a better place making that much money.” She said taking down the ad. She knew it was against the rules, but this just had to be her job, she didn’t want anyone else to see it.

Misty thought of her next class, but the great job filled her mind, “Fuck it! I’m going now, I can’t let this slip by!” And off she went to the address. She walked as fast as she could, thinking of some of the things she could buy. ‘Maybe a new toy to help my lonely pussy would be nice’ she laughed to herself, ‘A nice long, fat cock that vibrates would hit the spot.’ She giggled feeling her juices begin to flow from her body.

She made her way to the house, it looked like the grass hadn’t been cut in a year, and the bushes had never been trimmed at all. Doubt filled her mind as she looked over the house, ‘How can they afford to pay so much when they can’t even keep up the house?’ she asked herself and thought about getting back to her class.

“Hello.” A voice called from the house. “Are you here about the job?” a man asked as he opened the front door. “I was beginning to wonder if anyone would come up to knock. Most people see the place and just leave. I was hoping you’d be different.” He chuckled warmly walking from the house. He was a big man, way over six-foot tall and must have weighed close to 250 pounds. His gray hair and beard looked like the yard; they hadn’t been trimmed for a very long time.

“I was just thinking about it, is all!” Misty lied looking at the tall man and his beard. She walked up to him; she too was a tall person at five-foot eleven inches tall. “So the ad said $350 a week, is that right?” she asked hoping it was.

He smiled at her as he looked at her long, wavy, blonde hair and into her dark, blue eyes, “Yes, and if I like you, I’ll make it $400.” He smiled when he saw the happy look on her pretty face. “I’m John Towers.”

“Oh wow! That would be great. I live in the crapy apartments down the street.” She said pointing her finger. “I could move getting paid that much a week. I’m Misty Waters, nice to meet you.” She replied holding her hand out.

He laughed and replied, “Now wait, don’t plan on moving yet, I haven’t even hired you yet.” He smiled. “Come in and let me show you around and you can decide if you want the job or not.” He added holding the door open for her.

As Misty walked by John, he could smell a faint scent of her perfume and it had been a long time, but he also thought he could smell that she was very aroused. “Are you single Misty?” John stopped. “I’m sorry; I had no business asking that. Someone as beautiful as you must have a man to take care of you.” He added looking to the thin white summer blouse that just did cover her large 36 c breasts.

Misty could see his brown eyes gazing at her breasts, for some odd reason it didn’t bother her. He was an older man not some little college boy that would cum in his pants, she bet this man knew how to make love to a woman. “It’s all right. I’m single, but looking.” She replied with a smile seeing him still looking at her chest. She began to feel the fire building deep in her pussy. The fire her fingers could never put out.

“Well, let me show you around. There’s really not much to do. Maybe a few dishes, some dusting and some laundry.” John said looking to her firm ass covered by a pair of skintight jeans. Her wonderful ass was well rounded and very firm with a deep seductive crevice.

Misty again saw him looking at her; she was getting more turned on by each passing second. He wasn’t a bad looking man, he just needed a shave, and haircut and he would turn on any young college girl in heat. Mostly, a poor college girl that had never been able to have an orgasm in her life and prayed that someday she would.

“You keep it up very nice. Why is the outside so bad?” she asked putting her hand on her 36-inch hip. She could see his eyes again roaming over her body, but she didn’t care. She was more excited than she had ever been in her life. No man had ever looked at her this way and she loved it.

“I’ve been hiding from the world for the past ten years and last week decided it was time to get my ass back in gear and get on with living.” He smiled a hurt smile. “Someone very close to me died and I blamed myself, but now I know it wasn’t my fault.”

Misty watched his eyes as he told her some of his past, she could see that whatever it was it was still in his heart. “Well John, now you have me to help you and beware, I won’t let you sit and feel sorry for yourself.” She said walking into a room in the back of his house. She looked and saw a big screen TV with two very plush recliners with a table between them. “This is nice!” Misty said looking at the hundreds of movies that were sitting on selves that went as high as the ceiling.

“This is another problem spot for me, if I’m lucky enough to get a woman to look around, they leave when they see this room.” John said with a frown. He really liked this girl and she was so fucking pretty, his cock had started to get hard for the first time in years.

Misty gave him a puzzled look, “Just because of some movies? That’s bull shit, a guy needs movies to keep things alive.” She winked at him as she looked over his massive movie collection. She figured he had tons of porn movies, but most were just action movies. She looked to a glass case hanging on the far wall, there must have been close to three hundred movies inside. “What are these?” Misty asked as she walked to the case.

“This is the problem. I used to make movies a long time ago.” He replied knowing the beautiful girl would soon be running out the door. He dearly loved looking at her great breasts, her ass was the best he thought he’d ever seen in his life, and he’d seem many of them.

Misty just looked at him, “Are you kidding? You’re a movie star?” she said with excitement in her voice turning to read the titles of the movies.

John Towers, ‘Biggest Cock on Earth’

John Towers, in ‘Big John Goes to College’

John Towers in ‘Every Man’s Dream’

John Towers in ‘How to Split a Pussy’

Misty knew his name and had seen some of his movies at her Dad’s house. She loved seeing how big he was and always wondered what something so big would feel like inside her pussy. Her face had turned red with embarrassment, “This is too cool!” she said looking to him. “I’ve seen a few of your movies before.” She added seeing his eyes between her legs, on her wet and very excited pussy. “I’m a big fan of yours!” she added with excitement in her soft voice.

“So, are you going to run away?” he asked looking up the front of her nice body. He could feel blood rushing into his long cock for the first time in so long.

Misty could feel him taking her top, freeing her firm breasts, “Heck no! I think it’s cool.” She said with a big smile enjoying him looking at her. She spread her legs just a little, placing her hands on her hips she said, “I’ll start in the morning, it might take a few hours the first few times I come over, then it will only take an hour or so each day.” She said, again watching his eyes roam all over her body. “One more thing, can I barrow one of those?” she asked pointing to his many movies, feeling her face turn red again.

John smiled at Misty and replied, “What are you doing watching that kind of shit? How old are you anyhow?” he teased wanting to see her turn red with embarrassment again.

“I’m 19 I have you know, but the first time I saw you I was only 16.” She laughed knowing her face must have looked like a ripe tomato. She could feel the heat between her legs and her fluids running from her pussy to her already wet panties. “I’ve loved watching you from that day on.” She said with embarrassment hoping her pussy hadn’t made the front of her jeans wet.

You were only 16! I’m shocked!” he teased her more. “What was a girl that young doing watching a movie of mine?” he asked moving closer to her body. “It may have traumatized you for life.” He added feeling the heat coming from her. He could also feel his cock filling with blood again.

Misty stood her ground; she liked having him this close to her. “One weekend my parents went out of town and I found your movies.” She replied feeling his breath going down her thin blouse making her big nipples hard as rocks.

“I’ll let you watch one on one condition.” He paused to look at her swelling nipples. “If you tell me what you liked in it and what part turned you on the most.” He said looking into her wonderful blue eyes.

Misty thought about what he had said, did she want to tell a man she just met what turned her on or not. Should she just tell him now that she loved seeing his massive cock tearing open a tight pussy or when he came into a woman’s mouth and made her gag he shot so much cum? She better wait and pull herself together. She knew that meeting him and seeing one of his movies it was going to be a very frustrating night alone.

“Sure.” She said looking at his many movies. “What one did you like the best?” she asked seeing him looking at her ass. He was turning her on so much; she only hoped that tonight she would be able to cum.

John looked to her face; he thought of one movie that he had fucked seven different women. He reached to the self and pulled it down, “This was one of my best. I had fun in it. I got to fu.. do seven girls in this one.”

Misty just about came in her panties when John started to say ‘fuck’. She loved when a mature man like him would say that word. She knew they knew how to ‘fuck’ not like the boys in college.

“Well I’ll watch it and let you know.” Misty said with a grin and couldn’t wait until she could get home to watch him ‘fuck’. And to see his massive cock tearing open some young girl’s pussy. “Hey, I used to cut hair for some kids in high school, would you like me to cut yours?” she asked hoping he would say yes. She wanted to see him like he was in all of his movies. He was one of the most handsome men she had ever seen in her life. “One more thing, I’m a big girl, it’s all right if you say that word.”

John again looked to her heaving breasts and watched her nipples pushing through the thin bra and blouse. “Sure, I was going to go get it done, but if you can that will be even better.” he smiled giving her breasts one last good look.

“I’ll see you in the morning, about nine OK?” she asked hoping it would be. She would be burning to see him again by that time.

“Whatever you like pretty girl. I’ll be here.” He said watching her walk towards the door.


Later that night Misty lie on her bed naked as the day she had been born, ready to watch John’s movie. Her body was on fire. Juices were all ready running from her pussy and down her slender thighs. Her clit had swollen three times its normal size and throbbed with lust.

“Oh GOD I hope I cum tonight!” she moaned placing her hand between her legs gripping her wet pussy. “I need to shave; you’re getting as hairy as John.” Misty giggled as she gently ran her fingers over her swollen clit.

She used her other hand to push ‘play’ on the remote control. The movie started, there was John driving down a busy city street, looking at some hookers standing on a corner.

“Any of you girls up for a good, hard fuck with a giant cock?” he asked the women as he looked them over. A young one moved to look inside his car.

“I could use a good hard fuck. How big is your cock?” she asked licking her lips. “I just love it when they’re big, long and split my pussy.”

“Get in girl.” John laughed. “This cock will make all your dreams cum true.” He said looking at hers tits just like he had been looking at Misty’s all afternoon.

Misty watched with eager eyes ready to see John’s massive cock. “This is going to kill me.” She moaned slipping two fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy.

John sat on the bed watching the girl undress. She moved to him and began to pull of his pants, freeing the massive cock to fuck her pussy. “Oh my! I bet you’re going to tear me in two with this.” The girl moaned as she sucked the cock-head into her little mouth.

“Oh shit!” Misty cried out when the head went in the girl’s mouth. “I want to do that someday, John.” Misty moaned closing her eyes trying to imagine what it would feel like in her mouth. But, she knew where she would want him, deep in her burning pussy, as far as it would go. She kept her eyes closed hearing him moans as the girl sucked his stiff cock.

“I’m ready to fuck a hot pussy.” John said pulling the girl on the bed, spreading her legs and moving between them. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never known.” John said in the sexy, calm voice that Misty loved hearing. “I’m going to fuck you easy at first, then I’m going to fuck you like the whore you are.” Misty watched as he fingered the girl’s pussy, making sure that she was wet enough to take him inside her young body.

“Oh John, I’m ready for you.” Misty moaned out wishing that it were she under him rather than the girl on her TV. By this time, Misty had four fingers deep in her soaked pussy, pushing them in as far as she could.

John again spoke his magic words, “Want me to fuck you?” he asked the girl under him.

Misty answered for the girl, “Yes!” she cried out as her fingers tried to please her pussy.

“Want this big cock in you?” John asked as he held the massive cock in his hand.

“YES!” Misty screamed out hoping no one had heard her. She kept quiet from then on and answered him in her mind as she watched him please the young girl. Her hand moved in and out of her pussy. She looked down and couldn’t believe that her whole hand was inside her body, and it felt so good. Just like a giant cock.

Misty watched as her hand moved in and out of her body and remembered that this was called ‘fisting’. There were hundreds of web sites that she had seen, and it had turned her on seeing a man put his hand in a women’s pussy so far.

“Oh GOD let me cum!” she cried pushing her hand deeper inside her body. She could feel her tender inner flesh, so soft, warm, and silky. Farther she pushed her hand in, she moaned as her wrist would enter and exit her body. “I want to cum!” Mist cried when she knew that this wasn’t even going to help her.

Misty turned on her side, leaving her right hand inside her. Tears ran down her face as she heard John and his words of lust.


The next morning she woke up, her eyes were swollen from crying and her lonely pussy burned move than ever. Her hand was sticky from being inside her body, “Yuck! It was fun last night, but now it’s kinda gross.” Misty said moving to the shower to rinse off. She turned on the water and waited for it to warm up, then stepped in, “Oh yes!” she moaned as the water hit her swollen nipples, cascading down her stomach, running between her long legs to the spot that needed a man deep inside.

Tears filled her pretty eyes once more, as the need to have a man inside her began to overwhelm her body. Misty fell to her knees, “Please, let me cum just one time!” she cried as the warm water ran across her lonely body. Misty soaped both hands and began to caress her breasts. Gently at first, making sure she gave her nipples the attention they craved.

Her delicate hands moved down her stomach, making tiny circles, lower and lower until her fingers ran over her swollen clit. Her soft moans of lust filled the steamy bath, “Oh yes! John fuck me! Fuck me with your giant cock!” she moaned out as her fingers moved in and out of her very lonely body. Praying that she would get some relief from the constant burning that haunted her young and lonesome pussy.

Tears ran down her wet face, dripping on her beautiful unloved breasts. Breasts that needed loved and cared for. “I hate my life.” Misty sobbed out. “Why can’t I get a good man to make love to me?” she asked looking up to the heavens, hoping that she would get an answer, but nothing came, just like all the other times she had prayed for a good man in her life.

She sat on her feet enjoying the water running over her exposed body, praying that this misery would be over soon. As the water began to cool, Misty pulled herself from the floor and stepped from the shower, “I guess I better get my ass moving, John will be looking for me.”

She gently wrapped in a big fuzzy towel and went to her dresser, “What shall I wear? Do I really want John turned on or do I just want to tease him nice and slow?” she thought to herself for a few seconds, then reached in the top drawer to pull out a see-through white knit blouse. She pulled it over her head, down her chest until it covered her aching nipples.

“Now, what would make this sexy ass and fine looking hips drive a man insane?” she looked through each drawer with care, wanting to find something that would make each of her great curves stand out, mostly the curve between her lonely legs. “Ahhh, here we go!” she moaned when she saw the blue spandex bike shorts she had bought last year. “John, I pity you today, my fine handsome, long cock friend!” Misty giggled pulling on a pair of blue panties.

Misty strolled down the street enjoying the warm sun hitting her face, breasts, and her hurting pussy mound. She ignored the boys driving by and their child-like catcalls to her. She was looking for a man; not some little college boy and she knew where he lived.

As she made her way to John’s place she noticed some trucks on the street and in the driveway, “Wonder what’s going on?” she asked aloud and saw men working on the neglected yard. “It’s about time!” she said as the men stopped to look at her great body. It sent rushes of steaming blood straight between her legs.

‘Sorry guy’s, this pussy has one man in mind.’ She said to herself, knocking on the door.

“COME IN!” Misty heard John yell out. “It’s open.” He added.

‘GOD I hope I didn’t over do it. If he wanted he could rape me with ease.’ She thought looking down; she thought she could see a wet spot formed on the front of the spandex shorts. ‘Can I really take something so big inside me? Will it hurt me?” she asked herself.

“Hello there!” John said as he opened the door. “Didn’t you hear me yell?” he asked looking down her great body. Misty could hear him gasp for air as he looked over every inch of her. “Wow! You are on fire!” He said trying to pull his eyes to her face that’s when he saw her red eyes and the enormous bags under them. “Are you all right?” he asked taking her hand, leading her into the house.

Misty followed him inside, “Well, I sleep like shit anyhow and I guess I was excited about the job and meeting you.” She smiled as he looked over her breasts, stopping to gaze at her rigid nipples seeing them poking through the knit blouse. “So last night I was lucky if I slept five minutes.” She said with a frown. How could she tell the truth, she had been in agony all her young life not knowing what it felt like to have an orgasm.

“You poor baby.” John said softly reaching to caress the hair from her face that was covering her left eye. “You just take it easy today, hell if you want or need to just curl up on the couch and take a nap.” He added taking a quick look between her long legs.

Misty loved having him look at her; it sent chills through her, knowing he was looking at her. “Sure, but I want to cut your hair before I do anything.” She said in a soft, loving voice. She wanted to see him the way he had been in his movies. In truth, she really wanted to see his long, thick cock rammed in her to its root.

“You won’t go to sleep while you’re doing it will you?” he teasingly asked her giving the side of her hip and ass a good looking over. He loved how the meat on her outer thigh looked where it connected to her great ass.

Misty laughed at his words and gently slapped his arm, “NO! I wouldn’t do that.” She said standing; walking towards him she made sure to put just a touch more sway in her hips. She knew how to turn on a man, but until now, she had never used her talents. “Where do you want it?” she softly whispered in his ear, running her fingers across his ear.

John’s eyes grew as big as plates at her words, “What..Um Um..” he stuttered out turning to watch her walk into his kitchen, enjoying her great ass wiggle as she walked. He loved seeing her folds of flesh where her legs and ass connected.

“Where do you want your hair cut, silly man.” She giggled like a little girl in love for the first time. “I guess in here will be the best place.” She said leaning her firm ass against one of the counters, enjoying its coolness against her burning flesh.

John watched between her legs as she slightly spread them; “You are a very pretty woman.” He said looking like he was in a trance. He looked up and down every inch of her hips and ass, wondering what it would be like having her young, alive body under him for a few hours. He hadn’t been with a girl as pretty as she in his life. Just the nasty women that were in the porn business and they were all nothing but whores.

“You better stop with all them sweet words of yours.” She smiled at him seeing his eyes were still roaming over her hips. “Someone as young as I might take it the wrong way.” She teased him, wondering if he would ever pull his eyes from her crotch to look at her face.

At last, he looked up, seeing that she had been watching him watch her, “Sorry.” He said with a red face. “I don’t mean to stare, but you are so attractive.” He added feeling his cock had almost grown to its full size, he only hoped he looking at her so much wouldn’t turn her off.

“It’s fine.” Misty smiled seeing his cock was hard. “I’m glad you enjoy looking at me.” She smiled again and pulled a chair n the middle of the floor, patting it she said, “Sit down, sir so I can begin.” She said in a teasing processional voice.

John rushed to the chair, “Oh yes ma’am. Anything you say.” He grinned looking up to her breasts, seeing that the tips of her nipples had made it through the knit fabric.

Misty quickly peeked down too also see her tiny buds pushing through her blouse, but she didn’t care. It turned her on so much to know his eyes were glued to them. “How do you want it?” she asked in a sexy little girl kind of voice.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped when he heard her. “You’re killing me talking like that.” He said looking into her dark, blue eyes trying to imagine being inside her while he looked deeply in them.

“Like what?” Misty softly asked in the same voice. She moved to his side, wrapping a towel around his shoulders, she accidentally pushed her pussy against his arm. “Mmmm, so sorry.” She moaned with a look of pleasure on face.

John sucked in a deep breath at the feel of her hot pussy on his arm, “Oh I just bet you are.” He laughed reaching around to hug her ass. “OK, you get the $400 a week, now ‘please’ take it easy on me, I’m an old man.” He laughed enjoying the softness of her shorts and her great ass on his hand.

“You are not old!” Misty yelled stepping back to glare at him. “You are a sexy man that could turn on any girl in the world.” She said pointing to his face. “I know you sure do turn me..” she stopped and could feel her face turning as red as a tomato.

John replied, “You turn me on to, Misty. Very much to be a matter of fact young lady.” He said smiling at her. “Come on, let’s get this done so you can go rest. Maybe the pool will be ready when you wake up.” He added reaching his hand out to her.

She trembled at his words. She knew she excited him and now she was sure of it. “There’s a pool hidden out there?” she teased him. “I don’t have anything to swim in.” she frowned thinking how she would love being in the pool with him.

“I can find you a shirt and I think your shorts will be fine. What do you think?” he asked hoping that she would go for his plan. He wanted to hold her so bad. It had been ten years since he had held a woman in his arms and he really wanted to hold her.

Misty thought over at what he had just said, “Sure. I think it will be great.” She said trying to imagine being in his arms with his foot long cock resting against her hot pussy. As it gently spread, open her delicate folds of flesh as it began to make its way deep inside her.

“Well great!” he beamed with excitement thinking of Misty in his arms with his long, thick cock deep inside her beautiful, young body.

She began cutting his hair, with each snip of the scissors she inched closer and closer to John until she could feel the heat coming off his body. She bent down to cut a strand of hair and pressed her pussy against his left hand, “OOPS, sorry.” She said giving him a sexy wink of her blue eyes.

“It’s all right, you can do that anytime.” He replied looking straight into her lonely soul and savored the feel of her warm sex on his hand. “I’m right handed if it was ever happen again.” He added, gently moving his big fingers over her delicate shorts.

Misty trembled with delight at his soft touch between her legs. It sent chills through every inch of her body. “Ahhh, careful.” She slowly pulled from his hand. “I’m really hurting there.” She lied, how could she tell him that she was on fire and if he touched her a second more her body would explode.

“I’m sorry. I just ummm. Well, I’m sorry.” He said looking up to her like a little boy that had hurt his mother. John would never do anything to hurt this beautiful girl. In just one day, she had help bring him from the coma he had been hiding in the last ten years. From first sight of her, his heart had opened to give Misty all of its love. The only worry that John had was the massive cock between his legs. Not many mature women could take it with out being hurt, how would he make love to this innocent girl.

Misty ran her fingers through his thick hair, “It’s all right, I’m just very tender today.” She lied to him again and went back to cutting his hair. She loved being this close to him, but today she felt so tired. Plus, her poor pussy was hurting so bad, it had never been this bad ever in her life.

John keep his hands folded in his lap, he wanted nothing more than to touch her all he could, but he didn’t want her to be upset or even leave. “When you’re done, I think you should go lie in the guest room for awhile, maybe you’ll feel better.” he said with concern.

“Maybe on the sofa for a few minutes, you’re not paying me to sleep; you’re paying me to work.” She smiled at his kind offer to rest. She knew if she feel asleep, she would only dream of sex and today she was sure to dream of his hand on her aching pussy.

John reached and caressed her smooth ass, “Where ever you like, but you really need to lie down.” He said not even thinking of his hand on her soft ass. He gently caressed her left cheek as she snipped off his hair. His big hand roamed around, enjoying the warmth of her body and the feel of the spandex.

Misty loved his hand on her; she began to relax more with each gentle caress. It seemed like his hand was made to fit her ass. Her breathing increased and she could feel wetness forming in her panties. She smiled at John, letting him know that this felt good and she needed more.

John returned Misty’s smiled and slowly let his fingers move to the deep crevice in her ass. John felt her suck in a deep breath as he slowly moved his fingers down the sexy opening, moving lower and lower until he could feel her thigh. “You’re beautiful!” John moaned, pulling her weak body against his. He felt her young body trembling and his fingers probed deeper into her wonderful, young ass.

Misty lied against his side as his fingers tormented her body. She needed to cum on him so bad she wanted to cry. Her heart pounded as he caressed deeper and deeper into her wonderful ass. She jerked away from him and ran to the sofa, where she curled into a ball and sobbed herself to sleep.


John went on cleaning his house and did a few things in the yard before he decided to check on Misty. He walked into the living room where she was sleeping on the plush sofa. He looked at her as she slept her arms over her head, giving him a great view of her wonderful breasts. One of her long legs rested on the back of the sofa, while the other hung off the side, making a great view between her young legs.

John sat in a recliner opposite of the sofa watched Misty in her restless attempt to sleep and wondered what could be so disturbing to this beautiful girl.

John hoped he hadn’t damaged his growing relationship with her. He had not felt this way about a woman since, Jenna came into his life so long ago. He closed his eyes and drifted back in time…

“Ready on the set!” Tom Collins the director yelled out. He had been directing first class porn movies most of his adult life. When he got the opportunity to direct one of John Towers movies, he knew that would launch him to superstardom. “Let’s move it people!” he yelled again. “Someone please go tell John we’re ready and get the new girl on the set, please.” He added moving to his chair.

John walked from his trailer, wearing his favorite silk robe, “Tom, I don’t like going into a scene without knowing who I’m going to be with.” John said giving Tom a frown. “This can be hard enough, but when I don’t know if I even like the girl it’s a real bitch.” John added moving to the plush bed.

“John, trust me.” Tom smiled, “When you see this girl, you are going to get as hard as a fuck.” He laughed turning to see Jenna walking to the set. “John, Meet, Jenna. Jenna, this is John.” Tom smiled at them.

John looked up to see one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in his life. Her warm smile was the first thing he saw. Every white tooth in her mouth could be seen with ease. Her soft green eyes looked like they belonged in a tigress as she looked him over, stopping to look just a bit longer at his hips.

“I can not tell you how happy I am to meet you and I just want to scream when I think of all the things you’re going to do to me. I’ve dreamed of this day from the first time I ever saw you.” Jenna said with a big grin on her pretty face. She slipped off her robe, “Do I look all right or do I need to change?” she asked turning slowly around making sure John saw every inch of her.

John looked over her tempting body covered in a small half shirt that just did cover her firm 34c breasts and as he looked down to her 36-inch ass came into view. She had worn a very small pair of white, bikini panties that looked like they would fall of her hips any second. John looked closer and could see her young, bare pussy pressing against the already wet panties.

“Oh yes. You look very good!” was all John could manage to say. He could feel his long cock coming to life under the rode. He had never been this turned on by one of the regular girls. “I’m ready Tom. Let’s do it!” John said as he stood up slapping his hands together. He was ready to fuck the holly living shit out of this young girl.

John let his robe fall to the carpeted floor, turning to Jenna he asked; “Does this look all right to you?” he held his cock in his hand and moved it to Jenna’s mouth. She sucked him down her silky throat without even a thought. “Oh yes! Why don’t you whores learn to suck a man like this?” John pointed to the other girls on the set.

“Fuck you, John! If you didn’t have a horse cock, maybe we could suck and fuck you better.” Tiffany Marlow yelled back to John as she watched the new girl suck him with ease. She had stringy, bleached blonde hair, her tits were sagging, and she looked like she was close to 50 years old, when in fact she was only 30.

John laughed at her words, “Up yours, Marlow. When I’m in you it feels like I’m fucking air you’re so loose.” Everyone on the set started laughing at his words; he could even feel Jenna laughing as she kept on sucking his cock.

“FUCK ALL OFF YOU!” Tiffany screamed knocking over a table with food and drinks on it and she stomped off the set.

“John?” Callie Rogers yelled to him. “You didn’t mean that about all off us did you?” she frowned as she pushed back her waist long black hair. “I think I suck you pretty good. Don’t I?” she asked looking at the young girl that was devouring his massive cock. “She’s a fucking animal!” Callie laughed, she couldn’t believe how far down the girls’ throat John was.

“I’m sorry everybody. I just had to piss that bitch off. I love being with all of you. Especially this girl.” He smiled pulling from her mouth. “You better stop. Tom might get mad if you suck me off.” He said pulling Jenna to her feet. He gave her a soft hug, “I can’t wait to fuck you, girl!” he whispered.

Tom laughed at John, “Whenever you’re finished, I’d like to shoot this scene.” He gave John a stern look. “Remember, you’re a husband, your wife hasn’t fucked you in months, you’re going to piss, you see your daughter masturbating and you join in.”

“Sounds good to me!” John said giving Jenna a wink and thought of being up her tight pussy.

“PLACES. John, Jenna, you ready?” Tom asked his star and very pretty young actress. “OK, action.”

John walked down the fake hallway; he heard soft noises coming from a room. He opened the door to look in; he sees a very pretty girl lying on a bed, rubbing her pussy, “You OK sweety?” he asked the girl as he walks to the bed.

“Oh Daddy. My pussy is on fire!” she softly says to John. “Can you help me; I just can’t seem to make myself cum.” Jenna moaned in a little girl voice.

John couldn’t believe this girl and what a sexy voice she had, “My little baby. This should be something that Mommy should show you how to do.” He replied to the sexy actress. “Daddy could get in lots of trouble if anyone found out.” He added as he reached to caress her very flat stomach.

“Daddy, Please!” Jenna begged him looking up to him with tears in her eyes. “Just help me rub it, Daddy.” She pleaded biting her lower lip. Taking hold of his right hand, Jenna guided it between her legs. “YES! YES, DADDY!” she screamed out with passion.

John was in total shook at the talents of this wonderful girl. She even had him thinking it was real. “Oh baby, we mustn’t do this.” He said trying to pull his hand away, but Jenna held him with all her might.

“No Daddy. I need you!” she cried out as she held his big hand against her soaked pussy. She was on fire and the sooner she got his massive cock in her the better. “Rub it Daddy! Please, please.” She begged him thrusting her pussy into his hand.

John began to rub her; moans of delight filled the set. “Is that better? Does Daddy’s girl feel better now?” he caressed Jenna, letting his middle finger creep into her moist folds of sex.

Jenna’s eyes about popped from her head when John’s finger entered her, “Oh Daddy! Yes, yes!” she screamed, this time it was real, not acting. “Make me cum, Daddy. My pussy is on fire!” Jenna moaned knowing it was nearing the time that he would take her. She only hoped she wouldn’t orgasm as soon as he entered her.

“Hold on, little girl. All Daddy’s like to have their cock sucked before we fuck.” He said caressing her face with a smile. All of the movies were add lib, so John got about anything he wanted from his starlets. “Does my little girl know how to suck a big, Daddy cock?”

Jenna tried not to laugh, “Oh Daddy, I don’t know how! Will you show me?” she asked in her little girl voice.

“John moved closer to her so his cock was only inches from her face, “You know when you’re sleeping or when you’re sick?” he said caressing her right breast. “And how you suck your thumb?” he asked pulling the massive cock from his shorts.

Jenna smiled, licking her pink lips, “Like this Daddy?” Jenna slowly sucked her thumb into her mouth, making little moaning sounds as she looked to John. In and out, she gently sucked her thumb, looking at John the entire time.

“Oh yes I think that will do just fine.” He replied moving his cock-head to her lips. “Suck your Daddy, then I’ll fuck my baby girl.” He said gently pushing into her very willing young mouth.

John moaned with pleasure as Jenna sucked him down her throat. Deeper than before and this time she swallowed around his throbbing cock-head. John watched Jenna making love to his cock. Her pretty eyes were closed as she kissed, licked, and sucked every inch of him.

“TOM!” John yelled out. “You better say ‘CUT’ before she kills me right here.” John laughed looking down to his beautiful co-star.

“CUT!” Tom yelled out laughing at John.


Every one on the set began to clap and cheer Jenna. She was the best thing to hit porn movies in years and they all knew it.

“She’s great!” Callie said with wide eyes and a stream of pussy juice running down her overweight thighs.

John got off the bed, “Tom. What are you paying her?” John asked the director.

“Right now its just base, but I’m moving it up to top star! $20 grand for her sweet little ass.” He said shaking his head in disbelief. He had made many films, he couldn’t ever remember anyone like this, and it was her first time out. “John, I pity you when she fucks you!” Tom laughed, slapped John on the back.

John turned to see Jenna pulling on her robe; he reached to help her. “You are great!” John smiled at Jenna. “Will our other scene be the same way?” John asked hoping like hell it would be. He loved her sexy, teasing voice. He could get hard just thinking about Jenna talking.

“Mmmm, does somebody like that?” Jenna asked as she reached for John’s hardening cock. “Are we doing it tonight or in the morning? ” she asked as her gentle hand began to pump up and down his long, thick shaft. “If it’s in the morning, can we practice it tonight?”

John was in shock; this little beauty wanted him now. Not later, not in the morning, but now. She had made him so hard in the bed scene and he knew that he needed to fuck someone soon. “I think that can be worked out. Want to come to my place?” he asked moving closer to her beautiful body.

Jenna now held his long cock with both hands and had begun to stroke up and down the thick shaft. “Will it hurt, Daddy?” she asked in her seductive little girl voice as she looked to his face.

“You are going to kill me, I can see it coming.” John laughed enjoying her delicate hands on his stiff cock. “I think as wet as this sweet pussy is.” He slid his right hand between her legs. “You will be just fine, little girl.”

Jenna gasped at his touch, “Good Daddy, I don’t want my little pussy hurt. It’s way special place.” Jenna moaned moving her wet pussy against his hand.

John stood with a dazed look on his face; he had never had any girl turn him on so bad in has life. “Tom!” John yelled across the set. “Tell everyone to stop, we are doing this scene tonight. No way I’m letting this mood slip by.” John said looking to Jenna.

“People! We’re doing it tonight, this means overtime!” Tom yelled walking to John. “I’m calling to have a doctor standing by, I think she’s going to kill you.” He laughed looking to John and then down to see John’s cock being pleased by Jenna. “Sometimes you make me sick, John.” Tom teased.

John gave Jenna a soft kiss, pulling from her he went to the bed, “I say we pick up right where we left off.” He said looking to Tom and then to Jenna. “This is going to be one of the best scenes ever filmed.”

Jenna crawled on the bed next to John and whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you. To feel this big, beautiful cock in my pussy.” She added cradling John’s cock in her soft hands. “My pussy is going to be so stuffed full of it.” She softly moaned. “Hurry, Daddy!” she pleaded. “Hurry and fuck my ‘baby girl’ pussy.” She moaned again as she began to dry hump the bed.

“If we’re not ready to go in ten seconds, I’m just fucking her and you people are welcome to watch!” John said lying next to Jenna, taking her right nipple into his mouth, he began to gently suck it.

Tom sat in his directors’ chair, “Are we ready?” he looked around the set, seeing people running for their places. “ACTION!” he yelled knowing this scene would win every award in the porn business.

“Oh Daddy.” Jenna moaned turning over to her back. Spreading her legs wide, “Daddy, fuck my hot ‘baby girl’ pussy.” She begged John looking into his eyes. “My little pussy is on fire.”

John got on his knees, ripping off her delicate panties, “All right. Daddy is going to make it all better.” he said caressing her face. “I’m going to slid my long cock deep in my baby girl.” He whispered kissing Jenna’s mouth. “I’m going put it in her real deep, so I can make her feel good.” He moaned moving on top of her. “Can Daddy be your ‘boyfriend’ now?” he asked lining his cock to Jenna’s wet pussy.

“Oh yes, Daddy! You have always been my boyfriend.” Jenna moaned wrapping her arms around his neck. “Fuck my pussy, Daddy!” she cried out lifting her hips to his stiff cock. “Fuck me!”

John looked to her face, Jenna was the most incredible actress he had ever worked with, “Here goes my love.” He moaned pushing his massive cock deep into her young body. John couldn’t believe the feel of her insides convulsing around his cock shaft. Her back was arched in delight and her pretty eyes were rolled back into her head as she gasped for air.

“OUCH! OUCH! Pull it out, Daddy! It hurts my tiny pussy!” Jenna screamed out to John, giving him a little wink to let him know that she was only acting. “Please, please! It’s killing me, Daddy!” she cried, acting as if she were trying to get out from under him.

John held Jenna by her hips; “No you don’t little girl. You wanted Daddy to fuck you, now I’m going to fuck your hot pussy until I fill it full of thick, hot Daddy cum!” he said holding her slender hips and started thrusting in and out of Jenna’s tiny pussy.

“No, no! I’m too young to have cum in me!” Jenna teased as she still acted as if she wanted him out of her body. If anything, she wanted him to fuck her deeper and faster. “Please stop, Daddy!” she teasingly begged him and could feel the heat building deep in her stomach.

John loved Jenna and her wonderful acting talents; she would be a big star in no time at all. “No! I’m going to fuck you until I cum in your belly.” John moaned as he used Jenna faster and deeper. “Do you know what cum does to a pretty little girl like you?” John asked Jenna, feeling her hot pussy begin to milk his long, hard cock and knew she would be cuming very soon.

“Oh Daddy! Yes I do!” Jenna moaned wrapping her small arms around his strong neck, knowing it would be just a few seconds until her pussy would be cuming around one of the biggest cocks on earth. “I’ll have a real baby! Not a stupid toy!” she moaned out as her tight pussy locked around John.

John stopped when he felt her body tighten on him, “Oh baby! Cum for Daddy. Cum on my big, hard cock!” he moaned out hugging her body as close to him as he could hold her. “Cum on me!” he moaned again, but this time his words were for Jenna, not the camera that watched them.

She looked into his eyes and felt a bond that she had never felt before, “Yes!” she cried out as her body released around John’s cock. Her orgasm ran through her body like a raging river. She lost all control, flopping in John’s arms like she was having a seizure.

“Oh My GOD!” was all John could say when his massive cock exploded inside Jenna. He squeezed her body against him as hard as he could. With each blast of cum he injected in Jenna, brought another great orgasm to her. “You’re beautiful!” John cried as he fell on her spasming body. It seemed liked their orgasms would never end.

“Oh John!” Jenna moaned holding his face to her heaving breasts. “That was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had in my life!” she said grabbing him for a deep, passionate kiss.

“And… cut!” Tom yelled out when Jenna had said John’s name. “Wow! You two have just won every award the porn business has to offer.” He added trying to hide his very hard cock.

The entire crew broke out in clapping and very loud cheers for John and Jenna.

John and Jenna were married a few weeks later and began to live a dream come true. They continued to make movies together, sometimes two or three a month. Their movies broke sales records that are still standing today.

Until one cold, rainy winter night the dream shattered.

“Do we have anything to eat?” John asked Jenna coughing into his hand. John had a very bad cold and had been under doctor care for over two weeks.

Jenna frowned, “No, you’ve been so sick; I didn’t want to leave you alone.” She replied hugging him.

“Shit! I’m finally hungry and we don’t have anything.” He said caressing her hair. “Want to send out?” he asked knowing what she would say.

Jenna made a face, “Yuck! Pizza, I hate that crap.” She laughed at John.

“I’ll get dressed and go get us something.” John said and started to get out of bed.

Jenna grabbed John by the arm and pulled him back down, “No you don’t Mister!” Jenna pointed her finger in his face. “You’re not leaving this bed. I’ll go get you some soup from the store.” She said in a motherly voice and slid from the bed.

John watched her tight, panty-covered ass as she slipped on a skintight pair of jeans. He moaned at her and asked, “Can I get some of that when you get back?” he asked feeling his cock coming to life.

“Oh my GOD yes!” she Jenna purred at his words. They made love five or six times a day, but for the last two weeks nothing. She was on fire. “Can I ride it and call you Daddy?” she asked with pleading eyes.

John smiled at his beautiful wife, no man could ever ask for more, “Only if I can call you, Daughter.” He said giving her a tiny wink with his eye.

“Oh fuck!” Jenna moaned grabbing her purse and car keys. “I’ll hurry and you be hard! Love you!” she yelled and ran out into the stormy night.

John lied in bed and fell asleep waiting for Jenna to come home.



“SHIT! Did you forget the house key again?” he yelled out laughing at Jenna. She always forgot the key. He pulled himself from the bed and went to open the door. Pulling it open he laughed, “You’d forget your head if it wasn’t…” John looked at the policeman standing on his porch.

“Sir, are you John Towers?” one of them asked.

John’s heart tensed, “Yes.” He said as fear ran through him.

“Sir, is your wife’s name Jenna Towers?” the police officers asked with white faces.

John’s heart twisted into a knot, “Yes.”

“I’m sorry to tell you this… there has been a very bad accident just down the road.” He paused and stepped to John. “Your wife was killed.”

John’s heart broke like a twig that had been drying in the summer sun, he feel to his knees and wept like a baby.


John jumped from his thoughts of the past, wiping tears from his eyes he looked to see his long cock at full hardness for the first time in so many years. He shook his head trying to clear the thoughts of Jenna. Even thinking of that last night with her made him hard.

“Damn!” he whispered and moving to the bar to fix himself a nice stiff drink. He gulped down a big drink, “That’s what I needed after that dream.” He said looking to Misty. She had turned on her stomach; John couldn’t help looking at her great ass. “My GOD!” he gasped looking at her. “I hope you want me as bad as I want you.” He added, reaching to make Misty a drink.

It was after midnight, she had been asleep since early afternoon. John took both glasses and moved to sit on the floor next to Misty. He couldn’t help looking at her. She was a very attractive woman and would be a dream come true for any man.

“Misty.” John whispered in her ear. She didn’t move a muscle. “Sweety, it’s time to get up so I can walk you home.” He added looking to her inviting neck, wondering if she liked to have, it kissed.

“No!” Misty cried. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.” She sobbed hugging John to her firm breasts.

He reached to return her loving hug; his hand began to caress the ass he had been admiring. “You don’t have to be alone anymore.” He said as he slowly moved his hand around her great ass. He could feel her relaxing, just like she had early that day.

Tiny moans came from deep within Misty’s body. She moved closer to him as his fingers found the deep crevice between her cheeks. “It feels so good! Don’t ever stop!” Misty whispered turning to give John full access to explore her.

“I won’t baby!” he whispered softly in her ear as he began to place tiny kisses on it. “You are burning up.” He whispered moving to kiss her neck.

“I’m so hot.” Misty moaned and pulling her blouse over her head tossing it to the floor. “Pull my shorts off for me.” She said lifting her hips.

John reached to pull off the bike shorts, leaving Misty in nothing but a tiny pair of panties. “Is this better?” he asked kissing her shoulders and moving his hand back to her ass.

“Yes!” Misty gasped turning to look at John. “Will you love me?” she asked putting out her lower lips and began to sob.

It broke John’s heart to see her cry; he pulled her from the sofa and on his lap. “Don’t cry.” He said rocking her in his arms. “I’ll love you forever!” he kissed her lips.

“Take me to your bed. I want to feel you deep inside me.” Misty whispered caressing his hair. “Every since I turned into a lady, my insides have been on fire.” She sniffed back a tear. “The only man I was with didn’t do a think for me.” She sniffed again. “And, anything I try to do for myself never helps?” she began to cry harder.

John tried not to cry as Misty sobbed in his arms, “Baby, I’ll love you.” He stood up, holding her in his arms, taking her to his room. John gently laid Misty on his bed, “You relax my princess, I’ll make you feel better.” he softly said pulling down his jeans.

Misty gasped when she saw the monster she had invited into her body. It looked twice the size as it did in John’s movies. As Misty watched it pulse with blood, growing bigger by the second. She knew she needed the giant cock in her body.

Misty’s breasts heaved with excitement, thinking of the pleasures John was going to give her, “Hurry! I need you to fill me with that.” She moaned reaching for his long cock, pulling it to her waiting, young mouth. She sucked the large head into her mouth, gently teasing it with the tip of her hot tongue.

“Oh yes!” John moaned out. “Misty you are wonderful.” He watched as she pleased his cock.

Her pretty eyes also watched as she moved it in and out of her mouth. Her dreams of having a giant man to please her were coming true. She pulled from him, “I’m ready!” she panted lying on her back. “Take me, John. End my sleepless nights.” Misty begged him with all of her lonely heart.

John looked at Misty’s beautiful body; “Yes!” he moaned climbing on top of her. “I’ve waited so long for you to come into my life.” He said kissing her lips. “Tonight I dreamt the last time of my past. From this moment on, I’ll only think of you.” He said with tears running down his face as he gently inserted his cock in Misty.

“Oh my GOD!” Misty screamed out with pleasure. John’s massive cock drove deep into her tiny pussy, for the first pleasing every part of her. “Talk like in your movies.” Misty purred as her inside welcomed John inside. It was just like a lost part of her had been found.

John smiled at his new lover, “Does my little girl like my cock?” he asked Misty.

“Oh yes!” Misty cried out with joy.

“Want me to fuck you with it?” he asked moving it slowly in and out of her young body. John loved the feel of her muscles trying to hold him deep in her; it felt like a hand was holding him.

“Yes! Yes!” Misty moaned enjoying the feel of him touching places that had burned so deep in her. She squeezed her tight muscles as hard as she could; she never wanted him to leave her body.

John moaned at her powers over his cock, “I’m going to shoot ten years of cum up your hot, sexy pussy.” He cried out. “Do you want my cum in you? Swimming all around in you, giving you the chance to have our baby?”

Misty smiled at his words. It was a good possibility since she wasn’t on the pill and he didn’t have on a condom. “Will you still fuck me when my belly is all swollen up?” she asked pushing her slender hips to meet his cock. “Would you like sucking the warm milk from my body?” she smiled up at him.

“Oh yes! I’ll fuck my girl even more.” He said thrusting in her faster and with more force.

Misty stopped; something was rushing through her body. Something was taking over her, OH MY GOD!” Misty screamed as loud as she could. Her first orgasm in her life had at last came. “GO! GO! JOHN! OH MY GOD!” her fingernails dug into his back as her orgasm rushed through her.

“Go baby, cum, cum!” John whispered in her beautiful ear. “Cum on me, it’s been so long.” He held her spasming body to his. “MISTY! OH MISTY!” John called out to the beautiful girl under him. His cock released so hard, he thought he was dying.

Misty hugged him; “It’s so hot!” she giggled as he filled her pussy with cum. “Fill my pussy, handsome. Give me your son. Make him strong like you and give him a giant cock just like yours.”

“Yes, yes!” John moaned, as the two feel asleep in each other’s arms.

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