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Smoking Hot Cherry

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The French door clicked open as she slid out to the balcony to steal away from the party. The sheer white curtains whipped in the brisk wind as she crept away from the stodgy crowd. The wives had stared at her like they always do. Their eyes were drawn to the art of Olivia tattoo spread seductively in ink across her lower back. The blue velvet dress Johnny had bought dipped too low to hide it. Sweet Johnny had always loved her tattoo.

He wanted her to show it off. He had wanted to look across the room of the fancy party and think of all the times he’d shot his load across the picture of “Sugar Puss”. She loved the feel of his hot spunk splashing across her skin.

Cigarette in hand, she fumbled through the evening bag searching desperately for a lighter. The rhinestones on the clasp dug into her wrist as the flame licked the end of the tobacco. She dropped the lighter back into her purse and ducked into a shaded corner to smoke. Drawling it into her lungs, she relaxed as the nicotine hit her blood making her light-headed. Alone, she slightly spread her legs to feel the cool air swirl up her skirt to lap at her wet pussy. The cool breeze caressed the bare lips of her hairless cunt. The hole still stretched from his thick rod. She could still feel the memory of him inside her.

He had come in to watch the last dance of her shift. Sitting in the back of the room, she felt his eyes when she walked out on stage. The music purred in the background as two large spotlights warmed her vinyl bikini. She licked her full red lips. They itched for his kiss. Her hips swung as her skin glistened with sweat. Knowing he was watching made this dance special, erotic. She danced in one area.

“Watch me, Johnny,” she thought. “This is for you.”

Her body circled the spot. Her chest rose and fell to the beat of music. Her fingers traced down the plump curve of her cleavage. Her skin was slick.

“I’m so hot for you.”

Her acrylic nails flicked down the latch on one cup, then the other. It was too soon to show her tits in the strip, but this beyond her control. Released, her breast spilled out as the skin on her areola contracted. The air was cool like his tongue licking her rosy tips. She pinched and pulled her erect nipples. She could feel his thoughts.

“You want me to cum on stage. Show them all I’m your whore.”

Her pussy convulsed. Wet, she was so wet. Sliding down to the floor on spread knees, she thrust out her crotch to him rocking up and down to the music. She pulled at her thong showing him how the mounds of her cunt stretched the fabric. The vinyl pulled into her slit. Push, shove, up, down, thrust, push, shove, up. The fabric rubbed her clit. The stage floor was cold on her back. The music throbbed louder and louder in her ears. She unclipped the straps on her thongs. Her body undulates steadily as her hand tore away the vinyl.

“You want to see what you’re doing to me.”

She felt a tremor in the pit of her stomach. Push, shove, up, down, thrust. Her hands were moist as they slipped up and down her thighs. Her pussy ached for him. Her ass dropped to the floor as her legs spread into the air.

“Can you see what a good little slut I am for you?”

The sweat slid down into the crack of her ass. She felt her pussy gape open. Her hand corkscrewed up; then, snaked down her chest past her navel. Her fingers parted her sloppy pink pussy. She was so fucking wet. She had to be dripping on the floor. Slipping in one finger, it felt so good. The bony knuckle was like a hot knife slicing into butter. Deeper, she drove impaling herself on the whole finger while her other hand pinched her clit. Twisting around and around, her finger pumped like a mini-cock. Push, shove, thrust, up, down, push.

Her cunt convulsed as she sobbed quietly under the music, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming for you, Johnny.”

After she came, she had left the stage quickly. Her boss was pissed she fucking came on stage. She’d hurriedly threw on the blue velvet dress Johnny had bought her. She had heard heavy angry footsteps coming down the hallway. Her head throbbed as the sound had got louder. A pounding at the door had made her look up. She found her white thong on a bench, slipped it on and then grabbed her purse from the dressing table. Her boss had pounded at the door. She ran to the back of the room and pushed open the window. Crawling out, she dropped down to the parking lot asphalt almost twisting her ankles on her stilettos. No time to change from her stage shoes. Anxious, she turned around to see his limo was waiting. Her damp black curls clung to her head as she had run to the open car door. When she reached it, she could hear her ex-boss was screaming out in the distance she was fired. Inside the safety of the limo, Johnny sat casually sipping scotch. His erection towered out of his open zipper as he stroked it slowly for her.

The limos jerked slightly as it pulled out from the Classic Cat Strip Club to head uptown to some fancy party. The motion threw her face into his lap. He pushed her back onto the floor and ripped off her thong. She was never supposed to wear panties around him. He wanted to be able to fuck her anytime he wanted. He had warned her before. She loved the way his voice had been gruff as he forced her to all fours and stuck in his hard cock in to fuck her doggie style. His fingers had dug into her hips as he drilled into her sopping wet core. Slapping against him, she had squeal for more. Pumping into her like a race car piston, he fucked her until she screamed for mercy. Then, he pulled out to blew his load across back. She always felt hollowed out when he left. Hollow like she felt now, without him, inside of her.

Lost in her thoughts, she hadn’t even realized when he came up behind her. His voice was a rich baritone in her ears.

“I’ve told you smoking is not lady-like,” he chastised.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” she purred in a little girl voice. She started to turn around when she felt his hand grip her upper arm.

“You know what the punishment is for smoking,” he breathed the scent of expensive cigars down the curve of her neck. “Do you want spanked or fucked, Cherry?”

Her dark lashes fluttered against her ivory cheeks. His body was so close she could smell the musky spice of his cologne. The heat from his chest radiated against her. His steely erection pressed into the middle of her back. Only the thin layer of his tuxedo pants separating “Sugar Puss” from the first sweet drops of his cum. Her pussy flexed hungrily.

“What do you want, Cherry?” he whispered pushing her forward against the balcony rail and flipping up her long dress. His fingers slipped into the wet folds of her hot fuckhole.

“I think Cherry wants fucked doesn’t she?” he groaned pushing two fingers in deep while grinding his thumb into her clit.

“Yes, make me your whore again” Cherry hissed biting into her bottom lip.

The blue velvet skirt had become a dark hood draped around her head. Her flowing black curl made her virtual blind to everything, but her senses. His fingers worked her into a foamy lather as she moaned his name. She was so close to cumming that she almost cried when he removed his hand. Reaching back, she spread her cunt wide thrusting out her ass. Her pussy spread to him like a mouth gasping for air. Knowing Johnny was watching her beg for his cock made her hotter. She wanted to explode from sheer need. Nothing was ever enough. Every stroke in her pussy only made her want more…to be on a forever dick high.

Then, after what felt like an eternity of emptiness, she felt the swollen tip touch her fuckhole. The head invaded her. Dripping wet and desperate, she arched back pulling in the thick rod. She squeezed down to feel his rock hard mass. Teasing the cock with her muscles, she brought him to violent motion. With powerful deep thrust, he slammed into her as his balls slapped against her pussy lips. Again and again, he dug deeper inside her drilling her g-spot.

“Oh fuck, baby, fuck, that’s the spot,” she cried out. “I love the cock. Don’t let it stop.”

She thrust out her cunt for the final blow to release her when she met only open air. His hand was still on her back holding her as she whimpered with raw desire. She heard the music grow louder then fade again. Someone had joined them from the party. Johnny whispered undistinguishable words to their visitor. Then, like a prayer answered, she was filled again. This time, he was shorter then Johnny. Pushing her into a slight squat, he eagerly pumped into her pussy with an unprecedented speed. She met each blow in kind until they were both climaxing. His cum filled her coating her inside. The droplets slid down her clit making it heavy. He withdrew leaving her ass bucking and squirming.

“More, more, more,” Cherry cried. “Give me another.”

The footsteps retreated. Again, the music grew louder as the French doors opened, then faded. Cherry twitched her ass only to have Johnny smack it. She needed to be more patient. The need hurt. She was on fire and Johnny needed to give her more cock. Right as she started to call out again, another one entered her. This time, he came to her taller. Pulling up her thighs, her stilettos scraped the marble before being lifted. His cock was incredibly thick stretching her wide. A vein ran up the back pulsing inside her pussy as he buried into her. His heart beat inside of her. Slowly, he began working in and out building speed as he brought her hips higher. The impossible angle sent her tits spilling out of the top of the dress. Her erect nipples rubbing against the soft velvet, being fucked at an impossible speed, the cum spilling down her inner thigh, she screamed out when Johnny’s hand covered her mouth. While the cock beat into her like a jackhammer, Johnny knelt beside her soothing her with words.

“Shhh, Cherry, baby, do you need more?”

Feeling Johnny’s hand against her mouth, hearing his words, she struggled to take every inch the rod as she exploded in soft moans. Going limp as a rag doll in his arms, she felt the dick begin to spasm as he pulled out to shot cum on her ass crack. Then, a hand moved to massage it into her asshole. His finger rubbed the ring until it relaxed accepting it. Spreading and preparing, she enjoyed the feeling inside her ass. She heard two more sets of footsteps approach. A wave of contentment washed over her. The finger retreated as a shadow moved underneath her. Johnny guided her down onto another cock entering from below. Then, her mind focused on the dick working into her sphincter. The thin skin separating the two cocks overloaded her with sensation. She groaned at the heaven of double penetration. They were all Johnny to her. She could feel his hands move over her bare breast. For a little while longer, she could pretend. So full and so swollen, she ground down on one as the other one slammed into her from behind. Eventually, they would take her somewhere else, strip of the useless dress and cover her in hot sweet cum. They would want her mouth, her ass, her cunt and her tits. They always did and she always loved Johnny for punishing her.

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