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Frank and Linda cleared the dinner dishes while Josh and Kaydee pulled out the blender. Rob went hunting for the deck of cards as Dana sipped her beer and watched. This was the third year the three couples had rented a beach house together and the second year they had rented this particular house. The previous years they had been fortunate, getting a solid week of great weather both times.

This year, however, two straight days of rain had driven them from the beach; kept them cooped up in the house with little to do but talk, eat and drink.

They started drinking beers around lunchtime and kept going through the afternoon. By the time they finished dinner, all of them had some degree of a buzz going. It was then that Josh got out the blender and the rum. Most of what happened that night would later be blamed on the blender—and Josh’s ability to use it to make lethal drinks in which no one could taste the alcohol. He filled it with ice and poured in half a bottle of rum. He sprinkled in a generous amount of powered juice mix and ground it all into a pink liquid. He dropped in a banana and hit the button again.

“Okay, who needs a little blender grog?” he asked, lining up six cups and pouring his concoction into each.

“This stuff is evil!” declared Dana. “You almost killed us last year!”

“Hey, if you don’t want it…” Josh made as if to pour it back into the blender.

“I said ‘almost!’” She protested with a laugh. He handed her the cup and then brought the rest over to the table, placing one in front of each seat.

Rob returned with a deck of cards and a large jar of quarters, placing both on the table.

“You sure you guys don’t want to play gin rummy or something?” he asked. Rob knew Frank and Linda were not gamblers, nor Josh for that matter. Even playing quarter ante poker, he had seen people lose fifty bucks or more. Not that any of them couldn’t afford that, but Rob worried it might create a bit of tension if that much money were to change hands here tonight.

“Nah, c’mon,” said Josh, sitting down next to Kaydee. “Teach us how to be high rollers.”

“Or at least teach us how to play poker,” said Linda, as she joined them at the table. “I think I played poker in college once, but I don’t remember the rules.” Frank had finished in the kitchen and sat down beside Linda.

“I’m not sure of what hand beats what, either,” he admitted. “Could you maybe write them down for us?”

“Okay,” said Rob, stroking his chin. “Maybe we could start with something easier. First things first. Who needs quarters? Also, no sitting next to your husband or wife, to make sure there’s no sharing of funds.” At Rob’s direction, they reseated themselves around the table, boy-girl, with each man sitting across from his wife. Then they all pulled out bills, which Rob exchanged for quarters. When each of them had their quarters stacked neatly in front of them, Rob told them about acey-deucey.

“Okay, in acey-deucey, we don’t play against each other. We play against the pot. You each get a turn to play as I go around the table. I’ll deal you a total of three cards. First, I deal one on the left, then one on the right. Then you have to bet how much you think the third card, which I’ll deal in the middle, will be between the first two. For example, if I deal a five and a queen, you bet how much you think the third card will be higher than a five and less than a queen. If it is, you take the amount of your bet out of the pot. If it’s not, you pay your bet into the pot. And if the third card matches either of the other two, you pay DOUBLE your bet to the pot! You have to bet at least a quarter, even if there’s no chance you can win. You can bet the whole pot. That’s called ‘potting it’. Of course, you can’t bet more than you have, no matter what.”

“Can we go get more money if we run out?” asked Kaydee. She had ten dollars in quarters in front of her and couldn’t imagine losing all of that, but you never knew.

“Sure. You can go hit an ATM if you want,” laughed Rob, knowing that if any of them lost ten bucks, they would probably quit the game. “Lets play a few practice hands and see how it goes.” He went around the table twice before everyone was clear on how the game was played. “Okay, ante up and let’s try one for real.”
They played for a while. The stacks of quarters ebbed and flowed from player to player and the pot got over ten dollars once or twice. Everyone had gotten the hang of the game now and was laughing and joking about winnings and losses. Josh got up and whipped up another batch of frozen rum drinks, blender grog, as he called it, when he heard Linda go for it all.

“I pot it,” she said, looking confidently at the deuce and king she had been dealt. Rob turned over her third card… another king!

“Oh, shit!”

“Holy crap!”

“How much was in the pot anyway?”

They counted it up—twenty-three dollars. That meant Linda owed forty-six bucks! Frank almost fell out of his chair.

“Are you okay?” asked Kaydee, giving Frank’s thigh a little squeeze. Frank was not so stunned by Linda losing forty-six dollars that he didn’t notice Kaydee’s friendly squeeze. She was thin but busty, wavy-silky red hair with blonde highlights that fell just below her shoulders. She also had green, cat-like eyes that, along with her feline grin, seemed to constantly twinkle with mischief. Frank often wondered how Josh, who was good looking, but a bit drab socially, had landed a wildcat like her. And, of course, they all knew she was a wildcat. She was quite vocal in the throes of passion and, it seemed, always horny. She had awakened the whole house at 5:30 this morning, screaming Josh’s name in orgasm. Then, a few hours later when they got out of bed, they did it again in the shower. She was very relaxed and outgoing, someone who liked to—and knew how to—have a good time. Josh on the other hand, about as spontaneous as Amtrak, tended to be quiet and reserved. Whatever the attraction, Frank had to admit he certainly knew how to ring her bell.

Frank’s attention was diverted as Linda threw a pile of bills onto the table. His breath felt a little short. Not because they couldn’t afford to lose a few bucks, but because it went completely against his thrifty—cheap, according to Dana—nature. Everyone looked at the pile of money and then at each other. They all seemed to realize that they had reached some sort of crossroad. Were the stakes getting too high? Should they just give Linda her money back and pretend that nasty hand hadn’t happened? No one said anything, but all of them felt the tension level of the game elevate a notch.

They were going to play for keeps. Everyone took a swig of their drinks and the game continued.

For a few hands they were all a bit more serious, but soon the joking returned and the atmosphere loosened up. The booze certainly helped; Josh was now into the second bottle of rum as the blender whirred and the drinks flowed. The money started to creep out of wallets and purses and onto the table in increasing quantities.

The pot was over a hundred and fifty dollars, when Rob was dealt a tempting deuce and an ace. He looked at the money in front of him, counting it, then pulled out his wallet.

“Damn! All I got is nineteen bucks left?” He was genuinely surprised, because he knew he had had at least seventy-five dollars when the game started.

“Can’t bet what you don’t have,” reminded Frank. Rob was a little annoyed at Frank for saying so. Rob knew the ropes. Beside, Frank was only saying it because so much of the pot was his and Linda’s money.

“I’ll give you ten for your shirt,” said Josh, laughing. “You can honestly say you lost your shirt playing cards!” Everyone laughed.

“Okay,” said Rob, pulling off his shirt and flicking it at his friend. “You got a deal.” Josh laughed and shrugged and gave Rob the money.

“Twenty for your shorts!” offered Kaydee. She was laughing and smiling, holding a twenty out. Rob looked at her, sizing her up. He knew she wasn’t the bluffing type. She would no doubt get some kind of kick out of making him sit there in his underwear. Well, he could use the money and if she could take it, so could he! He stood and dropped his shorts and handed them to her, plucking the twenty from her hand. Careful to make sure the fly on his boxers stayed closed, he slid back into his chair.

“Okay, I bet twenty-five,” said Rob, holding his breath as the third card was dealt. He sighed with relief as the seven of clubs was laid down. He pulled a bill out of the pot and offered it to Kaydee. “Can I buy my shorts back?”


Dana couldn’t believe… well, no, actually, she could. Rob had a macho streak in him that made it hard for him not to see all things as a challenge to his manhood. She wanted to be embarrassed for Rob, or at least be embarrassed by him, but somehow she wasn’t. He had a fine muscular chest that she had always loved running her hands and tongue over. He was tall, with strong, tan arms, a handsome face topped with short black hair. His prominent jaw and perfect white teeth had led Dana to teasingly call him Captain America. With a few drinks in her, and him sitting virtually naked across the table, Dana seemed to be catching some of Kaydee’s mischievous spirit. She reached one of her long legs under the table and slid her toes along the inside of his thigh, trying, but not quite able to reach, up under his boxers.

Sitting next to her, Josh was well aware of what Dana was doing, but didn’t let on. She was a tall and thin, with small, perky breasts and beautiful legs. Her dark brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, fell half way down her back. She had a round face, pretty in a plain sort of way, with freckles and high cheekbones. Her soft brown eyes, usually pools reflecting her deeply felt emotions, at the moment seemed to have more of Kaydee’s glint about them.

Over the years he had occasionally seen little glimpses of this side of Dana. But, unlike Kaydee, who was very open about it, Dana, aided by the natural innocence of her looks, had managed to hide it. Hide it so well, in fact, that Josh often doubted he had ever actually seen it. It kind of excited him to think he knew something about her that she had no idea he knew. And it really excited him thinking that she might just be as wild as Kaydee in bed. He always wondered what she could do with those tantalizingly long, firm legs. So he watched out of the corner of his eye as she settled lower in her chair, gazing at her husband with a sly, silly smile on her face.

Rob, feeling Dana’s toes on his thigh, now found he had a problem arising. The combination of the booze and her rubbing was leading to something he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide. Worse, Kaydee had looked down into his lap and realized what was going on. She turned to him and laid her hand on his leg, high enough that Dana wouldn’t reach.

“Okay, I’ll sell you your shorts back, if you like,” she offered. “For twenty-five bucks!” She laughed and slid her hand down his leg just far enough to brush the tip of Dana’s toe. Damn! Thought Rob. She knew! Of course she knew! She did that intentionally!

“Or maybe,” she suggested, “You’d rather not have them back!” She shot a knowing wink at Dana and pulled her hand away from Rob, her fingers just barley making contact with his now very stiff cock as she did.

Rob looked away. Dana blushed. Josh could have almost predicted it. He knew Kaydee was only having a bit of fun. She had always told him that she really liked the other two couples, it was just that they were a little stuffy and uptight some times. It was her way of poking fun at them.

“Anybody need another drink?” Josh asked, getting up to run the blender again. He knew that they were all getting pretty drunk. They were about to polish off a second bottle of rum between the six of them. And none of them had actually been sober when the first batch was concocted.

The drinks were poured and the game continued. The pot was well over four hundred dollars now and everyone was running a bit low on funds. Then Linda was dealt a two and a queen. She looked at the little bit of money she had left. Like Frank, she was no gambler and her she was about to wager only five dollars. Looking at all that money, a lot of it hers and Frank’s, then looking at the cards, she suddenly changed her mind. She looked at the money in front of her, maybe fifteen dollars and before she realized what she was doing, she bet it all.

“I’ll go….” she took a deep breath, “fifteen.” She clenched her hands and jaw as she waited for the third card to be dealt. A queen! She had to pay double!

“Shit! I can’t believe that happened again!!”

“Thirty bucks. Pay up!”

“Oh… uh-oh, I don’t have thirty. I’ve only have a little more than fifteen!”

“I say we let her just put in the fifteen,” suggested Josh. He knew that losing a dollar in a vending machine was enough to upset Frank and Linda. This had to be killing them. Besides, the pot had gotten so out of control he was worried about how they’d ever end this game. Everyone else was about to go along with his suggestion when Kaydee piped up.

“Wait a second!” she said. “First, we said you weren’t allowed to bet more than you had. And I believe we’ve already established the going rate for a shirt is ten dollars and shorts are twenty. That’s thirty right there and she’ll still have money keep playing!”

Linda was mortified. She looked at Kaydee, her deep brown eyes opened wide, part surprised, part hurt. Linda was short, a little on the plump side, but very curvy. She had supple thighs, full hips and very large breasts. Her light brown hair was cut short, very business-like. She wasn’t uncomfortable with her body. She always wore a bikini on the beach. But disrobing in front of her friends was more than Linda, a church mouse Catholic girl, had in her. Or so she thought.

Kaydee lifted an eyebrow and shrugged, the devilish smile ever present. That gesture said everything, and they all saw it. Once again everyone looked around the table at everyone else. No one seemed to be raising any objections. Frank and Linda both took big sips of their drinks. Frank was looking down at his hands. He wasn’t crazy about this turn of events, but maybe that was only because it was his wife who was undressing. He found himself hoping the same fate would befall Kaydee. She clearly was not wearing a bra.

“Frank…” Linda began, when no one came to her defense.

“Well, you don’t have the money,” Frank said lamely, not meeting her eyes.

“Don’t expect any sympathy from me,” chimed in Rob. “I’m already down to my skivvies. By the way,” he added, turning to Kaydee. “What’s the going rate for underwear?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” she replied, still smiling wickedly.

Slowly, reluctantly, Linda got out of her chair and started tugging her shirt over her head. She tried to tell herself that this would be no different than sitting on the beach in a bikini, but it wasn’t working. In her mind there would always be a separate category for undergarments—undergarments were not meant to be seen. The shirt came off, revealing a white cotton bra that held her melon-sized breasts. She felt all of their eyes on her as she tossed her shirt onto the table. A warm flush ran through her body, but it wasn’t all embarrassment. She looked down at herself and saw her nipples visible through the fabric of her bra. Oh my God, she thought. I’m getting excited! And they can all tell!

Sure enough, though they were all, women included, trying not to stare, her stiff nipples drew their eyes like magnets. She unbuttoned her shorts, and suddenly she was wet.

“I… I don’t know…” she stammered. Her eyes locked on Kaydee’s for a second. Kaydee gave her a reassuring smile and nodded. Linda had no idea why Kaydee’s encouragement at that moment was enough to make her do it. Maybe, paralyzed with indecision as she was, she would have gone along with a nudge in any direction. Her mistake might simply have been to get that push from Kaydee. Linda pulled down the zipper of her shorts and wiggled them down over her generous hips and thighs, revealing blue lace panties underneath. She dropped her shorts on top of her shirt and sat down quickly, before anyone noticed just how turned on she had gotten. Kaydee looked at her and gave her another warm smile and a wink, and almost immediately, Linda felt more relaxed. It was silly, but that smile and wink somehow made her feel enormously better.

Rob and Josh were both stealing peeks at Linda’s cleavage, which they both found impressive and desirable. Neither failed to appreciate that it was warm in the house, so it wasn’t the temperature causing her nipples to strain against her bra. Rob took a glance down into her lap at her crossed legs. He had always liked seeing her chunky little legs and ass squeezed into a tight pair of jeans. Rob loved Dana’s legs, but the rest of his wife’s body was thin, without the exciting curves that Linda had. He had often thought it was too bad that Linda didn’t have a more sexy way about her. She would be really hot if she just carried herself a little differently, more sexually confident, let herself be a bit more jiggly. Of course, in that case, she probably wouldn’t be with Frank. Rob had long suspected Frank and Linda had a very vanilla sex life. Unless they were completely different people in the bedroom, that is. He took another quick look at Linda’s erect nipples and wondered.

It took only a short time for things to escalate still further. Kaydee was looking at her cards and her money, then her feline eyes made their way around the table. Clearly, she had something in mind.

“How much is MY shirt worth?” she asked, cocking her head and raising her eyebrow. At first, no one responded, all of them obviously aware Kaydee wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Ten bucks,” said Rob. “That’s the going rate. You said so yourself.”

“Yes, but,” she leaned over and in a loud, mocking whisper said, “I’m not wearing a bra!” For emphasis she pushed the white cotton fabric against her, so they could all see her nipple and aureola outlined beneath.

“Twelve-Fifty,” offered Frank. He would have given twenty bucks of his own money to see Kaydee’s luscious breasts.

“That’s a bit cheap, isn’t it Frank?” Kaydee asked. Before he could respond, she added, “I’ll take it.” The look on her face told him he might live to regret it. “How about my skirt?”

“Same as shorts, right?” asked Dana.

“No, MY skirt,” emphasized Kaydee.

“Oh, my God,” said Linda in a squeaky voice, as she realized what was going on. She looked at Frank, who was staring at Kaydee’s lap, obviously excited to learn she wasn’t wearing panties. She thought she had caught him more than once ogling Kaydee, but never so blatantly as this. Ordinarily, she might have pulled him aside and said something, but then again, ordinarily, she wouldn’t be sitting here in a bra and panties. She thought she would feel a bit better if she wasn’t the only girl undressed, even if she knew Frank would be getting a show. Then she thought, well, let him have a show. He’s coming to bed with me anyway. And it might not be such a bad thing for him to be a little bit more worked up than usual tonight. She found the excitement she felt when undressing, combined with the thought of a very horny Frank in bed with her tonight, was getting her hot. They hadn’t exactly been having passionate sex lately. And tonight Linda felt she really wanted it to be something special.

The guys set a price of thirty bucks on Kaydee’s skirt, all of them getting aroused, Josh included, at the thought of her stripping down naked in front of them. Josh was liking it, because he had seen Kaydee in these moods before, and he knew what kind of night he was in for. She would be an animal. He’d be lucky to get a few hours of sleep before she woke up and wanted him again. Also, he was hoping that Kaydee might lead by example. He was curious to see what would happen when Dana was faced with such a choice. He would like to see her long-legged body revealed. He was convinced there was something of a devil in her, and what he wouldn’t give to see that, too.

“I bet fifteen,” said Kaydee. Rob and Frank were immediately disappointed: even if she lost, her skirt would stay on. For now anyway. Their disappointment was short lived. She lost. She put two-fifty into the pot and then stood up to take off her shirt. She turned her back to the table, prompting a few boos. Crossing her arms and taking hold of her shirt, she slowly drew it up over her head. She held it crumpled across her breasts as she turned around. The guys’ eyes were glued to the shirt. She started to pull it away playfully, and then covered up again.

“Like that, Frankie?” she teased, pinching his cheek, then giving it a little slap. “How about you,” she said, turning to Rob. “Wanna see?” Rob, slack jawed, nodded. Kaydee turned her back again and lowered the shirt. She glanced over her shoulders, first at Rob, then at Frank. Then she turned around and threw her shirt onto the table.

Josh had a raging hard on now. She had done a few strip teases for him before, but they paled in comparison to this, in front of their friends. Kaydee had the most spectacular tits he had ever seen. Firm, juicy C cups with deliciously chewable nipples. His cock strained as she squeezed them together and jiggled. He knew Rob and Frank were eating their hearts out right now. Watching their reaction was definitely making this more thrilling. He hoped Kaydee would pull him into the bathroom for a quickie: let him push her over the sink, lift up her denim skirt and drive right into that fiery pussy of hers.

Dana wasn’t surprised to see Frank totally hypnotized by Kaydee’s little performance. She had long suspected he had a thing for her. And who could blame him? Kaydee was the antithesis of his sweet, demure wife. But Rob surprised her. He was flat out staring at Kaydee’s breasts, unaware of anything around him. Was he drunk? Or was it that little pat on his leg that had grazed Dana’s toe? Or maybe more happened in that exchange than Dana had realized. At any rate, watching her man drool uncontrollably over another woman’s breasts was beginning to piss her off. She wondered how Josh felt about his wife stripping down. She turned her head slightly and tried to sneak a look at him out of the corner of her eye. As she did, his gaze turned toward her and their eyes locked. She felt so busted! But her eyes wouldn’t turn away. She hesitated for a long moment, staring into his blue-gray eyes. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She tore her gaze away. She felt a little flustered, but couldn’t say exactly why. Had there been a little thrill that had run through her? She steadied herself, leaned over to Josh and whispered.

“Doesn’t that bother you?”
“I guess it probably should,” Josh replied. “But right now I’m too turned on to care.” He nodded down toward his lap and involuntarily her eyes followed. Not only was there a sizable bulge in his shorts, there was a small wet stain.

“Oh,” she squeaked, turning quickly away. She didn’t know why she was embarrassed. Surely, Rob would be every bit as aroused. She was aware that Josh was looking at her, studying her reaction and… was he smiling? Of course he would find Dana’s reaction amusing—his wife was sitting across the table topless!

Frank could hardly believe what was happening. He had never seen anything like this before. He never would have thought he would ever be a part of something so… so… what was the word? Exciting? Erotic? Pornographic? And that it was Kaydee made it all the more unbelievable. How many times had he seen her in his mind’s eye while he made love to Linda? He loved his wife, of course, but she just wasn’t sexually provocative. She had tried to be, but her efforts seemed forced and awkward. Eventually, by unspoken mutual consent, they had stopped altogether and Frank now resorted to fantasizing about other women to bring himself to orgasm when they had sex. Kaydee was one of his favorites. He couldn’t have dreamt up anything this good though. He doubted he’d need any other inspiration but this for weeks to come.

The drinks had started catching up with him and, combined with the sexual stimulation of Kaydee’s bare breasts within arms reach, was making him feel a bit giddy. Linda was dealing the cards now. She was leaning forward, her melon-like breasts hanging almost to the table. But Frank wasn’t looking at them. He kept turning to look at Kaydee. And she knew he was; smiled when he did, almost as if she was encouraging him. Every time he glanced, she caught him. And every time that happened, another surge ran through his rock hard member.

Josh got up to make another batch of drinks. He gave one of Kaydee’s breasts a soft squeeze as he went by, hoping it might spark that little session in the bathroom he had been fantasizing about. But she smiled and patted his hand in a way that he knew meant not yet. Several of the others had seen him, he knew, but that only made it better. Was he catching a little of Kaydee’s attitude toward their friends? When he brought the drinks back to the table, he made sure she saw the bulge in his shorts. But Kaydee apparently had other ideas and waved him into his seat.

The pot had dwindled a bit as Frank and Josh had whittled away at it, and now both of them had a respectable amount of cash in front of them. The others were still scraping along, ever at risk of sacrificing their clothing. Then Linda dealt herself a favorable hand. She paused for a moment, not sure what to do.

“Twenty for the bra!” offered Rob, his speech starting to slur a bit.

“You don’t have twenty,” Kaydee pointed out to him.

“Well, twenty from the pot then.”

“No,” said Kaydee smiling sweetly. “We’ve already set the price of a bra at two-fifty.” She indicated her own breasts as evidence. “And panties are worth ten.”

Linda was looking at them, almost unable to comprehend what they were saying. Did they really think she would take off her bra? Well, Kaydee had. But that was Kaydee. Still, Linda did have much bigger breasts than Kaydee had. But to show them off in front of her friends? She didn’t think she could ever do that. Especially not for a measly two and a half bucks. She watched as Kaydee pulled Frank over and whispered in his ear. Linda didn’t hear what was said, but Frank turned and looked at her and then blushed.

“What?” Linda asked defensively, sure they were talking about her. But Frank shook his head and said nothing.

“I was just suggesting a way he could help your financial situation,” Kaydee explained. “For sexual favors! Fifty bucks for a blow job sound reasonable to everyone?” She grinned wickedly and Linda felt herself blushing as well. There was a gasp or two at the suggestion, but at this point they all had their juices flowing; had been thinking to some extent about getting back to their rooms with their mate to let the floodgates burst.

Linda noticed the others were staring at her expectantly. She couldn’t find her voice and had no idea what to say anyway. She didn’t go down on Frank very often as it was. She had always felt just a little uncomfortable with oral sex, both giving and receiving. She did it for him on special occasions because she loved him and knew how much he enjoyed it. But this… the embarrassment, she noticed, had faded, but her body still tingled, the warmth lingering. And… and Frank was staring at Kaydee’s tits again!

Why was it that he couldn’t take his eyes off her? Because she’s exciting and sexy, Linda told herself. Although she would barely admit it to herself, Linda was secretly jealous of Kaydee’s open and relaxed way with her sexuality. Linda knew it wasn’t in her to be that way, but she did occasionally fantasize about it. Here was a chance, Linda realized, to do something wild and sexy; to get Frank to forget about Kaydee and look at her with that lust in his eyes.

“Okay, if I do it,” she started carefully. “IF…” she emphasized, noting with satisfaction that Frank’s eyes were now on her. “How do we do it? Do we just go to our room and come down when we’re done, or what?”

“Oh, no,” said Kaydee, winking at her. “If you two go upstairs, we won’t see you again till tomorrow! You can go in the living room.”

“Do I have to, well… finish?” Linda looked at Frank. She didn’t think it would take very long, as charged up as he was right now. Of course, he had a lot to drink and that could slow him down. She really found the taste of sperm terribly unpleasant and was hoping the answer was no. The others debated for a few minutes, working out the ground rules.

“Okay, we’re all agreed then?” asked Kaydee. “Frankie boy gets seven minutes or until he pops his cork for fifty bucks. If Linda doesn’t get him off in seven minutes, she only gets twenty-five. Okay?”

Rob looked around and saw them all nodding. He was so hard it hurt. If Linda had gone down on him right then, he’d never last seven minutes. Hell, he’d be lucky to get it out of his pants! He couldn’t believe that cute little Linda, with her chunky-sexy body, was going to go in the next room and give her man head while they all just sat here. It was almost too much for him. He needed to unload in a big way. He looked over at Dana.

“We’re next?” he said, only half joking.

“You don’t have fifty bucks,” she said, dismissing him. She was still a bit peeved about the way he had been gawking at Kaydee. She was pretty sure she’d forgive him by bedtime though. After all of this she needed to get fucked in a big way, even if she was still mad at him. She did notice that Josh had more than fifty dollars in front of him…

Frank and Linda had gotten up from the table, but they weren’t headed out of the room. To Dana, Frank looked like he wanted to grab her and run into the next room, but was afraid if he rushed, Linda would back out. Linda looked like a woman who was trying not to appear too eager. But Dana could see she was excited. Finally Kaydee shoed them out of the room.

“I thought they’d never leave,” Kaydee joked. Then, her voice dropping to a whisper, “We should make sure they aren’t cheating. They might just sit in there and not do anything.” Dana thought that was highly unlikely, but stopped herself from saying so. Kaydee was just giving them an excuse to spy on them. Looks were exchanged, heads nodded. Dana felt this was sneaky and dishonest, but her head was nodding along with the rest of them. She couldn’t help herself. She was getting wet. It was too exciting not to look.

There were two doorways into the living room. Ever so quietly, all four of them got up from the table; Josh and Dana headed for one door, Rob and Kaydee the other. Josh crouched down and peeked around the corner. He felt Dana standing behind him, leaning over to peer around the doorjamb above him. Her thigh pressed against his shoulder and for a second he forgot about Frank and Linda. But only for a second. When he looked into the dimly lit living room, his eyes popped wide open, disbelieving what they were seeing.

Frank was sitting on the sofa, Linda kneeling on the floor between his legs, her head bobbing in his lap. The doorway Josh was looking through opened onto the side of the living room, giving him a perfect profile view of the action. He gaped as Frank’s long, thin cock disappeared into Linda’s mouth. She was going at it pretty good; a lot more enthusiastically than Josh would have expected. Her big tits were bouncing back and forth off Frank’s thighs as she slid her lips rapidly up and down his shaft.

Something bumped the back of Josh’s head. He glanced behind him and saw Dana touching herself through the fabric of her tight shorts as she watched the action on the sofa. She didn’t seem to notice him watching her. For a second he couldn’t decide which way to look, then Linda started moaning as she sucked, and his eyes snapped back to the sofa.

* * * * *

Rob and Kaydee had crept to the other door of the living room, which opened on the wall opposite the sofa. Rob had squatted down and peaked in, delirious with excitement as he saw Linda on her knees sucking Frank’s cock. Her back was to him, obscuring her face and the actual deed, but it was enough for Rob. Frank’s hands were running through her short brown hair as her head dipped repeatedly into his lap. Her delectable round ass and thick thighs were pointed right at him, swiveling with the rhythm of her bobbing. Looking at her ass and the blue lace panties stretch tight across it, Rob felt an insane, almost uncontrollable urge to take her from behind while she knelt with her husband’s cock in her mouth.

“She’s a good cocksucker, isn’t she?” whispered Kaydee in his ear, causing his breathing to catch. “Mmmm… I bet you’d like her to suck your cock like that, wouldn’t you?” Kaydee had her hands on his shoulders, her bare breasts rubbing against his back as she spoke. But he was hardly aware of her physically. Her words, whispered huskily in his ear as he watched Linda, though, almost made him cum right there. Then Linda started moaning and sucking faster, her hips rocking with every plunge of her head. It was too much for Rob to take. He reached into his boxers and pulled out his raging hard on. He stroked furiously, his eyes locked on Linda. He came quickly, his load splashing all over the hallway wall and floor.

* * * * *

When Frank had sat down on the couch and whipped it out, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He was rock hard, praying, almost desperately that she would actually go through with it. She hadn’t hesitated. She had knelt down and given him a smile the likes of which he hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was a very loving smile, but spicier, charged with the kind of energy that derives from knowing a deep, passionate secret. It was sincere and it was sexy—one of the few things Linda had done that had ever truly excited him in a raw, primal sense. His head swam as her lips closed over him, sliding their warmth down his throbbing member. God, he loved when she went down on him! It was a rarity, so he always enjoyed it, even when her efforts were obviously half-hearted. Tonight though she was devouring him. He could hardly stand it.

When the others had peeked in, he had noticed—it made him uncomfortable, knowing they were there. But he was afraid if he did anything to make Linda aware, she might stop. So he closed his eyes, ran his hands through her hair and just concentrated on the incredible feel of her lips and tongue sliding hungrily over his cock. In a moment the others were all but forgotten.

* * * * *

When they had first come into the living room, Linda had seen that look in Frank’s eyes. It was a look of unbridled lust—the kind of look she had seen him giving Kaydee minutes ago. But now that look was directed at her—FOR her! She wanted, no, she needed that look from him. She realized that it was a two way street, of course and Frank was only responding to Kaydee’s stimulation, or Linda’s lack thereof. Maybe it was only the booze talking, but she decided it was time to make her man want her—want her in a dirty, sleazy, sexy way. She pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. She smiled, then put her mouth over his cock and started sucking. Not timidly or reluctantly, as she so often did, but deep and fast. So intent was Linda on Frank that she had virtually forgotten about the others. When she glimpsed eyes peeking around the doorjamb, she was so into Frank’s cock that for a moment it didn’t register on her. Slowly it sank in that they were watching her give a blowjob!

At first she kept going because to stop would be to acknowledge she knew they were watching. It was much easier to pretend she hadn’t seen them. Quickly though, fear turned to thrill as she felt some of the shackles of her sexually stifled upbringing fall away. This must be how Kaydee feels all the time, Linda thought as she bobbed still faster, more energetically. It was so liberating, almost as if she was another person entirely. Or an actress playing a role. Then she heard Kaydee’s husky whisper… something about a good cocksucker. Her body flushed with an embarrassed, yet excited wave of heat; her pussy was tingling, wet again.

A moan emanated from somewhere inside her; a place previously undiscovered. At first she didn’t realize it had come from her. Linda sucked her husband’s pulsing shaft with a manic intensity, her whole body bouncing. She felt him stiffen in her mouth and knew he was about to cum. She tried to keep going as his load shot into her mouth, but she gagged on the taste. Coughing, she pulled away, as his sperm spurted onto her face and neck.

“Keep sucking him,” Linda heard Kaydee call softly from the hall. Linda hesitated, looking at the white stream trickling from the head of Frank’s cock. Then she lowered her mouth over him and tentatively slid her lips part way down his shaft. She was surprised when his whole body shook and a gasp burst out of him in obvious ecstasy. She took him deeper, fighting back her reaction to the taste of his cum. Again he quivered, this time followed by a long, satisfied sigh. The look in his eyes as his softening member slipped from her mouth was one she would always remember. Sure, Kaydee’s freewheeling sexiness might excite him, Linda thought. But his expression told her that he didn’t have to look beyond their own bedroom for satisfaction. Or at least not beyond the living room, she corrected herself, with a Kaydee-like grin.

* * * * *

Dana had watched, not believing her own eyes. Linda, plain Jane, drab Linda had suddenly been center stage in the most erotic thing Dana had ever witnessed. Frank and Linda had always been the nicest, but dullest people she had known. Never would she have believed them capable of this. God, the way Linda had thrown herself on him like that! Dana would never have believed she some day be watching her friends have sex right in front of her. And she had been even more amazed at how hot it was getting her. It should have grossed her out, but she hadn’t been able to tear her eyes away from Linda’s lips on Frank’s cock. She had found herself pressing her leg up against Josh’s back, fingering her pussy through her shorts. She was working her fingers desperately, kneading herself through the tight fabric as she watched Linda sucking. Dana had seen Linda’s eyes flick in her direction and realized that Linda must have known they were watching. Yet she kept sucking!

Dana was massaging her wet pussy, grinding her thigh against Josh’s back. She had seen him look up at her, but hadn’t acknowledged him. She remained focused on Linda and the cock in her mouth. Shortly after Linda started moaning, Dana saw her eyes squeeze shut and forehead wrinkle in a frown. Dana knew Frank was cumming in her mouth. Then Linda had coughed and pulled away, only to have her face splashed with the remainder of Frank’s spunk.

Suddenly, Josh, who was still squatting on the floor in front of her, turned toward her and ran his hands up the back of her thighs. When they reached her ass, he pulled her toward him, pressing his open mouth against the mound showing through her shorts. He exhaled his warm breath on her clit, causing her whole body to buck with the sensation shooting between her legs. Then she pushed her hips forward, grinding her crotch on his chin; grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into her as hard as she could. She felt her orgasm coming; was almost there when Josh ripped himself away. She was about to protest, when she saw Rob stagger into the room. He was apparently pretty drunk, as evidenced by his uneven walking, and hadn’t noticed Josh’s mouth on her crotch.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she whispered to Josh, hardly believing her own words. What did she mean? This little scene had been impromptu; he had caught her at a vulnerable moment. Was she really going to make this happen again intentionally? She wondered how Josh and Kaydee would feel about that. They were pretty loose and laid back about sex, but would they go that far? More importantly, wondered Dana as she watched Rob stumble back to the table, would she?

* * * * *

Linda couldn’t believe she had just given a live performance. The thrill of their eyes on her was fading and now she was beginning to feel…well, feel… she wasn’t sure, but it seemed like she was on the edge of some truly horrible void, teetering on the brink, in danger of plunging into dark clouds of emotion. Guilt, shame, embarrassment among others all swirled in the tempest as she balanced precariously above.

“Come on,” Kaydee whispered in her ear. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Kaydee helped her to her feet and put an arm around Linda’s waist, guiding her into the bathroom. “I’m sooo proud of you,” Kaydee whispered, squeezing Linda against her with her arm. The words and the hug seemed to push away the black clouds a bit, and Linda was suddenly very grateful Kaydee was here with her. Kaydee sat her down on the toilet and handed her a paper cup of mouthwash. “Here, this will help,” she said as she wet a washcloth with warm water. Linda swished the mouthwash around and spit. The taste of cum wasn’t completely gone, but it was much less noticeable.

“You were wonderful,” Kaydee said as she wiped the cum from Linda’s face and neck. “I bet Frank still doesn’t know what hit him.” Kaydee paused to give Linda a smile, her eyes twinkling with feminine mischief. Linda just looked up into Kaydee’s face, unable to speak. Kaydee’s words and the gentle way she held Linda’s chin while wiping her face, wiping away the shame as easily as the sperm, made Linda suddenly love her. Linda had a few close friends, but none with which she could ever picture sharing this particular moment. Kaydee was tender in her touch, encouraging in her words. Linda, who had often resented Kaydee’s relaxed sexuality, resented the way Frank and other men stared at her, now found herself feeling relieved to have someone close enough to share virtually anything with. She turned her round face up toward Kaydee and looked into her eyes, her lips pulling back in an unrestrained smile.

“I hardly ever do that for him,” Linda admitted. “I can’t believe I just did it with all of you watching!” She felt a little bit of heat rising in her cheeks, but only a little. There was no need to be embarrassed with Kaydee.

“Well, you certainly knew what you were doing. I would’ve been proud to give as good a blow job.”

Linda didn’t know what to say. Kaydee’s candor made her feel as wonderful and womanly as anything she had ever heard, but she had no idea how to respond. Before any words would come, Kaydee stepped up close to Linda, her breast grazing the side of Linda’s face. Linda felt Kaydee unfasten her bra and pull it off. Then Kaydee was wiping Linda’s neck, chest and breasts with the washcloth. Linda felt a swirl of emotions whip through her as she watched Kaydee. She had just done something that went against virtually her entire upbringing, leaving her balancing precariously on a knife edge of emotions. And there was Kaydee, holding her steady, protecting her from the torrents of her thoughts and emotions, an unlikely guardian angel.

“You have beautiful breasts,” Kaydee said as she wiped away some of Frank’s cum that had trickled down between Linda’s soft melons. “I wish I had a pair like this.” Kaydee gave one of Linda’s breasts a playful squeeze. Linda wasn’t sure what surprised her more, Kaydee being envious of her breasts or Kaydee touching her breasts.

“But… but,” Linda stammered. “You have the best boobs I’ve ever seen. Really.” Linda looked at Kaydee’s breasts as she said this, then looked down quickly. She felt Kaydee’s hand cup under her chin, draw her head up. Kaydee looked right into her eyes and smiled.

“You’re so sweet to say that,” and with those words, Kaydee leaned down and placed a warm soft kiss on Linda’s mouth. It was a tender kiss, tender as any Linda had ever felt. It should have bothered her that another woman had kissed her, but it was okay… it was Kaydee. Kaydee must have seen something in Linda’s eyes, because she kissed Linda again, this time deeper, more passionately. As their lips pressed together, Kaydee’s hand came up to massage one of Linda’s aching nipples.

“You poor thing,” whispered Kaydee in her ear between kisses. “All the pleasure you’ve given tonight, and no one’s taken the time to please you.” Linda wasn’t sure what Kaydee meant, but Kaydee’s fingers were touching her nipples and breasts in a way that was simply perfect. Linda’s eyes were rolling back in her head. Frank was certainly not a clumsy lover, but he couldn’t possibly know a woman’s body the way Kaydee did. Linda could barely stifle a cry when Kaydee’s lips closed over first one erect nipple, then the other. Kaydee’s lips, tongue and teeth were driving Linda into a frenzy and she cried out, unable to contain herself.

Then Kaydee was between her legs, softly kissing her thighs, while her fingers continued to knead Linda’s ample breasts. When Kaydee pressed her mouth to Linda’s panties just above her clit, Linda bit her lip and whimpered. She should have been freaked out by this—she had never been with a woman before, nor had she ever even wanted to be. But the way Kaydee was touching and kissing her, Linda was just too excited to stop. Frank had never been able to make her cum by eating her out. Partly because she had always been too uptight about oral sex to begin with, but also because Frank was never able to help her overcome her inhibition. The way Kaydee was doing right now.

Kaydee tugged at her panties and Linda lifted herself enough for Kaydee to slide them off. Then Kaydee’s tongue was between her legs, gliding up her thigh and then…

“Oh, God!” squealed Linda as Kaydee’s tongue danced on her clit. Linda’s round ass was twitching with every stroke of Kaydee’s tongue, her orgasm building to crescendo. At first she had tried to be quiet, lest the others hear what was going on. But she had lost track of everything but the sensational orgasm Kaydee was licking out of her. She would be surprised later to learn how vocal she had been. When she reached orgasm, her hips bucked and her thighs clamped around Kaydee’s face. Kaydee kept licking, and Linda kept cumming, unaware of anything but the explosions ripping through her loins, spreading through her whole body. When she collapsed, exhausted, Kaydee’s tongue was still gently stroking her, filling her with warmth. Her abdomen knotted and her hips jerked suddenly as Kaydee’s licking found an extra sensitive part of her clit. Then Kaydee pulled away with a smile on her face.

“Did you like that?” Kaydee asked, winking, obviously knowing the answer. Linda returning the smile, leaned forward and kissed Kaydee. If Kaydee was surprised by the kiss, she didn’t show it. Linda, on the other hand, was surprised at herself; all the other contact had been initiated by Kaydee. But it gave Linda a bold idea as she watched Kaydee rise to her feet. Tentatively, Linda reached for Kaydee’s skirt, lifting it with one hand as she groped underneath with the other.

“Oh, no you don’t,” laughed Kaydee, pulling Linda to her feet. She embraced Linda, their bare breasts pressing together. “We have to get back to the others. But,” she added, voice dropping to a whisper, “I’d love to do this again some time.” She kissed Linda a final time and then helped her collect her clothes. When Linda had her bra and panties back on, they hugged, Kaydee’s hand stroking the side of Linda’s face. Then Linda followed Kaydee out of the bathroom, unable to keep the smile from her face.

* * * * *

When Dana had been playing with herself through her shorts, Josh had been mesmerized, not to mention hard as a rock. He didn’t know what he was thinking or what he expected to happen when he had put his mouth on her pussy. He just saw her and did it. Her reaction though confirmed what he had long suspected about her: she was a wild one, too.

Then Josh had heard footsteps coming down the hall and pulled away just in time, as Rob staggered into the room. Then she had said she wasn’t done with him yet. What did that mean? She was going to do something more tonight, or maybe another time when they could contrive to be alone together? Josh hoped she meant tonight. He would never cheat on Kaydee, but things were getting pretty wild here this evening. Who knew how far things might go?

He watched Dana’s long legs and delectable ass as she made her way back to the table, hoping she’d live up to her words. Then he got up and went to take his own seat, being careful not to let Rob see him brush Dana’s breast as he sat down. Not that he really needed to worry—Rob looked shot. His head was wavering and his jaw had gone slack. Josh wasn’t sure, but he thought Dana looked pretty disgusted with Rob at the moment.

Then Frank came back to the table, only to be greeted by a high-five from Rob and a couple of rather crude comments. Josh knew if Dana hadn’t been pissed at him before, she certainly was now. Josh was a guy and, yeah, he had made similar comments before. But not in front of women and certainly not about any of his friends’ wives. He hoped Rob would pass out or go to bed before he totally ruined the mood for Dana. Rob might have noticed that the others were not joining in his festive mood, or he might have been succumbing to the effects of the rum. Either way, Josh was happy when Rob shut up.

The four of them were sitting at the table, strangely quiet, not looking at each other. That, too, was fine with Josh. It gave him an opportunity to put his hand on Dana’s thigh. He heard her draw a sharp breath as his fingers slid around her leg, dangerously close to where he had put his mouth just minutes ago. His explorations were interrupted suddenly by a moan coming from the bathroom. It built quickly to an impassioned scream.

“Holy shit! That’s Linda!” exclaimed Rob, unnecessarily. They all knew who it was. And they could all figure out what was happening. They were all looking around the table, wide-eyed and mouths open. Josh felt they were mostly looking at him. And rightly so, he thought, because certainly Kaydee was the culprit behind Linda’s screams. He had to fight the urge to squirm under their stares, especially when Dana looked at him.

Maybe it was because this was totally unexpected. Josh usually could tell what Kaydee was up to, but this completely blindsided him. He knew that Kaydee had been with women before: a couple times in college, which were more or less experiments, and one brief relationship just after college when she thought she would be happier without men. But as far as Josh knew, that was in the past and Kaydee had no desire to be with a woman again. Of course, he could hear evidence that this was not the case, as could everyone else at the table. He tried to meet Dana’s eyes when she looked at him, but he couldn’t, glancing away with a shrug.

Frank and Rob had turned to face the hallway leading to the bathroom, their backs to Josh and Dana. Josh felt Dana’s hand on his thigh as she leaned close and whispered.

“She’s unbelievable! You’re a lucky man!” Her hand slid further down, resting on his hard cock for a moment. Then she gave him a slow, gentle squeeze and drew her hand away, trailing her fingers across him as she did. Josh took a deep breath and held it for a second. God, he wanted Dana right then! It was ridiculous, he knew. Kaydee was, as Dana said, unbelievable. He couldn’t imagine Dana, even if she was a closet wild woman, being as good in bed as Kaydee. But he had been with Kaydee for several years, and, he realized, no matter how amazing she was, she would never again have the exciting allure of someone new. Even if Dana were a lousy lay, which he doubted, she would be uncharted territory for him. It would be a piece of strange pussy to put his rod into. His cock throbbed and ached at the thought of her beautiful legs spread before him, knees up in the air, inviting him to drop anchor in that juicy pink harbor in between.

Kaydee and Linda came out of the bathroom and rejoined the others as though nothing had happened. Surely they were aware of the disbelieving stares they received, but neither acknowledged them as they took their seats.

“Okay, Frankie boy,” said Kaydee. “I believe you owe Linda fifty bucks!”

“How much does she owe you?” asked Rob. He was looking around the table, obviously expecting a few laughs. But Josh saw Dana stiffen, giving him a cold look that, were he sober, would have shut him up quick. Frank still looked a bit out of it. Clearly, things had gone beyond anything for which he had a point of reference. He was adrift in a sea of alien experiences, hanging on out of habit more than anything else. He was probably a bit drunk as well. Kaydee and Linda also ignored Rob’s remark and Josh, for his part, wasn’t going to encourage him, lest Dana get pissed and go to bed.

They returned to the game, the electricity of possibility would not allow them to quit just yet. And also, there was still a couple hundred dollars in the pot. For the most part though, the money had assumed a secondary role. For a while things were dampened somewhat by Rob’s awkward, inebriated comments. But then he got up, saying he had to go to the bathroom. When he had been gone for more than a few minutes, Frank got up to check on him. He found Rob passed out on a futon in the den. Josh felt relieved, especially when he saw Dana relax noticeably.

Then Frank dealt Dana a three of clubs and an ace of diamonds. Josh’s heart skipped a beat as he saw her look first at her own scant pile of money and then at his. She might have had fifteen dollars all told. Josh had over a hundred on the table in front of him. Kaydee must have noticed the direction of Dana’s glance as well.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Kaydee laughed. “You’re not blowing my husband!” Linda choked on her drink and Dana turned crimson.

“No, I was… I mean… look, I still have a shirt shorts to bet with, right?” Dana concentrated her gaze on Linda, who was still sitting with her hand over her mouth, eyes wide. Kaydee had her squirming and Josh was loving every minute of it. His cock ached at the thought of Dana taking him in her mouth. He didn’t really think Kaydee would let things go that far, but at the very least, it was turning him on to know Dana was actually thinking about sucking him.

“How come it’s all right for you instigate the rest of us, but… well, you know, then you change the rules?” Linda asked, with an uncharacteristic impish grin. Josh raised an eyebrow in surprise. He would never have expected Linda to call Kaydee on something like that. Of course, a half hour ago he was wondering if she ever gave poor Frank head at all.

“Well, maybe we can work something out,” Kaydee said slowly, her lower lip curled in a thoughtful expression. “Maybe some sort of surrogate blow job?” She looked at Dana and shrugged. “You’d get the money and I’d suck his dick. Sound fair?”

“How come I had to do my own dirty work?” pressed Linda before Dana could answer.

“Okay, how about this,” began Kaydee, obviously trying to think of some compromise. Had she noticed the way Josh had been looking at Dana? Was she getting just a little bit jealous? Jealous? Josh chided himself. We’re talking about your wife letting another woman blow you. That’s not jealousy–that’s adultery! “We all three go in on the sofa. Dana can even take off her shirt and shorts if she likes. Then she can sit next to Josh and watch me give him head. Maybe she can get involved a little. I don’t know. We’ll have to see how it goes.” She looked to Dana for her consent. By way of reply, Dana pulled her tee shirt over her head and tossed it on the table.

Dana had been embarrassed by Kaydee yet again tonight. This time Dana figured she really deserved it. She had been thinking it was fifty bucks for a blowjob and Josh had plenty of cash on the table. She had also been wondering if Kaydee would go for it. She was so easy going about sex, but Dana never got the impression Kaydee was one to share her man. Dana was amazed that all of these thoughts actually went through her head. Granted, all of it was in the space of scant seconds, but it was the most explicit bit of musing she had done since before she and Rob had been married. Since Josh had tickled her clit with his hot breath, she hadn’t been able to get him out of her mind. And when it became obvious that Rob had gotten too smashed to be of any use to her tonight, she had started secretly hoping a situation would arise… something, anything that might open the door.

Josh wasn’t as muscular as Rob, but he was still in great shape. And he didn’t have Rob’s macho insecurities. He seemed comfortable with Kaydee and her antics, in a way Rob could never understand. Josh had confidence. To Dana, that was a source of both excitement and curiosity. Something had to give him that self-assured air. What was it? Dana had predicted long ago that he would never be able to keep Kaydee’s interest; that she would wind up screwing around on him. But now here he was, years later, still making her scream loud enough to wake the whole house. And here Dana was, miss-happily-married, sitting here wondering how she could get Kaydee to let her suck Josh’s cock.

When Kaydee drew the line, Dana wasn’t surprised, but she was a little disappointed. That in itself was telling, for she had never seriously considered having sex of any kind with someone other than Rob. An occasional fantasy sure, but she never actually contemplated making any of those fantasies real. And she surely never looked for a real opportunity like she did tonight. Dana didn’t know what had come over her. Was it the way Josh had turned her on earlier? Maybe too much to drink? Or that Rob had gotten drunk, obnoxious and passed out on her when she needed a good fucking? She had, of course, taken note of Josh’s body before, but always in an admiring-but-not-wanting way.

Now though, when Kaydee said Dana could watch and maybe join in, Dana couldn’t rip her clothes off fast enough. Her shirt was on the table before she could believe she had actually taken it off. Then she led the way into the living room, pulling her shorts off on the way. Before she realized it, she was kneeling on the sofa in just her bra and panties, watching Kaydee and Josh come into the room. Josh sat down close enough to her that she could rest her hand on his shoulder and Kaydee got on her knees between his legs. She reached up, took hold of his shorts and pulled them and his underwear off in one practiced sweep.

Josh’s cock was hard as a rock, Dana saw. And now she understood why Kaydee always screamed so loud. He was not much above average length, but he had the thickest cock Dana had ever seen. He looked like a fireplug. Kaydee’s mouth opened wide, lips stretching around that massive girth as she lowered herself over him. Dana watched in amazement as Kaydee bobbed sensuously, lustily on Josh’s fat shaft. Watching Linda earlier had turned Dana on, but that had been nothing compared to watching Kaydee now. Kaydee was good. Really good. Her head swiveled and bobbed, her full lips gliding effortlessly on Josh’s meaty member. Kaydee’s eyes were closed, but Dana would have bet she knew exactly what Josh’s face looked like at that moment. His mouth was slightly open to accommodate his deep breathing. His head was against the back of the sofa and his eyes occasionally rolled as Kaydee’s lips and tongue found some particularly sensitive spot.

Kaydee went on for some time that way, passionately sucking her man’s cock. Dana was almost glad that she was only there to watch. She found Kaydee’s performance almost intimidating. Dana couldn’t give head like that. Or maybe she could, but she certainly never had.

Dana put a hand on Josh’s thigh, careful not to get in Kaydee’s way, and leaned forward to get a closer look. Her other hand found it’s way into her panties, massaging her throbbing clit. When Josh lifted his head and looked at her, Dana felt a jolt of excitement shoot through her. Her lips parted and a moan escaped as her own fingers drove her to the brink of orgasm. The unreality of the whole situation washed over her suddenly. She was kneeling in her underwear beside her friends, watching them have oral sex while she played with herself! Her head went swimmy, her whole body felt really weird and tingly. She was afraid she might pass out. Then she came. Her orgasm ripped through her, combining with the strange sensations of the moment. Her body shook as she moaned.

The waves of pleasure were still undulating through her when she realized Kaydee was watching her. Even with Josh’s thick cock in her mouth, Kaydee still seemed to be smiling. Had she seen Dana cum? She must have.

“Like that?” whispered Kaydee. “I bet you want to do more than watch.” Dana surprised herself by nodding quite vigorously. She couldn’t have stopped the smile that broke across her face if she wanted to. Was Kaydee really going to share her husband’s fat, hard cock with her? As Dana watched, Kaydee resumed her slow, sensual sucking. This time though, Kaydee did not close her eyes, but rather kept them fixed on Dana. For her part, Dana sat transfixed, watching the purple helmet of Josh’s organ and most of his hefty shaft vanish over and over again between Kaydee’s luscious red lips. Dana had just cum, and pretty hard at that, but she found herself getting into it again, felt another wave of pleasure approaching. If only Kaydee would share…

“What about you?” Kaydee asked Josh. “You think she wants to join us?” Josh looked at Kaydee, then at Dana. Dana could feel his gaze burning into her, almost as if he could read her mind, her heart. Had she ever felt more naked?

“Yeah,” Josh nodded. “I think so.” Dana watched as his finger reached out and traced the outlines of her erect nipples. She could feel her pussy instantly ignite at his touch. God, she hoped Kaydee would let this happen! She reached back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Josh’s fingers were touching, caressing and squeezing her nipples now. It was almost too much to take. She leaned forward, putting her breasts right in front of his face. He didn’t hesitate. He cupped his hand around one and his lips on the other, sucking her gently into a building frenzy.

Dana was vaguely aware that Kaydee had stopped sucking him and was now sitting back watching them. Dana wasn’t sure, but Kaydee looked like she was enjoying what she saw. She pulled back just enough to look down at Kaydee. Sure enough, Kaydee had one hand under her skirt and her breath was coming in gasps as she watched her husband suck on Dana’s tits. As Dana and Kaydee made eye contact, Kaydee moaned and her whole body pitched forward, then rocked back. Dana, still watching Kaydee for a reaction, reached down and started stroking Josh’s member. She could feel his shaft pulsing in her grip and all she could think about was getting him inside her.

Kaydee moaned again, and this time Dana decided that was all the permission she needed. She pulled her breasts from Josh’s mouth and began kissing his chest, slowly working her way down. She could barely contain herself and she had to force herself to take her time. Still, it seemed like forever before she was close enough for his cock to rub her face. She pressed it against her cheek, stroking it gently as she kissed his belly.

She was afraid to look at Kaydee as she lowered her lips to his cock; afraid that Kaydee might decide things had gone far enough. But Kaydee only moaned louder. Dana planted a kiss on the head of Josh’s cock. She felt the wetness of precum on her lips. Dana gripped his thick member firmly and stroked upward on it. She was rewarded with more of Josh’s warm juice. As she wrapped her lips around his head and sucked the precum from him, she realized that a line had been crossed. Everything up until now, while sexy, raunchy and not in the best interest of her marriage, was, strictly speaking, not cheating. As she tasted Josh’s cock in her mouth, his precum on her tongue, she knew that she could never again honestly claim to be a faithful wife. But there was no way she could stop now. She looked at his beefy member, still glistening with Kaydee’s saliva, and knew she would add her own to it as well.

She slid her lips slowly down his shaft, her body tingling with the thought of sucking another man’s cock. It was awkward at first. He was so thick that she had trouble keeping her teeth from scraping against him. But soon she was lying in his lap, her head bobbing easily on his shaft. Dana knew she wasn’t giving head like Kaydee had been, but Josh was moaning and running his fingers through her hair, obviously appreciating her efforts. Faster and deeper she went, massaging his balls with her hand as she sucked. She closed her eyes and went faster still, waiting for that moment when his body would go rigid and his sperm would fill her mouth.

Then hands were pulling her back, away from his pulsing member. It wasn’t Josh who stopped her. It was Kaydee.

“Go on,” Kaydee whispered as she held Dana’s head in her hands. “Get on top of him. Let him fuck you!” Kaydee leaned forward and kissed her and then lay back on the floor to watch.

Dana suddenly wasn’t so sure. Now that she had what she wanted, she didn’t know if she could go through with it. She watched Kaydee pull her skirt up and slip a finger into the red curls between her legs. Then Dana turned to look at Josh, first at his cock, still shiny with her spit, then at his face. He looked into her eyes and nodded. She understood: he wanted her as much as she wanted him. And Kaydee had told her to do it! That and the thought of that thick shaft pounding into her decided the matter.

She stood and removed her panties, noticing the way Josh’s eyes followed her every move. She could read the unbridled lust on his face. He wanted her bad! She was only going to have one shot at this, and she decided she had better do it right. She might not be Kaydee, but she could still rock his world! She stepped up onto the sofa, straddling Josh with her long legs. Her pussy was right in his face and he started licking her immediately. She had to grab the back of his head to steady herself as his tongue sent wave after wave of electricity arcing up through her cunt.

Her body bucked and jerked as he brought her to orgasm with his tongue. The force of it caused her knees to buckle. If he hadn’t been holding her waist, she would surely have fallen. She landed against him and slid down his body to her knees. She felt his stiff cock rub against her ass as she lay panting, pressed to his chest. God, she had needed that!

Dana thought of how she had told Josh earlier that she wasn’t done with him yet. She certainly had nothing like this in mind when she said that. Soon, she knew, she would have to be done with him, and done forever. But while there was time left, she knew she had to make it count.

She slipped up over his cock and knelt in his lap with his member in front of her. She rubbed it in the triangle of curly hair between her thighs and stroked it gently.

“Want to fuck me?” she asked, rubbing the head of his cock against her swollen lips. “Or maybe I should just suck you till you cum.” She slid off of his lap and got down on her knees in front of him. She stroked him and licked his balls for a few moments before turning around to face Kaydee. “Or maybe you want to mount me over top of your wife!”

Dana backed up on her hands and knees until her legs straddled Kaydee’s shoulders. Kaydee’s fingers, Dana saw, were still working ever so slowly, gently rubbing her clit.

“Oh, God, honey!” exclaimed Kaydee. “You have to do this! I want to watch from underneath!” Her legs were scissoring beneath Dana, as the movements of her fingers grew more frantic.

Then Josh was behind her, his fat tool pushing against her lips. Dana was so wet that despite his ample girth, he slid in easily. As he drove into her, he stretched her in ways that sent ripples of pleasure up through her whole body. She sagged forward on her elbows, the feeling so exquisite that she couldn’t even cry out. Josh slid out and back in again a few times slowly. He drove deep into her each time, spreading her in a way she couldn’t get enough of. She started rocking back against him as he thrust, trying to get him even deeper inside her. Josh was slowly picking up momentum, harder and faster with each thrust. Dana leaned forward, face almost to the floor, her ass up in the air for him to jackhammer with his thick cock.

Josh was pounding her so hard from behind that it was several moments before Dana realized the thing smacking against the side of her face was Kaydee’s thigh. Dana looked down underneath of her and saw Kaydee’s fingers working furiously, the scent of her pussy wafting up to Dana. Some impulse borne of the ecstasy she was engulfed in drove her to lower her face and place her tongue on Kaydee’s clit. Kaydee bucked and moaned in response, encouraging Dana further.

Dana had never had sex with a woman before, and could hardly believe she was doing what she was now. But somehow Kaydee’s loose spirit had infected her. Dana held her mouth firm against Kaydee, letting Josh’s forceful strokes drive her tongue back and forth across Kaydee’s clit. The taste and scent of Kaydee’s sex only made Josh’s pounding more erotic, more exciting to her. God, she could hardly wait to cum with his cock in her!

Kaydee pitched and grunted under Dana’s tongue and then wrapped her legs around Dana’s head. Dana felt Kaydee’s legs pulling her down, as if Kaydee wanted to force Dana’s whole head into her cunt. Then Dana was feeling the heat of Kaydee’s orgasm, tasting the juices that flowed into her mouth as Kaydee screamed out her pleasure.

In the midst of Kaydee’s orgasmic scream, Dana felt Josh stiffen then pull her savagely against him. Then the warm fountain of his seed erupted inside of her, filling her with a fire that sent her too into orgasm. She reached back and grabbed his thighs, her nails digging into him as she pulled him against her with all her strength, her orgasm wrenching her body with electricity. For an eternity it seemed she was impaled on his erupting shaft, as wave after wave of him pumped into her, filling her. She shook with the deepness of the feeling, every muscle in her body clenched as if to capture the sensation; keep it forever.

Dana collapsed on top of Kaydee, and Josh fell on top of her. The three of them lay in a heap, panting, sighing and moaning. The exertion, the ecstasy, combined with the booze, left Dana lightheaded. She could hardly believe what she had just done, but at the moment it still didn’t seem real. Maybe in the harsh light of day this would seem wrong somehow, but right now she was as satisfied as she had ever been in her life.

From the dining room they heard a woman’s squeal, obviously Linda and obviously in orgasm. Dana and Kaydee looked at each other and broke out laughing.

“What the hell’s gotten into her?” Kaydee quipped, causing Dana to laugh again.

“A little bit of you, by the sound of her,” replied Dana, still laughing. “God, what a night. Kaydee, you are an incredible woman. Thank you.” She kissed Kaydee on the lips. Somehow, doing that did not seem at all strange.

“Come on,” said Kaydee to Josh, as the three of them got untangled. “Time for bed. I hope you still have some left for me.” Kaydee winked at Dana. Dana looked into the other room where Frank and Linda were lying on the floor.

“What about all the money?” Dana asked.

“Just leave it,” said Kaydee. “It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow!”

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