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Nick and Eric and a Hidden Camera

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I couldn’t believe this was the guy I’d be working with. I stopped in my tracks at the doorway and furrowed my brows at the script.

TWINK: [Needs to be expressive, bubbly, seductive, cute]

The description listed all of the stereotypical roles of a twink, but this guy sitting beside Dave—or should I say on the same couch as Dave, as they were by no means near each other—was anything but. Dave insists upon introducing his actors in his house beforehand, to sort of break the ice in a relaxed atmosphere (instead of an awkward first meeting on set).

If I had to be working with this guy, though, I’d rather not have found out ’til the next day. I rolled my eyes and resumed walking toward my agent, my general disapproval of the guy I would be fucking on camera the next day growing as I came closer.

If everything from the neck up were any indication of the rest of his body, we were in business. Though clearly old enough to legally make a porn video, he had that stereotypical boyish twink face, nice, thick brown hair, and the most gorgeous, bulbous lips that would undoubtedly compliment my fat cock.

But I could not properly examine the rest of his body for how covered up it was. His shirt could have been tight, but a loose navy jacket, which he had zipped to his neck, hid his torso. His pants weren’t baggy, but they weren’t tight either, and they gave no hint toward the shape of his legs.

In short, he wasn’t dressed for the job, and that annoyed me more. Shy? Covered? How in the hell could this boy have gotten paired with me?

I tried with all my might to convey that question in the look I gave Dave when I sat on his coffee table. It was made of glass, and I was startled by the reflection of my muscular arm as I rested my hand behind me. I was facing the two, Dave on one end of the couch and twink-boy on the other, eyes on me—I was domineering like that. If Dave wanted me in this movie, he had to conform to my wishes, and I almost smirked with the amount of power I had.

Dave seemed to want to have a private talk before I could even get comfortable. “Come get a drink with me, my boy,” he said, peering through spectacles, mouth moving under his stereotypical porn agent’s handlebar moustache, and he led me toward his kitchen.

Just as I was about to open my mouth in protest of the saintly twink in his living room, Dave delivered me some daunting information:

“He hasn’t been hired.”

I furrowed my brows. “What do you mean? Oh, does this mean I can tell you if I don’t think he would be a good fit? Because I don’t—”

“No, I mean, I don’t plan on hiring him.” I turned to the sink at my right to get some water and saw that the microwave above it reflected the look of confusion that had fallen across my face. The frown of my mouth did not compliment my neatly shaven stubble or my luscious black hair very well, though my face was still handsome.

Dave broke me out of my narcissistic stupor: “Do you understand what I’m saying, Nick?”

I gulped some water down to buy me some time, because really, no, I didn’t understand what he was saying. Sensing my ignorance, Dave went on to explain.

“You know how Mark has been cutting back on production costs and it’s getting him higher commission? Well the production cost he’s been cutting back on has been actors.”

“How could you possibly get this dude to agree to have sex on camera for free?!” I asked, incredulous. Dave shushed me worriedly.

“Um, well, that is—he doesn’t know. The camera is hidden, I just need you to fuck him.”

I ran my hand, muscles tensing, through my hair.

“So this guy thinks you invited me over here just to have sex with him?”

“Well… he doesn’t know you’re going to have sex with him either.”

“Dude, that’s fucked up.” That about summed up my thoughts completely. How often did Mark just lure people into his household to be fucked?

“Where in the hell did you find this guy!?”

“He wants me to hire him. I thought it might be a good idea. He’s shy but he has a…problem that he thinks could help him make it in this business.”

“What problem?”

“He gets—he get’s hot, Nick. Like a bitch in heat. I saw it just before you were here, and he had to go to the bathroom to take care of it. He said it happens randomly, and a few times a day. It gets out of control. I figure if this goes well maybe I could actually hire him. We can get him to sign a paper and tell him the video was an audition. It’s worth a shot.”

“Hmm. Maybe, but—” I looked at the script. “Dave, this script calls for a rough fucking. Like, it has coercion and facefucking and bareback and,” I went down the list. “And you think that random guy in there is going to do all of this?!”

Dave sheepishly looked down at the floor, then looked back up again. “It’s worth a shot,” he repeated.

I couldn’t believe it.

“Look, look, Nick; if you can do this, you’ll get nearly twice the amount of money you usually make for a shoot.”

Hmmm. $13,000?

“And look at him—he’s cute.”

I scoffed.

“There’s no way you could possibly know that. He’s all covered up.”

“He’s got nice lips,” Dave said tauntingly. Ah, my weak spot. It was true though; as soon as I saw those plump, pink lips I wanted to shove my dick between them.

I shook my head, not in protest but in amazement. I couldn’t believe I was going to do this.




“Attaboy! I’ll introduce you, then I’ll leave. There’s cameras on the flowerpot, the painting, and the lamp at the end of the couch, where the lube is. Yes,” he added, as I rolled my eyes, “you’re fucking on the couch. Sorry, but I didn’t know if you’d be able to get him to the bedroom.”

He led us back into the living room, and the twink squirmed to face us. The way the sunlight was shining into the living room made his face seem pinker than when Dave and I had left to get a drink. I intentionally sat closely beside him, enough to invade space but not so much that it didn’t seem innocent. I relaxed my legs so that they were open, and try as he may have to create personal space, the little twink was trapped between me and the end of the couch.

“Nick, this is Eric—Eric, Nick,” Dave nonchalantly introduced us both, adding a, “Be back soon,” as he rushed out of his own house, leaving us two actors there to become better acquainted.

“Hey,” I said casually. Though this was an unusual way to make a porn video, I was still acting and I quickly got into character. My voice was low and husky, and my aim was to be as forward as possible; because this video was supposed to be rough, it was okay if I used a little force.

I rested my arm behind his head and turned toward him, my knee knocking against his. I immediately noticed that it wasn’t the lighting that was making him pinker—his cheeks had genuinely turned pink while we were in the kitchen. His eyes seemed cloudy, and it wasn’t because of their deep grey color; his eyebrows were raised, and if I was not mistaken these elements combined could only indicate that he was—

“Maybe I should go,” he breathed out, and he sounded exhausted. Yep. He was turned on. I remembered what Dave said about his episodes, but I acted innocent to what was happening. I took advantage of his heightening arousal.

“No, no,” I protested, wrapping my arm around his waist and pulling him toward me. “Dave should be back in a few minutes, he just needed to grab something.”

At my touch, Eric looked up at me almost pleadingly. I had since removed my arm from his waist and put it back in its position behind his head, but he clenched his legs together, undoubtedly hiding his body’s reaction to my grabbing him.

“Dave says you want to do videos,” I attempted small talk, almost smiling with how well this was going. Since he was already turned on, I could have had him laid in no time.

“Um—yeah,” he breathed through his sexy lips.

“You know,” I said, staring, smoldering, directly into his eyes, “If you want to be in this business, you can’t be so shy.” I took this opportunity to place my other hand on his thigh, and Eric let out a small whimper. He turned his eyes away from my gaze and looked downward.

“I think,” he almost whispered, “I um, need to go to the bathroom.”

“For what?” I teased. “For this?” I forced his legs as open as they could be with the very little room he had between me and the end of the couch. He resisted, but I was clearly stronger and had very little problem keeping his thighs apart. I guided my hand to his crotch and began kneading his dick through his pants.

“Um…” he breathed, “We shouldn’t—”

“Shutup,” I demanded, then I cut off his further protests with a kiss. His lips, as I suspected, were incredibly pillowed, and I ravished them in excitement of what they would inevitably be doing to my cock. The strength of my jaw was such that he could not help but conform to my kiss, and I filled his smaller mouth with my wide tongue. After several seconds of this, I pulled away, sucking on his lower lip and letting it go with a snap back onto his face.

At this point he was breathing heavily and, though I was turned on by this twink’s lack of control, I was still attempting to logistically turn this into a porno. Though he was clearly horny, I wasn’t 100% sure that Eric was on board for being fucked, let alone having my cock shoved down his throat.

How do I get this guy to willingly swallow my dick?

Invigored by an idea, I slid my muscular torso out of my tight V-neck and grabbed both of his wrists with one of my hands. I used the shirt to tie his wrists together, and Eric’s aversion to this, a small gasp, was surprisingly minimal.

“Um,” he heaved. “What are you doing?”

I didn’t answer him, choosing instead to take off his clothes. I unzipped his pants and yanked them off, before he could make it any more difficult for me to do so against his will, pleasantly surprised to learn that he did not have any briefs on. His semi-erect dick flopped out at the force of his undressing. I unzipped his jacket hoping to get a better look at his body, only to learn that he had no shirt on, either.

I was greeted by two small, pink nipples that were growing erect from exposure to the cool air. His body was amazing. He managed to somehow be skinny without being bony as his stomach was stretched taut over his torso. His meaty thighs were undoubtedly supporting a great ass.

I turned him on his stomach to be sure, his bound hands pinned under his chest. He bent his head around to see what I was doing, and his misty eyes fell on my hand, which was slowly making its way across his perk cheeks. I was completely taken aback by the perfection of his ass.

“Damn,” I nearly whispered. It was pale as the rest of his body, but slapping it left a quickly fading red blotch. I smacked it again, and Eric cried out; his ass jiggled with the reverberations of my slap.

Having this helpless little twink at my whim was much more fun in real life than the script made it out to be. It seemed like he was genuinely torn between lust and the fear of being taken by a strange man, and I could see him trying to decide between the two as our scene progressed.

I wasn’t exactly trying to give him any choices, though.

I grabbed his ass with my large muscular hand in one last feel before I left it alone—we would get to that later. I wanted to focus first on getting my cock in his mouth. He whimpered a little from the force of my grasp on his ass, but he complied when I sat him up straight again on the end of the couch, naked save for a jacket, hands tied and resting on his lap.

I reassumed the position beside him, and made sure the cameras could get a good shot of what I was about to show Eric: my most prized possession. I pulled out my thick, cut cock, which fell, meaty, to the side, a small thud that could barely be heard over Eric’s whimper. I smiled at Eric, and he looked between me and my dick, worriedly.

“Are you going to make me…. Do I have to….?” The twink began many questions but never finished them. “I can’t!” Though his breathing was heavy and his cheeks were pink, he was still convincing himself that what was happening wasn’t a go. Maybe he needed a little motivation.

“Do you want me to untie you?” I asked him slyly. He nodded his head, though more at my dick, which he was staring at longingly, than at me.

“Then you need to help me out.” Eric let out a small, almost inaudible moan, though I don’t think it was in protest.

“What can I—what do you need me to do?”

“Lick it. Just lick it.” At this point my breathing was heavy, too. So many sexy things were happening at once. He was tied up, tight, vulnerable, and losing the war against getting fucked. He lowered his head toward my dick and gave it short, soft pets with the tip of his tongue.

I gasped with every stroke. Each caress from his tongue left a trail of coolness. When he got more comfortable with his task, he began to use his whole tongue to cover the head of my shaft. He coaxed my penis to full erection with a lick from the base of my shaft to the tip of my slit. A string of precum caught on his tongue and traveled downward with him as he returned to the base again.

After a while he looked up at me and asked, “Is this okay?” Of course, at this point, my fingers were woven through his hair, which was as silky as it was thick, and I’d lazily leaned my head back over the couch. The answer was undoubtedly yes, but I had to continue my role as a hardass for the cameras.

I rubbed his two plump lips with my thumb.

“You ever had your mouth fucked before?” I asked him pointedly. I pushed my thumb into his mouth and he clasped his lips around it, providing suction in dick-sucking fashion, bobbing his head and closing his eyes as if he were savoring the flavor of my finger.

Yeah. He’d had his mouth fucked before.

Confirming my suspicions, he eagerly nodded his head. “Good, then this shouldn’t be a problem.” And with that, I grabbed his hair, already laced through my fingers, and forced his head toward my cock.

His lips could barely contain the thick slab of meat being forced between them, the girth of my dick nearly besting the circumference of his mouth. Bulbous, they padded the outside of my shaft and kissed my pelvis as he crammed all eight inches of my cock into his mouth on the first try. The wet warmth of his throat easily caressed the head of my cock as the twink slurped it down in enjoyment. I let him have a few more bobs before I got to business—I had a script to follow.

When his lips touched my pelvis a fourth time, I held his head firmly in place. I then proceeded to thrust in and out of his mouth myself, allowing maybe three inches of my cock to repeatedly slam into his throat, pulling it out only for it to be slammed in again. The arousal I got from mercilessly ramming my thick length between the surprised chokes and protests of this abused twink sent periodical bursts of precum into his throat. Even more amazing was his affinity for dick-sucking, how his chokes and apprehension were quickly replaced with the fluid swallowing of my whole cock as he fell into the rhythm of taking it. Before I relinquished his head from my clutches, I forced his head into my pelvis, allowing him to choke one final time on the length of my cock.

When I let go he came up for air, a concoction of spit and precum drooling down the sides of his chin. I gathered it with my thumb and pushed it in his mouth.

“Swallow that.”

Despite the brutal fucking I had just given this poor twink’s throat, he seemed ready and eager for more. All of my attention was quickly focused on his ass, which was easily my favorite part of his body. Happy that Dave’s couch was big enough for somebody to kneel on, I made for this twink to present his ass to me.

“Get on all fours, right here.” I tapped beside me, hoping that Eric’s ass would end up right in my face. In good fashion, Eric was resting on his forearms, joined together by his bound wrists, and was arching his ass into the air. His dick was fully erect, too, and I grabbed it, ready to overload his senses.

I dove my face between the cheeks of his ass while simultaneously stroking his cock.

“Ah!” Eric screamed in pleasure, as I probed his asshole with my tongue. I let go of his dick and squeezed his cheeks on either side, enjoying the soft skin around my face. I pushed his ass down so that it was across my lap, so that the cameras could see it better. I played with the creases of his cheeks with one hand and probed Eric’s mouth with the middle finger of another, making sure to get it nice and wet.

Finally, I shoved the saliva-coated finger into his asshole, which invited me in without any problems. I massaged his prostate with the finger, the other hand kneading his left cheek, red imprints of my fingertips fading as I lifted my hand to knead the right cheek.

Eric moaned every time my finger graced his sweet spot, his wanton lust overshadowing the shyness that made him less expressive at first. His asshole practically gobbled my finger, and, for the sake of the video, I had to resist the urge to ram my dick in. Ready to add another finger, I reached for the lube, and poured some over his asshole, which puckered at the cool sensation. I gathered the running liquid and pushed it through his hole with two fingers chasing after. Eric responded by thrusting his ass into my fingers so that they were fully engulfed.

Surprised by his action and ready to deliver sexy punishment, I slapped his ass with the lube-coated hand and he hissed at the extra sting of a wet lick.

“I won’t put these fingers back in until you calm down,” I taunted.

He responded with a moan and immediately lowered himself over my lap again, but he was too far gone to stop rubbing himself against my thigh, his own thigh brushing across my dick. At this point he was lying directly on his bound wrists, his head turned to look at me with clouded eyes, his eyebrows arched upward in confused lust, and his lips puckered into a swollen, pink O.

My dick sprang up with reinvigorated thirst and my urge to spare the porno and spoil myself grew with the size of my erection. Quickly, I untied his wrists and ripped his jacket off of him. Eric gasped as I suddenly turned him upright, and he struggled for balance by resting his arm behind my head. His back was to my stomach, his ass against my fully erect dick, and he shot me a knowing, almost pleading look with his eyes.

I grabbed him by his neck, roughly pulling his head so that his ear was beside my mouth, and asked loudly enough to be heard on camera but softly enough to be menacing: “Are you going to keep being a little tease, or are you going to let me fuck you?”

His reply was surprising. “Please, just put it in!” he begged. I gave him a sly smile.

“Oh, you’re going to have to ask a lot better than that.”

The shy twink gulped and his face became even pinker. I rubbed my hard dick between his cheeks to motivate him; if he wanted even an inch inside, he’d have to say something dirty. The look he gave me became increasingly pleading with every pass of my cockhead over his twitching asshole, and even though his ass was as excited to swallow me up as my dick was purple with arousal, he could not bring himself to say anything. I thought I’d help him out: “Say, ‘Nick, please fuck me,'” I breathed into his ear.

“P… Please fuck me,” he said, though still weakly, in embarrassment.

Not good enough; I wanted him to really beg.

“Tell me how much you want me to slam my big cock into your tight little hole,” I whispered into his ear again. Eric moaned at the sensation of my hot breath against his earlobe and began to grind, smearing the precum from my dick over his asshole.

“Oh, fuck me hard with your big cock,” Eric exhaled, his hitched breathing making it almost impossible for him to speak. But he wasn’t begging yet. I positioned my cockhead at his entrance to tease him, and he let out a little whimper of anticipation as he pushed back.

“Oh no, no, no,” I teased, grabbing his hips to stop him from pushing my dick in. “That won’t do. I’m still not convinced you want it.”

He looked back at me through clouded eyes and whispered, “Please.” Though he said it very low, he said it with all of the vigor and frustration he could muster from his hot little body. His eyebrows were hitched up in desperation, as if he sincerely needed my cock.

“What was that?” I teased some more.

“Please, Nick,” he said, begging. “Please.” He fought against my grasp on his hips and pushed into my dick, but whined when he realized I was too strong to defy and settled for grinding his asshole yet again into my now stone hard cock.

I was too far gone to continue teasing him, and grabbed his cock as my wet head slipped to his entrance. I pushed at it ever so slightly and Eric gasped in response.

“Mmmm,” he moaned as I simultaneously pushed inside and slowly fisted his erection. His ass enveloped my dick, sucking it through the slick and warm passage, slowly stretching to accommodate the large probe inside of it. He inhaled sharply as I brushed his prostate, forgetting to breathe out.

“That’s right, you little slut; swallow it up,” I encouraged as I pushed down on Eric’s hips. Eventually, Eric was sitting on my lap, his ass squeezing and twitching around all eight inches of me inside. I pushed up on his hips as a cue for him to slide up my dick, stopping when only my head was inside. Eric, eager to keep my cock inside him, slid back down on his own, sighing at last when my cock hit his spot. Eric enthusiastically begin riding, his head lolled back, sighing every time I slipped past his prostate. He took each thrust all the way, and with every stroke my dick throbbed inside of him and the walls of his ass would twitch in response. The friction between his back and my stomach quickly became smooth skin against skin as the sweat from the heat of our action began to bead.

His sighs became whimpers, which soon turned into moans; the authenticity of his pleasure was better than the fake shit that could be found on any porno. I reveled in the raw sounds he made as he continuously slammed his ass down onto my cock, coming up to push his own erection into my fist.

Occasionally, short moans fled my own mouth through raspy breaths. Every pound of my dick into his tight hole elicited an electric pulse down my spine and the most intense and complete pleasure emanated from my groin. I ran my fingers through his hair, grabbing for support, pulling his head back toward mine and breathing warm, moist breath into his ear.

Finally, the whimper in his panting rose a higher octave. “Ah! Nick—Unh! Hah! Mmm!” I bit my bottom lip furiously in anticipation. In one final pump, he arched his spine, throwing his head back at the force of his orgasm. At the same time, my brows pushed up and my mouth formed the notorious circle of ecstasy; my dick pulsed, and with every throb hot liquid spewed into Eric’s ass. I felt few streams of cum hit my leg, and a few seconds later more of Eric’s cum spewed idly into my hand.

Eric fell into me and rested his head on my shoulder, still whimpering. I rested my head back as well, panting and sweaty, and listened as his moans of satisfaction became ever more quiet. My dick was still inside of Eric, and his ass twitched less and less. I could feel my cum leaking out and half expected Eric to move, but he continued sitting on it, content.

I turned to look at him and caught him licking the side of his mouth; a considerable amount of his cum had hit his face, and he was having a taste. I chuckled, as I didn’t think he’d meant for me to see.

“Mmmm,” he moaned, though I’m not sure if it was at the sex or at the taste of his own semen.

I made to stick to the script—after all, we were first and foremost making a video. I carelessly pushed him to the side and he fell off my cock, landing lazily on the couch, clearly too spent to move. He watched me get dressed and leave Dave’s house without saying a word, and though I felt smug I refrained from smirking on camera. I stepped through the front door, cellphone in hand dialing Dave, and pondered my surprisingly good lay. I wondered how well the video turned out.

I was going to have to get a copy of that.

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