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Come As You Bizarre

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Every year William and I hold our “Come as You Bizarre” party. Everyone is required to dress in a way they never would in real life, in a way that would make their friends laugh, cry or recoil in shock. Last year I was a Playboy bunny, the year before, a scantily clad wench. This year, I chose a skin tight black wet-look catsuit, one that showed off every single curve of my body.

I wanted William to take one look at me and get rock hard (and oh, could he get rock hard!)

This year William chose a biker motif: white t-shirt (a nice, tight one at that!) leather jacket and tight leather pants. When he first tried on the outfit I wanted to leap on him and screw the hell out of him. Well, actually, I did. But that’s another story!

We prepped the house and waited with great anticipation the arrival of our guests. Several showed up early (there were always some; maybe they were afraid someone would be dressed just like them and wanted to avoid the embarrassment? Or maybe they just liked to party!) Bob and Lisa were dressed as a pimp and his ho, Sarah showed up as nurse…in a very skimpy outfit. She had the legs for it. Others showed up as exotic dancers, some as demons or witches (it wasn’t technically a Halloween party, but some people automatically got in that mode,) one as a Goth chick, another as Waldo.

The party evolved as pretty much all the Come as You Bizarre’s did, with games and drinks and some sneaking out back for…whatever. With such a proliferation of sexy and erotic outfits there was bound to be some groping. Barely a year goes by when I don’t find someone rolling around on the pool table, skinny dipping in the pool or having a quick fuck in one of the bedrooms. It’s expected, so we’re always prepared for it…clean sheets, clean toys and plenty of condoms (the good ones!)

The night progressed and eventually everyone wore themselves out and went home. William and I checked around to make sure we were alone, and then headed for the bedroom. Once there, his hands immediately started to caress my body. The feel of his strong hands sliding over my tight catsuit started my blood rushing, my skin tingling and my pussy throbbing. My breathing got heavy and ragged as his hand began to rub my clit through the thin material. I’m sure he could feel how wet I was already. I grabbed his shoulders and marveled at the feel of them through the leather. The fact that I could feel his muscles through the jacket was a testament to his exercises! He pulled me roughly against him (I LOVE when he gets all rough and manly with me) and kissed me long and hard, our tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouth. I had to have him inside me, but he had other plans for the moment.

He grabbed a handful of hair in one fist, reaching down with the other to unzip his fly. William never wore underwear, a fact I relished. It made it so easy to feel the contours of his big cock through anything he was wearing; yes, even leather pants. He pulled out his already hard rod and I gasped, knowing what was to come. Still holding my hair he reached with his other now free hand, placed it on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. The tip of his cock was glistening with pre cum; I love the taste of his pre cum…there’s nothing else like it in the world! I opened my mouth and licked up that delicious dollop with the tip of my tongue. William moaned softly and I knew immediately what he was going to do. He grabbed his cock, positioned it at my mouth and pushed my head onto it with his other hand. His cock is so big I can feel it squeak as it goes through my teeth and pushes its way into my throat. He tenses his muscles and his dick swells, filling my mouth even more, just when I thought it was not possible.

He let me moved slowly up and down the shaft, lubing it with my mouth. When he couldn’t take the slow, wonderful agony any more he tightened his grip on my hair and started thrusting my head back and forth on his cock, face fucking me with everything he’s got. I once had a girlfriend say she didn’t understand why any woman would want a man pulling her hair. I tried to explain the fantastic feeling of raw sexual power it gave, but she wasn’t understanding. Maybe she just needs someone like William to take her and do it to her. I think a lot of sexual taboos would fall by the wayside if people did that; just let it happen. As long as no one gets hurt, it’s all good!

William slowed down; I could tell he didn’t want to blow his wad just then. I was a little disappointed; I think it’s so hot when he comes in my mouth (or on my face, or on my tits, or on my belly, or on my pussy, or in my pussy…!) He pulled me up off my knees so I was standing in front of him. Without taking his eyes off mine, he stripped out of his jacket, his shirt, and his pants. Standing in front of me, stark naked in all his manliness, his cock standing out like a huge piece of rock-hard lumber, I wanted him inside me, and this time I was going to get my wish. I unzipped the catsuit and let him peel it off of me. William admired my body for a brief moment, then, sliding his hands gently down my sides, he got on his knees and pulled my pussy to his mouth. He began that wonderful sucking/tongue stroking thing he does that drives me insane when we both heard a sound from the corner of the room.

William stood up, his cock still standing erect, and we both turned to find the source of the noise. There, in a large chair in the corner of the room, someone stirred. We hadn’t noticed them because the corner had been engulfed in shadow and we were…otherwise occupied. The shape stretched, stood up, came forward and quickly resolved itself into Sophie, a mutual friend we had known for years.

Sophie was what you might call a “free spirit.” There was little that Sophie wouldn’t try at least once. She was dressed to kill; her petite body was in a tight neon green dress held together more by sheer willpower than by material. Her curly brown hair framed her face and even I couldn’t help noticing her nipples were straining against the material. She yawned, surveyed the scene (William and I were still standing there, stark naked, his cock at full attention, my pussy still slick with juices.) “Mmm…nice,” she observed, looking at William’s cock. “Do you mind?” she asked me as she got on her knees, grabbed his penis and sucked it into her mouth, her ruby red lips sinking all the way to the base (not an easy feat!) William gasped in surprise and grabbed my arm.

Sophie had always been at our parties, and more than once she had joked about joining William and me as we fucked. At least, I had assumed at the time she was joking. Sophie is the kind of girl who likes to shock you just a little, then step back and giggle innocently. She wasn’t giggling now. In fact, she was doing an expert job on my man’s cock, and surprisingly I wasn’t upset. William was trying hard not to enjoy it, but by the look on his face and the way Sophie was working his enormous shaft, I could tell he was.

I probably should have been even more shocked when I felt Sophie’s hand on the back of my leg. She was gently stroking my leg as she did the same with William’s manhood. I didn’t notice at first, but my breathing had once again gone deep and ragged, a sure sign I was aroused. The sight of his cock disappearing into our friend’s mouth along with the quite erotic feel of her hand on my leg was getting me turned on. Part of me (a BIG part!) thought I should stop this right now (something must be wrong with this!) but there was a little voice inside saying, “Why not? What could it really hurt?” As Sophie’s soft, gentle hand made its way up to the curve of my ass, I decided to let the little voice win. I’m glad I did!

Sophie’s hand gently massaged my backside as she slurped noisily at William. He looked at me, a concerned look on his face. I smiled, nodded almost imperceptibly, and saw immediate relief come over him. He reached a hand behind my head and pulled me over to kiss me. That simple kiss became a tangle of tongues and lips, our hot breath crossing back and forth between us as we came to realize what was about to happen. I looked William once again in the eyes, smiled coyly and sunk to my knees beside Sophie.

Sophie took her attention away from Williams’ cock for a moment and surprised the hell out of me by kissing me full on the lips. Now I have kissed women before in a “friend” sort of way, but never the way Sophie kissed me; she kissed with all the passion of a kiss with William, and I found it interesting how tender and arousing it was to feel her tongue forcing its way into my mouth. It was different than William’s; this kiss was softer, the tongue more delicate as it entwined itself with mine. She finally pulled away and I was left with the taste of Sophie, peppered with the distinct taste of William. I opened my eyes slowly to find her offering William’s cock to me. Share William’s cock with another woman? Oh, what the fuck, why not? With that I plunged his penis into my mouth, almost gagging (I wasn’t going to let Sophie show me up when it came to giving my man head!)

I sucked it for a short while, then began licking his shaft up and down (he loves that!) Sophie joined me and we were both licking his cock like two women sharing a lollipop! Every now and again when we came to the tip at the same time Sophie would lean in and lick his juices off my lips. Every time she did that I would feel an electric tingle go all the way down to my pussy, causing it to twitch. I started sucking his cock again and then felt Sophie’s hand on my tits. I almost jumped a little, and then considered what that might do to William. I held still, adjusting to the feel of hands on my body that weren’t Williams. It was interesting how much less time it took to get used to each additional thing; I was by now so fucking horny I would have agreed to almost anything. And did.

Sophie rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples (how did she know how much having my nipples pinched makes me horny?) Her other hand ran down my back and started rubbing the top of my ass crack. That part of me used to be very ticklish, but William’s hands soon desensitized me, and I find it very erotic to have that area massaged. When William gets me really worked up he plays with my ass and electricity runs through my body…how many nerves are down there anyway? And are they ALL connected to my cunt? Sometimes, if I’m wet enough, he’ll even sneak a finger in there; it makes me moan when he does that! But how would I react to someone else…a woman…doing that? Apparently it was OK. She rubbed her fingers up and down my ass crack and I got hotter and hotter. I thought I might explode when all of a sudden…

I felt her lips latch onto one of my nipples and her teeth gently nibble. That was all I could take. I let go of William’s cock, lay down on the bed, holding Sophie’s head to my tits all the way down. She worked one nipple with her mouth, the other with her thumb and middle finger. Meanwhile William was not one to be left out. He climbed onto the bed and picked up where he left off, lips running up and down my pussy. He started tongue-fucking me and Sophie saw an opening (no pun intended!) She slid a hand down my flat belly and expertly found my clit. Rubbing it gently at first, she soon increased the tempo. I can tell you now: if you’ve never had a woman work on your clit, do it! You can tell a man until you’re blue in the face how suck your clit, but unless you own the equipment yourself you’re never going to get it exactly right. Sophie got it exactly right. Immediately I started to wonder what it would be like to have her mouth where her fingers were. William, Sophie, or both seemed to sense this; William moved aside and Sophie stood up. His hands ran from her ankles up her legs to her inner thighs where, by the look on Sophie’s face, he must have snuck a quick finger into her pussy and played around for a moment. He moved his hands to grab the bottom of her dress (which barely covered her taut, shapely ass) and stripped it from her body. William then guided Sophie down between my legs where he had just been busy making my pussy hot and moist. Sophie stopped just long enough to give William’s cock a tug and smile at him before she lowered her face onto my dripping wet snatch.

Sparks of light burst in my vision. Sophie was hitting every spot as if I were doing it to myself; she knew all the tricks, all the things I wished I could do but couldn’t. I have cum from being fucked by William, but never before had I cum from someone licking my clit…that is, until that night. I came so hard I ended up squeezing Sophie’s head with my thighs. She didn’t seem to mind, though. As my orgasm subsided she resumed tonguing my pussy. As she did that she reached out and grabbed William’s cock, guiding it behind her and aiming it at her pussy. I had managed to prop my head up on a pillow (I like to watch) and saw the question in his eyes. “Fuck her!” I yelled as best I could. “Put your cock in her pussy and fuck her like you fuck me!” I guess I was adamant enough; he rubbed his cock against her pussy to wet it down and plunged it deep into her pussy with one stroke. Sophie stopped sucking me long enough to gasp and let out a loud moan of surprise and pleasure (I told you his cock was huge!) She smiled at me and went back to sucking me to another orgasm as I watched William pump his cock in and out of her. I could feel his rhythm as Sophie’s head was driven again and again against my cunt.

I was hoping that William wasn’t going to explode just yet; I was having too much fun with this night of discovery and I didn’t want it to end just yet. Sophie may have sensed it…maybe she didn’t want it to end too soon, either. She pushed herself up, pulled William’s cock from her pussy and pulled me over to it. “Taste it,” she said. “You’ll love it!”

I gobbled his dick before I could think; what was that amazing taste? Oh my god, it’s Sophie! I was tasting the wetness from her pussy all over his fucking cock! It was wonderful; not at all what I thought it would be. I’ve stated my own pussy on William before, but for some reason I thought another woman’s pussy juice would be…I don’t know, just not good. It was delicious. “Do you like it?” Sophie asked, staring into my eyes. She had the most gorgeous green eyes. “Yes,” I replied.

“Then let me take you to the source,” she answered, lowering herself onto the bed. She reached up, kissed me long and hard once more, and pulled my head down between her legs. William lowered himself down next to us so he could watch as he squeezed Sophie’s ample, yet not huge tits. I reached out tentatively with my tongue and touched it to her pussy lips. I trim my pussy so there was very little hair; Sophie was completely clean shaven. There was that wonderful taste again…I licked again, this time with a little more pressure. Sophie moaned, placed a hand on the back of my head and pushed my face hard against her cunt. I let myself go and began licking my tongue all over, anywhere it would reach As Sophie ground her hips against me. Her pussy became wetter from her own juices mixed with my saliva…I quickly found her clit and began to work it. She yelped, moaned and squirmed as I tongued and William started sucking her nipples. He’s very good at that…he knows just how much pressure I can take before I go crazy, and then he goes just beyond that. As he played with her tits he reached down and started playing with my ass. I moaned, and Sophie arched her back…I must have struck a nerve!

“Put a finger in my pussy,” Sophie demanded. “Put it in!” So I did. I pushed my index finger in and she moaned again. It felt so warm and tight and moist in there, so I did what I love William to do: I put another finger in. Soon I had three fingers working their way in and out of Sophie’s pussy, and her hips were starting to buck. Within minutes she came, and came hard. I’m noisy sometimes when we fuck, but Sophie was a screamer. “Oh, fuck!” she yelped. “FUCK! Suck my cunt! Suck my fucking clit! Oh, god, your tongue feels so good! Fuck me!”

When her orgasm finally ended she pulled William on top of her and said, “I want you to get that big, fat cock inside me and FUCK ME!” She looked at me. “And I want you to sit on my face so I can suck your pussy!” We were in no condition to argue (why would we have wanted to?) to I straddled Sophie’s face while William moved to plunge his cock into her moist, tight cunt once again. As he fucked my friend he sucked my nipples and played with Sophie’s tits. I reached down and rubbed her clit as he fucked her hard. Sophie’s mouth again did an expert job on my cunt and every now and again her tongue worked its way up to my ass and played there, making me moan louder than I ever had before. I got more and more horny until finally Sophie inserted her finger gently into me as she kept sucking my pussy and I had a crashing orgasm that left me utterly breathless. I can’t describe the feeling of having my pussy tongued by the woman my man is fucking, but I can tell you it’s GREAT! I was only sorry it had taken this long to find out.

William was once again close to coming, so he pulled out and pulled us both to the floor to kneel in front of him. “Oh, fuck!” I thought, “He’s gonna cum all over us!” I wanted to feel his hot cum on my face and share it with Sophie…she had earned it! We sucked William’s cock for a brief time, and then he took over stroking it. Within a few minutes I heard the telltale signs of him ready to cum; the shortness of breath, the quiet moaning. We knelt in front of him, our mouths open to receive his hot cum. When he did finally cum he sprayed his hot juice all over our faces, into our mouths and on our tits. He finished and Sophie turned to kiss me; we shared his cum and hungrily kissed it from his cock and each other’s faces, swallowing it and relishing the taste.

We collapsed in the bed, spent, and slept together in a tangle of hot sweaty bodies until late the next morning. William made a huge breakfast and we said goodbye to our good friend Sophie later that day.

Sophie visits much more often that she used to…

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