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My Lazy Ex Never Did That To Me!

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By way of background, you might want to see my earlier stories Nightime Disturbance and She Wants Rid. Fortunately, Lisa the girl’s virginity I took “properly” in She Wants Rid didn’t become pregnant and I didn’t really see much of her before we both started at our respective universities. This is another true story also set in the late 1980’s when there were no such things as MILF’s. Instead sexy older women were known by the colloquial term of “Mrs Robinson’s.” The following is the true story of my encounter with a certain Mrs R.

I ended up reading politics at the University of Sussex. Campus tended to be pretty dead at the weekend with a lot of students going home to London. I’d heard a decent band were playing in Brighton at a pub called the Fox and Hounds and decided to give it a try.

I arrived at about 9.00-ish there was a support band who weren’t much cop, but the main band were okay. The bands played in a large room upstairs in the pub with around seventy to eighty people present. As the evening wore on I became aware of a large group of women who were being quite loud.

I don’t know how it happened but I ended up talking to them. I think it because I was on my own. When I mentioned I was a student they cracked a few jokes about it. I remember having quite a deep conversation with one of them; she was tall with long black hair probably in her late twenties. I thought I might be in with a chance but she mentioned her husband and kids.

I continued to talk to her and her some of her friend but towards the end of the evening I think she left with a few of them so there were only four of the original dozen women left. I remember I turned rather sharply and almost bumped into one of the other women.

She was a bit older than the rest of them late 30’s, blond, quite short, that was all I could say about her because up until that point she hadn’t said a word to me, and I had hardly noticed her.

I said something like, ‘you alright.’

She nodded and gave a terse smile.

‘You’re very quite.’

She did not respond, although I could hardly blame and no doubt she would take exception to be chatted up by someone old enough to be her son/daughter.

I’d had a fair bit to drink at that moment so the following exchange was due to the fact I was under the influence of alcohol, ‘can I get you a drink?’

She shook her head.

‘I see, hubby picking you up soon.’

‘No,’ she loudly replied, before fixing me with an aggressive stare.

This led to one of her friends coming over.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Nothing I replied.’

‘Denise?’ Her friend asked her.

But Denise said nothing and just left pursued by one of her other friends.

Her friend who I was later to discover was called Pauline, asked, ‘what exactly did you say to her?’

‘All I said was do you want a drink, she said no, and I just said something like is your husband picking you up?’

‘You stupid prick.’


‘She’s only recently separated from her husband.’

‘Sorry, I didn’t know.’ Although it was just a flippant comment with no obvious intention to cause any offence I did feel pretty bad.

‘I think you better apologise to Denise.’

‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘I didn’t know about her situation.’

Denise reappeared about ten minutes later, logically I should have bailed out immediately; instead I went over to Denies, ‘sorry about what I said.’

Unsurprisingly she did not respond.

‘I can get you that drink if you want.’

Again no reaction.

Pauline whispered in my ear, ‘get her a large gin and tonic.’

As I went over to the bar I looked over my shoulder and noticed Pauline talking to Denise.

I returned to Denise, ‘sorry,’ I said as I handed her the drink, ‘I didn’t man to upset you.’

‘It’s alright,’ she replied somewhat wearily, ‘you weren’t to know. How much was that?’

‘What the drink?’


‘No it’s okay.’

‘Are you sure?’

I sipped my pint as I heard last orders being called and pictured my 5 mile walk back to university. My thoughts were interrupted by Denise.

‘What are you studying?’


‘At university, what is it you’re studying?’


She laughed.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Oh nothing.’

‘There must be something.’

‘It’s just this was supposed to be my big night out, my friends were supposed to take me out into town go clubbing and stuff, but I end up here talking to a student, whose probably younger than my own daughter about his degree course.’

Shit I thought, husbands, children, she’s got a kid the same age as me, the only woman in the night so far I thought I might have got off with was married with kids and left some time ago, but even then the fact she was a good 10 years older than me was a bit off-putting. But now I’m having this bizarre conversation with this woman who is old enough to be my mother. However, there was something, strangely it was the directing of her feet they had turned into me making a v-shape pointing towards my crotch.

By this time the band had finished time had been called and people were drifting away. I was still talking to Denise this time about her daughter who had gone away for the weekend; she also had a son who thankfully was a good few years younger than me.

‘Are we off then?’ Pauline asked.

Denise nodded and finished off the rest of her gin and tonic, ‘well it was very nice talking to you and thanks for the drink.’

‘It’s okay,’ I replied as I followed her and her friends out of the pub.

‘Are you getting a taxi back then?’ asked Denise,

‘Taxi, I’m a poor student, I’m walking it.’

Pauline must have heard me.

‘You can walk back with us I live just off the Lewes Road.’

‘Yeah okay.’

The three women began walking which left me and Denise. I guess the cold air must have hit her as she stumbled and then giggled.

‘Are you alright?’

‘Yes,’ she replied then ‘no,’ then she said, ‘why are all men such pigs?’

I didn’t have an answer to that so I just kept my mouth shut. At this juncture I did feel a bit sorry for her.

She stumbled again, ‘I think I’ve had a bit too much to drink.’

‘I guess you’ve got every reason to.’

‘Yeah,’ she replied bitterly. A few moments later, ‘but I’m glad to see the back of him, we only stayed together for the sake of the kids.’

‘Oh,’ I replied, this type of relation break-up was all new to me.

‘He was lazy too.’


‘Really lazy in bed.’

Where did that come from? I thought to myself as Denise continued, ‘he never properly satisfied me although I was expected to satisfy him.’

I didn’t know how to read into or interpret that last comment, ‘how do you mean?’ I asked intrigued.

‘He expected me to pleasure him but he never returned the favour.’

‘You mean he never went down on you?’

‘Never not in twenty years of marriage,’ Denise suddenly stopped and turned to face me, ‘sorry, I shouldn’t be telling you all this, it’s the drink talking.’ With that she linked hold of my arm. Not in a sexual way but more of a matey way.

However her last comments had me thinking about licking pussy. The times I had gone down on a girl she really enjoyed it as I recalled how Lisa had cum hard on my tongue and even Mel who was very experienced enjoyed it.

The silence was interrupted by Denise, ‘you’ve gone very quiet.’

‘Yeah,’ I mumbled slyly, ‘just thinking.’


‘What you were saying about your ex.’

‘Forget what I said earlier, I’ve had far too much to drink.’

‘Sorry, it’s just a bit weird that you were married to someone for so long and he never pleasured you in that way.’

‘Well he thought it was disgusting, can we just drop it now please.’

‘Sorry,’ I said.

We continued the rest of the journey in silence as I pictured taking the long walk back to university being unable to forget about licking Denise’s pussy.

Ahead of me, the girls paused at a side street. ‘Do you want to come in for a night-cap?’ Asked Pauline.

I looked at Denise who was impassive.

‘Come in,’ said Pauline.

‘Yeah okay then.’

We walked the short distance up the road before Pauline stopped, fumbled in her bag for a key and then opened her front door.

Anyone want a smoke? Asked Pauline.

I wasn’t into pot so I declined, she seemed a bit surprised, ‘I’ll just have a tea if that’s okay.’

‘Nothing stronger?’

‘No thanks.’

Denise had a coffee.

The house had two reception rooms where a dividing wall had been knocked down and replaced by Louvre doors, which were partially open which made the rooms semi-separate.

Denise whilst waiting for her coffee had ordered a taxi to take her home to Hove which is the other side of Brighton.

I heard her moan that it would be forty five minutes for the cab to arrive. It appeared that Denise was very anti drugs as she sat in what was the front room. I sat down beside her on the settee she deliberately edged away from me.

‘Don’t be like that.’

‘Look, I don’t know what your intentions are but can you leave me alone.’

‘I just can’t get what you said about your ex not wanting to…’ I gave her a wicked grin.

She gave me a look of complete distain.

‘But what about before you met your husband, you must have had old boyfriends who did the deed?’

‘I’m not going to answer that,’ she replied as she looked away avoiding eye contact.

‘You don’t mean, a blokes never gone down on you?’

Again she did not respond.

‘Can I tell you a secret?’

‘If you must.’

‘I don’t find it disgusting.’


‘What you said earlier when we were walking back your ex found it disgusting, I certainly don’t.’ She remained silent, as I continued, ‘and I’ll tell you something else,’ I gave her no time to respond, ‘I’d really like to be the first.’

That was not the sort of thing I would usually say to a girl especially one old enough to be my mother but the alcohol was making me feel very randy indeed. Also I said it to get a reaction and I expected her to jump up and start shouting at me, instead she replied, ‘you’re really drunk and making a fool out of yourself.’

‘No I’m serious, I lowered my voice, thinking about it is really turning me on.’

She shook her head.

‘I understand, you’re worried what your friends might think.’ I didn’t let her reply, ‘say if I left the house ten minutes before your taxi arrived and waited at the garage on the main road. The taxi would come and collect you and could pick me up, and we could have a bit of fun.’

She shook her head, ‘if you could hear yourself.’

‘I understand where you’re coming from, you think I could be some sort of psycho?’

She did not respond.

‘Okay then,’ I watched her reaction as I fumbled inside my coat pocket and pulled out my wallet, ‘so what sort of psycho shows his victim his name,’ as I showed her my student ID. ‘Go on show it to Pauline, then if something bad happened she’d know who you went back with.’

‘Nothing bad will ever happen because there is no way you’re coming back with me.’

‘No-one would ever know.’ I paused, ‘I’m not after a relationship with you and neither you are with me, I just want to show you what you’ve been missing all these years.’

‘You’re a cocky little shit,’ she replied as she took a sip of coffee.

‘Just imagine the kudos you’d gain.’

‘What do you mean?’ She replied impatiently.

‘Well, with your friends, “oh Denise how’s it been since the breakup?” “It’s been great” I lowered my voice “this eighteen year old lad licked me dry and made me cum like a train.”‘

She let out a shocked gasp, before replying ‘you’re certainly persistent.’

I smiled, ‘I do quite fancy you.’

‘Of course you do.’

I ran my hand gently down her back.

She removed it.

‘Of course it would really piss off your ex if he ever found out.’

There was no reaction. I repeated my action and so did she but with a little less vigour.

But the third time she let my hand remain, I gently stroked the back of her neck with a light a touch as I could muster.

I looked at her and noticed she had relaxed slightly, ‘is that nice?’

She sat up with a jolt.

‘I really like foreplay, touching, stroking and of course licking.’

She did not reply and I got the impression she was thinking about my proposition.

‘Can I kiss you?’

‘No, the others can see.’

‘So if the others weren’t there would you?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Anyway they can’t,’ I replied as I looked over my shoulder, ‘they’re too busy getting stoned, so you’ll have to kiss me.’

She had a neutral expression in her face, ‘look it’s just a kiss goodnight, I’m going now, clearly you’re not interested and nothing is going to happen, and I respect your wishes, just like if something did happen I would respect you the next morning…’

‘Course you would.’

‘It’s not like we’d ever see each other again if something did happen.’

She did not respond so I continued, ‘it’s not like we work together so there’s no awkward bumping into each other at the coffee machine, we live the opposite side of town, we have no shared interests, clearly you don’t like the pub so we’d not meet there again, so I’m off now.’


‘Was that a hint of disappointment in your voice?’


I laughed, ‘course it wasn’t, no tongues I promise.’

She nodded and I kissed her gently on the lips, I made sure our lips stayed together for just that little bit longer. ‘I better say goodnight to your friends.’

I walked through the doors and said my goodbyes.

I then returned to the front room, Denise was looking into space, ‘goodnight then Denise,’ I said as I made my way to the lounge door. But I then stopped, turned around, walked silently over to Denise and said in a whisper, ‘I’ll be waiting for you by the garage.’

I exited the house and walked down to the garage which was to the left at the end of the road I considered the odds of her stopping there. Whilst all logic told me they were remote, there was something in her eyes as I exited the house that sparked something in my groin. So after buying a tin of coke at the garage I sat on a low wall which ran along the front of the garage and waited.

After about twenty minutes my arse felt like a block of ice and I was considering the long walk back to university. It was then I saw it, a taxi pull into Denise’s sister’s road. Although there was no guarantee it was for Denise I still felt a surge of excitement. A few minutes later the taxi exited the road and followed the main road which ran past the garage. The garage was set in the middle of a roundabout so in order to stop at the garage the taxi would have had to go back on itself.

I failed to notice the taxi had gone completely round the roundabout and was passing me for a second time. It stopped about twenty yards or so away from me on the pavement.

I examined the taxi at a distance it looked like the one that had gone up Denise’s sister’s road. I walked towards it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

I opened the door and immediately Denise spoke.

‘Hi Steve if you want a lift.’

‘Er yeah,’ I replied.

She flashed me a quick “don’t you dare say anything” look which led me to wonder what exactly she had told the taxi driver.

The journey to Hove took about fifteen minutes and throughout I could not believe that Denise had invited me back. Then I began to picture what exactly she wanted from this encounter. Before I had been very brazen promising to lick out her pussy, but now with the alcohol rubbing off it was a different matter entirely.

The taxi pulled up outside a row of houses.

Denise paid the driver and was out of the taxi before the driver could give her change, she then walked along the pavement leaving me trailing in her wake.


‘Quiet,’ she hissed.

I followed her as she walked up the short path to her house.

She turned to face me, ‘look I don’t think this is a good idea.’


‘This, inviting you back to my house.’

‘You can’t just leave me here.’

‘Keep your voice down, I don’t want the neighbours hearing.’ She opened her front door, ‘inside,’ she instructed.

I followed behind her as she led me into her front room, ‘you can sleep on the sofa, I’ll throw you down some blankets and I’ll drive you back in the morning.’

I was lost for words as I replied with a, ‘but…’ I could accept her changing her mind, perhaps the alcohol too had worn off or she asked the taxi to stop on a whim, but she could at least offered me a cup of tea or something to eat as I was now starving.

My thoughts were interrupted by a dull thud as the blankets were thrown down from upstairs. I undressed down to my boxer shorts and lay down on the sofa as my mind went through the evening’s events. I concluded that she did want her pussy licking but had bottled out at the last minute and all she required was a little bit of gentle persuasion. At the thought of this logic my cock became very hard and became even harder as I got off the settee and slowly climbed the stairs. Her door was ajar and I could hear her breathing. I didn’t have a plan and so I just climbed into bed with her.

Denise replied with a shriek of alarm.

‘Sorry, it’s only me Steve.’

‘What are you doing?’

‘Ere, I thought you might want some company.’

‘No, not that sort of company.’

The tone of her voice told me that nothing was going to happen, ‘I didn’t mean that,’ I lied, ‘it’s just that your sofa’s really uncomfortable.’

She remained impassive as her breathing returned to normal.

‘Don’t worry I’ll keep my hands to myself, you can trust me.’

‘I should really ask you to leave…’

‘But the university’s miles away and I haven’t got any money, I’ll freeze to death, or get lost, or…’

‘Okay,’ she sighed, ‘but if you touch me in any way…’

‘I promise.’

She then turned over on her side so her back was to me, I was tempted to give it a few minutes before prodding her with my rock hard cock, but in light of her words and the situation I didn’t think it was such a good idea.

I awoke the next morning taking in my new surroundings as my mind raced through the previous evenings events. Realising without the alcohol perhaps I might not have said half the things I did.

‘Good morning Steve.’

‘Er morning,’ her voice sounded more authoritative than last night. Consequently part of me wanted to go, but the other part was intrigued to explore further why she had picked me up in the taxi and let me spend the night in her bed.

She sat up in bed and turned to face me, ‘you were very drunk last night.’

‘I wasn’t that…’ I protested.

‘I bet you don’t even remember half the things you were saying.’

I was tempted to reply, “I remembered everything,” but I muttered something before she cut in.

‘That’s why I had to pick you up last night anything could have happened to you the state you were in.’

“Not how I remembered it,” I thought to myself. In the ensuing silence I took a sideways glance at Denise. True, in the cold light of day, her face was more lined and older than last night’s alcohol influenced memories. I then looked a bit lower at her chest and was more than pleasantly surprised for her V-neck nightie provided me with a great view of her cleavage.

‘I better drive you back.’

She was acting as if last night never happened. ‘I can get the train.’

‘No I insist, you did buy me that drink last night, or don’t you remember that.’

I nodded, ‘of course I remember that.’

‘Oh and what else do you remember?’

Her tone was dismissive.


‘What do you mean?’

‘I wasn’t the only one who’d had a bit too much to drink, remember what you said about your ex?’

‘Oh God,’ she blushed ‘I didn’t think I said that to you.’

I gave a devious little smile, ‘”very lazy in bed,” was how you described him.’

She frowned at me.

‘Never pleasured you properly.’

‘Okay Steve that’s enough,’ she looked away embarrassed before she cut in, ‘do you want a cup of tea?’

‘Yes please.’ I watched not taking my eyes of her breasts as she got out of bed and put on a dressing gown. Once she left, I took a look round her bedroom. Pastel shades and a couple of inoffensive prints were the order of the day; suffice to say there was not a Jim Morrison or Beatrice Dalle poster in sight.

A few minutes later Denise appeared with two cups of tea and my clothes, ‘here’s your tea, you’d better get dressed and once your dressed you can finish your tea downstairs as I need to get changed.’

I nodded as she got into bed next to me, the whole situation was more than slightly surreal, but remembering the things I had said to her the fact she had never been licked out got me hard. There was a bit of an awkward silence, before I chipped in with ‘bet you didn’t think you’d be spending your Sunday morning like this?’

‘No,’ she replied, before adding, ‘what were you expecting when you invited yourself into my bed?’

‘Er I don’t know I just…’


‘I… ‘ her frankness had caught me out.

‘It’s not just sex.’

I didn’t know what she meant, ‘sorry.’

‘Exactly, you just wouldn’t understand.’

I think I just nodded hoping that she would explain herself.

‘It’s the company and the companionship which I miss so much, being on your own, especially, you know at night, in bed, it’s not fun. I just wanted someone to be with me…’

She continued in a similar manner as I occasionally nodded sympathetically. I did think she was feeling a bit sorry for herself and required cheering up. It was probably why I blurted out, ‘the offer.’

She stopped mid way through a diatribe of analyse over her wasted years. ‘Offer?’

‘Yeah,’ I replied somewhat stunned I had said such an impulsive thing. ‘The offer I made you last night.’

She gulped, ‘but you were drunk.’

‘So you think I didn’t mean it?’

She nodded, ‘it was probably just the drink talking and now you’ve just realised you spent the night with someone old enough to be your mother you want to get out of here immediately.’

‘Don’t be so sure.’


‘Did it shock you?’

‘Yes of course it did.’

‘In a good way or a bad way?’

‘I’m not going to answer that.’

‘Okay, let me put it another way, in a, “I’m going to stop the taxi way?'”

‘What do you mean?’

‘When you asked the taxi driver to stop were you really that concerned about my welfare?’

She shifted uneasily in the bed before replying, ‘yes I was.’

‘Are you sure?’


‘I think you got cold feet.’

‘No, that’s not true.’

‘I think you wanted to accept my little offer but for some reason you changed your mind.’

She was getting a little flustered, ‘you only made that silly statement, offer call it whatever because you were drunk.’

‘Denise we know why you got the driver to stop, it was the thought of getting your pussy licked out for the first time.’

She gave a groan of displeasure.

‘Is that a yes?’

She gave a gentle nod before replying, ‘I may have had a moment of weakness.’

‘Any chance of you having another moment of weakness?

I did not give her the opportunity to reply as I continued, ‘what if I made you the same offer now?’

‘What are you saying?’

‘I think you know.’

‘Yes, er, I mean I know what you’re saying, I don’t know,’ she then backtracked, ‘you wouldn’t make the same offer.’

I turned, looked into her eyes and smiled.

‘My God.’

I nodded.

‘You’re serious.’

I sensed both fear and excitement in her voice as I replied, ‘you know I am.’

She did not respond, but I could hear a change in her breathing as it became more heavy and shallow.

‘I don’t want or expect anything in return, I promise.’

She nodded.

I ran my hand gently over her stomach, ‘is that nice?’

‘Stop,’ she replied as she took my hand, ‘this is wrong.’

‘I know but that’s what makes it all the more right.’


‘Nobody will ever find out, it’s just you and me.’

‘But I’m old enough to…’

‘So what, it’s not as if you’re trying to corrupt me.’

‘No, I think you’re the one doing the corrupting.’

I laughed as I returned my hand to her stomach and returned to stroking it, ‘I think you like being corrupted.’

‘Maybe,’ she replied shakily.

‘Just think how good my tongue will feel inside you.’

‘Oh,’ she groaned.

‘I just want to lick you out.’

Her breathing had become much heavier almost most reaching a crescendo before she said, ‘is that all you want to do?’

‘No,’ I paused.

‘What?’ She replied shakily.

‘I want to try and make you cum as well.’

She let out a soft moan.

I smiled, ‘you are thinking about this?’

‘I don’t know…’ she stammered.

‘Nobody will ever find out, it’s just a one-off, I’ll never bother you or come round again.’

‘Why are you doing this?’

‘Just the thought of it, the fact I’ll be doing things to you no man has ever done before, and as you say, it’s so wrong…’

‘Just a one-off?’

‘So you are thinking about it?’

‘You know I am.’

I don’t know how long it was until she next spoke, it seemed an eternity until she said, ‘I need to have a shower.’

I remained on the bed as I watched Denise walk shakily out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. Next I heard her turn on the shower. At this juncture the shower wasn’t the only thing turned on as I looked down at my throbbing cock as it tried to escape from my pants.

After quite some time Denise emerged covered in a large white towel. When she saw me, there was an element of surprise in her face, ‘you’re still here?’

‘You didn’t think I’d leave?’

‘I thought I’d heard the front door close.’

‘Is that what you wanted?’

She slowly shook her head.


‘I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.’

I felt a huge surge of sexual excitement as I got off the bed and walked towards her before gently taking hold of her hand.

‘Where do you want me?’ Her words spoken quickly and nervously.

‘Do you want to lie face down on the bed, I can relax you a bit first.’

‘How are you going to do that?’

‘A bit of kissing and stroking.’

She nodded and still in her towel lay down on the bed.

I began by slowly concentrating on the parts of her body which were not covered by the towel . Her calves were gently stroked before being kissed, her soft skin still damp from the shower. I then moved up to her shoulders, brushing the loose strands of wet hair away before gently kissing the skin and licking off the droplets of water.

Underneath me her breathing was sharp and beneath the towel could feel her rapid heartbeat, ‘just relax,’ I whispered softly in her ear.

‘Sorry, I’m not used to this.’

‘What are you used to?’

‘Just wham bam.’

‘Do you like this?’


As I continued kissing round the tops of her shoulder Denise gave ever frequent murmurs of encouragement.

When I felt she was sufficiently relaxed I asked, ‘can I pull the towel down a bit?’

She nodded.

I pulled the towel down to her buttocks which made her briefly raise her torso and was tempted to reach underneath and give her breasts a quick squeeze. Instead I gently stroked her back going vertically up her backbone before gently fanning out.

She let out a gentle sigh.

‘Is that okay?’

‘Mmm yes, it feels really nice.’

‘You feel a bit more relaxed now then?’

She nodded.

With that my hands spread outwards to the sides of her back before falling downwards and gently stroking the swells of her breasts. Denise made no attempt at stopping me and began to give gentle gasps of encouragement. It soon became my turn to give a little moan, ‘you have wonderful breasts,’ by way of explanation.

Not waiting for any response I dug my right hand into the mattress and with the pocket of space I had created I was able to push my hand forward and upwards to her right nipple.

She gave a moan as I played with it between my fingers.

‘Can I play with the other one?’

She responded by leaning over to her right which allowed me to play with both nipples.

After I had done this for a while I leant forward and whispered in her ear, ‘is it alright for me to take the towel off?’

She nodded and then lifted her torso up which allowed me to remove the towel and discard it on the floor.

I looked at her naked body for a few moments, her bottom might have been a bit dimpled, her upper thighs carried a bit of cellulite and her body could perhaps have done with a bit of toning but they were minor quibbles as evidenced by my throbbing cock.

I sat astride her legs and gently stroked the tops of her thighs before going onto her bottom which I also gently stroked. She continued to give me subtle signs of encouragement as I planted her bottom with kisses. She clearly liked this as she raised her bottom and underneath me parted her legs slightly.

I gave a silent groan to myself as her pussy was partially revealed for the first time. My cock throbbed in my pants as I pictured myself parting her legs and slipping into her. Instead I lowered my fingers and gently stroked between her legs. The heat from her pussy told me I was doing more than alright.

‘Mmm, that feels really good,’ she breathed.

‘Denise,’ I whispered, ‘do you want to turn over for me?’

‘Mmm,’ she replied as I gently got off her.

I detected a hint of embarrassment as she looked at me with her naked self. But she had not need. The first thing I noticed was her pussy which was trimmed with the light hair only about a third of an inch long. Her nipples stood out from my earlier ministrations.

I brushed her right nipple with the back of my hand before giving it a gentle pinch. She responded with a shiver followed by a soft moan. Staring at them for a few moments I commentated, ‘you have lovely nipples,’ before asking ‘may I?’

She nodded as I bent down and took her right nipple in my mouth. I gently sucked on it for a few minutes getting more and more turned on. Not only by the act itself but by Denise’s reactions as she tilted her head back and moaned softly.

Ceasing my nipple-play, I planted her breasts with kisses and continued down to her stomach where I paused. Next I gently nibbled down to the where her neatly trimmed pubes began.

Denise placed one of her hands over her pussy, before saying on a whisper, ‘I can’t believe this is going to happen.’

I gently kissed the backs of her fingers and then took her middle finger in my mouth and gently nibbled it. She moaned softly. I then gently sucked on it so it was wet and slippery before I took her finger and guided it to her opening. Gripping the top of her hand so her finger rubbed against her pussy. ‘Finger yourself for me,’ I whispered.

Denise replied with a gentle murmur as her finger slipped inside her pussy. Still holding the top of her hand I guided her finger in and out of her pussy a dozen or so times.

‘Let me taste you,’ I whispered and with that I transferred her finger from her pussy to my mouth groaning in pleasure as I tasted her for the first time.

I took her finger out of my mouth and gently stroked her pussy marvelling at the sensation of her jagged pubes against the tips of my fingers. Ever so slowly I moved towards her entrance teasing her outer lips with my fingers before gently stroking her clit.

She moaned and wriggled on the bed.

‘Just think how my tongue will feel inside you.’

She groaned.

‘Is that what you’re thinking about, my very wet tongue gently sliding into your pussy.’


‘Not just yet though,’ I teased as I looked her in the eye and smiled before slowly licking my middle finger and inserting it into her pussy.

‘Oh Steve, please…’

I couldn’t believe this sexy older woman was now begging me to lick her. I withdrew my finger from her very hot pussy before inserting it into my mouth. ‘Mmm you taste so good,’ I paused, ‘but now I want a proper taste of your pussy.’

Denise looking down at me merely nodded.

I then gently licked along her clit, before prodding it with my tongue.

‘Your tongue feels so wet and slippery,’ she gasped.

I then flexed my tongue and prodded her clit harder, she groaned. I continued to lick her clit getting more turned on by her gentle moans of encouragement. I then paused as I inserted one finger into her pussy and slowly began to finger fuck her.

‘Do you want another finger?’

‘Oh yes,’ she gasped.

As I continued to slowly finger fuck her I alternated between licking and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

Her moaning increased as she began to wriggle about on the bed.

I then removed my fingers from her and replaced them with my tongue which I tensed up and began to jab inside her pussy.

‘Ahh that feels so good,’ as she pushed herself onto my tongue.

Encouraged by this I gripped her silky smooth thighs tightly and lifted them upwards as I thrust my tongue in and out of her, simultaneously rubbing her clit with my fingers.

She moaned in pleasure, whispering, ‘oh yes, oh please, yes, oh, oh, oh yes.’

I pulled away, ‘you like?’

‘Oh, yes,’ she gasped.

I smiled to myself knowing how much pleasure I was giving her before returning my tongue to her pussy which I continued to probe and tease. Denise’s arms were parallel to the side of her body and she gripped the bed sheets in each hand, ‘ohhhh ah she groaned,’ as she bent her knees slightly.

Denise let out a moan of frustration as I moved my tongue less than an inch away from her pussy where it remained. ‘Denise.’


‘Do you want to fuck my tongue? Drive that sexy pussy of yours hard into my mouth?’

In response her hands gripped the bed sheets even tighter as she pushed herself down onto my flexed tongue.

‘Oh yes,’ she moaned as she began to fuck my tongue with hard desperate thrusts. Remembering not to neglect her clit I attempted to rub it, which proved quite difficult as my face was by now virtually glued to her pussy.

Nevertheless I managed to get two of my fingers to stroke her clit. With pleasure from both my fingers and tongue Denise relinquished her grip on the sheets and took my wrists.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Mmm yes,’ she replied, before proclaiming, ‘oh I’m nearly there,’ as my tongue lashed against her clit.

‘Am I going to make you cum?’

She nodded manically as moments later I felt her grip tighten against my wrists, as she pushed her pussy further into my face, until she finally shrieked, ‘oh fuck, oh fuck.’

And then she came as years of pent up frustration and desire were dissipated. My head remained between her legs, my tongue still inside her pussy. She gently stroked the top of my head as she whispered, ‘thank you.’

Next she gently pulled on my hair, imploring me to move back up the bed so I removed my head from between her legs and went up to the top of the bed. Denise gently kissed me on the lips.

‘That was amazing, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to experience that.’

Her voice sounded happy elated even, ‘my pleasure, I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.’


‘Glad you picked me up now?’

‘Very, very glad.’

We lay side by side on the bed for a few minutes, Denise was still coming down from the orgasm I had given her and seemed to be in a world of her own.

I propped my head up so I could gaze down at her body her smooth legs were slightly apart and although I promised I didn’t want anything in return I desperately wanted to get between them.

I don’t know if Denise was aware I had been staring at her but she turned onto her side and gently stroked my bare chest.

‘That’s nice,’ I murmured in encouragement.

She smiled and gently kissed me.

The kiss was more of a thank you kiss and not a passionate one. Nevertheless my cock remained very hard in my pants, a fact which did not go unnoticed by Denise as she looked down at it.

‘I was so turned on licking you out and making you cum like that,’ I offered by way of an explanation.

‘No other possible reason?’ She smiled.

I nodded, ‘I’m still a bit turned on.’

‘A bit turned on,’ she repeated, ‘it looks to me like you’re very turned on to me.’

I nodded.

The silence hung for a few moments, as I hoped that Denise would do something to my cock. Instead I broke the silence, ‘what do you think about people who break promises?’

‘It depends on the promise.’

‘Oh,’ I replied, ‘what about the promise I made earlier?’

‘And what promise would that be?

‘About not wanting anything in return.’


‘I think I might want to break it.’

‘Oh really?’

I detected an element of sarcasm in her voice as I added by way of explanation, ‘you know, I…looking at you now, you know.’

‘You know?’ She repeated my words raising an eyebrow.

‘You’re so sexy.’

She gave a little giggle.

‘Your ex was an idiot.’

She smiled before stoking my face, ‘I’ll take that as a compliment.’


I then turned over on my side so we were facing each other and ran my hand down her back before pulling her close to me and kissing her.

We continued kissing for what seemed like ages. It felt so good to be up close to her and have her soft breasts rub up against my chest. I gave a gently moan as I came into contact with a hard nipple.

Denise responded by kissing me even more passionately as I was squashed against her breasts and I moaned again in appreciation.

Denise then slowly and gently encircled me with her arm before rolling onto her back and bringing me with her so I was lying on top of her. My hard cock still in my boxers was squashed against her upper thigh.

Denise looked me in the eye before muttering, ‘you feel so hard.’

‘Yeah,’ I gulped.

Underneath me her breathing slowly became deeper and shallower just as it was when I started to lick her out before she dug her nails into my back and kissed me. She gently ran her forefinger around my lips before moving it up to my forehead then stoking my hair. Her hand then lightly danced down my back where it stopped just above my buttocks.

The gentle rise of her breasts squashed against my chest as she breathed in and out, she gave a moan as her thigh again brushed against my rock solid cock. Almost simultaneous with that she looked at me again and asked in a whisper, ‘that promise of yours.’


‘Do you still want to break it with me?’

I nodded.

Denise gave a little moan followed by a devilish smile. She then moved her hand, which had remained just above my buttocks slowly downwards. It was then I felt a firm tug on my waistband of my boxer shorts followed by another.

I lifted my torso up a few inches which allowed her to remove my boxer shorts and a few moments later my cock was squashed against her outer thigh. I felt my cock leak out some pre-cum onto her.

‘You really do want it?’ She commented.

‘Yeah,’ I stammered, ‘I don’t think I can take much more,’ before looking in the direction of my jacket, ‘I’ll get a condom.’

Denise responded by gently encircling my lower back.

‘What is it?’

‘I shouldn’t really say this, but you don’t have to…’

‘Are you sure?’

‘It feels much more intimate. But I can trust you?’

‘Yes,’ I whispered assuming she wasn’t on any birth control and expected me to pull out.

Denise gently nodded her head and whispered, ‘okay then.’ With that she repositioned herself and parted her legs. For my part I gently pushed my torso up. Underneath me Denise gripped my cock and set it above her entrance. She then circled my lower back with her other hand, gently digging her nails into me, nodding and murmuring ‘put it in,’ in a husky voice.

I then slowly slid into her. Her pussy was incredibly wet as I eased in my full length. ‘Oh fuck that feels so good,’ I moaned as her wetness enveloped my whole length even down to my balls.

I remained still, my young cock deep inside her, her breath short, sharp and lustful. I ground my pelvis against hers as I attempted to force even more of myself inside her. Denise moaned softly and ran her nails gently down my back before digging them into my arse cheeks imploring me to penetrate her even deeper.

I then withdrew a few inches before gently sliding back inside her. I repeated this, my movements slow and gentle. Her pussy was getting wetter with each stroke and I could even feel her juices lubricating my swollen balls.

‘Is that nice?’ I asked in response to one of her frequent moans.

‘Oh yes nice and slow,’ she purred into my ear.

‘Oh your pussy feels amazing, it’s so wet.’

‘Mmm, you’ve no idea how horny it’s making me having your young cock inside me.’

It was my turn to groan at the sound of her dirty talk.

‘Are you close?’ Denise responded.

‘If you keep saying things like that I will be.’

Denise giggled, looked into my eyes and kissed me before replying, ‘I’ll try and keep quiet then, I don’t want this to stop.’

I nodded as I continued to slowly slip in and out of her with long slow strokes. On an upstroke the gap between our bodies allowed me to look down at the valley between her breasts down onto her stomach and in the semi-darkness under the sheets. Here I could see the solid shaft of my cock slowly disappear as I entered her again.

It was that image that triggered something as I could detect the tale tale signs of an ejaculation. I therefore stopped my movements and pulled out.

Denise let out a moan of disappointment, before asking ‘what’s wrong?’ As I manoeuvred myself onto my side.

My throbbing cock glistening with her juices was between us, it purple and angry head pointing towards her pussy. ‘Nothing.’

‘Are you going to put that lovely cock back inside me then?’

‘I don’t think I can.’

Denise turned to face me, her breasts rippled invitingly, her nipples hard and erect, ‘what do you mean?’ An element of frustration in her voice.

‘Just then, I was really close.’

‘I know,’ she replied with a smile.

‘If I put it inside you again, I’m worried I might, you know, cum.’

She moaned softly.


‘Hearing you say that.’

Her words triggered flashbacks to my game of bareback roulette with Lisa, something I was not prepared to try again. ‘I think I’d better get a condom.’

‘Steve,’ Denise touched my arm, ‘no.’

‘But what about what you said earlier. You said, “can I trust you?”‘

‘Yes,’ she replied, before smiling. ‘What did you think I meant by that?’

‘Not to, you know, cum.’

She shook her head.

‘What then?’

‘It wasn’t that, I was trusting you not to give me anything.’


‘Were you worried about giving me a baby?’

I nodded.

‘Is that why you stopped?’


‘That’s so sweet of you.’ Denise turned onto her side so we were facing each other and kissed me my cock butted against her stomach.

She then looked hard into my eyes, ‘but you would like to?’ As she glanced down at her pussy.

I gulped a mouthful of air.

Denise smiled, seemingly enjoying my discomfort, ‘do you want me to tell you something?’

I nodded.

‘My useless ex refused to get the snip so I ended up getting my tubes cut.’

‘Oh,’ I think I said.

‘You know what that means don’t you?’

She didn’t allow me to respond as she continued, ‘that means there’s no way on earth I can get pregnant.’

‘Does that mean it’s alright to?’

She smiled, ‘is that what you want?’

‘Oh yes,’ I groaned, my excitement rising as I looked at her with increasing intensity. ‘I can’t believe you’re going to let me do this.’

‘Say it,’ she demanded.

‘Let me…’

‘Oh yes…’

‘Cum inside you.’

‘Oh God you’ve no idea how turned on I am hearing you say that. Come here.’

She gave me a big wet kiss, ‘I think I’m going to explode if I don’t have your cock back inside me.’

Denise then rolled onto her back.

I positioned myself over her as she gripped my cock, ‘no holding back this time.’

‘I promise, but…’

‘What is it?’

‘I think I’ll cum pretty quick this time…’

Denise gave a loud moan.

‘You don’t mind?’

‘Oh no, I can’t wait for you to explode inside me.’

I swore second time round she was even wetter as I slowly slid into her. I let out a soft moan knowing that my cock and I were responsible for the wetness.

‘What lover?’

‘You feel even wetter.’

‘Mmm, it’s the thought of what you’re about to do to me.’ As Denise dug her nails into my back.

I groaned.

‘You ready to make me even wetter?’

‘Oh yes,’ I grunted as I slipped a few inches out of her.

‘Fuck me with your teen cock,’ she implored as I slid back into her.

Even after that initial movement, the sensation in my balls told me they wanted to expel their lustful load. Any earlier subtleties were taken over by animalistic lust as I thrust my cock deep into her making her tits wobble.

‘Oh Steve,’ she groaned.

‘You like that?’ I asked as I pulled out before slamming into her again.

‘Oh yes.’

I continued to fuck her hard and fast. Denise’s whole body bouncing up and down on the bed, her wet hair going in all different directions. She was moaning and gasping throughout.

After no more than a dozen strokes I grunted, ‘fuck, I’m going to cum…’

‘Where are you going to cum?’ She gasped.

‘In your cunt, in your hot little cunt.’

‘Yes, oh yes,’ as she held me even tighter her nails digging into my back her hot breath against my cheek.

I felt her hand snake downwards between our stomachs, ‘I want to cum on your cock when it’s inside me,’ Denise hissed.

‘You want to cum on my cock?’

‘Oh Steve,’ she replied as I felt her fingers scrape against my cock as she began to rub her clit.

It was then that I felt a tremendous surge starting from my prostrate, ‘oh I groaned.’

‘Are you?’

‘Yes,’ I grunted, ‘oh fuck,’ I proclaimed as the first jet of cum shot out of my cock into her pussy.

Denise squealed in pleasure, ‘more, more shoot more of your teen cum into my pussy.’

I groaned as my balls continued to spit out wads and wads of cum deep inside her.

A few moments later it was her time to cum again as she ground herself against me shouting, squealing in ecstasy.

We held each other for a few moments my cock still inside her, both breathing deeply. I spoke first, ‘I wasn’t too rough at the end, it was just so turned on by the thought of cumming in your pussy.’

‘Oh no, I was just as turned on about it too.’

‘I can’t believe you let me do that.’

She gave a little chuckle.


‘God I’d forgotten how much I loved sex.’ She ran her hands down my back, ‘oh Steve!’

‘What is it?’

‘I can feel you’re still hard inside me.’

‘Mm, it’s the thought that you might let me do it again.’

A look of surprise appeared on her face, ‘you mean now?’

‘Oh yes, there’s plenty more where that came from.’

Denise replied with a lustful groan.

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