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Breaking the Curse

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I was cursed. Not by the evil witch of the mountains or some wizard living in a cave somewhere. I was cursed by my own parents. I am their first child. They named me after my mother’s favorite cousin. What they either didn’t know or didn’t care about was that he hated his name.

He hated it for the same reason that I hate it. It is one of those names that when someone hears it they assume it is the name of a girl! I’m not a girl! My parents named me Melessa. Mom said that because it wasn’t spelled with an I in the middle it wasn’t a girl’s name. She probably even believed it.

On the first day of high school I thought I had finally found a benefit to having the name. Each student was given a printed official program. It told each of us what classes we had and where we had each of our seven classes. I had gym third period. Girl’s Gym. So, at the right time, I followed a crowd of girls into the girl’s locker room. I found out that two things were immediately true. Number one, no one gets undressed in the girl’s gym on the first day. Number two, you can be officially in the right place and still be wrong.

That was as close as I got to finding a benefit to having a girl’s name.

Everything else about my name was negative. I couldn’t get people to call me Mel. I think that was because whenever either of my parents used my name they used Melessa.

When I went in the service I discovered that most people don’t use their first name. On the uniform you wear a name tag. It lists only your last name. I didn’t have any trouble except at mail call. I finally bribed the guy who delivered the mail to call out “Peterson” instead of “Melessa Peterson.”

I also discovered that people in the military get nicknames. Mine was easy and I liked it. My uniform said “PETERSON” on it. I became “Pete.”

Most of my life got better. Once in a long while I would need to deal with the first name problem but for most of the time “Pete” was good enough.

When I travel I have problems with my name. Security at the airports looks at my boarding pass and becomes suspicious. They need to see picture identification and then they are still suspicious. I have often wondered if they think someone would pick a name like Melessa in order to be invisible.

Once, having the name stopped being a curse. Once. I was traveling back from Europe headed to California. It was winter. We landed at JFK in New York and the connecting flight, non-stop to Los Angeles, left me waiting at JFK for six hours. The storm that was arriving at JFK at the same time I did threatened to close JFK in a few hours. I changed flights and got a flight to Denver. The ticketing person assured me Denver was now behind the storm and everything would be great. I would connect in Denver for a flight to LAX. She booked my tickets and I was off.

Four hours bouncing through the storm later, I was in Denver. I had been told the truth and told a lie. Yes, the storm that was in New York had passed and was no longer in Denver. No, everything wasn’t great.

A new storm was five miles out of Denver and all westbound flights had just been cancelled. Instead of being stuck in New York I was stuck in Denver. The airlines treated us, the passengers, well. They arranged for us to stay at nearby hotels for the night. They apologized for any inconvenience this might cause. They also said that because the hotel would be full they might need to double up some passengers.

We rode a bus to the hotels. Actually there were lots of busses. At the hotel we were told that passenger lists for flight 2250 had been sent ahead and rooms assigned. The desk person would call out our name and give us a key for our room. It was done alphabetically by last name. The only time they used a first name was when more than one passenger had the same last name. When they got to my name she said, “M. Peterson.” I stepped forward and took the plastic key in a paper folder. Printed on the cover it said: “M. Peterson.”

As I walked away from the desk another desk person announced that by showing our key in the dining room we would be able to have dinner on the airline. Many people went to the dining room. I took my bag up to my room and put my bag on the bed closest to the heat source in the room. The room had two queen sized beds so I figured I probably would get a roommate.

Downstairs, I joined lots of others in the dining room. Soon the people coming in were given a smaller and smaller menu because the kitchen was running out of some selections from the bigger menu. An announcement was made that all rooms with more than one bed would have both beds being used.

I was sitting at a table with three other passengers. One other man and two women. One of the women said, “Oh this could be exciting. Maybe I’ll get a man for a roommate!”

The other woman said, “Don’t be nutty, Carla. They’ll assign rooms by gender.”

I smiled and thought, “Yes, and they’ll get our gender by looking at our names.” My smile got bigger.

Carla caught my smile and said, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I’m a single man. I’ve been traveling for three weeks on business. I have been in at least ten different hotels and in every one of them what I’ve missed is someone to share the bed with. If they give me a woman roommate I will not complain.”

“She’ll have her own bed.” The man at our table said.

I looked at him briefly and then back at Carla. “If you get assigned to a room with a man will you try to change rooms?”

“I don’t think so. If he’s good looking, I might order champagne from room service.”

We finished our meals and left the dining room. There were new people waiting for our table. I thanked my tablemates for their conversation and headed for the gift shop. I bought a couple diet Cokes and a snack. I figured I could have them as I watched TV in my room. As I was leaving the gift shop the radio news announced that Denver airport was closed and did not anticipate reopening for forty-eight hours. I went back in the gift shop, bought three magazines, a six pack of diet Coke, and six bags of various snacks.

I slid the key into the door of my room and the light flashed green. I opened the door, wondering if I was still alone or if my roomie had arrived.

Carla was sitting on the other bed, shoes off, propped up on the bed with both her pillows. When she saw me she smiled and said, “Bette is gonna shit!”

“Bette is the other woman we had dinner with?” I was smiling and putting my bag of stuff on the table.

“Yes. When we got to her room she opened the door and was greeted by a woman in her eighties.”

“I’m older than I look. Now that this is a reality do you want me to call the desk and see about a room transfer?”

“Too late. I looked in your suitcase. I know I shouldn’t have but I’m naturally snoopy sometimes and I looked. I saw men’s clothes, a man’s shaving kit, and six condoms. I knew you were a man. I called and was told that we could not switch rooms unless we found others willing to do so. They were not going to be able to help.”

“Ok. I’m certainly not going to complain. By the way, people call me Pete.”

“Carla. On your luggage tag it says M. Peterson. I understand that lots of men named Peterson are called Pete. What does the “M” stand for?”

“A name I hate. I told her the story and then told her my name. She didn’t smile, laugh or make some other comment. She said, “I like Pete. It suits you.”

“A lot better than Melessa.” I let her know the forecast and what goodies I brought for us to share. She said that since we were going to be there for two days we might as well get comfortable. She had unpacked before I arrived. I unpacked and while I was doing that she grabbed some things and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start and had a mental image of her standing under the hot stream of water with soap on her breasts. I had noticed at dinner that she was nicely put together. Not “D” sized, but plenty for enjoyment.

I finished unpacking and noticed that the condoms she had seen were no longer in my suitcase. I picked up the bag of snacks and put the diet Cokes in the mini-bar. I opened the drawer between the two beds to put the chips in there and saw the condoms. This lady intended to join me in some fun! She had stated her intentions downstairs and once again by her placement of my condoms where they would be easy to find.

I put my dop kit by the door to the bathroom and sat on my bed. The shower was still running.

“Pete!” Her voice called from inside the bathroom.


“Could you help me, please?”


“First, by coming in here.”

I opened the door and was greeted by a cloud of steam. I closed the door so the cooler air wouldn’t get to Carla.

“I need someone to scrub my back. Would you be willing?”

She was standing in the shower facing away from me. My first real look at her had her exposed from her feet to her head and I felt something in my slacks move on it’s own. Her skin looked really good. Her ass looked like she was a teenager. Tight, muscled and firm.


“Right. I am willing to wash your back but only on one condition, I also get to wash your front.”

“I’ve already washed my front, shaved my underarms, legs and pussy but if you want to make sure I did a good job, Ok by me.” She turned around and I sat down on the toilet. She was beautiful! I know my mouth was hanging open.

“Pete! Get undressed! You have two days to look at me, touch me and whatever else we can think of. Right now I want us both clean.”

I didn’t need to be told again. I stripped and joined her under the water. She handed me the bar of soap and turned her back to me. I soaped her from the neck down, slowly and massaging as I soaped. When my hands got to her ass she bent forward a little and pushed her ass back at me. My hard cock pressed between her ass cheeks and she said, “Not yet! Soon, but not yet.”

My hands caressed her ass and she held the cheeks apart so I could easily get between and wash her pucker. I’d been married once to a woman who never let me touch her there and this woman who I’d know less than four hours held her cheeks apart for me!

From my knees I washed her legs. She spread her legs and I did a good job. She had done a good job shaving. I didn’t feel and stubble. She turned around to face me before I got back up. I was face to face with her pussy. Right at the top of her slit I saw a small gold ring piercing her clitoral hood.

“Do you like my ring?”

“Yes, I think I do.”

“I got it while I was in Amsterdam last year. If you kiss it, you will be the first man to do so.”

I did more than kiss it! I lifted her leg up and put her foot on the edge of the tub. I sucked on the ring gently and then ran my tongue down into her slit. When I discovered her own wetness, it tasted wonderfully. I spent lots of time eating her and returning to her ring. When she began to quiver she grabbed my head and moaned. She thrust and ground her puss against my face until she came.

She moaned, froze and then trembled as the orgasm subsided. I stood up and kissed her, knowing I tasted like her own pussy. She joined me in the kiss with enthusiasm.

When the kiss ended she took the soap and washed me. She didn’t hurry, she didn’t miss anything. She was very careful to gently scrub my cock, balls and ass. Then she sucked in my cock and blew/sucked me until I unloaded in her mouth. It was incredible!

We got out, dried off and went back into the bedroom. We faced two beds and she said, “Your place or mine?”

“How about the floor between?”

“Later. Come to my place first.”

“I’d be honored.”

We pulled the sheets and covers down and got on the bed. Not in the bed. On the bed. In the bed is for sleeping and snuggling. On the bed is for more athletic activities. The sharing of body fluids. Sometimes on the bed is for creating children. Carla and I were not there for that! I’m fixed. I’ve had plenty of cum since the surgery so I know I’m empty. Shooting blanks. I still love shooting. I still wear condoms when I shoot, especially when I shoot and I’m not in my home gallery. Carla wasn’t my home gallery, mostly because I didn’t have one at that time.

I brought the little bottle of skin lotion out of the bathroom with me and when we were on the bed I opened it.

“May I apply lotion to you?” I asked.

“That would be nice. You want the front or the back first?”

“It’s your body, you choose.”

She flipped so she was face down and I started applying lotion to her feet and lower legs. Earlier in my life I had studied massage so I really did work the lotion in as I applied it. When I finished with her feet I leaned from her bed to the thermostat and turned up the heat. I didn’t want her getting cold. Relaxed, but not cold.

I moved back to her legs and worked her thighs. I found a tender spot and when I touched it the first time she said, “I backed into a conference table.”

In the bathroom I soaked a hand towel in the hottest water I could get from the sink. I brought it back to the bed with two other dry towels. I put a dry towel on her leg, the hot moist towel and then a dry one over the others. It warmed and relaxed in just a couple minutes. As the heat worked there I moved up a little and massaged her butt. She opened her legs a little. After a minute I gently probed her pussy with a mostly lotion dry finger.

“Oh, that’s friendly.” She said, in a low voice.

My hands got more lotion and moved up to her back. I noticed a half inch scar just above her hip on the right side. It looked like an old scar, maybe from childhood.

“That scar is unusual.”

“My sister stabbed me when I was in second grade. It was just bad enough to scar.”

“Remind me not to make her mad at me.”

“If she finds out we’re in bed together that will be enough for her to be mad at you, until she gets you in bed with her.”

“A little competitive?”

“Yes! She was two when I was born and hated all the attention I got. She still believes it should have been just her.”

“That feeling is common, I’m told.”

“When I feel the scar in the shower it reminds me not to turn my back on her.”


I lifted the warm towels from her leg and gently massaged the offended muscle. I felt it relax some and so I applied more lotion and slowly worked it some more. The bruise did surface and I knew it would look bad for a few days, but it didn’t hurt her as badly as before.

I rolled her over and had her sit up. I sat behind her, letting her lean against me as my legs all but surrounded her. I applied lotion to her shoulders and neck. Worked it in and released at least three days tension from those muscles. When I applied lotion to her arms she said, “I really thought we would be fucking by now.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“No. Surprised, but not disappointed. Most men go for getting off and roll over. You are hard so I know you’re interested but you’ve had your hands on me for almost an hour and you’ve only touched my cunt twice.”

“The women who taught me how to love a woman taught me that if I take care of her she will have the best possible experience. When she does she’ll share it with me. I believed them.”

“Bless them.”

My hands worked lotion onto her chest. As I massaged her C-cup breasts I paid attention to her reactions. At the touch of my palms to her nipples they tightened and became the swollen size of blueberries. She moaned. She leaned back against me and relaxed some more. When I pinched her nipples and pulled them just a little she squeezed her thighs together just enough for me to notice.

Carla leaned her head back and against my shoulder. I folded her arms across her chest and held them with my arms. She was totally supported, warm, relaxed and breathing like she was about to go to sleep.

I turned my head slowly until my mouth was near her ear. As softly as I could I whispered, “Could we get in the bed, snuggle and comfort each other until morning and then join?”

“Join?” She whispered.

“Yes. I seldom fuck. I’d much rather connect with you. Join with you. That it’s for two days isn’t a good reason to treat you like a place for me to masturbate. I want to savor the feel of you, the taste of you, the sounds you make, the smell of your arousal and your juices. Joining is creating memories to be savored again later, when neither of us is in Denver.”

“Then cover us, shut off the lights and treat me like that. No man ever has.”

Gently I moved her so her head was on a pillow and I covered her. With the lights off I opened the drapes and we could watch the snow silently falling outside. Our room was warm. I spooned up behind her, held her and fell asleep.

She woke up first. I’m sure of that because when I woke up she had my cock in her mouth. It not only looked good, it felt good too. Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at my face. She slowly tantalized me, explored me and seemed to enjoy the appreciative sounds I made.

When I was as hard as she wanted me to be she released her lip lock on my shaft and kissed her way up to my face.

“Can I interest you in joining with me?”

“You have my interest.” I kissed her. Our tongues met and danced. Our hands helped each other move into a joining position. As she moved she rolled a condom onto me. She chose to be on her side and lift one leg, opening her puss to me. I straddled her leg and moved close to her.

She grasped my cock and rubbed the head along her open lips, wetting it and stimulating her clit. I pressed forward and she aligned us for an easy insertion. All of this action while we looked in each other’s eyes.

How I kept from hurrying into her is still a mystery to me. I did enter her slowly, in a half inch or so, and out. Back in, just a bit farther, and back out. Finally I was pressed against her body as well as being buried inside her. I held still.

“If we’re counting strokes does that count as one?” She smiled.

“Count any way you wish. If you’re counting, my goal will be to have you lose count.”


With care, I moved back and forth and caressed the leg I held against my chest. I ran my hands down her leg to her puss and touched her clit each time I got there. After doing that for a while I let go of her leg and held her breasts.

“Pull my nipples.”

I pinched her nipples, not between my thumb and first finger tip but catching the bud between my thumb and the side of my first finger. As I increased pressure her back arched a little. Her head pressed into the pillow a little farther than before.

“18.” She announced.

I smiled. My hips increased the pace and soon she announced thirty, as she counted each stroke. I started making strokes of varied depths, one very shallow, three deep, three somewhere in between. My left thumb found her clit and rubbed it gently each time I went deep into her with my cock.

“Fifty-two, fifty-three.” I touched her clit. “Fifty four.” I stroked in twice while holding my thumb against her clit. “Fifty-four.”

I smiled and turned her on her stomach. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and then I helped her legs bend and go under her. She was lying on top of her folded legs and I was behind her. A position I call the praying puppy. If she went up on her knees it would be doggy, but she was too small to be doggy.

“Oh God! Pete, if you go any deeper I’ll choke!”

My hands held her hips and I slammed in hard and deep.


She repeated herself many times and I complied each time. I could feel the juices building up pressure in me. An eruption was about to happen. She sensed it and said, “Give me all of it! I want it all!”

When my load burst forth I thought the end of my dick had exploded! Over and over it surged out of me. Carla’s legs wrapped around my hips and held me in her as deeply as possible.

“Babe, that was wonderful! Good morning!”

“You were wonderful!” We lay side by side, touching, but not moving for a while. When I looked at the clock it read 9:28am.

“I wonder if room service is available?”

“I wonder if room service has any food.”

I called and room service said they would be bringing us breakfast in forty minutes or less. We ordered eggs, coffee, English muffins and peanut butter. I was happy to discover she liked peanut butter as much as I did.

We showered and dressed for breakfast. She wore a t-shirt of mine and I wore the bottoms of my pajamas. I only pack pajama bottoms on the chance that I will be spending the night with friends or opening the door for room service.

When the knock came announcing breakfast. we were ready. The teenaged delivery girl looked at us for a second as she delivered breakfast, then she put the food on the table and left. Carla sat in the middle of the unmade bed and I stood to the side giving her plenty of room to get all the food unloaded.

We ate breakfast by sharing. I fed her and she fed me. We talked about our lives, our jobs, our likes, dislikes, and even talked a little about our ex’s. She had been married for four years and had been a widow for four more years. He had died in Afghanistan in a plane crash. By her report she hadn’t even been tempted to bed a man until about a month before we met. The wound to her heart had not been healed enough until after the fourth anniversary of his death.

I told her about my ex. She wasn’t a wife or an ex-wife. She was the ex-girlfriend, ex-main squeeze, ex-fuck buddy. The connection never got strong enough to formalize by doing something like live together, get engaged, marry or even tell our friends we were a couple. When I was available and she was available we got together sometimes and used our bodies.

“You told me last night you don’t much like fucking. You prefer joining. Yet Donna was your fuck buddy.”

“Her choice, not mine. Fucking her was better than jerking off alone in my apartment. Fucking me was what she wanted. I gave her a massage like the one I gave you. Once. She said it was too much for her. Ok.”

“She’s nuts! You can massage me as often as you like. Not only was it good therapy, I loved how pampered and cared for I felt.”

“Good. That is the idea.”

Carla picked up the TV controller and said she wanted to see what the weather report was. As she pointed the controller at the TV the phone rang.

“Wrong button.” I said. She looked at me like I was nuts, as she answered the phone.


“Just getting ready to look at the weather on TV.”

“Just a sec.” She covered the phone and asked, “Can Bette come by? I’m sure hanging out with the eighty year old is getting to her.”

I nodded and got up from the bed.

“Sure. Come by. Room 1126.”

She hung up as I was pulling my pants on. I grabbed a clean t-shirt and pulled it on too. Carla didn’t get up. I cleaned up our breakfast dishes and put them out in the hallway. She watched.

When the room was presentable, I sat beside Carla on the bed.

“I could really get used to having you around.”

“You Ok with her knowing we slept together last night?”

“Proud, actually. She thought you were pretty cute yesterday in the restaurant.”

“Ok.” The knock came. I answered the door. As it opened Bette saw me standing there and she said, “You bitch!” It wasn’t angry. It was jealous. She stepped inside, swept the room with her eyes and looked at Carla. I closed the door.

“You slept with him!”

“Yes! And more!”

“I should hate you, you know. My roomie snored and farted all night!”

“I’m sorry.” We both said. Bette finally looked at me and said, “We had dinner with you last night.”

I nodded.

“Does he know?” Bette asked, looking at Carla.

“Not yet.”


“And… I’m thinking.”

“Bette, I think you should take off your shoes and get more comfortable. You can either sit on the bed with us, the unused bed or the chair. I’d really like to see the weather and then you can tell me you’ve been lovers. Ok?”

The look on Bette’s face was one of shock and embarrassment. I looked at Carla and the look was surprise. I had clues. I am smart.

I picked up the control and turned on the TV. Three button pushes and we saw the weather. Denver was snowed in for at least twenty four more hours. Bette took the controller from me and shut off the TV.

“We now know the weather. I want to know about what you just said.”

“Last night Carla said if I kissed the golden ring in her clit I would be the first man to do so. If no one had kissed it she would have said I would be the first person to kiss it. I saw how you two were at dinner, more than we-met-on-the-plane friends. I put one and one together and got two. Now, you and I have something in common. We both have kissed her little gold ring.”

“You Ok with that?” Carla asked.

“That you are bi or that you have been to bed with Bette?”

“Both.” They both said.

I smiled. “I have no right to judge what you do, either of you. With or without the right I do have a judgment. I envy women their freedom to be bi. The stigma for bi men is so strong that most men won’t let go far enough to go there. Two women can share a hotel room and while someone might wonder no one makes the sharing a negative.”

“I’m bi too,” Bette said.

“And, you’re still standing. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you sat down?” I asked.

“That depends.”


“If I can borrow another of your t-shirts.”

“Of course. But before we go there, please sit on the bed.”

She sat at the end of the bed we were on.

“I want us to be clear. By asking for a t-shirt you intend to stay a while and enjoy sex with one or both of us. Am I correct?”

She blushed a little and looked at Carla.

“If that’s true then I think that you should go back to your room, pack your stuff and come back here. That way we can open a bed up for someone who spent last night in the lobby… and we can more fully enjoy the rest of our stay together.”

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, if the offer is Ok with Carla.”

“I love the idea! Do you need any help?” Carla said. Under the covers she squeezed my hand.

“Nope. One suitcase on wheels. I’ll be back in just minutes.”

As she left I handed her the key to our room. “You don’t need to knock.”

Less than a minute after Bette left the housekeeping person opened the door. We let her know that we had a new arrival coming and would need extra soap, shampoo and lotion. I gave her a ten dollar tip and she loaded us up with extra everything. She changed the sheets on our bed, too.

Bette was back a couple minutes after the room was clean and restocked. Carla helped her unpack and I got a t-shirt out for her. She was unpacked before she took the t. She held it in her hand and asked Carla, “Did he do you before he gave you the t-shirt or after?”


“I request you do me like you did Carla. Is that Ok?”

“Ok.” Carla nodded and grinned. “When I arrived in the room Carla was sitting on the bed with her shoes off. As I unpacked she went into the bathroom and ran a shower.”

“In the shower I shaved everything: legs, pits and pussy. Then I called Pete in to wash my back. He said he would only wash my back if he could also wash my front.”

Bette kicked off her shoes and walked into the bathroom. A minute later we heard the shower come on.

“You sure about this?” I asked.

“I’m looking forward to it! No one has ever treated either of us like you treated me last night. Right now she thinks that in half an hour she’ll be on her back with her cunt filled with you.”

From the supply of extra stuff piled on our table I found a bottle of lotion. I took it to Carla and said, “It works better when it’s warm. Would you mind warming it?”

“No. I wouldn’t mind.”

I spread her legs and slid the small bottle into her vagina.

“Oh! I like how you think. I never would have thought to put it there.”

“Your bed or the other one?”

“This one. Maybe later we will sleep over there.”

“Three in a bed?”


“Pete!” Bette’s voice came from the bathroom.


“I need your help.”

“What do you need?”

“I need someone to wash my back.”

“Want me to ask Carla if she’s willing?”

“No! I want you!”

“Good!” I finished undressing and went into the bathroom. In about twenty minutes we had pretty well recreated the events of the night before. Some minor differences were present. Carla had a small gold ring through her clitoral hood. Bette had the same ring and rings through both nipples as well. She loved all the attention I gave her rings and loved the orgasm she had in the shower.

When we walked out of the bathroom all the lights were off in the bedroom. The drapes were drawn, allowing just enough light into the room so we could see to navigate. The bed was turned down and Carla was sitting on the other bed.

“There appears to be a bed for play and a bed for lounging. Which would you like?”

She climbed onto the play bed. I walked to Carla and kissed her. She was turned on and the kiss would have knocked my socks off if I had any on. I turned to Bette and said, “Would you like a little massage?”

She looked at Carla, who nodded. “Yes. That would be nice.”

“Would you like me to start on your front or back?”

“My back.”

“Carla, may I have the lotion please?”

Carla spread her legs and leaned back. I put my hand near her pussy. She exercised her muscles and popped the small bottle out into my hand.

Bette said, “God, that was sexy. How long has it been in there?”

“Since Pete went into the bathroom.” Carla then tore open the condom package and slipped it in her mouth. She slid her mouth over my cock and when she withdrew the condom was on me.

I slipped the bottle into my mouth and motioned for Bette to lie on her stomach. I worked slowly and carefully on her legs, then her ass, then her back. When I turned her over she was a noodle. Limp and totally relaxed. I sat behind her and spread lotion on her shoulders and neck. The tension melted away and she moaned and sighed as I worked.

More lotion was applied to my hands and then to her chest.

“No lotion on my nipples, please. The rings don’t like it.”

“No problem.”

By the time I had worked down to her pussy she was asleep. I gently got her on a pillow and covered her. When I looked up from covering Bette Carla was nude and inviting me to join with her. I accepted her invitation.

Carla was quite limber. As I approached her open legs she pulled them up and tucked them behind her head. I knelt near her pussy and slid into her in one slippery stroke. She put a pillow over her face and moaned into it. I held onto the headboard and pistoned into her as deep as I could go. My piston moved ever so slowly, all the way in and all the way out. On some of the strokes I held myself just outside of her for a few seconds, then plunged in again. On some of the strokes I got all the way out and immediately slid back in. I pulled the pillow from her face, then kissed her.

The orgasmic blush covered her chest. She was close. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and pulled out of her. Before she could ask what I was doing I lifted her, slipped a pillow where her ass had been and put her back down. On the way back down I flipped her. Her face was down, pinned to the bed by her own ankles. Her ass and pussy hung off the bed, supported by a pillow.

By spreading my legs I got in the perfect position and slid back into her. I heard her muffled, “God!” as I bottomed out. I held her hips in my hands and pistoned harder into her. Her hand found it’s way to her pussy and stroked her on clit as I slammed in and out of her.

My balls quit swinging. The sack had tightened up and was ready to fill the condom. Carla quivered and shook and suddenly froze. Her muffled scream went into the bedspread. I unloaded into her as her muscles milked my cock.

When we calmed a little we both looked at Bette. She was sound asleep. I helped Carla untangle herself and clean up. She pulled the condom off me and drank the contents. Then she opened a diet Coke and took a long drink.

She looked really good to me standing beside the bed naked.

She climbed back onto the bed next to me and snuggled. We whispered.

“You know, when she wakes she will want to be fucked.”

“I seldom fuck.”

“I know. She will love what you do to her.”

“Does she like her rings sucked?”

“That’s why she got them. They told her she would enjoy having her tits sucked more if she had rings.”

“You bought them, didn’t you?”

“She bought mine and I bought hers.”

“Thank you both.”

We dozed a little and when I woke, both of them were asleep. I used the bathroom, shaved and gently uncovered Bette. She was on her side with her knees drawn up. Her shaved pussy was exposed to view and therefore exposed to tongue. I gently positioned myself on the bed and softly touched her lips with my tongue. I stroked along her lips as gently as I could manage.

After about twenty strokes I probed deeper. When I did, my nose smelled her arousal and I tasted her juices. Oh, how I love both. A few more seconds and she lifted her leg for me, granting me more access to her puss.

I moved and put her on her back, legs wide and my face fully between her lower lips. Her juices flowed and I drank. My right hand reached out and found the drawer, and a condom. Somehow I got it on.

As I felt her orgasm starting I left her cunt and moved so my cock was at her entrance.

“Tell me what you want Bette.”

“I want you to be inside me! Hard and fast! Make me cum again!”

“Pussy or ass?”

“Either! Both! Just have me!”

Carla was awake. She slowly turned so she could watch. My cock slid into Bette and she moaned. I did her slow and deep for a long time. Then she said, “Faster, Pete! Faster!”

I hoped my hips were well lubricated inside. I moved as fast as my hips would go, moving my cock in and out of her canal. She shook and grabbed my arms, screaming her release. I stayed inside her until she calmed down and I was flaccid again. Carla knew I hadn’t cum in Bette. She removed the condom and sucked my cock for a minute or so, until I pulled her alongside her friend and I on the bed.

Time passed in quiet.

Finally, Bette said, “I’m hungry.”

“Sausage?” Carla asked.

“Later. A chef’s salad, a Ceasar, something!”

“I need something more than a salad.” I said. I rolled to the phone and asked the desk person if the restaurant was open and if they had any food. They had restocked and our meals were still comped by the airlines. I thanked them and hung up.

“I want us to get dressed and go to the dining room for dinner. You can have anything on the menu. Maybe the club will have dancing later.”

“You are crazy!” Bette said. “I finally find a man I like being in bed with and he wants to go dancing!”

Carla laughed. “He might just want to be a man. Men like sex and they like showing off. Taking us dancing is his testosterone telling the world he’s good enough to handle two women. I want to go.”

“Oh. Ok. I can get into that game. Let’s dress for showing off!”

“Half an hour later I’m in my gray suit. Carla and Bette are in little black dresses. The same cut, the same size and different fabrics. Bette was in black satin, Carla in black sequins. The dresses were sleeveless, strapless, tight enough that anything inside showed. They wore thigh high stockings, no panties and no bras. Three inch, fuck-me pumps finished off their outfits.

We left the room and each lady took an arm. We entered an empty elevator. Our room was on the eleventh floor. The elevator stopped on the eighth floor and three businessmen got on. Both women moved a little closer to me. One of the men noticed and said, “You must not be part of the stranded airline crowd.”

“Oh?” I responded.

“No one else even has a date. You’re here with two beautiful women.”

Carla looked at him and said, “Pete has a secret way to get women. Before our flight we didn’t even know him.”

Bette added, “Now, I’m so glad we know him!”

The elevator opened and we walked past the three men before they said anything. In the dining room we were seated at a table for four. Ten minutes later the matre’ d came to us and asked if they could have us share our table with someone. We agreed and a minute later a man was led to our table. He introduced himself as Carl and sat down.

Service was good and within a very few minutes we were eating. As we ate Carl began the getting-to-know-you questions. At first he asked questions of each of us like we were thrown together because we were on the same flight. Soon he was asking questions to see which woman was with me. It was obvious to all three of us he wanted to connect with either woman without offending the couple at the same table. We were having after dinner coffee when Carla put her hand on his. He stopped talking and looked in her eyes.

“Do I have your attention, Carl?”

He nodded. He looked at her hand on his and back up into her eyes.

“Pete is our lover. Our lover. All three of us share the same room. All three of us will be back in that room later this evening. Attempting to figure out which of us to hit on just won’t work. We both are taken. Any questions?”

He looked at me, Bette and then Carla. He was quiet for a long time.

“I’m forty two. I’m rich, stay in good shape, know how to play as hard as I work. I’ve never had two women willing to share their time with me unless I was paying for their time.”

“We aren’t pros.” Bette said. “We were on the flight as passengers just like you. We are willing to share him because of how he treats us. Each of us and us as us.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“When you really get it you will know.” Bette said.

“How will I know?”

“There will be two women on your arm and in your bed who don’t care about the money or how hard you work and play.”

I looked at my watch and both women stood. I got up and offered my hand to Carl. He stood and shook my hand.

“It was nice meeting you, Carl. Good luck.”

One woman on each arm we walked out. Many heads followed us. We went to the night club and sat in a small booth. I danced with both women a few times, fast songs and slow. In the slow songs I felt like a dancer in the old movie “Dirty Dancing.” Both women ground against me as we moved to the music and they kept me delightfully and painfully hard for over an hour.

While I danced with Carla Bette went to the DJ and asked him to play my favorite song, “I had the Time of My Life” by the Righteous Brothers. When it started she cut in on Carla and we really danced. Carla helped me out of my coat and off with my tie.

Before the song was half over a circle had formed around us. Bette hiked her dress up and her shiny red thong was visible. She pressed it against me and wrapped a leg around me as we danced. Every time a Righteous Brother said the word life she ran her hand over the bulge in my slacks.

When the song ended people clapped for us. Bette kissed me like we had been together years. Carla stood four feet away holding my tie and suit coat. When our kiss ended Bette took the coat and tie and Carla kissed me just the way Bette had.

In the elevator we saw the same three guys as when we went to dinner.

“We saw you dancing in the bar.”

“And?” Bette asked.

“I wish my wife would dance with me like that.”

“Maybe if you treated her differently she would.”

“How do you know how I treat her?”

“I don’t. I just know how he treats us.”

The door opened on eight and the three men got out of the elevator. After the door closed Carla asked, “How much more showing off do you want to do?”

“None! I want us in the room, naked and joined every way we can enjoy.”

Carla grabbed my cock and asked, “Can you wait that long or can I suck you right here?”

The doors opened and we stepped out as another couple stepped in. Carla dropped to her knees and grabbed my zipper as the elevator doors slid closed. When it was gone she stood back up and said, “We just became another hotel legend story.”

I hugged them both and we made it to our room. Inside we showered and washed each other. I got the pleasure of watching them please each other in the water. We dried each other and when we got to the bed I asked if they would do each other for a few minutes before I joined in.

Bette started kissing Carla. I found the music station on the TV and played soft music in our room. They danced as if we were still downstairs dirty dancing. They included very dirty touches, pulling nipples, fingers in pussies, squeezing their asses and kisses that could have started a forest fire. By the time they stopped dancing and went to the bed Carla had already cum.

Carla lay on her back and Bette straddled her shoulders, lowering her pussy to Carla’s waiting mouth. As Carla ate Bette I moved onto the bed. Carla felt me get on the bed and she opened her legs. I slid on a condom and entered her as I held her legs. Bette put her hands on Carla’s knees and bent towards me.

As I stroked into Carla I leaned and captured a gold ring and a nipple in my mouth. It was enough! Bette screamed and came, hard! She flooded Carla and Carla flooded me! She shook and came along with Bette. I continued to stroke into Carla. Bette lifted off Carla’s face and said, “Do me! Fill me please.”

Carla rolled away from me and Bette slid into her vacated position. She aligned with me and we joined. We kissed. I sucked her nipples and Carla kissed us both. As Bette got closer to an orgasm Carla played with her clit and she exploded! I thrust a few more times and filled the condom.

When I was soft I pulled back and Carla took the condom off me. She drank the contents and Bette licked and sucked me clean. I dropped onto the bed between Bette’s legs and ate her to three more orgasms. She ate Carla to two more before all three of us were finished, done, worn out for the night.

After another shower we got back in bed together. Carla turned to the weather channel and said, “Two more days of snow please.”

The announcer wasn’t listening. He said, “The snow will end tonight. By noon tomorrow Denver airport will be in full operation again.”

Ten minutes later the phone in our room rang. The person from the airline got our three names and said our flight to Los Angeles would board at 1:15 pm. Carla thanked her and hung up.

“In fourteen hours we go back to L.A..” Her eyes were full.

“What’s with the tears?” I asked.

“I don’t want this to end.”

“Then let’s talk about tomorrow, next week, March of 2010, and summer vacation in the islands.”

We stayed up most of the night and did just that.

When I got back to L.A. I called my Mom and when she answered I said, “For a long time I’ve been angry about my name. I apologize. It took a long time but my name finally was just what I needed. Thanks Mom.”

The curse was broken.

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