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Your Place, or Mine?

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They had agreed to one simple rule: no pain. Other than that, nothing was off-limits.

Andrea and Billy had become friends at work. Over the last couple of months they realized that they had been secretly watching each other, admiring each other’s bodies as much as they admired each other’s character. They began to separately lust for each other. Eventually, they began to flirt, innocently enough at first, and then progressively less innocent.

After a few weeks of heavy flirting and joking, they were on the phone one evening and found themselves seriously discussing sex. Neither wanted a formal relationship; both of them had been involved in the past and didn’t like the constraints that commitment put on their desire to explore multiple partners. So that was how they came to their arrangement.

They would take turns. If they met at her place, she was in charge. If they met at his place, well, he was in charge. And that was it. Simple. No commitment, no obligations, just guiltless pleasure between friends.


“I’m really anxious about tonight!” Andrea whispered to Billy in the halls of the office.

“I know. I can’t wait. Your place, right?” Billy answered.

“Are you ready for this? I mean, you’re okay with everything?”

“I couldn’t be more okay with it,” he smiled. “We should get back to work. I’m getting a hard-on just talking about it.”

“Me, too. I mean, well, not a hard-on…You know what I mean!” she said, giggling.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to you later.” He started to walk away from her.

“See you tonight, big boy,” she called out casually, not really caring if anyone in the cubicles nearby heard her or not.

He stopped for a second, without looking back, and then continued on his way. Andrea clasped her hands together excitedly and turned to walk the opposite way.


Billy found himself at her door at seven o’clock. He shook his hands and shoulders, trying to relax, and then rang the doorbell.

A few seconds later, Andrea opened the door, but didn’t let him in immediately.

“Look, Billy–I want you to think for a second before you come in. As soon as you step through that door–you’re mine. And I mean to do whatever I want with. That’s what we discussed, right?”

“Right,” he answered, barely able to contain his excitement.

“Okay, I hope you’re ready for this. I might not be the nice, sweet girl you met at work and became friends with. At least not once you step inside.” She stepped back a foot to allow him entrance and her heart stopped for a moment when she imagined him changing his mind. But to her delight, he stepped through the door without a moment’s hesitation.

She closed the door behind him.

“Listen up, boy,” she said to him, her voice suddenly deeper and huskier sounding than before. “You must undress as soon as you enter this house. You will sit on the bench just inside the door there when you do it. Leave the clothes underneath the bench in the box labeled ‘Fucktoy’s Things.’ And do it slowly–I want to watch my little toy as he gets ready for me. First your shoes, then your shirt and the pants last. When you get into your underwear only–stop and stand up.”

He followed her instructions to the letter, turning his back to her when he stripped off his jeans. He folded his clothes neatly and placed them in the box. Then he turned to her in just his underwear, his hard-on pressing firmly against the fabric and leaving a wet spot at the tip.

“My, my. Not even so much as a kiss on the cheek and you’re at full attention. Well, we’ll get to that later. If there’s time after I’m done with you.” She was smiling devilishly at him. She moved over to a chair in the middle of the room and stood in front of it. “Here are the rules: you don’t speak unless I ask you a direct question, you don’t complain, and you do everything I ask you without question. Do you understand?” She didn’t wait for an answer before adding, “Now get on your hands and knees and crawl over to me.” He did.

“Okay, stop right there.” His head was inches from her crotch. She undid the button at her waist and slowly slid the zipper down. Billy stared intently at her hands working to expose her pussy to him. She slid the pants down and off and tossed them across the room. Next she slowly slid her shirt over her head and threw it in the same direction as her pants. He didn’t see where they were being thrown; his eyes were glued to her center, to the pussy that he had been imagining for the last two months.

Now Andrea stood in front of him in just her black bra and panties.

“Do you like what you see so far?”

“Yes. Very much.”

“Good. Now, you filthy boy, smell my pussy. Put your nose right on my soaking panties and take a big sniff.”

Billy leaned forward and inhaled the musky, sweet scent of her juices. He wanted to chew through the panties to get to the slippery slit beneath.

“Take them off,” she commanded him. Which he did, grabbing both sides of her panties with either hand and gently pulling down. When they reached the floor, she stepped out of them.

“Now, fucktoy, take your own off and put mine on in their place. I want my wet panties gripping your cock while I use you.”

He slipped his shorts off and his hard-on sprang out like a jack-in-the-box, pre-cum freely dripping from it’s tip. He stepped into the panties and pulled them up, struggling to get his throbbing cock into them. When the pussy-soaked cloth made contact with his shaft, he almost came. He was so excited and humiliated he could barely stand it.

“Get back on your knees and look up at me.” As soon as he was looking up at her, she smiled at him, reached out with one hand, grabbed the back of his head and pulled it forcefully into her dripping wet cunt. Billy stuck out his tongue and tried to lick her as best he could, but she was merely grinding herself into his mouth and chin. Suddenly she gripped his hair in her fist and began to move his head up and down, quickly, rubbing herself all over his face until it was glossy and coated with her female juices. Andrea was moaning the whole time.

“Stick your tongue inside me! Lick everything you can reach!” she shouted at him. She stopped jerking his head and grinding so he could properly attend to the task she had assigned him. He did not let her down. His tongue worked into her so thoroughly, she was sure he had tasted places no other man had ever tasted before.

After several minutes, she sat down in the chair behind her, and once again pulled his head into her pussy. She held him firmly, but not as forcefully as she had in that first moment. Billy’s mouth was working her pussy while his nose was gliding up and down across her clit. His face was glistening with all of the fluids her pussy had left behind in her frantic thrusting and grinding. He continued this motion for several minutes. His cock was aching, it was so hard. He couldn’t remember ever being this close to climax without actually being touched or sucked on.

Andrea started to moan and whimper, never letting go of the back of Billy’s head.

“Fuck you, you bastard, you’re making me cum! Unnghhh!” she shouted and came. Billy was practically drinking from her cunt it was flowing so heavily. Andrea was shuddering and moaning. After a minute or so, she released the back of his head and slumped down in her chair. Billy took a deep breath and licked his lips.

“Don’t fucking move until I tell you to.” She said to him, her eyes closed as she recovered from her orgasm. He remained on his hands and knees for several minutes, wanting so badly to touch his cock, or better yet, for her to touch it.

Finally, Andrea stood up and walked over to a plush rug in the middle of the room. “Crawl over here and lay on your back.”

He crawled over, every movement making him more aware of how much he needed to cum. He reached the carpet and lay on his back.

Andrea looked at him for a moment. “Mmmm…” she moaned to herself thinking of how great it would feel to have that cock inside her. But that was for another time. Suddenly she was posessed by a strong urge to do something she had never done. She stood over Billy and positioned herself on her hands and knees, with her ass pointing towards his head. She was closing her eyes, struggling to do what she suddenly desired to do so badly. She started to grunt and when Billy thought she was about to lower her pussy to his face again, she suddenly started to piss. Her hot salty urine was spraying him in the face.

Billy recoiled slightly for a second, then opened his mouth. He wanted to taste that, too. And it was warm and salty and a little acidic. And Billy found that he liked it. She kept groaning and pissing all over his face and chest, soaking the rug beneath them. As the flow of her urine slowed, she then lowered herself to his face again, sliding her steamy snatch back and forth across his forhead, nose and mouth. She began to moan more loudly and within a minute or so she was shouting again.

“Aaaah FUCK!” and began twitching, Billy underneath her trying to get air through the side of his mouth as her slippery cunt still slowly made it’s way over his mouth and nose. After a minute she fell to one side of him, breathing heavily.

“Oh Jesus, that was good. You make an excellent pussy boy.” She stood up, looking down at his wrecked face, covered in her cum and urine. “Now get up and take off my panties.”

Sliding her panties down, he almost came again, and had to pause for a moment to hold his orgasm back. Then she made him get on his hands and knees again.

“Crawl over to the door.” He did as he was told. When he reached the door, she walked up behind him, removed his clothes from the box under the bench, opened the door, and pushed him out into her yard.

“We should do this again sometime.” She threw the clothes over his head and shut the door on him.

————————————————– Twenty minutes after throwing him out of her front door, naked and covered in her piss and vaginal fluids, Andrea rounded a corner to meet Billy in a coffee shop halfway between their two houses.

She saw him sitting there, drinking a cup of coffee. She hoped she had not gone too far tonight. They said anything was fair game, and after all–here he was waiting for her. They had agreed to meet at this cafe after each time they got together for their little sex games.

She watched him for a minute or two, just taking in the site of the beautiful man she had so roughly abused less than a half hour ago. Then she opened the door and headed inside.

“Hey there, Billy,” she said, smiling at him like a schoolgirl with a crush.

“Hey back,” he smiled back at her.

She sat down across from him, and leaned forward and began talking quietly.

“How are you?”

“I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I didn’t even go home to wash off properly. For christ’s sake, I’ve still got a huge hard-on! I can’t believe you did that to me!” Billy was talking in a loud whisper.

“I can’t believe it, either. I’ve never done anything like that before! I just got so caught up in the whole thing.” She smiled and reached under the table and ran her hand up the inside of his thigh until she felt his hot, hard cock pulsing through his jeans at her touch.

“Oh…god…” Billy said, eyes closed. He gasped a quiet little gasp.

After a few seconds, Andrea leaned even further across the table, until their forheads were almost touching.

“Did you just cum?” she asked him.

“I’m afraid I did.”

“Really? Just from me touching you through your pants?”

“Well, you left me pretty hot and bothered back there. I was afraid to move much at all. Every time I took a step and my, uh, cock–shifted–I thought I would lose it. But I didn’t want to touch it until after we had met. You left me that way, and I wanted to stay that way until you ended it, or until I got home and knew it was over for the night.”

“Mmmm. I like playing with you. I’ve never orgasmed so hard in my life. God, you’re so hot, Billy. I want to jump you right here in the cafe!” She laughed a little, girlish laugh.

“Jesus, Andrea. You drive me nuts. Good nuts, though, not bad nuts.”

“You’re goofy.”

He smiled. And then she smiled bigger than she was already smiling.

“So, tomorrow night it’s your place then?” she asked, her heart still going a thousand beats a minute.

“My place…” He paused for a second and then added, “And remember: payback is a bitch.”

She looked into his eyes and thought to herself, “I hope it is.”

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