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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Enjoy 🙂


Revenue is the gross inflow of economic benefits such as cash, receivables, and other assets arising from the ordinary operating activities of an entity

Revenue should be measured at the fair value of—

I was interrupted from my reading when my phone rang. The volume wasn’t in maximum but I was in the library and the sound reverberated all over. I mentally cursed myself for forgetting to turn it to silent mode when I heard a cough from somewhere in my left. I looked up and wasn’t really surprised when I saw the librarian near me with a murderous glare. Other students whose studying were also interrupted flashed me looks of annoyance, save for one guy four tables away who looked very amused at my predicament, grinning and showing his perfect set of teeth. I recognized him as Chaz, who was in the same course and year as me. He was sitting in a table with probably three of the cutest guys in the planet, but he was a much better male specimen with his black shirt fitting him just right to show the outline of his perfect pectorals and muscled arms. I felt the heat in my cheeks and prayed to God that he won’t think I blushed because of him.

I guiltily mouthed an apology, and then looked at my phone to identify the spawn of hell that chose to contact me at that instant. It was a text message from Ryan, a senior taking up Accountancy like me and the president of the organization of Accounting majors in our school.

Radleigh, the carpenters have started working on our booth for the University Exhibit for the Founders Week. I am tasking the juniors to provide the meals for them. I’m in the org office right now and if you could come over I’ll give you the money for the meals.

I looked up to see the piles of books and materials yet to be read and gave out a huge sigh. It was great to be trusted by my batch mates and elected as the year-level representative and doing things for the organization, but when times like this come when my job as a representative conflict with my studies it’s not great at all. The Founders Week Celebration happen right after midterms, so preparations have to be made DURING the midterms, which bugged me so much that the Founders of our school have to choose the end of August to establish this institution more than a century ago.

I decided to not reply to make Ryan think that I haven’t read the message yet, and went back to reading. A few minutes later I was distracted once more from my studying when I heard someone walking to my direction, probably to sit in the empty table beside me.

It was Chaz, carrying his books, which I see are more or less similar to what I was studying at that moment. Now that he’s nearer I can see not only his shirt but how even his jeans fit him snuggly in all the right places, instantly flashing pictures in my mind on what those articles of clothing might be hiding underneath. I shook my head to clear those naughty thoughts.

That guy is not making this library conducive for learning.

He didn’t stop at the table beside me though, and rather continued approaching me. I raised my eyebrows at him. He smiled. Damn those teeth.

“Studying for our Accountancy midterms?” he asked me, “We could study together, you know.”

I am the type of person that is much better studying alone than with others and started to tell him this when my phone vibrated in my pocket. Ha! Thank goodness I’ve silenced it already. It was another message from Ryan.

Radleigh, the carpenters need to have their snacks right now. It would be really great if you can come to the office as soon as possible.

Seeing as the text message didn’t give me much choice I stuffed my books into my bag and stood up. The chair I sat on made a grating noise as it moved and I heard once more a cough. I chose not to look at the librarian.

“Sorry, but I’m needed elsewhere at the moment,” I told Chaz. I saw the flicker of disappointment in his face, but it was right away replaced once more by a smile.

“That’s too bad, but we can study together some other time, right?” he asked.

“Hmmm, probably.” I answered dubiously.

“Silence in the library!” the librarian called from her desk. I groaned.

I need to find a new place to study next time.


I walked out of the organization office a while later with a whole written list of tasks ahead of me (snacks for three people two times a day, lunch for three, constant supply of water and other requests from the carpenters) and a huge wad of cash whose every cent must be traced during liquidation to make sure that I spent the money for things solely related to the aforementioned tasks. I had better plans for a bright and sunny Friday afternoon with this amount of money, but duty calls.

Knowing that I couldn’t do this all on my own I decided to contact my fellow officer, Filian, better to have someone to share the burden with than carry it all alone. He answered on the second ring and told me that he was coming over. I sat outside the org office and waited for him while I tried to mentally organize my time to fit everything that is in my schedule while still having time for a break, and also sorting our errands to get the shortest flow for all of them. I didn’t wait long however because a few minutes later I heard footsteps and looked up to see Filian approaching.

We met each other’s eyes, and then grinned. We have a good reason to be amused when we see each other. Both 19 years old, most of the people around us insist that we look at lot alike; even going as far as saying that we may have been separated at birth (I asked my parents a lot of times if by chance they had another child stolen from them, but dad laughingly dismissed the idea and added that he spent sleepless nights in constant vigil of his wife and his newborn son). Looking closer though anyone can see that Fil and I don’t look that much alike each other. Sure we’ve got almost the same shade of brown skin and the black hair, and he’s just an inch short of my 5’9″ height, but he’s got a taller nose while my eyes are a light brown as opposed to the dark brown—almost black—of his. He’s got the build of a basketball player: muscular arms and firm, sturdy legs; while I’ve got the body of a swimmer: broad shoulders and sinewy, streamlined legs.

Another notable difference is that Filian loves women in a rather acceptable range of shape and sizes while yours truly, and I am proud to say this, prefers the d.

“Got a long afternoon ahead of us, huh?” Filian asked while taking the list of tasks from my hands.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Obviously. And I’m not halfway through studying for our exams yet.”

“Ditto. Then what are we still doing here? Let’s hit the road and get this over with!” Filian exclaimed, rather excitedly.

We decided to get in my car, since we’d be carrying lots of stuff which we couldn’t transport comfortably with his motorcycle. Rather than constantly bring water bottles to the carpenters every once in a while we chose to buy a gallon of water instead and provide cups so the carpenters can drink to their heart’s (and stomach’s) content. Knowing that an ordinary meal for a typical student wouldn’t be enough for a carpenter working under the blazing sun, we bought double meals for each carpenter. I can’t see how they would negatively react to this. I can’t believe how easy all of this is now that we’re doing it.

With my earlier sorting out of our routes and Filian’s positivity, we finished our tasks for this afternoon much earlier than expected. We dropped the meals and the water to where the carpenters are working and asked them if they have anything they needed that we could get for them. They had none at the moment so Fil and I decided to split up and return to whatever we were doing before Ryan texted me, which in my case is tackling all the study material for my exams this Monday (which I guess was what Fil was also doing before I called him).

I was going back to the direction of the student lounge (lying low of the library for a while) when Filian called my name and ran up to me.

“Rad,” he paused while catching his breath, “whose going to keep the water gallon when the carpenters are done for today?”

I slumped; of course it’s not going to be that easy. There has to be a catch. “Uhm, can’t you bring it home?” I asked Fil.

“Are you kidding me? I live far from the school, and besides, you have the car.” Filian argued.

“But we have to leave the water once more to them first thing tomorrow morning. They start working at 8 and I’ve got classes by then,” I reasoned, “they’d be awfully thirsty by then.”

Fil crinkled his eyebrows in concentration, while I also thought of how to remedy this problem.

“Why not ask some of our classmates?” Filian suggested, “those who live in the dorms inside the campus. They live much nearer so they can bring the water to the carpenters.”

“Great idea! I’ll contact someone later,” I told him.

That having resolved, we spent the rest of our afternoon wrestling with accounting standards and balance sheets.


I was at one of the men’s dormitories in the university, a water gallon beside me and annoyed as fuck. The person I contacted earlier to get the water didn’t show up, and I decided to bring the water to him. Coming to his dorm I found out that his door was locked and he wasn’t answering my calls. So now I’m at the dormitory’s common room and waited for the bastard to come so I can give him a piece of my mind and a lecture on responsibility and commitment.

I was formulating my ministrations when someone tapped me from behind. I turned back and found myself face to face with Chaz, who happened to also live in the same dorm.

“Look who’s here,” he said, “Finally taking up my earlier offer Radleigh?” He flashed that perfect grin once again.

“N-no!” I stammered. He noticed and grinned even wider and I felt the heat spread all over my body and my heart beat faster, the fucker.

I collected myself. “I was supposed to see Trey and leave this water gallon so he can give it to the carpenters building our organization’s exhibit, but his room is locked and he’s not answering his phone,” I explained.

“Trey? I just saw him not long ago going out with his girlfriend. I don’t think he’s going to come back any time soon,” Chaz said.

That bastard is definitely getting a much bigger piece of my mind when I see him.

“How about this? Since you’re already here and my room’s not that far, why not leave the water with me?” Chaz suggested.

This wasn’t a bad idea, but I didn’t want to agree right away and sound so eager. I pretended to think of it.

“The carpenters need the water by 8, you have to give it to them by then,” I told him.

“No worries. I wake up at 6:30 every day to jog,” he smiled. He got this already. Fine.

“Okay then, so I’ll just leave you with the water right now? Okay.” I took my bag and started to walk away. He held my arm and stopped me.

“Actually, I have a bit of a favor to ask in return,” Chaz began, “I’m having a bit of a hard time answering one problem in our book, and if you can help me I’d be really grateful.”

I considered this and thought that helping him with one problem wouldn’t hurt. Besides I could also benefit from it since I can practice with the problem while teaching him. I agreed.

“Great! The book is in my room. Why don’t you come with me?” he started walking to his room. I was treated with the view of his muscles flexing as he effortlessly carried the water gallon with him. I snapped out of my reverie and followed him.

He had a single room, and for a guy he has an exceptionally neat room. A bed was on one side of the room, while a worktable with a shelf full of books and a closet was in another. Further back was the bathroom and another closet. The rays of the setting sun were coming inside his window, giving the room a warm glow.

“Why don’t you get your book and show me the problem?” I told him while he placed the gallon on the floor. I sat on his bed and waited while he sorted through his books. Not long after he opened a book on a certain page and sat on his chair, patting the space beside him to indicate that I share the seat with him. Seeing as there is no other chair I obliged.

I looked at the page he opened, “Installment sales?” I asked, “What specific part are you having problems with?”

He then proceeded to explain what part he was confused with, while I tried my very best to concentrate on what he was saying and not look at his thick red lips as he talked. We were sitting very close to each other now, our hips touching. I could definitely feel the heat emanating out of him, sending an uncontrollable effect to my body, my groin tightening. I didn’t notice that he has stopped talking and looked at me.

His eyes met mine, looking at me with such a fierce intensity, as if asking me a question. He looked down at my lips, and then slowly brought his face closer to mine.

I snapped, and pulled him away from me. This is not good, I though as I stood up. He sat there, looking dejected.

I laughed nervously. “I think I have to go. I have my notes at home and I’ll call you later to explain the answer to that problem. I can’t accurately remember the concepts right now,” I said. I was lying.

He didn’t stop me as I took the gallon he left near the doorway. I went to one corner of his room, bending down to position the gallon so it won’t get in the way.

One moment I was placing the gallon in the corner, the next moment I was on the bed, my mouth being ravished.

I was lying flat on Chaz’s bed with him on top of me, his mouth hot and needing as they kissed mine. He positioned himself between my legs and I could feel his hardness constrained under his jeans. I felt his tongue brush against my lips, insistent and demanding entrance. I opened my mouth and his tongue battled mine, seeking the upper hand. I gave in and closed my eyes, my mind in a haze of bliss and desire.

His mouth left mine, and as my mind was starting to clear up once more he planted kisses on my throat, and sucked the depression right beside my throat. His hands reached down between us, and then he squeezed my hard cock through my pants. My eyes snapped open and I pushed him away from me.

I started to say something, but he puts two fingers over my mouth, silencing me.

“Rad, please, I’ve been holding myself ever since this morning and if I wait any longer I am going to explode. I promise, just this time, and I won’t bother you afterwards,” he implores, the lust still not gone from his eyes.

“Promise?” I asked.


I pulled him to me, and we kissed each other once more. I flipped our positions, and now I was the one on top of him. He started unbuttoning my polo shirt while I sucked on his earlobes. After taking off my shirt he then pulled his own shirt over his head. Now we were both shirtless, our bare chests radiating heat all over the room. I marveled at his perfect chest, his abs and his pecs moving while he breathed. I went down and sucked on his nipples until they were hard studs, then planted kisses in his rock hard stomach while I undid his belt. I pulled his pants down and saw the outline of his cock making a huge tent in his boxers. I licked the treasure trail of his hair just above the waistband of his boxers while I slowly pulled them down, until I felt the head of his hard cock slapping my chin.

I teased him, kissing the skin around his groin, making sure my breath is felt by his cock. He moans, but he keeps his hands to his sides, clutching the sheets tightly. We dare to not make too much noise, since other dormers are also around. I’m torturing myself just as much as I’m torturing him.

Deciding to not make ourselves suffer any longer, I licked the head of his uncut cock, already oozing with want. I taste him, tangy and salty, which makes me want for more.

“Rad, babe, please.”

It was time. I wrap my mouth all over his cock, my tongue playing with the slit still juicing. I take a deep breath and took him even deeper into my mouth, fighting the urge to gag. I slipped further until I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose. He moaned once more. I bobbed my head on his shaft while my hand stroked his balls, his breath becoming more and more erratic.

He put his hand on my head, stopping me. “Babe, if you keep on doing that I’m going to cum soon,” he told me breathlessly, “and I want to cum inside of you.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me, his taste still in my mouth as he ravished my lips. Once more we changed positions, and I was lying on the bed while he returned the favor I’ve done to him earlier. He sucked my nipples as he pulled my pants down, and was a bit surprised when my cock sprang out unconstrained.

“Going commando for today, baby?” he asked, grinning as he stroke my cock.

“I thought I’d spend the whole day studying, who needs underwear?” I answered. He laughed.

Not wasting any time, he immediately engulfed my cock in his mouth, and I fought the urge to moan loudly as his mouth worked wonders on my shaft. I closed my eyes, losing myself to the sensations, when he stopped and stood up. We lost physical contact and I felt lost and empty. I whimpered.

He smiled, “I have to prepare you first baby,” he said as he opened his drawer and took out a bottle of lube. He went back to me and we kissed as he coated my ass with lube. Then he went down and once more wrapped his lips around my cock as he teased me, circling his fingers around my hole. Then he pushed one digit inside, and I felt my breath catch up at the slight burst of pain, but the pain ebbed and I pushed myself back against the digit. I was getting used to it when he placed a second finger, then a third. His fingers sawed in and out of him, rotating and twisting. His fingers brushed my prostate and I felt myself light up like a candle.

He noticed, and repeatedly stroked that sweet spot. I reached down and held his hand.

“Get in me Chaz,” I implored, “I need you inside me.”

He stood up, took a packet of condom and rolled it over his hard shaft, then got the bottle of lube and placed a generous amount on his cock. He positioned himself between my legs, his cock at my entrance.

“Get in me now,” I demanded, the wait was killing me already.

He pressed his cock forward, I pressed back, and I felt the head enter, bringing with it once more the pain. Chaz stopped and kissed me, not pushing any further until I was ready. The pain went away once more, and I pulled him closer. Slowly his whole cock went inside me, and I felt that wonderful sense of fullness.

“Are you ready to move, Radleigh?” Chaz asked. I only managed to nod as the sensations overwhelmed me.

In and out he moved, his balls slapping against my butt. Our breath heavy and labored. Then Chaz adjusted himself to an angle he knew too well, and I felt the head of his cock hit my prostate. I bit my lip, not wanting to give ourselves out, but the pleasure was so great and I can’t help but moan. It felt so good and our bodies moves as one as we drove each other to completion. Chaz wasn’t holding himself back either, relentlessly pounding my asshole with his huge member, increasing in speed and intensity.

He bent down and pressed our bodies together, wrapping his hands around my cock, not losing his momentum as he pounded me. He ravaged my lips and I wrapped my feet around his body, the room saturated with desire and pleasure. The combined feeling of his hands and his consistent pounding sent waves and waves of pleasure to me. I felt my balls tighten, and I know I’m not going to hold out much longer.

“I’m going to come babe,” I said, my breath coming in hoarse pants. Chaz’s pounding also became more intense, and I know he wasn’t far behind. It didn’t take much longer, and I moaned as I came between us, pulses of pleasure coming out of my body. Chaz thrust deeper a few more times, and then I felt his juice spill inside me, filling me up with his intense heat. He fell on top of me, and then pulled out, and we bathed in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

“I love you Radleigh.”

“I love you too, Chaz.”

Exhausted from the events of the day, I fell asleep, Chaz’s arms still wrapped around me.


I woke up to the feeling of someone tracing circles down my cheeks. I opened my eyes and saw Chaz looking at me.

“I can’t believe how beautiful you are,” he said.

I smiled, “Well, you don’t look bad either,” I told him, “But I’m angry at you,” I told him.

He looked so cute when he’s confused and I fought the urge to kiss him. “You promised me three days ago that you won’t distract me from studying!” I reprimanded him, “How can we possibly get some study time when you keep jumping my bones?”

He sat up and raised his hands in mock resignation, “I’m sorry. I really tried my best to control myself but you look so gorgeous even from far away and I guess it wouldn’t hurt if we sat next to each other while studying,” he explained, “then you came to the dorm and I guess my self-control was already crumbling by that time. The moment you came in and tempted me with your perfect ass while you placed the water in the corner, I lost it. Really it’s your entire fault for being so gorgeous that I can’t keep my eyes, and hands, off you,” he smiled innocently.

I laughed, and pulled him down for a kiss. We got to know more of each other when we were grouped to analyze a local company’s financial statement almost a year ago, and we got closer every since. Barely eight months have passed since we decided to make our relationship official. We managed to balance our studies and our time for each other, both of us being academic scholars who need to maintain our grades. Most of the time we can keep our hormones at bay and manage to keep our hands off each other when our academics call for our undivided attention.

Most of the time that is. This is not one of those times.

We came up for air moments later.

“So, what’s your plan for the rest of the night?” I asked him.

“Well,” he began, “I was thinking why we don’t extend our break time a little bit longer? Just one more?”

I sat up, scandalized, “But you promised that that was the last time until our midterms are over!” I protested.

“Of all the promises that I’m going to tell you, not making love to you is the only one I’m going to break all the time,” he smiled sheepishly.

I sighed, he’s hopeless. I don’t mind though, the benefits of his offer greatly exceed the cost.

I pulled my boyfriend closer for a searing kiss.


I am planning to make more about Chaz and Rad, but that depends on my schedule (yes I paralleled Radleigh’s college life with mine). Feedback will be truly appreciated, hope you had fun 🙂

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