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Break Time

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Sitting at the computer in my office, the problem wasn’t solving itself. I needed a break. I ran my fingers through my hair, leaned back, stretched my arms, moaned audibly and then decided to take a walk. I pushed my chair back from my desk, stood up and headed for the door.

“Just taking a break Janine” I said to my secretary as I passed her. She looked up from her screen, her big blue eyes smiling.

“Ok Mr. B, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” she then teased.

We were good friends, and we often chatted about our sex lives over lunch.

I was married. Janine was single, and enjoyed playing the singles scene. I’m very happily married, to Dee, a wonderful woman, and enjoyed listening to Janine’s wild stories of her nights out on the town.

In the elevator, I yawned and stretched again, the frustration of the morning had got to me. I waited for the doors to open on the ground floor, then walked out the main building door, turned left, and headed for the shopping district. I figured I’d grab a coffee, a bite to eat and maybe find something for Dee for her birthday that was approaching. Anything to get my mind off work for a while.

The sun was shining and I felt the warmth of it on my face as I walked past the florist towards the fruit shop. Stopping to grab an apple, I paid the lady behind the counter, bit into the lovely juicy flesh, and walked on.

Chewing on my apple and freeing up my mind, I mindlessly walked a few blocks. Finding a bin to put my apple core in, I noticed a particular store. It was a lovely dress shop, and in the window were a number of classy and elegantly sexy evening gowns. I decided I’d take a look, as I planned to take Dee out for dinner and a night of dancing for her birthday, and wondered if I might find something perfect in this shop.

Entering the store, I noticed a few ladies browsing, and what appeared to be two staff members. One was a young girl of about twenty five, wearing black pants and a nice pink blouse. Very classy, but not stunning. The other though, was absolutely amazing. She was not young, in fact, I would have said she was late forties. However, she had the classic features similar to Racquel Welch. Her hair was a wild mane of brunette, cascading down her back, and her eyes were a stunning dark brown, not hidden by the small glasses she wore. Her top was a classic cut white button up shirt, with the top two buttons undone, revealing a wonderful set of breasts, that I suspected may have had some help in staying in such wonderful shape. It didn’t bother me in the slightest. On her bottom half she wore a skin tight black leather skirt, which was cut below the knee, and featured a split at the rear that rose to just below her curvy buttocks. The woman was a stunner, and her beauty distracted me from the reason I was there.

“Can I help you sir”.

The words caught me by surprise.

“Umm, just looking thanks” I stuttered to the young girl as she approached me from behind.

“No problem, let me know if you need any help, ok” she said politely, smiling and then heading off to help some other customers.

I started to look at some of the garments on display, and found myself enjoying imagining what Dee would look like wearing each of them. My wife is tall, with decent curves, and the most god gorgeous butt I have ever seen. We shared a wonderful marriage, and I loved her as much now as I ever did. We’d had some fun naughty adventures, and while we weren’t swingers as such, we had shared a number of wild times with other sexual partners when the mood had taken us. We were both confident enough in our love not to be threatened by the experience of sexual pleasure outside our marriage. I wanted to totally blow Dee away with a gorgeous outfit, and this shop seemed to offer lots of promise in that area.

I was looking at a long black gown imagining it hugging Dee’s curves, and was actually trying to think what shoes would go with it, when I was caught off guard.

“She must be lovely”.

It was the older lady.

“My wife? She is. She’s having a birthday and I’m looking for something special for her to wear out to dinner and dancing.”

I was like a schoolboy staring at the new teacher. Transfixed. Did she notice?

“Mmmmmm……lucky girl. Let me see if I can help you then shall we?”

It wasn’t a question. She was telling me.

The woman took the black gown from the rack and held it up for me.

“Feel the material. It’s very sensual. Sheer too, which means your wife will have to feel comfortable having men and women see her nipples. She won’t be able to wear a bra with this because the material is so fine. Is that likely to be a problem?”

Boy, this woman was stunning. Not only did she have me totally transfixed by her beauty, but, she knew her stuff, and, was obviously totally comfortable talking with customers about the sexier side of choosing a dress! She had me totally hooked. The almost forgotten added bonus was that her inference about men and women seeing my wife’s nipples through the dress gave me the hint that she might too be interested in women. Oh lord!! The problem back at the office was now long gone, and my mind was working a million miles an hour wondering how to find out more about this beauty before me.

I knew the dress was the one for Dee, but I wanted this little excitement in my life to continue, at least for a while longer.

“I agree, the dress is gorgeous, and I have no doubt my wife will love it, and look hot in it, but can you show me a few more designs please? I like to consider my choices carefully before making any decisions.”

“Certainly sir. My name is Tanya. This is my store. I will be pleased to show you more from our range. Please take a seat.”

She was all business. I sat in the leather recliner which was obviously provided for the men who bought their women into the store. It was very comfortable.

“Thank you. I’m Steve, and my wife’s name is Dee.” I replied, smiling at her, noticing that her eyes were like magnets, attracting my interest further.

“So Steve, tell me more about Dee. Her height, waist, bust and hips measurements. Do you know them?”

I surprised her then. It was my turn to get some control.

“She’s five ten, 34C – 25 – 37, blonde, blue eyes, and wears size 8 shoes. Loves heels, hates flats, and adores things that show off her body. So do I in fact.”

I looked her in the eye and smiled. She returned the smile, and removed her glasses slowly.

“Well, seems you’re quite the expert. I gather this is not the first time you’ve bought Dee something special to wear, Steve?”

“Correct. I like to buy all her clothes. That way she looks the way I like her to at all times. It’s an important part of our relationship. She loves me to take care of her, and I enjoy it too.”

“Well, well, quite the Master aren’t you? Let’s see if we can’t tempt you with a few items then.”

And with that she disappeared behind the small curtain to the rear of the store, her seamed stockings showing in the split of her leather skirt as she clicked away in her classic heels.

I took a moment to look around the store, and liked what I saw. The place oozed class, and everywhere I looked, outfits were on display. Not just single items, but complete outfit combinations. Dress, shoes, bag, jewellery, etc. This woman did it well, and I liked her style. I also thought she was the hottest thing I’d seen in a long time.

“Right Steve, how’s this then?” she said from behind the curtain.

I expected her to emerge carrying another dress or two, but was pleasantly surprised. Tanya pulled the curtain to the side in one sweeping movement, capturing the moment to maximum effect. She was stunning. She was now wearing a red sating ball gown, which hugged her amazingly curvaceous bosoms wonderfully. It had a tight waist, with a flowing long skirt section which fanned out similar to a wedding dress in shape. It was beautiful, but way too formal for what I had in mind. I fidgeted restlessly in the chair, my penis popping it’s head up for the first time that morning. Trying to remain calm on the outside, despite the blood surging to my cock, I spoke.

“Tanya, I must say, that is a stunning gown, and you look absolutely delightful in it. But, it’s a little too formal for dinner. Do you have something a little less formal, and perhaps a little sexier?” I said, a hint of mischievous smile emanating from her lips as I said that last part.

“Let me see what I can do”.

She sashayed away from me, the shiny red satin material of the formal gown showing clearly that Tanya had removed, if she in fact had been wearing any, her panties. The little man in my underwear gave a further pulse as another surge of blood made its way to the head. I was now at the stage where standing up would have been totally embarrassing, and was glad to be entrenched in the leather recliner where nobody could see how totally horny I was becoming thanks to Tanya.

A few minutes later, her voice was again behind the curtain.

“Let’s see what you think of this one Steve. Slightly less formal, and definitely a little sexier than the first one.”

And with that she swept the curtain back and appeared before. I was speechless. She was wearing a pink full length tube dress made of that spandexy type material that hugs the body like a second skin and looks like wetsuit material. Her incredible boobs were pointing at me, her nipples obviously stiffened. I wasn’t sure if it was the slightly cool temperature in the shop, or the fact that she was showing off her flawless body to a stranger in front of several other customers who were, by now, also looking on in total awe and just a hint of jealously.

“Well, Steve. What do you think of this one?”

As she asked me, her hands went teasingly to her hips, and poised there as she slowly spun around, showing me the fact that her ass was totally butt naked under the pink spandex. It was an awesome sight, and she must have read my mind, because, without saying a word, she took my hand and slowly, no, Oooooh so slowly glided my fingers across the smooth curves of her ass inside the unbelievably sexy material. Her bum was firm, but not the muscly type firm of a young woman. It was the type of firm of a woman in her forties who still kept her body proudly in shape. I did not want to let go, and was almost relieved when she moved away, my erection now bursting at the zipper of my trousers.

I gathered my thoughts enough to know that I didn’t want to go back to the office any time soon.

“Hmmm. I like that one MUCH better Tanya. In fact, it is simply stunning. Please put that one aside for the moment and keep going if you wouldn’t mind”. Playing on words, I then teasingly added, “I’m not sure I’ve seen enough to make up my mind just yet”.

Again, this incredible vision of mature womanhood moved behind the curtain, this time emerging in a totally different type of outfit. It was a suit, classy and elegant, but definitely not my style.

“Tanya, I believe I would like to see the black dress now if you would be so kind.”

She kept me waiting, I suspect, knowing that this was the dress that I had almost decided to buy the moment I had seen it. I gathered she was making it look as good as possible in the hope that I might buy both the black one and the pink one. About ten minutes later, she emerged. My jaw dropped.

The black gown was even better on Tanya than I had imagined it on my gorgeous wife. I had chosen well. Tanya stood there in front of me, plain as day, with every inch of her body straining against the almost sheer material of the black dress. The front of the dress plunged deeply between her bosoms, revealing an incredibly hot cleavage that I was just dying to stuff my face into. The spaghetti straps over her shoulders joined in back in a criss cross pattern. At the waist a small silver jewelled belt held it in place, and highlighted the fact that Tanya was in excellent shape, her jutting breasts superbly topping a tiny waist. The bottom half of the dress was a flowing jagged pattern, with the se through material doing little to hide Tanya’s pantyless backside. In front, there was just enough of a gather to hide a woman’s pussy, but in the right light it was clear that Tanya was neatly trimmed downstairs.

Tanya has a weird effect on me from the moment I had seen her in the shop, and I was now feeling confident enough to have my turn at directing the action taking place in the shop. There were still several other customers and the other salesgirl looking at various outfits. I rose from the chair, and moved towards where Tanya was standing, he hands firmly planted on those ohhhh so curvy hips.

I moved behind her, taking my time, looking, my erect penis gently touching the black material that hid Tanya’s bottom from view only just. I moved my hips forward a touch. The head of my cock inched its way between her butt cheeks, pushing the material into the crease of her amazing bottom.

“I like it” I said.

“I can tell” she replied, and to emphasize the wickedness of our situation, she firmly pushed her hips back a few inches, jamming my trouser bound erection further between her cheeks.

“I need to see more. In the back, now.” I said, fingers crossed that my new found bravado would not scare this elegant creature.

Without a word she walked around me, pulling her ass from it’s stool that was my cock, and clicked her heels along the timber floor as she disappeared behind the curtain.

I followed.

Once behind the curtain, she stood facing me, her eyes fixated on mine, her chest jutting challengingly at me still encased in the lunging neckline of the dress. I stepped forward, looked at her longingly, then reached forward and suddenly separated the almost see through black material hiding her magnificent breasts.

I leant forward, and the opportunity to sample those incredible nipples took a hold of me. Her hand went to the back of my head and pinned my mouth against her left nipple, as I sucked, licked and kissed it firmly, before being guided across to the right hand boob for more of the same. I was totally absorbed by this woman, and she was beginning to return the favour. Her left hand slid down my trousers to where my cock was lewdly pressing against my zipper. Slowly, as I sucked her tits, she unzipped me and her soft but knowledgeable hand slid inside, finding my shaft. A moan escaped her lips, as her fist closed around my now very hard cock, squeezing it’s length delightfully. I bit down on her nipple, and she gave me the desired response. Her hand holding my head gripped my hair and her fist on my cock tightened considerably.

Suddenly she jerked my head back, my teeth almost ripping her right nipple as I released my grip. She stood back, and removed the dress in one go.

“I don’t want it ruined for your wife”.

Ever the professional saleslady I thought, as my attention focussed on her amazing body that was totally naked in front of me, the only accessory being the black heels she kept on. I digged this woman big time, and she knew it. For a brief moment I wondered how many other men had been ‘serviced’ in this way as they purchased clothes for their wife, but was snapped back to erotic reality by the hand that was once again on my cock.

Tanya dropped to her knees, her gorgeous dark eyes looking back up at me as she began to suck on my cock. I almost fainted with the suddenness of the pleasure. She was VERY capable. My entire cock disappeared down her throat within the first few sucking movements. Inside thirty seconds I was deeply engulfed in this incredible woman’s mouth, her nose buried in the small tuft of pubic hair that Dee allowed me to keep above my shaft. Dee was also a great head giver, and my wife liked her plate kept clean.

Tanya’s action was amazingly good, and her hand fondling my balls was adding to the sexual feeling that was bursting forth.

Just as I thought she was about to make me cum and swallow my load, she stood, turned around, lifted a leg and reached back to finger her very moist pussy.

I took the hint, and dropped to my knees, my tongue quickly burying it’s way into her pussy, lapping at her lips, her clit and then combining the licking and flickering motion I have used so successfully on Dee for the years of our marriage.

I was so horny for this incredible looking woman, that I momentarily removed my tongue from her clit, and then pushed its length into her tight, pink asshole. The tightness of the sphincter muscle delighted me, and I sensed she may not have had too many adventures in the back door, despite her obvious enjoyment of adventures here in the back room!

I lapped and licked and tongue fucked Tanya’a ass until I wanted more.

Standing, I undid my belt and dropped my trousers. Tanya looked at me again and said “Now”.

I did as I was told, and reached forward with the head of my cock. I was not worried about romantic foreplay any longer. I wanted to fuck, and so did she.

I jammed my cock in, her moist cunt engulfing almost half my length on the first naughty, but amazingly erotic thrust. Here I was, taking a break from a really important project, out shopping for a birthday present for my wife, fucking an incredibly sexy bitch in the back room of her shop. It was intensely wicked, and I loved it. I Knew Dee would enjoy hearing about it, and the thought of my wife sucking my cock as I told her about this amazing sex with Tanya, made me jam it back in, this time to the hilt of her very wet cunt.

We fucked like animals, and I have no idea what the other customers or the sales girl thought about what was clearly happening in the back room. Tanya was now gripping my neck as I fucked her hard from behind, with long fast strokes. I held her by the hips, in an attempt to get more of my cock further inside her with each thrust. It was intense. I began grunting as I fucked this gorgeous woman, and she responded with those delightful whimpering sounds a woman makes when you know she has surrendered her body to the invasion of her cunt.

Out of nowhere, I felt something on my balls, as I pumped and pumped my cock into this creature of elegance and beauty. Not wanting to stop, I turned to see the sales girl, on her knees behind me, her fingers plunged deep into her own pussy, fucking herself, her tongue slapping and licking it’s way across my agates as I fucked.

“Man, this was getting better and better” I thought as I continued to fuck Tanya and enjoy the tongue lapping at my balls.

Dee and I had shared many threesomes, but due to her higher than mine sexual appetite, they had almost all been two men one woman adventures. This combination of sensual experience was new to me, and I thrived on the combined feelings in my shaft and my testicles as I fucked the amazing woman in front of me. I reached for her boobs, and felt the incredible firmness only silicon can give. It mattered not, for I was firmly in fuck mode, and the nasty little sales girl was now working her way up and down my shaft as it pumped in and out of her bosses sopping pussy.

It was too much.

I thrust in with three last pumps before the explosion hit Tanya like a volcanic eruption deep inside her pussy. I came, and came, and came, until the huge load of cum started getting that squishy gooey texture as it started to seep from her pussy, and coat my cock shaft. I pulled from her pussy, the still erect shaft of my cock grabbed firmly by the mouth of the sales girl, who, surprisingly, sucked and sucked until the shaft of my cock was totally clean, her mouth full of my cum and Tanya’s pussy juices. The feeling of the slimy tongue all over my very sensitive cock was amazing, and I closed my eyes, never wanting the snaking movement on my cock to stop.

Tanya dropped to her knees, and took the sales girls’ face gently in her hands. I watched in awe as these two creatures, separated by at least twenty years, kissed. Their tongues entwined and I groaned as I watched the elder woman’s tongue snake inside the mouth of the younger girl, my cum being shared between them, until they both closed their mouths and swallowed deeply, my cum implanted in both woman’s stomach.

We all kissed, then laughed, at the lewdness of the situation we found ourselves in. Tanya was totally naked, covered with sweat, her red lipstick smothered from cocksucking and kissing her assistant.

In a few short minutes, I had cleaned up, and so had the assistant. Tanya thanked me, and went out back to get herself tidied up. I paid for the two dresses, having decided I wanted the pink one and the black one, and headed back to work.

Surprisingly, the problem that had been killing me all morning, didn’t cause me too many difficulties after I returned to the desk. I sorted it out in a couple of hours, and was about to sort through my emails, when my intercom buzzed.

“Steve, there is a lady here to see you. She says her name is Tanya, and you know her well. Shall I show her in?”

Smiling to myself at the “says she knows me well” part, I answered yes to Janine, indicating that she should show Tanya in to my office.

A few seconds later, and once more I was faced with Tanya’s beauty. She truly was an awesome woman, and in the shadowed light of my office, her face shone in the reflection off the glass. She was stunning.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise!” I smiled, rising to kiss Tanya on the cheek, as if greeting an old friend. “Please, take a seat” I offered, and as Tanya sat in my client chair, I resumed my place in my own chair behind my desk.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” I asked, gazing at the way her nipples pressed against her blouse, recalling their flavour from when I had kissed and sucked them earlier that day.

“Well Steve, you actually forgot to take your credit card with you. I was tempted to rack up a few dresses for myself before returning it, but thought better of it, and decided to come and give it back to you myself. The bank gave me your work address, and the rest was easy, so here I am, and here’s your card!!”

Tanya handed over my Visa, and for the first time I noticed her amazing nails, painted a deep crimson, and perfectly looked after.

“Wow. Thanks. I had no idea I’d left it behind. Thanks god I chose your shop and not some gas station or something!.”

“No problem Steve, but I have to be getting back. I’ve left Becky alone at the store, and she’s way too young to be looking after it on her own. I hope we get to see more of you at the store, next time you need something for a special occasion.”

She rose, came forward, pecked me on the cheek, her right hand cupping and then squeezing my balls as she did so, then clicked away on her heels, my eyes glues to her awesome body as she left.

I was still standing there transfixed, when Janine knocked on the door and came in.

“Wow, what’s HER story?” asked Janine, snapping me back to reality.

“Her? Umm, I don’t really know. As a matter of act I only met her this morning. I left my credit card in her shop. I bought a couple of things for Dee’s birthday and she returned my card. Honest huh??”

“That’s not the real reason she was here. Mark my words as a woman. She’s interested in you Steve, big time. I smelled her enter the office before she even came through the door. That bitch is scoping for a man, trust me Steve!”

And with that, Janine, my foxy secretary, turned and left me standing there, my mind racing with thoughts of erotic possibilities and memories.

That night I took the two dresses home and hid them away safely. It was Thursday night. Dee’s birthday was Saturday, and I had arranged for our friends to put on a surprise party at a restaurant in town. I’d also booked s suite for the night, complete with a spa and a king sized bed overlooking the new harbour development. I wanted it to be special, as I loved Dee greatly, and her parents had agreed to come and stay at our place and look after the kids. I began to wonder how I could make the night totally awesome.

“Janine, can you come in please?” I buzzed.

Janine entered, her pad and pen in hand, expecting to take a letter I gather.

“Put those away hun, just want to pick your brains” I said to her. “Saturday is Dee’s birthday. I’m having a stack of friends meet us for s surprise dinner in town. I’ve booked a room, but I want this to be a mind blowing special night. Tell me, from a sexy woman’s viewpoint, what I should do to make my wife totally awestruck?”

“HHmmmmm, how ‘mind blowing’ do you want it to be Steve?” she asked.

I could tell her mind was already working.

“Totally awesome, mind blowingly amazing, and absolutely over the top erotically. I want to make her year.”

“Wow, let me think about it a while ok? I’d like to put in some serious thought time on it and get back to you.”

“Take your time” I said, knowing that Janine would come up with something hot and probably kinky too. Just what I wanted!

The following morning, Friday, Janine met me with a coffee when I arrived at work.

“Boss, do you trust me?” she asked, surprising me with her forthrightness.

“Of course baby, why?”

“Well, I think I have come up with the ultimate birthday present for Dee, but I also thought it might be extra, extra special if it was a total surprise for you too. I need you to let me go ahead and organise the night for you, after the dinner that you have planned ok? It’ll cost you about a thousand all up and I promise you’ll be knocked off your socks. What d’ya say Steve? Have you got the balls to trust me?”

Fuck. This girl was awesome. Not only was she a really efficient secretary, but she was hot looking, and a fucking crazy nympho as well. I knew that if I said yes, she’d blow both Dee and my brains out with whatever it was she had in mind.

“Go ahead honey. Use my card and do what you want. I can’t wait!” I said, my cock already starting to firm at the wonder of what we might be in for.

“Great!” said Janine. “I’ll get started right away. Can you do without me for the day?”

“Sure. Go ahead. Just keep your mobile with you in case I need to get a hold of you.”

“Will do”.

And off she went, a skip in her step as she left my office.

The rest of the day went pretty fast. I was answering the phone as well as doing all my normal work, and was almost surprised when I looked up from my laptop and saw that is was 6.15. I tidied the desk, packed up my things, locked the office and headed home.

Arriving home, the night was pleasant, but I was sure not to encourage Dee sexually. I was keen to wait and see what tomorrow would bring, and besides, it was only a day since I’d emptied my balls into Tanya’s hot cunt at the dress shop. Dee and I fell asleep after me sharing my tale of erotic seduction with my wife. She nuzzled my neck, squeezed my balls, called me a ‘naughty boy’ and fell asleep.

The next morning, Dee’s birthday, we woke to the sound of the kids singing happy birthday. It was lovely. They had some presents that I had arranged with them, and we spoilt Dee, giving her breakfast in bed and letting her sleep in late. In the afternoon the in laws arrived and I told Dee we were heading out to dinner, and I had a gift for her. I gave her the black dress, keeping the pink one for another occasion. Dee was rapt with the dress, and spent almost two hours getting ready for our dinner. I’m not sure what she did for those two hours, but I’m sure it involved lots of primping, trimming and soaking.

At six we said goodbye to the kids and the in laws, and took our small overnight bag and headed for town. I wanted to check in before dinner so we had everything organised. When we arrived at the hotel, I was advised that we had been ‘upgraded’ to a suite on the top floor. It was amazing. It was also huge, featuring a large bedroom, full size bathroom, lounge room area and a delightful balcony which actually opened out and allowed us to sit on the outdoor setting overlooking the city. It was very plush, and I played innocent with Dee, all the while thinking that Janine must have been behind this. She had been the one who had made the original reservation for me.

We settled in and I poured us a drink from the mini bar, before heading out to the restaurant for what Dee thought was a quiet, romantic dinner for two.

Arriving at the restaurant right on eight, Dee was surprised to see six of our best friends sitting at a table waiting for us.

“You sneaky bugger” she smiled at me, before kissing me on the lips, her hands cupping my face.

I reached down and gave her incredible ass a quick feel. She was wearing the black dress I had bought her earlier that day, and without a bar and only a tiny thong on, she looked and felt amazing.

“My absolute pleasure babe” I replied, and took her by the hand to the table where our friends sat.

Dinner was lovely, totally pleasant and we had a few drinks as we shared great conversation and many laughs. As the meal drew to an end and we sipped on coffees and nibbled on mints, I made a short speech to thank our friends from joining us to share Dee’s birthday.

After saying our goodbyes, I escorted my incredibly sexy wife into a cab and we made our way back to the hotel. I was dying to know what Janine had in store for us, but was also really enjoying the suspension of not knowing. Arriving back at the room, we made our way into the elevator. Dee was mildly tipsy, and received more than a few stares as she walked across the hotel foyer in her see through black dress. I walked a couple of steps behind, taking the time to notice that the outline of her tiny thong was clear for all to see. It was a very sexy sight indeed, and for the third time that day my little man popped his head up for a while.

In the elevator, I pressed the button for the top floor, then kissed Dee hard on the lips as the door closed. She was obviously hot, and her tongue snaked into my mouth, as her nails clawed at my back and her left leg curled around my own leg. It was very erotic. Suddenly the elevator chimed, and stopped at the sixth floor. I had to pry Dee’s tongue from my mouth, and just managed to get her off me in time as two women entered the elevator. I almost fainted.

“Top floor please” asked the taller of the two women, before looking back towards the front of the elevator.

It was Tanya from the shop that afternoon. This was interesting I thought, very interesting.

I didn’t recognise the woman with her. At first I thought it must have been the shop assistant, Becky, who two days earlier had licked my shaft and cleaned her boss’s cum juices from my cock right there in the shop. However, this woman was taller, and also had different color hair. From my position in the elevator I could not tell what she looked like. I wondered what Tanya and the mystery woman were up to, and what an amazing coincidence it was that they were here, in the same hotel, in the very same elevator, heading to the exact same floor!

The elevator, stopped, the door opened, and Tanya and the other woman headed off, ahead of us down the hallway. I took Dee by the hand, smiled, and then we also headed for our room, me walking in behind my incredibly hot wife, her rock hard ass just visible through the sheer material of that stunning black dress, the thong making my cock once more jump to attention.

“Make yourself comfortable” Dee said, her voice trailing off as she went into the huge bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I fell down on to the bed, stretching out and clicking on the TV to see what was on, even though I was like a little school boy, my mind consumed by questions. What was Dee doing in there? Why was Tanya and another woman here on the same floor? What had Janine organised for us to blow Dee’s mind? Why hadn’t I taken my cock out of my pants yet?

Well ok, maybe the last question was a little over the top.

Suddenly my mobile beeped. A text message.

“There will be a knock on your door in three minutes. Answer it, and then enjoy the ride. Janine.”

Hmm. I wondered. What had she organised?

Before Dee had finished whatever she was doing in the bathroom, the knock on the door came. I flicked off the tv, got up and went to the door. Opening it, I was taken aback. Tanya was standing there, and the other woman was with her, the two of them looking stunning, wearing absolutely identical outfits. Skin tight blue tube dresses, very short, and heels. Nothing else. They were amazing.

“I couldn’t let you take Dee out for dinner and not see how the dress looked” Tanya smiled, walking inside past me, her girlfriend holding her hand.

“Pp.p.p please, come in” I gestured, as if I had a choice in the matter, for the two lovelies had already made their way inside.

“Steve, this is Marny, a friend of mine. A good friend” she said, a wicked smile escaping the corner of her damn sexy mouth.

“Hello, nice to meet you” I said, way too formal.

Just at that moment, the bathroom door opened and Dee walked in, shocked to see two amazing looking women standing in the room talking with me.

“Ooh,” she said, “I didn’t realise we had company?. I’m Dee, Steve’s wife”.

“Hi Dee, I’m Tanya, and this is Marny. I sold your hubby Steve that amazing dress. You look stunning in it”.

With that, Tanya moved towards Dee and ran her hand down the front of the dress, right between Dee’s boobs that were barely hidden by the black sheer material.

“I see it fits your perfectly” she said, “I thought it would. Steve described your body perfectly. He also said you were a knockout, and he is definitely right there!”

Dee blushed, but didn’t step away from Tanya’s touch.

“OOoh, then it’s you I have to thank for causing all those dirty old men at the restaurant to stare at me all night?” she said, laughing and stroking Tanya’s arm in affection.

The night was looking up I thought, as the three women began to chat and I was almost forgotten. I grabbed a drink, then sat down on the single leather chair in the corner, just watching the interaction. I wondered if Janine had orchestrated this chance meeting, or whether Tanya has just happened to see us in the elevator and wanted to see how Dee looked. I didn’t have long to wonder.

“Well Dee” said Tanya, “We’re actually here because your randy husband Steve wanted to give you a night you would never forget. He organised for us to come to your hotel room and put on a show for you both.”

“OOooh, he did, did he?” Dee said, giving me a massive glare that was somewhere between totally murderous and absolutely excited!

“He did. So what’s say you go over there and sit on his knee, whilst Marny and I get things set up, ok honey?” she asked, despite the fact it was a suggestion rather than a question.

Dee came over, pretended to be a little angry, sat on my knee, then leaned and whispered in my ear, “You sexy, sexy bastard. I’m going to make sure that we BOTH have a night we will never forget. I love you honey”.

With that, she pecked my on the cheek and turned to watch what the girls were doing as they got organised.

Marny went to the door, and retrieved a small bag that contained a few things she set up on the table. As she revealed the contents, I got an instant hard on and Dee noticed. How could she not? She was sitting on the now erect head of my cock as Marny took out two strap on dildoes, several vibrators, and some lotions and condoms.

“OOooh la la” I thought. There’s only one person in this room who needs the condoms. And that was me!! My helmeted lover got even harder at the prospect of sex with all three of the goddesses in the room with me.

Tanya turned on the stereo, and inserted a cd. I expected music, but instead the sounds coming from the speakers were moans, groans, squeals of delight and the unmistakable sounds of people fucking. I could make out more than one person, in fact there were several different voices making sexual noises. It was totally hot, and I again shifted in my seat, my now throbbing cock sliding between my wife’s crossed legs as she sat on my knee.

Tanya and Marny started slowly writhing together, their dancing totally sexual. Dee and I watched in awe as these two totally hot women moved as one, their hands, tongues and legs entwining in a blur of erotic steaminess. It was very hot. In front of my wife and I, two identically dressed women, were kissing, fondling, stroking and licking each other in huge heels. It was awesome. As I watched Tanya’s hand slide under Marny’s mini, her hand finding her ass, I moved back and stretched slightly, allowing my erection some breathing space! Dee moaned too, her own hand dropping to her nipple, tucked inside the deep plunge of her black sheer gown. I noticed she gave it a short tweak before rolling her nipple in the way she loves to do when I am fucking her or licking her. She was definitely aroused by the show Tanya and Marny were putting on for her birthday.

Both women now had their tube dresses pulled up above their bums, and it was revealed that neither wore panties. In fact, they were both bald as the day they were born also. The fingers of each hand were inside each other now, exploring, touching, triggering different reactions. A contraction here, a shudder there, a moan or groan here. It was very erotic!

Suddenly, Dee stood up. I shifted in my seat and got comfortable. I hadn’t expected this! Obviously the evening’s wine, friends, meal and now the scene before her had caused Dee’s sexuality to fire and she wanted to get involved.

The other two women, as if opening a door, moved apart and allowed Dee to slide in between them, the three women’s bodies pressing together. I watched in awe as the smooth flesh of Dee’s bosoms pressed into the chests of both Tanya and Marny. Fuck it was a hot sight. I was in for far, far more treats that night!

I continued to watch, as slowly, the women kissed, tongued, licked, squeezed and fondled each other as they stood. Kissing was common, licking was popular, but the hands all over each other’s breasts, and fingers in each others’ pussy was even better. They were really getting worked up now, all three of them. I let my cock out of my trousers and slowly started to pump my hard shaft. I didn’t want to cum, but was happy to watch, slowly wank and enjoy the show these three lovelies were putting on in front of me. The fact that one of the bisexual women in front of me was my wife made the site even hotter, as I am sure all you guys would attest! My wife Dee has had lesbian sex before, and I must admit, the sight of her licking and making love to another woman is totally fucking awesome for me. I love watching her take on one or two other cock’s, and admit to cumming on her face in a few gang bangs, but the sight of making love to another woman, or, in this case two, is the best!

Momentarily, all three women stopped making love to each other standing up. I watched, as Tanya, Dee and Marny then undressed each other, totally ignoring my presence as I wanked in the chair. I took out my video camera, deciding that if I was not to be part of the action, at least I could film it and hopefully watch again and again afterwards with Dee or our friends.

By the time I had it set up and switched on, all three hotties were standing naked, accept for heels, in front of me and were once more melting into a sexual threesome of locked lips and fingertips. Dee reached for Marny, took her face in her hands, and then I watched as their tongues kissed. Dee pushed her tongue into Marny’s mouth, and as she did so, Tanya dropped to suck Dee’s already swollen nipples. My wife moaned audibly, as she loves her nipples being given attention. Tanya was sucking Dee’s nipples, but one of her hands reached up and pushed it’s way towards Marny’s pussy. Dee dropped a hand from Marny’s face and also met Tanya’s fingers at the junction of Marny’s cunt. I watched as the two women managed to get a finger inside each, Marny’s legs voluntarily parting to allow greater access. This was rewarded with several more fingers being pushed and pumped inside her now wet pussy.

Marny and Dee continued to kiss. It was electric. Their tongues were slashing, flicking and slurping across each other’s, and my hand was now really squeezing my shaft as I watched my wife totally get into her lesbian encounter. Tanya left Dee for a moment, her nipples visibly pinker as they had been sucked and bitten for several minutes. They were also very large and it was clear this erogenous zone had been well aroused by Tanya’s experienced mouth. Before I realised it, she was back, behind my wife, a large jelly didlo in her hand. I watched transfixed as Dee and Marney kept pashing, and Tanya worked the head of the pink cock into my wife from behind. It was gentle, but she was forceful in her actions. At one point, she reached down to spread Dee’s lips and allow her hand to push the jelly dong inside my wife’s cunt. It was lovely to watch Dee, kissing Marny and running her hands all over the woman’s boobs, as her leg cocked to the side to allow the second woman, Tanya, to fuck her with a large done. Slowly the fucking motion from Tanya increased, until Dee’s lips were untangled from Marny, and she focussed on the invading dildo in her pussy completely.

It was too much for me, I walked over to the three women, and surprisingly, was welcomed with opened arms, and hot hands and lips!

Marny, preferring to let Tanya fuck Dee, dropped to her knees and instantly engulfed my erection in her mouth, her tongue wildly slopping spit around my shaft as she sucked on my cock.

I grasped her head gently, my hand running through her hair as she sucked on my cock and made me want to cum really fast. Meanwhile, Dee had laid down on the couch and had her legs spread wide. Tanya was on her knees in front of Dee, fucking her with Mr Jelly. At the same time, Tanya lapped at Dee’s clit and played with her tits. I knew Dee would cum fast at this combined action. She has amazingly intense and really rapid orgasms when she is being fucked, licked and someone is playing with her boobs.

Sure enough, just as I felt Marny bite, yes, BITE the head of my cock quite hard, Dee squealed the way she does when she starts to cum, and she took hold of the pink jelly dong and jammed it as far inside her sopping pussy as she could. Tanya for her part kept licking Dee’s clit, and as Dee spasmed, shook and climaxed, her nipples were pulled and distended quite a lot. She didn’t care. She crashed into a huge orgasm and the noise was almost blood curdling as she came on Tanya’s tongue and the jelly invader. I watched as my wife was bought to orgasm in front of me by another woman, and it was too much for me. The combination of the woman sucking my cock as I watched another woman fuck my wife made me cum. I actually almost felt sorry for Marny, because, without realising it at the time of my own orgasm, I clutched her head and fastened it around my spurting cock! I came, and came, and came, white gooey liquid seeping down Marny’s throat until she gagged and almost choked. It sprang me back to attention, and I apologised, pulling my still spurting cock from her mouth, before stroking my shaft and splashing the last few drops on her lovely boobs and fat stomach.

I squeezed the last juice from my cock just as I saw Tanya firmly embed almost the entire length of the jelly dong inside my wife who was basking in the afterglow of her amazing orgasm on the couch. She reached down and took Tanya’s face in her hands, and as she forced her hips down onto the dong inside her pussy, kissed Tanya tenderly on the lips to say thank you for such a wonderful cum.

I collapsed back onto the chair myself, a little overwhelmed at the intensity of my own orgasm, before it dawned on me that neither Tanya nor Marny had cum yet! I dove for Tanya’s pussy like a wild man, my tongue eager to explore the two wanton pussies before me. Tanya sprawled her body back on the carpet, and amazingly for a woman of my age, managed to completely spread her legs so that they were cast aside at 180 degrees to her body. She was incredibly flexible. I took up position between them, my tongue beginning it’s trail of pussy licking and clit flicking! I stopped for a moment to look up, and was pleasantly surprised to my wife, Dee, sucking on Tany’as nipples, with Tanya’s fingers inside my wife, fucking her already well fucked pussy slowly and gently. As I licked and sucked on the gorgeous woman’s cunt, I noticed her slip a finger inside Dee’s bottom. Wow, that was a turn on!

I alternated looking at the cunt I was licking and the finger that was ass fucking my wife. I urged Tanya on, sucking on her clit harder every time I saw her finger push further into my wife’s asshole. Suddenly, the pussy in my mouth started contracting and spasming, and I was rewarded with a tiny spurt of juice into my mouth, which shocked but totally aroused me once more. Tanya came and her whole body froze. It was intense! The moment she started to cum, she actually moved Dee’s entire body by pushing her finger deeper into my wife’s asshole, until Dee shrieked with the depth of the invasion.

Marny noticed this too, and she came off the couch and squatted down over Dee’s face, guiding my wife’s tongue to her pussy, as he friend Tanya slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

Here was I, still sucking on a post-orgasmic, sopping pussy, in a hotel room bigger than most houses, watching my wife being ass fucked by another woman’s hand, as she licked a pussy that was squatted above her mouth.

I made a mental note to give Janine a pay rise as I moved towards Marny’s exposed anus, my cock in hand……………

I wrote this story myself. Dee, my wife, normally writes the Marriedpervs stories based on her adventures. I’m a committed and happy voyeur, but sometimes, like on this occasion, I enjoy joining in and writing about it for al of you to enjoy.

Please leave a comment if you have taken the time to read this story. It helps Dee and I keep in touch with you all and what turns you on!

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