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Born to be Three

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Something changed in my life when I looked up and saw him. A beautiful young man in vest and jeans, sun shining and lighting his body as it hip-jerked with laughter. Tanned shiny muscles, soft but strong. Tight flat stomach, He knew he looked good. He pushed his body forward, he displayed his muscles, he turned easy and relaxed. His jeans were deliciously tight, bewitching. But I could see something else.

Probably because I was that much older, I saw an insecurity, a lack of confidence. He was thrusting his body as if to prove that he was a sexual, animal man. It worked for me, but somehow it didn’t look like he believed it himself.

Recently I’d been changing; I was seeing men in a different way. I had always been with women, but, as I got older, I found my mind preoccupied with what it would be like to be touching a man’s body, making love. Really it was mainly about sucking a man. It filled more than my mouth; it filled my fantasies and excited me more than I could believe. As I looked at this young stud, I somehow knew that one day I could have a cock sliding between my lips and, if I let myself dream it could be his.

I’ve had lots of relationships with women. I adore sex and sex adores me. The delights of exploring with fingers, tongues and flesh, the spicy wetness of faces and bodies and wallowing in days of coming in, on, over and around each other. I still felt the drive and the energy for that but I was becoming distracted by the thought of stroking a soft long penis. Squeezing and stroking until it became a hard straight shaft pointing aggressively at my lips and tongue. I thought about it spurting to the back of my throat. Would I be able to swallow it? Would I want to? What would it do to me?

I actually practised a bit. I took make believe dicks into my throat and even used my own. I would shoot into my mouth and swallow with joy. I thrilled to see my hard head, nearly touching my lips; beads of milky juice seeping from an elegant and knowing eye, an eye that led to a fiery lust within me. And the shiny slit, that eye in the head of my beautiful cock glowing and tightening, looking like it would burst. And then it would. Streams of tasty juice shooting from that lip shaped hole hitting my tongue, my throat and, when I lost concentration, my eyes, nose and face. But even as I swallowed and groaned and smiled, all I saw before me was someone else’s cock.

I looked at him and knew that it was a fantasy to think that I could achieve anything with him. I’d never done it before, except with myself, and I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to get him to think that way; to let me fumble with words, buttons, fingers and probably give me a punch in the face. It was impossible. I gave him what I thought was going to be a last look and lingered while appreciating the bulge in his jeans. I tried to imagine how that bulge was formed so that I could take it into my sexual fantasy world. It looked good. I imagined hairless, smooth and straight with a proud compelling head as beautifully shaped as the muscles of his body.

Just as I was turning away with those images burning into my memory, he looked and, as if he knew me, waved and called ‘Hi’. I showed with a shrug of my body that I didn’t know who he was. I noticed that I did it with my arms spread wide and my hips pushed forward. It was meant to look like, who are you? But it was pushing my cock and balls forward, open and available. I had instantly started to flirt with this young man, as if he was a woman that excited me! That thrilled me, but he didn’t notice. He came running down and I enjoyed every single twist of his amazing body as he hurried down the stairs towards me. He spoke quickly with an excited energetic voice.

“Hi, I’m Woody. You’re my girlfriend’s teacher; she talks about you a lot. She pointed you out at Mabey’s.”

As I’m not a teacher I thought he’d mistaken me, but I could at least be close to his tempting body for a little longer. As if I was a teacher, I leant towards him, my fingers cupping my chin (imagining I was supporting his balls) and asked him for his girl friend’s name. He said “Lucia” and I instinctively knew it had to be my Lucia, Luss. I called her Luss because she was tough, soft and sensual with a lust for the exploration of every type of lust.

She told her parents she was having regular lessons with me to account for the afternoons of passion we had together. That must have been what made her say ‘my teacher’ when she had pointed me out at Mabey’s. She’d told me her boyfriend was beautiful but sexually nervous. And so this must be him – Woody. He was more than beautiful and, if he was unsure of his sexuality, perhaps, and here I went into fantasy, I could be the one to help.

I talked about Lucia, a great student, so interesting, so alive, so talented in her studies (and she was!). I realised I had absolutely no idea what she’d said I was teaching her but Woody saved me. “She always says how stretched she feels when she does Psychology with you. She says it takes her into new areas.”

It made me smile to think of those new areas and especially the stretching but I tried to keep to being the professor. “That’s very nice of her and I have to say what a beautiful couple you must make. You are a very handsome, well-built young man. You must be so happy together, she is such a beautiful girl”.

He smiled sheepishly and shrugged. A muscle in his neck went soft and turned to make an exquisite curl of shadow. His hips came forward in an embarrassed, docile way, as if saying there was a problem. I felt a pressure on my trousers as I started to harden. It was as if subconsciously he was opening up to me. I knew that if there was to be an opportunity, then this was it.

I told him, in a very paternal way, that if he had any difficulties with Lucia, he could talk to me. I knew her well, I was discrete and I had experienced many testing relationships. I said that I offered it for Lucia’s sake, but it would be private between the two of us. I took his phone and put my name and number in and called it. As he said ‘shall I give you my number?’ my phone in my pocket gave its discrete bleeps. I motioned towards it knowingly and he laughed with a big white toothed open mouth.

I don’t know whether it was the authority I’d deliberately shown or that an older man was fluent with his phone (luckily it was the same as mine). We both said ‘nice meeting you’ and I was so hot and hard and watched him walk away until he disappeared round a corner. Then I just watched the empty corner. A smile was growing on my face, quite fast, and then it sped up until lips told me they were going to actually crack.

* * * * *

When I got back I called Luss at her house, which I’d not done before, but she’d left her phone at mine. Her mother answered and said Lucia wasn’t in. I said, please let her know she left her phone at mine, then gave my name. She was very suddenly excited. “Oh, we’ve heard so much about you and your teaching methods. Thank you for pushing her so very very hard. She says how thrilling it is – she’s always exhausted after your lessons”. I said that she was a wonderful psychology student and her mother replied “I thought it was Anatomy?”

Never assume that somebody will tell everybody the same thing! That was typical Luss. She doesn’t like telling lies and so whenever she really has to, she tells one that suits her mood. Her mother knows she has a boyfriend, that she has sex, in the house, and very noisy sometimes. She knows that Luss is an adult and doesn’t have to lie about anything. Except, the fact that she is having a wild passionately sexual friendship with an older man round the corner and her boyfriend doesn’t know.

So, in generating the lies, Woody got Psychology and Mum got Anatomy. I liked discovering that, it was quite sexual. I heard myself say “The mind and the body are totally linked and your daughter is gifted enough to make Anatomy into Psychology, with such amazing success”. There was an intake of breath, slow and then building up to a satisfied sigh that was also sexual. Any mum of Luss’s would have to have a large part of sexual animal within her. I liked discovering that too.

When Luss phoned I told her everything, first about her Mum, to get that out of the way and then about Woody. She laughed and laughed and then went very quiet and then laughed some more, and a bit more. Then she was quiet for a little longer, cleared her throat, and I knew her whole body was doing a slinky shiver as the plan started to bubble out of her beautiful lips.

“I could encourage him to come and see you … I’d heard how good you were at helping people”. She started to get excited “I’ll say… he used to be a … sexual therapist .. yes yes yes … before you moved here”. She paused, and in a purring tone added “as long as we carry on with our lessons … perhaps we could eventually combine them? That would be fun”. I knew that she’d finished speaking with that same shiver. It was the sexy punctuation marks she put around her ideas.

I felt so wildly horny but she couldn’t come round. We talked about Woody and she started to moan softly and told me that she was naked on her bed and touching herself. She said she’d tell me about Woody if I took my clothes off. She told me to describe what I saw as I undressed in front of the full-length mirror. So creative for such a young woman! She told me what she would do to my dick and balls and then started to talk about Woody. He’s like a gentle puppy, gets very excited, works out to keep his muscles gorgeous, is wonderful to touch. Has an elegant dick, shorter than yours but thicker, very sensitive balls, wonderful arse, a really nice boy, very sexy, but he comes so quickly and then goes sad. That’s made you harder, hasn’t it?

I looked in the mirror and agreed. I talked about how much I wanted her and how excited I was about her boyfriend. My ball sac was so tight that it made my jutting straining cock look so smooth and touchable. There was the sound of Luss enjoying her body with the phone jammed under her chin. Then she spoke through her bouncing thumping groans. It’s Woody you’re holding. Give him pleasure. You’re in the mirror with me licking and sucking you. It feels good, it feels.. oh …

Then her voice started to choke as she lived out her thoughts. She was near to orgasm, could hardly talk and I listened. I gave Woody’s elegant dick and tight balls such pleasure with all my fingertips and watched myself in the mirror. Luss dropped the phone and sounded as if she had imagined even more into her mouth and, at that thought, Woody erupted and I looked in the mirror and saw his thick creamy juice smack onto me in the glass. Onto my face, body and even legs. And in some places it started to run down my body. I heard Luss groaning, laughing, and then her wicked giggle. She said goodnight, blew me a kiss and abruptly hung up. I loved how it looked on the mirror. Before I went to bed I stood in the same spot and could see my reflection splattered with lust. I didn’t clean it off until the next day.

Woody also phoned the next day and arranged to come round for his first appointment.

* * * * *

Tuesday When he arrived I felt more excitement than when I’d first seen him. I’d always admired the male body but now it was as if I had given myself permission to be sexually excited, and I was. I was careful to be restrained and not let him see my hungry eyes trying to check out every part of his body. I started to generate a professional and distant manner. When he’d asked “how much?” I quickly answered that the first session was free, even though I was thinking that, if need be, I would pay! We sat and talked a lot and it seemed as if he was sexually inexperienced, nervous of the urges in his body and even more frightened by the lust he saw in Lucia. I could sympathise with that!

It seemed that his problem was coming quickly and then not feeling like coming again because he felt so embarrassed about his haste. I could understand that, but the thought of him coming quickly still made my excitement grow. I suggested that it was just a matter of learning control. I said that he had to become more relaxed about his own body, learn how to please a woman but, most of all, learn how to please himself. I said that I could help him in all those areas but, as it had an element of research for me, the sessions would be free. “What’s the research?” he asked and I replied that I was used to working with women and so probably not have such a good touch with a man.

To end that session I got him to stand up in front of my mirror and talk about his body, what parts he liked, what parts he didn’t like. I got him to demonstrate and I gently massaged the part of his body as he talked about it. He gradually had to shed clothes. Thank goodness I didn’t have to, because as soon as I touched him, something happened within me.

As his body uncovered I was overwhelmed with his beauty, the texture of his skin, his muscles, his soft vulnerable areas. It was the most gorgeous body I’d ever seen and here he stood, taking his clothes off on my instruction, as I gently massaged him!

He was standing just in boxer shorts and I could see that, like me, excitement was making him bulge. He was reluctant, but I got him to take off his boxers so that we could ‘get to the heart of the problem’. His dick was beautiful, bigger than I’d imagined, more hairy than I’d fantasised with a ball sac asking to be stroked, sucked and bitten. Not that I’d ever done it! I had this dream man naked and semi-erect in front of me. I knew I couldn’t act rashly but I so wanted to touch him.

I got him to tell me what he felt about his genitals and boldly, but carefully, continued my touch in the same way as I had with his shoulders and stomach and back. The soft pressure of fingertips on flesh. I told him how well formed his penis was and, as I did so, it began to harden and rise. He apologised. I gulped and reassured him that it was natural and healthy and asked about his attitude to his balls and touched them. He grew straight and hard. I commented on it and, in my ‘professional’ style touched the underside and squeezed the head as I asked him how he felt about this, the most sensitive part of his man body.

It was such a thrill. I held the magnificent bulging head of this god. Only a few days ago I’d been trying to imagine what was inside his jeans and now I held it between thumb and fingers and knew that I could easily make him come. And very quickly.

I put my hand around his shaft and said that, to me, it felt thick and hard and was a fine member. I noticed a clear pearl of excitement ooze from his smiling eye and felt my legs go weak. I wanted to stoop and lick that dewy pearl from his taut dome, but I knew this was not the time to do anything. It would terrify him. I’d never ever put my mouth on another man before but knew that if I did, I would love it. I also knew that, because of his ‘problem’, my lips around his head would immediately make him come in my mouth. I shuddered with lust.

With difficulty I kept my professional manner and, using that, was able to give his balls a soft squeeze and run my hand right up his shaft. I turned away and as I scribbled wild nonsense on my notepad said “that’s the seat of your problem … we can sort it out. Get dressed and I’ll see you next Tuesday”.

When he left I was so troubled. I had looked at and touched that divine body and wanted to kiss, suck, bite and touch every part of it. My hand had been for the first time on a penis that was not mine, around god’s taut member. I was so lucky, but confused. How could I make him want me to touch him, suck him, take him deep into my mouth, … and then I thought into my throat! He was long, but I could practice! I quickly and happily took off all my clothes.

I put a small leather strap around my balls and pulled it hard. I gave a little gasp as they bulged tight and shiny away from my body. I tidied the strap through its buckle. I thought of putting another strap round the base of my dick, but I was already hurting from my hardness, the constriction would be too much.

I stroked myself and pushed a finger deep in-between my constrained balls and picked up the candle that I’d previously used to explore sliding into my throat. It became a slim version of Woody. I licked it, gently bit into the end, pushed it into my cheeks and pushed it hard between my balls. I stroked myself from balls to tip and threw my head back to take Woody deep into my throat.

I kept my mouth closed and made the candle force my lips apart and slide slowly towards my throat. I choked and retched but my lust made me recover quickly. I experimented; I took it close to the retch point and left it there. I thought about those automatic muscles and talked to them as I stroked myself to the edge of a huge teetering orgasm, partly held in check by the strap round my balls and also by the thought of keeping Woody on the very edge of my throat. Throat reflexes relaxed a little but I started to come. I shot onto my face and, as if it had come from Woody’s dick, it seemed to touch the very edges of my throat. I pushed the candle and slid it in and out as I finished coming, screaming, gurgling, moaning, choking, my face and chest thick with cream.

I knew at that moment, where I had to start with Woody. I had to show him how to learn to enjoy coming, whether quickly or slowly. That would be a hard job and take a long time … I hoped.

* * * * *

Thursday How Luss teased me. We lay together and she pushed her fingers into my mouth and said “This is him!” She squeezed my balls tight and said “This is his mouth!” She pushed her fist against my anus and said “He wants to come in!” We rolled together and our sex was fierce and she laughed at how rampant I was. Her voice went husky and she said “I want the two of you, together, in me, on me, over me, right through me! Woody coming in your mouth as you come deep inside me!” She shuddered and bucked her hips up and down against my face as I sucked her sweet juices only thinking of Woody as I swallowed.

A little later, she put oil on her breasts and as I slid my hardness between them, her hands squeezing them tight against me, she said “Woody would love to watch this, he’d have come by now.” Before I knew it I had exploded onto her chin and neck, spurt after spurt of warm cream with louder shouts and moans from me than was usual. She laughed as she licked me clean and wondered whether “I was trying to come as quick as Woody?” I could only think of the three of us together! So exciting and I wondered if it could happen.

* * * * *

Tuesday When he arrived I enjoyed displaying a professorial authority. “You can’t learn to please someone else, if you can’t please yourself”. I asked him to show me how he pleased himself. He looked shocked and I then suggested that he remembered the last time that he masturbated and to recreate that. I told him he had time to think about it because he first needed to relax his body with a massage. Before he’d arrived I’d put a leather strap round my waist with a loop that attached to a strap round the head of my dick. It kept it vertical, flat against my belly. There would still be a bulge but not a tent pole like before.

I told him to take off his clothes and lie face down on the table. “Just relax” I said as I worked on his head, neck, shoulders and back. I pushed him down hard onto the massage table, sometimes rhythmically, pulled hard at his muscles and felt my own hardness sliding up and down, tight along my belly, held firm by the strap, straining to be above my belt. I massaged his buttocks and as I let my little finger trail, I listened to his give-away sighs. I worked on his thighs and when I worked the inside, let four fingers go lightly across his balls. The noise he made was electric and I had to pull my trousers up a little more.

I knew that he was hard and tight and, like me, feeling his engorged dick pressing into his belly. I worked down both his thighs, his calves, ankles and feet. To finish, I lifted one foot into my chest and ran both my hands from his groin right down to his toes. Of course my fingertips touched his balls and, as I lifted his other leg, I heard a little whimper of anticipation. My fingertips then touched lightly and as my hands drew down he lifted his body so high that I could see his massive member dropping down towards the table. I wanted to cup his balls, squeeze them and pull them up towards me, but knew I couldn’t … yet. “OK, turn over”.

As he did his beautiful smooth and very elegant dick came into view. Hard, shiny and straight, angled towards his own mouth. My groin clenched as I saw those jewels gleaming on his swollen head and sensed how hot and horny he was. He looked at it with a nervous smile and said “Sorry, it was when you were pushing me up and down”. Don’t worry, it looks great, and it’s why we’re here. I worked on his head and shoulders and, when my hands went tight round his neck, heard the strange guttural noise he made in his throat and watched more liquid beads ooze from his hard stunning manhood. He obviously liked some domination.

I worked down his body. I was hard on his nipples but, from the bucking of his hips, knew it was welcome. As I moved down to his lower stomach he started to moan and I had to stop him. “You mustn’t come yet. We’ll look at that in a minute”. I started to work on his feet and he calmed a little. I worked up his calves and thighs, touched his balls and squeezed them gently in my hand. He moaned and arched his body. I held them firmly and kept them high so that he had to lift off the table. “I’ll hold your balls and I want you to make yourself come as if you were alone”.

He needed no encouragement. He clamped both his hands around his shaft and pumped it up and down. I said “Slower” and admired how firm it was. Like Luss had said, not as long as mine but thicker and so beautifully shaped and smooth. I tilted my own hips backwards and forwards so that the head of my straining dick rubbed up and down my belly, encouraged and held securely by the strap. Very soon he started to moan and I called “Stop”. He did “..and hold…” I carried on rocking my hips and then said “..and release”. He yelped and such long strings of thick sticky sperm shot across his belly, chest and face. I felt each one through my hand squeezing his balls. He groaned, bucked and kept calling yeah. As he came, so did I and realised I should have put on a condom as a large wet patch started spreading across my shirt.

I turned away towards the jug of water and, as if missing the glass, tipped it down my front. It covered the wet patch but showed my strap and upright dick so clearly. Luckily he wasn’t watching, his hips were still undulating and he was softly groaning. I stood by his head so that he couldn’t see my state and put a finger through the sperm on his face. “Have you tasted your come?” He looked surprised and I wiped my finger across his lips. He licked, swallowed and said yum. I too licked my finger and thought the same. So far, pretty damn good.

He suddenly went sheepish and aware of his nakedness and ashamed of coming in front of me. I said “It’s what we planned. Now I want to know how you feel, right now”. He told me that he felt embarrassed to have no control and, though he was still horny, he just felt empty and finished. I asked his permission and then put one of my thin leather straps around his balls and then another one that pressed between them and pushed them apart. I let my fingers run over his balls as if they were my own.

He started to harden and I said “Make yourself come again”. He touched himself slower this time but soon was as big and hard as before, perhaps even bigger. He soon came, more weaving white strings of nectar on top of those still there. I was impressed. How could he have had so much still in him?

I placed a strap around the base of his bent but still firm dick. I fumbled with it as if I was having difficulty but really because I so enjoyed touching him and letting my fingers hold his shaft and lift his balls. It was something I could easily do with one hand but oh how I struggled with that strap. I put my fingertips on each side of the head of his wet soft dick and lifted it off his belly. It began to harden. “How does this feel now? You seem to be getting horny again. Rub your shaft while I hold the head”.

He stroked himself and then his body started to rise up and down which made my fingertips have to follow, following the thrusting contour of his swollen glans. As he came, less but still long strings, my hands squeezed his head and ‘accidentally’ got in the way of the flow and it ran over and between my fingers. My legs again went weak as I realised that all I wanted was to have my mouth over his stunning smooth head as he came.

“Next Tuesday we’re going to try to get you to control your orgasm. Stay there, I’ll clean you up”. I licked my fingers and got kitchen towel to clean his face, chest and belly and, last of all, his balls and the length of his shaft. I felt it harden again but knew we should stop. Woody walked out with a confident swagger; he’d come three times in ten minutes.

I’d only come once but the tension in my straps told me my second could be near. I lowered my trousers, stroked my balls and watched the arcing streams shoot up and away from me without me even touching my raging rod. I had made Woody come three times, stroked him, watched him, squeezed him, tasted him and again exceeded the fantasies I’d had before.

* * * * *

Luss phoned me later to say that Woody was thrilled by the session and felt it could really help him. He told Luss that we just talked. I didn’t tell her any different, obviously I was becoming a professional therapist. But there was something about talking to her that inflamed me and I asked her over.

We fell into our usual lustful ways but I wanted her more than ever. She was shocked but thrilled and, as I drove deeper into her than I’d ever been before. I realised I was where Woody had been and almost felt that we were both together inside the gorgeous Luss. When we came, for me, it was like all three of us. We rolled and pounded our bodies together and as we lay spent, she whispered in my ear “this therapy is doing something for you too”. How right she was. Where would it lead?

Luss had plenty of ideas and I noticed that she started to talk about how the three of us could be. She wanted both of us inside her together. She kept asking “How can we make him want ‘teacher’ to fuck me while he does?” She got her vibrator and it soon came to represent Woody. She noticed how excited that made me as I realised the same about her. While we kissed one of us would push the end of the vibrator into the sides of our lips and we would then fight and laugh over whose mouth it would go into.

I sucked her clit and licked the folds of the wet lips and slowly slid ‘Woody’ into her cunt and touched her sweet tight anus with a moist finger. Her hips shuddered wildly up and down and I put a hand under her and held her up and still so that my tongue was where my finger had been. I licked and probed and pushed into her with my tongue and relaxed the tightness of her arse. With my other hand I pushed ‘Woody’ deeper into her. I loved taking Luss like this and started to soften her, lubricate her, ease her wider and wider. I knew that Woody had never been here, Luss had said “he would come before he could get in”, and now I wanted to be deep inside her, especially with ‘Woody’ just a short distance away.

I lifted her on to the table, on her back with her legs over the end. I stood between her legs and I pushed slowly into her and pushed ‘Woody’ from side to side. We’d not done it like this before and as I moved the vibrator I could feel it press against the end of my dick. And so could she. When I was deep inside I switched ‘Woody’ onto a low vibration and started slow long strokes with both of us and I could feel the vibration. I ran my hand up her body, over her beautiful breasts, her neck, her ears. I touched her eyelids, I gently touched around her nostrils and started to push into her faster and deeper.

I leant over to her and pushed my tongue into her ear, over her eyelids, into her nostrils. I licked her lips, put my tongue between her teeth and her cheek and then chewed at her lower lip. I whispered in her ear that Woody wanted to fill her with juice but could hold on if she could. We both knew we’d lost it, we were almost delirious.

I straightened up and pulled her towards me so that I could drive right into her with my balls slapping against the cheeks of her beautiful arse. I pushed ‘Woody’ in time with my own thrusts and let my fingers trail over her body and face. As I touched her lips she struck like a snake and grabbed my fingers between her teeth and bit hard and held. The pain was exquisite. Neither of us could hold on. And neither of us had ever come like that before.

I remember only moments, like still images, and it seemed to go on for so long. I remember being on tiptoe, one hand on her breast, one locked between her teeth but lifting her up from the table just with the stiffness of my cock right inside her. I remember seeing the trickle of blood from my fingers, Luss’s hand squeezing my balls tight as if trying to push them inside her. I remember both our bodies jerking in strange spasms together, I don’t remember falling off the table but I do remember being on the floor and tasting my blood in her mouth as we sucked the air from each other’s body. It was unforgettable and a long time before we spoke.

Luss felt terrible about my fingers and found it hard to believe the pleasure I had felt from the pain. She relaxed when she saw they could still move quite normally. We talked like kids going over all the sensations we’d been through and trying to remember the journey down to the floor. We went quiet when we realised what the thought of Woody being there had done. What would happen if he were actually there? Luss broke the silence with a giggle and “could you do that to Woody while I sucked him? … I think he’d really like it”

* * * * *

Tuesday Before he arrived I felt nervous. Luss and I had been living out our fantasies and believing them. Here I was now, about to enjoy his body through deceit. If he was to discover my (and Luss’s) intentions he could quite rightfully hurt me very badly. And didn’t I deserve it? I put on a condom to prevent my wet patch of last time. I then fixed my holding straps and lubricated my belly so that I could slide more easily as I’d made myself sore last week.

He arrived with a huge sadness on his face. “Look at me” he said, pointing to the bulge in his trousers, “I ring your doorbell and this happens. I’m like an animal with no control, go hard, come and that’s it”. I reassured him, told him he had a fantastic body, stunning penis, huge sexual appetite and sensuality and just needed to control it. I also lost all previous thoughts of guilt because seeing his excitement started its work on me.

I asked him how he’d felt when I’d made him hold off coming last Tuesday. He said “Good. Really good”. I told him that we were going to work on some hands-free coming. He was going to be shooting his load without touching himself. But first, get your clothes off and on your front for a massage. As he undressed I loosened the strap around the end of my throbbing dick by one notch; I was getting too big for my own equipment. I still took time to watch as he lifted his dick up flat to his belly and felt thrilled when he made a point of pulling his balls down so that they were accessible between the tops of his thighs. He was waiting for my fingers? Thank you Woody, you won’t regret it.

I massaged him like before but this time he wasn’t embarrassed and he let me know what gave him pleasure. I touched his balls and he groaned with delight. I slid my hand under them and lifted them off the table. It sounded like a groan mixed up with giggles. I told him to take this pleasure and keep it somewhere in his body, not to let it go straight to his dick and inflame him. I finished his back and legs and turned him over by holding his balls with my hand twisted so that, as he turned over I did not have to let go. He looked at his dick standing straight up and my hand on his balls. “You’re not apologising for your erection today?” He laughed and said he loved it and as I asked how my hand felt, I pushed my thumb between his balls and waggled it from side to side. “Fucking Ace!” And for me.

I massaged his front but with a new familiarity. As I did I talked about the part of him I was touching. I asked how hard he wanted me to push or squeeze or pinch. It was always more than I thought. I pinched his nipples until I could squeeze no harder and his dick grew and glistened. I talked about how beautiful his muscles were, his bones showing under his skin, his calves, his thighs, the ripple of muscles across his belly.

And then I came to that erect member standing hard and straining for height. I held it and talked about it. I explained the way the nerves were concentrated, the subtle valves and plumbing that allowed piss, lubrication, semen and sperm to come from different places through the same hole. As he moaned I reminded him to put the feelings somewhere inside himself, he mustn’t come until I say and he mustn’t touch.

I was talking almost clinically as I stroked his dick, squeezed his balls and trailed my fingers over his body. He’d already told me how he liked his body to be touched and hurt and so I used it well. I told him he had to learn to accept every sensation and demonstrated some. I squeezed the base of his dick really tight and stood it at right angles to his body. I tapped the head with my fingers, lightly at first and then harder. I pinched and pulled his balls, pulled them away from his body and separated them. I tightly wrapped both my hands, one above the other, around his rigid shaft and pumped it up and down. I was in heaven.

He started to moan. I stopped and said “put the feeling inside” and gave him a little while to calm. I was gently rocking my hips. I took his shaft in one hand and squeezed it in the same way he had done the previous Tuesday; I fondled his balls and did nearly everything I wanted. I didn’t put my mouth over him, it wouldn’t be right yet, but I knew that it was likely to happen. Every time he moaned I got him to say ‘Stop’ to me. That way he was learning control.

He got to the stage where he was calling ‘Stop’ every five seconds. I stroked his balls very lightly so that he was lifting them towards me for rougher handling but he just got more light touches. He was pleading “squeeze me, squeeze me” and I took his shaft and pumped it hard and tight. He screamed “Stop” and I let go, told him to watch his dick and to come. As I said it I gripped one of his balls by the fingers of my left hand and the other with my right. I pulled his balls away from his body and from each other. I squeezed them even tighter than he had wanted earlier. He watched, his mouth opened wide and he came with a long wailing scream and I felt my condom fill as I came against my belly.

He was overwhelmed with joy. Rocking backwards and forwards, rubbing his juices into his body and up into his lips. I told him he could touch himself now and he just grabbed hold of his dick and balls with both hands and squeezed them tight.

I threw a sheet over him and took my full condom off unseen as I watched him writhing under the cover. I told him “You mustn’t come! Not with your hands”. I left him for a few minutes until he’d subsided. I turned down the cover over his face as if tucking him into bed. I felt like I wanted to kiss him, and I knew that at some time he might return it. But not yet.

He looked up at me with a huge grin and asked “Does that mean I’m OK now?” I told him he’d done well but that I had been stopping so that he wouldn’t come. He’d have to learn to say ‘Stop’ to himself even though his girlfriend still carried on and be able to control his coming. “I think I could” he said with glee. I asked him what excited him most with Lucia and he said when she sucked him. “She sucks so amazing that I come right away”. I understood, she was very talented. “You’ve got to learn to control it even when you’re being sucked like that.” “Can I try?”

“Can you try?” Yes yes yes! But I kept my cool and told him that I’d never sucked a man before. What I didn’t tell him was that I had a very good idea as to how he liked to be sucked – like Luss did it. To make him control himself I told him that if I started sucking, I wouldn’t take my mouth away for five minutes, even if he said he was coming. He had to hold on, put the feeling inside and wait until the five minutes was up.

That frightened him, the thought of not being able to stop himself coming in my mouth. He probably wasn’t ready for this yet and I’d be getting a mouth full of his thick cum, another dream come true. And, if he could control himself, who’d be counting the five minutes? Me. “Lie back, close your eyes and imagine I am a woman hungry for your body, hungry for your juices down my throat”. He was already erect and seeping.

I put on a jokey falsetto voice and said how beautiful he looked and that I was going to make him come. He laughed as I pinched his nipples and explored his body in the way he’d told me such a short time before. I licked him, pinched him, squeezed him, stroked him. I squeezed his shaft, I touched the end and spread his pearls of precum round his glistening head.

I pulled him down the table by his legs and knelt so that I could take first one ball into my mouth and then the other. He loved that and then I sucked them both into my mouth and plunged my tongue between them. He shouted as I did that and I realised that Luss had never done that to me or, probably to him. I stroked his shaft with both my hands and shook my head with both balls still tight in my mouth. He groaned and groaned and I lifted my head, squeezed his balls with my hand and lowered my mouth over his seeping hard head. As I did so I said “five minutes begins”.

At last, my fantasy had come true. All I had to do was to make him come in my mouth and I was sure I could. Luss was good but Woody liked pain and her mouth was always gentle. I sensed that a little roughness would finish him off. I was lost in the pleasure of my mouth sliding up and down his shaft, licking down the sides, fast, slow, nibbling at the head and even biting his balls. I raised my mouth high over him and pushed to see whether my throat could take it.

When he felt the back of my mouth he jerked and that choked me. I bit him, quite hard, but I knew it was right. I tried again and this time he kept still and just moaned. I managed to get the head just past the beginning of the throat and swallowed. His groan was loud and his hips moved. I bit into the end of him and beat my mouth up and down until I knew that he was past that point of control. I sensed him trying to hold onto his urge and pushed hard over his shiny dome so that it went into my throat.

Then I swallowed repeatedly, my throat muscles massaging the end of his beautiful dick and my hand on his balls. He started to come and I felt it go straight down my throat. I wanted to taste it in my mouth and so pulled up and sucked hard upon the end. The blast hit the back of my throat repeatedly and after each one, I swallowed. When he stopped I licked him, cleaned him and as my legs gave way slipped to the floor in a state of cum filled delirium but with one hand still gripped around his balls.

After what seemed like a long time listening to his long outbreath moans slowly subsiding he spoke softly. “That was the best. It can’t be your first ever?” As he leaned over waiting for me to answer he noticed my dick sticking out of the top of my trousers, shiny and inflamed. He was so happy. “You really liked it too! What do we do next week?”

I answered “I’ll think about it and tell you on Tuesday, but you’re doing very well” and while I spoke a trail of his come leaked out of my mouth and ran down my cheek.

After he’d got dressed and was ready to leave, he came over to me and put his whole hand upon my strapped up dick. “Bigger than mine. Can we try some straps next week? And no hands? Perhaps you should lose your clothes? I’d like that. I will learn – just you see” He ran his thumb and fingers up both sides of the full length of my strapped up dick, squeezed the head, shouted “Yes” and left.

I lay on my back, his taste filling my mouth, my dick hard against my belly. My dream had come true and, as I thought it, a new dream was already in my head and loins. I wanted him to suck me while he fucked Luss.

I moved my hips so that I was rubbing against my belly and thought of the leather strap just below my pounding glans as if it was his mouth. I came even faster than he had done on his first visit and it shot hard past my face. I angled my mouth for the second burst and it hit the back of my throat and mixed with his. I erupted again and again, feeling that I was deep in his throat. How was I going to get that to happen?

Perhaps, before I got him into some straps, I should demand that he lose a little hair where the straps have to go! Then I’d shave him, suck him until he exploded, and then, ask him to shave me. He’d have to experiment with his mouth, surely? I thought I should go and see Luss, see if I could pick up a bit of inside information about our glimmering spurting stud. Surely we were getting nearer to the three of us together!

* * * * *

Thursday When Luss arrived she was in a strange mood. Not down, not quiet, but a bit distant. I asked her what it was but she didn’t say anything for a while and then “Woody said he enjoyed your session on Tuesday. But, I know you said it was confidential”. I didn’t want to keep it secret from Luss. If it wasn’t for her encouragement, Woody and me wouldn’t have happened and I desperately needed to talk to somebody about it. I told her everything, well almost, and as I did she brightened and couldn’t stop her smile getting wider and wider. I finished telling her of my embarrassment at lying on the floor, spent, with a strap round my dick as Woody touched it and left.

She shrieked with delight and told me that he now called me ‘Doc’, because it rhymed with cock. He had also told her everything and it seemed like our two stories were almost the same. She had begun to feel left out but now, she knew it all, and was as excited as ever. “When are we all getting together … Doc?”

I told her the things I still fantasised about with Woody and when I did, she told me that he had some fantasies too. That excited me and she told me some of the things he’d told her. He liked the look of the straps I’d used, he really enjoyed a little pain when he was excited and, best of all, he’d started wondering what it would be like to suck another man! I was so happy and Luss and I celebrated in the best way we could, giving each other pleasure. While we did, she started to tell me some of her own new fantasies and most involved her, Woody and me together. Then she started to tease me with body and words.

I was on my back with her straddling my face. I had been using my tongue, lips and fingers to bring her to one of her noisy furious orgasms that made her slap my chest so hard that the marks lasted for more than a day. I was hot and hard but she took one of her vibrators, she didn’t switch it on but pushed it against my lips. “Here comes Woody” she murmured provocatively and started to fuck my mouth with it. She pushed it into my cheeks, to the roof of my mouth and gently to the back of my throat. “Woody wants your throat, Woody wants to fill you”.

When I started to gag she withdrew it and asked me to lubricate Woody. I licked and sucked the end and again she pushed and helped me overcome my gag reflex. As I lay there, my head stretched back, she bit my ear and whispered “You’ve got a surprise that I’m not going to tell you. I’ll just give you a clue”. She pushed in and out of my throat until I was groaning and then whispered “your clue is ‘Magic’. I’ll tell no more”. She smoothly withdrew the vibrator.

I was puzzled but couldn’t think about it too long because she slithered on her wetness down my chest and stomach and kissed me hard. As her tongue pushed all round my mouth, she lowered herself onto my quivering erection. “Don’t come yet, keep the feeling inside” she said, mimicking my voice and laughing “I don’t want you to come for five minutes”.

So, Woody had told her everything, and it felt good. It was all out in the open. Almost as if he was here now. And that thought nearly made me come as I looked at her beautiful breasts, her bright white teeth shining as she threw back her head and forced her body down to the very base of my shaft.

It lasted much more than five minutes and I knew that didn’t matter. She was in control and I could only come when she said. She was getting close herself, I could see her breath quickening, feel the spasms around the head of my tense and tingling hardness. She slowed a little and then said “You can come when I’ve told you something that Woody asked me. He asked…” And then she quickened her movement, she was going fast and forcefully. She put a hand behind her and trailed her fingers over my balls and started to gently squeeze them.

“He asked … how would I feel with his dick and your dick both inside me and all of us coming together”. As she said the word ‘together’ she squeezed my balls tight, thrust her hips backwards and forwards and I felt the whole length of me tightly clamped by the quivering bucking grip of softly screeching Luss cumming in an electric wave around my rigid straining independent cock. I erupted, time and time again. Even when dry and empty I was still pushing and feeling like I was filling her with my juice. It seemed to last forever, for both of us. She collapsed onto my chest and kissed me hard, pinched my nose and with her mouth sucked the breath from my lungs and then released my balls and mouth together. I breathed in a long groan as she breathed out a low sigh and we were still.

A long time after, I regained my senses and just had to ask “what did you tell him?”

“Well..” she was still teasing me “I said that you were quite attractive for an older man..” and here she smiled and slipped further down my body and started licking our juices from my soft numb pleasure centre. “And I asked him how he would feel about another man being inside me at the same time as him?” My jaw had dropped open! I wondered what he had said? She was quiet. Very quiet, but smiling as she licked and nibbled at me.

I had to speak “what did he say?” She licked a little more, then bit very hard across the width of my shaft, lifted her head and said “I can’t remember”. She saw the shocked look on my face, laughed and bit again before she answered. “He said …. now what was it? … oh yes … if it was Doc, I’d love it!”. Life can sometimes be unbelievably sweet!

She made some arrangements by phone and stayed the night for the first time. We talked, played, listened to music, made love and talked plans. We talked about straps, about the big linked chains she loved to have around her waist and neck and hanging down her body. We talked about how Woody had changed since seeing me, improved but still coming quickly but now she had begun to enjoy it because he always wanted to start again. We exchanged our thoughts and ideas on Woody’s likes and hidden desires and we talked about how he must never find out that we already knew each other’s bodies so well. She was sweet and close but, somehow, I knew she was keeping something back. A little secret? We parted in the morning like a pair of lovers or, really, like a trio of lovers.

* * * * *

Tuesday Before Woody arrived I felt like a nervous teenager. After all that he’d said to Luss and all the wild notions we’d discussed, it now seemed like a dream. I didn’t know what was going to happen in this session, I didn’t want to put a strap on to hide my erection and then get caught out again! Only a few weeks ago I’d met him and had a distant fantasy about his body and, since then, I’d experienced pleasures with him that were beyond my wildest dreams. I thought that I’d just talk to him and find out how he was. I didn’t even feel sexually aroused, just nervous.

When I let him in, he had a large confident grin. He put his hand on my shoulder, two fingers lightly touching my neck, like a friend would, and looked down at the huge bulge in his trousers. “See what your doorbell does to me Doc?” I laughed. I liked him calling me Doc and, when I looked at that bulge, my nervousness went and I started to get aroused. I looked down at myself and said “it affects me too”.

He threw his jacket over the back of a chair, reached down his pants and adjusted himself to be more comfortable, looked me straight in the eyes and said “I really enjoyed last week Doc, but the bit I liked best was seeing that you were enjoying it too”.

“You’re a very sexy man Woody and I’ve never touched a man like that before. It really turns me on. What do you want to do today?” He looked at me for a long while with that adorable big-mouthed smile of his that made me stir. He moved his head side to side as if he was making a decision and then said “I really liked those straps you used. I wouldn’t mind playing with them, and …”. His smile got bigger and he looked like a wicked kid “.. as I hate to see you suffer, I think you should take off your clothes too”.

I felt like I had to get some sort of control back, my legs were wobbly with excitement and the roles seemed so reversed. He was telling me to take my clothes off, just like I had told him on his first session. I avoided the last part of what he said and told him that straps were a lot more exciting if you were free of hair and that it might be good if I shaved him first. As I finished saying it I suddenly realised that I had reached down my pants and made myself more comfortable. He’d noticed too and grinned “sure Doc, let’s get undressed”.

I mumbled “Massage first?” and he answered “Massage after” as he slipped out of his clothes. I took mine off as well and he looked at me, smiled wider still and said “Nice cock Doc” as he lay back on the massage couch with his not quite full erection resting on his belly.

I managed to regain some dignity as I got the shaving stuff together and, when I came up to him and looked at his magnificent body spread out on the couch, felt deliriously happy. As I put the shaving soap on him he hardened and stood proud. I put my hand round his shaft and made an appreciative noise. I then pulled his balls away from his body and carefully shaved underneath. He liked it and promised to control himself.

When I needed two hands and his beautiful long straight rod was in the way, I stopped and looked carefully and closely at that elegant and desirable dome. I pulled it away from his body with the underside of my chin but, in its eagerness, it hardened, slipped and slapped against his belly. He let out an excited groan and I took the end in my mouth, gripped it firmly, and pulled it at right angles to his body and started shaving from the root up towards his belly. He started to make noises because he was getting very excited and so I bit into him hard. He yelped, went quiet and then I felt him go harder than he had been before. I bit again and slid my mouth further down his shaft.

“Doc, last week, you took me into your throat a bit. How come you can do that when you’ve not been with a man before?” I stopped and answered honestly. “I practised with a candle, just for you”. He laughed and said “Great! I thought you used to do magic, like me”. Luss’s clue! ‘Magic’?

I asked what he meant and he told me about learning magic when he was younger and how he could swallow a sword scabbard right down his throat and keep it there. Then he’d take a sharp sword and push it into the scabbard so that it looked like he was pushing it right down into his body. He’d then take the sword out and jam it into a piece of wood to show how sharp it was. My legs went weak and I asked “how did you learn that?” and he just smiled and said “I’ll teach you some time”.

I finished shaving him, cleaned him up and started to lightly oil him to soothe the bare skin. He was hard and moaning. I put a short strap round his ball sac, fairly loose, but then put another, top to bottom, around the first that pulled tighter and separated his balls so that they were stretched out wide. There was a metal loop in the second strap and I attached a short chain that I could pull and lift his balls in whatever way I wanted. He loved it and writhed on the table. If only Luss were here, how she would love this sight, especially as it involved a chain.

I talked to him about my straps, their soft leather, chamfered at the edges to be comfortable and able to prolong or accelerate an orgasm. While I talked I stroked his bulging balls with my fingers and tongue and pulled on the chain. I put a strap tight around the base of his shaft and, as it grew to unbelievable shiny hardness, took it off. “You don’t need that. It’s for when you’re feeling exhausted but horny”.

His beautiful dick stayed unnaturally hard and I couldn’t resist, especially after what he’d said about the scabbard. I put my mouth over him and pushed up and down, going deeper and deeper until he touched my throat. I stroked and squeezed his balls, knowing he couldn’t resist, and soon felt a flood of his juice in my mouth and down my throat. It probably wasn’t professional to take my pleasure with him like that, but it felt really good.

After a short time he got up from the massage table, stood in front of me, Adonis with strapped up balls and a shiny chain hanging down. He told me that it was my turn for a shave. I got on the table on my back, hard and erect, eager for whatever was going to happen. He kept feeling the smoothness of his balls and dick saying how good it felt. He pulled the chain in all directions and thrilled me.

He picked up some of my straps and talked about them and as I explained fixed a long one with loops round my wrists and under the table. Suddenly I was trapped and helpless and he let me know it. He touched me wherever he wanted, pulled at my pubic hair and said “we’ll get rid of that”. I loved his dominance and waited for whatever came my way. As he got the shaving gear he said “Can I use your phone” and made a short call that I couldn’t quite hear.

He came back to shave me and copied everything I had done to him, even to biting me and asking me how hard I liked it. I realised that this was the first time he’d put a cock in his mouth! I was near to coming when he observed, with a big and very confident smile, “I could make you come right now. You’re not that different to me are you? But, you too, have to wait”.

He finished shaving me, cleaned me, oiled me, paying a particular attention to the shimmering head of my quivering dick. He kept paying that attention, stroking, squeezing and putting his lips around it as if to gauge its size. It was his first time and, as with me only two weeks ago, it seemed to have changed him. Suddenly the doorbell went and I said ‘leave it’ but he threw a sheet right over me and said “I’ll get it”.

I actually felt very frightened. My erection dropped like a comet and I felt so vulnerable, naked, sightless under a sheet, tied to my own massage table where a naked young muscular stud had been sucking my dick while he shaved me. And he was answering my door naked with a chain hanging from his balls and he’d definitely have a hard on! I relaxed a little when I heard Luss’s voice saying “I like your parcel, so smooth, let me pull the chain!” It did look good on him.

I felt Woody’s hand gently squeezing my balls and heard him say “Doc, sorry to scare you, but Lucia and I have got a surprise for you. It’s our way to say thank you. She’s taking her clothes off right now so that you don’t feel embarrassed. We’re going to try a magic trick that I haven’t done before, but I think you’ll like it.” Was I going to be the scabbard? It thrilled me but I still felt uncomfortable. “It would be good if her first sight of you was as I usually see you, and so we’re going to restore you before we remove your sheet”.

Two mouths, four hands, elbows, feet and knees went to work on me. I couldn’t always tell who was who, but when teeth sank deep into my hardening dick I knew it was Woody. When hands went tight round my neck and then a knuckle pushed my lips and teeth apart, I knew it was Luss. It was so erotic and the sheet slid gently off me so that my face uncovered last.

Woody was holding my dick tight and upright, it looked huge. I noticed his was too, the straps were tight and he had his familiar pearls. Luss was on the table with her mouth over the top of my shimmering quivering rigid rod. “I never knew my psychology teacher had such a lovely cock .. Doc. Did you know there are more nerve endings here than anywhere else?” I did, and they were all on double time. As she finished speaking she slid her mouth over me and bit harder than she had ever done before. It was wonderful, obviously Woody had been talking to her.

They touched me, lifted me, thrilled me. Luss closed her full breasts round my shaft and slid them up and down, she knew me so well. As Woody squeezed my nipples and then my balls and, standing at the end of the table, let his hardness rest on my forehead, between my eyes and alongside my nose, Luss moved up the table. She slid the lips of her wet warm cunt up and down along my shaft and, occasionally, let my head dip inside for a briefest moment. I was close to eruption when Woody said “It’s now time for the magic show! I have my beautiful assistant here to help me.”

They undid the straps and stood me up, one on each side. Woody took my shimmering quivering length tightly in his hand. He put his other hand round my balls and steered me round to the end of the couch.

I felt more dominated than at any time of my life. I stood there, still, as I watched this beautiful young man climb onto the couch and roll onto his back. His proud dick, as ever, straight to the sky. His smooth balls strapped in leather and shiny where they were pushed sideways. I had been the first male mouth to suck that dick and, my dick was the first one that he had taken into his mouth.

He was now dominant and assertive, he knew what he wanted and he was going to take it. I was his slave, and I loved it. Luss stood beside me and touched me wherever she wanted and that was everywhere. Woody told me what he was going to do as he dropped his head back over the end of the couch and focused his eyes on my shimmering joy, like a magician working on a trick. He talked some more but I could only look at the pearls of lust oozing from his shaved rod, with his smooth ball sac pushed up where his balls were rising into his body.

Luss was pushing the knuckle of a finger gently into my arse and watching his magnificence with me. Woody knew I wasn’t listening and pinched my balls hard. “I’ll direct! OK?” I nodded like a sheep at grass. I felt his hands come round my buttocks and pull me towards him. When the head of my dick rested between his lips, he moved his hands and held me lightly on the front of my hipbone.

I looked at his feet, toes stretched wide, his tensed tight calves and thighs, his proud, smooth tower, still oozing pearls, strong flat belly, swelling surf boy chest, long bronzed muscular neck. I could see why Luss desired him. And then, all I could see was his chin, my dick and his hands as he pulled me into him. The feeling was indescribable but the visual was unforgettable.

I saw his throat bulge as the head of my dick went into it. I was transfixed and that stopped me coming. My balls finally pushed deliriously against his nose and upper lip, but it wasn’t over! With his hands, and Luss’s help, he took each ball, one at a time and eased it into his full mouth with a gentle suction. They both rested in the roof of his mouth, which closed tightly as he sucked hard and breathed heavily through his nose.

I was as hard and as rigid as I have ever been. His throat seemed to undulate along my length, as if pulling me in, swallowing me. Then his hands and his tongue went wild. He forced his tongue round each side of my dick and prodded and flicked my balls in turn, pushing them sideways, against his cheeks. Then his hands were tapping hard on those cheeks and on the deepest part of his neck that I had reached. I could feel the taps and see them. There was no movement except for his swallowing and tapping. Luss was in breathless awe. She climbed on the table so that she was straddling Woody and facing me. She took hold of the chain and lifted his balls, let them fall, stroked them, tugged the chain hard.

Woody started rolling his head from side to side, hands tapping and squeezing. I felt every nerve in a state of orgasm, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced and I just stood still with this muscular hunk gyrating on me. I was quivering everywhere. I couldn’t tell the difference between any part of my body, it was all one. He reached up and put his thumbs deep into my armpits and pulled me towards him. He sucked so hard that I gasped.

I slowly moved forward, hovering above his pearly tower, my legs sliding open so as not to crush his face. Luss’s lips met mine and kissed me full and deep. She took my mouth down to the magnificence below us and our lips parted a little and together went around his shaft and tasted those exquisite pearls. We kissed hard with him between us, our tongues pushing into each other’s mouth, but round him on the way.

I had never felt a sensation like being in Woody’s throat. I have come before with just vibration and no movement, and that is like an inner eruption, but this was different. My orgasm was arriving like a kettle boils, getting hotter and hotter, but still not boiling. But when that watched cock did boil, it was not in lustful spurts, but a continuous flowing stream that made me wail with delight. A screaming shocking ecstasy, my eyes rolling wildly, locked lips with Luss, his smooth balls bound by straps and a chain that attracted my hands and rode with his bucking hips and pulsing pearly eye begging to shoot. Simultaneously, Luss and I grabbed his shaft and banged our heads together as we fought to suck him dry. He spurted in our mouths and on our faces and, as he subsided, we kissed deep and damp.

I felt like it had changed our lives. Woody pushed with his thumbs and I moved back. He slid from my lips as I slid from his throat. Luss stayed where she was licking his length but then she pulled me onto the table up to Woody’s face. We all kissed as a triangle and I couldn’t help myself sliding completely on top of him and wriggling my oily dick and balls backwards and forwards across his. Of course he started to get hard, but that was Woody.

My whole body felt like it was still in orgasm, I had never felt anything like it before and as I looked at Woody’s smiling face, and the neck wherein I’d come, I felt like I would never need to have sex again. Luss was panting with excitement, wide-eyed and touching herself gently and rhythmically, not looking at all like I felt.

I slid from the table onto my knees and looked at my two beautiful young lovers. Woody hard and horny and Luss eager for satisfaction. They groped, they kissed, they stroked and sucked. they threw themselves around the table with total abandon and I loved watching them. At times I reached out and touched them, squeezed them. I bit Luss’s nipples and Woody’s balls and touched them both with my hands as they made love. I heard Luss whimper as Woody entered her.

His belly was against her back and he spread her legs wide with his legs and slowly pushed into her wet lips. He rolled onto his back and she sat up so that she could push him deeper inside her and then he said “Doc, it’s time for Lucia’s surprise”. He moved down the table so that his legs were hanging over the end, cupped her breasts and pulled her back so that she was lying on top of him. I stood up and looked at the beautiful sight of Lucia spread-eagled, facing me, smiling with Woody’s shaft deep inside her. “Come on in Doc”.

I went back on my knees and licked from under Woody’s balls to the base of his shaft and then flicking along Luss’s lovely lips to lick her hard clitoris slowly but firmly. I took it between my lips and sucked, in the same way I had with Woody, and as she groaned and screeched, pulled on the chain fixed to the straps around Woody’s balls until he was moaning with her.

I then stood and let my rigid dick, that only minutes before had claimed to have given up lust, push underneath the straps on his balls, up the base of his dick and press hard into Luss’s quivering cunt. It was a tight fit and, at first, I couldn’t make progress. But, once the tip of me was inside Luss, there was nowhere else to go and I pushed harder and harder, sliding on the underside of Woody, into the depth of Luss. When I felt my balls touch Woody’s straps, I wished I had another strap to tie mine to his, but I couldn’t think too long about that. I felt the head of my dick push tight against Woody’s and Luss was beginning to wail in a way I’d never heard.

Woody was dominant “Not yet Lucia, not for five minutes. We’ll tell you when you can come”. We never did tell her because we all started to move and thrust and feel each other and hold back because it felt so wonderful. When we did come, it was an exquisite feeling, we were all noisy and gained the knowledge that it was so powerful, so special, that it had to happen many times again.

We disentangled, we kissed, we touched each other as familiarly as we touched ourselves and settled in a heap of naked flesh laughing. I said to Woody “You were the only one that didn’t get a surprise!” and he answered “I did, I got all of you into my mouth! I made your cock rock Doc!” We laughed and then went quiet for a minute. I was thinking what an amazing journey this had been for me and it had only just begun.

Luss slithered over me, put her nose against mine and said “you’re the best teacher I ever had” and kissed me long and full with such tenderness. When she stopped I looked at Woody and saw his wide grin. He moved towards me and kissed me as Luss had and said “me too”. His hand trailed down my body and closed round my limp exhausted cock. Luss and I both saw Woody’s growing erection and we started to laugh in disbelief. He suddenly got his old-style sheepish look that made us laugh even more.

Woody started to smile again and said “I could teach you my magic trick?” Luss replied without hesitation as she ran her hand between the cheeks of his arse and pushed her finger against his virgin hole “but you’ve still got things to learn. Have you got a vibrator Doc?” It was just the beginning, for all three of us.

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