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Nancy’s Brand New Experience

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It all started back in high school, or maybe before that. Too much sitting around reading and watching TV and not enough exercise led to Nancy’s being overweight. By the time she arrived in college, she had resolved to shed some of those extra pounds. She went on a diet, then another; soon most of the pounds dropped away. But, no matter how much flab vanished from her body, her rear remained large, round, and soft.

She was reasonably happy with the rest of her new body: big boobs, shapely legs, soft and smooth skin. But her huge ass caused happiness to elude her.

Buying new clothing was a chore, finding the right clothes that minimized her enormous buttocks. She became depressed one time, reached for the chocolate bars with almonds, and binged out a couple of days, before realizing that she just had to work with the assets she had. She had to try to stop worrying about her enormous ass. At least her ass, for its size, was soft and silky, a creamy cushion of flesh. She accepted that whatever outfit she wore would do little to de-emphasize the magnitude of her problem. She was not about to give up improving her appearance. She worked out at the gym, trying different programs, but her ass remained the same humongous size, perhaps a bit tighter.

She remained deeply ashamed of her posterior, but hoped that the balance of her curvy body would accomplish her goal, to meet a nice guy. Being self-conscious, whenever she went out in public, Nancy believed all eyes were on her disproportionate ass. She felt shame again and again, but no exercise corrected her problem and only increased her gluteal firmness. Daily ass checks affirmed that her buttoccal problem remained undiminished.

Nancy spent her saturdays in the college library, keeping ahead of her courses. A fellow student from her Sociology class passed her several times. He paused at last at her table and exchanged a few pleasant, banal remarks about the course, the college, and the weather. Lawrence — he reminded her that was his name — seemed friendly enough. She was surprised when he invited her out that evening to a film in the town. Nancy had never been on a date, a situation she attributed to her humongous ass.

Lawrence picked her up later, and they went to see a movie that she had wanted to see. He told her during the movie that he was enjoying her company and the film. He put his arm around her while they watched, causing her to relax and forget about her ass. After the movie ended, Lawrence drove her to a restaurant, where they enjoyed a few drinks. This was an entirely new experience for Nancy, and she was both excited and pleased by her date. She was very happy that Larry had asked her to go out, and he seemed to like her a lot. Afterwards he took her back to her off-campus apartment. Nancy, a bit giddy from the drinks, did not want the date end so soon, so she invited Larry inside.

She had a cold, opened, bottle of wine in her fridge. She poured out two glasses, thinking this was the first time she had done so. Soon with glasses empty, the couple sat on the couch as Larry kissed her face. It did not take long for his hands to move across her body, feeling her gently through her clothing. It felt nice to have someone touch her breasts and stomach that she did not want Lawrence to stop. Nancy did nothing to discourage him. Soon her blouse was completely unbuttoned, and her large breasts fell free from her unclasped bra.

Lawrence stroked and kissed her large breasts, whispering lovingly how wonderful they were. Nancy still did not want Lawrence to stop and permitted him to do as he pleased. She let Lawrence go on kissing and touching her naked flesh. She was becoming so aroused with his lips tugging on her big nipples that thrills rushed across her body.

Soon Nancy felt a hand moving up her leg under her skirt. She believed the hand would lead her to further pleasures. She was so aroused that she wanted him to do anything he could to excite her, and was not the least bit disturbed as she felt his fingers pressing against her cunt, first through her damp panties and then under the elastic of her panties and touching her bare, wet cunt lips. Feeling his finger go inside her, Nancy was thrilled that a lover was touching her so intimately. It felt so good that she didn’t wanted it to stop. His finger in her, stirred her wet cunt, making her hot for more.

Lawrence whispered into her ear, “Pull out my penis, Nancy.” She reached over and tugged his fly open, feeling a strong pressure against the front of his trousers. As his probing finger continued to stir the elixirs of love now flowing in her drenched pussy, Nancy gradually, being unfamiliar with her task, opened the way for her companion’s erection to spring forth. “Take it in your hand,” Larry whispered. She gripped the firm, meaty pole and fondled it.

“I’ve never felt like this, dear, she sighed. “I don’t want to stop even though I know that I should.” There was danger here, but she really did not care.

“We don’t need to stop, baby,” he replied. “Everything will work out just fine. Come on. Let’s get these clothes off and really have a good time.” He got up and pulled her to her feet. “Take my clothes off,” he ordered, and she obeyed willingly as he quickly removed the remainder of her attire. Soon they were seated again. Everything seemed to be moving so fast, kissing and touching, now nakedness and… and what?

Nancy felt Larry’s hand stroking her wide, fleshy hips. Touching her there was a bit upsetting, but Larry kissed her and put her hand back on his hard prick, now standing upright above his muscular thighs. “Pull on my cock, baby,” he said. This date was turning out to be one amazing thrill after another. Holding his manhood in her hand was stimulating her even more.

Larry’s hand slipped between her legs and rubbed her wet cunt again. It felt so good that she parted her thighs to enjoy what he was doing. She wanted him to touch her smooth, soft body, to rub his hands gently over her skin. She stroked Lawrence’s erect prick, hoping she was pleasing him as much as he was satisfying her. Lawrence was sucking on her nipples and working his fingers inside her pussy. She sensed that she was becoming extremely wet. Lawrence did not seem to care that she was so caught up in his caresses that her hand was doing very little to his penis.

“Oh, Larry, what are you doing to me!” she moaned. Everything was a novel experience. She had entered a wonderland of amazing sensations. Her past thoughts of manly caresses, entertained when she had relieved her tensions in the past, had become the reality of a lover’s lips on her breasts and his fingers deep inside her. “Ohhhhh,” she moaned, pushing her cunt against Larry’s hand, “You make me feel so good.”

“That’s great, baby. I want my sweetie to feel good,” he answered. His hands and mouth continued their busy work.

The tingling coalesced very quickly, and Nancy felt her body wracked by a huge shudder and gasped as an unbelievable surge of pleasure overpowered her. Nancy held Lawrence tight against herself, allowing the wave of pleasure to consume her. He continued to rub her pussy relentlessly. In another minute another great surge of good feeling made her pussy throb again. Soon he slowed his hand, allowing Nancy to come back to the world.

“Larry,” she gasped, panting, “I’ve never felt like that before. That was sensational!” She felt guilty in having ignored his need and put her hand in motion on his erection. She began to stroke him again. “Tell me what I should do for you, dear?” she urged. “I want to please you now.”

“I want to fuck you, baby,” Larry replied. “I want my cock inside you.”

“Larry dear, I’d like that,” she said, as tears began to flow, “But I’m still a virgin and not on the pill and… and… I’m so afraid.” She began to shudder in his arms. She did not want to refuse him, but feared granting his wish. Would she spoil all of this?

“Don’t worry, baby, I won’t take your cherry until you want me to,” he whispered softly, “I don’t want to fuck your pussy, but I really would like to fuck your ass. When I put my dick in your ass, Nancy, you will feel so good, and you won’t get knocked up when I squirt my cum inside you.”

“Fuck my ass? I… I don’t know. Would it hurt me, dear?”

“We’ll take it nice and slow, baby. See how hard and long my cock is. It will feel so good in you, and it’s slim too, so it will slide right into your butt. Come on; we’ll take our time, but I know you’ll like it, baby.” Nancy was confused by her lover’s request. She had heard of anal intercourse, so it was probably OK.

“Larry… Ummmm…” she mumbled. “Ok then, but don’t hurt me, dear.”

“Don’t worry, Nancy. I’ll never hurt you. Do you have anything slippery like vaseline, baby? ” Nancy went into her bathroom and soon returned with a jar of the lubricant. They knelt on the floor together, and Larry began to massage it into her crack. As he rubbed her butt crack, he kept leaning down to kiss her fleshy haunches. Nancy saw that he was becoming very excited by this activity. Soon he was rubbing the lubricant right on her asshole, still kissing and fondling her big, round buttocks.

“Oh god, baby, I love your big, smooth ass so much! It is so fine!” he said over and over. It was very clear to her how much Larry adored her enormous butt. “This is just so fine!” he cried out just as she felt him slide a finger inside her asshole. His penetration startled her, but she discovered she liked the feel of his finger within her.

“Aaaahhhh, Larry, that feels wonderful, dear! Keep doing that!” He moved his finger around and pushed it deeper. She felt all the tensions depart from her anal muscles. Larry pulled his finger out, and Nancy felt increased pressure on her rosebud, followed by another thrilling penetration.

“I’m putting two fingers in now, baby. Does that feel good?” She moaned, unable to speak for the moment. She experienced with delight an excellent, penetrating massage. Nancy loved what Larry was doing to her. Her entire ass was tingling because of his probing fingers. Finally she got her voice back.

“Oh yes, Larry dear. It feels so good.” She could feel her anal muscles loosen and his fingers slip deep inside her with ease. Finally, he pulled his fingers free from her butt.

“Ok, baby, that’s enough,” he said, pushing his hard cock against her big ass. “You’re ready now.” He shifted closer behind her and pushed his cock up and down the crack between her two huge cheeks. Nancy looked back over her shoulder and saw Larry’s eyes were closed and a faint smile was on his lips. As he moved his cock to her relaxed butt hole, he pressed the head more firmly, and it popped in rather easily, even if it did feel a bit uncomfortable for a moment.

“Oh god, Larry!” she moaned, “Oh god!” Soon the discomfort faded and Nancy’s ass began to tingle again. “It feels Ok now, dear,” Nancy said a minute later.

“Are you all right now, baby?” he asked. “See how I held it right there for a little while, and then you got used to it.” Very slowly Larry began to push deeper into Nancy. The sensation, she found, was quite enjoyable.

“Oh, Larry, that feels good; do it more.” Larry began slipping his well-greased prick in and out of her ass. As the remaining tautness disappeared, Nancy felt nothing but a wonderful feeling from her first butt-fuck. She sensed that Larry was also having fun. He was gasping and pumping her ass faster. His hands gripped her fleshy, wide hips tightly, and his fingers dug into her soft flesh, exciting her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw his face grimacing with pleasure as he slammed against her buttocks.

“God, baby, your big, fat ass is so great! This is such a good ass-fuck!” Larry moaned and groaned as he slammed his belly against Nancy’s fleshy rear. “Shit, baby, I knew when I first saw your great big ass, that fucking it would be so good. Oh fuck! That’s right… Push your big, fucking ass against my cock, baby!” Dear Lawrence’s cock was dipping deep into her rectum, and Nancy had never felt anything so good.

“Fuck my ass, Larry. Fuck deep into my asshole, dear! Ohhh… shit… Don’t stop… Oh, Larry, this feels so good!” Nancy had heard Larry’s words about the size of her ass, but they did not offend her. She no longer cared. If her enormous ass had attracted him to her, and was providing him with pleasure, she could live with it. His anal penetration was definitely giving her a big thrill. Her ass seemed to be made for this kind of sex. Her big butt had turned Lawrence on so much, and he deserved to enjoy it. She shoved her ass back against his cock, matching his pounding rhythm.

“Baby, your giant ass has me so turned on… It’s such a nice, fat ass! Oh god, baby! Oh god! This is just too much…I don’t… think… I can last… Oh shit… Oh fucking shit!” Larry felt his cock throb, and he began to squirt his semen deep into Nancy’s big ass. He rammed his cock deep into her with each pulse, spewing his gooey cum inside her. He was gasping for breath when he finished and mumbled weakly, “Baby, your giant ass is such a great turn on, I couldn’t help myself. I shot my load right into you so suddenly. Your ass got me excited, baby. I couldn’t stop myself” He reached down and began to play with her pussy. Her clit was hard from the butt-fucking and needed his touch, Excited by the thick cock still buried in her ass, Nancy let go another climax.

“Oh fuck, dear, your big dick in my butt has me so turned on. Oh fuck… Ohhhh… Ohhhh!” she moaned as her body shook with the orgasm.

They remained linked together with Lawrence’s semi-hard dick wedged into Nancy’s ass. The sensations of their release continued to linger, and the excitement was just too much to end. Nancy wiggled her enormous ass, feeling Lawrence’s cock twitch within her. She sighed. His rod, still partially aroused, felt good inside her.

“Nancy baby, I knew when I saw your big ass in our class that I had to get my cock into it,” Lawrence confessed. “I’ve never seen such a big, round ass, so ready to be butt-fucked, and butt-fucking a sexy lady is the best thing in the world.” He ran his hands over the smooth, soft skin of her rear. His swollen cock remained deep in Nancy’s ass. “Yeah, baby,” he went on, “I’m a real ass-man, and I nothing satisfies me like my dick squirting its cum inside a lady’s ass. Now your know my secret.”

“Did you really like it so much, dear?” Nancy asked, amazed by his admission. “It was so exciting, and you made me feel so good, just as you promised. Would like to stay here tonight with me?” She was hoping he would fuck her ass again.

“You got me so hot, my cock is still hard inside you. Hell, baby, I sure don’t want to leave your enormous butt. I want to fuck it again.”

“Ok, dear, let’s go get cleaned up; we can have more fun.”

Reluctantly, Lawrence and Nancy eased apart, and his softened cock slipped from Nancy’s asshole, pulling free with a juicy, lewd sound. Larry saw Nancy’s ass did not close up right away and remained open, an inviting, dark cavern for his lust. He lifted her to her feet. Soon they were having more fun in her shower, soaping each other and running their hands over smooth, wet skin. Nancy was amazed when Lawrence dropped to his knees on the shower floor and kissed her wet ass cheeks while he cleaned her rosebud with his soapy finger. She shuddered with the penetration, remembering his anal love, hoping to experience it very soon.

Looking up at her between kisses planted on her wet ass, Lawrence told Nancy repeatedly how much he loved her butt. He reached up and gave a tit a fond squeeze and said, “I love you big, soft titties too, baby.” Then he ran his hands all over her body. “Baby,” he said, “I love all of you! What a sexy woman you are!” Nancy was overwhelmed by the praise her body was receiving. Now she felt so much better about herself, now that her man had evaluated her, and found her so desirable.

Nancy and Larry got out of the shower and dried off with soft, fluffy towels. Soon they were under the covers of her bed, sipping the remainder of the wine. In spite of their excitement, they both discussed many topics of mutual interest, but all the while Larry’s hand could not stop touching or fondling her big butt. Even when the wine caused them to begin to fall asleep, his hand rested on her smooth butt. Nancy snuggled her fat buttocks against her man as her eyes closed.

It was Sunday morning. They lay together kissing and touching until they were completely awake. Nancy reached over and took the tube of vaseline from where she had placed in on her nightstand and handed it to Larry. Then she got up and straddled him, letting him lubricate her and massage her butt hole with his fingers. Nancy felt tingly all over as soon as Larry pushed his finger into her.

“Oh, dear, I’m ready again,” she murmured. “Your finger in my ass feels wonderful.”

“Ok, baby, sink down a little more… that’s it… Yeah, right there.” Nancy moved her huge ass downward, while Larry aimed his cock up to her asshole until it was pressed firmly against her dark rosebud. As Lawrence pushed up, Nancy let herself down more, and the hard cock was once more inside her. “Hold it right there, baby,” Lawrence said. “Let your hole relax a little before we fuck.” Meanwhile he pulled her forward so that he could nibble on her turgid nipples.

“Ok, dear,” she agreed. Soon she lowered herself some farther, feeling her weight cause Larry’s cock to slide deeper. “Oh, that’s so good!” she groaned.

“Yeah, baby, it is so good, isn’t it? I think I turned on to butt-fucking in a big way. I suspected that you would love it.” As he moved his hips up and down, Nancy rocked back and forth on Lawrence’s hard cock. She watched him suck and fondle her tits as they swayed back and forth over his face. Nancy squealed with pleasure when Larry grabbed her fat ass cheeks and dug his fingers into them. Meanwhile Nancy rose and fell, sliding up and down the rigid pole jammed into her ass.

“Mmmmm… Mmmmm, yes, dear Lawrence, your big cock is making my ass feel so good! Aahh…. Ahh, Larry, I’m getting a big climax! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Oh god! It’s so great!” Nancy moaned as a wave of pleasure surged across her body. Larry kept driving his hard pole into her ass, making the sensational feeling go on and on. Eventually, she reached behind herself and found his balls. Taking his cum-filled testicles in her hand, she began to massage them, rolling the two balls together.

“Oh fucking shit, baby… You’re driving me crazy! Oh god… Ohhhh… Shiiittt!” Larry groaned as he shot a mighty load of cum deep into Nancy’s bowels. He drove his cock upward as vigorously as he could, shoving it deep inside Nancy, squirting his thick cream again and again until she milked him dry, massaging his balls softly with her little fingers.

Nancy settled down on him and sagged forward, crushing her big, soft titties against his chest. They lay for another half hour. Lawrence’s cock softened but remained lodged within her. Nancy loved to feel it imbedded in her ass so much that she did not want it to slip out of her. She could feel his fingers stroking the smooth skin of her enormous, but well-loved, ass. Life was just so fine!

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