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Happy Anniversary!

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I don’t know what amazed me more. That Angela, my wife of five years, was confessing to me after all this time that she sometimes thought about eating pussy, or that listening to her talk about it turned me on as much as it did. It was late. We’d been out to an incredible dinner to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, and one of my wife’s good friends, Jenny, had been watching our children.

While I went to check on the kids, my wife had paid Jenny and showed her to the door. Now, we sat facing each other on the couch, talking about what a woman tastes like! Unbelievable.

Okay. We’d had a couple of bottles of wine over dinner, and finished our meal with a plate full of hand-made truffles. We were tipsy, and the endorphins were coursing through our veins. I can’t deny it. We don’t normally behave this way. We’re parents, for crying out loud!

I opened a bottle of Zinfandel. Deep, red, fully-bodied and delicious. My wife kicked off her shoes and hungrily took a sip from her glass. She’s beautiful, my wife. She’s about 5 feet, eight inches tall with absolutely glowing blonde hair that cascades down her face and is constantly dangling in her eyes. She’s got an unbelievable body. Full, red lips. Perfectly-balanced beautiful C-cup tits. An ass that you can’t look at without touching. And the longest, softest, tightest legs I’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping my own around. She sat there on the couch, staring up at me. Love, desire, and just a bit of mischief in her eyes. I was in heaven. I sat next to her on the couch as she took my hand in hers.

“What’s it like?” she asked again. “What does it feel like? Taste like?”

I smiled. “There’s nothing I can compare it to, Ang. There’s nothing else like it in the world. It’s like the finest wine in the world – full bodied, complex, warm. The second my lips touch yours, I’m lost. Believe me, it’s as much pleasure for me as it is for you.”

“Hmmm.” She smiled mischievously, and then leaned over to me, kissing me passionately on the lips.

I kissed her again, the bulge in my trousers growing with each moment that passed. I reached my hands around her, gently caressing her shoulders before I began to tease the zipper on the back of her dress. She broke away from me and took a big swig of her wine. She set her glass down and reached out to caress the bulge in my pants.

“Got you excited, do I?” She batted her eyelashes and pushed the hair out of her face, then leaned down to kiss my erect penis through my trousers.

“Ah-” I was caught off guard by the sudden warmth and pressure on the head of my penis. I squirmed a bit, finding the head of my very sensitive penis straining against the linen fabric of my suit pants. Angela ran her hands up my thighs, gently caressing the head of my penis through the fabric, and I swear to God, I thought I was going to come, right then and there. It was a combination, I imagine, of the good meal, good company, good wine, and – quite frankly – the thought of my wife going down on another woman. Strange. It was makin’ me feel like I was about to burst.

Angela ran her fingers along the edge of my pants, pulling my dress shirt free. And then it happened. The thing that would make this night like no other. A knock came gently at the door.

My wife smiled devilishly, and said: “Will you get it, hon?”

I was far too aroused to be greeting strangers at the door. I tried to tuck my member upwards through the waistband of my boxers, hoping this would be enough pressure to hold the big guy in place; and I walked carefully to the door. My wife watched me, enjoying every minute of it. I am not sure whether she knew who was at the door or not, but she enjoyed my trying to ‘act naturally’. Whomever it was, Angela looked on and enjoyed the show.

I opened the door a few inches and saw Jenny standing there. “Hiya Drew,” she said. “I think I left my purse in the kitchen.” She’s a friend of the family and spends a lot of time with our kids, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that she pushed the door open and walked right past me. After all, she had no idea that my wife and I were fooling around on the couch. She pushed her way in and walked through the family room to retrieve her purse from the kitchen table.

“Everything OK, Jenny?” my wife asked as she walked past.

“Forgot my purse,” Jenny smiled.

I closed the door and stumbled back to the couch, trying hard to keep my penis under control. I flopped down on the couch next to my wife and took a sip of my wine, hoping it would help to numb me.

Jenny crossed back into the room, her purse across her shoulder. “Want a glass of wine before you head home?” my wife asked with an odd look her eyes. She glanced sideways at me and smiled.

“Why not,” Jenny sighed. She plopped down in the chair to my left.

Angela looked over at me and crinkled her beautiful nose. “Aren’t you going to get her some wine, Drew?” Where were my manners? I stood up and walked quickly to the kitchen, anxious to get my member under control.

As I headed for the kitchen, my penis slipped from the waistband of my trousers and tented itself fully forward. No one saw it – my back was to the family room – but it created a rather awkward situation in that each step I took forward rubbed the fabric of my pants – silk lining and all – against the head of my penis. By the time I made it to the kitchen, I was absolutely engorged.

I poured Jenny a glass of wine as slowly as I could. I tried my best to fill my mind with images of baseball, soccer, and the fishing channel. I tucked my penis as well as I could under the edge of my boxers, and – hoping for the best – headed in to bring Jenny her wine.

“Have you ever tasted pussy?” my wife was asking Jenny as I walked into the room. My cheeks brushed crimson, and my eyes went wide.

“On my boyfriend, I have.” She looked up at me. “Thank you, Drew.” She took her wine, then turned her attention back to my wife and her question. “I mean, you know, I’ve given him a blow job after we’ve had sex … but that’s a combination of my juices and his, I guess.

I stumbled to my seat. Unsure what to say. Afraid to look at either of them. Maybe Jenny and Angela talk like this a lot … but not usually around me.

“Oh my gosh, Drew, am I embarrassing you?” Jenny asked, looking at my reddening cheeks.

“It’s okay,” I tried to say. “I’m just not used to women talking like this.”

“It’s the wine,” Angela smiled.

Jenny took a long sip of her wine and smiled at me, eyeing the bulge in my pants. “I don’t think he’s too embarrassed,” she said with a grin to my wife. I grabbed a pillow and placed it over my privates.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous,” my wife said, pulling the pillow from me. “It’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen the bulge of an aroused man.” She placed her hand on my penis through my pants and gave it a short, quick stroke. I swallowed hard.

Jenny stood up and came to sit on the other side of me on the couch, effectively sandwiching me between my wife and herself. I’d never had her that close to me before, but she’s truly a very hot woman. She’s about 5’6″ tall, and has an absolutely hourglass figure. Huge tits. A tiny waist. Nice round butt. Long, curly reddish-blonde hair. She’s a hot little number.

I leaned back, trying to be cool. I stretched each of my arms out in opposite directions, placing one hand at the top of each lady’s back. “What’s going on here?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” my wife smiled. “Do you want me to stop?” She kissed me.

“God, no.” I said. I was dizzy with desire.

My wife kissed me again, and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked the wine from her tongue, which elicited a gentle moan from her. As impossible as it seems, I’d almost forgotten about Jenny … when I felt a second pair of lips kissing my neck and pulling my tie loose from my shirt. “Oh, God.” I said. Sliding lower on the couch.

Angela stood up and grabbed Jenny by the hand. Jenny dropped my tie, leaned in to kiss me once on the lips, and then stood next to Angela, the two of them looking right at me. Slowly, at first, Angela began to undress herself. She slid out of her hose and slowly unzipped her dress, then began to slide the dress gently down her body. As the top of Angela’s bra cups came into view, Jenny dipped her hand into my wife’s bra and began to massage my wife’s left tit. With her other hand, Jenny pushed my wife’s dress down to her hips.

Angela let out a gasp of surprise, then smiled broadly and pulled Jenny to her and kissed her on the lips. Then, Angela cheated a half-step back and – staring right at Jenny – began to unbutton Jenny’s top.

They fought with each other for a few minutes: Angela working to get Jenny out of her shirt and pants; Jenny struggling to get Angela’s dress the rest of the way off of her … and then they were sitting again. One on each side of me. Angela was wearing a navy-blue silk bra and matching panties. Jenny wearing a fire-engine red demi-cup bra and silk floral panties. My heart was pounding.

My wife downed the rest of her wine and leaning in close to me, nibbling at my ear. “I want to taste Jenny’s pussy, Drew. Once I do, you can have anything you want. From both of us.” She pushed her tongue into my ear and my face grew numb when I realized that Jenny was unbuckling my pants and had a hand working its way into my boxers.

At long last, my penis sprang free as my trousers were pushed to the floor. As soon as my penis was in the air, though, Jenny’s mouth was upon it. “Ah, God,” I said; thinking I’d come at any moment. But my wife wasn’t ready for my release just yet.

Angela pushed Jenny sideways, stretching her along the length of the couch, and pushing her buttcheeks onto my thighs. My penis was pushing straight up next to her, and her moist panties were resting the well between my two legs. My wife climbed between Jenny’s legs and began to gently kiss her knees and inner thighs. I watched in absolute ecstasy. It was the most incredible thing I’d ever witnessed.

My wife pushed herself a little closer to Jenny and I and leaned in to kiss me, running her tongue along my chin before returning her attention to Jenny. Jenny was trying to sit up, but not having much luck doing so. She was moaning softly, and I was absent-mindedly rubbing and caressing her breasts as she lay there.

My wife nibbled gently at the top of Jenny’s floral panties, and then licked across the center of her panties a couple of times, while Jenny squirmed on my lap. Slowly, my wife pulled one of the elastic bottom-edges of the panties forward and slipped her tongue in. Jenny whined. She moaned. She pushed her pussy into my wife’s face, riding her butt up onto my left thigh.

Neither of them could stand it any longer. My wife pulled Jenny’s panties off and buried her face in her snatch. She took a deep breath, inhaling all of the delicious musty aroma now filling the room. Then, slowly, Angela ran her finger along the length of Jenny’s pussy. Jenny moaned and lied back on the couch, unable to move. My wife’s tongue ran the length of her pussy, from bottom to top, and then gently circled Jenny’s clit. Then again. Then again. Jenny rocked gently once or twice, then was lost in a gently repetitive moaning. My wife was in heaven. She, too was moaning with each lick at Jenny’s snatch. I could hear my wife’s breath racing, and could see that she was lost in her friend’s pussy. I reached a hand down to caress my wife’s ass, and as I reached across her ass, she opened her legs widely and moaned loudly as I ran my finger across the soaking-wet crotch of her silk panties.

My wife’s moan, muffled in Jenny’s pussy, was enough to set Jenny off. She cried out a quick, “Oh God!”, and my wife took this as a sign. She cupped her lips around Jenny’s clit and began sucking gently, moaning loudly the whole time. Jenny’s breath grew shallow. She sucked in air in quick, desperate gasps. My wife began licking at sucking at Jenny’s clit with a relentless desire that had me so turned on I though I, too, might explode at any moment.

My wife slipped a finger into Jenny’s sopping cunt, sucking on her clit as she did so; and then Jenny was gone. Her whole body shook and she pushed her pussy into my wife’s face in uncontrollable quick thrusts. She moaned loudly, repeatedly. Gasping in air as quickly as possible. There’s nothing in the world like having a woman orgasm against your face. I’ve told my wife this many times. Now, she knew I was telling the truth.

Angela gave Jenny a couple more quick licks, a gently kiss on her friend’s mound, and then she pushed herself up, cuddling next to me. Jenny pulled herself to the other side of the couch, still too numb to move much. She looked up at my wife and I with – I’m not kidding – with a tear in her eye. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced,” she said.

“Me too.” My wife smiled and kissed me passionately.

Jenny pushed herself up and immediately pulled herself to my chest, licking and biting my nipples as my wife worked on smothering my neck with sticky-wet kisses. Jenny slid from the couch and pulled my boxers from me, then took my penis in her mouth.

I gasped, and my wife laughed mischievously. She pushed herself to the floor, too, and in tandem, each of the ladies sat on one of my wide-spread legs, taking turns sucking on my member, kissing each other, and simultaneously running their tongues along my shaft. My wife pulled me to the floor as Jenny stood top re-position herself, so I took advantage of my motion to pull Jenny’s wet pussy to my lips. I ran my tongue along her length as my wife’s mouth took all of my penis deep into her throat.

Jenny gasped and stumbled back a step or two, almost falling over. She smiled broadly at me, and then pushed my wife aside, sliding her slick pussy onto my erect shaft, sitting across my penis, facing away from me.

My wife – without missing a beat – crawled between my legs and began licking the shaft of my penis as Jenny bounced up and down on it. I couldn’t take it, and was going to explode … but my wife could somehow sense this. She signaled for Jenny to slide off of me, and slid her mouth around my shaft without missing a beat.

My wife’s mouth slid up and down my shaft, allowing my penis to sink deep into her throat. Moaning the whole time. It was too much for me to take; and as my wife moaned I called out, “Oh God, please please. I’m gonna come.” My wife did not relent. She increased her pace, taking more and more of me into her mouth; moaning louder. It was too much for me. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I could feel myself growing numb … and then I exploded deep into my wife’s mouth; falling back onto the floor of our family room.

My wife’s sucking slowed down but did not stop. Her moaning continued as my penis began first to soften and then almost immediately to harden again. My wife pulled her mouth from me and smiled up at me. “Happy Anniversary,” she mouthed before letting out another moan.

Between my wife’s legs, Jenny was eating her for all she was worth. Jenny had a finger in my wife’s cunt and was slowly milking her while she licked and sucked on my wife’s engorged clit. My wife pulled herself up to me, sliding her cunt around my growing penis, then twisted herself so that she was riding me, facing towards Jenny.

Jenny didn’t miss a beat. She slid up between my legs and began – almost at once – to massage my wife’s clit with her tongue. My wife began to slowly ride me. Pushing herself up with her knees, and then slowly sliding my shaft deeper into her box; and Jenny kept with every stroke. Sometimes darting her tongue in and around my wife’s juicy pussy. Sometimes taking a quick suck at my wife’s clit. Sometimes taking one, then the other of my testicles into her mouth; Jenny lay there between my legs, licking sucking and kissing our genitals and my wife slowly fucked me.

After a few minutes of this, though, my wife couldn’t control herself and she quickened her pace on the length of my shaft. Jenny – apparently needing some action of her own – slid from between my legs and mounted herself on my face.

My wife gasped. She stopped and turned herself around, and she and Jenny sat face-to-face, one of my dick the other riding my tongue. As I looked up through Jenny’s hair, I could see that they each had a hand on the other, stroking each other’s clit, tit – whatever.

Jenny started riding my tongue, slowly pushing herself along its length giving me prime access to her clit. I took her clit in my tongue and, wrapping one around the other, moaned gently. Jenny squirmed with delight and her breath became ragged again as my wife began to push the top of her pussy forcefully against my dick. This is a trick my wife employs to ensure she hits her ‘g’ spot – and it was working today. She was practically crying she was so close. My wife pounded against my shaft as I did everything I could to swallow Jenny’s clit, and then – in a moment I wouldn’t have thought possible in life – we came, the three of us.

I exploded deep into my wife as she began shaking and whining against my shaft. Jenny’s breathing reached a feverish pitch, and she collapsed forward into my wife’s arms. The two of them held each other, not moving, still sitting on my face and on my dick, as we slowly regained our breath and composure. My wife slid slowly from my shrinking shaft, and Jenny collapsed on her side on the floor next to me slowly regaining a normal pattern of breathing as my wife crawled up my chest, resting her head against my neck, nuzzling my ear.

“Wow,” she said to me.

“Un-huh.” I agreed, closing my eyes.

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