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Best Friends for Life adds One

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Her husband Alex’s car had barely pulled out of the driveway when Michelle Adams’ phone rang. She had the day off work today; a substitute was teaching her classes as she had errands she desperately needed to run. She was going to meet Summer after and share a little lunch and maybe some fun. Alex didn’t mind if she and Summer hit the sheets on occasion, he liked her auburn-haired girlfriend and their first threesome had been with Summer a few years back on their first anniversary.

Michelle smiled and sighed as she thought of her marriage to Alex. Had they really been married for over 3 years now? It seemed like they had been together forever, but that was owing to the fact they had grown up together.

All of their lives, they had dated people that were 100% wrong for both of them. Alex didn’t like any of Michelle’s partners and Michelle hated Alex’s “mistakes”. Alex’s great mistake was Julie and Michelle’s was Andrea. It seemed that Michelle most often gravitated towards other women rather than men. Few of them were right for her. One night after both of them were single, she and her best friend Alex were sitting around, drinking and talking and then … it was as if they’d been hit by a bolt of lightning. They were each other’s “someone” and they’d both been idiots not to see it.

Summer had seen it, she told that to Michelle a while later. “Why do you think I never went after him after Julie dumped him?” She told Michelle as they cuddled in bed. “I hoped you’d finally have the good sense to realize he was your guy.”

“Okay, but I promise to let you borrow him once in a while,” Michelle teased. Summer did sometimes fuck Alex; Michelle hardly thought it fair that she should be free to have an occasional female-fling if she didn’t accord Alex the same right, although she knew he’d let her do whatever she wanted. He loved her that much and they both needed that love. It sustained them and nourished them, they were stronger as a pair then they had been singly.

Michelle’s mind drifted back to the present as a friendly, chipper voice came over the other end of her phone.

“Hello Logan, it’s good to hear from you. Really? Oh that’s wonderful! Yes, I still want to do it, are you still up for it? Why not tonight? Okay then, I’ll set everything up. You’re a doll Logan, I’ll see you soon!” Michelle snapped her phone shut and closed her almond eyes as she let the happiness wash over her. Every moment of Michelle Yin’s life with Alex had been a happy one and this was one more special moment. She texted Alex and told him that she wanted him to meet her at Café Bolero for dinner. Then she went out with her heart fluttering, to run her errands and then meet Summer for lunch. She knew now that her encounter with Summer later on would be extra-passionate.

Alex had no idea why his gorgeous wife wanted to go out for dinner as they had just eaten out two nights ago. Michelle was generally frugal with cash, although both of them were doing well. Now that he was head coach of the football team, they were raking in a fair bit of extra money. Oh well, he knew if they were going out, he’d get to see his hottie-hot wife dressed up and he was always up for that. His lovely Vietnamese wife was the most beautiful sight on earth and in a dress or sexy lingerie; she still took his breath away.

His day almost flew by and he made it to the Café by 5:30. Alex looked around for Michelle and didn’t see her anywhere. He was about to speak to the Maitre d’ when a petite, nicely dressed brunette approached his table. She smiled at him and sat down across the table from Alex.

“I’m sorry, I think you must have the wrong table,” Alex said to the woman in a polite tone. She was very pretty; Alex noted and had lovely blue eyes and a nice figure. The kind of girl that Michelle liked, he thought to himself.

“No, I don’t believe I do. You’re Alex, aren’t you?” The woman spoke. Just then, Alex’s phone alerted him that he had a text message from Michelle.

The message said “Hi honey, I’ll explain later. Meanwhile, have a drink and order our favorite meal … to GO. C U soon.”

The woman sitting across the table from Alex smiled. “I’ll assume that message was from Michelle? Hi Alex, I’m Logan. Michelle sent me to come and get you.”

“Get me? For what?”

“Ah, now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? Why don’t we have a drink together and then I’ll take you to Michelle,” Logan smiled. Alex thought there were certainly worse ways to spend some time than with lovely little Logan, so he ordered a Martini for himself while Logan ordered a glass of Chablis.

“Michelle’s never mentioned me?” Logan teased as she sipped her Chablis.

“I’m sure I’d remember if she mentioned someone as attractive as you,” Alex flattered her. It was true, Logan was dazzling and the white pant suit she wore complimented her sexy little figure. The jacket was unbuttoned halfway down to show some rather nice cleavage and her skin was tan. There was a hint of mischief in her pretty blue eyes and smile. He made small talk with this woman his wife had sent to meet him, wondering what Michelle’s devious little mind was up to now?

“I’m finished with my drink, are you done with yours?” Logan asked as she set her wine glass down. Alex indicated that he was and she stood up and took his arm. “Come for a walk with me, it’s not far,” Logan told him.

If he’d been single, he would have followed her anywhere, she really was sexy and delicious. Alex could proudly say he had never cheated on his wife; any dalliances he’d shared had been arranged by Michelle and usually were with Summer.

If he’d been single, he would have followed her anywhere, she really was delicious. Alex could proudly say he had never cheated on his wife; any dalliances he’d shared had been arranged by Michelle and usually they were with Summer. As far as Alex was concerned, he had perfection at home and he did not intend to mess that up.

Despite all of that, Logan was a temptation to his libido; she had a delicious little butt and was very feminine. She smelled flowery and wonderful and as they walked, he allowed himself a few fleeting fantasies. He and Michelle often shared their fantasies and on occasion, they made them come true. He thought he’d tell her some of the ones he was having about her friend.

They entered a very nice high-rise and went upstairs to the penthouse. Once inside, Logan put the food in the kitchen and called out. “Michelle, you’re here, aren’t you?”

“I’ll be right out!” Alex heard his wife’s voice call out. In a minute, she appeared in the living room, decked out in a black negligee, stockings, heels and she had gone all out with hair and makeup. She walked over, not to Alex, but to Logan and kissed the brunette and THEN she kissed her husband. Logan removed her jacket to reveal a snug black vest that hugged her … 34C? … tits. Michelle watched Logan with an admiring eye as she took Alex’s hand and led him to the large, plush leather sofa.

“Hi,” Michelle said as she smiled at him. There was something radiant in her smile; it had not been there when he left for work that morning. Logan was now sitting in a wingback chair across from them.

“Hi, yourself,” Alex smiled with his bride. “May I assume we’re going to have a little fun? Would you care to tell me what’s going on, honey?”

“We’re going to have a LOT of fun,” Michelle grinned from ear-to-ear. “We have something to celebrate, sweetheart.”

“We do?”

Michelle nodded. “We sure do. I’m pregnant.”

Alex nearly fell off the couch and then he hugged his wife and roared with joy. When he calmed down, he had the presence of mind to ask her when she found out.

“This morning, just after you left for work. Logan called to give me the news.”

Alex spun around as his wife finally introduced them. “Alex, this is Doctor Logan Miller, my OBGYN.” She smiled as Logan shook her husband’s hand and laughed.

“I’ve been going to Doctor Miller … Logan … for about a year now, since Doctor Benton retired. We’ve become friends and had lunch a few times and she had to put up with my rambling on and on about my wonderful husband,” Michelle grinned.

“Well, I am pretty wonderful,” Alex chuckled.

“I’d been through a thoroughly miserable marriage and divorce and Michelle told me about you two and convinced me not to give up, but also that I could have a little fun in the meantime,” Logan grinned as she now sat beside Michelle on the sofa.

“We flirted a little … okay, we flirted a lot and I told Logan that when and if I became pregnant, we’d have a little celebration party and she could find out what a fucking wonderful lover I’m married to,” Michelle grinned.

“Don’t they frown on doctors and patients fraternizing?” Alex teased them both.

“I promise not to tell if you won’t,” Logan grinned. “Michelle was right handsome, you are just … rowrrr. Michelle, how do you keep from ripping his clothes off?”

“That’s easy, I don’t!” Michelle giggled. She tousled her husband’s thick hair. Alex was just beaming at his lovely wife and the thought of the next journey they were about to undertake together. He didn’t think it was possible to love her more than he already did, but once again, Michelle had proven him wrong.

“Why are we all just sitting here when we could be in Logan’s bedroom, fucking our brains out?” Michelle sighed.

“As your physician, I can highly recommend that,” Logan giggled. She walked over to Alex and kissed his lips, forcing her agile little tongue between them. “I’ve been wanting to do that since I met you, you are fucking gorgeous.” Michelle walked over and they shared a three-way kiss and then the two women linked arms with Alex and tugged him into the bedroom.

Logan’s white outfit was tugged off by Michelle, underneath she wore lavender and black lingerie and Alex could now see her heels had been stilettos. Michelle and Logan kissed and he knew this was their first time together; he always enjoyed watching Michelle’s forays into lesbian sex. It was as if he was seeing another facet of her personality that he was privy to, a sensual, erotic side. She and Logan mashed their tits together as their tongues entwined. Logan sucked Michelle’s tongue and Alex could hear their breathy little moans. They shuffled towards the bed and fell over, still kissing and aware of the sensual show they were putting on for Alex.

“I have wanted to have sex with you since … well, forever!” Michelle gushed as she slid Logan’s thong down her legs. She nuzzled her face against Logan’s bared skin and cupped the sexy physician’s tits in her hands. “I finally got my hands on these lovely babies! Yum!” Michelle began licking and biting Logan’s nipples. Logan’s eyes closed and her head snapped back while her jet-black hair splayed against the cool, crisp white sheets on the large bed.

“You’re supposed to be over here with us, you know,” Michelle called out to her husband. He smiled and began getting out of his suit. Logan’s eyes opened as she watched her patient’s husband undress, she saw he had a few scars from his football playing days, but otherwise, he was a stunning specimen of maleness. She was going to sample that strength, but she was in no hurry for Michelle to stop feasting on her body.

“I love this, I fucking LOVE this,” Logan groaned as Michelle’s mouth traveled her body. She could feel Alex’s eyes burning holes in them both.

“Told you,” Michelle purred as she licked Logan’s bare cunt. “I’ve never asked you, have you ever been with a woman before?”

“Once, in college,” Logan sighed. “My roommate, she was black and slim and sexy.”

“Like ’em exotic, huh?” Michelle teased as she filled her hands with Logan’s tits once more.

“Ohhh, yeahhhh,” Logan sighed. Michelle motioned for Alex to move closer and she urged him to replace her between Logan’s legs. She knew he wouldn’t argue, he loved to eat pussy and after having tasted the sexy doctor, she also knew what a treat Alex was in for. His mouth touched down and Logan howled.

Michelle removed the negligee but opted to keep on stockings and heels, much as Logan had done. She reached behind her husband and raked her nails across his back as he ate their lover’s pussy. Alex always loved it when she did that when they were balling Summer.

“Fuck her Alex, give her your cock!” Michelle encouraged him. She watched as Logan sat up and engulfed his cock in her full, soft lips. Michelle always got off on watching another woman blow her man and this time was no different. She shuddered as she watched the petite brunette sucking Alex’s cock to stiffness.

Logan gave him a demure little smile as she pulled away and then she stretched out. Alex decided he wanted a modicum of control, so he pulled the tiny woman on top of him and picked her up and slid her down on his cock. Logan groaned again as she felt her pussy being stuffed full of cock and gasped as she felt Michelle’s knowing hands once again fondling her tits. She tilted her head so that she could kiss Michelle while still fucking her husband.

“Fuck, do you two look hot together,” Michelle sighed as she continued to manipulate Logan’s tits. “I love your body, Logan.”

“I’ll bet you two are gorgeous,” Logan breathed in gasps as Alex’s cock slammed deep. “I can’t wait to see him fuck you, I want to see his cock going in and out of your cunt.”

“You’re just a little slut at heart, huh Doc?” Michelle teased.

“Oh yes Michelle, I am a slut, your slut Michelle, make me your slutty bitch!” Logan cried out, echoing words that Summer had used some time ago. Michelle was always thrilled when she could help a woman’s hidden sexuality emerge, she hoped that this would not be the last time she bedded Logan.

Logan cried out and Michelle felt her body shaking. She knew that Logan had cum and Alex had not, so she seized on the opportunity. She extricated her husband from Logan and replaced him at Logan’s pussy while she wiggled her ass at Alex. He knew her well enough by now to know what she intended and he slid his dick into Michelle from behind while she worked Logan over.

Logan was beside herself with passion. She couldn’t believe the energy of these two sex fiends, but she wasn’t going to complain. After years of being trapped in a sexually dull marriage, this was like the Gates of Heaven opening wide. She watched the fires dancing in Michelle’s eyes as Alex fucked her. She had been right, they were so gorgeous together, both sexual and yet still tender and so into each other. She felt honored that she was being allowed to participate.

Logan couldn’t believe it, she was cumming again! She howled and was sure they could hear her on the street. All the while she was yowling out her joy, Alex was still screwing Michelle. He didn’t let up, he continued to thrust deep inside of her until Michelle’s muscles contracted around his shaft. He let his cum spurt deep inside her pussy and pulled away.

It startled him with Logan jumped up and clasped her lips to Michelle’s pussy. This was her first taste of his wife and his spunk was mixed in. Michelle began to groan and the two women tumbled together in a sixty-nine. Alex was out of commission for a while, but he knew that was okay. The two women wanted to play and he sure as hell didn’t mind playing voyeur!

Logan and Michelle seemed really into each other, Alex could see that easily. He somehow sensed that part of Logan’s passion was based on gratitude, that Michelle had set something free deep inside of her. As Logan’s hands roamed his wife’s sleek, golden body, he took it all in. Michelle was still in amazing physical shape from all of her martial arts training, but there wasn’t anything wrong with Logan either. She was toned and trim and Michelle had been right, her tits were scrumptious.

“Eat me baby, lick my fucking twat!” Logan cried out most unprofessionally. She didn’t care about anything right now except for sex and cumming. She didn’t have to worry about either, Michelle and Alex were more than happy to provide.

“God, you’re turning into such a nasty little whore, Doc!” Michelle encouraged their playmate. Michelle’s body was afire with desire and she looked over at her husband, who gave her a well-deserved “Thumb’s Up”. That’s why she had loved Alex since their childhood … he supported her in everything she did and never tried to reign her in.

Alex’s cock was hard again and he looked for cues from Michelle as to when he should join them again. There certainly was no rush, their meal could wait until later. Michelle was in the throes of passion, it was rare to see her this on fire. She and the tiny brunette looked great together, their body types were very compatible.

“Get over here Alex; stick that cock up my pussy, please!” Logan groaned as she fell away from Michelle. “Michelle darling, you ride my tongue while your husband fucks me. God, I don’t want this night to end!”

Alex did as asked and began to fuck Logan while she enjoyed his wife’s pussy. It was always fun to see the expression of Michelle’s face during sex; she made the cutest little faces. They were all there right now, running the gamut from thrilled to orgasmic.

Alex’s spirit was willing, but his flesh was weakening. Michelle could always outdo him in the long run, but his masculinity was never threatened by that. Michelle constantly reassured him that he was the only man for him and a fabulous fuck. He tapped her gorgeous golden ass, a signal to Michelle that he was cumming. She left Logan’s pussy for a moment, sucked him off and then shared a bit of spend with Logan before returning to love-play with the doctor.

Alex was out of action for a while now, but he touched his wife and their playmate from time to time, re-assuring them that he was still there and still enjoying the lovely tableau before him. They were still wrapped in each other’s arms when he left the room to get the food ready and to put on a pot of coffee. He believed they’d probably need it tonight.

He sat and drank a cup of the strong, rich brew and waited for the women to join him. Alex thought of his future and how much brighter it was with Michelle in it and everything that was yet to come. She had offered up a celebration to announce the pregnancy, now it was his turn to spin it around and surprise her. He had to get his wheels spinning because this night was going to be a hard one to top.

About 30 minutes later, the two women emerged from the bedroom, bleary-eyed but both with huge smiles on their faces. Alex got out the bottle of Bollinger’s that he found in the fridge, he and Logan toasted the “blessed event” with that while Michelle drank grape juice and ginger ale combined, a favorite from her youth. Then they ate the chicken mushroom crepes Alex had brought from the café before retiring to the bedroom once again.

Alex watched his wife snuggled up beside Logan and he saw the look of happiness that was on Michelle’s face. Nothing made him happier than seeing her this happy. Michelle was thrilled that she was bringing a new life to their world and couldn’t wait to tell their parents. As for Logan, she was thrilled beyond words that she’d had this experience with this beautiful couple and felt empowered by her new sexuality. She decided to live life on her own terms from now on, to seek out new experiences and embrace passion. She wanted to enjoy some more fun times with Michelle and Alex. Just then, she thought of her pretty black receptionist and wondered what dark, sensual Gail was doing this coming weekend?

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