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Kayla’s Afternoon Adventure

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Kayla sat at the kitchen table fuming. She had intended to ask her husband about it last night, and then this morning, but she couldn’t bring herself to go there. Part of it was that she was terrified of the answer. What would she do if her husband was fucking his secretary? She remembered her father telling her mother that he had fallen in love with his secretary, and she didn’t want to be her mother. The words still pissed her off. She wasn’t about to give her husband, Marty, the chance to tell her he had “fallen in love” with that cow of a secretary. He might be fucking her, but it wasn’t love.

The longer she sat there the more enraged she became. For the sake of her sanity Kayla got up and went to take a shower. After a long hot shower to clear her head Kayla stepped out into a steam fill bathroom and dried off. As she went into the bedroom she stopped before a full length mirror and let her towel drop. She just stared at herself in the mirror. As she stared she kept asking herself “why?” She looked at the image and thought about all the men and the occasional woman, who made passes at her. Some of the men were Marty’s friends. Looking in the mirror Kayla saw a very desirable woman. She had brunette hair that came down just past her shoulders. A pair of teardrop shaped DD breasts that were better than most women’s store bought breasts. A very fit body that was her reward for two hour days, five days a week of pure hell at the gym. Her ass was a thing of beauty, and this wasn’t just her ego talking. This was the comments men and women gave her. It was firm from a very rigorous lower body workout program that she did while at the gym. Her backside and legs were the beneficiary of these workouts. Kayla didn’t have the rail thin body you saw on so many models now days. No, she had curves in all the right places, almost a Marilyn Monroe body, but in an athletic form.

Kayla decided she wasn’t going to sit at home and make herself ill over someone who didn’t care about her so she was going to dress and go to the city. She slipped on a pair of tiny white lacy panties and then went into her closet. Looking around her eyes went right to a white sundress that buttoned up in the front. She slipped it on and looked at it in the mirror. It looked beyond sexy, she was stunning. At first she was afraid that her nipples would be visible though the material, but she didn’t see anything and she was looking close. It wasn’t real short, but it gave the impression of it being shorter than it really was because the bottom two inches were sheer. Looking at herself in the mirror Kayla was deciding how many buttons to leave unbuttoned. She went with buttoning all but the top button, and the very bottom button. Kayla smiled at the image in the mirror and went looking for shoes. She decided that since this was a beach looking dress she would go with sandals. When she slipped her feet in them she smiled at the bright red toenails peeking out.

Kayla breezed out of her house and headed out on her adventure. Before she hit the interstate she saw she need gas and stopped at the station to fill her tank. As she got out of the car a breeze kicked up and caused her dress to lift just slightly, but it was enough for someone to get a quick view of her panties if they were looking the right way. Kayla just smiled to herself as she placed the gas nozzle into her tank and started filling her car with gas. She didn’t say anything, but every guy who walked past her kept looking back at her. What she didn’t realize is the effect the sun had on her dress. In the right light you could see her large, dark nipples almost as if her dress was wet. She wasn’t paying attention to that. She was more interested in knowing she had what it took to turn men on, even if her bastard of a husband didn’t think so.

With a smile she sped off down the interstate leaving behind several drooling men. Kayla decided to use a parking garage since she was going to be down town most of the day. Once she parked she headed for the elevator, but since it was taking forever she decided to use the stairs. She was only on the fourth level so it wouldn’t be bad, plus her sandals were much easier than heels, so off she went. As she made the turn from the third to the fourth level she came across a couple workers using the stairs as a place to take a smoke break and she gave them a soft smile as she went by. As Kayla got to the last rung of steps she heard the workers talking “Man, did you see how hot she was? She had those tits bouncing.” That was followed by more talk and had Kayla blushing as she hit the door to exit.

With a devilish grin Kayla decided to have some fun. She made sure her step had a bounce to it, and indeed she noticed how her tits did bounce. This thought and some of the looks she was getting made her nipples respond. She could feel them hardening, and she had to make a quick stop in a store so she could check them out in a mirror. It turns out the first store was a men’s clothing store, but she could always tell them she was looking for something for her husband. As she walked around she would glance at herself in the mirrors and sure enough her nipples were on high beam. As she found her way around the store she ended up in the tie section. A young salesman came up to her and asked if he could help her and Kayla said “Yes, I’m looking for a couple ties for my brother. I was thinking silk.”

He proceeded to show her a wide selection all the while glancing down at her chest. This stirred kayla even more and she decided to push it. As he showed her one beautiful tie Kayla accidentally bumped into him. Her breast brushing against his arm. Kayla didn’t look down, but she knew her nipple was rock hard from that simple touch. After apologizing for bumping into him she reached for the tie he was holding and her fingers lightly caressed his hand as she made contact. She tried to make eye contact with him while they talked about the tie, but he kept looking away. Trying his best not to get caught looking at her engorged nipples that were very much on display under her dress. Finally Kayla felt sorry for the young man and bought a couple ties and as she was leaving she heard him tell the manager he was going to take a break. Kayla smiled as she pictured the young man in the back masturbating.

As Kayla walked along the storefronts she suddenly stopped when she saw the most beautiful sundress she had seen in a long time. She went in and the lone person in there was a young guy with a local high school jersey on. He almost fell over the box he was unpacking when she said something to him.

“How did you get in? We don’t open until this weekend.” He managed to say as he tried to catch his breath.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. The door was unlocked and I thought y’all were open.” Kayla said with her sweetest smile. The poor kid was nervous just being around Kayla. He looked to be just coming out of that awkward stage that you go through after your body goes through a growth spurt. He obviously was still a little clumsy, but he had the shoulders and height that told Kayla he was going to be very handsome when he fills out. “I just saw that gorgeous red sundress in the window and I really have to have it. Can’t you please make an exception for me and sell it to me today? Please? Pretty please?”

“I don’t know. My aunt just left to run an errand and she is going to be gone for a couple hours. I might get in trouble for selling something before we open.”

All Kayla heard was his aunt would be gone for a couple hours. “I tell you what. My name is Kayla. What is your’s?” She said as she stuck out her hand to shake his.

“My name is Bobby, uh Bob.” He said as he shook Kayla’s hand.

Kayla had his hand and she wasn’t going to let it go until she got her dress. “How old are you Bob? Do you go to the local university?”

Bobby blushed at the question and the fact that Kayla was still holding his hand. “No ma’am, I go to Summerville High School. I’m a senior there. I just turned 18 last week.”

“Really? Well happy belated birthday!” Kayla said as she leaned in and pulled him closer to give him a hug. She smiled over his shoulder as she knew her breasts were pressing against him. “Can’t you please sell me that dress? Or at least look and see if you have one in my size?”

A very red faced Bobby pulled back and said he would look. Kayla knew she had him right where she wanted him. He even had to wipe his palms on his pants as he walked away. “Ummmm Bobby? I’m sorry, I mean Bob? Don’t you need my size?” Kayla said with a sexy smile.

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry. What size are you looking for?”

“I’m not sure. I like the way this dress fits, but I’m not sure if it is too tight. What do you think?” Then Kayla spun around slowly and when she stopped she gave Bobby another drop dead sexy smile.

Bobby swallowed a couple times and finally said “I think that dress looks great on you.”

“Oh thank you Bob. Why don’t I go with you to look for that dress. Oh yeah, don’t forget to lock the front door. You don’t want anymore dingbats like me walking in and bothering you while you work.”

Bobby said “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

While Bobby went to lock the front door Kayla unbuttoned another button at the top of her dress as well as at the bottom. Now she was showing some serious cleavage. She even checked a nearby mirror and when she bent over just right you could see her big nipples. Bobby came back just as she stood back up, and Kayla gave him that sweet smile.

“All locked up. Nobody will bother us.” He said as he headed to the back of the store. Kayla surprised him by hooking her arm around his and walking with him.

“Lead on kind sir.” Kayla said in a fake southern accent. All the time making sure her breast was pressed against his arm the entire way.

The back room where they had the inventory was like most and. There were boxes scattered all about and an old couch against the wall. Bobby started going through some boxes when Kayla offered to help. She made sure she went through the boxes on the floor where she would bend over to check them. Then she tried to only check the boxes where she could bend over in front of Bobby. After the second box she knew he had seen her tits. He had quit looking in boxes and now he was staring at her and turning every different shade of red known to man.

Kayla looked up and said “Did you find them?”

This seemed to snap Bobby out of his trance. “No, but I just remembered. I think my aunt Cindy put those dresses out earlier.”

Kayla smiled and wondered if she should tell him they were in the second aisle? She had seen them earlier, but wanted to have some fun, and as she walked back to the front of the store she was thinking that she might have some more fun. She had just wanted to tease the young man, but now she was thinking about rewarding him for all his hard work. Just then she undone another button on the bottom of her dress. Now when she walked you could see most of her legs, and if she took a long stride you would be able to see her silky white panties.

“What size did you say you needed?” Bobby asked as he tried desperately to concentrate on the dress and not the beautiful woman beside him.

Forming a plan in her mind Kayla told him a size smaller than the one she was wearing. When he handed it to her she held it up to her body and asked if she could try it on. Bobby showed her where the dressing rooms were, and she was thrilled to see there were curtain on the front instead of doors. She took the dress from his hands and went into the dressing room making sure to leave just the slightest of gaps. She knew a tempted 18 year old boy would be far to tempted not to try to look.

As she undone the buttons on her dress she could hear heavy breathing outside the curtain. Then as she slipped out of it the breathing stopped. She knew right then that he was watching her and trying not to be caught. Kayla just smiled as she ran her hands along her midsection, and then sliding them up to her breasts where she cupped them before she slid her hands over her breasts and finally across her nipples. Right then she heard Bobby gasp just ever so slightly. Deciding it was now or never she slipped into the red sundress and was surprised to find that it almost fit her. The one area it didn’t fit was in containing her DD’s.

She slid the dress off and as it hit the floor she caught sight of a shadow outside the room. It looked like Bobby couldn’t control himself and had pulled his hard cock out and was stroking it. Thinking fast Kayla had to do something. She didn’t want that load to end up on the floor.

Easing the curtain back Kayla called out “Bob, sweetie I think I need one size bigger.”

This caused Bobby to turn around real fast and try to stuff his hard cock back into his pants. Kayla smiled as poor Bobby struggled to get decent before he got in trouble. Then Kayla decided to end the teasing.

Kayla stepped out of the dressing room in just her panties and took a step in his direction. Then she placed her soft hand on his shoulder and whispered. “I can help you with that Bobby.” Then she turned him around and saw the fear in his eyes. As he tried to speak she placed her finger to his lips. “Shhh. Don’t say anything.”

Looking down it was Kayla’s turn to be surprised. Her 18 year old teasing victim had the cock of a full grown man. She was staring at at least eight inches, and it was sticking straight out of his open zipper. Kayla reached out and unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down off his hips. “Have you ever been with a woman?” Judging by his silence and the way he trembled Kayla knew the answer.

With his pants down around his knees Kayla looked at him and reached out and took his hand in her’s and placed it on her breast. He was shaking like a leaf now, but he managed to softly squeeze her tit and then he began to groan, and Kayla knew he was about to cum. She quickly dropped to her knees in front of him and took his throbbing cock into her mouth. This resulted in a strained “oh fuck!” coming from Bobby’s mouth, and Kayla’s mouth receiving an explosion of cum. Kayla kept sucking on his cock as it spurted shot after shot of cum into her mouth and throat. After the last spurt of cum was swallowed Kayla kept Bobby’s softening cock in her mouth, and was rewarded when she felt it start to harden again.

As she said a quite thank you to the Gods of youth, Kayla softly sucked Bobby until he was completely hard again. As she pulled her mouth off his cock she made a show of looking up at Bobby and licking all around his cock head before standing up. As she stood up she slid her hands under his jersey and pulled it over his head. “Lose the pants Bobby.” Then she slid her panties down her legs and stood in front of him completely naked. With a gulp he almost tripped over his pants as he tried to get his shoes and pants off. Kayla liked what she saw. This kid was maturing rapidly. He was still a little on the gangly side, but he would fill out nicely.

Once he was naked Kayla took him by the hand and led him over to a old couch against the wall in the storeroom. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a nervous kiss. She could feel his body trembling against her as she kissed him, so to try and help him relax she moved him to the couch and sat him down. Standing in front of him she could only imagine how good that hard cock would feel inside her. She started to sway from side to side in front of him, and he reached for his cock. “No sweetie. I have so many other plans for that. Just watch and enjoy.”

Bobby moved his hand back to his side and watched open mouthed as kayla moved her hips back and forth, and side to side right in front of him. Before today bobby had never even kissed a girl, much less seen one naked. Now today he had already received his first blow job, and now this naked goddess was dancing right in front of him. Kayla smiled as she moved closer. She was now straddling her legs as she moved. Then with a wink she placed one knee on the couch, followed by the other. Now she was kneeling over him with her hands on his shoulders for support.

Kayla leaned ever so close to him and as she moved side to side, her nipples brushed across his cheeks and mouth. She could see he was still afraid, so she encouraged him. “Take my nipple into your mouth and suck on it. Just be gentle.” To Kayla’s relief she felt Bobby move his hands up her body and held her hips as he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth. At first it was like he was barely sucking, but then he increased the pressure and she arched her back when his tongue made contact with her nipple. With a little encouragement he was now kicking and sucking on both nipples. His lips which were so very tentative to begin with were now doing what came naturally. He even brought one of his hands up and was massaging one of her tits as he suckled on the nipple.

The entire time that he played with her tits Kayla was very aware of his hard cock that was pointing straight up at her pussy. Every time she moved her hips she could feel his cock head sliding across her slick pussy lips. As he continued with his oral assault on her tits Kayla reached down and grasped his shaft and positioned it at her opening and began to slowly slide down it. This got Bobby’s attention as he looked up at Kayla with huge eyes and Kayla looked back as she slid the rest of the way down.

Once he was all the way in Kayla looked at him. “I guess you’re not a virgin anymore.” Then she leaned in and gave him a deep open mouth kiss. Her nipples pressed into his chest.

As they kissed Kayla began to move up and down on Bobby’s cock. He mumbled something into her mouth, but right now all Kayla wanted was to feel his hard cock deep within her. Breaking her kiss she leaned back and looked into his eyes as she slowly rode him. Once again she took his hands and placed them on her breasts and this time he didn’t need any encouragement. He was almost too rough, but right now Kayla wanted to encourage him. If there was another time she would teach him then. As he mauled her tits she started working her hips faster. She could feel herself getting so close when he closed his eyes and his ass came off the couch driving his cock deeper within her. His sudden movement triggered her own explosion and she started to cum at the same time he was filling her with his cum. She wrapped her arms around him and held on as they shared their orgasms.

As she recovered Kayla looked down at a dazed Bobby and bent down and they shared a soft kiss. She softly patted his chest as she slowly slid off his lap and when she looked down and saw his spent cock she knew she had to have one more taste. She got on her knees between his legs and took his cock, covered with both their juices, in her hand and gently cleaned it. Each stroke of her tongue sent shivers down Bobby’s body. Then once she was confident he was completely clean she stood up. “Thank you Bobby. That was absolutely incredible.”

As she was getting dressed bobby just sat on the couch too stunned to move. Finally Kayla looked at him. “Bobby, you need to get dressed. You said your aunt would be back in a couple hours.” This seemed to shake him out of his stupor and Bobby ran around getting dressed.

After they were both dressed Bobby kept looking at Kayla with those big brown eyes and she knew what he was thinking. “Can you deliver my dress Bobby?”

Surprised, Bobby stammered “yes ma’am. Where to?”

Kayla gave him the money for the dress and wrote her address on a card with her cell phone number. “Call me tomorrow and I’ll set up a time.” Then she gave him a deep kiss goodbye and breezed out the door.

As Kayla walked down the sidewalk to her car in the parking garage there was an extra bounce in her step and her nipples were still hard as diamonds after Bobby. She knew men were staring at her and drooling, but she missed the very tall brunette who turned and watched Kayla walk down the street as she opened the door to her new store she was in the process of opening.

“Bobby, I’m back. I brought you a burger for lunch.” Cindy called out as she shut the door behind her.

Bobby came out from the back and Cindy noticed that he was sweating. She felt kind of bad for working him so hard. “Hey aunt Cindy. Thanks for the burger. Oh by the way. You already have your fist sale. A lady came in and wanted one of those red sundresses like the one in the window. She wanted it delivered so I said I would do it tomorrow.”

“That is great news.” Cindy exclaimed as she gave her nephew a tight hug, and handed him his burger. As Bobby walked to the back with his burger Cindy chided herself for enjoying her hug with Bobby just a little too much. If her husband didn’t fuck her soon she was going to have to live in a cold shower with Bobby living with them.

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