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The Visit

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I’m waiting patiently by the hostess station of the restaurant. I’ve told the hostess that I’m waiting for someone and not ready to be seated. It’s early and the restaurant isn’t crowded, so I don’t think we’ll have trouble being seated when You arrive.

I wonder if the hostess notices my nervousness. If so, she likely just thinks I’m waiting for a blind date or something. Little does she know that I know very well who I am expecting. My nervousness comes not from unfamiliarity, but from knowing all too well the torment I’ll be subjected to tonight.

A bit of my fidgeting, though, comes from the bindings that are underneath my clothes. I’ve bound my cock and balls, as You’ve directed, tightly with the nylon cord. It is wrapped around the base of my cock and underneath my balls. Then it is wrapped several times around my balls, jutting them out from my body, and finally pulled up and tide around my shaft. I wanted to make sure it was very secure so as not to slip off, so I may have tied it a bit more tightly than I needed to. It is keeping me hard and my mind ever on You. I do hope You will be pleased.

My heart skips as I see You enter the restaurant. I stand carefully, conscious of my bindings, and make my way over to greet You. You are gracious and choose not to make a public display, for which I am grateful. We simply hug and You give me a kiss on the cheek, but You do add a devilishly sweet warning, saying, “I do hope you are prepared ‘exactly’ as I instructed.”

I step back from You and nod obediently before signaling to the hostess that we are ready to be seated. She leads us to a table, but You ask for a booth in the corner with the single seat curved around the table. I allow you to slide into the seat and signal me which way to be seated. The hostess gives us the menus and leaves. As she walks away, You lean over to kiss me, passionately this time, but really this is just a cover for You to check the binding on my cock and balls. You give them a firm squeeze through my pants, examining the actually to ensure they are bound securely and that I am not encumbered with any underwear. Satisfied that I have followed Your instructions You break the kiss, leaving me practically panting.

You suggest that I eat lightly tonight as You won’t let any ‘silly thing’ like indigestion get in the way of Your fun, but I might find it rather intolerable. I heed Your warning and decide on the soup and salad with just water to drink.

The server brings our drinks and we have time to sit and chat. You only want to make small talk, but the entire time Your hand is between my legs, stroking my thigh, and occasionally rubbing or squeezing my cock and balls. This is naturally keeping me very aroused and very much off balance, often causing me to give strange answers or looks to the server.

Your toying with me continues through dinner, leaving me very aroused and very much on the edge. I’m thankful when the time comes that I can pay the bill we can leave. My hotel is adjacent to the restaurant, and we take the short stroll to my room.

Upon entering, I immediately go to a kneeling position at the foot of the bed and await Your command. You seem in no hurry and walk over to the toy bag that I brought in and pre-positioned for You. You unlock it (I was not allowed to know what You had chosen for this evening) and examine the contents intently. You matter-of-factly tell me to remove my clothes and lay across the bed. As I’m removing my clothes, You pull the cover from the bed and place a long strap underneath the foot of the mattress. Before I lay down, You have me cross my arms behind my back and You secure the a length of nylon rope. I then lay down, spread my legs as You instruct, and allow You secure my ankles to the ends of the strap You placed underneath the mattress. I lay there helpless, as You toy with my bound cock and balls.

My balls and cock have become tight and sensitive from being bound and the teasing You have given them all through the evening. You know this of course and use it to Your advantage. You ask me if I’d like to cum and I eagerly reply, “Yes, Mistress, please.”

You only smile and say, “Not yet.”

With that You get up and place a blindfold over my eyes. The next thing I feel are clamps biting into my nipples, and wince a bit as they take hold. To make sure they are secure, You flick each of them with Your finger, and I cry out at the suddenness of the sensation surging through my body.

I sense You move away and start to remove Your clothes. You lay back on the bed again and resume toying with my cock. Quickly I am on the edge again and warn You that I am about to cum. You answer by again flicking the clamps on my nipples. After my cry of agony subsides, You resume stroking my cock. We repeat this scenario several times, with You bringing me to the edge each time and controlling my urge through the torment inflicted on my nipples. My cock is so sensitive and my balls so tight that I wonder how long the torment of my nipples will control my urge to cum.

After awhile of this game, You move to position Yourself straddling my face and gently lower Your luscious pussy to my eager tongue. As my tongue does contact Your pussy, You give an evil twist again to the nipple clamps. I know, though, that I must continue to deliver pleasure to You, and my licks and sucks on Your pussy approach a feverish pace.

As I pleasure Your pussy, I’m rewarded a bit by Your stroking of my cock, but You continue to warn me I am not yet allowed to cum. Every once in awhile, You emphasize this warning with another flick on the nipple clamps. You also adjust the binding around my cock, making sure the part encircling the shaft of my cock and very tightly concentrated around the base of it.

My efforts to pleasure You are proving to be fruitful. I feel Your juices running across my face. You are beginning to rock on me in rhythm to my licks and sucks. You now seem to be just stroking my cock and offering no further warnings. Soon You tell me You are ready for me to cum, but only when You say so. You start counting backwards from ten.

“Ten,” You say, as You settle Your pussy closer onto my face.

“Nine,” You continue.

After a pause, You breathe out an “Eight,” and pull longingly on my sensitive cock.

“Seven,” comes after an even longer pause, and I wonder if I can hold out for the count.

“Six,” You exclaim, as I can sense Your own excitement rising.

You wait again for a few more agonizing seconds, before exclaiming, “Five!”

My mind is racing, trying to concentrate on both Your pleasure and my control.

I’m relived to hear to finally say, “Four.”

Your motions in rhythm with my tongue intensify as You squeak out a “Three.”

My breathing is nearly non-existent as Your pussy covers my face and I feel Your juices flowing across me. Your legs tighten around my head as You practically scream out, “Two.”

I can feel the shuddering from Your orgasm and You exclaim, “One!”

Finally You grab my cock and stroke vigorously, telling me, “Cum, my pet, cum now!”

The seed shoots out of my like a cannon set off. I wish that I could see how high it shoots.

You collapse beside me on the bed and rest a bit before untying me and allowing me under the covers with You. I know that the morning will bring a renewed vigor to Your sweetly sadistic torment of me.

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