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My First Taste

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They say you never forget your first time. Although it’s been nearly 20 years, I can still remember it well. It was January of 99 and I had just turned 18. 

My parents went out of town to celebrate their anniversary for the weekend, and that meant one thing for me. Busting as many nuts as I could.

I called my girlfriend at the time to try and make plans. Let me tell you, she was a sex pot of horniness. Shoulder length dirty blond hair, 5ft 6in, 175lbs with 44DDs. Yeah she was a little chubby, but damn she could suck my cock like crazy. However, it wasn’t meant to be. Her family sprung a last minute ski trip for the weekend.

Crap, now what was I to do. I had no plans, a list of chores my parents wanted done, and nuts so full, they felt as if they could explode any minute.

Well Friday evening after I got home and said goodbye to my parents, I decided to do the one thing I knew I needed to take care of first. Not more than 30 minutes passed by, I was sitting naked in my room rubbing one out. In my post orgasmic glow, I scooped up some of my cum off of my chest and brought it to my mouth. Didn’t smell bad nor did it taste bad. Made me wonder why my girlfriend wouldn’t let me shoot in her mouth.

As I sat there, idly playing with my cock and admiring my body. (I was 6ft, 220lbs of well fed football player physic. Not fat but not chiseled either, just solid) I started to get an idea. In town was an adult book store I’d been very curious about visiting. Only problem is you had to be 18. I thought, well shit Hawkeye, here’s my chance.

I took a shower and threw on some decent clothes. Really didn’t know what to expect.

Into town I went. Drove by at least 6 times. Mostly looking for cars I recognized. Really didn’t want the embarrassment of explaining to anyone, least of all my parents. I walked in to the dimly lit place to see walls plastered with toys of all shapes and sizes. Movies lined another wall. Each labeled according to the type you wanted.

“Can I help you?” asked the rough voiced middle aged man with a slight suspicious tone.

“Yeah, its my first time in here. Thought I’d check it out.” I was hoping whatever false bravado I had would help mask my nerves.

“Gathered as much. Got any ID? Can’t be having minors in here.”

“Sure thing” I replied as I handed him my driver’s license. As he looked it and me over, a sly smile came across his face.

“Well happy birthday lad”. As a present, your first rental is on the house.”

“Gee, thanks.” I turned to check out the wall of movies but first noticed the other guy standing at the counter. He was about my height, a little less chubby than me. Real clean cut appearance. Not stuck up preppy, just neat and confident. We locked eyes for just a second, but it was long enough. It was a look as if to say, I know what you’re looking for even if you don’t know it yet. Deep down I probably knew but just couldn’t bring myself to realize it yet.

I felt my face grow flush with embarrassment as I hurriedly picked a blowjob / facial movie. I took it to the counter with a slight bit of shame and excitement in the pit of my stomach. Like I was committing a crime with everyone watching but not stopping me.

I could almost hear the chuckles as I left. I sped home, got inside and locked the doors.

I spent most of the night stroking load after load out of my cock to various scenes of blonds, brunettes, red heads, young and milfs sucking cum from cocks like it was the cure for cancer. But, one scene got me so transfixed I just completely stopped and watched. It was 2 guys getting blown by a blond. While she sucked one, she stroked the other. She looked good with a nice set of tits that were real. Both of the guys had thick but average length cocks. Reminded me of my cock. Next thing I knew one of the guys dropped to his knees and helped finish off the other. Holy shit I thought. I mean I’ve seen other cocks in the locker room at school, but never had I ever thought about sucking one. As the couple shared a load of cum between them, I blew mine onto my chest and immediately scooped it up to taste all of it. As I sat there in a daze, I decided that I needed to suck a cock this weekend. Slowly I faded off to sleep, thinking about how to accomplish that.

The next morning I woke up to a ringing phone call from my mom.

“I hope you’re doing those few chores we wanted done and not planning any wild parties.”

“No, mom I’m not really the party type.” Which was mostly true. I didn’t mind going to them, I just didn’t like to stay long or host them either.

“Just make sure the house is cleaned like we asked and we’ll take you out next weekend for your birthday.”

“Ok, no problem. Bye love you.” I hung up before she could respond. I had work to do and didn’t want to waste any time. After all, they would be back tomorrow evening and I had to find a cock to suck before then.

I thought it would be kinky to clean the house in only my boxers. Giving myself a little stroke here and there, just to keep building myself up for the night. I cleaned the living room while clothes were being washed. Once I got that done, I made some lunch and sat down to watch some more of the movie. Only slightly stroking myself, and not cumming. I wanted to save it for tonight. After lunch and finishing the other chores I had, it was time for me to get ready.

I started by taking the longest, hottest shower I ever had. I made sure I shaved my cock and balls smooth but left a small patch of hair right above. Nice and neat I thought. Wonder if Mr. Neat had done the same? Whoa, where did that thought come from. About 5pm I figured I’d go get a bite to eat to help settle the building nerves I had in the pit of my stomach. It was hust before 7 when I drove by. I wanted to park a few blocks away just in case. I walked back into the dimly lit shop and immediately saw Mr Neat leaning on the counter. He was wearing gym shorts and a faded blue tee. I some how felt over dressed in my pants and black tee shirt. I took a moment to check him out. He had short spiked dark hair. Green eyes and clean shaven. I could clearly see a nice bulge in the front of his shorts. As I sat the video on the counter I asked about the arcade.

“Oh, those really aren’t games…they’re video booths.” said the same rough middle aged man behind the counter.

“Ok, Well how much to go in?”

“It’s pay per minute, 3dollars to start.”

Alright let me get 10$ in ones” And off I went through the beaded curtain. I was met with a dark hallway that had only small red and white lights above several doors. I noticed the red would come on and then I’d hear the faint sounds of moans on tvs.I picked a booth at the end and went in. Damn it’s freaking dark in here. The only light was from were you inserted your money. As my eyes adjusted, I put in a few ones and was immediately immersed in images of sex.

As I flipped channels I settled for vid of this cute redhead sucking two very nice cocks. As I started to rub my cock through my pants, there was a light knock on the door and opening at the same time. It was Mr Neat. He entered and locked the door behind him. In hind sight, If I knew they had done that, I probably would have locked it.

He asked if the movie was any good and if I knew why he was in there.

“Guess so and I wasn’t sure” was all I could say

“I could tell when I first say you yesterday, that you wanted my cock. You might not have realized it, but I could clearly tell. Now why don’t you get down on your knees.”

I lowered my self and was eye level with his growing bulge.

“Go on and pull my shorts down.”

I slid his shorts down and out popped a very nicely shaven, smooth, cut 7in cut cock. His balls were smooth and big. What surprised me was how thick it was. Like beer can thick and he wasn’t even all the way hard yet.

“Go ahead and feel it, stroke it, feel how heavy my balls are.”

I timidly reached up and held his cock in my hand. It was the first time I’d ever felt another cock that wasn’t mine. Different but familiar. I slowly stroked it while I held his nuts with my other hand.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice. He said softly, “now put your lips on it.”

I brought it to my mouth and tasted the bulbous head. It smelled sweet and salty at the same time. I parted my lips and took the head into my mouth. I could feel my own cock straining to be free from its confines. I freed my cock as I worked my hand back and forth on his shaft. I licked and sucked the head while stroking my own cock.

“That’s good boy, real good. Now take more in your mouth. There you go, thats it.”

He pushed a few inches deeper and panic started to set in.

“Oh God, I’m going to choke to death,” was all I could think

“Doing real good, now breathe through your nose. There you go” he continued to coach me.

“Play with your cock but don’t cum”

I worked my own cock up and down thinking I was going to explode any second, I faded off. By now I was working his cock real good. Taking a little further into my mouth each time I bobbed down on it. I rubbed his nuts gently in my hand.

“Now stop, I’m going to fuck your mouth. I won’t go any deeper then what you’ve already taken,” he said as he held the top of head with one hand and my chin with his other.

“Mmmmmfffff,” was all I could reply with a mouth full of cock. Besides, my mouth was starting to ache from the thickness of him.

He slowly pushed into my mouth and pulled out until just his head was in. Then again and again. With each thrust, he picked up speed. I hummed on the in stroke and ran my tongue on the under side of his shaft on the out stroke. He kept a steady pace, not to forceful, but firm nevertheless. I sensed he might be getting close as his nuts began to tighten.

“God your mouth feels good, I’m going to cum in your mouth and you will show me before swallowing. Do you understand?”

“Mmmfff,” was again my reply

“Good, get ready, get ready, here it cums,” and the first shot went down the back of my throat. 

“Unghh,” was his almost silent response. Then another shot landed on my tongue, then another, and finally the last one. He held his dick in my mouth a few seconds as he came down from his orgasm. Finally he let it slip out.

“Show me,” he commanded.

I opened for him to see my mouth full.

“Now swallow,” he commanded again.

I could taste the saltiness of his load as it slid down my throat. A bit different than my own, but not bad.

“Now it’s your turn. Stand up and drop your pants.”

I eagerly complied and had my cock out in no time. It has been begging for release for awhile. He dropped to his knees and engulfed the entire length. He began to suck and lick with expertise that my legs started to shake uncontrollably. I felt I could collapse any second. I could only wimper and moan as he turned me to putty with his warm wet mouth and throat.

“I’m going to…I’m…I’m…Oh God…I’m cumming…”

He just sucked faster and harder. Grabbing my balls, he milked them as I filled his mouth full of my seed. My eyes rolled back into my head and mouth slacked opened I could only think of how my girlfriend never was going to compare to what just happened.

He stood up and handed me a card with his name and number.

“With some training, you’d be a great little cocksucker.” And just as fast as he entered the booth, he was gone. I took a moment to compose myself, then exited into the shop. The same man was behind the counter with a knowing smile.

“Come back when you can,” he said with a slight chuckle. I was sure going too.

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