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Sometimes in life we become so lonely that we are willing to do most anything to fill the void. Frequently we do things that are risky and foolish. Often our high risk actions come with unexpected consequences.

Clair Davis woke late that Saturday morning. As she sat up she looked at the digital clock sitting on her nightstand.

The red numbers displayed ten thirty.

“Richard?” She called out.

There was no response.

Clair remembered that her husband of fifteen years had left the evening before to play golf with his buddies.

Richard and his friends had been planning the weekend getaway for weeks. He wouldn’t be back until late the following evening.

Clair threw the covers off. She was wearing a green, mid thigh length night gown. The material was almost see-through. The gown displayed her amazing curves. Her matching panties clung to her hips, and butt. The gusset of her panties outlined her thick pussy lips.

At thirty seven Clair was an amazing woman to behold. Her face was lovely, and her thick, curly, blond hair was shoulder length. She was voluptuous, with D cup breasts, and a round, full bubble butt that just begged to be fondled. Her legs were long and shapely. Her thighs well developed.

Clair was a woman that most any man would want to take to his bed.

Unfortunately after fifteen years of marriage, Richard, Clair’s husband, had grown tired of his lovely wife. He’d grown as bored with the sex as he had with their time together. He was always working late. On weekends he would leave shortly after Clair woke up to hang out with his friends at the golf course. He usually came home about an hour before bedtime. Richard had time for everyone in his life but Clair.

They’d never had children.

Clair had always wanted kids, but Richard didn’t.

He always insisted on wearing a condom during sexual intercourse. In the last two years he hadn’t even bothered with sex. He would just come home, climb in bed, roll over, and go to sleep.

On that fateful Saturday morning Clair stood and went into the bathroom to relieve herself. She peed, and emptied her bowels. After cleaning herself, Clair flushed the toilet, pulled her panties up, and then headed downstairs to the kitchen.

The coffeemaker had been preset to brew a fresh pot earlier that morning.

Clair grabbed a cup off the counter and poured herself a badly needed cup of coffee. She sat down at the breakfast nook and took a sip of the hot liquid. “I hate my life,” she muttered in disdain. She sat there drinking her coffee for fifteen minutes, as she tried to decide how to spend her day.

She gazed out the window at the pool. She didn’t really feel like taking her usual morning swim, but she was a creature of habit. Besides, Rory would miss his Morning peep show if she didn’t swim. “What the hell,” she muttered. “The boy needs his daily fix.”

Clair rose, rinsed out her coffee cup, and then set it on the counter next to the coffeemaker. She turned off the machine, stripped off her nightgown, and panties, and then headed out the back door, leaving it open as usual.

The door had a tendency to stick if it was closed too hard, so she always left it open to keep from getting trapped outside with no clothes.

Clair knew the only person who could see their backyard was Rory Jennings, her neighbors’ nineteen year old son.

His second story bedroom window faced her backyard. Rory was the reason Clair had started swimming in the nude to begin with.

Clair had noticed the young man spying on her as she swam. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, as well as when he didn’t have college classes, Rory would wait for her to come out in one of her sexy bikinis and watch her swim.

Clair took great pleasure in the knowledge that a young man enjoyed watching her swim. She knew she’d never do anything inappropriate with the boy, but she did enjoy the fact that he was turned on by her body.

Then few weeks ago, on a Saturday Morning, she found herself feeling extra neglected by her Husband. She decided to give the young man a treat. She spotted him watching her from his bedroom window. She peeled off her top and threw it on the deck, and resumed swimming topless.

Rory was stunned. He watched his sexy neighbor as she swam her usual fifty laps. His cock was rock hard. He took his dick out of his shorts, and started masturbating. He watched the gorgeous woman swim back and forth, as he stroked his thick meat.

Every once in a while, Clair would stand up, and run her hands through her hair, giving the young man a good look at her ample breasts. Clair began to get excited by her little display. She was becoming turned on because of the show she was giving the boy.

Rory desperately wanted to cum, but he held off as long as he could.

Then with fifteen laps to go, Clair became more emboldened. She pulled off her bikini bottoms and threw them onto the deck next to her top.

Rory lost it. He shot a load of sperm onto his bedroom window.

A sly smile appeared on Clair’s lips when she saw the boy’s cum splashing against his bedroom window. That day an exhibitionist was born in the middle aged woman.

After completing her swim, Clair went up to her room and masturbated. Not daring to fantasize about her teenage neighbor, she pictured Richard standing at the window watching her nude display instead.

The next day she repeated her little performance. By the time Rory’s college classes had let out for the summer, Clair didn’t even bother putting on a bikini. She would wait until Richard left, strip out of her night gown in the kitchen, and then head for the pool.

Afterward she would bring herself to orgasm while picturing her husband watching her from Rory’s bedroom window. She was tempted to imagine Rory watching her, but somehow she resisted the temptation.

That morning Clair glanced up to Rory’s window before diving into the warm water.

There he was peeking from one side of his bedroom window. He was already holding his hardened dick in his hand.

“Rory,” his Dad called out from downstairs. “Come downstairs please. Your Mother and I need to talk to you.”

The sound of his dad’s voice caused Rory to lose his erection. The young man tucked his flaccid penis back into his shorts, and ran downstairs. He was feeling frustrated that he’d miss out on his morning show.

Rory’s parents were standing near the front door.

“Son,” his dad said. “Your mom and I are going antiquing and we will be gone until dinner time. There’s money on the kitchen counter for lunch.”

“Dad, I’ve got money.”

“No, you need that money for gas, and lunch during the week. You will be starting your internship Monday morning at my office.”

Rory’s face lit up. “You got me an internship with your company?”

“It will look good on your resume once you’ve finished college. Who knows, maybe I can get you a job there once you graduate. Anyway, there’s twenty bucks in the kitchen.”

“Have a good time,” Rory said as his parents left.

He immediately bolted back upstairs to his room.

Clair had already swum ten laps by the time he got back to his usual hiding spot.

Rory pulled his cock out of his sleeping shorts, and began massaging it back to its full length.

A few moments later Clair’s home phone began to ring.

She climbed out of the pool and trudged back inside.

“Shit,” Rory exclaimed. He stood there for five minutes, hoping she would come back out. His erection slowly went limp as he waited.

Clair sat at the breakfast nook listening in shock as Richard gave her the bad news.

“Clair, I don’t know how to tell you this, so I guess the best way is to get it over with. I’m divorcing you. I’ve grown tired of our marriage, and I’m moving out when I get back from the golf tournament. I’m sorry, but it’s just not working for us anymore.” Richard hung up the phone, leaving his wife speechless.

A burning rage rose up in the distraught woman. She slammed the phone down, and cursed. “That fucking piece of shit,” she exclaimed. “He didn’t even have the decency to tell me in person. He calls me over the phone to tell me that fifteen years of my life has just been flushed down the toilet.”

Clair stood up and began pacing back and forth. The more she paced, the madder she got. “Well fuck him,” she growled. “He’s not the only one who is tired of this dead marriage.”

Clair needed to cool off, and she knew there was only one way to do it. She headed back out to the pool for a swim, having completely forgotten about her peeping Tom. As she strode through the back door, she slammed it hard.

At that moment Clair remembered the sticking door. She tried the knob, and sure enough the door was stuck. “Damn it,” she growled.

Rory watched the woman from his window. He could tell that she was angry. He watched his lovely neighbor fight to get the back door opened. The young man wanted to help her, but to do so would be admitting that he’d been spying on her during her morning swims.

Clair shook the door for several minutes but it wouldn’t budge. As she stood there not knowing what to do, she spotted the pet door.

They didn’t own a dog; however the door was there when they bought the place ten years earlier. The rubber cover had been removed years earlier, and the door had been secured with a hook and eye from the inside.

Clair looked around and spotted a small, flat stick lying on the ground. She picked the stick up, and knelt next to the door.

Rory stared hard at Clair’s sexy ass. His dick began to harden once again.

Working the stick into the narrow gap, she wiggled the slender piece of wood back and forth until the hook popped out of the eye, unlocking the small door.

“I’m having this door replaced first thing Monday,” she declared as she poked her head through the small doorway. Clair turned her body sideways, and stuck her arms through the dog sized hole. She then forced her upper torso through the opening. Her breasts were a little too large to go through comfortably, but she managed to squeeze her D cup melons through the hole. “Damn it,” she exclaimed as her nipples were painfully scraped across the wooden frame of the pet door.

Rory watched as his neighbor’s upper torso disappeared through the hole. He watched her force her upper body through the hole until her sexy hips and buttocks came to rest against the wooden frame.

Clair pushed with all her might, but she couldn’t get her hips and buttocks to go through the hole. “Fuck,” she exclaimed. “I can’t get my big ass through the doorway.”

Clair tried to back out of the hole, but her breasts wouldn’t go back through. She quickly realized that what goes in doesn’t always come back out. “Shit, I’m stuck. Now what the hell am I going to do?”

The pretty blond broke down and started crying.

Rory knew Mrs. Davis was stuck. He quickly bolted out of his room and ran downstairs. He ran out the back door, across the lawn, and bolted through Mrs. Davis side gate. He then sprinted to her back door. The young man knelt next to Clair’s shapely thighs, and looked through the small space between her waist, and the door frame. “Mrs. Davis, are you ok?”

“No I’m not ok. My back door is wedged shut. I’m stuck in this damned pet door, and I can’t get in or out.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll call the fire department.

“No,” Clair screeched. “I don’t want anyone seeing me like this. Hell, I’m naked and stuck in a doggy door. This would be humiliating. It’s bad enough that you’re seeing me like this. I don’t want the fire department and all our neighbors gawking at me.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I need something to make my body slick so I can ease back out of the hole. Does your mom have any water based oils?”

Rory thought about the skin cream his mom was always rubbing on her arms. “Yeah, she keeps a tube of skin cream on her nightstand.”

“Go get it. But whatever you do, don’t tell your parents about this, ok?”

“They are gone for the day. I’ll be right back.”

Rory took a quick look at Clair’s sexy legs and ass, and then headed for his house.

Clair half lay, half reclined on her side. She was both physically, and emotionally uncomfortable. “Richard, this is your fault.”

Rory returned a few minutes later with a large bottle of lube. “Mom seems to be out of skin cream. The only thing I could find is a bottle of lube. I think my parents use it for sex. I hope that’s ok?”

“Honey, I’ll buy them a new bottle. Just get me out of this hole.”

“What do I do with it?”

“Shove it through the hole between my waist and the doorframe.”

Rory looked at the bottle. “I don’t think it’ll fit. It’s a big bottle.”

Clair groaned in frustration. “It would be. Then I guess you have no choice but to apply the lube to my skin.”

Rory’s cock lurched. He never thought in his wildest dreams that he’d get to touch Mrs. Davis’ sexy body. “Where do I apply it?” He asked half stammering.

Clair sighed. “If I can get my breasts through the hole, I’ll be free. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but rub the lube on my breasts.”

Rory’s cock stiffened to full length. With trembling hands he managed to open the lid. He applied a generous amount of lube to his right hand. Setting the bottle on the ground, he squeezed his lubed up hand through the opening.

Clair could feel the young man’s lube covered hand caress her waist as Rory moved toward her ample breasts. She watched his hand appear through the hole.

“Don’t rub the lube off until you reach my breasts.”

Rory moved his hand away and kept moving forward. He was forced to place his left hand on Clair’s hip to maintain his balance.

“Rory, what are you doing?”

“Sorry, I didn’t want to fall.”

Clair understood. “It’s alright. Don’t worry about being a gentleman right now. Just get me out of here.”

Rory slid his arm through the hole until he was next to Clair’s breasts. He grasped her left breast and rubbed a liberal amount onto her large tit.

Clair felt embarrassed by the fact that her teenage neighbor was massaging oil onto her breast.

Rory then withdrew his arm and applied more lube. He slid his arm through the hole again and lubed the sexy woman’s other breast. His dick was ready to rip a hole in his shorts.

“Alright, that should be enough,” Clair said.

Rory reluctantly withdrew his arm back through the hole. He was thoroughly enjoying feeling his neighbor up.

Clair then tried to push her upper body back through the hole. Unfortunately her breasts were just too large to fit. “Fuck,” she exclaimed after several tries. “This isn’t going to work. My tits will bend down but getting them to bend up is a different story.”

“Have you tried pushing them flatter?”

“I need my hands to push myself through the doorframe.”

“What if I pushed them flat?”

Clair felt her temples begin to throb. It was bad enough that she had to let a teenager massage lube onto her breasts. Now she would be forced to allow him to push them flat so she could squeeze through the opening in the door. “It can’t hurt to try. Hell, you’ve already touched them once.” Clair braced herself for another try. “Alright, push on my breasts, as I try to get back through.”

Rory eased his trembling hands through the hole and mashed on Clair’s breasts.

Clair’s embarrassment increased. The feel of her breasts being mashed by a teenager was mortifying.

Clair took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out.

The feel of Mrs. Davis breasts was exciting Rory even more.

Clair forced her body to move backward. She felt the wood drag across her side as she eased her flattened bosom towards the exit.

Rory felt the back of his hands jamming against the wood. “Wait,” he said.

“What?” Clair asked in disgust.

“You’ll break my knuckles if I keep holding on. I can get my wrists to bend to the sides, but my hands are between your breasts and the wood.”

“Great,” Clair exclaimed as she slid her upper body back inside. “Now what do we do?”

Rory reluctantly released Clair’s breasts, and withdrew his hands. “If I lubed your hips, could you squeeze into the house?”

Clair sighed again. Her humiliation was about to become even more intense. “Hell, it’s worth a try. But you’re going to have to lube my pelvis and butt as well.”

Rory poured a generous amount of lube over Clair’s hip, letting the lube pour down her lower body. He set the bottle down and began rubbing the lube into her butt, hips, and pelvis. He ran his hands through her neatly trimmed pubic hair. His middle finger caressed her clit several times as he massaged the oil into her skin.

The thirty seven year old woman involuntarily jerked each time Rory’s finger touched her clit. “He’s touching my clit,” Clair whispered in frustration. “Can this day get any worse?”

Some of the lube ran into Clair’s butt crack, and along her pussy lips.

Rory’s dick was screaming for attention. The young man wanted to spread his sexy neighbor’s legs wide and shove his cock into her lubed up pussy.

“Are you finished lubing me?” Clair asked impatiently.

“Yeah, I’m finished.”

“Alright, I’m going to try to squeeze inside. You’re going to have to push on my butt.”

Rory laid his hands on Clair’s ample bottom. “I’m ready,” he croaked.

Clair pushed against the doorframe, trying to force her body through the hole.

Rory pushed against his middle aged neighbor’s sexy behind.

Clair’s hips, and bottom, pressed against the opening, and immediately stopped moving.

Rory was pushing so hard that his slippery right hand slid inward, and his thumb sank into Clair’s lubed up pussy.

The pretty blond was shocked by the lubricated digit sinking into her hole. Her body involuntarily shook. “Fuck,” she gasped.

“I’m sorry about that Mrs. Davis,” the young man sheepishly said. “My hand slipped.”

Clair sighed in resignation. “It’s not your fault. I’m the one who slammed the door and locked myself out. You’re just trying to help me.”

Rory knew he should remove his thumb, but the woman’s cunt felt too damn good.

Clair noticed that her teenage neighbor still had his thumb buried in her vagina. “Rory,” she quietly declared. “Your thumb is still in me. Please remove it.”

“Sorry,” the young man replied as he slid his thumb out of Clair’s cunt. He quickly raised the pussy juice soaked digit to his nose and inhaled.

Clair’s pussy juices mixed with the fruity aroma of the lube, smelled wonderful to the young man.

Rory couldn’t resist tasting the woman’s vaginal juices. He quickly stuck his thumb into his mouth.

The lube as it turned out was grape flavored.

But Rory could still taste Mrs. Davis’ juices on his thumb.

Clair shook her head. “I don’t know what to do now. I guess you’ll have to call the fire department.”

Rory didn’t want the fire department to be called. He was enjoying his lovely neighbor’s nude body too much to bring in firemen. He thought hard, desperate to come up with another idea. “I know how to get you free,” he exclaimed. “The pet door has a small frame built into it. What if I take a pry bar and pry the frame off?”

Clair was instantly relieved that the firemen wouldn’t see her like this. “That just might work. Do you have a pry bar?”

“My dad has one in the garage. I’ll be right back.”

“Make sure you wash the lube off your hands before you handle the pry bar.”

“I will,” the young man replied.

As Rory headed back to his house, Clair half lay, half reclined in the hole, feeling like a complete idiot.

As she waited for her young neighbor to return, her thoughts drifted to the thumb he’d accidentally shoved into her cunt. She couldn’t believe that her nineteen year old neighbor’s thumb had been inside her pussy.

Of course Rory hadn’t done it on purpose, but still it did happen.

Clair had felt the young man’s hands on every personal part of her body over the last twenty or so minutes. She silently cursed for playing that stupid game of sexually exciting the boy over the last several weeks. If she hadn’t been so damned lonely, she wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

Then the realization that their intimate contact over the last twenty minutes was probably driving the young man wild with sexual desire, seeped into Clair’s mind.

“Rory’s dick is probably as hard as granite by now,” Clair muttered.

She was glad that it was Rory who had come to her rescue.

A lecherous man would have taken advantage of her predicament, and shoved his cock in her exposed pussy by now.

Clair had no doubt that her young neighbor would be using the memory of this morning for future masturbation sessions. But she didn’t blame Rory. This was her fault after all.

As she waited for Rory to return, her side began to ache from having the frame digging into her flesh. Clair slowly eased her body over until she was on her hands and knees. She could still feel the sides of the doorframe pressing against her waist, but at least she wasn’t lying on her side anymore.

Rory returned a few minutes later. He was carrying a small pry bar.

The sight of Mrs. Davis on her knees with her voluptuous ass sticking up in the air was too much for the young man. His dick once again became rock hard. He wanted to kneel behind her, rip his shorts down, and shove his cock into her waiting pussy. Instead he squatted behind her, and announced his presence. “I’m back.” He continued to take in the sight of Clair’s sexy ass.

“Give me a minute to turn back over, and then you can break the frame loose.”

“Wait,” Rory said almost too quickly. “Let me pop the top board off first. That way I won’t jab you with the pry bar.”

“That’s a good idea. Now take it slow. I don’t want to get stabbed.”

“I’ll work slowly, I promise.”

“Did you wash the lube off your hands?”

“Yes I did Mrs. Davis.”

“Rory, I think we’re past the point where you can start calling me Clair. After all you’ve touched me in places that no other man but my soon to be ex husband has touched me.”

“You’re getting a divorce?”

“It was his decision, not mine.”

“Your husband is an idiot. If I had a woman as beautiful as you, I’d never let her go.”

Clair smiled. “Thank you Rory. I appreciate the compliment.”

“Mrs. Davis, I mean Clair; I’m going to have to get really personal with you again.”

Clair smiled in spite of her condition. She was glad that a considerate young man like Rory had found her instead of some lecherous asshole. “It’s alright Rory. Get as personal as you need to. Just get me out of this damn hole.”

“I need you to move your knees closer to the door so I can kneel directly behind you.”

Clair obediently moved her knees forward until they touched the bottom of the wood beneath the pet door. She was glad the back walk was made of wood instead of concrete, or her knees would be trashed by the time she got out of this mess.

Rory eased his legs on either side of Clair’s legs. He scooted forward until his rigid cock was pressed against her butt crack. He then leaned over the nude woman’s body and pushed the tip of the pry bar into the edge of the frame. He then slowly leaned forward, applying gentle pressure to the metal bar.

Clair could feel the underside of the young man’s hard cock pushing against her butt crack. Her eyes grew wide.

Rory was indeed sexually excited. His erect cock was pressing against her butt crack as he worked.

Clair could only hope that the young man would resist the temptation to take advantage of her. The last thing she needed was to be fucked by a horny teenager while her butt was sticking out of the pet door to her house.

Rory leaned forward, applying more pressure to the frame. His granite hard dick felt like it was going to explode. He couldn’t believe he was dry fucking Mrs. Davis.

Furthermore, she wasn’t objecting. She had to know that his dick was rubbing against her butt.

Rory began to suspect that perhaps she wanted him to fuck her.

She could be as horny as he was at that moment.

The young man struggled to keep his mind on his work. But the thought of burying his dick in her hot cunt kept getting in the way.

Every time Rory pushed the pry bar upward the underside of his dick was rubbed against Clair’s butt cheeks. His desire to fuck his sexy neighbor grew stronger with each thrust.

Clair’s embarrassment increased as well. She was being dry humped by her teenage neighbor like a dog and there was nothing she could do about it. Her only hope was he would free her quickly before he exploded in his pants.

The thought of having Rory cum with his dick wedged against her butt crack would be too much for the woman to bear.

She would never be able to look the boy in the eye again.

As Rory worked an idea hit him. He knew it might not work, but he had to try. Rory purposely slipped as he dug the pry bar into the wood. He fell slightly forward, wedging his dick tighter between Clair’s naked butt cheeks.

Clair groaned with embarrassment. She’d never felt so humiliated in her life.

“Sorry about that.”

“Just keep working,” Clair replied.

“Mrs. Davis,” Rory said without remembering to call her Clair. “This isn’t going to work like this. I can’t get enough leverage. Could you spread your legs so I can kneel between them?”

Clair clenched her eyes shut.

The young man wanted to kneel between her spread legs.

Her cunt would definitely be exposed to Rory. “Are you sure it’s necessary?” She asked.

Rory was desperate to press his dick against the woman’s cunt. “I can’t get any leverage with my legs spread. I need to kneel between your legs.”

“Why can’t you just stand over me?”

“In a standing position, I could slip and impale you with the pry bar.”

“Don’t do that,” she screeched. “Then we’ll need a fire truck, and an ambulance.” Clair shook her head. “Move back for a moment and I’ll spread my legs. Just be careful.”

Rory quickly stood and watched his sexy neighbor spread her legs wide enough for him to kneel between them.

Clair’s rosebud and pussy lips instantly entered the young man’s view.

Rory knew that he had to touch his bare cock against her cunt. Looking down, he saw the perfect excuse. His shirt and shorts were covered with lube. He pulled off his shirt, and dropped it on the ground. He then eased his shorts down around his knees before kneeling between Clair’s spread legs. The underside of his dick was lined up with her rosebud and cunt. His body shook as he scooted forward until his bare skin was pressed against her naked butt cheeks. Rory’s cock nestled against Clair’s cunt lips and asshole.

Clair gasped as Rory’s bare cock came to rest against her exposed holes. “Rory, where are your clothes?”

“I had to remove them. The lube on your butt was beginning to soak into them. Just relax. I’ll have you out of that door in no time.”

Getting out of the pet door wasn’t what she was worried about. Clair was more concerned with what Rory might put in her. She could tell that her next door neighbor was definitely well endowed. For the first time, the lovely woman was genuinely afraid that Rory might shove his thick cock in her and fuck her.

“Rory, I don’t think you should be pressing your naked penis against my bottom.”

“My mom does my laundry. I really don’t want to explain how I got sex lube all over my shorts and shirt.”

Clair knew that was one conversation she didn’t want Rory having with his mother. “Alright, but be careful. The last thing I need is to have something else stuck in me.”

Rory grinned as he slipped the pry bar into the groove of the door frame. “I’ll be careful. I promise. I’m really sorry about my erection. But my equipment sort of has a mind of its own.”

“I understand completely. It’s not your fault,” Clair replied. “I’m the one who got into this mess. You’re just being a good neighbor. Just be careful with that thing. The last thing I need right now is to have your cock shoved in me.”

“I’ll be careful, I promise.” Rory had no intention of being careful. But he wasn’t going to tell Clair that. He was going to have as much fun with this opportunity as he could. Once again he began digging at the wood. With each thrust of the pry bar, the length of his bare cock rubbed Clair’s clit, cunt lips, and rosebud.

Clair buried her face in her hands. She hated herself for teasing this young man all these weeks. Her little game had meant to be a way of relieving her loneliness without it going too far.

Now it was obvious that the game had gotten out of hand, and Rory was obviously working up the courage to fuck her.

Clair knew that before she was free from this trap she’d gotten herself into, she’d end up having her nineteen year old neighbor’s cock buried in her cunt. “Me and my stupid games,” she softly whispered.

Rory kept prying at the top section of the frame. His heart was pounding with excitement. He was dry fucking his neighbor’s butt crack and pussy with his bare cock, and she wasn’t objecting. Well, she wasn’t objecting much.

Clair could feel the length of Rory’s cock slide along her exposed clit, pussy, and rosebud with each upward thrust of the pry bar. Although she was mortified, her long unused cunt began to moisten with each gentle push.

Rory dug the pry bar deeper into the wood.

A small piece of the frame broke off.

Rory lurched forward, shoving the underside of his shaft against Clair’s sex. His thick shaft spread Clair’s cunt lips.

Clair felt the piece of wood fall on her butt as well as the young man’s shaft forcing itself between her pussy lips. “Fuck,” she silently groaned. “He’s going to fuck me, I just know it,” she whispered so he wouldn’t hear. “That boy is going to stick his cock in me and fuck me.”

“Are you ok?” Rory asked. He could hear her speaking, but her words were muffled by the door.

Clair sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to get out of this without getting her cunt filled with Rory’s cock. But, she had started this, so she had no one to blame but herself. She had teased and tormented the young man for weeks. Now she was going to get what she had coming to her. She resigned herself to the fact that she was going to be fucked whether she wanted it or not. Clair decided to get it over with so Rory could concentrate on freeing her. “Rory, we both know where this is heading. I can feel your hard shaft jammed between my pussy lips. I know you desperately want to fuck me. I also know you aren’t going to be able to concentrate on freeing me until you do. So you might as well get it over with. Just get me out of here afterwards, ok?”

Rory’s dick jerked involuntarily. “Are you sure it’s ok?” He carefully asked.

Clair was sure it was anything but ok. The last thing she wanted was to have her nineteen year old neighbor’s thick pecker buried in her pussy. But she couldn’t see any other way of getting Rory’s mind off fucking her, so he could concentrate on freeing her from this hell she was in. “Yes Rory, I’m sure. You won’t be able to concentrate on freeing me until you’ve shot your cum in me. So go ahead and fuck me. But you’ve got to get me out of this damn door after you’ve finished.”

“I will, I promise.” Rory immediately laid the pry bar down. He leaned back several inches and lined his cock up with her cunt.

Clair closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she waited for her teenage neighbor to shove his dick in her. “This can’t be happening to me,” she quietly groaned.

Grasping his cock with his right hand, and her lube covered left butt cheek with the other; Rory eased forward until the head of his dick slipped between her cunt lips.

Clair trembled as the head of the young man’s cock penetrated her cunt lips. She was about to be fucked, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her only other option was to let Rory call the fire department.

That meant having her neighbors gathering around for a free show.

Clair was not ready to have her neighbors gawking at her nude body.

They would whisper behind her back for years to come.

Rory pressed the tip of his cock against the entrance to Clair’s pussy.

Between the lube, and Clair’s natural juices, his cock slid into her without too much difficulty.

Clair trembled as the young man’s dick sank deep into her body.

His thick cock spread her vaginal walls wide as he slowly sank his dick into her pussy.

Clair was shocked at how big the boy’s dick was. Even though she’d felt the shaft against her sex, she had no idea the boy’s dick would open her pussy up this much.

Rory had already gone deeper than Richard ever had, and he was still sinking into her depths.

“Fuck, just how big are you?” Clair asked in disbelief. She couldn’t believe this young man’s dick was filling her like this.

Rory smiled as he continued to push his dick into his neighbor’s tight pussy.

Clair felt like she was being stuffed with a sausage. Her cunt continued to expand as Rory sank deeper into her semi willing body. “Rory, how much more of your cock is left?” She asked.

The young man grabbed her other butt cheek, gave her flesh a tight squeeze, and then slowly eased the remainder of his cock into her body.

Clair grunted when the tip of his cock pressed against her cervix. She could feel his balls resting against her clit. “Shit, I’ve never been stretched like this before. I’m glad you took your time, or I’d be in serious pain right now.”

“Clair, the last thing I want to do is hurt you,” the young man replied.

“Thank you for being gentle. Another man wouldn’t care if I was comfortable or not.”

Rory moved his hands to his helpless neighbor’s hips. Taking a firm grip, he began to withdraw his cock until only the tip was inside her. He wanted to shove it back in, but he knew if he did, Clair might get hurt. Instead he eased his cock back into her with a slow gentle stroke.

Clair involuntarily trembled as the hardened pole slid back into her. “I can’t believe I’m being fucked by a teenager,” she quietly exclaimed.

Rory’s cock sank into her until once again the tip came to rest against the entrance to her womb. He noticed the pry bar lying on the ground next to him. A sly smile crossed his lips. He grabbed his nearby shirt, and wiped the lube off his hands. He then dropped the shirt. Picking up the pry bar, Rory pushed the edge into the wooden frame.

Clair began to wonder what the young man was up to.

He slipped his cock half way out of her cunt. Then he pried upward as he shoved his cock back into Clair’s depths.

The trapped woman grunted when his cock head slammed into her cervix. She expected pain. But all she felt was pleasure.

Rory began to pound his cock into his sexy neighbor as he worked on freeing her from the pet door. With each inward thrust he would dig into the wood.

Slowly the top of the frame began to loosen.

Halfway inside the house, Clair’s body was beginning to respond to being fucked. Her pussy muscles contracted with each inward thrust of Rory’s impressive cock. She laid her forehead on the tile floor. She began to groan with lust. Clair couldn’t understand why, but being fucked by this teenage boy was turning her on. She began to tug on her sensitive nipples. “Fuck, it’s been too long,” she groaned.

Rory worked harder at freeing his neighbor from the small doorway. He also worked harder at pounding the bottom of her cunt out.

Clair’s body was beginning to thrum with excitement. She craved the feel of this nineteen year old cock pounding out her thirty seven year old pussy. “Fuck, don’t stop,” she groaned.

Rory began to thrust even harder into her willing cunt. He continued prying on the top section of the frame.

Suddenly the strip of wood popped free. It fell on Clair’s ample bottom.

Rory grabbed the wood and tossed it aside. He then dropped the pry bar, grabbed Clair’s hips, and began to pound her mercilessly.

Clair felt her pussy began to contract around Rory’s hard shaft. She knew her orgasm was near. She couldn’t believe it, but she was going to cum as a teenager pounded her cunt with his dangerous weapon. Clair was being fucked by a boy who was young enough to be her son, and she was enjoying it. “This is so fucking insane,” she groaned.

Rory continued to ram his cock into Clair’s cunt. His balls began to churn with the need to cum.

Clair’s vaginal walls continued to contract around Rory’s cock. She began to shake as her impending orgasm began. “I’m cumming,” she whimpered. “Fuck I know it’s wrong, but I’m cumming.” She clamped her pussy muscles down on Rory’s thrusting cock.

Rory felt his cock lurch inside Clair. His dick expanded as his own orgasm began. He shoved his cock head against the entrance to her fertile womb, and released his baby makers into her body. The young man’s churning balls fired load after load of baby making sperm against the entrance to Clair’s unprotected womb.

Clair felt her young neighbor explode inside her. Her orgasm intensified. She clawed at the tile floor as her body shook with unimaginable pleasure.

“He’s cumming in me,” she whimpered. “He’s filling me with his sperm.” As Clair came it never occurred to the trapped woman that this was not a good time of the month for a virile young man to unload a million sperm cells into her cunt. At that moment all she cared about was her much needed orgasm. She shook and rocked against Rory’s cock as she rode out the most intense orgasm of her life.

Rory slumped against Clair’s butt as his spent and softening member slipped out of her sperm saturated cunt.

Clair’s body continued to shake as her orgasm continued. She trembled with lust. Her body couldn’t stop shaking.

Rory knelt over his lover for a few minutes until his strength returned. He then picked up the pry bar and began working on the right side piece of framework.

By the time Clair’s orgasm had diminished, Rory had already pried off the second strip of wood.

The young man then pried off the other piece. “You should be able to get out now,” he told Clair.

Barely hearing Rory’s words, she turned on her side and attempted to slide out.

Unfortunately Rory had failed to consider that the framework was built on the inside of the door as well.

Clair’s heavy breasts were stopped when she slid against the inner frame. “Shit,” she exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” Rory asked.

“There’s framing on this side too.”

“I can’t get at the inside. You’ll have to pry it off from in there.”

“How the hell do I do that?”

Rory slid the pry bar through the gap in the frame. “Here, take it.”

Clair took the pry bar from the young man who had just fucked her. She turned onto her back and started working on the top section. She quickly realized that she’d never pry the wood loose without help. “I can’t hold my weight up without help. The wood is digging into my spine. You’ll have to support my lower back.” She lifted her hips so that she was half sitting, half lying on her back.

Rory, still on his knees, nestled up against her pelvis, and slid his hands under the small of Clair’s back. He gently lifted her hips so she was no longer resting her weight against her spine. His limp cock was lying against her clit.

Clair began to work on the top piece of framework. With each push against the frame her cunt rubbed against Rory’s cock.

Within minutes the young man’s dick began to harden and grow.

Clair was so intent on breaking the wooden strip free that she didn’t notice Rory’s hardening member.

Rory slipped his right hand free from under Clair’s lower back. He grasped his cock and slid it between her pussy lips.

Clair was too caught up in her work to notice.

Rory lined his cock up with Clair’s fuck hole and began to push the thick shaft back into her body.

Clair gasped as the thick shaft once again began to sink into her depths. “Oh hell, I’d forgotten how horny a young man can be,” she exclaimed as the thick meat continued to sink into her body. “Damn, I haven’t even got a kiss yet.”

Rory grinned as he pushed his cock into Clair’s cunt until the head came to rest against her clit. “I’ll give you lots of kisses once you’re free.”

A smile appeared on Clair’s pretty face. “I’m never going to get free if you keep fucking me, young man.”

Rory began fucking his sexy neighbor once again. “Just keep working on the frame.”

Using her left hand to hold her weight up, Clair resumed prying on the strip of wood. “This is one sexual encounter I’m never going to forget, that’s for sure.”

Rory supported Clair’s lower body with his hands as he once again began to fuck the older woman.

Clair tried to pry the frame from the door, but she soon found out that being fucked while trying to get free was most distracting. Within several minutes she gave up trying to pry the wood from the door. She laid the pry bar aside, braced both hands on the floor, and then wrapped her long legs around Rory’s hips. “To hell with it, I’ll pry the wood loose after you fuck me. But this has to be the last time until after I’m out of this damn pet door.”

Rory’s laughter poured through the small space between her waist and the doggy door. “I don’t know. I’m pretty horny. I might have to fuck you at least once more before you’re free.”

Clair sighed. “Great, I’m stuck in a dog door, and my neighbor can’t stop fucking me long enough to let me pry off the wood.”

“You know you love it.”

“Yes, damn you, I love it. I haven’t been this thoroughly fucked in years. If I’m going to be stuck like this with your cock in me, I might as well enjoy it. Go ahead stud. Pound my pussy until I can’t take it anymore. Make me cum until I beg you to stop.”

“Who says I’m going to stop?”

“Fuck, I’m going to be a quivering mass of flesh by the time you’re through with me.” Clair knew she was in for the fuck of her life.

Richard had never fucked her like this.

Rory rammed his hard cock into Clair’s well used pussy repeatedly.

Clair began to squirm as her teenage neighbor used her to satisfy his sexual hunger. She clenched her legs tightly around his young hips and hung on.

Rory thrust into her cunt again and again. He fucked her so hard, and for so long that she was beginning to feel uncomfortable

The wooden frame beneath her back had begun to rub her flesh raw. “Wait,” she exclaimed. “I’ve got to turn over before this damn pet door rips the hide off my back.”

Rory stopped fucking his sexy neighbor. He withdrew his long, hard cock and waited for her to twist around so she was once again face down.

Clair settled onto her elbows and knees. “Alright stud,” she said playfully. “Fill my hungry pussy with your wonderful cock.”

Rory grasped Clair’s hips. He then lined his cock up with her stretched out cunt. He was about to penetrate her when he once again noticed the bottle of lube sitting on the ground next to him. A devious idea ran through Rory’s young mind.

Clair couldn’t understand why Rory hadn’t stuffed her pussy with his monster yet. “Come on Baby. What are you waiting for?”

Rory picked up the bottle. He poured a generous amount of lube down the crack of Clair’s ass.

“Hey,” Clair said in protest. “What the hell is that?”

“It’s just a little lube,” Rory replied as he poured more liquid onto his thick shaft.

“Why are you lubing my ass?” Clair’s heart skipped a beat as the realization of what her neighbor intended to do. “Rory, you can’t fuck my ass. Your dick is too thick. You’ll split me wide open.”

Rory gripped Clair’s left hip with his left hand. He then grasped his shaft with his right.

“Rory, no,” Clair exclaimed fearfully. “Your dick is too big.”

The nineteen year old man pressed the head of his cock against Clair’s anal entrance.

“Please, it’ll hurt like hell.” Clair tried to pull her round hips through the door, but she was stuck with nowhere to go.

Rory gently pushed the tip of his cock against her asshole.

Clair gritted her teeth, knowing she was helpless to stop him from having his way with her. She knelt there and fearfully waited for her young lover to ram the length of his cock into the depths of her bowels.

Rory however took his time. He gently pushed his cock head against the entrance to her rectum. He kept applying slow, gentle pressure until her asshole began to open up. The tip of his cock sank a fraction of an inch into her body.

Clair groaned as her sphincter began to open up. “I can’t believe you’re going to do this to me.”

Rory kept quiet. He continued to slowly work his cock head into her body a fraction of an inch at a time.

Suddenly her anus opened up.

The head of Rory’s cock slid into Clair’s anal opening.

“Shit,” the trapped woman hissed.

“Don’t shit on me,” Rory teased playfully.

“I would if I hadn’t taken a dump before I got into this mess.”

Rory slowly worked his cock head back and forth in Clair’s rectum. The lube helped to keep his dick from rubbing her inner walls too much. With each small inward stroke his dick slowly sank deeper into the middle aged woman’s rectum.

Clair had been expecting unimaginable pain. She was amazed to discover that being stretched by Rory’s cock was not nearly as uncomfortable as she’d imagined.

Rory slowly worked his shaft deeper into her bowels. With each inward stroke his dick sank a little deeper into her rectum. “How does it feel?” He asked through the hole in the doorway.

Clair shook her head in disbelief. “It doesn’t feel nearly as bad as I thought it would. I expected to be in agony by now. To be honest with you it’s starting to feel good.”

“I thought you might like it. The secret is lots of lube and patience.” Rory pressed his dick deeper into Clair’s colon.

The pretty blond moaned as nearly half of her young lover’s dick sank into her depths. “Fuck, I can’t believe I’m starting to enjoy this.”

Rory sank a few more inches of his cock into Clair’s stretched out bottom.

Clair mewed in pleasure.

“Would you like me to go deeper?” Rory asked through the space in the door.

“You know damn well I want you to go deeper. I want you to stuff as much of that sausage into my ass as you can. Just be careful, and keep going slow.”

Rory kept working his dick deeper and deeper until his balls finally came to rest against Clair’s pussy lips and clit.

Clair felt like she had a giant turd stuck in her ass. Yet for some reason that she couldn’t explain, having Rory’s dick buried in her colon felt pleasing to her. “I can’t believe this is turning me on,” she muttered.

Rory gently gripped Clair’s hips. He slowly withdrew his cock until only the head was still inside her. He then grabbed the lube bottle and poured more lube onto his shaft, and down her butt crack.

Clair felt the clear liquid running down her butt crack. A satisfied smile crossed her lips. She’d found a lover who knew how to be gentle while taking care of her needs.

Rory set the bottle down. He grasped her hips again and began sinking back into Clair’s body. He fucked his lover slowly at first. Each inward thrust was gentle. Each withdraw was agonizingly slow.

Clair slid her right hand through the small space between her tummy and the doorframe. She began to manipulate her clit. She could feel Rory’s nut sack touching the back of her fingers with each inward stroke.

“Are you ready for me to go faster?” Rory asked.

“Hell yes. Fuck the shit out of me.”

“I thought you’d already taken a dump this morning?” Rory asked playfully.

“Just fuck me,” Clair demanded.

Rory rammed his long, hard cock into Clair’s bowels.

Clair gasped as his nut sack banged against the back of her fingers.

He began to thrust harder into her body. Each inward thrust rammed her hips tighter against the inner frame.

Clair groaned loudly as she rubbed her clit furiously. She was close to cumming yet again. “Harder,” she screamed. “Fuck me harder.”

Rory began to pound his middle aged lover’s ass mercilessly. He thrust his shaft into her repeatedly. His pelvis practically bounced off her ass cheeks. His ball sack was striking her fingers to the point that it was almost causing the young man pain. But he had no intention of slowing down.

Clair’s body tensed up as her next orgasm began to erupt from her loins. The thirty seven year old woman rubbed her clit harder. She screamed in ecstasy as her body shook from orgasmic bliss.

Rory’s own orgasm hit him just as he slammed his dick deep into Clair’s body.

The final jolt of his inward thrust caused the inner framework to pop free. The entire frame hung around Clair’s waist like a strange looking belt.”

Clair whimpered as wave after wave of sexual pleasure shot through her loins.

Rory hung on tightly to Clair’s hips as he emptied another load of sperm into her body.

The pair shook and moaned as they rode out their mutual orgasms.

After what seemed like a lifetime, Rory withdrew his cock from Clair’s asshole.

Clair slumped forward so her forehead was resting on the floor.

The framework slid down her body. It came to rest against the underside of her ample breasts.

Clair realized that she was finally free. She rested for a minute, then turned her body sideways, and slid into her kitchen. She lay there for a few minutes before standing.

Rory grabbed his clothes and slid through the doorway after her. He stood up and took his lover in his arms. He kissed her deeply.

Clair moaned into Rory’s mouth. Breaking the kiss she gazed into his eyes. “That was one hell of a way to get me out of that pet door.”

Rory noticed the frame hanging around Clair’s waist. He grasped the wood and started to lead her through the kitchen.

“And just where are you taking me?” Clair asked in mock disapproval.

“Well, I’ve fucked you in the doorway long enough. I think it’s time I fuck you in your bed.”

“We wash that dick before you stick it back in my pussy. We need to take a nice long bath before we go to bed.”

Rory’s eyes gleamed with a burning desire to fuck Clair all day long. “A bath sounds like a good idea.” He leaned over and gently kissed her lips. “Afterward we can continue having fun together. Come to think of it, I’ve already used two of your holes. There is one hole that needs to be filled.”

Clair softly laughed. “I take it you intend to shove that sausage into my mouth.”

“I’m also going to lick your pussy until you beg me to stop.” Rory replied.

“Something tells me I’m in for one hell of a day.”

Clair and Rory fucked throughout the day and into the night.

The middle aged woman’s body ached from the repeated times she’d cum. She had lost count of the times Rory had cum in her mouth and pussy.

The last time he fucked her; he laid her on her stomach, and shoved his cock into her asshole.

Clair came so many times that she lost track.

As Rory lay on his side, sleeping soundly with his semi erect dick still buried in Clair’s bowels; the middle aged woman reveled in the sexual pleasure the young man had given her.

She knew they could never be lovers out in the open.

Rory’s parents would never approve.

However, Rory could slip over to her house any time he wanted. He could fill her stomach, pussy, and ass with as much sperm as he wanted.

Clair had begun to drift off to sleep when a thought popped into her mind.

Rory had repeatedly cum in her unprotected pussy.

Her pussy was filled to overflowing with his rich young baby makers. Clair knew it was the absolute worst time to be letting a potent young man cum in her unprotecte4d cunt.

Rory’s sperm cells would soon be working their way towards her fertile womb and the egg that lay waiting.

“Oh hell,” Clair groaned. “Rory has filled my pussy with enough sperm to knock ten women up. I’m going to end up pregnant for sure.”

Clair did indeed end up pregnant. She thought about having an abortion, but she decided she still wanted a baby.

Richard had never wanted kids.

But with Rory, she could finally have the child she had always wanted.

When Rory found out he was going to be a father, he immediately told his parents. He then moved in with Clair.

His parents were furious with the couple at first. Eventually, however, they decided they loved their son too much to stay mad at him and his lover.

Clair divorced Richard. She got the house, and half of everything he owned. She wasn’t rich, but she had enough money to help Rory’s parents put him through college, and live until he joined the working world.

Rory and Clair got married the week before he returned to his sophomore class.

Clair was already beginning to show when they said I do.

Two and a half years later Rory graduated college, and then got a job at his dad’s company, where he still works to this day.

After two years, Clair is pregnant with her second child. Even at thirty nine her womb is very fertile.

It seems Rory hates condoms with a passion, and he refuses to allow his wife to use birth control.

The middle aged woman loves the way her swollen belly moves when Rory fucks her. She has no idea when her womb will dry up. But Clair knows she will continue to let her husband fill her womb with babies as long as she is fertile.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what happened to the inner pet door frame?

Clair managed to get it off that fateful day. She mounted it to the wall above their bed as a reminder of how she ended up getting the best lover of her life.

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