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“You’ve done what, Darling?” asked my best friend Avril in her very English accent.

“You heard me, I left Jacques,” I replied.

“What on earth for?” was her next question.

“Because as I told you I have met someone else,” I told her again.

Avril looked at me and asked, “Who is the lucky man, Darling?”

This was the difficult part. Avril was my best friend and a very English lady. We had known each other for close to 15 years, the last 10 years of which we have been close friends. She always called everyone “Darling” in that long drawn out way in her English voice. Sometimes she grated in the way she spoke and when she became passionate about something or she wanted to make her opinion known the Darling became even more drawn out. Despite many years in Canada, she had never lost her English accent although her English mannerisms had been diluted by her Canadian way of life. Avril was the kindest most generous woman anyone could wish to have as a friend and I consider myself very lucky to be her friend. Her sense of humour was very dry and very English, but also outrageous and she laughed hardest of all at herself and especially when her pompous bubble was burst. Both of us saw funny things differently, yet despite our differences we had become close friends. Avril is also one of the most determined people I have ever met. It is very seldom that she is thwarted in anything she wants to do. Despite this though she is not domineering and she is highly considerate of others. However she is always, as she puts it, so prim and proper despite her huge sense of humour. Hence why I was a bit reluctant in some ways to tell her I was gay even though I had every confidence in her.

To describe Avril, she is a couple of years younger than I am and is what her husband Henry describes as “an English rose”. They have two of the nicest children you could wish to meet, although I am sure both of her sons have great mischief creating potential. They both inherited their mother’s enormous sense of fun and enjoyment of life rather than their father’s dour manner. Her complexion is pale and she has very red lips. Her eyes are a mixture of green and hazel flecks and her hair is closer to auburn than true ginger. She wears her hair down to her shoulders parted just to the left of centre. It always has such a glossy look to it and I imagine it is very soft to run your fingers through it. Although she does have some freckles like true redheads have, her skin is almost blemish free as long as she stays out of the sun. Avril loves to be outside but she always wears a hat to keep the sun off her face.

On the day in question we were sitting in her three season porch drinking tea and eating what she calls biscuits while I was telling her about my change in lifestyle. Avril loves her afternoon tea, while I like my tea in the morning. She leaned back in her chair in her casual elegant way looking totally relaxed but so alert. Her eyes pierced as they always did while she seemed to look into your very soul.

“Avril, this is very difficult. I never said the person I met is a man, ” I said.

She took a sip of her tea and looked deeper into my eyes and said, “You mean you left your husband for a woman?”

I nodded instead of speaking to give my eyes a chance to escape her intense stare. When I kept my head still again I was subjected to one of her piercing looks while she remained silent.

“Is this what you truly want?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

She looked at me again and said, “Yes you are sure, aren’t you.” Then she smiled and her eyes lost their intensity before she continued, “Darling, why has it taken you so long to realise you are gay? I spotted that you might be many years ago not long after we first met.”

I almost fell off my chair. How the hell had she seen what I myself didn’t know back then?

“H-h-how did you k-know?” I stuttered.

She could see that she had surprised me and it always pleased Avril to get one over on anybody, her friends included. She was a very clever woman, not only in an academic way, but very skilled at dealing with people. Avril remained silent for a moment before she replied, “I just did Darling, I just did.”

I sensed there was more to it than that while she paused for a moment and continued, “Dearest Barbara, I can see you were worried about telling me in case I didn’t want to be your friend any more. Well don’t worry, I really don’t care who you sleep with Darling. You are still the same sweet friend I have had and always will have.”

Avril seldom showed her emotions and remained aloof no matter what had happened, but this time she allowed me to see into her soul and I saw genuine concern and friendship for me.

“Darling, if there is anything I can do to help you, please please let me know and I will do it. Anything,” she said in an impassioned way.

She moved her hand over to mine and squeezed it while she said this.

Breathing a huge sigh of relief, I said, “Thank you so much Avril, you really are the best and kindest friend I have. You already gave me what I hoped for, your approval for what I have done.”

Avril smiled again and said, “Now tell me all about her, how did you meet? What is her name?”

I took another sip of my tea and set the cup down before telling her all about Denise, how we had met, how we had become friends and eventually lovers. I also told her about a lot of the things that had caused my marriage to fail, including my now former husband’s acceptance of a promotion that required us to move when I didn’t want to leave where we lived, how I had discovered he was having an affair, and how despite my telling myself we were still in love that we had drifted apart. Denise came as a breath of fresh air to me, and while I had dreamed about having a same sex affair for almost my entire adult life I had never actively looked for it. Denise turned my dream into reality, sometimes a dangerous thing. Well my now real dream did cost me my marriage. But with hindsight I think the marriage was dying anyway.

“You must introduce her to me Darling, I want to meet the woman who captured my friend’s heart,” she said.

“Yes, I would like her to meet you, but Avril she will only want to meet you, not Henry. She had a bad experience with a man once and she doesn’t want anything to do with men in any way. If that is OK with you then yes, I will willingly introduce you, I know you will like her,” I said.

“What sort of bad experience, Darling? What do you mean?” asked Avril.

“She was the victim of an attempted rape. Denise won’t talk about it much and she told me in confidence, so please don’t mention it when you meet her,” I answered.

“Oh the poor darling, some men can be such beasts,” said Avril. Now how would she know that? Avril had led a sheltered life.

I thanked her for the tea and for her friendship and left before her husband came home. Avril did something she seldom did, she hugged me and said in my ear as I left, “Remember, if I can do anything just let me know, Darling.”

Later at home, I let Denise know that I had told my best friend I had turned gay and received a huge hug and then a kiss. I took that as a sign of approval and confidence because I had stopped hiding our relationship and was bringing her into my circle of friends as my partner.

A few days later I invited Avril to join Denise and me for lunch. As I had hoped the two talked together and were soon chatting like old friends. However I sensed something not quite right and the next time I visited Avril I found out I was right. Remember Avril is a very perceptive woman extremely skilled at reading people and understanding human relations.

“Darling,” she started when we were sitting in her three season porch drinking tea and eating biscuits again. “I am so afraid for you, I think Denise is a lovely person but she has a certain hurtful and selfish streak in her. Please be so very careful, I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“How did you see all that in such a short meeting with her and I haven’t and I have known her for over two years and we live together?” I asked her.

“Do you know what I did before I came to Canada?” she asked.

“You know I don’t, you have never told me,” I said.

“Well you are right, I have never told you or anyone else for that matter. Except Henry of course, he knows I worked for the British government but not what I did. No I won’t and can’t tell you exactly what I did, but suffice to say I was very good at reading people and getting information out of them. The training I received also helped me to identify people who were potentially homosexual because they were security risks and they could be exploited. I became sickened at some of the things I did and I found a way out. Even Henry doesn’t know this much and he never can.”

Avril looked intently at me for a minute, the she moved closer to me and took my hands in hers. “Darling, you still don’t understand. I had to agree never to tell anyone about what I did. You are the first person I have ever said anything to and I told you because I trust you and you are my best friend. I really can’t say any more so please don’t ask me. Promise?”

Again she looked into my eyes searchingly for a minute as if reading my thoughts then she relaxed and leaned forward to kiss my cheek, something she had never done before.

“Thank you Darling, I knew I could trust you,” she said.

This time when I left, she hugged me tightly and held my hands briefly. Her skin was soft and warm and she left a feeling on my skin even when she took her hands away.

Avril was proved right a few months later when Denise looked so hungrily at my daughter walking naked down the hall. Denise did have a hurtful and selfish streak in her that I had not detected, but Avril had. Denise admitted she would have seduced my daughter despite our relationship, something I found very hurtful and deceitful. We went our separate ways shortly after that and I moved into an apartment on my own. Avril was the first friend to visit me.

“Darling, how are you? Is everything all right?” she asked as she burst through my door carrying an enormous bunch of flowers. She thrust them into my hands and then kissed my cheek.

I thanked her for my flowers and took them into the kitchen. Avril followed and we talked while I put the coffee pot on and arranged my flowers. When the coffee was ready, Avril carried the coffee through to my lounge while I brought my lovely flowers in. We sat down on my couch and we talked while we enjoyed our coffee.

“I am fine thank you,” I said, “But I am still feeling very lonely. This is the first time I have been completely alone for almost 26 years. The freedom is wonderful, I can come and go when I wish but I miss having other people around me all the time.”

“I know how you feel Darling. After I left my job in England and before I met Henry and came to Canada, I was very alone. None of my friends where I worked were allowed to fraternise with me. I had a sense I was being watched and I didn’t want to involve any of my non work friends in such a sordid affair. I kept my own company for a few months and I too felt very lonely,” Avril said.

This was new for Avril to open up like this and I expected her to clam up again, but she continued.

“What I am going to say must never leave this room. Do I have your word on that?” she asked very seriously.

“Yes, you know that I will do as you ask Avril,” I replied.

She continued, “Do you remember I told you I was good at spotting gay or potentially gay people in my previous life when I worked for the British government? I did some things I can’t talk about, but I will say something I did directly resulted in one person committing suicide. When that happened I decided I couldn’t be responsible for someone else doing that so I planned how to get out of the government work in such a way that they left me alone.”

Avril paused to drink some of her coffee before she restarted her narrative.

“I couldn’t just resign because they would forever hound me which meant I had to find a way to resign or be forced to resign so they would let me go. One didn’t just up and leave the kind of work I was doing. Someone did and he ended up in prison and he had a very unpleasant time. We were told that to discourage us from leaving which meant basically we worked until we retired or we were sacked. Being forced to resign was easy once I thought of how to do it.”

Avril knew I was going to ask her how she did it. She paused again and finished her coffee before she continued, “I simply started visiting pubs in London and used my skills to find a homosexual woman. It only took me a couple of days to find a suitable girl, then I struck up a friendship with her and we started an affair. I knew I would be watched from time to time and sure enough one day the director called me into his office and told me they knew about my affair. He said I couldn’t keep my job in the department because I was now officially labelled as a homosexual and therefore a security risk, so would I kindly sign this document. I didn’t let him know this was exactly what I wanted so I signed the resignation letter he put in front of me. The department accepted my resignation and let me go with no repercussions because I had given them something to hold over my head. Henry has no idea I have the label homosexual hung over me and there is no way he will ever find out. Yes, it was a drastic thing to do but I just couldn’t face being responsible for another person’s death again.”

Avril paused for a moment to dab away the tears that had formed in the corners of her eyes before she continued, “There Darling, now you know something about me, I see you are shocked at what I have told you.”

Shocked! That was an understatement. Knowing her gentle nature, I could only imagine the pain she felt when she knew she was responsible for someone’s death. Also much as I tried I could not envisage Avril making love with another woman. Again she must have read my mind.

“It is quite true Darling. The thing is at first I was only doing it as part of my scheme to escape from my job. I had never really looked inwards at myself and to my surprise, I realised I too had homosexual tendencies and I enjoyed what she and I did together very much. However I ended the affair when it had served its purpose. Henry and I met, we fell in love, came to Canada and the rest you know.”

I sat there looking at her.

“Avril, I know you are telling the truth and what happened was awful for you. I too would hate to have someone’s suicide on my conscience. You were brilliant to think of doing that to get away. I can’t begin to imagine what you were doing that made you take such a drastic step and I will never ask you,” I replied.

Then Avril said, “Darling, you still don’t see it all. When you told me you are gay, how I hate that term for homosexuals, it ruins a very happy word, my sexual feelings for other women resurfaced and in particular for you. But while you were living with Denise I would never have acted on them because that would be wrong.”

Avril stood up and I watched disbelievingly as she reached under her skirt and removed her panties. Then she gave them to me and said, “Darling, I have wanted so much to take my knickers down for you ever since you told me you are gay. Darling Barbara I want so much to make love with you, please.”

I was confused as all hell. Avril was happily married. She and Henry had one of the best marriages I had ever seen and they were devoted to each other. What was she doing taking her underwear off in front of me and asking me to make love to her? For once I think Avril had read someone wrongly.

“Avril, you are the sweetest loveliest woman I know and if you were not married then I would love nothing more than to share my bed with you. You are the dearest friend I have and I just don’t think it would be right. What would happen when we don’t want to be lovers any more? Would our friendship also finish? Besides, Henry is also my friend and I would be betraying him if you and I made love. I love both of you dearly and I could never hurt either of you.”

Avril looked at me then she sat down next to me and wrapped her arms round me. She kissed my cheek and said, “Barbara, you really are a true friend. I wish you weren’t right but you are.”

I gave her panties back to her and she stood up to put them back on but in doing so she did show me her bottom. Little did I know that was not the last of her desire to be sexually intimate with me. Avril was one of the most determined people I have ever known and she almost always did get her way.

She then changed the subject completely, another of her usual tactics when she wanted to hide her real intentions. “Darling, let’s be decadent and go out for dinner this evening, just the two of us. You can have a couple of glasses of wine, I will drive and I won’t drink. Do say yes!”

Smiling, I said. “Yes, I would love to do that. Thank you, you are a sweetie.”

“Chop chop, get ready then Darling. I am starving,” she said.

Quickly I changed. Avril as always was dressed impeccably. We left my apartment and got into her car. Typically she drove an up market car with leather seats and a very comfortable ride. We went to that dilapidated restaurant I knew and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together.

While we ate, I asked, “Avril, did you ever look for another woman again?”

“No Darling, of course I looked at other women and I have seen a few who might be potential lovers, but I have never looked for another woman because I never found one I felt I could trust. That is until I met you. Even then because we were friends and both married I didn’t think you would be available. You see I know how loyal you are, I saw that in you too. When you did tell me you are homosexual, my heart soared but then you were happy with Denise and I wouldn’t come between you. I am sorry if what I did earlier upset you but when I knew you were unattached I, well, that is to say, I, ummm, just wanted you so badly and I still do.”

Avril was looking intently into my eyes as she said all this quietly so no one else could overhear.

I thought for a minute before I replied, “Avril, if you weren’t so happily married then I would drop everything to make love with you. But as you say I am loyal and that loyalty includes respecting others and especially very close friends. I hope you understand.”

“Yes Darling, I understand. It still doesn’t stop me wanting you though.”

I should have known it wouldn’t stop there.

She insisted on paying, but conceded I would pay the next bill. Oh the scheming little vixen. She must already have made her plans.

When we got back to my apartment she came in again and we sat drinking coffee.

“Darling, now you are on your own, how will you meet other ladies with your tastes?” she asked.

I thought for a minute and debated asking Avril to help me identify women for me, but that was too close to pimping and besides I couldn’t ask her to do that after what she had told me about how she escaped that government job she had, whatever it was.

Instead I simply said in answer to her question, “Well Avril, there is nowhere here, but there is a ladies only club about an hour’s drive away. Denise and I went together a few times and I have a membership. I plan on going very soon actually.”

Avril looked thoughtful for a moment before asking, “What sort of place is this? I do hope it is not a seedy dirty little place.”

“Oh no, it is a very nice club. It has a good but not exceptional restaurant, a quiet room for conversations and a bar with a dance floor. Anyone could go and be at home there,” I told her.

“Even me?” she asked innocently.

“Yes, even you,” I replied before I could see the trap she had set for me.

“Good, in that case we will go together. You need some company when you go somewhere like that, someone to watch out for you and I am going to do that. No arguing, my mind is made up. We will go this coming Saturday!”

Avril was one determined lady and once she had made up her mind I knew it was useless to argue despite my misgivings.

However I did put one condition on it saying, “OK, but we will take my car then you can enjoy a glass of wine without worrying about driving home.”

Smiling, Avril said, “Yes that would be lovely. You will pick me up about six?”

“Yes, I will see you about six on Saturday,” I confirmed.

“What should I wear?” Avril asked.

“Oh whatever you are comfortable with, it is informal,” I said in reply.

“It is time for me to go home. I have so enjoyed seeing you today and I am so sorry if what I did earlier upset you,” she said earnestly.

I hadn’t forgotten the sensual provocative way she slid her panties down or the way she had let me see her bottom when she put them back on. I was positive she let me see her bottom deliberately. If she hadn’t been so happily married and my best friend I would have taken my own knickers down too.

“I have enjoyed your company too and I am looking forward to Saturday. Now I am going to send you on your way home before Henry worries about you. Besides I need some sleep!”

With that Avril left but not before she hugged me and kissed me on both cheeks.

The week flew by and Saturday came. I got up late and had a very late breakfast making that do as lunch as well. I had already selected my outfit and I laid it out on the bed. Because it was warm I was not going to wear pantyhose. That week I had bought new lingerie and I put out my new lacy white bra and panties. Then it was time for a shower. My skin still remembered the lingering touch of Avril’s hand and I wondered what more touching would feel like. When I had nothing on I idly ran my hand over my body imagining what it would feel like if it was Avril touching me. Images of her pulling her panties down and then showing me her bottom flashed through my mind. At that my touching of myself grew more intense and I lay down on my bed. I caressed my own breasts pinching my nipples bringing them to peaks. My hands moved further down over my tummy and my thighs then slowly moved towards where I wanted to be touched more than anything. Whispering Avril’s name my fingers stole towards and then touched my own pussy. Lingeringly I rubbed them up and down my outer lips feeling the moisture and breathing much harder. I knew it was wrong of me to imagine Avril touching me but I couldn’t help it as I cupped my own mound and then slowly pushed my fingers between my own lips. Gasping as a finger slipped inside me I pushed it in and then withdrew it to look at the moisture on it. Putting my finger in my own mouth I lapped up my own juice and imagined how it would taste if it was Avril I was tasting instead of myself. Both my hands went back to my pussy and I started to rub myself furiously. Gasping writhing and squirming I felt my sexual peak approaching and as I rubbed and pressed on my little nub my centre exploded in an orgasm. Arching my back through the rictus of self induced passion my orgasm peaked and subsided leaving me trembling and weak. Pangs of guilt ran through me as I calmed down after my orgasm because I had imagined it was Avril and I together. I realised despite my saying no to her the previous week, I really did want her so much. It had been a long time since I had masturbated thinking of a real person. Strangely I had never masturbated dreaming about Denise before we became lovers. Coming back to my senses I realised I was lying on my dress and rolled off before I creased it or worse left some of my sexual secretions on it. Rising shakily from the bed I went into the bathroom. In there I shaved my armpits and my legs, thoroughly brushed and flossed my teeth then got under the shower. I had a lovely long warm shower, washed myself all over and washed my hair. Coming back into the bedroom I sat wrapped in a towel brushing my hair before drying it and putting it up in my usual bun. When I looked at the clock I saw it was already just after five and I would have to hurry. Putting a light dab of perfume on my neck and between my breasts I dressed myself and looked in the mirror. With just time to put some lip gloss on, I made sure I had my membership card and car keys in my purse and left to collect Avril.

Just before six, I arrived at her house and went to the door. Henry answered it and said, “Oh my, you look beautiful tonight Barbara, I wish I could see you dressed like this more often,” before he took me in his arms for a hug. Then he called out to Avril that I was there.

She came waltzing down the stairs looking so lovely. Her hair was loose as usual and she had put on her usual impeccable make up highlighting her many good features with her easy consummate skill. Her blue dress flowed on her and let her femininity shine through without being overly revealing.

“Darling, you look simply divine,” she purred before coming up to hug me and kiss me lightly on the cheek.

“You look stunning too Avril,” I replied meaning it.

“Bye Avril, have fun girls, and drive carefully Barbara,” said Henry as he kissed Avril before we left. Avril picked up a small bag before we left and put that on the back seat before getting into the passenger’s side of my little car. Thoughts of what I had done earlier caused pangs of guilt at seeing Henry framed in the doorway waving goodbye.

In the car, we chatted lightly about inconsequential things while I drove. Avril relaxed sitting next to me with no signs of nerves. We talked of many things but I avoided the subject of where we were going. After just over an hour, I pulled into the parking lot and we got out.

Avril asked me, “Can you put my bag in the trunk please Darling?”

I popped the lid and she put her bag in then I closed it.

“What’s in the bag”” I asked.

“Oh a couple of things just in case,” she replied lightly, then changed the subject saying, “Isn’t it a beautiful evening. We are going to have such a good time. Come on slow coach, I am ravenous, let’s eat!”

I let the change of subject go, knowing she wasn’t going to tell me any more. We walked towards the club enjoying the evening sun. At the door, I showed my membership card to the concierge and signed Avril in as my guest. Then we walked inside. It was pleasantly cool inside and not having coats to check in we walked up the stairs to the dining room. We both had a steak for dinner and she insisted I had a glass of wine saying we have loads of time before we go home and one glass won’t hurt me. We ate slowly enjoying each other’s company and the food, which was much better than the last time I had eaten there. When we had finished, Avril suggested we have our coffee in the quiet room and asked the waitress to bring it through for us. We went and found a couple of tub chairs in one corner and the waitress brought our coffee to us.

Avril looked around and said, “This is a nice place, much nicer than I imagined. I admit I was afraid it would be much less refined.”

“The bar and dance floor can be pretty noisy,” I commented.

Finishing her coffee, Avril said, “Oh good, then let’s go! I want to dance!”

I signed for our dinner and we left to go to the bar and dance floor. Before we got in there, we could hear the sound of the music. Opening the door, we left refinement behind and entered a raunchier world. Avril and I found a booth and we took our seats. She ordered a rum and coke from the waitress and said something to her that I didn’t hear. The waitress left before I could order just a coke. A couple of minutes later, she brought two rum and cokes setting one down in front of each of us.

“Avril, I can’t drink this, I have to drive us home,” I protested.

“Don’t worry about that Darling, just enjoy it,” she said with a mysterious smile on her face.

Raising her glass and holding it aloft, she motioned for me to pick mine up and then she clinked our glasses together saying, “Cheers.”

I had no option but to take a sip, so much for not drinking and driving.

“Come on, I want to dance,” she burst out exuberantly.

Grabbing my hand she pulled me to my feet and we moved out to the dance floor. Like everything else Avril did, she was good at dancing as she gyrated happily to the music. I tried to keep pace with her. Inevitably we bumped into each other, our hips made contact first then our bottoms and finally our fronts met. Then the music changed for a slow song and Avril took my hands in hers and said in my ear, “Please dance with me, I want to enjoy this so much together.”

She held her arms out and we melted together our heads touching as we moved slowly together. I saw she had her eyes shut and she looked so calm and content as we danced. Her arms went round me and she held me to her. It felt so natural to do the same and Avril and I danced together in an embrace, our bodies touching, thighs rubbing and the scent of her in my nostrils. I couldn’t help myself, I was becoming aroused by her closeness and I tried to separate from her.

“No,” she said quietly and turned her head to mine. I knew what was going to happen next but did nothing to stop it. Her lips closed the distance to mine and softly our mouths touched. At first it was very soft then we both increased the pressure and we both opened our mouths. For the first time I felt her tongue touching mine and then felt her hand running through my hair. Breaking apart she looked into my eyes and then reached round behind me to take my hair out of its bun. Running her fingers through my hair to let it down she smiled and leaned in for another kiss. My fingers moved to run through her hair and I was right when I had speculated her hair would be soft. Avril pulled herself closer to me and her kiss became more urgent. Much as I loved what we were doing, this was wrong to be sexually aroused by her. Images of Henry went through my mind and how he would feel if he knew I was kissing Avril so passionately. I broke the kiss somewhat breathlessly and walked back to our seats. I needed a drink after that and finished my rum and coke in one gulp before signalling the waitress for another.

“I hope you’re not mad at me Darling,” said Avril as she sat down next to me. “Your lips looked so inviting I had to find out what kissing you felt like.”

“Did you enjoy it as much as I did?” I asked.

“You have no idea how much I enjoyed it Darling, and I want to kiss you again,” she said.

“But what about our future friendship? And what about Henry?” I asked.

“We will always be friends no matter what Darling. And what Henry doesn’t need to know doesn’t concern him,” she retorted before leaning in to kiss me again.

A cough interrupted us as the waitress brought us another drink each. Avril reached for her purse and paid giving the girl a generous tip.

“Avril I can’t drive us home, and neither can you. We have both drunk too much to risk driving on the highway. What are we going to do?”

“There is an easy answer, silly. We get hotel rooms,” she answered before continuing, “Come on Darling, let’s dance some more. Henry hates dancing and it is not often I get the chance.”

We both took a sip of our drinks and walked out to dance again. After a couple of fast songs, another slow one came on. Avril looked into my eyes with a soft smile as we embraced each other again. This time our pelvises came into contact and we both pushed a thigh between the others. This was getting very serious. I was becoming very sexually aroused and I know Avril was too. We kissed again in the dark and my hands roamed over her back and then she took one of my hands in hers and put it on her bottom. One of her hands stole its way to my bottom and we slowly danced kissing and fondling each other’s rear. When the third slow song stopped and another fast song started, we separated and sat down again.

“I have to run to the bathroom,” I told her excusing myself. Avril sat there smiling demurely as I walked over to the bathroom. Besides needing a pee, I needed to repair my lipstick. After I had taken care of business I returned to find a smiling Avril waiting for me. We sat for a few minutes then danced again. By now the club was getting quite full and it was very noisy.

“Can we go, please Darling” asked Avril. “I am getting a headache, I am not used to all this noise.”

“Of course Avril, but we still need to decide what to do about getting home again.”

“Will you let me take care of that Darling?” she said.

I knew it was pointless to argue. It was obvious Avril had decided what to do.

“Can we stop by the car for a moment Darling, I want to get my bag out of the back.”

We walked out of the club. Avril was right, it was noisy inside and I was glad of the fresh air and quiet. When we had got her bag from the car, she said, “Come on,” and led the way across the street and around the corner.

She led me into the lobby of the big hotel and went to the check in desk after saying, “Wait here a minute Darling.”

A couple of minutes later, she came over to me and put a keycard in my hand. “Problem solved, we will stay here tonight. One for you and one for me.”

We walked over to the bank of elevators and rode up to the seventh floor. Avril looked at the sign indicating the room numbers and turned left. I had no idea where we were heading and followed her. She stopped outside a room, opened it with her keycard and said, “Voila!” while ushering me inside.

“Where is your room Avril?” I asked.

She smiled and then said, “This is our room Darling.”

“But you said one for you and one for me. I thought you meant rooms.”

“Darling, I meant one key card for you and one for me.”

I felt stupid for not seeing what she meant. But it was a beautiful room with a king sized bed. “Sorry Darling, they didn’t have a room with two beds so I got us the biggest bed I could get.”

“But Avril, I haven’t got any night things, not even a toothbrush,” I protested.

“Darling, I took care of that too,” she said while opening her bag. From it she produced two brand new toothbrushes, toothpaste, two new hairbrushes, and two pairs of new panties.

“See I thought of everything we might need! Now do you mind if I use the bathroom first?” she added.

“You go ahead Avril, I can wait,” I replied.

She smiled and went into the bathroom taking one of the two dressing gowns supplied by the hotel with her. I heard sounds of water running and her humming happily. I turned on the TV and sat on the bed while I waited for her. She was about 15 minutes and then came out with her hair still slightly damp and wrapped in the dressing gown. It was fairly short and I could see to about halfway up her thighs. She was carrying her clothes in one hand and I could not see her underwear so I presumed she was still wearing her bra and panties.

“Your turn, the shower is lovely,” she said sitting on the bed with a hairbrush in her hand. She was humming to herself and brushing her hair when I closed the door. After relieving myself I turned on the shower and stripped my clothes off. Avril was right, the shower was divine and I enjoyed the warm water running over my body. The hotel face soap was very good. I didn’t wash my hair although inevitably it did get wet. I turned the shower off and brushed the excess water off my body, accidentally rubbing my right nipple as I did so. I gasped because it was so sensitive. I dried myself with one of the fluffy white towels and put my undies back on. Then I realised I had not brought the second bathrobe in with me so I walked out wearing only my bra and panties.

Avril was already in bed watching the TV. She looked at me and then reached for the remote to turn the TV off.

“Barbara Darling, I am not wearing anything,” she said and with that she lifted the comforter up and revealed her naked body to me. I had never seen Avril naked before and like the rest of her, her body was just to die for. She was laying on her back with her breasts jutting out proudly, her nipples engorged and red. Her legs were slightly apart and I could see her mound under her bush, which was the same colour as her hair. Her tummy was flat but with the scar from a C Section. She was breathing quite hard and I could see and smell her arousal. There was no denying Avril wanted to sleep with me. Now we were alone, I admitted to myself I wanted to sleep with her.

“Take your bra and knickers off Darling and get into bed,” she breathed.

Instead of doing what she asked I got into bed still wearing them. She looked at me and rolled on her side so we were touching. Her hand moved to my face and she caressed my cheek before saying, “I want you Barbara, very badly and right now.”

Her arm went round me and she drew me into her. Our lips met and again we started to kiss. My arm went round her and I felt her soft skin under my fingers. Our kiss intensified and her tongue thrust its way into my mouth. She pushed herself against me and I felt her wonderful soft body press into mine.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled at me and rolled me over onto my front so she could undo my bra clasp. She rolled me back onto my back and lifted it off me revealing my breasts to her gaze. Her eyes focused on my chest watching my breasts rise and fall as I breathed. Then she lowered herself to me and our mouths met again. This time I thrust my tongue into her mouth and pulled her to me. Our bare breasts pressed together and we both moaned into each other’s mouth. When we broke, she lifted herself up and kneeling beside me she gently lowered my panties. I lifted my bottom off the bed so she could remove them and then she pulled them down and off before throwing them across the room.

“Oh my God Darling, I have never seen a hairless vagina before,” she commented when her gaze went to my shaven mons. I lay there on my back with my legs far enough apart for her to see every little part of me. She looked hungrily at me before lowering herself onto me and we started to kiss again. This time it was even more urgent and passionate as we writhed against each other. Her tummy pressed onto mine, our breasts and nipples grazed each other’s and then I pushed my leg between hers and lifted my knee so my thigh was pressing her mons.

Avril broke the kiss and threw her head back gasping at my touch and the pressure I was putting on her most sensitive area. I could see a sheen of sweat on her as she plunged her mouth back down onto mine and we resumed kissing. There was no stopping what was about to happen between us. She had successfully got us naked into bed together. Actually I didn’t want to stop what was happening. If truth were told, when she showed me her bottom the previous week, I almost stopped her putting her panties back on then.

As we kissed I rolled us over together so I was on top of her. When the kiss broke we were both gasping and I moved my mouth down to her neck and nuzzled her. She had her arms round me caressing my back running her fingernails lightly over me. I kissed her ear then her neck then her saltcellars and her throat. She threw her head back exposing her throat for me to kiss. There was no hesitation in what she was doing and it was obvious she had made love to a woman before. Her skin tasted tangy and salty as I licked her neck and throat and then moved downwards. She gasped again as my hair ran over her breasts and then my face was only inches from her wonderful breasts. They were bigger than mine, probably a C cup whereas mine are only a B. Her nipples were very red and very long. She was in a high state of sexual excitement and so was I.

Before I went any further, I whispered in her ear, “Do you want me to turn the light out?”

“Yes please,” she gasped. I moved away from her and turned the light off before moving back to take her in my arms again. Now I had to rely on my senses of touch taste and smell to “see” her. With my eyes shut, I kissed her and pushed my tongue all the way into her mouth running it across her tongue and round her gums and teeth. Avril sucked my tongue eagerly and then thrust her tongue into my mouth before we broke and we licked each other’s lips.

Moving my face down her body I reached her breasts and kissed all around her areole. There was enough light coming now for me to see now I had adjusted to the dark and I could see her nipples standing up. Suddenly I moved my mouth over her left nipple and closed my lips around it. Avril gasped out loud and clutched me to her as I gently sucked on it and ran my tongue round it. Then I moved to the other breast. She lay there moving her head from side to side alternately moaning and gasping. Next I brought my teeth into play and gently bit her nipples while I sucked them. Avril became more vocal and thrust her hips at me. She was running her hands through my hair and pulling me to her. She said my name over and over as I switched from one breast to another, getting more unclear as her excitement mounted. She was thrusting her pelvis up at me very hard now and knowing her need I moved one hand down her body.

Her moans turned into, “Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSS!!!” as my hand reached her triangle of hair and then moved lower. When my fingers brushed her vulva Avril screamed and went into her first orgasm. She bucked and writhed as her passion spent itself against my fingers. I felt a lot of warm sticky liquid from her vagina on my fingers. She was very sexually aroused and far from satisfied. She frantically sought out my mouth with hers and kissed me harder than I have ever been kissed before. She most definitely had done this before.

Her hands wandered over my body as she explored me. Her soft fingers ran over my shoulders, down and up my arms around my breasts down and over my tummy back up and across my breasts as she cupped them both in her hands and finally downwards. All my senses were on fire as her hand stole downwards. She flipped me onto my back and lowered her mouth to my breasts in turn taking my nipples into her mouth. Avril was absolutely no stranger to all female love. Her hands continued to move downwards and I eagerly awaited her reaching her destination. She moved her hand lower over my tummy and ran her fingers over where my pubic hair was. She continued her touching down the inside of my thighs driving me mad with desire. Then she surprised me. Her mouth left my breasts and she started kissing lower, over my tummy, my tummy button and then lower still. With no preamble she fastened her mouth on my labia and planted a long lick up the length of my slit. One hand had gone to her head to pull her in tighter and my other hand caressed my own breasts. Avril licked along the inside of my outer vaginal lips and then moved to the inside. Her tongue felt exquisite on me and I had very powerful sexual feelings. Her touch was so exciting. She moved one hand up to my breasts and found my hand already there and then she moved her hand to my other breast. The fingers of her other hand moved to my vagina and she slowly pushed a finger inside me. I felt my vagina open up to swallow her digit and then she licked and bit my clitoris. The sensations were almost overwhelming and under her oral and manual stimulation I rapidly approached my own first orgasm. It hit me like a thunderbolt and I remember thrusting my hips up off the bed and making a lot of noise screaming and moaning while I was helpless in the throes of my orgasm.

Avril continued licking me and fingering me until the sensations grew too strong, which she sensed and then she moved back up my body. I pulled her to me and we kissed very hard, me tasting my own vaginal secretions on her mouth. We were both sweaty messes by now and nowhere near spent. Her hair mingled with mine as we kissed and moaned into each other’s mouths. I pressed my knee between her legs and pressured her mons with my thigh. She did the same to me and we kissed and humped and ground against each other to another shattering orgasm. She lay back tired but not exhausted as I gently kissed her all over and ran my fingers over her body. I wanted to taste her and moved my face between her legs to kiss her vulva.

Avril moaned as I did so and then she pushed my head away saying, “I am too sensitive, wait a few minutes Darling.”

I came back up her body and kissed her lovely face softly and held her gently to me. Our sweaty bodies rubbed against each other as we gently gyrated and writhed against each other. I felt her long nipples rubbing mine which started me wanting more of her. She was not quite ready though and we just held each other rocking together gently. The comforter must have been somewhere on the floor, but we didn’t need it, we were so hot.

As we lay together, Avril said quietly in my ear, “I completely understand how you could be a lesbian Darling. It wouldn’t take very much for me to become one too, but not while Henry and I are married and definitely not while the boys are still at home. I want us to enjoy each other when we can with no commitment.”

My sentiments exactly and I whispered in her ear, “Now let me make love to you.”

She didn’t protest or try to stop me as I kissed her again and pressed our bodies together. Nor did she stop me when my hands explored her body again. She encouraged me by holding me to her as I began to kiss her all over her body. In the dim light I could see her pinching her own nipples while my mouth moved further down. I licked down her thighs eliciting moans from her as she spread her legs wider. My questing fingers found their way to her mound and I cupped her sex. Avril moaned and thrust her pelvis forward to meet the pressure from my hand. My mouth followed my fingers and I kissed her pubic hair then the very tops of her thighs and along the outside of her vulva. Avril was gasping out loud by this time and actually screamed when I put my lips to her vulva and tasted her for the first time. Her vulva was different to mine. I have puffy full rounded vaginal lips, Avril has more fleshy lips that protrude. Sucking her vaginal lips into my mouth she screamed again and then even louder when I rolled my tongue and inserted it in her vagina. Her vaginal juices were literally dripping out of her and they had a cinnamon taste to them. While I was furiously licking her, Avril was panting and thrusting her hips up and down. I had to hold onto her hips to stay in contact with her. My tongue found her little nub and then I gently bit it. I risked letting one hand go and I pushed a finger inside her vagina, then a second.

Prim and proper Avril then screamed, “Fuck me!” as she went into another violent orgasm. I kept on licking biting and fingering her until her writhing stopped and she lay there whimpering. Then I moved up her body to hold her and comfort her. We kissed very slowly and gently and I felt moisture on her face. When I moved my hand to her face I realised she was crying.

“Barbara,” she said, “Please just hold me. Nobody has ever loved me so much as you just did.”

She was breathing very hard and gasping for breath so I just held her loosely and nuzzled her. She did the same to me as our breathing slowed and returned to normal. We were both sweaty messes as we lay in each other’s arms. I have no idea what I looked like but it can’t have been pretty. I just wish I could have put the light on and seen Avril in her dishevelled state.

We lay on our sides facing each other talking quietly.

“You mean so much to me, but I won’t leave Henry for anyone, I do love him. But I do want to be friends with you and lovers when we can,” she murmured.

“I understand that, but promise me one thing Avril.”

“What’s that Darling?” she asked.

“If our relationship ever gets too much for you, please please don’t be afraid to end it. Although that would upset both of us if it ever does come down to it that it is the best or only thing to do then we must face reality,” I said.

“Darling I totally agree with you. God you smell so wonderful, I just want to hold you some more.”

“Then what are you waiting for? There is a special part of me eagerly wanting your kisses!”

“And which part of you is that, Darling?” she teased.

“The same part that I was kissing on you when you screamed ‘fuck me’ at the top of your voice!”

“Oh God, did I really do that Darling?” asked Avril.

“Yes, it is the first time I ever heard you say that, now shut up and kiss me Avril!”

“Only if you promise to say the same thing,” she teased.

Taking a deep breath I screamed out at the top of my voice, “Fuck me Avril, make me cum, fuck me!”

I heard her chuckle in the dark and then felt her mouth on mine as she kissed me. Her hands roamed all over me everywhere and then her mouth moved further down my body. She was just getting down to where my pubic hair used to be when the phone rang.

Avril stopped and leaned over me to answer it.

“Yes?” she said.

A pause and then, “Yes, we are fine thank you.”

A longer pause, “No nothing is wrong.”

Another pause, “Darling, we are making love is all, now do you mind if we get back to what we were doing?”

A pause again, “OK, we will try to be quieter. Goodnight.”

Avril hung up the phone and burst into a merry peel of laughter.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Some old fool in another room heard us and thought a murder was being committed. Were we really that loud?”

“Well if you don’t continue then there might really be a murder!” I said laughing.

“And fuck him too, let’s make as much noise as we want to. Besides he shouldn’t be listening!” she added before resuming her oral exploration of me.

Her mouth made contact with my vulva. From her ministrations with lips and tongue she knew exactly what she was doing and she rapidly built me up to another shattering peak. I tried to be quiet as my orgasm approached but when it broke, I know I was very vocal. Avril told me afterwards I had been loud screaming and panting as I reached my sexual peak.

I was spent after that and so was Avril. We both lay quietly in each other’s arms, too exhilarated to sleep, too tired to move. Avril turned over so her bottom was towards me. Quickly I moved in to spoon with her pressing my breasts into her back and pressing my pelvis against her bottom. My arm was draped over her with my hand on her right breast. Avril sighed very contently and within a few minutes she was fast asleep. I was not long in following her.

We awoke quite late, around 9:30 still pressed together. In the dim light of the room, I looked at Avril. I had never seen her look so dishevelled. The bed was a mess. Somehow we were sharing the only pillow that remained on the bed, the others being scattered across the floor. The comforter and top sheet were nowhere to be seen, and as we discovered they were lying on the floor at the bottom of the bed where we had kicked them. The bottom sheet had come off in one corner.

“Good morning lover,” I whispered in Avril’s ear followed by a kiss on her cheek.

She stirred drowsily and whispered, “Good morning to you too Darling,” before rolling over to look at me.

“God you are a mess!” she said.

Pulling the last pillow from under her head, I swatted her with it and then said, “You are not so prim and proper yourself!”

She squealed and tried to get the pillow but I flung it across the room. Then I rolled her over onto her front and smacked her lovely round bottom.

“Owwww!,” she squealed, “Not fair!”

I changed the smack into a caress and caressed her bottom. It quivered delightfully under my touch and she lay there and purred.

“Darling, I am still too sensitive down there to make love to you any more. Besides I am simply ravenous!” she said.

Giving her bottom one last playful smack I rolled off the bed and ran into the bathroom. She stood in the doorway while I sat on the toilet and then when I had finished she sat on it and let her pee go while I brushed my teeth. Then she brushed hers and I turned on the shower. Avril and I got in together and we kissed and washed each other all over under the shower. She wasn’t as sensitive as she thought and when I moved my hand between her legs, she stood with her legs apart for me to rub her to another orgasm. Then she fingered me until I too had an orgasm. My knees nearly gave way under me and I would have fallen if she hadn’t held me. We washed each other all over and washed each other’s hair. Then we dried each other and dried each other’s hair. Avril gave me my new panties to put on, as I would expect from her they were the right size. We watched each other dress and then we kissed in that room for the last time.

The hotel had a sumptuous buffet breakfast and I am afraid to say we ate a lot more food than either of us normally did. I wonder why we had such a healthy appetite? The waiter had obviously heard about our noise during the night because when Avril wrote our room number on the check, he gave us a strange look.

I felt like saying, “Yes, it was us. We are the two lesbians who kept everyone awake!” However good sense prevailed.

We went back to our room, packed Avril’s little bag and checked out of the hotel. During our drive home, I expressed my concerns about Henry.

“Avril, how on earth am I going to face Henry when I have been in bed with you making love?”

“Darling, Henry doesn’t even know you are a lesbian. There is nothing for him to be suspicious about. Just be yourself around him, it will be easier than you think.”

As usual Avril was right. Henry gave no indication of suspecting anything and we didn’t tell him. She and I have made love whenever we can, usually in my bed in my apartment. We are both as noisy as we always are during lovemaking. So far I have had no complaints from my neighbours. When we are in my bed together, the bedding usually ends up all over the place. I also throw the pillows off the bed so she can’t hit me with them. Avril really is the best friend I have ever had or will likely ever have. She is also the closest because we have shared something very intimate few friends have.

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