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Lisa’s New Gyno Doctor

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It was late afternoon when Lisa pulled her car into a parking space at the Women’s Health Services building. It was time again for her to see her gynecologist. She usually got the early morning appointments, but the office had called a few days ago to change hers. They said her usual doctor was out on leave for a few weeks and would she mind taking an appointment with someone else – a Dr. David Johnson. She preferred to see a female doctor, but her pill prescription was running out and she couldn’t wait until her usual doctor came back.

So she thought, “Well, a doctor is a doctor.” She even got a slight rush at the thought of spreading her legs for a total stranger.

As she entered the building, she thought about what would happen. She usually had to psyche herself up for a gynecologist exam. Its not that she hated it, but in order to relax, she tried to think of it as being sexual. As the doctors fingers manipulated her vulva, she would think of her husband who so expertly knew her body. As the speculum entered her vagina, she would think of her large smooth vibrator she has at home, pushing its way into her. And as the doctors finger gently probed her ass hole, she thought of her own finger, which frequently made explorations to her back hole. A slight tingle passed through her pussy as she thought of this new doctor.

The waiting room was empty and she went to the window to announce her arrival. The receptionist smiled and asked her the usual questions – was she feeling OK, when was her last period, any other factors they should know about. The receptionist confirmed that her appointment was with Dr. Johnson. Lisa answered politely while trying to keep an eye on the room behind the desk, hoping for a glimpse of this new doctor. Just as she turned to have a seat, she saw a young Japanese man in a white coat coming towards the desk with a clipboard. She felt a rush in seeing him and stood there for a second, briefly making eye contact with him before she turned into the waiting room.

She had always been attracted to Oriental men, their strength and physique. She had never made love to one, but had masturbated many times fantasizing about it. As she sat down and looked back, he had already left. She hoped somehow that a very young Japanese man could somehow be Dr. David Johnson, but realized he probably wasn’t. Dr. Johnson most likely was some 60 yr. old crotchety man, who would leer at her and make her uncomfortable. But she couldn’t do anything about it now, so she just had to wait.

A few minutes went by and then she was called in by the receptionist.

“Lisa, come on in. They’re ready for you now.”

Lisa went through the door into the area where the exam rooms where. The young Asian man came over with a chart.

“This is Michael Wang. He’s a student doctor over at the college. Most of our regular assistants went to a conference, so he’s here covering at the office for the week.”

Boy, did she feel lucky! He was even more attractive up close! In a calm, smooth voice he said,

“Hi Lisa, come on with me into exam room 2”

He smiled nicely and motioned for Lisa to follow him. She was feeling flushed a little and hoped her face wouldn’t get red and expose her excitement. She had to maintain a straight face!

As they entered the room, he handed her a gown.

“Here, please take off all your clothes, put this on and I’ll be back in a minute.”


“Yes everything. We can finish the exam quicker that way.”

He left the room and she began to undress. She didn’t really like being completely nude, usually she undressed only the top or bottom, depending on what part of the exam was being done. But she asked and he wanted everything, so ….

She took off her blouse and laid it carefully over the chair. Then came the skirt and pantyhose. She always wore her Victorias Secret matching sets to her gynecologist appointments. Good lingerie always helped her get that sexy feeling. Today she wore the lavender lace cup demi-bra, with matching lace thong panties. Each had a small bow in the middle, as if her goods were part of a present.

As she took off her bra, she saw the mirror against the wall and looked at herself. She smiled as she exposed her firm 34B breasts and put her bra on top of her clothes. She loved her small, round breasts with their pink nipples. She stood sideways to admire their pointy profile in the mirror. Then she gripped her panties. Uh-oh, she had forgotten about her shaved pussy! She didn’t mind showing it to a female doctor, but this was a little different. Now this MALE student and the MALE doctor would see her bald pouty lips, with her clitoris just poking out at the top. She felt a flush of embarrassment, which turned into excitement as she envisioned the handsome student doctor peering between her legs. Lisa then felt her lips swell slightly, and her clitoris enlarge a bit, causing it to protrude from her hood.

She slid her thong down her legs, and as she was picking it up, she noticed the faint smell of her pussy. She sniffed her panties and realized that she wasn’t as squeaky clean as usual. It wasn’t a bad smell (at least not to her or her husband!), but it was fairly noticeable on her panties. Now the room had the smell of her pussy and while it was faint, it was also unmistakable. It was a very hot day and being confined in pantyhose all day didn’t help. This was another reason why she always got the first appointment in the morning! She hoped the doctor and his student wouldn’t notice. Being the sexual person she is, of course, meant that she liked her own smell, and taste, for that matter. Of course she preferred it coming from her husbands face but she enjoyed it anytime.

Lisa took her thong and placed it next to her bra. She purposely left them on top of the rest of her clothes. After all, what the purpose of wearing Victorias Secret if no one ever knows! She slid the gown over her arms and walked over to the examination table.

Before she turned around to sit up on the table, the door opened and Dr. Wang came in the room. She knew her butt was exposed and quickly turned around and got on the table. He looked down, but smiled, making it obvious that he had gotten a look at her backside.

“So Lisa, I’m going to take your vital signs and then the doctor will be in to complete your exam. Any problems we should know about?”

“No, just here for my annual.”

He went about his business, getting her height/weight/blood pressure, etc. He took her temperature, but frowned as he read the thermometer, just as Dr. Johnson walked in.

Now Lisa was really embarrassed! Dr. Johnson was not a 60 yr. old codger, but a handsome mid-30s blonde man who obviously kept himself in good shape. She was going to be poked and prodded in her most private personal places by these two attractive men! Another flush fell over her and she knew her excitement would be noticed by the two men. But they were professionals, and they’ve seen this all before, right? Lisa rationalized that this would be just a routine exam and she’d be on her way home soon. How wrong she would end up being!

The doctor looked at her chart, exchanged a few words with his student, and then addressed Lisa. “OK, Lisa, this is just your annual exam, right? I’ll check your breasts for lumps, then have you get into the stirrups so I can do an internal. OK?”

“Sure”, Lisa said nervously.

“Please take off the gown and we’ll get started.” Lisa took it off her shoulders and let it fall in her lap, exposing her breasts.

“Can you remove it completely?” asked Dr. Johnson. Lisa looked quizzically at him and hesitated.

“You’ll just have to take it off later for the internal, so just remove it now please”

“OK”, she said, and pulled the gown from under her and laid it on the end of the table. She kept her legs closed, but noticed the doctor glance at her crotch. He could tell she was shaven as her upper lips were showing. Dr. Johnson put down his chart and asked Lisa to raise one arm up over her head and put it behind her back. He began to feel her breast, pressing down with two fingers and slowly rotating them. His hands felt warm and soft as he worked his way around the outside of her right breast, pressing, making circles and moving on.

Lisa was watching his hands work on her breasts. She enjoyed watching her husband fondle her and this was no different. As his nimble fingers slowly approached the center of her breast, she watched her nipple harden. “He’s sure to notice”, she thought. But she didn’t care about that right now. She was thoroughly enjoying his slow intimate touch. Just before she closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling, she noticed Dr. Wang staring intently at the manipulation of her breasts by the doctor. With that image, she closed her eyes as some very sexy thoughts crossed her mind. She was aching for the doctors fingers to touch her nipple. She knew he would, but it was taking forever! Her nipple stood way out, as if it was reaching for his fingers. She breathed heavily and shifted in as effort to brush against his hand. When he finally got to her nipple, she had goose bumps. She felt her lips open and just managed to hold back a soft moan.

Lisa was getting very excited and Dr. Johnson could tell something was up. He noticed her closed eyes, and her parted lips as he pressed and pinched her nipple. “She does have beautiful breasts”, he thought. “Perfect shape and size, with apparently very sensitive pink nipples. I hope her husband knows how special these are and pays the appropriate attention to them!”

As he finished on her right breast, he went to begin with her left, but Lisa didn’t move. “Lisa, I need examine do your left breast now”

Lisa gave a shudder as he startled her. She had been lost in a trance while enjoying the sensations. “Sorry”, she grinned and raised her left arm.

He continued with the same pattern on this breast, pressing and rotating. Lisa enjoyed every touch as his fingers glided over her breast. Dr. Johnson took his time knowing that his pretty female patient was enjoying this attention. Eventually he got to her nipple, Lisa was again aching for his touch, and when he did she felt a rush in her loins. He pussy was wetting itself, and her thighs were going to become sticky with her juice. Lisa smiled to herself, thinking of how the handsome doctor and his student would react when they examined her vaginal area. By the time he finished, both of Lisa’s nipples were as hard as pebbles and she looked slightly flushed.

“OK, Lisa, could you turn around and move down to the stirrups please?”, said Dr. Johnson, as he finished his notes on the clipboard.

Lisa hesitated for a moment, as her eyes opened and she came out of her dream like state. She smiled at the doctor, catching his eyes as she moved. She noticed he again glanced at her shaven pussy, who’s lips were now swollen and slightly glistening from the moisture within. Dr. Wang came over, also glancing down at her sex, and pushed a tray of instruments next to the table. As she swung her legs over the edge towards the stirrups, Dr. Johnson came over and took her right foot in his hand.

“Here let me help you”, he said calmly. The doctors student reached over and took her other foot, guiding her legs into position. Here she was, naked in front of two very attractive men, nipples protruding, pussy sopping, and her legs were being spread for these men to examine her! She was definitely getting a kick out of this!

Once she was secure and comfortable (as much as was possible), she looked down and saw her swollen lips had parted. Her inner labia was sticking to the outer and a small string of juice was connecting the two sides of her pussy. “What a show I’m giving them”, she thought. Her pussy and ass were completely exposed to the world!

Dr. Johnson sat down between her thighs, and motioned for a tissue from his assistant. Lisa shuddered slightly as he gently began wiping up the juice that had seeped from her hole. Lisa was watching the tissue as it was pressed into her lips. As the doctor moved the tissue around he sniffed a few times, and Lisa realized that he must be smelling her pussy! He looked up briefly and smiled which caused Lisa’s face to redden as she put her head back on the table.

“OK, now I’ll begin your exam. Michael, did you get all of her vitals,” as he peered at the chart.

“Everything was OK except her temperature. It was a few degrees low but she feels fine, so I suspect its the thermometer.”

“Probably was, but I do need a measurement. Hand me one of the rectals, please, along with the lubricant”

What did he say? Lisa thought. A rectal? I don’t need one of those.

“Cant I just use a another one in my mouth?”, Lisa stammered.

“No, we might as well use a rectal. It’s much more accurate, and it could loosen you up for the rest of your exam”, he responded.

“Oh, great!” Lisa thought. He was immediately going to start poking at her anus. Whenever she was sick, her husband always took her temperature using a rectal thermometer, and they had incorporated it into their sex play. She enjoyed the feel of things poking into her ass hole, and now this doctor was going to excite her even more!

Dr. Johnson put on a surgical glove, snapping it around his wrist, making Lisa jump. Then she watched as he squirted a small dollop of KY jelly onto his finger.

“I’m going to lubricate your anus a bit so the thermometer can slide easier. Slide down please so I can get better access.”

She pushed her buttocks down keeping her feet in the stirrups. Her cheeks were now parting, and she felt the cool air on her exposed ass hole. He pressed his finger against her hole, massaging the rim of her pucker. She watched him intently, as he continued rubbing and pressing. A single digit of his finger went inside briefly before he reached for the thermometer.

“Let me know if this becomes uncomfortable as I insert it”

And with that he pressed the small silver tip against her rosebud and looked up again as he pushed it inside of her. Their eyes locked and they held each others gaze while the thermometer was forcing its way into her rectum. Lisa thought this was strange, but it felt so HOT! When it was fully inside her he broke the stare and looked at his chart. She looked up to see that Michael was staring intently at her crotch. She wondered if this handsome student doctor was getting a hard-on.

“OK, while that is being done, let me just examine your external vulva.”

His left hand was against her thigh, with his thumb holding the tip of the thermometer that protruded from her ass. But he didn’t just hold it there, he slowly rotated the tip, making it press into the side of her rectum. It felt VERY good to Lisa, just like her husband did it.

With his right hand, he began to poke through her bald pussy lips. He pulled her left lip open which exposed her wet inner lips. He ran his finger up the inside of her lips, over the hood of her clitoris and down the other side. Her clean shaven pussy lips looked so plump as if she were getting excited. Dr. Johnson loved seeing a beautiful pussy completely exposed. Its why he got into this business!

“Everything looks good here. Just a little more.”

Then he parted her lips and pressed his finger against her pee hole, slid it down to her vagina and gently probed the outside of her hole. This massage was almost too much for Lisa. She felt like wiggling around, forcing him to touch her clit, letting her release the tension that was building up. She was already so excited, and she didn’t know how she would be able to finish the exam without coming!

Dr. Johnson brushed his fingers against her smooth outer lips and up over her pubic mound. Then he looked up to Lisa.

“Is there a reason for your shaving? Do you feel there’s a problem with something?”

“No, nothing like that,” Lisa said softly as her face began to turn red, now from embarrassment as well as excitement. “My husband and I just like it that way.”

“OK, thats fine. Just be careful when you do it and watch out for ingrown hairs,” Dr Johnson said. He was curious, and wanted to know if she shaved herself, so he continued. “Make sure you can see enough with mirrors.”

“O..K. Um, well, my husband does it and he’s very careful.” Lisa said as redness continued to fill her face.

“Thats good. I’m glad he’s looking out for you.” Dr. Johnson glanced at his watch. “Times up, now I’ll just record the temperature and we can continue.”

Both doctor and student watched the thermometer as it was slowly extracted from her anus. Lisa enjoyed the feeling as it left her body, but would rather have left it up there.

“99.4 – just fine”, Michael read and wrote the number on her chart.

Dr. Johnson removed the glove that had touched her rectum and put on another pair.

“OK, Lisa now I have to check you internally. Just relax and this wont take long”

“Oh, take all the time you want, doctor”, she thought. She knew her hole wanted to be filled. She wanted to feel something inserted into her now aching vagina so she could grip it with all her muscles and explode. This was almost torture!

The assistant held out the KY jelly for Dr. Johnson.

“No, I wont be needing that. The patient has enough natural lubricant”, he said as he smiled at her. Lisa turned her head in embarrassment.

Now Lisa closed her eyes. She knew she’d be feeling the doctors fingers slowly entering her pussy, exploring every inch of her, gently caressing her sensitive areas. She was thinking this as he pushed two fingers into her. She gasped and let out a soft moan.

Dr. Johnson worked his fingers around inside her pussy. He enjoyed this part, especially with such an attractive, responsive patient. He was careful to go slow and be gentle. He pressed and prodded, spending a short time rubbing upward, against her G-spot. He felt her cringe and another slight moan escaped her lips as she tossed her head to the other side.

Lisa was feeling so hot! His fingers felt better than she anticipated. Her cunt was full of sexy male fingers, gently massaging her insides. She couldn’t help but squeeze and flex her pussy against them. She wondered if his cock could feel any better that his fingers.

“Feels good,” the doctor said after a full 5 minutes of internal exploration. “I have to press against your ovaries. Try to relax.”

She didn’t enjoy this part, but knew it was necessary. After he pressed a few times to feel each one, he reached back for the speculum. Michael, who had been just standing there, watching the doctor manipulate (and stimulate) his patient, handed over the instrument. Lisa had almost forgotten that she had an audience!

“Now I have to insert this to look at your cervix”

Lisa was ready for this. Although the ovary palpitation took the edge off her growing excitement, she knew inserting the speculum would bring her right back to the edge. The doctor eased the tip into her vagina. Lisa squeezed and pushed out. She wanted to feel the speculum completely, making it spread her muscles to force its way inside.

Dr. Johnson held it firmly and slowly pushed it into her body. He knew what she was doing and didn’t want to rush anything. She was being such a wonderful patient that he wanted her to enjoy every second of this. He, of course, felt a stirring in his balls as Lisa parted her lips and moaned again, louder this time. He also noticed that his student was completely mesmerized by this patient and had to shift his weight and lab coat – no doubt to make his own growing excitement more comfortable.

When the speculum was inside, he turned it and locked it in place. “What a sight”, he thought. A beautiful woman, very excited, legs spread, completely hairless, with hard nipples and wet pussy, completely entranced in feelings of sexual excitement with a speculum opening up her pussy for me to look at! And I cant believe they pay me to do this! He began to crank on the speculum to spread her wider.

Lisa shifted a bit. He pussy was full! The speculum was spreading her wide, stretching her pussy, putting pressure on her entire vulva. And it felt SO good!!! Her lips were parting, her hood had been pulled back, exposing her clitoris to the cool air. She couldn’t keep from moaning softly, even though she tried. She pulsed her vaginal muscles, squeezing the instrument that was opening her. With every flex she could feel an orgasm building.

Dr. Johnson looked inside her hole. Absolutely beautiful! He reached in and gently rubbed her cervix with the tip of his finger. He hated the idea of having to scrape it, but knew he had to.

“Lisa, I have to take a scraping. I’ll try to be gentle.”

Lisa heard him but couldn’t respond. She was very excited, but knew the scrape would be uncomfortable. She felt the tip against her cervix and a slight pinch. Not too bad, but it did bring her back to reality. She thought about regaining her composure – after all, this IS a doctors office. She knew she’d have masturbate furiously when she got home, but for now, the edge was off. Of course, the doctor had other ideas…

“OK we’re just about done”, Dr. Johnson said as he loosened the speculum. “I just have to do the digital rectal exam.”

As he gently pulled the wet speculum out of her still pulsing vagina, Lisa knew she was in trouble. Although she had calmed down a bit, a finger probing her anus would bring her right back up there.

She opened her eyes to watch the doctor get some more KY. Michael handed him the tube and continued to stand, watching her pussy. Her lips were flushed red and full, juices had run out of her hole and glistened around her ass hole. He wondered is the doctor even needed KY, since Lisa was so completely lubricated with her own sexy wetness.

Dr. Johnson again put his finger at her back entrance. He massaged her ring and eased a tip into her hole on every circle. He could tell she enjoyed this immensely and wondered how much anal stimulation she used during sex with her husband. The doctor hoped she was being explored and that her obvious anal excitement wasn’t overlooked. He could imagine this beautiful ass being spread and then fucked like there was no tomorrow. Of course, he wished he could be the one doing it, but…

Lisa felt the finger enter her ass hole. Slowly, gently it made its way inside her dark passage. Oh, it felt good… She was still relaxed from the vaginal stimulation that this probing finger didn’t make her feel any twinges – it just went in smooth. She loved having her ass explored and probed. His finger was now it deep, filling her. She couldn’t help but press down, wanting there to be more to enter her body. The finger began to twirl, gently massaging her inner bowels. To Lisa it felt absolutely exquisite! She felt her pussy come alive again, releasing another small flow of juice to add to her flooded mess. This was good!!

Dr. Johnson continued feeling her rectal region. Her ass hole was very hot and tight and she was purposely squeezing his finger. He probed and poked and rubbed for quite a while. She certainly was enjoying this as she started to press her body down to swallow more of his finger up her ass.

His finger continued its probing, filling her ass. Lisa was loving this – being ‘violated’ by one man and having another one watching it! Her pussy was on fire and her clit was burning to be touched. Then the doctors finger began pulling out. “Oh, does it have to end now?!” she sadly thought. Before it left her body, though, she had her answer. No, he pushed it back in! He pulled it back, then pushed it in again. He was finger-fucking her ass hole! Lisa let out another moan and pressed down every time his finger was fully inside her ass. She lifted up when he pulled out and then pushed down again to feel its entirety within her. Oh, did this feel good! The rhythm continued until she felt a second finger press against her hole. He gently stretched her anus allowing her to set the pace for its entrance into her anal cavity. This felt even better!

Dr. Johnson couldn’t believe his luck – this woman loved anal probing and he just couldn’t help himself. His second finger wasn’t necessary for the examination, but he wanted to fill her ass hole with more than one. She certainly didn’t mind by the way she was slowly grinding into his hand.

Lisa rocked up and down on the fingers that opened her anus. She was enjoying the internal massage and her excitement was building. Suddenly the fingers pulled out of her. She opened her eyes to see the doctor and his student. She also noticed the bulges in the front of their white lab coats!

“Well, everything seems to be just fine. Now Michael, the exam is over, but you see our patient is in a highly aroused state”, Dr. Johnson said, as he smiled at Lisa. “It is best to relieve the patients tension, lest there be an accident on the way home from her own roaming fingers.”

Lisa looked startled. What did he say? Although he had been a bit slower with the exam Dr. Johnson had been professional up until now. What was he going to do?

“Doctor, I can get home OK”, Lisa stammered, as she pulled her legs off the stirrups in an effort to get up.

“No, you cant. I don’t want you to leave in this state. Michael, help Lisa lie back on the table while I get her feet.”

As Dr. Johnson got put her left leg back into the stirrup, his student came behind her and took her hands.

“Wait a minute!” Lisa said, protesting. She was still very hot, but wasn’t ready for this.

“Lisa, you need this. Now please!”

“But, no!”

“Listen, I cant and wont let you leave. Will I have to gag you?”

Lisa struggled a bit, but now Michael had her arms. He held them down on the table as the doctor sat down again between her legs. His fingers began tracing the outside of her lips. It felt so good, but Lisa still wanted to leave. One finger entered her pussy, she moaned, but didn’t want to. Oh, was her pussy hot! She twisted a bit and it just caused the finger to touch more of her hot flesh. She knew she should protest, but it just felt so fucking good! Why should she fight it, as she’s been aroused since she got here? She knew she needed to explode in a huge climax so she might as well give in. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the finger stirring around her wet pussy.

Michael noticed Lisa relaxing her arms, seeming to give in the to growing pleasure she was feeling. He loosened his grip on her shoulders. “Good,” he thought, “she’s going to lie back and enjoy this.” He was immensely enjoying playing with this pretty female patient. As the doctor worked on her sex, Michael moved one hand to her left breast, with its hard pointy nipple. He noticed her mouth open as he lightly traced the outline of her perfect breast and she let out a soft moan as he reached and gently pinched her nipple. Every sound that escaped her lips caused his own excited penis to twitch and throb. He continued to massage, tease and pinch her nipples with one hand as the other pressed gently on her shoulder. He liked the idea of still being in control, keeping this woman in sexual submission.

Dr. Johnson was beginning to really work Lisa’s body now and he knew she was enjoying it. He used the finger in her pussy to massage her G-spot, which caused her hips to twist in pleasure. He used his other hand to rub her outer lips up and down, smearing her copious juices from her hole to her clit. Dr. Johnson didn’t attack her clitoris, for he believed that would cause an immediate orgasm, and he wanted to give his patient a more prolonged, deeper release. So he rubbed up and down the outer and inner labia, pressing against her hood, but without direct contact. She was writhing under his touch and he loved it!

Lisa meanwhile was in another world! She was so excited, thinking about these two handsome men, forcing her into this highly aroused state against her will! Oh, and it felt so heavenly! Michael’s hand was squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. Every now and then when he pinched them hard, she felt a lightening bolt of pleasure make a direct line to her clit. The doctors fingers were working magic on her pussy, some expertly stroking the outside of her moistness while others explored the inner depths of her pussy. As he caressed her G-spot she saw stars and began panting.

“Oh…. thats soooo good….”, she whispered.

“I’m glad Lisa. I just want you to enjoy this,” Dr. Johnson said in a calming voice. He was very pleased that this patient was taking so well to this ‘treatment.’

“No problem there”, Lisa thought, as her lips formed a smile in between the circular ‘oh’s that were escaping. Oh this felt good! She couldn’t help the gyrations of her hips now. The doctors fingers were now in a perfect rhythm, and they were bringing her so much pleasure! More soft moans and even a few louder ones came from her. She couldn’t help it!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm….. Oooooooohhhhhhh….”, Lisa murmured. She kept her eyes closed was so high right now. But then the doctor pulled one hand away, the hand caressing her lips and clitoris. For a split second she had horrible thoughts of being left in this state – ready to explode and not being allowed to!

Then the doctors hand returned, but not to her clit! Dr. Johnson had gotten a dollop of KY on his finger and began to massage her ass hole!

“Oh, God, that feels fantastic!” she thinks. Her moaning and writhing increase in tempo.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh!!!!”, she exclaims fairly loudly, as she feels the doctors finger gently slide its full length into her ass! It was there so recently, but she had forgotten how good it felt for her anus to be opened and deeply probed. Now she felt fingers from both hands inside her two exposed holes, plying them and exploring her depths exquisitely!

More whimpers came from Lisas lips, followed by loader moans. The doctor was now rubbing the flesh that separated her vagina from her rectum. His fingers were so close to touching but weren’t. The doctor slipped another finger from each hand so now there were two digits in each orifice. She felt so FULL and it was absolutely fabulous!

Lisa was beginning to lose control. With all the stimulation from nipple pinching, to multiple finger in her pussy and ass, she was twisting her body and turning her head back and forth. Her eyes were tightly shut and she was approaching an explosion! Dr. Johnson was immensely pleased at his work, but she was getting too noisy! He looked at his assistant who was still skillfully massaging her breasts while watching the doctors hands in between her legs. The doctor motioned to Lisa’s open mouth.

Lisa, completely unaware of the doctor’s communication, was totally oblivious to the moans and noises she was making. She was climbing to a plateau that she’s never been to before.

Suddenly she felt something being stuffed into her mouth! She opened her eyes to watch as Michael pushed her own panties into her mouth to muffle her groans!! She reached up for them, but Michael grabbed her arms and held them down again. Lisa was now forced to breathe through her own panties. The smells accumulated from the entire day filled her nostrils as she tried to get enough air. She also tasted her own juices in the crotch of her thong. This got her even hotter!

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHh.. Gooooooooooooooooodd!!!!!!”, she mumbled.

Lisa felt it coming. Not just an orgasm but a tidal wave! She started twisting and jerking. She knew the convulsions would come soon. She was SO incredibly stimulated! Michael was holding her hands down behind her head, while another hand pinched her nipples – the doctor was grinding his fingers into her pussy and ass hole, massaging and pressing her in all the right places!

The first spasm almost threw her off he table. Her hips bucked and her legs raised as the electricity washed through her body from head to toe! Every muscle in her body contracted and tightened and she let out a scream that could only be partially muffled by her panties. Her ass hole gripped his fingers so tightly it cut off his blood circulation and her pussy matched that contraction on his other hand.


It seemed to last forever as this wave pulsed through her. When suddenly the doctor put his lips and tongue to her clitoris she absolutely lost it and screamed!! Another huge jolt of power struck from her clit outward and rippled throughout her entire body! She bucked her hips up and almost broke the doctors nose, but he never lost his place! His fingers still worked inside her body, keeping her on this high as long as possible. His tongue continued to make circles around her enlarged clit. Each time he touched it her body jerked as she let out a scream. When he finally clamped his mouth on her clit and sucked it between his lips, flicking it with his tongue and gently nibbling on it, she exploded again! Another huge wave of pleasure wracked her body as she lifted off the table with every muscle in her body tensing.

“Ooooohhh…. I’mmmm cuuuummmiiinnnnnnggg!!!!!!”

Juice poured from her body and she heard the load squishing sounds of his hands between her thighs. Lisa felt wave after wave of pleasure, each one only slightly less intense that the previous. Her muscles squeezed and tensed. Her vagina and ass hole still felt the intrusions as they flexed and released rhythmically.

Lisa was becoming exhausted! She was still sucking air through her panties and could not get enough. Her orgasm lasted a full minute – the most incredible, intense, powerful minute that she had ever felt! When the doctor finally removed his hands from her body, both her pussy and ass hole continued to twitch and pulse. Her stretched and gaping holes were slowly receding to their normal size. Her entire body was glistening with sweat that shined in the lights. Michael then removed her soaked panties from her mouth, and she gulped in more air as she tasted the sweat on her lips.

Between her legs was an absolute mess! She was sopping wet from pussy juice, sweat and KY, her lips were puffy and red spread open to accommodate there large, swollen state. Every few seconds a further drip of juice would leak out of her stretched hole and land on the floor.

As Lisa panted and recovered she heard Dr. Johnson say “OK, Michael, please clean up our patient so she can go home” and he left the room. She now began to feel embarrassed over what had happened, at her excitement and her outrageous orgasm in front of two strangers! She opened her eyes and saw Michael over at the sink, getting a towel. As he turned to come back to her she noticed the huge bulge under his lab coat. She smiled and laid her head back, still recovering.

“There, now didn’t that feel better?” Michael asked.

“Uh-hmm”, was all she could manage. He began to wipe her off, first her breasts, then her legs and after rinsing the towel, he began to pat down her crotch and inner thighs.

“I’m glad we could help. It wouldn’t have been right to send you home earlier”

She then heard the sound of a zipper as Michael said “Of course, I don’t think its right for me to have to go home like this either!”

She opened her eyes to see him pull out his beautiful engorged penis, hot and throbbing with its head all covered in pre-cum. She let out a gasp as she saw him drop his pants and lower his purple head to her pussy. He stroked her clit once, which sent a shiver up her spine and then pushed his way into her pussy. She had plenty of lubrication as he filled her passage.

Lisa had another small orgasm as soon as her cunt was full with his cock! He pressed it in deep and held it there, his head twitching inside of her. Feeling this deep probe along with seeing this attractive Japanese student doctor between her spread thighs sent her over the edge again. It was short but strong as her pussy tightened onto his thrusting flesh. Her vagina tensed and squeezed him, so she could feel every vein and the ridge of his head. Fingers never felt the same as a twitching, throbbing penis! After the small waves of this orgasm swept through her, she could now concentrate on the fucking she was getting.

Michael began pumping her how, nice long slow thrusts. Lisa began pressing down, pushing him deeper inside of her, feeling him fill her entire hole and touching her cervix. She moaned loudly at every thrust.

Michael thought he was in heaven. Her pussy, although thoroughly stretched during their playing, was gripping his penis with such intensity! Her vaginal muscles rippled over his shaft. She was still completely lubricated and each thrust brought with it a squishy sound as apparently this beautiful woman’s pussy was producing even more! His dick was already so hard before entering her and now, feeling her hot slippery flesh, seeing her small firm breasts bouncing with each movement and watching his cock become engulfed by this juicy, shaven pussy was making him even harder! He felt like his penis head was going to burst under its own swollen excitement!

Lisa couldn’t even describe her feelings. She thought she was worn out, spent and sore. She didn’t think anything could feel better that what had just happened not 10 minutes earlier. But here she was! She was getting a pounding from a gorgeous man that she didn’t even know! His dick pressed through her lips, and his pubic hair scratched against her clit on every thrust as he stretched to fill her deeply. It all felt so wonderful, again!

“Ooooooooh.. YES!! Fuck me!!!! FUCK ME!!!”, she cried.

Michael didn’t need the urging, but it helped anyway. He held onto her hips and banged into her. She lifted her legs out of the stirrups so he could get deeper and closer to her. He began groaning “Oooohh, yeeaaaahhh….!!” as her pussy tightened its grip on his shaft.

He took a few playful slaps on her hips as he pounded his manhood into her harder and harder. She felt his balls now swinging forcefully into her still sensitive anus, causing shock waves to come from that region as well. She felt herself approaching orgasm again, even with her body as tired as it was, it was inevitable.

“Ohhhhhh God… YES!!!!!! I’m cumming!!!”, she screamed as she started to cum on him! Her pussy squeezed his penis so hard she began milking his own orgasm.

“Yyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh… I’m gonnna fill you!!!”, Michael cried as he reached his maximum pleasure limit! He felt a huge load of cum shoot out of his cock and flood her hole. Every thrust brought with it another load as he exploded into her body.

Lisa screamed again as she felt him cum inside her. As her pussy convulsed in spasms she felt his penis spurt within her walls and actually felt his cum blast against her cervix. Each of their orgasms was bringing off the other and prolonging their own in a perfect harmony. Her body shook and jerked as the waves again passed through her. He slowly withdrew his penis and she felt a flood of his milky juice dribble from her spent hole. He pressed back into her and she twitched a few more times as his hips connected with her crotch.

He slowly fucked her until all traces of both their orgasms were gone. His sweat was dripping onto her pussy, mixing with the various juices that collected there. Lisa was again shining with her own sweat as she ran her hands over her body and breasts. Her panting slowed as she finally caught the breath she needed.

Without a word, Michael withdrew himself, pulled his pants up, briefly dried off and left the room. Lisa just lay there, completely exhausted, breathing heavy, dripping with fluids of many origins. Maybe appointments later in the day are better!

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This story really had me turned on! Love the direct words like pussy and all. Thanks !

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Love this story…totally great idea and writing.