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World’s Best Fishing Spot

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When August arrives in Southwest Florida it consistently brings with it temperatures in the three digits. It brings daily afternoon downpours and a resulting humidity that causes the horizon to disappear into a steamy fog. If you are outside, whatever is not soaked from the storm, your sweaty body turns into a soggy sticky sponge. That’s the bad side of living down here year-round.

The good part, actually the best part, is that you literally own the water, you own the beaches when all of those annoying snow birds are still far, far away, living it up in the cool seventies, way up there in Minnesota or up-state New York or some other place no one can bear come November.

I am, and I’m proud to say it, a Power Ball baby. That’s right, In 2000, my mother, recently divorced from a drunken abusive father, paid five dollars for five lotto tickets and the following Saturday night she was suddenly worth twenty million and I could have anything I wanted, within reason. As it turned out, a $250,000 stilt house on Matlacha Island, my boat and a four thousand dollar a month allowance were all to be within what my mom considered reasonable. Yea for me.

I turned thirty-one last June, a six foot-one inch, one hundred and seventy pound string bean, proud of the only two things my father gave me, a full head of rusty red curly hair and a ten inch cock that is over weight and at perpetual attention.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon on August 26th and I was alone on my 18′ skiff looking for Red Fish around the mangroves along Useppa Island. There was not another boat to be seen in any direction, the sky was full of blue with random cotton clouds around; about the best you can expect in the summer.

I was drifting a pinfish under a cork on the incoming tide, letting it float deep under the shade of the Mangroves, looking for a 30″ trophy, maybe even a big Snook that would make my day for sure.

“Hold it right there mister.” When the startle in my chest finally calmed from hearing the unexpected voice, I realized that it was a female speaking to me. When I turned to look up the shoreline, there was a new dock where I did not remember there being one and I fish this area year round. It ran a good hundred feet from solid ground, out through the brush to deep water. At the end was a new 10,000 pound boat lift and a 20′ X 20′ deck. In the center of the deck, lying on her stomach was a long tall beauty with slim legs, small tits and short mousy brown hair with streaks of blonde highlights.

She sported a neon orange bikini that prided itself on a serious conservation of material. Her ass crack was visible below a modest tramp stamp depicting a monarch butterfly in full flight. As I drifted nearer she stood and walked to the edge of the dock and sat down, letting her feet dangle off the edge. As my boat reached her she put her feet out to halt my drift and hold the boat against the dock.

“What are you doing bothering my fish?” she asked.

‘Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be bothering any of them today.” I answered. “Maybe you scared them off; wearing very bright colors frighten fish you know.”

“No.” she said. “I didn’t know that.” She was remarkable, a great tan, perfect complexion, bright smile, green eyes and a look that only girls just out of high school can pull off. “Should I take them off, the bright colors? I wouldn’t want to scare the fishes.”

“Well,” As I started to say, that would be a very environmental thing to do, I heard footsteps approaching along the boardwalk.

The footsteps turned into a woman in her late thirties, a mature but otherwise identical duplicate of the younger girl that was playing footsy with my boat. “Mom, I caught a pirate. I think he was planning to rob us, maybe take us hostage and demand a ransom or something.”

She let the words, ‘or something’ float off like they were a completely separate statement.

“So you have.” The woman was amazing, like mother like daughter. Her suit was only slightly more conservative and Spandex black. “I’m sorry.” She said holding out two stemmed glasses containing what appeared to be white wine. She handed one to the girl. “I didn’t know we were being invaded this afternoon.” She said.

“I’m Kathryn but friends call me Kat. You’ve met my daughter, Anna?” she asked.

“Not in so many words.” I offered. “I just arrived.”

‘Did you bring that with you or did she give it to you? She’s bad about doing such things.” Kat was pointeing toward my lap.

Until just then I was unaware of the excitement swelling inside my shorts but once I looked down, the newly developed tent was quite apparent. I was nude except for the shorts and sandals and a film of sweat coated my chest and arms.

I felt immediately uncomfortable, an emotion normally void in my behavior. I am usually a very confidant person and have no problems when I react to a beautiful woman as I was right now. The fact that there were two of them, mother and daughter, one that seemed so young, was a bit overwhelming.

“Not your fault. She does that a lot. Not her fault either, really. Just normal I guess.” Kat was smiling at me. ” Well look,” she asked. “Do you plan to kidnap my daughter?”

I laughed. “I assure you, I’m not the brute she has made me out to be.” I replied.

“Good.” She said. “That said, then, Anna, don’t let him lure you into his pirate ship. A man with a weapon like that could be dangerous.” Kat turned and walked back up the walk toward land.

“Are you?” Anna was smiling and gently rocking the boat with her feet. “Dangerous?”

“Depends.” I said. “You have anything worth taking?”

She reached down and picked up a rope off of the bow and leaned over and laced it around a cleat. “There, all tied up and no where to go.”

She rose and stepped into he boat taking my hand to steady her. I stepped back, leaning against the center console and leaving her the bow all to herself. She reached behind her head and untied the top strap and then around her back and pulled the string for the lower strap and the bikini top fell to the deck. She did it so natural as if she was all alone and getting ready to step into a shower. She pulled the strings on either side of her hips releasing the bottoms and let them fall.

“My mom is much more observant than me. I’ll have to thank her later for noticing your arousal. I was about ready to set you adrift. But I have a rule about abandoning someone in dire need and with apparently, so much to offer.”

She was standing right in from of me. She had moved close without me being aware. She brought her arms up around my neck and lifted her head brushing my lips with hers. She kissed me gently and then more aggressively. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and searched for my own. Finding it she let the two dance together, playing with me, teasing me.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, massaging her back, her spine, down along her hips and enjoyed the glorious feel of a firm youthful butt. She let her right hand descend to my crotch. Grasping my shaft she let her fingers explore the length of it and it was at full mast and I felt proud. She murmured something incoherent as she realized what was available to her. “How long is it?” she asked.

“About ten inches.” I said.

“Sweet.” She relied. “How fat is it?”

“Six inches around.” I replied, “When I’m really excited.”

“Very sweet.” She said. “Are you, really excited now?”

“Yup.” I answered.

She moved away from me toward the bench seat at the steering console. She looked back at me as she bent over the seat and rose up onto her toes. She arched her back and said. “Show me, please?”

A clap of afternoon thunder jarred me into a moment of reality. The skies were dark and a storm looked eminent. My shorts fell to the floor and I moved to her. I let my hand enjoy her backside; I ran a finger along her vaginal lips. She was very wet and as soon as I touched her there she began to work her hips up and down to the rhythm of my finger.

It was the most beautiful sight I could ever remember. A gorgeous young girl was offering herself to me, asking me to take her. I knelt down and let my lips kiss her ass. I covered every inch of her paying tribute to her beauty, her offering. I lowered my mouth to her sex and ran my tongue the length of her slit. I forced her pussy apart and kissed her within. When my tongue entered her she stiffened and moaned and began to work her ass onto her invader. I found her clit and it was exceptional, protruding nicely, allowing me to suck it into my mouth.

Her hitting such an early and sudden orgasm caught me by surprise. So did the steady rain now falling on my back. Without waiting for here climax to subside I rose up and placed my cock at her entrance. When I leaned into her the head and nearly four inches of my cock penetrated her. She yelped, a clap of thunder crashed nearby and my eyes rolled back as I experienced the most delectable moist vagina ever to encase my cock.

I worked at her with a steady determined pace gradually adding my full length into her. She was a very talented young girl and accepted my offer as willingly as someone twice her age. She worked her ass and twisted and moaned and said things I could not understand. All I know was that she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

The rain was now a heavy downpour. Lightening was striking all around us and the thunder filled my ears. I could sense the static in the air around me. I pumped into her with every ounce of energy I could gather, going as deep as possible with each stroke.

She arched her back and cried out in submission as her second orgasm rushed over her and consumed her body. She pumped me furiously trying to get more cock inside of her, more cock that just wasn’t available.

When I felt the surge from deep within me I knew my time was also near. Without asking permission, I withdrew from her causing a guttural moan of regret. I moved in front of her and without a word she grasped my cock and lowered her head onto it. She was trying to inhale the thing, to swallow all of it. She was magnificent. I watched my rod disappear into her mouth, down her throat. She slurped and sucked and swallowed me. She made love to my cock.

When I began to cum I ran my fingers thru her hair but there was no need to hold this girl in place. She was going to suck my cock and swallow my seed without being encouraged and she did just that, every drop. And then she did a very nice job of clean up after I was done, thank you very much.

In time, we gathered our soaked clothes and I helped her onto the dock. “She was never much for taking orders.” It was Kat’s voice. She was standing on the dock under an umbrella, watching us. “Why don’t you two come up to the house and dry off. This storm looks like it’s going to stay around a while. By the way.” She said looking at me. “I suppose I should know the name of the man who may have just had sex with my daughter.”

“Bob.” I said as we all started to walk to the house. ” Bob Pointer.”

She looked back with a grin. “Pointer? Really?”

I hunched my shoulders and spread my hands palms up. “Really.”

When we neared the house I saw it was a two story Victorian style with a wrap around screen porch. It was designed to look very period but I could tell it was quite new. There were wide stairs leading up to the porch and as we entered into the dry Kat handed us both towels and took one for herself. “Just drop your wet things there.’ She pointed to a bench by the door. “I’ll toss them in the dryer later.

I was tying the towel around my waist when Anna took me by the hand and walked over to a swing suspended from the porch roof. She sat and pulled me down next to her. “That was really nice, back there on your boat, I mean.”

“Thanks, I knew what you meant. And I personally thing you’re understating the event.”

“Here, try these.” Kat had returned from indoors and had a tray with three drinks. “Mint Juleps.” She said. “But watch it I make them quite strong.

As I took the first sip, and they were very strong, I felt Anna pull my towel loose and let it fall to either side of me. My cock was once again on display. “He tastes wonderful.”” Anna said and lifted my cock and stroked it. I could feel it beginning to grow and I was amazed it could respond so soon after such a sex session.

I looked to Anna to explain to her about the need for male respite after fucking. She smiled and pointed in front of us. Kat had removed her top and was sliding her bottoms down over her hips. Gorgeous hips I must say. She knelt in front of me. “Do you mind?” she asked. “I like to know firsthand about who my daughter is being so intimate with.”

“Not at all,” I said.

“I think I’ll leave you two alone.” Anna kissed me deeply just as her mother slipped her mouth over the head of my cock. She smiled at me and said. “Enjoy.”

I just nodded. I laid my head back against the swing, widened my legs, arched my back slightly and watched what was proving to be a very talented woman making love to my penis. And a very lovely young ass disappear into the house.

Kat had been sucking me for a good ten minutes and I was really getting disappointed that I was as yet unable to let her finish the job she was working so hard and so well at. Suddenly she stopped and stood up. She took my hand and pulled me erect. “Lets go.” She said.

We went into the house and up a flight of stairs, down a hall to a bedroom. It was huge. It had to be the master suite. When she crawled up onto the king sized bed I knew she wanted to fuck in her husband’s bed. But wait, no one has said there even was a husband. I slid up along side her. “Is there a Mr. Kat? I asked.

She enjoyed a healthy laugh at my expense then she looked me in the eye. “Yes, of course there is, but it’s not a problem.” She said.

I leaned to her and kissed her gently. I caressed her breasts and let my hands explore her amazing body. I sucked a tit into my mouth; let my tongue dance over her nipple. I kissed my way down her stomach and across her abdomen, When I reached her freshly shaved mound I eased over between her legs and proceeded to enjoy her innermost secrets.

I spent a long while licking her labia and used my fingers to spread her wings. And when pushed two of them into her while I sucked her clit, she shivered and drew her legs up high and opened herself to me. She let her hands grasp her knees and spread herself open. “I want to cum with you inside of me.” She said. “Your mouth is amazing but I love to cum on a cock.”

I released her clit with regret and slowly kissed my may to her mouth that was awaiting my arrival. She accepted my tongue and sparred with me while allowing moans to escape from her throat. I pressed the head of my cock to her sex and entered her with ease. Fuck me, I thought, both of them were able to take a big cock without any difficulty. Maybe I was starting to loose some of my girth as I aged.

She inhaled deeply when I hit bottom and a small cry of discomfort gave me renewed vigor. I began to give her the long full strokes I so much enjoyed. Ten inches in, ten inches out and back again. I set up a steady rhythm, rocking into her as she raised her ass to meet each thrust. We humped like breeding rabbits for twenty minutes before she succumbed to the pounding. She cried out as she came on my cock and I could feel her juices seep from around my dick soaking the sheets.

I never missed a stroke and continued to fuck deeply though her entire orgasm and a number of aftershocks. Just as I was sure I could not reach another climax, She squeezed her vagina muscles so tight she locked my cock when it was fully inserted. As I felt my seed begin to flow from my cock Kat’s mouth sought out mine and she thrust out her tongue in search of my own. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled herself up to me and she climaxed with me.

We had lay together for a long time when Kat rolled me off of her and went to toward the shower. “A shower wouldn’t hurt you either.” She said. When we had finished bathing I trailed her back downstairs now completely comfortable walking around totally nude in some stranger’s home.

Anna was setting on the porch swing and it was still pouring rain and the heat was intense. My fresh shower was already being overtaken by sweat. “This is Bob.’ Anna said. She was looking over my shoulder.

When I turned, I was staring into the face of a very tall, muscular man. He was maybe fifty years old and had a full head of gray hair. He was tan. Then I realized he was nude. He carried a very toned torso with the legs of a longtime bicyclist. And yes, I just figured out why his wife was so skilled at taking large cocks. For the first time in my life, another man was making me feel less than adequate.

“Good afternoon.” What the hell else was I supposed to say? The guy was big enough to break me in half if he chose. I could not escape by water in the ongoing storm and even if I could have made it to the door, where would I hide on a tiny island?

“Bob, is it?” he took my hand and shook it and I was just happy to find it still attached to my arm when he released it. “David Cord.” He said. “You have already met Kat and Anna I assume?”

“We have, yes.” Again, what was I supposed to say?

“Well, first of all you look quite tense. You should probably relax.” He looked me in the eyes and said. “Nothing happens here without my knowing about it or without my approval.”

“Just as it should be.” I responded. I found a bit of nerve. “Your family is quite lovely.”

“Lovely, yes.” He said. He walked over to his wife and kissed her. “I’m sorry I was late arriving.”

‘No problem, we handled everything.” She smiled at him then over at me.

He walked over to the swing and set down next to Anna. He wrapped his arm around his daughter and curled her over onto his lap so she was straddling him face to face. She leaned down and kissed her father in a not so daughterly way. Anna rose onto her knees and I could see her tiny hand wrapped around her father’s huge cock. The short time she had been on his lap his dick had swollen to nearly a foot long and as wide as my wrist.

Anna had to lift one leg in order to get the big member aimed at her sex. When she settled down on her father she sank onto it completely. No moan, no crying out, no attempt to delay the invasion. When her cunt lips found her father’s base she raised and descended again. She began to ride him with intention.

Kat took be by the arm. “He prefers to fuck her in private.” She handed me my clothes and led me down the steps and toward the dock. I realized the rain was almost stopped, Just a light drizzle remained. “He has been overseas on business for the last two weeks and just returned as you saw.”

Kat kissed me a long sensual kiss when we reached my boat. I stepped in as she untied the rope. “He will be with her all night, you know. He will have her a dozen times and she will let him. When he is finished with her she will immediately start dreaming about the time he is ready for her again. She will not remember you by morning.”

She tossed me the rope and I started my motor. It was getting dark and I had a lot of dangerous water to travel across to get home. “Enjoy the rest of your summer Mr. Pointer.”

“I surely will.” I replied.

“Bob.” She said. I looked at her. She had a very serious look on her face. “Find another fishing spot.”

Summer will be over before we know it, I thought. We will have to deal with those fucking snowbirds again.

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