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Arrogant Auntie v Naughty Nephews

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“They are incorrigible.”

Liz sighed as her sister, Mandy, started again on the same complaining track about Liz’s twin sons.

“William and Benedict have no manners and I honestly think they’re immoral, I said so to Donald last time we spoke and he agreed.”

Donald was Mandy’s quiet husband and it was difficult for Liz to picture him getting animated over such an issue.

Liz was sick of this repetitive mantra. Her sister, who at forty-four was two years older than her, had had a problem with Liz’s sons, Bill and Ben, since they were young. The boys had always been boisterous and full of energy. Mandy, having no children of her own, did not try to understand the complexities of bringing up kids. She felt they should be seen and not heard.

Both Mandy and Liz were attractive, but whereas Liz had a pretty buxom motherly look, Mandy had kept her waist trim at the same time as her breasts and buttocks had expanded.

The problem was that Mandy often stayed with Liz. The women’s husbands, Donald and Jim, owned a business working together on the design and construction of new hotel complexes. This meant that they were away for long periods and Mandy would always visit Liz for part of that time.

Since they were young, the boys had been forever irritating Mandy. Habitually untidy, they would leave their toys on the floor for Mandy to trip over. They were careless, breaking Mandy’s umbrella one day, knocking a drink on to her dress another day.

The boys had now just turned eighteen. Although not as boisterous as in their younger days, they teased Mandy and annoyed her. She liked to be called Aunt Amanda, but they always called her Auntie Mandy. They had hated her for years with a loathing that had innumerable causes.

The problem had come to a head ten years before. Liz was at work on a nursing shift and Mandy was trying to tidy-up the lounge. Mandy had found the book she had been reading kicked under a couch. The cover was torn and the spine was damaged.

This was too much for her. She locked Bill in his room and, pulling down Ben’s shorts and underpants, smacked him hard on his bare butt. When she had finished, to hide what she’d done, she rubbed baby oil onto his skin to reduce the red welts. As Ben went off wailing, she reminded him that the nearest neighbors were some distance and no one would hear him. She then dragged Bill out of his bedroom and gave him the same treatment.

The boys complained bitterly to their mom when she came home, but Mandy scoffed at the suggestion she’d hit them hard.

“Really Elizabeth,” she said, “I hardly touched them, though undoubtedly they deserved a damn good thrashing.”

The boys never forgave her for spanking them and throughout their teens insulted her whenever they could.

Over the years, Mandy had become even more haughty. She was a good looking woman who knew she was attractive. She walked in a majestic manner. With her big breasts and a big ass, but with a slim midriff, she seemed to strut around, carefully projecting herself front and back.

Back where she lived, Mandy had grand designs to be promoted up the social order of the neighborhood. She tried to get on every local committee and ingratiate herself with the people that counted. Being proud of the partial success she enjoyed, she never stopped informing Liz and the boys about her social standing.

Liz sighed again. It was true that the boys had been particularly rude to Mandy that morning, but in a way she thought that Mandy had deserved it. Mandy had sent an email to Mrs Prendergast, the Chair of the Neighborhood Ladies Committee, saying how she would be happy to accept the position as Chair of the Flower-Arranging Sub-Committee. Mandy had copied in, not only all the members of the different committees, but also Liz and the boys through a family email address. Mandy had said sniffily that copying in the family was accidental, but Liz and the boys guessed she had just been showing off. Bill had said to his mom that he had a good mind to send a rude message about Auntie Mandy to all the email recipients. Liz had laughed it off, knowing that he wouldn’t, but she did inwardly sympathize with the idea.

As she went off early evening on her late nursing shift, Liz continued to feel annoyed with Mandy and worried about family rows. She wished her husband Jim was at home to calm her anxieties. At least Bill and Ben would be out for the evening down a local club and couldn’t provoke Mandy until at least the following day.

With everybody out, Mandy decided to have a leisurely soaking bath before retiring to bed early, where she was expecting a telephone call from her husband, Donald.

Two hours later, she was ensconced on the bed. It was a warm evening and she was lying outside the covers. She was wearing just a pair of panties and a tie-around night blouse. She was waiting for her two-weekly call from Donald and had a hands-free phone set, Donald had given her. She enjoyed Donald’s calls which she found romantic and to prepare she dabbed a little perfume on her neck and applied a glossy red lipstick to put her in the mood.

She knew Donald wasn’t God’s gift to women, but she loved him. He was the only lover she’d ever had. He had an unusually small erection, but as she’d known no other, she was quite contented. He was very gentle. He would lightly kiss her nipples before starting to move his penis in and out of her. She didn’t feel a lot of stimulation when they made love, but was happy that she gave him satisfaction. Truth be told, when he’d gone to sleep, she tended to satisfy herself with a brief rub of her clitoris, achieving a pleasing sensation if not an orgasm.

The phone rang and she answered it. Donald sounded tired as he told her what he and Jim had been doing, about their arguments with the local planning authorities, but also about their successes and local contracts placed.

Mandy listened politely to his narration and then began telling him her news. This was, as usual, mostly about the behavior of her nephews. However, she also told him about her appointment in respect of the Flower-Arranging Committee. Donald murmured polite sympathy re the boys and congratulations on her social success. Then they did, what they always did, and started talking about their next planned holiday.

This was the part Mandy enjoyed the most. Donald would wax lyrically about the romantic time they would spend together, about the secluded spots they would find and about how they would make love under an azure sky.

As he was describing the beautiful scene, Mandy closed her eyes and slid her right hand under her blouse and started gently caressing and squeezing her nipples.

“Oh Donald, it sounds wonderful,” she gushed into the microphone.

When Donald became poetical, her left hand slid down and slipped under the elastic of her panties. As Donald’s description became even more amorous, she began rubbing herself between her legs and breathing heavily.

“Oh yes Donald,” she whispered, “tell me more.”

Unknown to Mandy, standing outside her partially opened door, Bill was cautiously filming his Auntie.

The boys had had a very disappointing evening. They had been promised their first blowjobs by Amy, a girl in their class. Amy was not a pretty girl, but the important point was that she was willing. Two weeks before, Amy had demanded that Bill and Ben carry her school bag for two weeks and in return promised to give them each a blowjob in the club this evening, but she hadn’t turned up.

In fact, unknown to the boys, Amy would have happily given them each a blowjob, after all she’d done the same favor for nearly every other boy in the class, but she’d hurt her ankle and was laid up on her parents’ couch.

For the boys it was especially frustrating as they had been sexually abstinent for the last week, refraining from their usual habit of jacking off at least seven times a day, saving themselves for Amy’s mouth.

They’d left the club early in a temper and headed home to watch some good porn of women with big jugs and big asses. They were both desperate to give themselves hand relief.

As Bill and Ben let themselves in through the door, they heard their Auntie Mandy saying, “Oh Donald, that’ll be lovely.”

Sniggering, the boys quietly crept upstairs, expecting to glimpse their Auntie in her usual evening tracksuit sitting on her bed talking to her husband. However, when they got to her door, they both stopped and stared. The door was ajar and through it, in the reflection in the mirror opposite the bed, Bill and Ben had a full view of Auntie Mandy. Her eyes were shut as she talked and her hands were enjoying themselves under her blouse and in her panties.

Putting a finger to his lips to tell his brother to keep quiet, Bill took out his phone and carefully filmed his Auntie misbehaving. When he felt they’d got sufficient evidence they crept back down stairs.

Whispering, Bill said to Ben, “We’ve got her now. Let’s show her the film, threaten to send it to her committee members, then spank her as she spanked us all those years ago.”

“Yes,” said Ben eagerly, “we can even rub the baby oil on her skin to cover the welts.”

The boys banged the front door shut, as if they’d just come in, and started walking upstairs. Hearing them, Mandy told her husband that someone had come in and she had to rush him off. She quickly took off her headset, got up and pulled the door closed. She then tried to get to sleep feeling frustrated that, yet again, the boys had spoiled her enjoyment.

Five minutes later Mandy awoke to her bedroom door being opened. She stared puzzled as Bill and Ben walked in, each just wearing boxer briefs. Bill had a phone in his hand and Ben was holding a bottle of baby oil.

Mandy glared, “What the hell are you doing?” she snapped, pulling her blouse a little tighter round her ample breasts.

Neither boy said anything. Bill walked towards the bed and pushed his phone in front so the screen was right before Mandy’s eyes. As Mandy saw the moving image of herself she gasped.

With there being no sound, the scene appeared even worse than it was. It looked like Mandy was on some sort of phone sex line, describing to a client how she was masturbating. She was clearly enjoying herself as her fingers could be seen moving inside her panties.

Mandy went white, then screamed, “You dirty little perverts! This is the final straw. This time it’s the police.”

Even as she said it, Mandy realized that it was an empty threat. The possibility of anybody else seeing that film was unthinkable.

Bill smiled smugly. “We could send this film to all the contacts on your email,” Mandy’s eyes widened in horror, “or we could just spank you, as you spanked us all those years ago.”

The boys didn’t wait for Mandy to comment on the options. They both jumped on her at the same time. Although she was struggling, they easily managed to turn her over. The nephews, either side of her, held her down with one hand and started whacking a buttock each with the other. They didn’t hold back. Years of being criticized and scorned gave them strength to their smacks.

Suddenly Ben said, “Wait a minute, she took our underpants off.”

“Yes she did,” said Bill, as the two of them roughly peeled her panties down and pulled them off.

Mandy was aghast. She began kicking and struggling more, but to no avail. The hands were raining down on her buttocks even harder.

Eventually, with their arms tired and her ass covered with red welts, Ben opened the baby oil and poured it over both buttocks. They began to smooth the oil over the marks left by their smacks, but gradually the nature of their stroking changed. Their hands began to linger on her butt, their fingers gripping the ass flesh and their breathing becoming heavier. They were grasping her ass cheeks and moving the flesh, feeling sensually the big ass in front of them.

The boys looked at each other, both breathing heavily and with dry mouths. There was an understanding between them as they both stepped out of their boxer briefs, their erections projecting in front of them.

Mandy, lying on her front did not see what was happening behind her, she just breathed a sigh of relief at the ending of her pain. When the boys rolled her over on to her back, she thought they were about to help her up. Then she suddenly felt her legs being opened and saw with terror that Bill had taken his boxer briefs off. His erection to her looked enormous. She never realized that penises could grow so big.

Ben had moved round the side of the bed so that he could hold Mandy down by the shoulders. Bill’s mouth was now watering at the taboo act he was about to do. With no hesitation he pushed her legs apart and quickly thrust his hot helmet to the gash of her pussy.

Mandy realized with despair that the self-pleasuring she had indulged in during Donald’s call meant there was already a welcoming lubrication for Bill’s hard cock. As the knob end slipped inside her entrance, Mandy screamed, “NOOOO!”

Bill smirked and said, “As you told us all those years ago, the nearest neighbors are some distance so no one will hear you.”

Loving the feel of her pussy lips round his hot boner, Bill started determinedly thrusting into Mandy’s hot cunt, but found it was slow going.

“God Ben,” gasped Bill, “Auntie Mandy’s cunt is hot and wet but she’s fucking tight. Uncle Donald must have a boner the size of a pencil.”

As Bill was shoving his hips forward, Ben turned Mandy’s head towards him and pushed his boner to her mouth. Mandy’s screams stopped abruptly as, in horror, she shut her mouth as tightly as she could. Ben had pulled back his foreskin in readiness for Mandy’s mouth and she could smell the pungency of teenage male musk in her nostrils as Ben pushed his boner against her lips. Ben pinched Mandy’s nostrils to force her mouth open, but even as she opened her lips, her teeth clenched in a determined grimace.

Abruptly Ben pulled away. “Sod it Bill,” he spat out, “she ain’t opening her mouth. I’m going to send this film to Mrs Prendergast immediately. I’ll do it from our anonymous email address.”

Suddenly, Ben felt Mandy’s hands on his legs pulling him back. He smirked and this time as he pushed towards her mouth, her lips opened and his mushroom head slipped in between her luscious glossy red lips.

“Oh fuck yes,” breathed Ben. He started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as he’d seen in the porn films.

“Purse your lips a little tighter, Auntie,” he told her. Mandy squeezed her lips together. She’d never done this before but she realized that what he wanted principally was to feel her lips grip the edge of his helmet as it moved in and out.

It was difficult for her to concentrate on Ben’s blowjob, as Bill was making progress shafting her. Her vagina was like a tight velvet glove gripping his hard love meat, but he was now almost in to the hilt and she was feeling that all her insides were filled by his phallus.

“God Ben,” gasped Bill as he thrust into her, “Auntie Mandy is really juicy and really tight. You’re going to love fucking her.”

Mandy barely heard his words but got the awful gist that the horror was not going to be short-lived.

“Let’s get her tits out,” said Bill.

Ben reached down and undid the ties on the front of her blouse.

With her mouth full of hot cock, Mandy was unable to express the desperation she was feeling.

“Bloody hell Bill, look at the size of these beauties,” said Ben mauling the big jugs. Holding them loosely, the two brothers chuckled as the big breasts wobbled and jiggled with the rhythm of Bill’s fucking.

“Hold one up for me, will you?” said Bill, not breaking his rhythm as his fuck stick was now fully impaled with each of his thrusts.

Before he responded to his brother’s request, Ben gave Mandy some more instructions, “Auntie, just lick around the head for a bit, especially at the back.”

With his instruction for his cock-head pleasure being carried out by his reluctant Auntie, Ben concentrated on lifting up Mandy’s left breast. He squeezed it into the shape of a torpedo tube and offered the tip of the areola and nipple for his brother.

Still without breaking his fuck rhythm, Bill leant forward and gratefully sucked as much of the tender pink flesh into his mouth as possible. Ben looked on enviously as Bill gorged himself, nibbling and sucking the protuberant nipple.

In his position, it was difficult for Ben to bend over to enjoy the succulent mammary flesh in his own mouth, but he was happy to swap his hands to the other breast, forming another torpedo tube for the pleasure of his brother.

“Oh yeah, like that,” Ben’s exclamation was because Mandy had started licking the underside of his helmet, her tongue rasping the tender gland.

Bill switched to the new torpedo tube and began to gorge himself on that teat as well.

After lecherously slobbering over Mandy’s big jugs for a couple of minutes, Bill pulled his head up and concentrated on hard fucking his Auntie. He was now in full swing. He was pounding his Auntie Mandy, each thrust tearing fully into her. Her cunt was very tight, but at the same time, because it was so juicy, Bill’s fuck weapon was slicing in and out of her.

Mandy was realizing that she had never really been fucked before. The little bastard was invading her body with what felt like a cudgel. She was unable to prevent her body responding, lifting her hips in time to his thrusts as he slammed into her.”

Ben was loving watching his brother violently fuck his Auntie and he began to feel his balls tighten. “Auntie, just suck me,” he said breathlessly.

Mandy didn’t really know what she was doing but pursed her lips tightly as Ben began to fuck her mouth. Ben let go of her tits and grasped her head, holding it as he quickened fucking her hot wet mouth. He suddenly felt a week’s abstinence exploding in jets of cum. Mandy, preoccupied by the fire in her loins, just automatically swallowed the spurting jizz as it filled her mouth.

As this was happening Bill gasped, “She’s cumming, and so am I.”

Mandy’s loins went into spasms that she had never known before. Her vagina was gripping Bill’s cock, which exploded with jets of cum deep into his Auntie’s cunt. Bill found he could hardly move his boner in that vice-like grip. Mandy’s vagina was milking him, sucking out his love juice, draining his balls.

Both boys had experienced the strongest orgasms they had ever had. They stood back and gave the thumbs-up to each other. Very quickly, however, Ben was stroking his penis, feeling the blood engorging it again. He walked round to the foot of the bed and pushed it fully into his Auntie Mandy.

Mandy, who thought that Bill had reentered her, opened her eyes to see Ben between her legs. Ben wrapped his arms around her and then rolled her over so that she ended up on top of him, pinioned by his erection.

As Mandy lay flat on top of Ben, Bill came round behind her and smacked her ass hard.

“Lift your ass up and fuck him,” he demanded.

Mandy pushed her ass up in the air a few inches, pulling her cunt lips higher up Ben’s boner, then pushing down on him.

“Higher,” instructed Bill, slapping her ass again hard.

This time Mandy, anxious to avoid a repeat smack, pulled her ass right up so that Ben’s mushroom head was nearly at her pussy entrance before pushing down, squeezing his boner fully into her again.

“Now fuck him, Auntie,” said Bill and Mandy dutifully began repeating the action, steadily fucking a delighted Ben.

“Thanks Bill,” gasped Ben, relishing the tight juicy cunt that was deliciously squeezing and massaging the full length of his teenage fuck stick.

Mandy lay flat on Ben’s chest as she concentrated on lifting her ass as instructed. She couldn’t help being aware that she was feeling stimulated herself and that her vagina was becoming juicier as Ben’s cock was sliding in and out.

After a while Bill, who was watching carefully, felt that his brother’s balls had probably tightened and that his cum pistol was primed. Bill climbed on the bed behind Mandy and splashed baby oil all over her big ass. He pushed his oiled fingers in and out of her asshole, preparing it for boner insertion. When he thought she was ready he pushed his hard meat into her sphincter, driving it into her anal sheath.

Mandy shrieked at the double penetration.

As Bill was enjoying fucking his Auntie Mandy in the ass, Ben’s cock was more restricted and there was a reduction in the movement of Ben’s cock in her tight cunt. Bill had known this would be the case and it was for that reason Bill had got Mandy to fuck Ben to the point of his imminent climax. However, there was now a nudging movement within Mandy’s cunt which just kept Ben on the brink of ejaculation.

Mandy’s breasts were crushed underneath her on Ben’s chest, so that Ben found he was frustratingly unable to get to grips with them.

“Can you pull Auntie Mandy up a bit, Bill?” gasped Ben, “so I can get at her tits.”

“Sure can,” Bill murmured, as he grasped Mandy’s hair and pulled her up and back, looking like he was holding the reins while riding a horse.

“OH GOD, YOU BASTARDS!” shrieked Mandy, as her head was yanked up.

Ben found that, although her tits had risen partially off his chest, he could still not fully grasp them. “A bit more please Bill,” he gasped again, as her cunt kept pleasing him with small sucks.

“How’s that?” said Bill, jerking Mandy’s head up and back another couple of inches.

“Fucking perfect,” gasped Ben, as he pulled her big fruity melons succulently hanging above him towards his face. His mouth greedily enclosed around a tender areola while his tongue licked her yummy nipple.

Now his brother was content, Bill concentrated on fucking the large butt in front of him. As he slammed into her big ass cheeks, they deliciously rippled and jiggled. With his hold on her hair, he found he had the leverage to really thrust into her hard, reaming his fuck stick in and out of her anal sheath.

“Oh fuck Ben,” he chuckled breathlessly, “her buttocks are like two wobbling footballs.”

Auntie Mandy, being fucked in her cunt and ass, and having her tits sucked was, to her utter humiliation, approaching her second orgasm. However, before she hit her climax she shrieked, “YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!”

For the boys, their ultimate fantasy was having sex with their mom. Now, for a moment, in their imagination both boys were fucking their mom.

As Mandy at last gave in to her orgasm, her anal and vagina sheaths gripping and sucking their respective cocks, the boys couldn’t stop their jizz shooting into her internal organs. They unloaded shot after shot of sperm into Auntie’s body.

Shattered, Mandy lay on the bed thinking that the horror was finally over. It was therefore with dismay that she saw Bill and Ben standing stroking what were clearly two penises that looked more erect than ever.

Bill thought he ought to reassure her. “Don’t worry Auntie,” he said, “Mom isn’t home for another three hours. Now I’m yet to enjoy a blowjob and Ben hasn’t had the chance to fuck you in the ass.”

Mandy was in a daze as Bill and Ben repositioned her in another doggie pose.

Bill was kneeling in front of her head. “Now,” he said, “I want a deepthroat, so you need to relax and stretch your neck out. You’ll have to concentrate so try to ignore Ben fucking you in the ass.”

Ben found that Bill’s anal pounding had opened up Auntie Mandy nicely, so that he was able to slip his hard meat tightly but fully right up her ass.

Bill found that he could only push so far at the back of her mouth, so he had to ask his brother to return Bill’s earlier favor. “Just pull her head back a bit, please Ben,” he asked politely.

When Ben grasped Mandy’s hair and pulled her head up Bill gasped, “Oh yea!” as his hot helmet slid all the way to the back of her throat.

“This is the life,” chuckled Bill, as he linked his hands behind his head, thrusting his pelvis and watching his cock continuing to slide forwards and backwards along Auntie’s throat.

Ben started humming a tune and both brothers began thrusting in time. Ben was loving the big jiggly buttocks his brother had just enjoyed.

Their climaxes this time were particularly hot. Ben’s was helped by the fact that Auntie couldn’t stop herself thrusting back against him. He kept still as she effectively fucked his cock with her asshole and his cum jetted deep inside her.

Bill decided to take things a bit further and told Mandy to grasp his nuts, purse her lips and lick his helmet if she didn’t want to be choked by his cum. Desperately Mandy grabbed his testicles as he fucked her red moist lips. He was in ecstasy as her tongue licked his pee hole as his cum pulsed into her mouth.

Later, they both agreed that the doggie position with ass fuck and deepthroat was probably the best of all the positions they were to try that night.

Three hours later, Liz arrived home. The house was quiet and peeping round their doors, she could see the twins were still fast asleep. However, looking in Mandy’s room she was surprised to see it empty. Looking further she discovered a note on the dressing table which apologized for Mandy having to leave in a rush but she’d had an emergency phone call from Mrs Prendergast, needing her help for a floral display for a town dignitary.

“What a pity,” thought Liz, ” just when I was hoping that she could be persuaded to see the positive attributes of my boys.”

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