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Price of Promotion

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Like so many of his colleagues, David Smith was worried about his future in hard economic times. It was not that he was no good at his job, or that he felt vulnerable compared to all the other guys in the office, but rumours were that the business might be “downsizing” and some cuts might be inevitable. As usual, management weren’t exactly forthcoming by way of reassurance — workers scared for their jobs work twice as hard.

However, a short conversation with his boss had just put a smile back on David’s face; something that had been missing for quite some while now.

He’d joined the company nearly a year ago and although he’d had no significant problems, he hadn’t been pulling up any trees either. David had been let go from his previous job when his performance didn’t quite match expectations, but he knew it had just been a run of bad luck that resulted in his failure to bring in enough new business. All he needed was a chance to prove he could do it, and his latest boss had just given him reason to be hopeful. He’d just told him that there were three senior sales manager positions being offered, and five candidates:

David was apparently one of the top three, at least that’s what his boss said, and he wasn’t about to argue! But today was Thursday, and the chosen three would be invited to a dinner party Saturday night, compliments of the management. Final word would be given sometime on Friday afternoon and, as a result, David hardly slept a wink that night and spent all Friday morning in a state of high tension. Around 1.30pm the boss walked in to the office and put down a thick manila envelope on his desk, winked, then walked out without saying a word. David drew in a sharp breath, then opened the envelope and slowly drew out the contents. It was a contract offering the position of senior sales manager — subject to a probationary period of course, but it was definitely his! Quietly, he scooped up the paperwork and walked out of the office, down the stairs to the main entrance and out into the parking lot. No one took much notice of his exit from the building, nor did they see him walk to the rear storage area and do his brief, but energetic dance of pure joy. “Jesus Christ!” he smiled to himself, “all my worries are over!”

Later the next day, David was at home in the master bedroom casually regarding the gorgeous form of his wife Jennifer. He sat on the edge of the bed, slowly putting on his socks, and stared in admiration as she slowly rolled the thigh-high stockings up her long, tanned legs. She was beautiful by anyone’s standards, and even after seven years of marriage, at the ripe old age of 27, she looked exactly like she did the first day they met.

Well, maybe not exactly the same; she was perhaps three or four pounds heavier, but this was evenly spread over her firm, athletic body to form curves in all the right places. Quite simply, she was stunning: dark gold, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, slim waist, a sweet peach of an ass, and she looked for all the world like a model from one of David’s favourite porn magazines. He wasn’t sure if it was just his own bias, but given a choice he would take Jennifer every time — no disrespect to any of the porn models. Jennifer smoothed the tops of the stockings and went to the full length mirror to study the effect. She placed her hands on her hips and swivelled, admiring the look that the sheer black nylons, cutaway black lace panties and matching half-cup, strapless bra created.

She turned to David and said “You like?”

He pursed his lips and blew a kiss to her “Oh I like honey, I like very much!”

As they dressed, Jennifer looked over at David and asked him if everything was ok? For some time now she had been worried about her husband. Nothing she could put her finger on directly, and she was sure he still loved her and all, but he’d been kind of distant for months. When they’d first met, he was the life and soul of any party and made her laugh constantly. That, and his cute “little boy lost” look had won her over, and she’d had no hesitation in accepting his proposal of marriage when it came.

But that was seven years ago and David’s spark had slowly dimmed. She knew that times were tight, and David’s job wasn’t particularly well paid, but they were getting by. But he had been getting kind of snappy with her, and their sex life was not too frequent either — and she did miss that, very much! Then last night when he got home from work, he’d seemed totally different; in fact, just like he used to be. He wouldn’t say why, but kept saying they were going out tomorrow evening and that there was a “surprise” in store. It was infuriating! The more she pressed him, the more he clammed up until finally she resorted to physical violence — well, tickling anyway. But still he wouldn’t tell her. It did lead to an energetic, though short lived fuck, something that hadn’t happened in over two weeks, and although David ejaculated within the first ten strokes at least she went to sleep with a smile on her face.

David looked back at her for a moment and said “Sure honey, why do you ask?”

She shrugged her shoulders a little and said “Well it’s just you’ve been a little distracted recently, like your mind was troubled by something? Now all of a sudden you’re bubbling?”

David sighed and gave her a broad smile, “It’s nothing bad hun, and I know I’ve been holding out on telling you where we’re going and why.”

He stood up to walk over to her, took her in his arms and held her close, breathing in her perfume as he kissed the top of her head. “Honey, everything will be ok. I know we owe a little too much on our credit cards, and I’ve had to turn you down for some things I considered too expensive. But not any more: we’re going out to dinner tonight as guests of my Chief Executive. I’ve been promoted to Senior Sales Manager — on nearly twice the salary!”

She looked up at him open-mouthed and gasped “You’re not joking are you?”

She giggled wildly, then said “So you’ll buy me lots of those expensive holidays and clothes I need?”

At that, David growled and playfully slapped her on the butt, which sent her squealing across the bedroom to escape further punishment. “Steady tiger!” she laughed, “you can’t afford that particular service, even on your new salary!”

“Oh yeah?” laughed David, “Let’s see about that! I seem to remember we have a wedding contract, and I’m sure it’s in the small print.”

Jennifer looked at the growing bulge in his shorts and said “Better get your trousers on stud, or we’ll be late for dinner. If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you have something special for dessert.”

David groaned loudly, “Oh honey, I don’t think I can wait that long!” She looked at the tent that had formed in the front of his shorts, “Hmmm, I guess you’ll be pestering me all through dinner if I don’t sort you out?” she said, with mock frustration. Before he could answer she went over to him and took a firm hold on his cock, stroking it through the thin material.

David’s eyes widened and he grinned, “So you’re going to take care of that for me?”

Jennifer knelt in front of him and unzipped his fly, gently pulling his hard cock out into the open. While not the biggest cock she’d ever seen, it was a good six inches and hard as a rock. Tenderly, she ran her fingers up and down the length of the shaft, all the while maintaining eye contact with her husband then with slow, deliberate action she started to lick his cock from top to bottom. Her tongue circled all around the swollen head until he moaned out loud, “Oh God yes! Suck it!” She sucked the head into her mouth, stroking up and down its length with her slim fingers. David felt her tongue swirling around his aching shaft, driving him wild with desire. He took a hold of her head and pushed her down on his hard cock, hips frantically fucking his engorged tool deep into her throat. He couldn’t withstand it a moment longer — “Ahhhhhh!!!” he shouted, as his hot sperm hit the back of his wife’s mouth and went right down her throat and into her stomach. Lovingly, she sucked every last drop out of it before coming up for air.

“Now”, she said with a sexy chuckle, “will you please take me out to dinner, Mister Senior Sales thingy?”

Jennifer scooted David away while she completed her dressing and makeup, telling him firmly to “move himself”, lest they be late. The taxi turned up at 7pm prompt, ready to take them to the company dinner. David, who by now was dressed in black suit, black shirt and charcoal tie, called up stairs “Honey get a move on, the cab is here!”

“Tell him two minutes!” she shouted back.

David muttered a gentle curse under his breath but promptly did as he was told. Just as he finished explaining to the driver, he looked back towards the house and saw his wife framed in the doorway. She was wearing a plain black silk dress, spaghetti strapped at the top, and coming down to just above her knees. With matching pearl earrings and necklace, she looked as near perfection as it was possible to get.

The cabbie’s voice tore his eyes away from her “Is that your wife there?” he said, whistling appreciatively. David nodded. “Definitely worth the wait then” the cabbie grinned.

David’s boss, James McFarlane, watched the couple as they alighted from the taxi. He had been standing in the restaurant entrance, taking in some cool evening air when it arrived, and he smiled as he recognised David and his luscious wife. It took about 2 to 3 minutes for David to pay the fare, and in that time he had run an appreciative eye over the body of Mrs Jennifer Smith. Most of the other guests were already here, and James knew without doubt that Jennifer was the hottest of the women here tonight. More importantly she was the object of the whole exercise, certainly as far as James was concerned. The restaurant he’d chosen as tonight’s venue was a secluded and impressive looking “Hacienda” style building, set in about three acres of landscaped grounds, with external dining area and large car park to the rear. It gave the impression of an exclusive country club, and James used it whenever he wished to impress.

Tonight he wished to impress Jennifer Smith, and he made a mental note to arrange for her husband’s first out of town assignment at the earliest opportunity. He smiled genially as they walked towards him, which both David and Jennifer took at face value. They smiled back, and David said “Hi James! This is my wife Jennifer.”

James reached out and took Jennifer’s outstretched hand and said “Hello, I finally get the pleasure of meeting Mrs Smith at last.”

Jennifer’s small hand was engulfed by James’ huge paw, easily twice the size of hers. It was then she noticed that he was physically big in all respects: standing around 6’3″ and weighing over 200 pounds, broad shoulders and athletic build, with short dark hair and white smile against his tanned skin. Under other circumstances,

Jennifer thought wistfully, she would have had him top of her “to do” list. Jennifer, flushed at the compliment, smiled warmly at him. “Thank you sir, I’m pleased to meet you too”.

Still holding her hand, James said “Now none of that “sir” business — my name is James. Come, the others are drinking inside, and we should go in and order before they get too wasted to eat!”

Laughing, they moved inside to the bar area where James began the process of introductions. David, of course, was known to most of the party but there were one or two senior directors he hadn’t yet encountered, so James started them with a group of sales colleagues nearer to David’s new status.

Just before he left them, James said to David and Jennifer “Now don’t be afraid to order whatever you like, at least as far as eating and drinking is concerned.” He smiled conspiratorially at them both. “Now David has his new status to think of, maybe champagne would be a good place to start?”

They all laughed, and David said he’d be sure to order the Dom Perignon immediately. James smiled broadly, told them to enjoy, and then walked to the far side of the restaurant, where the senior directors were gathered. He would take David to the senior directors later, which would give him time alone to talk to Jennifer. Although he hadn’t met her before, he had seen photographs of her at the time that David was originally hired by the company. As Chief Executive, James had the final say in recruitment and he made it his business to scrutinise everyone’s application process. This wasn’t absolutely necessary from a business perspective, but James had been most successful over the years in increasing turnover at any company he joined. Few knew the secret of his success, and he liked it that way, but in a very short while one more person would be in on the secret — the delectable Mrs Smith. It had been her photograph that secured David the initial job, not his resume or qualifications. He was competent enough, but nothing outstanding: his wife on the other hand was truly outstanding, with model looks and brains as well. It hadn’t taken much detective work to establish she’d had a university education in business studies, and had passed with honours. The date of their marriage coincided with the end of her education, so it was obvious she’d given up a bright future to play dutiful and loving housewife. But there were no children after seven years?

James was prepared to bet that some of the initial shine had worn off, and life as housewife was becoming more than a little stale. Not that she had been cheating on her husband – nothing in James’ comprehensive digging had unearthed any indication of that – but human nature was human nature. Very soon she would be put on the horns of a moral dilemma, and James was quietly confident he knew what her reaction would be.

After about 20 minutes of small talk everyone took their seats and the dinner began. Two hours later, when the plates were cleared away and dance music started, James went to find David and Jennifer. They were at a table, talking to a group of other sales executives, when James tapped David on the shoulder and said “Hey, that’s enough fun for you for one evening! I must take you to meet our two senior directors — and don’t worry about Jennifer, I’ll make sure she isn’t bored while you’re busy.”

Without further delay James ushered David to the far side of the room and left him talking to John Thornton and Malcolm Parker. They were senior alright, but not as influential as James and were under strict orders to keep him talking for at least an hour. James excused himself and went straight back to where Jennifer was sitting.

He smiled down at her and said “Excuse me pretty lady, would you care to dance with me?”

Jennifer threw her head back and laughed, completely relaxed now as a result of the champagne she’d just drunk. “Oh I think that can be arranged” she smiled, “I love dancing and this happens to be my favourite tune.”

James followed her onto the dance floor, admiring the way her hips swayed as she moved. Just at that moment the music changed to a slower, Latin beat so he took hold of her and pulled her in close. She did not hesitate at all, taking hold of his shoulder and hand, allowing her body to press up close against him. James let his right hand perch just at the point where Jennifer’s back curved out and became her ass. He could feel every movement of her hips as they swayed to the music, and was able to control the amount of distance between them.

He looked at her and smiled. “Are you enjoying this evening?”

Jennifer looked up into his deep blue eyes and felt a surge of warmth. “Yes, I’m loving every minute!” she giggled.

“That’s good” said James, “we always aim to please on these occasions.”

He was aware of the effect that her gently moving body and sensuous perfume were having on him, and allowed a little more distance so that his growing erection wouldn’t be too noticeable.

He regarded the pretty face that looked up at him and smiled. “Mrs Smith, you dance beautifully. I guess David is a lucky man to have a dance partner like you.”

Jennifer gave a warm throaty chuckle and said “Hell no! First of all, I can’t dance, even though I love it, and second neither can David.”

She paused, then said “But I could certainly get used to evenings like this. And you should call me Jenny, not Mrs Smith!”

James raised her right hand to his lips and kissed it “Your wish is my command, Jenny!”

Jennifer laughed and blushed, obviously pleased at the attention she was getting from David’s boss.

They danced close for a few moments, then James said “Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

Jennifer looked at him quizzically, “No, not at all. Go right ahead.”

James chose his words carefully “Jenny, you know your husband is extremely lucky to get the job as senior sales executive, don’t you?”

She stopped dancing and just looked at him, “I don’t know what you mean?”

“Jenny, you know he isn’t really qualified to get the promotion, don’t you?” said James.

Her voice faltered “What are you saying?” Sensing the moment was getting too tense for the dance floor, James said “Let’s go outside for a while, there’s something we need to discuss.”

This time James led the way, and Jennifer followed him out of the restaurant’s French windows and on to the large patio, which was deserted except for one couple, locked in their own conversation at the far end. The whole area was in darkness, illuminated only by the glow of small lights set in the flower borders at the edge of the tabled area. The air outside was warm and scented, and James took a deep breath of it before speaking. Jennifer beat him to it though.

“What do you mean he isn’t qualified?” she said tersely.

They had reached the edge of the patio, by a balustrade wall which separated it from the car park. James leant against the wall, which was just below hip height for him.

He looked at her steadily and said “Jenny, there’s something you need to be clear about. I didn’t hire your husband because of his sales ability; I hired him because of you. I’ve done my research and I know you have a business qualification, so you’ll understand what I’m telling you.”

She stared at him for a moment and said “I don’t think I’m going to like where this is going, am I?”

James looked thoughtful, “I suppose that depends on what you really want, and how much you want to do to get it?”

Jennifer’s body tensed and she took a slight step back from James. “What I like is none of your business” she snapped, “and if you’re suggesting I’d do anything improper behind my husband’s back, I’ll complain about this!”

James contained his urge to grin, forcing himself to keep a straight face. “Complain to whom exactly? And what would you complain about? You haven’t heard what I’ve got to say yet.”

Jennifer’s composure began to crumble, and she stuttered “But, but, you were implying you wanted me to…”

James cut her off “I think you’d better hear me out first, don’t you?”

He motioned to a table and chairs by the wall and they sat down.

“Listen Jenny, I run a very successful business operation and for that my Board of Directors are very grateful. They rely on me to keep the money rolling in, and as long as it does they don’t give a flying fuck how I manage it as long as there’s no legal comeback. Are you with me so far?” Jennifer nodded.

“The thing that wins business is closing a deal, and knowing what the opposition is planning to do. In my experience, it’s mostly guys that are in the decision-making roles, and it’s guys that need to be convinced, and the best way to do that is get their attention.”

Jennifer sat with her hands clasped tight in her lap, as if too scared to make any movement at all. She almost whispered “So where do I figure in all this, and what does that have to do with David?”

James leaned forward across the table and said quietly “I want you to be the one to help me get the guys’ interest.”

“Looks like my first reaction was correct — this is all about sex, isn’t it?” said Jennifer coldly.

“It’s always possible that it might not involve that” said James “but I’d be amazed if it didn’t. Men are men, and when faced with someone as beautiful as you they become, well, pliable.”

She gave him a look that would freeze hot water, and said “So you want me to be a whore for your company? Well I’m no whore, and you can stick your company hospitality!”

She stood up, blazing angry and turned on her heel.

“Stop!” said James “and hear the rest of what I have to say. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to stomp out afterwards, if that’s what you decide to do.”

Reluctantly, Jennifer turned back to face him but did not sit. “Alright then, but if you think I can be bought you’re wrong. And it’s illegal! And I’m telling the police!”

“Calm down Jenny” said James. “Come on” he said softly, “please sit and let me finish.”

Jennifer sat down again and stared at the handsome, yet cruel face across the table.

James continued. “First, I don’t think you’re a whore. Whores sell their bodies and the fuck is the whole of the business. What I’m talking about is you being prepared to do whatever it takes to close a deal.”

He saw her mouth start to open and said “Wait please, I’ve more to say. I hired your husband because eventually I wanted to make you a job offer, to become part of my company’s marketing team. Unorthodox and bizarre though that might seem to you, that’s just what you’ll be. I’ll be paying you to meet clients, win them over, and then keep them onside. Help us beat the opposition to the business, by having them sign with us or stay with us once they’ve signed. You are very beautiful and intelligent, and you know what I’m saying makes business sense, even if the morality is suspect.”

James paused, then reached out and took hold of Jennifer’s hands.

“It is entirely legal though, because at no time do you get paid to have sex with anyone. You do it, or not, because you choose to do so — because you decide if it’s necessary to to win the business. And no, I can’t just hire a hooker to do this for us.”

“I know” said Jennifer, “you couldn’t trust them to do exactly what you wanted.”

James smiled at her, “You see, I told you that you’re smart. And that’s precisely the point — I need someone who can make the right decision, and who works only for me. I need to be able to trust.”

James stood up and walked around the table, then hunkered down next to Jennifer, resting his hand on her knee.

“And I know I could trust you, because you’d be doing it for a solid reason — looking after your own best interest, including David.”

She pushed his hand off and said bitterly “So you’re going to fire my husband if I don’t do what you want?”

“No” said James, “no I’m not going to fire him. But neither will I be doing him any favours either. Why should I? Like I said, you know he hasn’t really got the qualifications or experience needed, and although none of the three senior sales guys know this, they’ll be chasing two jobs only at the end of the trial period. One of them has to go, and if I’m absolutely fair, then it should be an open competition which David would probably lose. But if you want to make sure he doesn’t, you’re going to have to persuade me to break a few rules.”

He watched intently as Jennifer considered her position. Her face was set like a stone mask, beautiful but cold. Her breathing was slightly laboured, her pert and rounded breasts straining at the thin material of her dress as she drew in air. Her mind was spinning, trying to take in the enormity of what was being proposed. She knew that her husband was happier than she had seen him since their wedding day, and if he lost this job he might be devastated. But here was his boss, offering her the chance to remove all doubt, as long as she became the company “business extras”. The company slut!

James again placed his hand on her knee, but this time she didn’t attempt to remove it.

“So you’ll make sure he keeps the promotion?” she sighed.

“Yes” said James.

“And I’ll be hired by the company too?” James grinned inwardly — he had her just where he wanted her!

“Yes Jenny, and on an extremely attractive salary, plus bonuses – you may end up earning much more than David, but I’d be inclined to keep that between ourselves. A personal assistant couldn’t officially be that well paid. David must not be made aware of this deal, or how he actually got his job. It would hurt him badly if he knew or suspected it.”

Jennifer nodded silently, then sighed again “And when am I supposed to start doing this “work” for you?”

Slowly, James applied pressure to her knee and she slowly uncrossed her legs. His hand slid up the inside of her thighs, caressing the warm nylon-clad skin. She bit her bottom lip and her body tensed as his fingers reached the top of her stockings.

James said “You can start right now. I need to know if you can do this, without any hesitation. Some can, some can’t, even if they think they’re strong minded enough. Now, don’t try to stop me, whatever I do to you in the next few minutes. If you stop me, the deal is off. And don’t worry, no-one can see what we’re doing here.”

Unnoticed by her, James had already signalled to his two assistants that he wished privacy, and so the couple at the far end of the patio had silently withdrawn, closing the French doors behind them.

Slowly, his hand moved beyond her stocking tops, well under her dress and glided over the soft, pliant flesh of her inner thighs. His fingers grazed the flimsy material of her thin panties, as he gently used the back of his index finger to trace along the outline of her pussy lips. Jennifer’s legs parted involuntarily as her back arched, and she moaned softly into her bitten lip.

Gradually, he increased the pressure of his finger as he rubbed her hot little clit through the lacy material. Moisture began seeping through the crotch of her panties, and her pussy juice coated his finger tips. Never taking his eyes from hers, he wormed his fingers into the edge of her panties and slid underneath, finding her wet, throbbing pussy already gaping open for him. He teased all around her outer lips, then slowly inserted a thick finger between them and pushed it right up inside her.

By now, Jennifer’s body was on fire with lust as she began to writhe and grind her hips against James’ probing digit. James whispered “Does that feel good?”

Jennifer’s breathing was becoming ragged, and she merely moaned in response. He curled his finger upwards, seeking the tender, sweet spot just inside her pulsing tunnel and she gasped as he struck pay-dirt. She dropped lower in the chair and spread her legs wider, then grabbed the back of his head with her right hand.

“Don’t stop!” she gasped, “even if someone comes.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve made sure they won’t” said James, his hand now speeding up as he finger fucked her hot, tight little cunt. Jennifer felt the fire in her pussy spread throughout her whole body as her first orgasm started to build. Suddenly she pulled James’ head fiercely towards her, his lips closing tightly over hers as their tongues met. She sucked his tongue passionately as he added a second large finger to her hot, hungry cunt. Her juices were dripping down his hand, making soft squelching sounds as his fingers plundered her gooey snatch. The scent of Jennifer’s cunt filled James’ nostrils, and his hard cock strained against the crotch of his suit pants.

“You like this baby?” he whispered, not breaking the kiss.

“Yesssss!” she hissed.

“Suck my cock baby, right now!” he ordered.

He rose to his feet unsteadily, withdrawing his fingers from deep within Jennifer as he brought his crotch close to her face.

“Take it out and suck it” he said, looking into her eyes as she fumbled to unzip him.

He felt her fingers reach inside and stroke his cock through his underwear, then pull the waistband down and free his aching member. His straining cock snapped out, bobbing just a few inches above her upturned face, and she gasped at the size and thickness of it. It was much bigger and thicker than David’s, and her lust intensified at the thought of how it would feel inside her.

Her small hand wrapped around its girth, but only just, and she slowly worked the uncircumcised dick between her soft fingers. She pulled it down towards her waiting mouth and kissed the tip. Jennifer extended her tongue and licked a bead of precum from it, then slowly sucked the engorged, purple head into her mouth and swirled her tongue over its velvety surface.

James extended his arm and reinserted his fingers in her pussy, while Jenny continued devouring his cock. Her mouth was on fire, sucking and licking like crazy as his fingers rammed into her. He looked down and saw her legs splayed obscenely, her cunt glistening with moisture. Jennifer took hold of his hips and pull him in, forcing more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Inch by inch he watched as it slowly disappeared, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

He held still for several seconds, then she released and let his cock draw back so she could breathe. He pulled away and bent down to kiss her, tasting his own cock on her lips. He looked into her lust-filled eyes and said “Now I’m going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours.”

She said nothing as he moved between her outstretched thighs and knelt down. James gazed at the wanton display before him; Jennifer’s cute little tuft of golden brown pubic hair, now damp with the juice from the glistening, pink slit. He noticed her dress was bunched up beneath her, and he gently caressed her outer thighs as he lifted them and slid her dress further up, so that her ass and pussy were now naked, except for her tiny black panties.

He pulled the panties crotch aside and worked the head of his cock up and down Jennifer’s wet slit, teasing her clit until she moaned with pleasure. He pressed his hips forward slightly, until the cock head parted her outer lips and buried itself an inch inside her. Suddenly, he thrust hard and drove it up to the hilt. Her face contorted in a mask of pure wanton desire as she felt the entire length of his erection stretch out her pussy.

She screamed “YESSSS!!!!” as the fire inside her grew red hot. James felt her hands pulling his head down again as their mouths met in a passionate, deep kiss. He slammed his cock into her willing, open cunt faster and faster, as she fucked back hard onto his every stroke.

“Oh fuck…fuck! So good!” she gasped, keeping time with his pounding of her red hot pussy.

Her whole body went rigid and shook, as her orgasm ripped through her. She gripped James’ head and nearly bit off his tongue as it probed her drooling mouth. She felt his cock expand as he arched his back and groaned loudly, burying his cock as deep as it would go.

“I’m cumminnnng!!” he gasped, and squirted his hot, sticky sperm deep into her womb. They stayed absolutely still for long moments, staring into each others’ eyes, their bodies still joined as the last waves of their orgasms subsided. Jennifer felt the hot, sticky flow of her own cunt juice and James’ sperm leak out from around his still hard cock and run down the crack of her ass.

James said softly “Jenny, are you alright?”

She looked at him with a strange, almost detached look and in a quiet voice said “I think so — considering I’ve just cheated on my husband for the first time.”

James brought a finger to his lips, kissed it, and then placed it gently over Jenny’s soft mouth.

“Shhhhh…” he whispered, “this is just a job now, and you are taking care of your husband’s interests. You’ll see how happy he is, now that he’s got a chance of making real progress, and you have the power to make sure that continues.”

Her face softened slightly as she realised he was genuinely trying to ease her conscience. “We’d better get back to the party before we’re missed” said Jennifer.

James nodded and slowly pulled his softening cock from her dripping wet pussy. It made a quiet, plopping sound as it came out and the mass of sperm oozed out and fell onto the floor beneath. He leaned forward again and kissed her tenderly.

James stood up and put his now flaccid cock back in his trousers and zipped up. He checked the front of his suit pants, but there was no trace of their fucking to be seen on him. He offered his hand to Jennifer, but she declined and spent a few moments using her fingers to clear the remaining cum as it dripped from her freshly used pussy.

“Do you have a tissue?” she asked, and James gave her his handkerchief.

Jennifer used it to clean up the remaining traces of sex, and rearranged her panties to cover her still throbbing pussy. She stood up and said “What shall I do with this?” indicating the damp cloth.

James took it from her hand and said “I’ll take care of that.” With that, he took her arm and led her towards the restaurant windows. Just before they entered the main room, James stopped her by pulling gently on her arm.

Jennifer looked at him and said “What is it?” “Just wanted to check that you’re still ok with our arrangement?”

She looked at him and gave a faint smile. “Yes, I am ok with it. Just as long as you keep your part of the bargain.”

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