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Welcome Home

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As I walk into the flat I notice that the lights are dimmed, I smile knowing that you are here, watching my movements from the shadows and have something mischievous planned. I place down my jacket and bag and I hear your heels on the wooden floor as you walk up behind me.

“Don’t turn around.” Your voice quiet but commanding. I can feel your breath against my neck as you slowly tie a silk scarf over my eyes, blindfolding me. I am already at your mercy. Whispering gently into my ear what you’re planning on doing to me, and reminding me that I want it even as I shudder. “You want this.”

You lead me into the bedroom. I stand in the room, shivering with anticipation as you slowly begin to undress me. Your soft hands caressing my body, smoothing away my goosebumps. Your hand is at my belt buckle, drawing through the leather strap loop by loop, removing the belt fully from my trousers you snap the leather together as a promise of what may be to come and to reinforce your total control. I reach out to touch you, to feel your body, to feel what you are wearing and delight in your soft skin, but you slap my hands down denying me even that. My hardening cock is straining against my shorts, and I audibly sigh as you release me from that torment; my cock bobs in front of me finally free. I feel your tongue trace the length of my shaft, from balls to head, a soft lick to tease me before leading me to the bed and pushing me onto my back.

You pull my hands to the top of the bed, securing them to the restraints you have placed there. You are stroking, then kissing and licking my entire body. Not allowing me even a taste of you despite my begging. You shift on the bed and finally kiss my mouth, but only to make me taste my pre-come on your lips and tongue; the promise and threat of more to come. Your fingers are on my cock, my smooth hairless balls, tracing down to my anus. I shiver yet again. A coolness on my ass, and the tip of your lubricated finger slips inside me. Then just as quickly it’s gone. An insistent pressure against me and I know that was just a prelude. The head of your vibrator is stretching my ass; a moments resistance and my body yields. You slide the slick lubed cock into me and I can’t help but moan, my own cock twitches uncontrollably. Now you are fucking me, I am almost breathless with excitement, and my moans are yet louder as you take my aching cock into your hot mouth. Without warning you switch on the vibrator. The gentle hum coursing through my ass as you beautifully fuck me.

I am writhing in pleasure, begging to come, but you stop… slowly drawing the vibrator from me, kissing me deeply that I might taste more of my own come from your tongue. You turn me on the bed, adjusting my restraints gently as you push me onto my knees and I whimper as I know what’s coming. You whisper in my ear, “You want this…”

You enter me suddenly, in one thrust you begin fucking me mercilessly. The violent searing pain is momentary, a sharp reminder that it is me being taken. Gone now, and replaced by a yearning for more, an ardent need to be fucked. The hard, large cock of your strap-on stretching me more than ever before and your hand snakes round to grasp my cock. Your fingers trace the head and you bring the come leaking from me to my lips as you whisper, “You want this.” You slow down and breathe into my ear, “Tell me what you want baby, tell me what you need…”

All pride gone, tied to the bed on all fours, my ass in the air with your hard cock buried deep inside me. It’s all I can do to speak, it comes out quietly, ashamed I am so desperate for it, that I need it so much, “I need you to fuck me baby…”

“Tell me again” you say. Slowly thrusting into me as you speak.

“I need you to fuck my ass baby, fuck me hard, please baby, fuck me hard, I need to come”

You are fucking me hard now, pounding into my ass, driven by raw passion. Your hand tightly gripping my cock, but not allowing me to come. You ignore my begging and keep thrusting deep into me. When you can sense that I have had enough, that I am bordering on coming, that I am about to explode, you stop. I’m begging you now, pleading with you to let me come, promising anything, but you deny me release. You slide from me, a groan accompanies my shudder as am suddenly so empty. You turn me onto my back again, and slide a butt plug into me, “A new toy for you to keep you full, because you want it baby, tell me how you want it…”

My hard cock is aching now, as you take off your harness I am begging once again, “Please keep fucking me baby, I need my ass to be stretched, I need to be fucked.” The butt plug has filled me, larger than I have taken before. Gently but firmly you straddle me, and with a moan from both of us you slide me into your tight wet beautiful pussy.

You ride me hard but steady, knowing I am on the edge of coming. You rip the blindfold off my face and suddenly I can see you. The lust and passion in your eyes is so hot and intense. Your corseted body riding my naked one. Your stockings silky and smooth against my body, your high heels tossed carelessly to the side of the bed. The strap-on lying menacingly next to our bodies, the dildo black and shining still slick with lubrication. On seeing your hard black cock lying there a throb pulses through my entire body, and I totally lose control. My cock spasms uncontrollably, and finally I cry out, and come deep inside you. Spurt after spurt I fill you. You wait for my breathing to settle, then without saying a word you kiss me softly and gently move your body up mine. Slowly you lower your glistening pussy onto my lips.

“Clean up your mess and make me come you dirty boy.” Your voice light and alive with your naughtiness. I lick your pussy to your commands, tasting my come as it mixes with yours. “You want this” you pant, as you grind yourself against my face, my chin now wet with our combined juices. Your breath quickens as you get closer, and you push down on my mouth, my tongue deep inside you as you come against me. My mouth full with your juices, and still tasting myself in you. Finally, after coming hard you lift yourself from my face and lie back next to me. You look me in the eyes, kissing me deeply, tasting us both as you untie my arms. Moving down my body you remove the butt plug gently, my ass gripping it as if reluctant for the debauchery to end. As it breaches the tight muscular ring I groan loudly and you chuckle. You give my now softened, but a-livening cock a peck of encouragement before moving up into my arms.

I hold you tightly, arms finally free to caress and explore your body. My hands rest on your ass cheeks, a finger slowly traces the crack of your ass and pauses lightly held against your beautiful ass hole. A guilty impish look comes into your eyes as you stare into mine knowingly and we kiss again.

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