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Another Tequila Night

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The hour was late and we had been drinking fairly heavily throughout the evening. I had been doing shooters of tequila and the girls had been drinking screwdrivers. We were all getting pretty plastered and we were a bit loose in our conversation. Ellen, our neighbor, had just regaled us with a tale of a sexual escapade she had experienced this last week.

Ellen, or Ell as she preferred to be called, worked as a carpenters’ helper on a construction project. Apparently she and a few of her co-workers had decided to go out for a few drinks the other day when they had been rained off the job site.

They had gone to a bar that also had a motel or at least a few rooms for hire by the hour for customer’s convenience so to say. Ell had been really turned on by one of the men in her crew and they had decided to take a room for a couple of hours of sucking and fucking.

Ell and this guy quickly got down and dirty and had done just about everything under the sun. She had been fucked until she was suitably tired and raw and he was limp and sucked dry.

He excused himself to go get them fresh drinks. She had waited for him, naked and legs spread for a few minutes when the door finally opened instead of her former partner coming through the door a couple of her other co-workers had staggered through the doorway with drinks in hand.

She said that she had covered up and asked them what the hell they was doing there. They had replied that they were there to bring her a fresh drink and to have some fun with her. She said that she told them to go to hell, but she took the drink he offered and sat back on the bed to drink.

One of the guys unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick and held it close to her face and started to stroke it saying that she sure was sexy and he sure was horny, etcetera. Ell said that she chugged her drink and began to kiss and suck his dick. She said that she had no choice, but I think that she was just turned on by the whole thing.

She had just gotten started on that one guy when the other of guy declared that it was his turn, the guy that was getting head said that it was still his turn and that he could wait. It looked like there was going to be a fight but Ell had told them that she could solve their problem for another drink. She was handed a new drink and she quickly drank it.

Ell got onto her hands and knees, motioned to the one guy to come around to the front and indicated to the other guy to do her from the back. They had fucked the hell out of her that way and then they had switched spots to do her some more.

A few drinks later, and maybe a few other guys later, she had been left without a ride at the motel when her co-workers had gone home to their families and their wives. It was then that she had called Pat, my girl friend, to come pick her up.

I guess that Pat had picked her up outside of the bar and brought her back to her apartment across the street from our house. All Pat could say was that she was pretty messed up and could barely stand up, or talk when she brought her home. Pat had needed to hold on to her as she had walked Ell up to her door to keep her from falling down.

Ell tried to unlock her door but the key would not fit, Pat said she noticed that it was the wrong key and had unlocked the door, walked her inside the apartment and helped her down on the couch. Ell had hugged Pat and thanked her profusely and then promptly passed out. Pat had covered her up, locked the door on the way out, and had gone home.

That was Tuesday and this was Friday and I had a rare weekend off so Pat and I had decided to have a few adult beverages and maybe later retire to the bedroom for some adult recreational activities. Ell had shown up early in the evening, we offered her a drink and some company.

Both Pat and I were fond of Ell, she was one of our better neighbors. She had moved in across the street around six months before with her boyfriend Dave. We had immediately taken a liking to them and they had spent many evenings with us chatting over a beer or something stronger.

Dave had left for parts unknown after a few months but Ell stuck around and worked as a laborer on construction jobs in the area. She had taken to coming over more often since Dave left. And neither of us had minded that in the least.

Ell was a nice gal to be around and Pat seemed to like her company. For myself, I enjoyed having her around too. Ell was a good sport to kid around with and she was not hard on the eyes either, especially when she put on a skimpy halter-top or tight t-shirt and strutted her stuff in some tight pants or cutoffs.

Tonight I was sitting in my easy chair and the two ladies were sitting on the couch across from me, drinking their drinks and giggling. I couldn’t help but look at them appreciatively. They were both very attractive women, especially in my present state of mind. Pat is my long time girl friend, she is tall at around five foot nine inches, thin and very blond. She doesn’t have much in the breast department but she has a fine ass and a tight and willing pussy.

Ell on the other hand is dark and maybe five foot two at best, with a nice set of tits and a very fine ass.

Although I am happy with Pat, I have admired Ell from afar or a while now. I never made a move on Ell out of respect for Pat, but sometimes when she would bend over in front of me I would fantasize for a minute about sliding my dick into her from the back while I ran my hands over her tits. The fantasy never went any farther than that, but more than once or twice my old Johnson had come to attention at the sight of her derriere in a pair of shorts, the fabric stretched tight across her lovely buttocks, or the vision of her breasts in a tight cut-off t-shirt, the bottom of her firm breasts showing just a little and the nipples standing out against the fabric. At times like that I was glad to have a more than willing sex partner in Pat to relieve the sexual tension.

Pat and I had been together for six years. She worked as a bookkeeper at a small company not too far away. She was, as I said before, tall and willowy with small pert breasts, smooth silky skin and a nice tight ass. Looking at her in a tight pair of pants, or no pants at all for that matter had an arousing way with me too. I would often just come up behind her slide my hands over her firm breasts and slip it right into her almost always ready and wet pussy when I found her bent over naked in the bed room or bathroom.

She always seemed to be willing and ready for a romp. I was glad of that because I was always pretty horny and got hard at the mere sound of a pair a panties being dropped.

Ell had just finished her rousing story and was sipping her drink. My johnson was already at half mast and I was beginning to feel a bit frisky. I looked at Ell, her head lolled back with a small smile told me that she was a bit turned on in the telling of her tale. When I looked over at Pat, I could see a slight flish on her cheeks that I didn’t think came from the drink in her hand. We all sat there in silence for a few minutes lost in our individual worlds.

Tireing of the lapse in the conversation I asked, “Well did you enjoy pulling the train?”

She looked at me and replied, “Yeah, some, after I got into it, I mean, every girl enjoys a good fucking.” Then she added, “But the guy sure was a jerk when he assumed that I could be turned out to all of his buddies without even asking me first.” Then she scowled and took a good healthy pull on her drink.

I said, “Well you could have just walked out you know.”

She replied, “Yeah, maybe, but I was naked and drunk and without a ride. Besides, it is kind of hard for a girl to say no when she has a dick stuck down her throat.” She chuckled at that and sipped on her drink again.

Feeling rather bold at this point I responded, “Well maybe I should just slide mine in there.”

She gazed at me for a second over the top of her drink, then pulled the glass down and replied, “Well honey, it would be a little hard to do that from way over there. If you intend to do anything like that you better scoot your cute little butt over here.” And she slid over a little bit and patted the space between her and Pat on the couch to indicate where I should scoot to.

I was about to respond with some smart ass banter about how I was long enough to reach all the way from here to there, when I looked over at Pat and saw that she had a bleary eyed grin on her lovely face.

She looked at me and said, “It looks like you have a couple of horny women on your hands tonight. You had better get your ass over here and deal with them pretty quick.” And she put her hand out and patted the space between her and Ell, then ran her tongue over her lips, smiled hugely and took another sip from her drink.

I am not always the sharpest guy around, but I can recognize an offer that is too good to pass up. I grabbed my bottle and shot glass from the end table and moved quickly to the spot indicated on the couch between those two lovely and ready ladies.

As I sat down, Pat and Ell moved up tight against me and leaned in to lay their heads against my shoulders. I poured myself a drink for courage and quickly threw it back. Then I poured one for Ell and she tossed it back, grimaced slightly and handed me the glass back so that I could pour another drink to give to Pat. Pat is not much of a tequila drinker but she slammed hers down, coughed lightly and handed the glass back and put her hand on my thigh. Seeing this, Ell reached over and did the same and pretty soon I had two lovely ladies stroking my legs in a very provocative manner.

All this attention made my shaft get very hard very fast and it began to strain at the fabric of my jeans. Seeing the lump in my crotch Pat leaned over and whispered, “Why don’t you take your pants off honey?” And she began to fumble with my zipper. Ell decided to give her a hand and before I knew it I was totally naked and they were both lightly running their fingers over my chest, Stomach, and very erect penis.

“Damn you’re big! You must be over eight inches long. No wonder Pat doesn’t mess around with other men.” Ell gushed. “ I really would like to suck on you, if Pat doesn’t mind that is.”

Pat replied, “Go ahead, but I want him to suck on my pussy.” Pat staggered to her feet to shuck her pants and panties and then her blouse, exposing her tight sweet body. Then she sat back on the couch, but this time she sat on the arm of the couch and braced herself with one hand on the back of the couch while she grabbed me by the back of the head and brought my lips down to her sweet and almost hairless pussy.

As my lips touched her pussy, I kissed the lips lightly and then darted my tongue out and ran it up the outside of her slightly parted slit, then back down again, teasing at the sensitive flesh with the tip of my tongue. Then I pushed the tip into her cleft, and I could feel her quiver slightly in anticipation.

I ran my tongue up her swelling clit, stroking its sides, then I took it between my lips and lightly sucked on it before releasing it and sliding my tongue down the length of her wet, hot cleft to her waiting hole. I ran my tongue around the sensitive outer flesh of her pussy before I pushed it into her sweet pussy as far as I could get it and moved it around, licking at the inner flesh of her cunt.

I pulled it back out and ran my tongue over the outer lips once again teasingly and then buried my face against her pussy and frantically pushed my tongue in and out of her hole like I knew she loved me to do. She used her hand to push me even tighter against her and she squirmed slightly against my lips.

I could barely breath, and her scent filled my nostrils. I could hear her gently purr and moan as her excitement rose, her juices began to flow freely and I could feel her pussy lightly quiver as one small orgasm after another spread through her loins, covering my face with the honey of her love.

I love the smell and the taste of a woman’s juice of love and the scent in my nostrils drove me to tongue Pat even more frantically. I ran my tongue in and out of her cavern of love and up and down the length of her glorious slit.

I stopped to suck and tongue her very erect clit, it must have been nearly an inch long by that point and I put it between my lips and stroked it with my tongue while I moved up and down on it like a small penis. Pat pushed me even harder against her cleft and arched her body slightly off of the arm of the couch, moaning appreciatively, gasping, groaning, “Yes, baby yes!” I drank deeply of her freely flowing juices but they covered my skin. Soon my skin from my nose to my chin was slick with the sweet tasting juices of her cunt.

Ell must have watched us go at it for a few minutes because I was pretty engrossed in what I was doing and Pat had cum to quivering orgasms several times before I felt Ell’s lips on my cock.

At first she just ran her tongue up and down the length of my dick, licking it from the purple head down to my balls and then back up. Then she spread my legs apart slightly and holding my cock back with her hand she rubbed it against her cheek as she took first one testicle and then the second into her mouth and sucked on them lightly.

She ran her tongue up the length of my raging shaft and around the head, teasing at the tip with her tongue and then slowly slid the head between her lips.

She lowered her mouth slowly down the shaft for a couple of inches before she tightened her lips around it and used her tongue to gently stroke the head and sides and then she slowly pulled her head back up and stroked the tip of the head with the tip of her tongue.

This sent a chill through my body and I redoubled my efforts at Pat’s pussy, licking her harder as Ell began to slide her lovely lips up and down the length of my shaft.

I felt Pat buck against my face as she had another and much larger orgasm, while at the same time I could feel my dick begin to swell as I started to cum myself.

Sensing this Ell pulled her lips from my raging shaft and gripped my dick roughly in one of her strong hands. I could hear her murmur, “Not yet baby, the night is still way too young and I still need my fun.” And she lightly kissed the head of my dick and nuzzled it against her cheek and began to lick my balls once again. I could feel Ell’s cheek against my flesh and feel her tongue on my balls and I decided to raise my head, come up for air, and see what was happening.

I took my right hand and stroked Pat’s thigh until I reached her pussy, then as I pulled my face away, I gently pushed two fingers into her well lubricated cunt and began to use them to massage the inside of her hole, at the same time I put my thumb against her big red and very erect clit and slowly stroked and rubbed it in rhythm with the fingers inside of her cunt.

When I looked over my shoulder I saw Ell with her face against my dick and her pink tongue stroking my nuts. As my attention traveled down her body I realized that she was totally naked, and she was lying there with her hand stuck up her pussy, diddling herself as she stroked my nuts with her tongue. I also realized that I had completely underestimated the grandeur of her body, she was not just pretty nice, she was a magnificently endowed woman!

As I watched her she released her grip on my dick and once more lowered her mouth over it. With half closed eyes she stroked up and down the length of my shaft, I could hear little appreciative moans coming from her, the kind of sounds that a person might make when tasting a very good cheese cake. I could tell that she was enjoying herself completely and so was I and I went back to licking at the juices of Pat’s cunt.

I felt Pat push her pussy against me again and I felt her quiver as she came again and again. She ground her pussy against my lips and my tongue pushed as far into her as it would reach. Her juices flowed down my chin and I lapped at them with abandon as she squirted the honey of her passion from her sweet tasting pussy.

Then she wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my head away from her hot steaming cunt. I heard her say, “Now it’s time to fuck me big boy.” And she pushed me upright, dislodging Ell’s mouth from my penis.

Pat slid down off of the arm of the couch, put her feet on the floor and spread her legs suggestively. I gently moved Ell aside and got off the couch and onto my knees in front of Pat. Pat took my cock in her hand and deftly inserted it into her wet cunt. She was very well lubricated and there was no problem with sliding my raging cock in to its full eight inche length on the first stroke.

As I felt my dick bottom out in her pussy I could hear a quick intake of breath and then a loud moan came from Pat, then I felt the sides of her cunt pulse and I knew that she had cum once again.

In back of me I could hear an appreciative, “Oh yeah.” Come from Ell. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Ell was naked and sprawled in my easy chair with my bottle of Cuervo gold in one hand and her other hand up to the second knuckle in her pussy. She saw me looking at her and raised the bottle in salute then brought it to her lips and took a mighty chug. Her fingers were working furiously in her pussy as she watched me banging remorslessly at Pats delicious pussy.

I began to stroke in and out of Pat even faster and harder. The slap of flesh as I bottomed out on each thrust set a dizzying cadence. Pat came again and again. Her screams af passion were now reduced to moans, although I could still feel the quiver of her cunt as she continued to cum almost continuously.

Pat’s head lolled back against the back of the couch, her mouth half open and her eyes half shut. She was grunting with each thrust into her, her pelvis rising meet mine on each stroke until at last she lay there limp and just moaned, “Yeah big boy, fuck me, fuck me fuck me. Mmmmmmmmm, god, that feels good.” Over and over again as the rhythm continued at a frantic and heated pace.

I could feel her legs quiver and her pussy quiver as she came again and again. Sweat formed on her skin and ran down onto the couch. She reached up and grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers. She ran her tongue over my skin, licking at her own juices and then crushed her lips to mine, thrusting her tongue between my lips and as far into my mouth as she could reach, questing and probing around inside of my mouth like I was doing inside of her pussy a few minutes ago. Then she arched violently against me, cumming violently.

I could feel her legs spasm as she shook with rapture again and again. Then I felt myself start to cum. I could feel my dick begin to swell and the light burning rise up my shaft as the cum moved to the tip and then I exploded inside of her, sending a geyser of cum into her hot sweet cunt, filling it to capacity and then flowing out and down her buttocks and onto the couch. We moved against each other for a second or two as spasm after spasm wracked our bodies and then I collapsed upon her sweaty body, spent for the moment.

I don’t know how long I lay there on top of Pat, probably just a few seconds. I was roused from my reverie by the sound of clapping and the soft shout of, “Bravo, bravo, that was one hell of a show, wooooweeeee! You got me off too and I was just watching, bravo!” I guess that Ell was suitably impressed, and she sure was appreciative. It almost embarrassed me, I say almost.

I tried to get up and almost lost my balance. Ell helped me steady myself and brushed her body against mine. Almost against my wishes my dick came to half erection and Ell reached down and gently touched it with her fingers.

She said, “You look like you are almost ready for another romp, but you need to get cleaned off first.”

I began to move toward the bathroom for a wash rag when she grabbed onto my dick like a rope and said, “Whoa there hoss, don’t you go anywhere.” And she dropped to her knees and began to lick the juices off of my dick with a fervor.

She would lightly lick from one end to the other and then take the head into her mouth and suck the remaining cum out and then she would lick my balls all the way to my ass hole and back up once again. After perhaps five minutes she was satisfied with her cleaning job and my Johnson was at full attention.

Ell stood up and raised her lips to mine, crushing her mouth to mine and sending her tongue into my mouth to joust and writhe against mine. She kept her right hand on my very erect dick and guided my right hand into her pussy.

I could feel the wetness of her cunt as she stroked along the full length of her slit with my fingers. Then she moved my hand up over her firm stomach to the enormous mounds of her breasts.

My fingers were still wet from the juices of her pussy and slid across the hot flesh of her boobs leaving a trail of her pussies juices on her skin until finally coming to rest on her erect nipples. She used her hand to make my fingers pinch her nipples and then moved them to cup her ample bosom and roughly squeeze the flesh of her breasts.

“She must like it rough.” I thought as I heard her let out a little gasp of pleasure. I then roughly squeezed them on my own and she moaned once again. The fingers of my left hand had long since found the steaming hot depths of her cunt and were moving in and out of her pussy as I violently abused her amazing breasts. The harder I squeezed her flesh the more she writhed against me. I took one of her very erect nipples between my finger and thumb and twisted it cruely, she moaned and pushed her cunt harder against my questing fingers.

I took her lower lip between my teeth and bit almost hard enough to draw blood as I violently gripped the firm flesh of her boob. I could feel her quiver against me and her juices flowed over my fingers and down my hand. as she came in another violently orgasm.

Her hand stroked madly on my dick for a moment as she arched against my hand and then she was still, just standing against me, her lips still moving against mine, her tongue still in my mouth.

She slowly pulled her lips from mine, kissed me lightly and then pushed away slightly. I could still feel her breasts against my chest and she moved them seductively from side to side and grinned at me mischievously.

I kissed her once again, and she returned the kiss, fully and passionately. Our mouths moved against one another, our tongues moving over each other jousting and writhing like snakes.

My hands traveled over her body, vigorously stroking her tight firm buttocks and then sliding up to cup her lovely breasts and pinch her nipples hard, and twist them just a bit before moving back down and slapping her ass hard before pulling her tighter against me.

Ell moved her body against mine, rubbing her stomach against the steely hardness of my erect dick, reaching around to grip the cheeks of my ass and pull us so tightly together you could not have placed a piece of paper between our bodies.

Then she pulled her mouth from mine, I could hear her breath coming in gasps and pants as she put her lips to my neck then licking the flesh on my shoulder and moving her attention down to my shoulder at first softly nibbling but quickly changing to a hard bite as she engulfed more of my shoulder between her teeth. The pain was very real, and I was afraid that she was going to draw blood, but the combination of the feel of her teeth on my flesh and the sensation of her body’s increased writhing against mine quickly turned the pain to more of a turn on than I like to admit.

She alternately chewed and sucked on my shoulder all the while gripping my ass tightly with her hands, gyrating our bodies together until finally she pushed hard against me, pulled her mouth from my shoulder and let out a long, loud moan. Eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure she groaned once more. Ell opened her eyes then smiled up at me, kissed me lightly first on her bite marks on my shoulder and then on the lips and quickly pulled away.

She looked at the couch and the limp and probably unconscious Pat and said, “Someone else is a mess and needs to be cleaned up before we can go on.”

I looked at Pat lying there with our combined juices still running down her thigh and I got her meaning very quickly. I shrugged my shoulders non committaly and said, “Go ahead, I’d like to watch that.” I didn’t figure Pat to go for a gal licking her pussy, but it would sure be a turn on for me if she didn’t mind that sort of attention. My legs were feeling a little rubbery anyway so I grabbed what was left of one of the gal’s drinks and sat down in the chair to watch the show.

Ell moved over to the couch and looked down at Pat for a second. Pat was lying there breathing softly, her legs still spread apart and a thin white stream of cum was still flowing down the inside of her thigh and onto the couch. Ell bent over and placed her hands on the couch on either side of Pat’s body and lightly kissed Pat on the breasts. She kissed first one then the other lightly on the nipple. I saw Pat’s nipples begin to rise as Ell ran her tongue lightly over them and then took each nipple between her lips, one after the other.

I heard Pat moan softly, and watched her lips curl into a small smile as she turned her head from one side to the other. Ell moved her lips slowly down Pat’s cleavage, I could see the pink of her tongue lightly licking Pat’s velvet flesh as she moved her attention ever lower on Pat’s body.

She kissed and stroked Pat’s stomach and then moved her attention back up to the now lightly heaving breasts, once again sucking on Pat’s now fully erect and very hard nipples. Pulling her mouth away from Pat’s breasts Ell got down on he knees between Pat’s thighs. She moved her hands to Pat’s buttocks and outer thighs while she began to lick the cum from the tender flesh of Pat’s inner thighs. I watched as Ell ran her tongue over the white flesh of Pat’s legs.

First she licked the cum from the cheeks of Pats’ ass and then she followed the trail of semen up to the Pat’s pink slit. I wanted to make sure that I could see this so I stood up and moved over beside the couch for a better view.

Ell ran her tongue lightly over the tender outer lips of Pat’s pussy, cleaning every drop of cum from the thin blond hairs that covered Pat’s cunt. Then she began to probe at the inner flesh of the cleft, expertly spreading the lips with the tip of her tongue, lapping hungrily at the juices within.

Pat began to rouse slightly from her reverie, her eyes fluttered open and she caught sight of Ell between her legs hungrily sucking on her delectable pussy. At first her eyes went wide with surprise, but as the sensations evoked by Ell’s ministrations swept over her body, she half closed her eyes and let out a long sigh and relaxed.

Pat smiled lightly and moved her hips ever so slightly against Ell’s lips, she looked like she was having some fun so I decided to have some fun of my own.

My dick was very hard still, of course, and I realized that I had been lightly stroking it while I watched Ell do her magic on Pat. I moved over beside the arm of the couch, placed my knee on the arm and put my dick against Pat’s cheek, rubbing it lightly over the flesh at the corner of her mouth. Pat looked up at me, smiled, and turned her head so that her lips were against the head of my rock hard shaft. I felt the velvet of her lips rubbing against my hot flesh as she kissed the head of my dick softly all over. Then she began to lick, first at the tip, taking the drop of pre-cum from the orifice, and then lightly over the entire head of the shaft. I felt like electricity was shooting through my body at the touch of her tongue to my cock and I unconsciously jerked forward, pushing the tip of my cock slightly between Pat’s warm soft lips. Pat licked at the head between her lips for a few seconds, then pulled her mouth off looked up at me and slipped her pink tongue out and licked wickedly at the tip before engulfing the head of my shaft with her mouth and sucking on the head like an infant sucking desperately on the nipple of its bottle. She then slid the shaft as far into her lovely mouth as she could manage and began to slide her mouth rapidly up and down the shaft.

I looked down at Ell licking at Pat’s pussy, I could hear her muffled grunts as her head moved back and forth over the blond cunt. Her hands were tightly gripping Pat’s ass to hold herself close, her head turned from side to side as she voraciously licked at the steaming cunt before her. Her ass wagged seductively from side to side and I figured that she was getting pretty hot and steamy from the licking she was giving Pat. I got an idea of what I wanted to do next, but I wanted Pat to work on my cock a lot more before I acted.

Pat stroked up and down on my dick with an increasing speed, I could just make out a stream of drool coming from the corner of her mouth. She moved one hand up to steady my dick as she sucked on it desperately. The other hand she placed on the back of Ell’s head and I could see that she pushed Ell even deeper into her cunt, and began to grind her pelvis against Ell’s face, just like she did to me a few seconds before she came. Pat’s body stiffened as she came against Ell’s face, she stopped moving her mouth up and down on my shaft, but just sucked hard on the head while she ran her tongue over the tip of my dick.

She moved the hand she had placed on my dick down to the back of Ell’s head and pressed hard, forcing Ell hard against her hot wet slit as her body arched up of the cushions of the couch and she ground her cunt against Ell’s lips and questing tongue. Once, twice she raised her buttocks off the couch and against Ell’s lips, then she collapsed back on the couch and began to suck and stroke on my rock hard Johnson again.

The blowjob that I was getting was exquisite to say the least, but I had other ideas at the moment. Reluctantly I pushed Pat’s mouth away from my dick, she immediately moved her head back to resume her fun but I pushed her away again.

“Don’t stop me you bastard, I want your cum in my mouth! Damn it, please don’t stop me now, I need to taste your hot cum, I want to suck you dry.” She begged.

I replied, “Don’t worry babe, I have enough cum to go around, and your mouth will get its share. But first I want to fuck Ell while she sucks on your pussy some more.”

Pat smiled wickedly at this and simply replied, “Cool!” and resumed grinding her cunt against Ell’s hungry mouth.

I moved around behind Ell and lowered myself to my knees and taking my shaft into my hand guided it effortlessly into Ell’s very wet pussy. As I bottomed out inside of Ell, I could feel her push her body back toward mine, pushing her ass tight against my thighs.

Ell began to rock from side to side and rotate her buttocks against my legs. I reached around her and grasped her tits in both hands and roughly squeezed them, using them like handles to keep her close and pull her ever tighter against me as I began to bang in and out of her very wet cunt.

She was so lubricated that I could barely feel the sides so I knew that this was going to last a very long time. I began ramming myself deep within her. I could hear the slap of flesh as my thighs met her buttocks. wWith each rough drive of my cock into her Ell was forced tightly against the wet pussy before her.

I thought that I saw her try to lift her head, but Pat gripped her by the hair and pushed her face roughly once again deep into her steaming cleft.

Again and again I drove into Ell’s steaming pussy my hands continued to roughly work her firm breasts, pinching and squeezing her erect nipples. Ell moaned and groaned, her muffled sounds mixed with the wet slurps of her lips and tongue working on Pat’s cunt and the wet slap as I bottomed out inside of her an each stroke.

Again and again I rammed my dick into her wet, sloppy cunt. Ell skin was wet with sweat and my hands slipped over the flesh of her breasts and I slid one hand down to her cunt and began to stroke her erect clit all the while I was slamming my big dong into her willing pussy.

After maybe five minutes of this fun I felt Ell’s body stiffen and the inside of her pussy quivered and pulsed. She pushed back against me spasmodically and then she raised her face from Pat’s slit and let out a loud moan of pleasure, “Unnnghhh, unnnngghhhh, damn, damn, uuuuughhhhh, whooooo!” she gasped before collapsing with her face against Pats wet, slobber covered thigh.

I was not finished myself, but I knew that Ell was through for a while. I pulled my still hard, but juice covered shaft from Ell’s pussy and got to my feet. Without my support Ell collapsed onto the floor at Pat’s feet like a dog at rest, and lay there breathing heavily like a person that has just run a long arduous race.

I moved around Ell and sat on the couch with my back against the arm of the couch opposite to Pat. I placed one leg up on the couch and let the other leg dangle off the couch and trail onto the floor. I then took my hard wet cock into my hand and looking at Pat said, “Well, you wanted it now come and get it babe.” She gazed hungrily at my shaft for a second or two before she practically dove across the space between us and devoured my waiting dick with her soft hot mouth.

Pat sucked on my dick with a hunger that I had rarely experienced from her. She was always more than a willing sex partner, but she was really inspired this time. Her hot mouth moved up and down my shaft, stroking the sides lightly with her tongue as she moved it over the length of the rock hard flesh. I could see Pat’s body jerk slightly every few minutes as she had an orgasm but her suction never slowed or slacked one bit. Her lips were tight on my shaft but she would slacken the grip once or twice with each stroke and this pulsing action began to drive me crazy and I began to thrust up into her mouth as she stroked down.

I could feel the cum begin to well up in my dick and my dick felt like it was beginning to swell. I could feel that little burning sensation as the cum began to flow and I put my hand to the back of Pat’s head and pushed her down on my shaft as I exploded into her mouth. I shot my cum into her and she swallowed madly, trying to suck every drop up and swallow it, but there was just too much even for her inspired efforts and cum began to flow from the corners of her mouth and dribble slowly down my shaft and across my balls.

I raised my butt of the fabric of the couch and jerked spasmodically as I came again and again in Pat’s lovely mouth. Pat swallowed all she could and continued to suck and swallow even as my shaft started to lose its steely hardness.

When the shaft was completely limp Pat reluctantly let it drop from her mouth and ran her tongue over my testicles, cleaning up the semen that had escaped her mouth earlier. She even had me raise my ass up so she could get the few drops that had made their way down the crack of my ass.

I found that when she probed at the opening of my anus, I got a chill up my back, and I wanted her to do more of it.

She sensed that too and said, “Why don’t you stand up sweetie so that I can clean you up real good?” I could take the hint and stood up and bent over so she could have a real good shot at my ass hole.

Pat ran her tongue over the cheeks of my ass, then put her hands on my buttocks and spread them wide so that she had a clear shot. “My, you are a dirty boy. You’re going to need lots of cleaning.” She said and she went to work running her tongue up and down the crack of my ass. She teased and tickled the line of the crack and then she gently probed at my anus with the tip of her tongue like one would probe at the entrance to a pussy.

She pushed gently with her tongue until she had penetrated maybe a quarter of an inch inside then she continued to probe and pulse her tongue in and out.

I had never experienced anyone playing with my ass hole before, so this was a new experience to me and I was enjoying it immensely. I could hear Pat grunt and felt her hot breath on my ass so I knew that she was enjoying it too. It was about this time that I sensed movement beneath me and felt a warm hand begin to stroke my dick.

In the last few passion filled minutes I had almost forgotten about Ell. She had been passed out on the floor since she had cum, but now she was active and eager again. Her hand gently stroked my penis as Pat licked and probed at my anus.

It wasn’t long before my dick was really hard as a rock again and Ell raised herself up on to her knees beneath my stomach and began to suck on my dick. She moved her mouth up and down my cock, her soft lips stopping once in a while to allow her tongue to rove over the flesh of my shaft, and then she would engulf my dick with her ravenous mouth and suck again.

This started to drive me up the wall and when the two of them, seemingly by instinct, began to stroke in unison I couldn’t hold back any longer, although I dearly wanted this treatment to go on forever I exploded in Ell’s mouth, my cum spurting against the back of her mouth.

My load was not near what my last orgasm was and she was able to swallow every drop, sucking me until I was completely limp before she let loose of my dick.

I straightened up rather slowly and moved back to the couch and sat down next to Pat. Ell moved over and leaned her back against both of our legs. Both Pat and I reached out our hands and idly stroked Ell’s hair. I turned to Pat and kissed her on the lips, I could taste the mustiness of my semen still on her lips as I ran my tongue over her velvet flesh.

Eventually we pulled away and we sat back on the couch, eyes half closed, and breath coming evenly. We three just sat there for a while, naked, relaxed and sated for the moment at least.

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