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Saying Goodbye

Category: Fetish
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This story all took place on what was a very sad week for me. Joanne had been a good friend of mine for years, we had never been together as a couple, we had kissed and fooled around a bit in various different situations but we had never gone as far as to call ourselves a couple (much to my disappointment).

I had asked Joanne if I could see her before she moved away to university but she was too busy packing to go out anywhere, she did however invite me round to her house to help her pack.

I arrived at Joanne’s and she took me up to her room which was a mess, boxes everywhere! I sat on Jo’s bed as she packed various books and videos in to the correctly labelled boxes.

Suddenly from a pile of dirty clothes on her floor, Joanne flicked a pair of dirty knickers up in to my face. I think she expected me to call her disgusting and throw them back at her or something but instead I picked them up off of my lap where they landed after hitting my face and held them up in front of me by the waste band to examine them – a nice frilly, cream coloured, silky thong.

“Are these for me?” I asked when is when Jo got the opportunity to say “ugh, don’t be disgusting” to me. Jo tried to snatch them back but I pulled them away.

“Do you really want them?” Joanne said.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind”

“What for?” she asked.

“I dunno, as a reminder of you when you’re gone.”

I moved my hands down on to my lap trying to cover the bulge that was forming in the front of my jeans which I’m sure Joanne was aware of as I sat on the bed in front of her. Joanne then caught me of guard and grabbed the panties out of my hands, at the same brushing the length of my cock with her fingers making it stand straight to attention.

Joanne then did something I didn’t expect, she jumped on to my lap so that she was sat facing me and pushed the crotch of her cream thong in to my face pushing me backwards on the bed, forcing me to lie down with her sat on top of my cock, she must have been able to feel it through my jeans, she was only wearing a thin skirt.

The crotch of her panties with the dried sweet smell of her pussy flowing through it was pushed up against my nose.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

I tried to answer yes but it was hard to talk with Jo’s hands and her panties pushed against my face. I did manage to breathe in though and wow! The thong had defiantly been recently worn and it smelt fantastic, the smell of Jo’s pussy filling my head caused me to wriggle beneath her.

Still with the panties covering m nose Joanne reached behind her with one hand and undid her skirt, she lifted it off over her head. I was no led on my back with dirty panties held against my now while Joanne sat on top of me in just a short white crop top and a pair of pretty yellow knickers. I could feel the heat of her panty covered pussy on my cock even though they were separate by my jeans.

Jo started rocking back a forth on my cock, her yellow thong rubbing against the crotch of my jeans. My breathing increased through the panties over my nose, each sniff of Jo’s pussy juice causing me to push up and grind against her now very wet pussy.

I could see the wet patch forming on the front of the yellow thong Jo was wearing. Jo continued to rub her self against me, she started to get red in the face and began to shake, her thighs tightened around my waste as she started to orgasm on top of me, as she climaxed she let her self fall forwards on top of me and for the first time moved the panties from my face so that she could kiss me.

We hugged for a few minutes until Joanne became aware of my hard cock sticking in her leg, she climbed off of me a knelt down at the side of the bed. Jo undid my jeans and pulled out my cock. Begging for attention – she started to stroke my aching dick and gave me the best hand job in memory. She stroked my cock gently and lovingly, speeding up at the end just as I erupted hitting her arm, her bare legs and even getting some in her hair.

Joanne stood up and put her skirt pack on but then reached up underneath and pulled down her wet yellow panties and handed them to me.

“Here you can have these” she said, “come on, get up, you can help me pack.”

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