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You’ve Got Mail

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***My first story. Comments are appreciated to help improve writings. Thanks!!***

I woke up one morning and signed on to AOL as I always do to check my email. The familiar voice saying “You’ve Got Mail” didn’t surprise me; I always had mail. Almost all of it was junk but the last message caught my eye; It was a message from a website I had an account in.

Curious, I double clicked to find a message from an older man finding interest in my profile and in me and wanting an email back. He gave me a brief description of his looks: 6’3, Blonde hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders.

At first I wasn’t interested, but figured I would give him the common courtesy of replying. “Hey thanks for the email but I’m not exactly interested in anything right now. Thanks though!”

I figured that would be good. I really wasn’t interested in some online role-playing or whatever it was he wanted. I’m 18 years old and that just seemed to be like I was lowering myself and my standards. Many see me as pretty, even beautiful. I never used to believe it until I started to see myself in a new light. I have long chocolate brown hair reaching to the middle of my back, fair skin and beautiful green eyes.

I’m only 5’2 and considerably shorter than most girls. I’m not the skinniest of girls either and I have curves with a large chest and round ass. Both were assets that ex boyfriends had loved.

It only took about 20 minutes to get another respond from him. His name is Leo and he let me know that he wasn’t interested in any online cybering and just that he wanted to get to know me.

He didn’t sound too dangerous so I let him know my name and told him about some of my interests. Back and forth we messaged for a few days which turned quickly into weeks and then into months.

After about 2 months, we knew everything about each other. He’s 40 years old and works as an English professor at a nearby college.

He’s not married and has no kids and works out regularly to stay fit. We also got into sexual fantasies and found that we have many of the same interests.

He’s a Dom. and I’m submissive and we love the thought of father daughter role-playing and frequently read stories online reflecting such. This connection as well as our budding friendship made us want to meet in person.

We scheduled for a Friday and set to meet at a bookstore/cafe.

I took a shower about 2 hours before the time we were to get together. In the shower the water ran over my skin and down my chest; in between my breasts. The water felt so good and my skin began to tingle.

I washed all over, massaging my breasts as I went and my nipples perked up. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins and I could feel my little clit buzzing with anticipation.

I wasn’t exactly expecting sex but with our erotic conversations, I had so many thoughts about him. I brought my hand down my stomach and then down to my smooth mound. I always kept it clean shaven and most of the men I’ve dated seemed to appreciate it.

I quickly stroked my sensitive clit and a small moan escaped my mouth. I could feel my pussy getting wet with my hot juices and for a second forgot that I was on a time schedule and had to get moving.

I wasn’t able to get myself off, but I was able to pleasure myself enough for then.

I quickly turned the water off and dashed to my room to get dressed. I was going for casual but sexy and managed to do so after trying on several different outfits.

I went with nice fitting jeans with a brown tank top, beaded on the top with just a little bit of lace bordering the chest line and bottom. My white lace push up bra and matching thong worked perfectly.

I applied my usual makeup and let my hair stay down straight. With one last look in the mirror, I took a deep breath and grabbed my keys.

I was sitting at a small table for two when I saw him come in. He looked just like he described and even better than I saw in pictures.

He saw me instantly and smiled; I smiled back and got up to greet him. A quick kiss on the cheek and we sat down and started small talk.

Butterflies in my stomach fluttered and sent sensations all the way to my pussy. I was getting wet again and I could feel it as I crossed my legs. For our first encounter, there weren’t any awkward silences and we laughed and chatted for nearly an hour and a half before we realized how much time had passed.

The sun had set and he asked me if I wanted to go back to his apartment and we could order dinner or watch a movie.

I agreed and got into my car to follow him. The whole ride to his apartment I was trying to stroke my clit to relieve myself as best as I could because I knew if I didn’t things may heat up and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet. I turned off my car in his parking lot and he came to open my door. ‘Such a gentlemen!’ I thought to myself. I guess chivalry really isn’t dead.

Once I got out I realized he had a hard-on and his pants weren’t hiding it too well. I pretended not to notice; the last thing I wanted to do was mortify him tonight. We got up to his apartment and settled into the couch to watch a movie. We couldn’t decide right off what to watch so I told him to get the scariest movie he had, at least then I’d be able to be close to him with an excuse of being scared.

His arm rested on the back of the couch behind me respectively as the movie went on. I jumped several times and hid my face in his chest when there was blood and gore.

He held his hand on my back and whispered into my ear “Is daddy’s little girl scared?”

I looked up at him with curious eyes, wondering if that had been what he really said. In the corner of my eye, I noticed his dick growing slowly in his pants and he smiled at me. I nodded my head, feeling like I had lost my voice.

“Would you like to sit in Daddy’s lap baby so I can hold you tighter so you won’t be so scared?”

I nodded again and felt him pull me into his lap; his dick pressing against my ass hard.

‘Oh my God!’ I thought, ‘He feels so big!’.

He held his arms around my waist tightly and protectively. Whispering into my ear again he said, “Do you feel that honey?”.

He bounced me a little on his lap to indicate he was talking about his hard-on.

I said in a small voice, even softer than a whisper “Yes Daddy, I feel it.” He smiled, since I would play along with him.

“Do you know what that is?” I nodded and smiled a little. He smiled back at me and said “Do you know why it’s hard?”

I shook my head again but this time looked deep into his eyes.

“Right now, I am excited to be seeing you like this. You’ve become a beautiful woman and your body has taken shape. Your so beautiful baby just like your mother.”

I bit my lip a little as I found my pussy becoming more wet than it had been all day. He realized my arousal and asked me if I wanted to see his dick. I smiled innocently and nodded. He slowly unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his boxers. His dick popped out and was even longer than I had expected.

It looked to be between 9 1/2 inches and 10 inches. It was full size now and was intimidating to me. In my life I have had sex multiple times but never sex with something as big.

I realized my jaw had dropped when he gently put his hand on my chin and closed it for me. His touch on my face sent chills down my spine. He took my hand and brought it close to his hard cock and let my finger tips touch it softly.

“Would you like to stroke my cock?” I said yes and took his cock in my hand, rubbing it up and down slowly and gently. I explored all of his dick with my fingers and felt some of his pre-cum on the tip.

His breathing picked up and he had his hand on my back rubbing it. “That feels so good sweetie, want me to show you how good I can make you feel too?”

My hand was still resting on his dick and I smiled; which he took to be a ‘yes’. He told me we should move to the bedroom then, so that mommy wouldn’t catch us if she came home early from work. He got up and pulled me up with him and brought me to his room.

When we got in, he turned me to face him and held my face in his hands. Slowly he brought his face close to mine and kissed my lips passionately, probing my mouth with his tongue.

I let mine slip into his mouth as we kissed for a few minutes. He left me breathless and I became slightly dizzy once his lips left mine.

He laughed and gave me little kisses on my forehead, down to my cheeks and then down my neck, resting there.

As he did so, he started to pull my tank top up over my head and unhooked my bra. He bent down and kissed down my chest and latched onto a nipple. I leaned my head back and let out small moans, my hands finding the back of his head and my fingers locking in his hair.

He let go for a moment only to go to my other nipple, making sure they both get the same amount of attention.

Little licks on my aureola and nibbling on my now very hard nipple. It felt so good, if he kept up with it, I could have came right there.

Then he started to move lower even more and down onto his knees, unbuttoning my jeans with his hands and sliding them down to see my thong. He slipped that down next and started to lick my small mound and into the hood of my clit.

My legs spread to allow more room for him to come in but he removed himself and stood up again.

I had a look of desperation on my face and he just smiled and led me over to the bed and had me lay down.

He moved on top of me and started kissing me with ferocity as I then pulled his shirt off and let my hands wander along his back and then shoulders, arms, and chest.

He was beautifully built and my hands reached down to his pants; I unbuttoned his pants and he wriggled out of them and his boxers at the same time.

His hot skin against mine made me more wet and I opened my legs to him. “Where do you want daddy’s dick?”

“In my pussy daddy, fuck my pussy!” He rubbed his dick up and down my wet slit and I felt the head of his dick brush against my now engorged clit which just made me more wet.

He lifted my legs up, my knees touching my chest and my ankles resting on his shoulders and slowly pressed his dick into me. “Ohhhhh Daddy!”

My pussy was so tight from not having sex for a while and his huge dick started stretching me open so he could slide in fully.

He pushed in slowly as to tease me a little and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I started to thrust my hips to meet his dick, trying to get more into me although as soon as I did he pulled out all the way. “No please no put it back in.”

I pleaded, needing to be filled again, needing to be fucked mercilessly.

“You’ll get it when I think you deserved it. Now I think its time for daddy to get some pleasure.”

He got up and laid next to me stroking my arm with his fingers, his dick sticking up vertically. I got up and kissed him on his mouth and then trailed down his chest and to his dick. I let my mouth rest on the tip softly and licked little strokes. I sucked more onto his head and slowly slid my tongue to the base of his cock and then back up the tip with small kisses.

He let out little moans and said “That’s it little girl, work daddy’s dick.”

I took the head in my mouth again and started to move down, taking more in and sucking harder as I went. His hands found the back of my head and tangled his fingers in my hair, pushing my face down faster onto his cock and thrusting into my mouth.

I took all of his dick into my mouth and deep throated him till I gagged. Starting a steady rhythm of moving up and down his breath and moans were going along with what I was doing.

I sucked his dick harder, wrapping my tongue around his shaft and licking his pre-cum up as I went; loving the taste.

I felt his body tense up and I knew he was about to cum; he gripped my hair and pulled it saying “Yes baby girl yes I’m cumming!” and shoved my face down onto his dick harder.

His cum shot all down my throat and I swallowed it as it came. The taste was incredible and after he finished he let go of my head. I came back up to him licking my lips and smiling.

He smiled back and we started kissing again; his dick getting harder as he was on top of me and it was resting between my thighs. My pussy was still wet and still needed release badly.

Once his dick was to full attention again, he began to meet my needs and began to fuck me the way I wanted. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs. Standing, he slid his dick into my pussy and I let out a moan and told him to fuck me harder than he’s ever fucked any girl before.

His hands grabbed onto my hips and he began to thrust into me as hard as he could; his entire dick filling my pussy up. My juices dripped onto his dick and soon covered it. I reached down and played with my clit, rubbing it and feeling my climax coming.

He could feel it too, my pussy was tightening and getting ready to explode. He grunted as his dick entered me and my tight pussy wrapped around him tighter and tighter. Within seconds I felt a rush in me and felt myself orgasming.

“I’m cumming daddy I’m cumming!!” He kept going harder and harder and my pussy clenched down hard on his dick and with one last thrust he shot his load deep in my pussy as I came hard all over his dick. He collapsed onto me, our bodies heaving, trying to get air into our lungs. He came onto the bed with me and I rested my head on his chest, his hand moving up and down on my back again softly.

I looked up at him and he smiled that beautiful smile and told me how much he loved his little girl and how happy I made him. I smiled back and knew this wasn’t going to be the last time.

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