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Another Boring Day at Work

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Sam was at his desk at work, reading a very sexy story on Literotica. He hadn’t masturbated for a couple days so his cock was rock hard. He couldn’t resist unzipping his pants and freeing his erection from its confines. As he read on, he stroked himself slowly. His mind was deep in the story when his office door flew open. Melinda.

“Ummm, Melinda, you should really knock,” Sam said, as he slid forward, trying to hide his exposed cock under his desk while clicking the screens on his computer closed.

“Yes, I suppose I could have, but you see… we have a problem that needs some immediate attention.”

As she spoke, Melinda walked quickly toward his desk. Sam was struck by the way her large breasts pressed against the thin white blouse she wore, clearly showing the lace print of her bra. Her long legs, covered in sheer black stockings, stretched from her very short grey skirt to her black pumps. A silky scarf of crimson, midnight blue and gold draped around her neck. As she walked, Sam couldn’t help but notice her sensuous curves, those long sexy legs, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders, her ruby red lips and her dark blue eyes that always held a special little sparkle.

“Have a seat,” he said.

“Oh, not today Sam, not today.” She walked around his desk. His eyes met hers and she looked down at his hard cock.

“I knew you were being a bad boy Sam, but I had no idea just how bad.” She reached down and trailed her scarlet polished fingernail from the tip of his cock to his balls then gave his throbbing member a squeeze.

“Don’t move,” she commanded. She walked back to the door and shut it, locking it.

“There, now we won’t be disturbed. You see Sam, one of my duties here is to monitor computer usage. I know exactly what you’ve been doing on there.”

Shit! “Um, I can explain.”

She walked back around behind his desk, moving behind him, grabbed his chair and slid it back a few inches then leaned over so her lips were near his ear and her hair brushed his chest. He inhaled her almond scent.

“What am I going to do with you? I could tell our boss or… ” She reached down and gave his cock yet another delicious squeeze. “Perhaps we can come to some agreement?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. She couldn’t possibly mean what it seemed like.

“I have something in mind.”

Sam started to turn to look back at her but Melinda’s hands reached up and held his head facing forward. “Stay facing forward Sam.”

He heard her doing something but wasn’t sure what. Then, Sam felt her large breasts press into his back, above his chair, and her arms wrap around his body. He felt something soft and silky touch his cock. Looking down, he saw a pair of satiny red panties. Her hand slipped them around his cock and she began to stroke him with them.

“Oh… Melinda.”

“Shhh, just listen and answer my questions.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You want me, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” Sam groaned. Her soft panties and hand firmly squeezed and stroked him.

“You would do anything to keep this our little secret, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Do you like the feel of my panties on your hard cock, Sam?”

“Very much so.” Her speed was increasing, the soft material causing unbelievable sensations up and down his cock. She was using her fingertips to tickle the underside of his cock. Both of her hands wrapped around his cock, stroking it faster. His balls were ready to explode.

“If you agree Sam, we will do much more than this together. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes, Melinda. Yes! I would love it.” His body trembled, his heart raced and his breathing increased.

“Would you willingly lick my pussy and kiss my ass?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Her stroking brought him nearer and nearer to orgasm.

“Will you wear pretty silky little panties for me?”

“Anything you wish Melinda.”

“Does my naughty little man want to cum?” she asked as her tongue slipped into his ear.

“Oh God, yes, Melinda!” His hips were bucking slightly, his precum visible on her panties.

“If I let you cum will you do anything I ask?”

“Oh yes, Melinda. Please let me cum!”

“Will you be my little sex toy to do with as I see fit?”

“Yessssssss, please, may I cum?” Sam was holding back desperately. He wanted her to say it but an overpowering feeling was shooting through his loins.

Melinda moved her head around and their lips met. Her tongue slipped between his lips, swirling around his tongue. She pulled back and her mouth went to his ear.

Biting his earlobe, her hands stroking quickly, she said, “cum for me baby. Shoot that hot cum into my panties NOW!!!”

His body convulsed as cum shot from his cock. Stream after stream of cum shot up out. Finally, it dribbled down onto the panties she had wrapped around the length of him and her fingers.

“That’s it baby! Fill my panties. Oh yesssssss, you naughty little fuck.”

She squeezed and stroked his cock, milking it of every last drop. As his body quit shaking, she mopped up his cock with her panties. “Any ideas what I should do with these Sam?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“I have an idea… put them on for me.”


She turned his chair with one hand until she was standing directly in front of him and dangled the red panties on one finger right in front of his nose.

He inhaled deeply. He could smell his own cum combined with the smell from the panties being worn against her sweet pussy.

“Put them on now, or I am going to tell the boss what I found.”

Sam stood and slipped his pants and briefs off then pulled the wet panties up his legs. He couldn’t believe it. The feel of them was making him hard again already. She stepped closer and cupped his balls, leaning in to slide her tongue into his mouth again. They kissed deeply for a minute before she pulled back.

“Wear those the rest of the day to remind you of me.”

She walked away but stopped at the door and looked back over her shoulder at Sam. “Now, get back to work.”

As he sat at his desk wearing Melinda’s wet panties, Sam wondered what he had gotten himself into. He knew that having sex with a co-worker, particularly in the office, was a really bad idea. But his cock had a different view.

As he started working again on some paperwork, an instant message popped up on his screen. It was from Melinda. Sam read it slowly, “Hi Naughty Boy. You will never believe what I found.” Oh God, what was she up to now?

He sent a note back, “What is it?”

Another message with an attachment on it arrived. “Hope you like it, Naughty Boy.”

He opened the attachment. There was his rock hard cock, surrounded by Melinda’s red panties. Her pretty nails and fingers wrapped around it were a blur, suggesting motion. His mouth curved up as he thought about how it had felt. He decided he couldn’t wait to see what she had planned next.

Sam continued going about his duties but couldn’t get Melinda off his mind. Her soft panties wrapped around his body, holding his cock in place. Every time he moved, the material would caress his ass. What did she have planned? Were her breasts as glorious as he imagined? Would he get to touch her? Fuck her? All these naughty thoughts raced continually through his mind.

At lunch, he had to pass by her desk. As soon as he left his office Sam felt her eyes on him, staring. He met her gaze and a naughty grin appeared on her lips. As he walked by her desk, she held out her hand. There was a note in it. Looking down at her, he could clearly see her hard nipples pressed against her blouse. Sam took the note and kept walking.

As Sam made his way into the elevator, he opened the note. “Are those panty lines? How does it feel Naughty Boy? ” He flushed red, feeling the heat rise. Good thing no one else was in the elevator. He reached down and rubbed his hand over his cock to feel the fabric of the panties move on it. Why had he never thought of trying women’s underwear? It was sooo delicious.

When he was finished with lunch, Sam went back to his office. Melinda was not at her desk so he got back to work. After an hour or so of making and returning calls and working on a project, he needed to make some copies from a file. Sam glanced out the door and saw she wasn’t at her desk again. He headed for the copy room.

As he rounded the corner of the copy room doorway, there she was. She was just leaning over to pick something up off the floor. As she bent over, her legs spread slightly. Instead of bending her knees, she bent at the waist. Sam’s eyes were transfixed on her heels. His eyes traveled up her shapely legs and locked onto the back of her thighs. Just as he thought she was done bending over, her skirt rode further up her full round ass. GULP.

That’s when he saw it. There was the most beautiful shaved pussy he had ever seen glistening with wetness. But even more, Sam saw something dangling from her ass. At first his brain didn’t comprehend the end of the string of beads that seemed to protrude from Melinda’s anus. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Sam could feel his cock hardening again. She turned her torso and smiled at him.

“Hello Naughty Boy. Go ahead, pull it.”

He stood, transfixed and getting harder by the second.

“It’s okay baby, you can breath again,” she said, giggling at him. “Come on, come pull these beads out of my sexy ass.”

Sam walked forward, his eyes fixed on the beads. He reached out and took a hold of the string and pulled slowly until one marble sized bead popped out.

“OH!” she gasped. “Mmmm… keeping going baby. That feels sooo good.”

Sam pulled slowly, amazed as a second bead popped out of her ass, then a third, a fourth and finally a fifth. He held the string in his hand, just looking at it for a minute until Melinda reached back, took the beads from him and flung them to the side. She reached out and fondled the bulge in Sam’s pants.

“Now that you’ve taken my beads out, you got something there to replace them with?”

Sam’s desire warred with the possibility of being caught with something other than his hand in the cookie jar. Melinda stood up and turned around.

“Problem?” she asked, coolly.

“I don’t really want to lose my job if somebody finds us in here,” he said regretfully. A grin spread across Melinda’s lips.

“Didn’t you remember? It’s Nathan’s farewell lunch today. I stayed behind to mind the office but nobody else will be back for at least an hour.” Melinda grinned mischievously. “Or maybe I forgot to put that reminder message in your mailbox.”

She reached out and undid Sam’s belt as he smiled back at her. Unbuttoning and unzipping the pants over his bulge, she licked her lips in anticipation. Slowly, she lowered his pants and then eased the red panties down over his erection, allowing it to spring free.

“Oh my! Look what I found. He looks swollen and dry. Maybe I can soothe him.” Melinda knelt down and slid her mouth over Sam’s twitching erection as he sucked in his breath. Her mouth felt so wet and hot as she took several inches of his cock in and starting sucking, as if he were a big sausage. Sam slid his hands into Melinda’s mane of silky dark hair and softly massaged here scalp.

“Ohhh,” he moaned. It felt so good. He had to resist the urge to grab her head and fuck her mouth.

Melinda pulled back and blew lightly on the wet portion of his cock then licked her way down to gently suck on Sam’s balls. She leaned back and nodded approvingly.

“I think you’re ready for someplace a little tighter.”

She stood and backed up to the table in the room, sitting on the edge and hiking her skirt up over her hips. Spreading her legs, she laid back on the table and put her feet up on the corners of the table.

“Come fuck me, baby,” she commanded softly. Sam reached down and eased his pants off but left the red panties just below his balls and moved over to her, savoring the view of her shaved pussy. He took hold of her hips and positioned himself at the entrance of her hole and ever so slowly pushed in.

Melinda groaned softly. It felt so good to be filled.

Sam pulled out slowly until he was almost all the way out then rammed his cock back into her pussy. Melinda grunted, enjoying it. Sam continued fucking her as he reached down and pushed her legs further apart. He reached down under Melinda until he found her still stretched anus and slid a finger up her well lubed hole. Melinda writhed under his forceful fucking, groaning as he inserted a second finger into her ass.

“Oh Sam! Yes! That feels so fucking good, fuck me hard!”

Sam swirled his fingers around in her ass as he started thrusting faster and harder into her pussy. His balls felt ready to explode as Melinda’s pussy clenched around his cock and squeezed his erection. God, this was so good! He thought about how long he’d been missing out on this horny fucking when she had been so near by. He was going to make up for it now though. He slammed his cock into her pussy again.

Melinda was cumming, arching her back and grunting as Sam let loose with his load, shooting it into her pussy. He thrust until he was spent then withdrew his fingers from her anus and pulled slowly out of her pussy.

Melinda smiled up at him. She reached down and slid a finger into her pussy, twirling it around then pulled it out and brought the cream to her lips and sucked it clean.

“Mmmm… I can’t go back to work like this. You’ll have to clean me up… with your tongue… Naughty Boy.”

Sam looked down at her swollen pussy, where the cream of their combined juices was beginning to trickle out of her. He’d never thought of doing this before but he found himself salivating as he knelt down until he faced her lovely pussy and reached out with his tongue to give a tentative lick. Mmmm, so fucking good. He dove in, licking and lapping up their combined juice.

Melinda giggled at how eagerly he was going down on her. She’d definitely picked the right guy for this. They were going to have some marvelously kinky times together. Work seemed a little less boring than it had the day before.

Melinda let her mind go and just enjoyed the sensation of Sam licking her pussy so thoroughly. His eagerness was bringing her close to cumming again. She arched a little and thrust her pussy into his excited licking, his tongue slid into her and back out. She felt her contractions starting again and pushed with one to squirt her cum onto his tongue as he continued to lap at her sensitive flesh. She shuddered as she finished and waited for Sam to lick her flesh clean.

When he was satisfied that he’d gotten every last drop, Sam stood back and Melinda sat up to look at him. She enjoyed the way the red panties looked just under his balls and his breathless lust-hazed look.

“You’ve had a very busy day,” she said. “I think you should go back to your desk and have a bit of a nap. Wear those panties home tonight and hand wash them for me. Wear them back tomorrow.”

Without another word, Melinda got up, pulled her skirt down, retrieved the anal beads from the corner of the room and left. Sam went back to his office, closed the door and reclined his chair. He drifted off, thinking of his exhausting day. He woke to the phone ringing and glanced at the clock. It was just going on 4:30.


“Hi, Naughty Boy, time to go home. Make sure you get a good night’s rest. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Melinda said and hung up without waiting for a reply.

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