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Just Good Friends?

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Do you ever get those moments when something so totally unexpected happens and turns your perceptions and beliefs about yourself completely on their head? I had a night that did that to me, last weekend, and I really need to talk about it, to get things straight. I do hope you’ll listen.

Firstly, a bit of background. Sally Ann and I have been married for almost ten years now. She’s lovely.

A bit straight laced perhaps, and lacking a little imagination in the bedroom area, but as we are both in our early forties, that’s something that’s not going to change. Sally Ann and I regularly spend evenings out with a couple we are good friends with… Terry, a guy I’ve known since I was 14, and his wife Wendy. I’ve known Wendy for years too, and in fact, I introduced the two of them. Wendy and I met at work, when she started with us as a temp… I was 25, she was 19. We hit it off, as great friends. I was always trying to make a move on her, as I fancied her rotten, but she didn’t see me the same way. We went out as friends a few times, she’d met Terry and the three of us got on well. As you can imagine, I wasn’t very happy when I returned from a family holiday and found the two of them had become lovers. Well, I wasn’t surprised as there was a certain chemistry between them. I was angry at first, but I got over it and gave them my blessing.

Well, that was 13 years ago, and as happy as I am with Sally Ann, I still have thoughts about Wendy. Who can blame me? She’s in her mid thirties now, around 5’2. She has the most gorgeous black bobbed hair (think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction). She’s a tiny little thing, a size 8. She once confided in me that she was a 32b. And for someone so petite, she has the most gorgeous long legs, and a generous bum too. She’s always been a little flirty with me, even though we’ve had that little bit of history between us, but we’ve both taken it as a joke. Fortunately, so have Terry and Sally Ann.

Well, last weekend, the plan was for the four of us to meet up for a meal and a drink. Terry had discovered a pub we hadn’t visited before, so we were going there to see how things went. All was going according to plan. Sally Ann is a nurse, and she’d been scheduled for an early turn on Friday, until she got a call late Thursday evening asking her to do a night. I won’t tell what she actually said as Sally Ann has a real filthy mouth on her when she loses her temper. She was looking forward to the evening out, and was not happy that it was taken over by work. I was all for ringing Terry and Wendy and cancelling completely, but Sally Ann talked me into going along. I felt guilty of course… me out enjoying myself, and Sally Ann slaving away on the ward, but I’d had a stressful week last week and badly needed to unwind.

After a round of phone calls, I arranged to pick Wendy up from work at five the following day, and drop her back at her place. We were going to get a cab, and head for The Square and Compasses from there. A bit of a trek in a cab, but at least we could all have a drink. Ironically, Wendy still worked in for the same company she’d joined as a temp all those years back, while I’d moved on. I pulled into the road opposite the offices, and got out of the car to stretch my legs. As you know, it was a very hot day on Friday, well into the eighties. And there was Wendy. Wow! I’ve always loved the office girl look, all the way back to my experiences with my first lover, Eleanor, when I was in my teens. But Wendy looked stunning. She was wearing a cotton blouse, fitted around the waist, and a knee length skirt and heels. I couldn’t take my eyes off those gorgeous legs as she crossed the road towards me. I don’t know how I managed to resist caressing her bum as she stretched up to kiss me on the cheek. My hand gently rested in the small of her back, in gentlemanly fashion as I returned the kiss.

We got in the car, and I drove off towards Wendy and Terry’s place, exchanging small talk all the way. I hadn’t seen Wendy for a few weeks, and there was a lot of gossip to catch up on. Pulling to at the traffic lights, I glanced down, and noticed that Wendy’s skirt had ridden up her legs a little, and it was only the sound of some impatient horns from the cars behind me that let me know the lights were now on green. The cheeky little grin on Wendy’s face let me know that she was fully aware what I’d been looking at. It was no secret that I still fancied her, and she loved to play up to that, and tease me. But as I said earlier, it was all done in a good spirit. Knowing it was all in fun didn’t stop me getting the odd hard-on from her teasing and flirting and I’m sure she knew that too. Maybe it gave her a buzz knowing guys other than her husband still wanted her.

Terry was at the house when we pulled in to the drive way, and any thoughts of flirting, or fantasies about a quickie were put to one side as we went inside, and through to the patio in the back garden. Terry had cracked open a bottle of a nice chilled Australian Chardonnay, which we all enjoyed. We all had the chance to freshen up, and I slipped into a change of clothes, chinos and white open necked shirt with a blue stripe. I was glad I’d brought the clothes along, I felt much cooler. Sally Ann loved the shirt and the chinos and I was only sorry she couldn’t be there.

I joined Terry in the garden again as we waited for Wendy. ‘Come on’ shouted Terry. ‘The cab’ll be here any minute!’

But it was only a couple of minutes before we heard the tell tale click of Wendy’s heels as she walked across the kitchen floor and out into the garden. For the second time that day, my jaw dropped when I saw her. Terry let out the obligatory wolf whistle. Wendy was wearing a beautiful, knee length summer dress in red, with a pair of low black sandals. The dress was strappy, and fitted just tight enough to show that she was braless. Her black hair looked stunning against the dress, and she was sure to turn a few heads when we were out.

The first head she turned was the taxi drivers, and he was delighted when she sat in the front of the cab with him. I sat in the back with Terry, wondering whether she was giving the poor guy a similar view to the one I had earlier. Just so long as he kept his eyes on the road! Well, we reached the pub all safe and sound, and arranged with the driver for a pick up at around 11.15. I could almost sense him staring at Wendy’s bum as we walked into the pub. I couldn’t blame him, I was too! Sure enough, when we got inside, heads turned again, Wendy smiling and joking with us, and enjoying the attention she was getting.

The evening passed quickly. The food was beautiful, much better even than the glowing recommendations had led us to believe. None of us drank much; it was too hot for that, though what I did drink had an effect on me, more so than normal. Wendy seemed a little tipsy too, and I’m not sure who was steadying who as we walked arm in arm out to the cab. The journey back to Terry’s was uneventful, but I wobbled again as I got out of the cab. ‘There’s no way you are driving back tonight, mate’ he ordered. ‘Spare room for you. And that’s an order.’ He was right of course, I was in no state to get home, and I eagerly took them up on the offer. Seeing more of Wendy of course was an added attraction.

Terry poured us a brandy each… he was obviously drunk too, that Hennessey XO didn’t come out that often! I sat on the sofa, Terry opposite on the arm chair, with Wendy sat on the arm, draped over her husband. My cock throbbed just a little as I could just about see Wendy’s nipples erect through her dress. Her foot trailed up and down Terry’s leg as we chatted. It was pretty obvious what Wendy had in mind for Terry, so I finished off the cognac and headed for the bathroom, wishing them good night.

After doing all the usual pre bedtime routine things, I headed for the spare room and undressed, laying the mobile phone on the bedside table. It was far too hot for pyjamas anyway, and even the boxers came off. Rather than get under the duvet, I lay on top of the bed. I reached for the phone and decided to send Sally Ann a text message.

‘missing u baby. Wish u were here. Am so hard. Imagining u here nxt 2 me smelling ur hair, kissing ur neck. Stroking ur boobs, feelin ur hard nipples. Want u so badly.’

I was hard too. As I pressed ‘send’ on the mobile, I began to stroke my hard cock. Thinking of Sally Ann was getting me hard of course, but naturally enough, I’d also been thinking of Wendy too. Thinking of her next to me in the car in the afternoon as her skirt rode up her thighs, and again in that beautiful red dress. I shut my eyes, remembering how her little breasts moved gently underneath that light material, and my hand began moving up and down, occasionally drawing my thumb and forefinger over my cock head. With my left hand, I cupped my balls, gently jiggling and stroking them… god they felt so full and heavy, and I really needed a good cum. My cock was beginning to produce a little pre-cum now, and I spread it over my cock head, enjoying the familiar sensations my hands were giving me.

I don’t know what made me stop. I don’t remember hearing a noise, but I opened my eyes and looked up. There, standing at the end of the bed was Wendy.

‘Oh my god! I’m so sorry’ I stuttered.

Wendy was wearing a very short, ivory coloured satin robe that just about covered her bum cheeks. It was clinging to her delicious body, and the seam of the robe as it passed between her boobs only served to emphasise them. The sexy shape of her tiny boobs, topped by what appeared to be rock hard nipples poking through the satin didn’t help my situation. I sat bolt upright on the bed, hands covering my erection… a bigger and harder erection than I’d had for ages. OK, I’m not well endowed, but it’s still not easy to hide my six inches when I’m in that state! I carried on trying to bluster my apologies, but Wendy raised a finger to her lips, signalling me to be quiet, which I did. To my amazement, she undid the belt of her robe, and let it slide over her arms and fall to the floor!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I’d known Wendy well for 16 years, and I’d never before seen her naked. Never even seen her topless, even on the beach when we’d all been away together. Shy as she was, Sally Ann was always eager to get her boobs out when there was a chance of getting a decent tan, but Wendy was the opposite. But god, those breasts were incredible, even more beautiful than I’d ever dared imagine. And her nipples… I’d never seen anything like it… so hard and so long. They were just incredible. She walked in close to me, a steely, determined look on her face. Her hands moved to my chest, and she pushed me backwards, and in my surprise, I fell back on the bed. She straddled my thigh and reached down for my cock, running her long nails up and down my shaft, teasing the head. She grasped the shaft now, fingers tight around me as she began to stroke, and those fingers made a kind of rippling sensation as she moved up and down my cock. She moved now, kneeling on the floor and leaning over me. I moaned as I felt her tongue tracing a path down my shaft, and up again. She paused to lick my cock head before heading down. I gasped as she took one of my balls into her mouth, and gently sucked before releasing it, and doing the same with the other. She kissed her way up my cock then, before taking the head between her lips and began sucking on it. Cupping my balls in her hand, she moved down my shaft. I was looking into her big brown eyes as she continued downwards, until my entire length was inside her mouth, and I whimpered

as I felt my glans hit the back of her throat. Wendy gagged slightly, but relaxed, and began to bob up and down. I relaxed completely, closed my eyes, and let Wendy go to work.

For about 30 seconds or so, Wendy sucked on my shaft, eventually moving up so she had only the head in her mouth. As she greedily sucked, making delicious slurping sounds, she pumped on my cock with one hand. It was easily the best blow job I’d ever had.

And then nothing. She stopped. I felt her hands gripping my thighs, and as her nails dug into my flesh, she let out a deep, throaty ‘uuuuuuhhhhh!’

‘What the fuck…?’ I thought, and looked up. I could hardly believe my eyes. Terry was there, standing behind Wendy. The moan quite obviously came because Terry had slid his cock into Wendy as she bent over me, sucking me. I didn’t know what to do. Wendy had the same slutty expression on her face as Terry put his hands on her hips and began pumping into her. She moved down my body, forcing my cock back against my belly. I was loving the feel of her hard nipples against my flesh, as she moved in on my nipples, sucking each one in turn. She was lying on top of me now, and Terry’s thrusting was driving her against my cock. In a way, she was masturbating me with her entire body. Still looking me in the eye, biting her lip, and whimpering with each thrust.

‘Fuck me hard’ she yelled at Terry. ‘No. Harder. That’s it, fuck me. Ohhh god. That’s good.’

She looked at me again. ‘You’re loving this aren’t you? Your friends fucking, and using you.’ I nodded as Terry carried on with the pumping. ‘Aren’t you!’ Wendy yelled, ordering me to answer.

‘Yes Wendy, I love it’ I breathed.

‘Ohhhhhh!’ It was Terry this time. The pace of his thrusting had increased, and it was obvious he was cumming.

‘Bastard!’ shouted Wendy. ‘I’m not ready yet. Why couldn’t you hold out longer? Shit.’

Terry withdrew, and moved to the chair, and sat down. I could see his cock, still semi hard, glistening with a mixture of his cum, and Wendy’s juices as he fell into the chair. He was caressing his shaft as though he was trying to get himself hard again.

‘You couldn’t get make me cum’ breathed Wendy. ‘Let’s see if your friend can do your job for you.’

She leaned upwards, and kissed me gently on the mouth as she straddled me. I thought she was going to sit on my cock and ride me as I felt her leaking pussy against my cock, but she carried on moving up. All the way until she was crouched over my face. Just above me, I could see her pussy. She’d shaved it. There was no hair around her lips at all, and they were swollen and red. She’d left the sexiest little tuft of hair on her mound. Those swollen lips were glistening with her juices after Terry had been fucking. Mixed with her juices, I could see Terry’s cum beginning to leak out too.

Wendy began to lower herself. Again I was shocked, and I turned my face, the idea of eating Terry’s spunk from Wendy’s pussy far from appealing.

‘Oh, for heavens sake’ hissed Wendy. ‘You’ve been wanting me all evening, from the moment you met me from work. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you looking at me, lusting after me, wanting to fuck me. Well, if you’re going to have me, you’re going to have to do something for me first.’ With that, she lowered herself onto my face, until that gorgeous wet pussy was against my mouth.

For a few seconds nothing happened. If I’m honest, I was scared, but the scent of Wendy’s juices, even mixed with Terry’s cum got me going. And of course I’d wanted her. It wasn’t just this evening that was getting to me, it was 16 years of unrequited lust, and I wasn’t going to miss out on the chance of fucking Wendy.

I ran my tongue along the length of Wendy’s lips, and at first I could taste only her juices. I’d imagined myself going down on Wendy, even when I was eating Sally Ann, wondering how she would taste. And now I was tasting her, and she tasted amazing. As she began to grind her pussy against my face, I tasted something new. I gagged a little at first. It was Terry’s cum. I’d tasted my own cum before. Even now, I’ll happily lick my fingers clean after masturbating, but I had never ever imagined I’d ever get to taste another guys cum. It was unpleasant at first, not so much the taste, as it was similar to my own, but it was just the idea of what I was doing. Wendy was urging me on, yelling at me to eat her, to clean her. Did I imagine it, or did she just call me a slut? I didn’t care as before long, I began to taste her juices again within the spunk, and as my tongue moved inside her, I could only taste her. After a while, the combination of my tongue, and Wendy grinding into my face caused her to start moaning. She wasn’t particularly loud, but she was whimpering, and I could feel her trembling as she began to orgasm. A few heavy breaths, and ‘oh god’s’ later, and she got off me.

‘That was OK’, she said as she sat on the bed next to me. Wendy lent over and kissed me on the mouth. ‘Mmmmm’ she said. ‘I can taste Terry’s cum in your mouth. I think you liked it, you dirty man. You loved eating my husbands cum from my cunt.’ She was using that firm tone in her voice again, and I was on the back foot.

‘Yes Wendy, I did like it’ I mumbled. I thought I was saying it because it was what she wanted to hear, but as the words escaped my lips, I began to realise that yes, I did actually like it! My god! I actually enjoyed eating another man’s spunk! Wendy reached behind her. ‘Mmmm, still hard’ she murmured as she began to stroke my cock. She moved down the bed, and straddled me again. Again, I could feel her pussy grinding against my cock, but this time she took my cock, and began to rub the head against her pussy. It still felt as if she was soaking there. After what seemed an eternity, she guided my cock head against her lips, and between them, into her opening. Ever so slowly, she moved down my shaft, me loving the feeling as I felt the hot wetness of her pussy as she eased down, until I was completely inside her.

Wendy lent forward, her arms by my sides and her back arched. My hands on her hips as she began to ride me. Slowly at first, up until just the head was inside her, and then plunging down again. Oh god. I was inside Wendy. I’d wanted this for years, and it was worth the wait! She began to increase her movement, and was leaning low enough over me that her nipples were brushing my chest. I looked into her eyes, and all of a sudden the dirtiest expression crossed her face, and she climbed off me. ‘Sit up’ she ordered. I did as she said, and she grabbed my cock, and moved away. I had no choice but to follow her! Leading my by the cock, she walked me over to where Terry was sitting, still rubbing his hard-on. ‘On your knees now, you dirty man’ she barked, and I did what she said, falling to my knees between Terry’s legs. He was still rubbing, but Wendy moved his hand away and replaced it with her own. With the other hand, she pushed my head, and moved it to within inches of Terry’s shaft. Surely she wasn’t going to…

‘You know what I’m going to get you to do next don’t you?’ she asked. I nodded. ‘If you do as you are told, you’ll get the reward you want.’

I just knelt there, staring at Terry’s hard cock. It was a little longer than mine, and much thicker. Shaking, I reached for it with my hand, and touched it. I’d never touched another guy’s cock before. I’d seen hard-on’s before, a couple of times, once when I, and another friend of mine were masturbating together over a pile of old Whitehouse and Playbird magazines, and another time in my early twenties when I was involved in… well, I’ll leave that story for another time! Those memories were forced out of my mind as I knelt there, staring at Terry’s cock. The feel of it in my hand was familiar in a way, not unlike the feel of my own cock, but it felt bigger and heavier. Whilst my fingers circled my own shaft quite easily, they only just circled Terry’s. His cock was totally different to mine, he was circumcised where I was uncut, and my cock has a slight kink where Terry’s was dead straight.

I could feel Wendy’s eyes burning into the back of my head, and I began to stroke. It actually felt surprisingly nice in my hand as my hand moved up and down the shaft. Obviously, I’d never pleased another guy before, so I just tried to do what I liked myself, and stroked gently, sometimes allowing thumb and forefinger to brush his glans, the way I was doing to myself earlier. Before long, a little precum began to ooze, and I smeared it over his cock head. It seemed I was doing a reasonable job, as Terry moaned a little, and this encouraged me.

Wendy’s hand moved to the back of my head again, and pushed me forward, this time so that my lips hit Terry’s cock head. Wendy knelt beside me, as if to get a good view and I moved in, licking the glans. After tasting Terry’s cum earlier, I knew there was nothing to be frightened of, and I kissed his cock head. I actually liked the taste, and the feel of his precum on my lips. This time I moved further, opening my mouth as I moved down until his entire cock head was in my mouth. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I sucked gently on it, positioning my mouth so that my tongue was under his shaft. I looked across to Wendy, as if for encouragement and she smiled at me. I moved down a little further, taking some of Terry’s shaft in my mouth now, and reached for it with my hand. While sucking on the cock head, my hand was stroking his shaft, in time with the rhythm of my sucking. I felt Terry’s hand on my head now, pushing me down just a little. ‘I guess I must be doing something right’, I thought to myself, as my hand and my mouth continued to work in unison. Much to my surprise, I was actually enjoying it… I never, ever imagined myself giving a blow job, but the feel of that cock in my mouth and against my tongue was rather pleasurable. Wendy’s encouragement and Terry’s occasional moans helped me too as I continued pumping away with my hand, and sucking.

‘Oh god, I’m close to cumming’ announced Terry. He pushed my head back, so that I was only wanking him now. I began to pump harder. ‘Oh god, oh yes’ moaned Terry, but I carried on stroking, until suddenly, he ejaculated, strongly, and heavily. I shut my eyes, and I could feel stream after stream of Terry’s hot cum hitting my face. I could hear Wendy whooping with delight. I was loving the feel of the cum running over my face, down over my lips, and I opened my mouth, and licked my lips clean, as I opened my eyes. Wendy reached across, and wiped my face with her fingers, and sucked them clean, before doing the same again, but this time offering her finger to me. I sucked on them greedily. I couldn’t believe it; I was loving it so much.

Wendy kissed me, hungrily this time, our tongues entwined; tasting Terry’s cum in each others mouths. She stood again, and moved over to the bed, and lay down, beckoning me to move over. In the excitement of going down on Terry, I’d almost forgotten my reward, but god, I was so hard still, and needed this badly. Wendy opened her legs wide, offering herself to me, and I moved in close. She reached for my cock, and guided me to her, rubbing my cock head against her hole. I guided myself inside her. She was so hot and wet, and I slid in easily, and was all the way inside her. Wendy moaned again, that same throaty moan I’d heard earlier when Terry entered her. I felt her legs gently wrap around my back as I leaned forward and kissed her. I pulled back now until just my cock head was inside her and then thrust inwards. Back and in again, and again, getting faster and harder all the time. Wendy whimpered at each thrust. This was amazing. Again, I’d fantasised about doing this, and again the reality surpassed my fantasy.

I looked down at Wendy. It seemed that the strong, dominant persona had gone. I watched her face as I fucked her. She was biting her bottom lip, was wide eyed, and still whimpering. Her little breasts were moving in time with my thrusting, and I couldn’t resist moving a hand across and teasing those amazing nipples of hers, so hard against my fingers.

‘Oh yes!’ She moaned! ‘That’s it; fuck me hard, I love it. Fuck me Alex, oh yessss’ I began to thrust harder and Wendy’s urgent moaning was getting to me and I felt as though I was close to cumming. It was clear we both were. My thrusting became harder and more deliberate as I neared my climax. Wendy pulled me down, and kissed me, and I felt her nails dig into my shoulders as she began to moan, as she had earlier, but this time louder. It was too much for me, and as I was really close, I sped up again, and began moaning myself. One. Final. Deep. Hard. Thrust. Ohhhhh…. Yesssss! ‘Oh my god! Shit!’ I yelled. I thought about withdrawing, but Wendy’s legs were clamped tight around my back, and I let go, protection or not, and had the most intense cum I’d had since I could remember. I held Wendy close as we both climaxed together, both sweating, both breathing heavily as we relaxed.

After a couple of minutes, Terry took Wendy by the hand, and she kissed me on the cheek and wished me goodnight. Almost instantly, I fell asleep. And it felt just a matter of seconds after, but I woke to a knock on the door, the clock reading 9.30. I managed to grunt an ‘Uhhhh’ and Wendy opened the door, sat next to me on the bed and put a mug of tea on the bedside table. Wendy was dressed, and as usual, looked amazing. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans, and a white cotton blouse, and I began to feel my cock stir again. She leant down, and kissed me on the cheek.

‘What happened last night’ she said, ‘was a one off. It can’t happen again. I took her hand.

‘It’s ok, I understand’ I replied. ‘It was wonderful though, all of it.’ Wendy smiled again, and left me to drink my tea. Within a couple of hours I was home again, in my own bedroom, kissing a still sleeping Sally Ann on the forehead. What an amazing experience, and certainly not something I could share with my wife. Fucking Wendy was wonderful of course, but surprisingly, I found myself hoping that Terry’s cock wasn’t going to be the last one I got to play with. A few hours before, I found the thought repulsive but now… oh god, I was getting hard again, just thinking about it! Strange how these things happen I guess, but a whole new set of experiences are opening out for me, and I’m determined to enjoy it all!

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