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The Gift That Keeps On…

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Week 1: They tell you to be careful in what you wish for.

As usual, I awoke with an erection. Or, more correctly, my attempt at an erection woke me; the feeling of my cock trying to grow, to stretch and swell was hampered by its confinement in a steel cage which was firmly anchored to my swollen balls by a hinged stainless steel clamp ring, and secured with a small brass padlock, which was, of course, securely locked.

The constant straining against the cage had woken me, as it had woken me every morning since my wife had requested that I wear it.

It started off innocuously enough. We had been experimenting with a male chastity device, a kind of cage for my cock to heighten the teasing and denial games that we had been playing. While we typically played for a few hours to a few days over a long weekend, it usually ended in one of us removing the cage and indulging in some great sex.

One night, a week or so before my birthday, she mentioned that a neat present would be to have her lock me up for a few days, just to heighten the arousal. I thought that she would blow it off, like she had several times in the past, but the next night found her straddling my hips, bringing me to the edge of coming, and dangling the cage in front of me. In an apparent change of attitude, she told me that once I came, I would have to put on “the cage” until she felt like letting me out – no argument. When I agreed – I was so horny at that point I would have agreed to anything – she then told me to beg her to lock me up (“So you won’t complain, since it will be your own choice,” she explained). The thought of her keeping me locked up, but continuing to tease me for a few days was pretty hot – so hot, in fact, that as I was “begging”, I came harder that I’d thought possible. She gave me a few moments to bask in the afterglow, and surprisingly demanded that I lock myself up again. Sometimes she teases me just to see me come, but this time she was serious. So I put it on and locked it, figuring that a few days of erotic torture leading up to my birthday would be fun. A week would be the longest time ever, and I actually looked forward to the buildup of excitement.

The next morning my erection straining at the cage woke me up, and I teased myself a bit by caressing her as she slept. She woke slowly, and snaked her hand down to my cock. Sighing and moaning a bit, she moved my hand to the warm area between her legs. Obligingly, I stroked her, surprised at how quickly she became wet. Barely a few minutes later she moaned and arched her hips, and I slowed my stroking to allow her to come down. She smiled, and opened her eyes for the first time. She reached up to give me a good-morning kiss, and her hand again slid down to fondle my caged cock. I whimpered as she shook and stroked the few bits of flesh that bulged through the bars and firmly squeezed my balls.

She whispered “Do you have your key? Get it for me, please.”

Not needing to be told twice, I hopped out of bed and riffled through my pants for my keyring. I removed the little silver key from the ring and sliding back into bed, handed it to her. She placed it firmly on her nightstand, and turned to see the look of amazement on my face. “What, did you think that I was going to unlock you so soon?”

I nodded, unable to speak.

She took my face in her hands and said “I want to make sure that you have a wonderful birthday present. I mean, you suggested it, right?”

“Er, no. You suggested it.”

“Whatever. The point is that it’s your present and you agreed, right?”

I nodded again, feeling devastated.

“Good,” she said, laying back down, “Now, how about making some coffee while I snooze for a few more minutes.”

That was a week before my birthday. I remember that morning well.

The time ever since then has been incredible – for her. For the next few days she was pampered with massages and pedicures, and of course, with lots of attention from my fingers and tongue. I rubbed her body with cream after her shower, massaged her feet and painted her toenails. I still remember the first night when she rolled over to go to sleep, completely ignoring the state that I was in. It didn’t take long before I was crazy with desire for her, and I tried to convince her to unlock me so that I could come. I even told her that she could lock me back up again after I was done. She anticipated that, however, and told me that she “accidentally” left the keys at work. I continued to service her with my tongue each night and with my fingers in the morning, feeling my cock painfully straining against the cage. She had all the benefits, except that of feeling my warm cock inside her. She didn’t complain, though, and managed to suffer through it by having me fuck her with a realistic silicone dildo while I licked and sucked on her pussy. One night, I wore her strap-on dildo and despite the maddening feeling of not being able to come, I gave her a nice long fucking that ended with a shuddering orgasm for her – and an incredibly frustrated sleepless night for me.

Finally my birthday arrived. She continued to tease me all evening, and by bedtime, I was a wreck. Then she did something that really blew my mind. My cock was literally swollen out of the cage after an evening of pleasuring her. Crazy with desire, I lay on top of her, kissing and caressing her when my caged cock brushed her still wet pussy. Thrusting and twisting, I managed to push it a short way into her. The feeling was incredible; she had never seemed so tight or hot. Yet even as I carefully thrust into her, she began to moan and squirm. Unbelievably, she was coming. Here I was, frustrated and caged, my the skin of my cock bulging like a sausage through the bars of the cage; and she was coming! The thought was too much for me, and right after she came, I could feel the incredible pressure building up inside me as well. Unable to hold back, I desperately tried to come, but the cage left me unable to flex my semi-erect shaft. Disappointingly, I had no satisfying spasms, just a few meager dribbles and suddenly, before it had even begun, it was over. It was worse than nothing. I was more frustrated than ever. My wife, perversely enjoying my lack of release, pushed my head down between her legs so that I could satisfy her. As usual, when she was finished she rolled over to go to sleep, again leaving me caged and horny.

The next morning after my birthday I awoke horny, frustrated, sore, and still caged. My wife didn’t seem very eager to unlock me, so I asked her to let me out so that we might have a quickie before work. She grew quiet and looked away for a moment. Sensing that something was up, I nudged her. Pushing me onto my back, she gave me a kiss and explained that she had been getting many more benefits from having me locked up than she would have realized. She said that she liked that I was attentive, always ready to please her, and she never had any mess to clean up afterward. She started to explain that although she missed my cock inside her, she was willing to put up with it for a while. It began to dawn on me that she was enjoying the situation more than I had anticipated. She reminded me that since it was my wish to be caged in the first place, she had no intention to unlock me anytime soon.

Week 2: Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this was supposed to be my present.

Even though I’ve been taking care of her well – very well – with my mouth and fingers and the dildo, she insists that she misses the feel of my cock inside her. The problem is that the longer I’m caged, the hornier I become. And the hornier I become, the tougher it is for me to last long enough to satisfy her. Since then, I’ve been let out only about once a week so that she could enjoy the feeling of my cock, swollen from my constant caged erections. Sometimes it’s at night just before she goes to sleep, but usually it’s on her day off.

The first time that she let me out was wonderful. After being caged up for over a week, I fucked her wildly. Pushing her onto her side, I entered her deeply. It felt so good, I barely noticed how many times she came. Finally she decided that she wanted to ride my cock. She moaned a little as I pulled out, but wasted no time in straddling my hips and lowering herself onto me. I tried to hold back, but watching her come so strongly sent my already overloaded libido over the edge and I came hard – over a week’s worth of desire and frustration suddenly released. My throat was sore from moaning, and I could barely move my legs.

“That was the best sex we’ve had in I don’t know when,” I told her when I could catch my breath.

She nodded, rubbing a washcloth over my cock. “Obviously to me,” she said, “all that saving up just made it so much better.” She dangled the cage over my cock and added, “Hurry up and put this on. I want to go to sleep.” I started to complain but she stopped me, “Do I have to remind you that this is your birthday present?”

“Um, yeah,” I answered, “but I was thinking it was just going to be a few days, or a week tops.”

“Oh, stop complaining,” she told me, “it’s only been a few days, like what, nine or ten days? So a few extra days should be a good thing for you, right? Besides, it’s been pretty good for me.”

“Sure, that’s because you’ve been getting some sex every other day.”

She just smiled. “Uh huh, just how it should be. Besides, it was your idea, wasn’t it?”

I had to admit that I had begged for it. So she snuggled up in my arms and soon we fell asleep, tired but well sated.

Week 3: So far, I think I can live with this.

The next time was about a week later. It was her day off, so I arranged to go in late. Instead of handing me the key, she had me warm her up by licking and rubbing her until she had come a few times. Naturally my cock was so swollen that it was pressing through the cage, making it impossible to be removed. I had to put a cold washcloth over it to make the swelling go down enough. She undid the lock and helped me take it off, eager to feel me inside of her.

The cage that I wear is a modified version of the ones that you can buy at “adult toy” stores, but since I own a machine shop, it’s more secure than the plastic models on the market. It has a hinged stainless steel ring that encircles my cock and balls. It stretches my balls out from my body a little, so I’m always just a tiny bit aware that it’s on. I expect that after a while my balls will stretch enough to be just a bit more comfortable, but it hasn’t happened yet. The cage itself is held on by two thin plastic-coated stainless steel bands fastened to the cock ring. When soft, the end of my cock just about reaches the end of the cage, and just about fills the sides. That means that as soon as I get excited, my cock swells to the point where I’m exceedingly uncomfortable. Naturally, it can’t extend any further, so the skin bulges out from the metal. It stops just short of being painful. The problem is that when I’m aroused, the feeling of constriction itself becomes even more arousing, and I’m trapped in a vicious cycle. You’d think that since I had designed and built it myself that I’d have been more aware of the comfort factor, but wearing something for a few hours is nothing like wearing it for a few weeks.

Another one of the benefits for my wife is that once I take off the cage, my cock is swollen wider than normal. I suspect that this is part of the reason that she likes me so confined. I teased my head into her, just the tip at first. I love to hear her gasp as my head slides in and rubs under her pubic bone. In, then slowly out, and in less than a minute she was coming. Even though I was excited myself, I managed to give her some slow, deep strokes. I like to pull out just about all the way, and then plunge back in, my head dragging her lips. She gets very wet, and I like to fuck her this way until she’s come quite a few times. This time was no exception, and after she had come four or five times, I pressed my hips tightly against her and hugged her body close to mine. My head was still swollen, and when I angled my hips up, she responded by scratching my back with her nails. Gradually I sped up my tempo, and in another minute she was biting my shoulder, and I heard her moan lightly as she came.

Seeing that she was still excited, I turned her on her side. She loves to have me fill her this way, and she was so wet that I slipped right in. I pushed my hips up to hers so hard that her eyes popped open in surprise. “Too hard?” I asked, “Want me to stop?”

She shook her head, barely able to speak. “Just, umm… a little… ooohhhh,” she moaned.

I love to watch her in the daylight, so I continued to fuck her this way for a few more minutes. My balls were swollen and sore, and as they dragged on her thigh I became more stimulated. I again pushed deeply. “Oh, honey, I want to come this way. Can I come yet?” I asked her feverishly.

She nodded, “Come for me.” and pushed her hips back to meet mine.

I closed my eyes for a moment and gripped her side and her thigh. Quickly, I thrust into her, feeling my sore balls rubbing her thigh. Suddenly, I felt my hot come gushing out, so much that it squished out of her before I had even finished. Wave after wave of pleasure propelled my hips forward until my cock was sore from pulsing. Weakly I leaned over her to kiss her neck, and then without pulling out, settled down to snuggle, spoon-style.

“That sounded nice,” she said, her arm lazily caressing my leg.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, “that’s because I finally got to stretch the love muscle.” I hugged her tightly, enjoying her warm back against my chest and warm ass against my groin. “When I’m locked up, I can’t stretch, so all those spasms get backed up, you know.” I kissed her neck. “Of course, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to do this more often.”

She playfully pushed me away, “Because then it wouldn’t feel so special to you. I’m just trying to give you what you asked for.” She turned to face me, and gave me a long, deep kiss. “And doesn’t it feel good when we finally get to have some?” I couldn’t argue with her, so we lay there for a few more minutes until I had to leave for work. She watched me squeeze myself back into the chastity cage and lock it up. I got dressed, and remembered the morning for the rest of the week.

Week 5: I almost forgot that I was wearing it – sometimes.

I swear that she started going out of her way to touch me, tease me in a vary casual ways; although she didn’t ask me to “take care of her” as often. The first week we had sex almost every day. The second week it was more like every other day, but the warm weather allowed her to sleep in just a light nightgown, and the feel of her skin so close to me was a nightly reminder of what I couldn’t have. I was every bit as excited, and my cock still woke me up in the morning.

Finally, after more than a week since the last time, she surprised me by simply handing me the key as I was getting into my nightly shower. You’d think I would have rushed through the shower, but instead I took my time, trying to stop the trembling. When I slid into bed, she was completely nude. She didn’t want me to waste any time eating her, though. Quickly she pushed me onto my back and engulfed my already stiff cock with her warm mouth. The shock nearly made me jump off the bed. Less than a minute later I was begging her to stop because I was so close to coming. Sensing an opportunity, she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her. We kissed, our bodies touching, but I was careful to keep my hips from rubbing her too much so as not to get over stimulated. When I thought I had settled down, I pushed my cock head toward her pussy. It was already wet, and I slid in easily. She bit her lip and pulled me closer. My cock was swollen from over two straight weeks in the cage, and she seemed so tight that I knew I would not last long. I tried to fuck her slowly, pacing myself, but my overly swollen cock made her come several times in a row. Each time she came I had to force myself to hold back.

Then she wanted to ride me. Normally I love that position, but I was afraid that I would come too quickly. I wanted to make it good for her, but since I had to wait so long, I wanted as much time as possible to enjoy it myself. She wouldn’t wait, though, so I lay back and she quickly slid onto my shaft. I could tell that she was really enjoying the feeling of my cock swollen more than normal, and she came quickly. Unfortunately, watching her come on top of me was so exciting that moments after she came, so did I.

She was a bit upset about that, almost disappointed. “You’re supposed to wait until I tell you,” she hissed at me “I wasn’t done yet.”

I apologized, “But it just felt so good, and I was so horny, waiting all that time…”

She just grunted and rolled over, muttering, “You couldn’t do that one little thing for me. Well, see if I’m nice to you anytime soon.” She couldn’t have been too frustrated, because she was sleeping in a few minutes. My own desire somewhat abated, I curled up against her back and held her closely.

I woke up early with a rock-hard erection. It was the first time in weeks that I had been able to have full-blown morning erection, and I was anxious not to waste the opportunity. I realized that she had forgotten to cage me before we went to sleep, so I fondled her, enjoying her warmth as much as I enjoyed the feeling of an unfettered hardness. Soon I had her legs parted, and I was again entering her, more gently now. She was just barely awake, but certainly awake enough to enjoy a nice slow fucking. Soon her hands tightened around my waist, pulling me closer. I listened to her soft moans, her eyes closed in sleepy pleasure. She came softly and I continued to pump into her. Quickly she came again, and I gave her a moment to catch her breath.

I saw that she was more awake, so I asked her if she wanted to roll onto her side. She just nodded and threw her legs over to allow me to enter her. This is one of her favorite positions, and I wasted no time in giving her something she really enjoyed. Pushing hard against her hips, I could hear her groaning, no, grunting with pleasure. I wasn’t as wild as last night, just firm, constant thrusting, pressing up hard against her hips. She gripped my hand, eyes closed as she came several more times. At last she drew a deep breath and I slowly pulled out.

She now pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips. This is my favorite position, but since I had already come last night, I knew I’d be able to hold out for a while. She again closed her eyes as she rode my cock. She must have been fully awake by this point, because she barely noticed me; she just put her hands on my shoulders and thrust her hips toward mine. Again and again she pushed and rocked, scratching my chest with her nails. She pushed down on me, as I raised my hips to deepen my thrusting. She came hard, and moments later I felt my own cock pulsing and spurting inside her. She collapsed on my chest, and I hugged her for a moment, kissing her neck. Slowly she sat up. My cock was slowly softening, and I pulsed it inside her. She reached behind her and grabbed hold of my swollen balls. “You’re very naughty,” she said, suppressing a smile, “I didn’t give you permission for that.”

“What, for giving you some nice hard cock?” I asked, “Besides, you sure enjoyed it.” I nuzzled her shoulders.

“No, that was nice,” she replied, “I meant I didn’t give you permission to come. Good thing I’m about to take a shower, so your punishment won’t be too bad – this time.”

“Punishment? But I thought it was good for you?”

“It should have been good, especially after last night. Next time though, you better not come until I give you permission – or else.”

She gave a threatening squeeze, and dismounted to take a shower. Noticing the cage on the bedside, she handed it to me. “Looks like I forgot about something last night,” she smiled, “I’ll have to remember about that in the future.”

She watched me squeeze my cock into the metal cage and close the stainless steel ring around my balls. I installed the lock, but she clicked it shut herself, something that she rarely does. “Just wanted to make sure,” she said, giving me a little kiss as she tugged the lock. Then she was off to the shower, and I got dressed and went off to work.

Week 7: There soon developed a routine.

Over the next few weeks, life was pretty uneventful – for me, anyway. About two or three times a week my wife would get a nice massage or foot rub or back rub at bedtime, and would roll over to sleep, leaving me frustrated with desire. About once or twice during the week she would have me lick her or rub her, which left me even more frustrated. Sometimes she would awaken early and have me rub her, my fingers massaging her wet pussy, giving her a nice little orgasm. She would give a quick stroke to my cock, swollen and purple inside my cage. Then she’d go back to sleep for an hour while I got ready for work. Other times she would take a quick shower right before bed, my signal that I would be expected to eat her until she was ready to go to sleep. This could take five minutes, or almost an hour. Once she straddled my face, grinding her pussy onto my mouth so hard that I almost couldn’t breath. The whole time that I ate her, she squeezed my balls, already sore and swollen. She tried to tease the tip of my cock with her tongue, but the bars on the cage were too close together. These sessions always ended with her going to sleep, and me lying wide awake for another hour with an ache deep in my groin.

During the course of the week, I’d find myself hugging her, brushing up against her, fondling her, copping a quick feel – anything to arouse her enough to let me out. Ironically, I couldn’t get enough of feeling her, but the more I felt, the crazier it made me. My wife knew this, of course, and although the amount of sexual contact we had never increased, the amount of sexual tension certainly did. Wanting her was constantly on my mind. Sometimes she would take off her shirt in the night, and I would awake lying next to her smooth skin. It seemed like everything she did was meant to make me want her all the more.

Week 9: It didn’t take long before the arrangement started to seem normal.

After the first few weeks, I noticed that despite how it seemed, we really didn’t have any more or less sex than usual. Well, I certainly didn’t have any more, but without the luxury of taking matters into my own hands, so to speak, the week-long period seemed ten times as long. She, on the other hand, never seemed to want me enough to unlock me more than once a week or so. Of course, at first, she had me making her come a few times a week, so she was just fine with the arrangement. As the weeks went on, though, my enforced chastity seemed to lose the novelty. Not enough for her to unlock me and end the game, but enough so that she sometimes didn’t even want me to make her come all week. I gently suggested that she remove my cage so that we could take a break for a few weeks, but she told me that she’d then have to worry about me touching myself all the time, and besides, she liked for me to always a little on edge for her.

I noticed that the whenever I was re-locked after coming, I would be very excited for the first day. Then I would slowly settle down and spend the next few days perversely enjoying the sexual tension. If confined more than a week, though, I became too horny to enjoy it, and could only think about my next release. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to matter to my wife. She put off my attentions by reminding me that the chastity cage was my idea in the first place, and that it wasn’t her fault if she ended up getting more benefit from it than I did. I tried to reason with her by suggesting that more frequent “time off” for me would be better for her, since I wouldn’t be so crazed with desire and would be able to last a lot longer for her. After a few weeks, though, she just shrugged and told me that she was able to “make do”, and that I should stop pestering her.

One week I wasn’t able to stay home on her day off. We were both disappointed, but she didn’t make a big deal of it. I, on the other hand, was frantic. That night in bed, she kissed me, and pushed my head down to her pussy. “Lick me,” she commanded, “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” She crossed her legs over my shoulders and stretched back. I held her hips as I flicked my tongue lightly over her lips and clitoris. She lifted her hips a bit as she came, and I slowed my licking, so she could catch her breath.

“Mmm, are you ready to fuck me, now?” she asked breathily.

“Of course I am, I’ve been waiting all day for this, too, you know.” I rolled over to allow her to unlock me. “Where’s the key?”

“Oh no, you had your chance this morning,” she admonished, “You’ll just have to fuck me with the dildo and eat me at the same time. You know, the way I like it now.”

“But… but…” I stammered, “It wasn’t my fault about work!”

She shrugged and reached for dong in the dresser drawer. Acting as if she hadn’t heard me, she simply handed it to me and pushed my head toward her mound. “You’re supposed to be ready whenever I want some,” she explained, “that’s supposed to be one of the fringe benefits of our arrangement, isn’t it?”

I just moaned in frustration, and went back to licking her lightly.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll give you some later.”

“Oh? Later tonight?” I asked hopefully. By this time I was teasing her with the head of the dildo.

She stiffened, “Uh unh, not tonight,” she replied in a distracted voice, “I meant later, on my next day off.”

Only her legs around my shoulders kept me from jumping up. “What?! But that’s next week! That’s not fair!”

Seemingly taking no notice, she reached down to guide my head again to her mound. “I know, it’s not fair that I should have to wait to get your cock inside me, but I’ll have to make do.” she stiffened under my tongue, and I resumed fucking her with the dildo, Oooh, fuck me nice, like that…. Mmmmm.” She was obviously beyond understanding, so I ate her that way until she came a few more times. Pushing my head away, she settled back with a sigh. “Hurry, clean up and come hold me, I’m sleepy now.” Completely oblivious to my aching, swollen cock, she soon fell asleep in my arms. I, however, spent the night silently moaning in frustration.

The next morning, I again complained that it had been a week for me, and that it was unfair to make me wait until the next day off, especially when she had gotten some the night before. She countered with saying that it was unfair to her, as well, since she still enjoyed my nice cock, but being tired at night, it didn’t seem worth it to go through the trouble of unlocking me, moving into all those different positions, cleaning up afterward, and then locking me up again. In fact, she continued, since it was my fault that she had to do without, it was only fair that I had to do without. Besides, her next day off would be here before I knew it.

Week 11: This was a decidedly bad turn of events.

During the rest of the week, she made sure that I did something for her every single night. I was sure it was her way of reminding me that she had to do without, although I kept reminding her that she seemed to get a lot more pleasure out of “doing without” than I did. She kept reminding me that this whole arrangement was my idea to begin with, and the least I could do was to accept my birthday present with a smile. In the meantime, she would have to force herself to have weekly pedicures, back rubs, massages, and a few sessions taking pleasure from my tongue.

Finally, her day off came. I was almost frantic from more than two weeks without coming. We both jumped into the shower, and I gladly washed her back by soaping my hairy chest and rubbing against her back. She was soon ready to get out, but I told her that I needed to stay in a bit longer. I was afraid of coming too fast, and I needed some time to settle down. It was only then that I realized that she had not given me the key before my shower.

The shower helped to ease the soreness in my groin, and I walked to the bedroom. To my surprise, I saw her already in bed, eyes closed and smiling broadly. A glance further down told me she was fucking herself with the dildo. I watched her hand moving it in and out; it was as if she wasn’t even aware that I was staring at her. I felt a twinge of jealousy at the rubber dong, but kept staring as she slowly brought herself to orgasm. She opened her eyes, not surprised to see me there. I climbed into bed and held her. Sensing what I was about to ask, she put her finger over my lips. I rolled on top of her, kissing her hungrily, my hands touching, groping everywhere. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and felt her slippery and warm. As usual, she pushed my head down to her mound. Handing me the dildo, she leaned back again to have me lick her expertly while I pressed the dildo inside of her. She was very excited, and began to moan loudly. Her hands grabbed my hair and pulled hard, I had to pull back in order to catch my breath. Within moments she tightened her legs around me and squeezed. She came strongly, and almost immediately came again. I kept licking until I could feel her spasms subside. Almost a minute later she sank back into the mattress, seemingly spent.

“What the hell was that?” I asked her.

She just shook her head, ” Mmm, I don’t know, I was just feeling horny, I guess.” She reached down to feel me. I jumped. “I’ll bet I know what you want,” she murmured. “I hope that you’ve learned your lesson about being ready for me when I want you. I don’t want you to disappoint me like that again.”

I shook my head, but before I could mention that I was still locked up she pulled me on top of her. “Come on,” she said, “I’m really wet. Put it in me. I want to feel it.”

Remembering the last time we had done this, I started to pull back. “No,” I said, “I don’t want to come like that! I want a good one. Please, unlock me! Please?”

She just chuckled. “I just want to make sure that you learned your lesson. After all, it’s you’re your fault that I had to go without your nice cock last week. You didn’t think you’d get away without some punishment, did you?”

“But it’s not good this way,” I complained.

“It’s good for me,” she replied, and besides, it’s all you’re going to get this time. Now, do you want to come or don’t you?”

I did of course. I gently pushed myself into her, gasping as her warm pussy closed over the head of my cock that had swelled out of the cage. Now I really was frantic. I wanted to come so badly, since it had been over two weeks. But I wanted to make it last longer, since it would probably be another week before I’d get the chance. But no matter how long it lasted, I couldn’t have a real orgasm while still locked up. The cage kept me from the deep muscle spasms that make it so satisfying.

“What’s the matter,” asked my wife, “I thought you would be happy to come after waiting so long.” She paused, “but if you want, we could always wait until the next time…”

Groaning with frustration, I pushed as deeply into her as the cage allowed. I barely noticed her stiffening with her own orgasm as mine built so quickly. I moved back and forth a few times and felt a huge contraction start in the root of my cock. As I heard her come, my own spasms started and I suddenly felt my seed just trickling out. No wave of pleasure, no firm contraction from my groin, just a few small spurts and my come merely spilled out of me. I collapsed on top of her and literally sobbed in frustration.

“Didn’t last very long that time, did you?” she asked. She held me for a moment and said, “So, maybe I shouldn’t have let you come if you weren’t going to enjoy it. On the other hand, now you’ll remember how our arrangement works. Am I right?”

I nodded, too frustrated to argue. Feeling used, I allowed her to push my head down to her pussy so she could be satisfied.

“Remember,” she reminded me again, “you should always be ready to give me some when I want it.” Soon, she lay back in the bed, enjoying her orgasms, and ignoring me.

Week 14: I became somewhat resigned to our arrangement.

The rest of the week passed by without comment. She got her nightly back rub, and I was still horny most of the time, and it was well into our third month since my “birthday present”, or our “arrangement” as she sometimes called it. Since her day off came at different times in the week, I might go anywhere from five to nine days. Over a month ago she had stopped unlocking me for night sessions, saying that she preferred to have me inside her when she was awake and rested. Her next day off finally arrived, and I was looking forward to some good, long fucking. I was so excited that I figured I’d be able to come twice. She handed me the key and I hopped into the shower. She kissed me and told me not to take too long, as she was going to have a little surprise for me. The soap lather helped to ease the cage off, and I quickly finished shaving, dried off, and stepped back into the bedroom.

My wife was laying there in a black outfit, holding a pair of leather handcuffs. “Come on down,” she teased, ” I have a little surprise for you.”

Although she has talked about handcuffing me during lovemaking, she hasn’t actually done it since before we were married. I lied on the bed, and she climbed on top of me, kissing me deeply. “You’ve been such a good boy that I thought that I’d give you a little treat.” She had me roll over and fastened the cuffs securely behind my back. Rolling me onto my back again, she took my cock into her mouth. “Mmm… big, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t answer, I was too busy enjoying myself. For over three months I had pleasured her in every way imaginable, and my reward was to be kept locked up. Now it looked as if I was going to get some attention for a change. She swung her legs around and settled onto me in a sixty-nine position. I hungrily lapped at her sweet, salty juices, relishing the feel of her soft thighs around my head. She ground her hips down onto my face, almost smothering me, as she came. “No, don’t stop,” she whispered, and pausing only to take a breath I went back to softly flicking my tongue over her swollen lips. This was one of those nine day periods, and she had rubbed it in by having me give her extended massages almost every night, and a few nights she made me follow up by licking her to a nice, slow orgasm. Not surprisingly, I was ready to come almost immediately. Her own tongue was licking the head of my cock, and I fought hard to keep myself under control. I concentrated on making her come before I could, since without the use of my hands, I was unable to push her away.

She was making herself excited by sucking hard on my cock, drawing all the blood to the already swollen head. My cock soon felt as hard as a steel rod. Thankfully, she paused to let out a moan. Her head dropped to rest on my leg, but her hand tightened around my sore balls as she came loudly. I stopped licking directly on her lips, and kissed and caressed her upper thighs with my own lips and tongue. She lay there for a few moments before getting up.

“Very nice,” she complimented me, “we never do it that way anymore.”

She swung her leg over my hips and teased my cock with her pussy. I was already gasping from holding back my own climax, and didn’t know if I wanted to push it in or wait. Sensing my distress she smiled “Poor honey. You want to come so bad, don’t you?”

Eyes closed in concentration, I could only nod.

“You’re trying so hard to hold back, maybe I shouldn’t let you come at all. Is that what you want?”

My eyes snapped open. “No! No, I want to come, really,” I managed to croak out, ” I just want it to last a little longer. It’s been so long, and I want it to feel good.”

“Hmm, so it doesn’t feel good other times?” she asked in mock hurt.

“No. Yes. Um, it always feels good… Oooooohhhhhhh…” I moaned as she slowly lowered herself onto my hot shaft.

“Isn’t this good?” she asked again, rocking on my hips. She reached back to squeeze my balls. “Mmm, got something in here for me?”

I could only moan. “Please, please, no, yes, oh please…” I lost all sense as a huge, unstoppable climax began to build. I could feel the pressure in my balls, in my cock, and deep inside my groin. I opened my eyes briefly to look longingly at her, and heard myself moaning. Suddenly what seemed like a gallon of hot come pulsed deep into her pussy as my hips pushed up off of the bed. Finally I collapsed, my cock now spent inside her, the pressure in my balls released. I opened my eyes again. “That was incredible,” I told her, “I think my throat is dry from moaning so much.”

Still smiling down at me, she said, “I didn’t give you permission to come. You’re so selfish, you couldn’t at least wait until I was satisfied? After all, I had to wait more than a week for this, you know.” Using her fingers to hold her swollen pussy lips together, she slowly raised herself off my now-soft cock, and moved up to position herself over my mouth. “I think that you need to eat me until I’ve had enough,” she said, holding her dripping pussy over my mouth, “besides, weren’t you just saying that you had a dry throat? I’ll bet that there’s a real lot of juice for you in here.”

I don’t remember when it happened, but for some weeks now, she had decided that any time that I came in her, that I was to suck out the juices and to clean her with my tongue. She claimed that I was much better than using a towel, and the best part was that she didn’t have to get out of bed. Admittedly, I did get some small pleasure from making her come that way. Unfortunately, she sometimes didn’t care about coming, and merely used me, which made me feel a little humiliated. It was useless to resist with my hands still handcuffed, so I reluctantly opened my mouth and licked her. I almost gagged on the amount of hot, salty come that dripped from her pussy, but didn’t dare stop sucking on her until she had came, shuddering.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to relax,” she said. She pushed me off the bed, told me to kneel at the edge. She then lay back on some pillows and placed her legs over my shoulders, pulling my head into her still-dripping mound. “Mmm, too bad your hands are still tied, or else you could be fucking me, too.” I just mumbled in agreement and slowly pleasured her with my mouth and tongue. In no time she came again, and I rested my head on her thigh.

“If you undo these cuffs, I could rub you, or use the dildo on you, or even give you a little massage,” I suggested.

This sounded like a good idea to her, so a few moments later she was stretched out on the bed and I was kissing her deeply, my hand slowly pumping the familiar red dong. I climbed on top of her to give her some body contact, and found myself getting hard again listening to her moans of pleasure. I teased her with the dildo, keeping her right on the edge of coming, and when I could feel myself harden all the way, I slipped between her legs to give her some of the real thing. She responded by arching her hips to meet mine. I angled my hips to push at her pubic bone and she grabbed my hips. She was going to have a nice one, I thought, so I pumped her deeply, making sure that she felt the full length of my shaft inside her. Her hips stiffened and I felt her bite my shoulder hard. I continued my pace, and she came twice more before finally settling down to the bed. I kissed her lightly until she caught her breath.

I motioned her to roll over on her stomach, and entered her from behind.

“Ooh, you never do me this way anymore,” she murmured.

“When do I have the chance?” I asked her, pushing my hips deeply. Her pussy was still hot, and soon I felt another orgasm building. I pulled her back onto her side, and entered her roughly. She closed her eyes and gripped my hand tightly. I let her come once, and then I increased my own tempo. The feel of my balls dragging on her warm thighs, and her soft ass pressing into my groin was enough to again send me over the edge. Although not as intense as the first one, I came hard, letting out a short yell. I collapsed on top of her, my legs still shaking.

I kissed her back and neck. “Mmm, just like the old days, eh?” I said.

In response she reached for the cock cage on the nightstand and handed it to me. “No, it’s better than the old days,” she replied, “wouldn’t you agree?”

I started to protest, saying that she had just gotten some wonderful sex, and that I was happy to have gotten to come twice. She replied that making me wait was what made it seem more wonderful, and besides, I should consider myself lucky that she let me come a second time. “After all, you barely lasted two minutes for the first one. You must have forgotten that you’re supposed to be pleasing me, not the other way around.”

And once again she helped to squeeze my cock into the chastity cage, closed the stainless steel ring around my balls and clicked the lock shut.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” she mentioned, “I just felt a few drips down my leg. Would you clean me up, please?”

Week 18: My week long birthday fantasy seemed to have turned into a permanent arrangement.

One night she happened to notice me rubbing some cream on the exposed are of my cock, and dabbing a little under the ring. I had long stopped trying to get myself off this way, since in the past it has only led to frustration, a sore cock, and lots of wasted cream; but I found that a little lubrication at night helped ease some of my discomfort. When she offered to help me, I was eager to have her lend a hand, so I lay back on the bed while she massaged the cream around the cage. Her touch being much better than my own, I was soon moaning in pleasure, fervently hoping that she wouldn’t stop.

My wife poured then poured cream on my balls, and massaged them with one hand while she rubbed my cock with the other. I tried not to let her see how excited I was so that she wouldn’t stop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep from thrusting my hips up to meet her strokes. Eyes twinkling, she squeezed my balls more firmly, knowing full well what effect that would have on me.

“Please, please let me come,” I begged, “I’m so close… mmm. ”

“I don’t know,” she replied slowly, “you don’t seem to enjoy it when I let you come with this thing on.”

“Oh, we can take it off, can’t we?” I was becoming frantic.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she said, but kept rubbing and squeezing. “I don’t think that you should get to come so easily. Besides, I’m sure you won’t even enjoy it.”

My mouth was almost too dry to speak. “Yes, yes, I’ll enjoy it, I promise. Please, don’t stop, it feels so nice, oh please oh please …oh oh oh… uunhh…”

The next thing I knew, I had a few short spasms and the come just dribbled out of me. As usual, it wasn’t enough to abate my desire. My wife seemed fascinated by watching my cock leak all that fluid, and kept prodding it. Finally it stopped coming out, leaving a small pool of come on my stomach.

“Not very much,” she commented, “you used to shoot so much of it, remember?”

I nodded, remembering how she often gave me hand jobs and I would end up with come as far up as my pillow, or sometimes even the wall. Apparently she remembered that, too.

“No, not very much anymore, I’m afraid,” she said, shaking her head, “poor honey, just can’t shoot if you can’t get it hard, can you?” She bent down to give me a kiss. “Oh, by the way,” she added, “I don’t remember giving you permission to come, so I hope you realize what this means.”

Damn it, I thought to myself, probably an extra week until she lets me out again. Ignoring the pained expression on my face, she just draped a towel over me and left the room.

Week 19: Silly me – I was supposed to be enjoying this.

A few days later I came home early and picked up the mail. There was a small package addressed to her from a company that I recognized as an adult products mail order house. I was curious, but couldn’t figure out a way to open the package without leaving a trace. I left it on her dresser. Later on, after she had come home, I saw that the package was gone, but she didn’t say anything about it. That night, I mentioned it when I was giving her a foot rub.

“Oh, it’s just a little something that I thought looked interesting,” she replied mysteriously, “you’ll find out on my next day off,” and dropped the subject.

Her next day off was in two more days. Eagerly arising, I fixed her some coffee and toast and I hopped into the shower while she ate. I realized that she didn’t give me the key before I took my shower, but she sometimes likes to tease me by letting me think that she “forgot”. I slipped into the bed, and she was already waiting for me.

“Here, eat me,” she commanded, holding my head in her hands. I proceeded to lick her gently. “No, harder,” she said, “make me nice and wet.”

I thrust my tongue into her, drawing it up her clit in long, firm strokes. She came quickly, bucking her hips. “Oh, that was so nice. You don’t know how much I’ve come to appreciate your tongue these last few months.”

“It seems like you only appreciate my tongue,” I complained.

“Oh no,” she assured me, “I love your cock inside me, too. It’s just that it’s such a hassle to unlock you, let you out of your cage, and then lock you back up again.” She pushed me onto my back. “That’s why I have something for you,” she explained.

Reaching under her pillow, she brought out a realistic looking dildo, only slightly bigger than my own cock.. Handing it to me, I saw that the front end was solid, but the other end was hollow.

“It’s a penis extension. You want me to put this on?”, I asked, incredulously, “I won’t feel a thing!” Looking it over again, I said, “Besides, if you like my cock so much, then why do we need an extension? You already tell me that I hurt you sometimes as it is!”

“Silly,” she replied, “of course you wouldn’t need one – normally.” She took the extension from my hands and leaned in close to my face. She gave me a deep kiss and whispered “But we don’t have a normal arrangement anymore, do we?”

She sat astride my legs and rolled the hollow part up like the end of a sock. Then she placed it over my cage and unrolled it. It fit perfectly, and the tight rubber held it firmly in place. I could see the outline of the steel cage at the base, but otherwise, it looked like I had a full erection.

“Oh my,” she said as she stroked it, “it feels so lifelike. I’m sure it will feel as good as it looks, too.” Quickly she positioned herself over it and lowered her pussy onto the shaft. I could feel pressure, but no warmth, no friction.

“Hey,” I complained, moving my hips, “what the hell is this?”

She was already pressing her hips to mine in pleasure. “Ooh, honey, it feels just like yours. So nice and deep, too.” She continued to grind her hips onto mine. I reached up to her to fondle her breasts and waist, to hold her ass. I knew we were fucking, but I couldn’t feel it. This was worse than wearing her strap-on, worse than anything I could have imagined. The feeling was absolutely maddening, and I began to pump my hips frantically in order to feel something – anything.

“Oh, yeah, just like that,” she mumbled, oblivious to my own frustration, “I can feel the bumps from the cage inside me, it’s wonderful!” She leaned her head back and shuddered softly as she came. “Oh, that was nice. Much better than having you just stick some old dildo inside of me. I wish I had known about this months ago.”

She dismounted and lay down next to me, pulling me on top of her. Hoping that this was a temporary distraction, I carefully thrust into her. She was so wet that I, that is, the extension slid in effortlessly. Her legs immediate wrapped around my waist, and I proceeded to pound into her, half in lust, half in frustration. Before long she was biting my shoulder and pushing her own hips hard into me. We fucked this way until I lost count of how many times she came. Finally she seemed to relax, so I pushed her onto her side so that I could enter her from behind. My wife just closed her eyes and gripped my hand as I plunged into her, filling her deeply. I still couldn’t feel anything but some slight rubbing and the pressure on the ring around my cage. I had hoped that in this position I could make my balls rub on her thigh enough to stimulate me, but after a few minutes it was obvious that there was no way that I could come with this extension on. My wife, however, had no problem coming, and did so a few more times before she asked to get on top again.

I started to complain, but she reminded me that the week before I had come without permission, so I had to accept my punishment. She seemed to get excited by telling me this, and she came quietly. She placed her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward to kiss me. I was a wreck, of course, but she placed a finger on my lips.

“That was wonderful. It felt so real, and there’s no danger of you coming before I give you permission. Wouldn’t you say that that is a good thing?”

I nodded, unsure of where this was going, but sure that they weren’t going well.

“And I kind of miss just being able to have a quickie, don’t you?”

Still unsure, I nodded again.

“I’m glad you feel that way, because I was thinking that lately I might not be too tired to have a nice fucking at night. I miss that, don’t you?” For emphasis, she ground her hips into me.

Again I nodded – this really was not sounding better.

“The only problem is that it’s such a hassle to unlock you at night. Then you’re too excited anyway, and you either try too hard to hold back and it breaks my rhythm, or worse, you come too fast, and that’s not fair to me – especially since when I punish you, I’m only punishing myself. Don’t you agree?” She squeezed my balls firmly.

This was looking bad again. “Umm, yes, er, no, er…”

She silenced me with a kiss. “But now we can have some whenever we want. With this little extension, we could have a quickie, and there’s no unlocking, no cleaning up, and best of all, you can fuck me for as long as I want some, and I’ll never have to worry again about you getting overheated. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?”

“A great idea for who?” I asked with my heart in my stomach.

“And to think that this is all because you wanted a little teasing for your birthday a few months ago. Thank you, darling, for a present that is giving me so much pleasure to give you.” She leaned down to kiss me again.

A few months? It was well into five months! This was looking decidedly bad. “Um, you mean that we’ll use this to have a quickie, or sometimes at night, and on your days off we’ll still unlock me so I can get some, right?” I nudged her again, “Right?”

She looked down at me, smiling.

“Silly,” was her only reply.

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