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The Cutty Sark

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An English summer sun gleamed on the mast of the old Cutty Sark as it lay forlornly in the dry docks at Greenwich. As I stared at it I wondered at the fate of those that sailed in her and called her home. The sound of a ship moving up the Thames River drew my attention and I wandered off toward the railing along the high walls of the riverbank.

The water, now at high tide, lapped near the top of the wall as the sun, making its way West, creped toward the horizon. The water shimmered gold and red. Absent-mindedly, I wandered, in the approaching twilight, along the river foreshore with the ancient buildings of Greenwich University towering over me.

The sounds of laughter rolled out from the halls and verandas of the university as students finished late lectures, tutorials or study sessions in the library. I thought back to my university days of 30 years ago. How different it was now. Gone was the starch and formal rigour that was the atmosphere of the time, instead replaced with the relaxed and carefree attitudes of today.

Half way along this narrow waterside walk I stopped and sat on a bench. Across the river the three towers of Canary Wharf stood as silent salutes, to my right the white roof of the Dome surrounded by its crown of golden spikes caught the last of the sun. It was peaceful and serene, just right for the reflective mood I found myself in. The years had passed so quickly, so quickly I felt only half of my age, 50 seemed old even to me.

“Beautiful, the sun, the water, this time of day”, I swung around to see who had spoken.

Behind me stood a lone figure, silhouetted against the grounds of the university stretching out behind. The first thing I noticed was her long hair, pulled back into a ponytail, it cascaded down her back. Taking stock, I noticed she was wearing blue denims and sandals on her feet. Her button up cotton shirt was pulled slightly to one side by her daypack that was slung over her shoulder.

“Very calming and tranquil” I replied looking back toward the river.

“I often come here, sit and think,” said the stranger moving around the bench and sitting down.

“And what do you think about” I said turning toward her. For the first time I now had a clear view of her face in profile. She had strong features, high cheekbones, a proud nose and red, red lips. Her skin was fair, but carried a hint of ethnic diversity. Her long golden blonde hair framed her face. She smiled, an honest and open smile.

“I like to dream, with my eyes open, and this is a lovely place to wander off in my mind” she responded.

I understood, I too liked to dream with my eyes open, but lately my dreams had been interrupted by the nightmare of the reality, I was growing old, approaching the age when I thought my father ancient and incapable of enjoying life. I sighed thinking of her youth.

“That was a heavy sigh,” she said turning toward me and looking directly into my eyes.

I blushed, “I am sorry, I did not realise it was audible, I thought it was a sigh of my mind”.

“It was” she responded, “Some times with out rhyme or reason I make a connection with people, that is why I stopped and joined you in your appreciation of the view, I sensed that was what you were doing”.

I stared at her and fidgeted in my seat not sure what to think.

“It is ok, I only sense things, I cannot read your mind, so relax,” she said intuitively.

It was my turn to smile, “thank heavens for that” I whispered.

“My name is Rosie” she beamed.

“Pleased to meet you Rosie, I am Zark and before you ask my mother was Russian and named me Zarcosten but I am known as Zark”. I replied with my mind beginning to whirr

This was strange, I too was beginning to feel …… a connection, and I was also beginning to feel things that I had not explored in a long, long time. From nowhere the butterflies in my stomach began to flutter and my thoughts drifted toward sex as my eyes surveyed this young girl beside me again. She was 5”10”ish, with a slender – but not skinny build. Her clothing displayed her body in a passively seductive fashion, tight in all the right places and loose in others to allow ones imagination to fill in the gaps. I was mentally filling in the gaps.

“Hi Zark”, Rosie thrust out her hand to shake mine as she spoke.

My body tensed as I took her hand in mine. It was all I could do to stop myself pulling her into my arms and crushing her body against mine. I felt a tingle run through me, I realised I was staring. The thought of reaching out to another is a funny thing, you run chance being dammed if you do and almost certainly dammed if you do not. Hell, I thought, what do I do now? I felt a definite physical change and mentally I wanted to reach out to this young girl and shed my woes. But what do I do now?

“Lets start with a drink, the Trafalgar tavern is a short walk away,” Rosie offered, her intuition understanding my thoughts exactly.

I look at her again and wondered how she had again sensed my strong feelings. We stood together and, I leading, walked toward the tavern in an awkward silence broken only by the lapping of the tidal river on the banks.

“You go to university here” I ventured.

“Yes, in my final year of a Bachelor of Science degree, I will be sure glad when it is all over” She was now walking beside me looking out across the river. “It has been a hard three year slog” she went on.

“Well don’t waste the best years of your life,” I offered secretly wishing I were back at university and 20 years old again.

“Never” she replied linking her arm through mine as she spoke.

We wandered along the river bank arm in arm like old friends, and some how we were, it was as if I had known her all my life, it was a warm comfortable feeling.

“Do you live in the university accommodation?” I probed.

“No way” came her strong reply, “I have a small bed-sit just behind the Trafalgar tavern, it is nothing fancy but it is within my means”

My mind raced ahead again, I saw her in her room stretching as she peered out a window overlooking the Thames. And there I was walking toward her. I slipped my arms around her waist and drew her to me smelling her fresh hair as I did. She leaned back into me resting her head on my shoulder.

My hands moved up her body and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, brushing against her naked body beneath. She murmured as my hands brushed over her erect nipples. I slid her top off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. I felt my penis growing hard and pressing into her. She swayed, just a little, exciting me more.

My hands roamed again this time finding the top button of her jeans; I popped it open and slid her zipper down. She wiggled again this time to allow the jeans to fall away to the floor.

I stepped back and took in her beauty, her back, her slender body, her hips and bum, covered only by the sheerest pale blue knickers. She turn to face me and for the first time I saw her full breasts standing out from her body, defying gravity.

While she looked deeply into my eyes her hands were busy unbuttoning, my shirt first, and then my trousers that, after overcoming the obstacle that had grow in the last two minutes, fell to the floor.

I pulled her to me pressing my self against her. I felt her breasts squash against my chest as I pressed my lips to her red, red lips. My tongue ran across her lips and then dashed into her warm wet mouth to be met by her tongue in a dance of passion. I closed my eyes and relished the moment that seemed to last for hours.

Finally I picked her up and lay her on the bed, standing above her as I dropped my undergarments into the heap of cloths that now littered the floor. I watched with amazement as her trimmed pussy appeared before me as she slid down her knickers.

I heard her say, in what seemed a whisper but was her voice in my mind, fuck me first, quickly and then we can make love.
I pushed her legs apart and lay between them, my rock hard cock finding its target and pushing into her. I drew back and pushed again harder and deeper going all the way on this second thrust. She bucked her hips and sank her nails into my back.

It was a frenzy as I hammered my cock in and out faster and faster with her holding me and pulling me in with each trust. I felt her juices double then triple as I slipped into her warm tight hole.

I groaned and then exploded in her filling her with months of pent up sexual tension and cum. Her face was covered in a wry smile of lust as she grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to her lips again.

We kissed as the final tremors of my ejaculation subsided. I rolled on to my back, for the moment spent.

She cuddled into me resting her head on my chest. I dozed, some where between consciousness and sleep. I was aware, just, of this beautiful girl lying beside me. My awareness increased as I felt her warm kisses on my chest, stomach and lower.

With out ceremony she sucked my flaccid cock into her mouth. Slowly her lips masturbated my cock with ever increasing depth and tension. I grew as her mouth moved up and down, slowly and then quickly, sucking then licking, tantalising me into solid rock hardness again.

I moved my hands across her tight buttocks and ran my finger along the crease of her arse and into her hairy trimmed crutch. My finger slipped easily across her clit and entered into her. With two fingers tending her clit and moving in and out of her she moaned and looked up at me.

“Now lets make love,” she suggested.

I manoeuvred my self to be lying at her side and ran my hand over her breasts gently squeezing her nipples to erection…………….

“Here we are she said” as were approached the front of the Trafalgar. “Feel like a drink or do you want to finish what you started?”

I looked at her with a question on my face – had she been a part of my daydream as we walked the path to the tavern?

She looked at me and nodded. “I was with you in your dream”.

Confused I settled for a large drink of my favourite red, Evans and Tate merlot 1999, she ordered a Bacardi breezer. I slipped a Cuban from my silver cigar case, clipped it, and drew back deeply after lighting with a match.

“How much of my mind can you touch?” I ventured. I saw a flicker of thought cross her face as she contemplated her answer.

“Well, it is all to do with emotion” she went on “If the feeling or emotion is very strong I can sense.. No more than that I can experience the emotion with the sender. I have to fantasise and fill in the bank, but if the feeling is strong enough, as yours was as we walked, there is little left for me to imagine”.

I stared at her, and then breaking the stare was again draw to her youthful beauty.

“Well do we do now? I questioned.

As I reeled at her reply, “My place is a short walk away” she gulped down the last of her drink and stood in a command – “lets go”.

As soon as she shut the door to her bed-sit I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply pushing my closeted erection against her body. She squirmed in my arms and I felt her warm wet tongue dart into my mouth and explore from teeth to tonsils.

Biting into her neck my hands tore at her denims and pulled them down along with her knickers. Releasing my cock and with out ceremony I pushed into her as she stood flattened against the wall just inside the closed door. As my cock slipped into her wet and warm hole I lifted her so her feet were just off the ground and began to pound into her pussy with a rough vigour.

I felt her kick off her shoes and the remnants of her jeans and knickers as, swinging on my neck, she raised her legs around my body. This allowed me to sink myself deeper into her as she bit on my ear.

She whispered, “Fuck me, and fuck me hard”.

That was all I needed to increase the speed and power of my thrusts into her wanting pussy. I exploded, stars in my eyes as my cock pumped my sperm into her. Again and again I drew back and thrust powerfully into her each time a pump from my cock until, in the end, I was spent. My legs were shacking and wobbly as she slid her legs down and took her weight.

I staggered back hitting my head on the opposite wall just as the doorbell rang.

Without hesitation she opened the door exposing her and my naked lower bodies to the visitor. A woman of about 45 stood at the door.

“Hello Claire” smiled Rosie.

“Do you mind? I am trying to watch the BBC news – but it is hard with you two ‘banging’ against the wall” Claire said sharply. Her words at first startled me, and then I drew a deep satisfied smile and almost laughed at the euphemism. I felt her eyes examine me, as I stood there still very erect.

Rosie winked at Claire and stunned me by saying, “would you like to stay for a while?”

The woman did not reply immediately – I thought my god she is contemplating joining us.

Eventually Claire said, “No thank you Rosie, but aside from keeping the racket down, you might like to send him over to me when you have finished with him”.

I saw the look of understanding pass between Rosie and Claire. I felt like meat on the hook being inspected for purchase and consumption. I turned and walked further into the flat, I knew the layout because I had been here already – in my dream.

Pealing off my shirt, socks and shoes I made my way to the bedroom. A buck-naked Rosie followed 10 minutes later after finishing her conversation with Claire.

I stood looking out the window over the Thames. Rosie silently approached, knelt before me and lifted my cock to her lips. Her tongue snaked out and tickled my cock-head before Rosie sucked my semi erect cock into her mouth. I resisted looking down, maintaining my vista of the Thames in twilight.

Her warm mouth slipped up and down, as my cock grew harder and a little longer. I reached down and held her head lightly in my hands guiding her to take my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt her fingernails scrape along my inside thigh and then across my scrotum. My hips began to sway with the motion of her mouth; I was pushing forward with my hip as her mouth came down my shaft. I was in a trance, one I never wanted to end.

Rosie slipped my cock from her mouth, stood and looked at me.

“There all nice and clean again” she smiled.

I took a hand full of her hair and pulled her mouth to mine. My mouth filled with her tongue and the tastes of our union. The passion of the kiss was overwhelming as we fell back, still joined at the lips, on to the bed behind us.

Rolling on to her I lifted her legs onto my shoulder exposing her sex to me. I pushed my cock into her again.

“Yes” Rosie screamed, “Yes, yes, yes”.

Grunting, I continued to plunge into her with the skill of experience and the ‘mental body’ of a 20 year old. I was not going to let this tired 50 y/o frame spoil the experience of a lifetime.

I felt Rosie moan quietly and the shudder as an organism swept over her. I was no where near ready to cum again feeling like I had been at this for hours, with the inclusion of my day dream that was a real to me as anything I had ever experienced in my life.

I withdrew from Rosie and rolled onto my back, my cock standing as straight as the mast of the Cully Sark.

Rosie looked sideways at me. Reaching out she took my slippery wet hard cock in her hand and began to stroke it. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a world of my own where the only thing that mattered was the stimulation Rosie was gently but firmly stroking to my very hard cock.

Suddenly she moved and stood over me, one foot on either side of my hips. Facing away from me she lowered her self down until her sex, her wet, wet touched the top of my cock, then she dropped.

‘Oh fuck’ I hissed as humped, down and then up and down again, on my cock.

On the third or forth stroke she lifted herself up, my cock springing free for her wet and juicy pussy. Moving slightly she lowered her self until I felt my cock touch the rose of her anus. Rosie began to rise and fall so my cock stimulated her anus, each stoke making it wet and slimy with the juice now all over my cock. Finally she pushed down hard so my cock breached her anus. Inch by inch she lowered herself onto my cock. I reached forward and ran my fingers across her trimmed bush and then pushed them into her wet and flowing pussy. All the time Rosie slide up and down my cock, penetrating her anus deeper and deeper with each stroke.

I heard her whimper as she finally had it all buried deep in her anus. At once she began to move up and down quicker and quicker on my cock as I tried to finger her clit, although it was hard to follow the speed of her humping. I felt it building; my climax was going to be extraordinary. I took hold of her hips and pulled hard on her downward strokes. My fingers were digging into her and above my scream of delight I heard the guttural sounds of her coming. I exploded filling her anus, immediately she began to slide up and down more quickly aided by the slippery cum now resident in her anus. My cock was aching, and it was with relief that I felt the shudders of her climax.

A boat whistle sounded on the Thames almost as a siren announcing the end of a game.

The whistle snapped me back to reality. It’s mournful and foreboding sound bought me to the realisation of the present and what was happening.

I was sitting on a bench overlooking the Thames in the twilight hours. People moved about me busily going here and there living their lives. Blinking, I looked down the river toward the blinking lights of the dome, I heard the sound of university students making their way to late lectures or perhaps heading to the pub or home. I was sweating. Slowly the realisation that my imagination had presented me with a wonderfully vivid ‘day dream’ sank in. I sat, stared and remembered my dream, allowing time for my erection to subsided and the cum that filled my shorts to soak in.

Finally I stood and walked back along the river foreshore toward the Cutty Sark. With my head down, I tried to hide the stain that, to me, was clearly visible around my crutch.

“Hi Zark”

I looked up to see who had spoken to me. She was a dream, 5”10”ish, with a slender – but not skinny build. Her clothing displayed her body in a passively seductive fashion, tight in all the right places and loose in others to allow ones imagination to fill in the gaps. I was mentally filling in the gaps.

“Thank you” she said, not hesitating in her gait as she walked passed me, “I had a wonderful time”

I turn, dumbfounded, and watched as she walked off towards the Trafalgar tavern.

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